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One Way Out

By MynameisGracie All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Mystery


Sophie is a wizard who can never use her powers. She is in a time loop because of dark magic. She has to battle the dark wizard all on her own because she is the only one who knows about the time loop. She has no powers to help her and no one else to help her either. If only she could do it...

Chapter 1

I woke up this morning to my mom calling "Sophie, Thomas breakfast." Thomas and I raced downstairs to see what was on the table. There was french toast, sausage patties and hash browns. "Happy Saturday!" My mom said. Once we were done with breakfast I went upstairs to play some video games while my little brother, Thomas, went outside to ride his bike around and my mom and dad went downstairs to the basement to do some laundry. A few hours later it was time for lunch. We had macaroni and hot dogs. After, I went upstairs to practice the bass and I'm not for sure what everybody else did but for dinner we had pork chops, corn, and mashed potatoes. Thomas wanted to play monopoly so I set it up and we all played. We didn't finish because it was too late. For about a half hour we watched America's Funniest, then went to sleep. I woke up to my mom once again saying the same exact thing. "Sophie, Thomas breakfast." Once I got downstairs my mom said "Happy Saturday!" How could it be Saturday again? I didn't understand it. I thought yesterday was Saturday. We had the same exact thing for breakfast as yesterday, or today? I sat down quietly and ate. Once I was done I went upstairs to try and figure out what had happened. Why is today yesterday? I tried to look it up on my computer but it said that there was no results. I mean why would there be? Then I started wondering something. Has this happened before? How many times have I gone through this Saturday. Before I continue this story there is one more thing I need to tell you. I'm a wizard. The only one in the family. No one else knows so I have to hide it from them. There's one catch though. I can never use my powers even if nobody sees. You know how you know something even though nobody told you. Ya that's how this is. I'm not for sure why I can't I just have this terrible feeling that I shouldn't. We did the same exact thing we did yesterday, or today. I'm still a little confused on that. I went to sleep and woke up to do the same exact thing. I had to figure this out. There's another thing I didn't understand. Why was I the only one who knew this was happening? It could've been because I was a wizard but I wasn't for sure. Maybe it's dark magic that's happening. There are so many dark wizards in the world. I have to figure out what has been happening. This could be the end of the world. There's only one way out and I need to find it.
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