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Chapter 7

Leaf has begun teaching me how to use my d-gear. Which stands for dimension gear the most important tool of the dimensional’s. For some reason I couldn’t get it right.

So Leaf decided to use this ‘reader’ to find out why. He says it will help him find out how to teach me other things as well. I was sitting down in a chair waiting for Leaf. When he came in the the room he held something behind his back.

“What’s behind your back?” I asked. He shows his hands and he’s holding a needle.

“Eek!” I screamed jumped out of the chair and ran as fast as I could.

“Hey! Zara! Get back here!” he yelled. I just kept running till Leaf appeared in front of me and stuck me with the needle and took some blood.

“Ow!” I cried.

“It’s not the bad.” he sighed as he walked off. I quickly got up and followed him. I saw him put the vile of my blood into the computer.

“I thought the computer was broken.” I muttered. “It is but there are some things that work on it.” he told me.

He typed some things in the computer and then a lot of numbers and letters went up on screen.

“This is an algorithm that was made sometime ago. It is to allow us find out what type you are.” he told me. “What?” I asked.

“Well Dimensional is what we are all called but there are different type of dimensional’s and not each dimensional has the same power. I don’t know what kind you are but this will tell me.” he explained but at the time it went completely over my head.

That’s when a graph appeared on screen he looked at the screen to me it was just a picture.

“You’re not completely human.” he gasped.

“What?” I questioned.

“Who are you’re parents?”

“I don’t know their first name. It’s mom and dad to me.” I muttered looking at my feet.

“Well according to the computer you are 1/4 human, 1/4 mage, and 2/4 demon.” he muttered.

“I don’t understand why do I look normal.” I mumbled.

“Zara what’s your last name?” he asked.

“Dixon.” I replied. He went quite and turned around.

“Your not any dimensional Zara… I wasn’t wrong when I called you the Rajin in legend the Rajin will appear and bring a new hope for us all, a new era of peace. The Rajin is what is called a special high level class dimensional.” he told me.

“I was technically the first Rajin but it wasn’t called that till many years later. I was told the next true Rajin would come bringing a new hope and peace for all. That I’d know when I meet the next Rajin. I didn’t really think it was true but it is because your here.” he sighed.

“That’s why it wasn’t working I was trying the other methods but… the Rajin... the way we transform is different from the others. That’s why you couldn’t transform during our previous attempts.” he sighed.

“Really? But wait I look like everyone one else except for my hair and eye colour.” I told him.

“Yes, the hair and eyes will look the same none the less… but your mother must have put a spell to hide these demon features. Even then demon features of the day are not as they were back then.” he told me. I was confused.

“Where are you from?”

“New Haven… that’s where I lived.” I told him. I didn’t get what importance this had and he really wanted verification if that was where I truly lived as he already went off to get things from my home.

“I should fix the setting... their. Now the first times the hardest as you have to preform a ritual you could say, than the d-gear will know what type of dimensional you are and the transformation can be done quickly.” he told me.

(He was not joking it was very draining and painful the very first time. But over time it got better.)

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