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Surge in angelum lucis

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God is evil? Lucifer is good? Who's the Angel of Light? WHAT'S GOING ON?! God wants to punish the humans and make them his slaves again, but some of us just aren't having that. Join Dragon, Ashura, Indra, Lilith, and Bobbie as they seek help from Lucifer to defeat god once and for all. Also, what's this about a prophecy and fate???

Adventure / Humor
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The Rise of the Angel of Light


“The time is now my children...”

Lightning cracked in the sky outside of the book store. Looking up at the sky, it turned dark, the moon shown in the sky and was red, the sun was dimmed. Creasing my eyebrows together, my attention turned back to my friends.

“I wonder what’s going on with the sky.” I said after a minute.

“I don’t know.” My best friend, Lilith, stated. She shrugged as she looked at the sky.

Hmm. Odd. The sky reminded me of death and departure. I could feel something evil was probably brewing. My bangs got in my eyes as I started looking at the books with Ashura.

“This manga looks interesting.” He pointed out.

"‘The Rise of Lucifer’ and ‘The Battle Against God?’" I said. Looking at the manga he was showing me. “Could be worthwhile I suppose.” Grabbing both Manga, we bought them before meeting up with Indra, Lilith, and Bobbie in the back of the store. We took a while just goofing off and pointing out funny and weird books to each other.

Screams rang through the air from across the way; everyone ran out to see what all the commotion was about. There was a mysterious being in the sky setting fire to the buildings in the square. People were begging whoever or whatever it was to stop, but the monstrous thing paid no mind. I caught a glimpse of it’s eyes as it turned away, the eyes were pure black and seemed soulless. I felt like I couldn’t breath but once the figure was gone, I exhaled a breath I didn’t know I had. My friends seemed to have been trying to get my attention for sometime now, but I hadn’t really noticed.

“What was that thing?!” Indra asked.

“I don’t know.” I stated. We quickly packed up our things and started heading to our houses. Ashura’s being the closest house, I handed him the manga we had bought for him to read first. Next was Indra’s, we waved goodbye as his mother greeted him with a hug. Then was Lilith’s, her dad was waiting in the front of the house for her. My house was last, and I gave Bobbie a quick hug before she met with her brother inside. Walking up the steps of the two-house apartment, I ignored the fighting in the kitchen between my moms and sister as usual. Setting down my school bag, the first thing I did was log onto my computer. I didn’t think I could do my homework even if I wanted to. Soon, the arguments were drowned out completely by my music blaring.

Picking up my head, I noticed it was daylight which meant I fell asleep at my computer again in the middle of messaging with my friends. Going through our group chat real quick, I caught up on what I had missed. Most of which isn’t really worth mentioning.

Walking down the hallway, now dressed, my moms were in the kitchen making coffee and breakfast. My sister, Diane, didn’t seem to be awake yet.

“Good morning.” Mom said. She was always so cheery, too much for me anyways.

“Morning.” I spoke, groggily.

“How did you sleep?” Ma asked as she started putting the food on plates. Shrugging, I moved to the table and sat in my normal seat, putting my arms and head on the table ready to go back to sleep. I assumed my moms probably shook their heads at that, but I didn’t feel like being sarcastic this morning. “Someone’s tired.” My ma so happily pointed out. Rolling my eyes, I forced my head up as a plate and cup were set in front of me. Eating quickly and grabbing my school bag, I awaited hell. Or better know as school. Walking through the front doors and making my way towards our meeting spot, the sky was still the same as it was yesterday when all of that crazy stuff happened in the square. Shaking my head, I noticed all of my friends were already there.

The day went by uneventfully to say the least. Nothing odd or supernatural happened which I was half thankful for and half disappointed for. Hanging out at Ashura’s, we relished in the story the manga told. The characters looked a lot like us, but had different names. We talked about how interesting our lives would be if these adventures were try for us yet we knew it could never be true. The last page told of a prophecy... ‘Once forged in fire and the dead has now been put to sleep, yet shall rise again. This being is all powerful and dangerous. When the time comes and the world calls, five friends will challenge this monstrous beast to the end. They will do all they can to save the world from destruction. The being they shall fight, people adore. However, the being to help them is a being most see as evil. Soon, the people of Earth will see who the true evil is, yet they won’t want to believe. The moment is coming.’ Wow, it was a very vague and interesting prophecy, probably pointing to a second season or something. Ashura and I talked about how cool and realistic the prophecy sounded while the others didn’t want to think of it like that.

Word of the thing that destroyed the square was all over the news; it was setting fire and destruction to many places around the world. It’s all most people talked about lately, yet I didn’t care to. It didn’t interest me as much as stories do. Besides, all anyone had was speculation, no one knew what or who it was and even if they did, it wasn’t going to help them catch the guy. Most thought he was some being from another world, having some reason, I felt he was just a powerful mage. They sky still hadn’t changed, to be honest, it made everyone on edge. Especially religious people, all most of those people did with their days now was pray and preach to people about ‘The Day of Judgement’ and that it had arrived. Give me a break. Rolling my eyes, I focused my attention on my friends.

“What do you think it really is?” Lilith mentioned.

“Don’t know, don’t care as long as I’m not harmed.” Ashura replied. He walked without a care in the world, wish I could do that.

“I’m just hoping it’ll all stop soon.” I said after a few moments. The conversation basically ended there as we headed towards Lilith’s house.

It was the middle of history class when the figure appeared. He had black eyes, the whites of his eyes were black too. I recognized those eyes, but from where. They looked like a deep abyss, pulling me in. His hair was long and white, he wore a long black robe, and had a glare in his eyes and a smirk on his lips. He looked frightening, however, I felt the need to fight him. Everyone stared at him as he set something up. No one dared speak.

“This is how this is going to go.” His voice was low yet demanding. “You will all surrender to me and be my slaves like the olden days or I will rein hell on everyone in the world until there isn’t anybody left alive. Do I make myself clear?” There were gasps and mumbling. By now, I could tell he was only a projection of himself which probably meant that we weren’t the only people he was visiting.

Shooting up in my seat I said, “What if someone were to stop you?!”

He laughed, “No one could ever beat me, but if you puny humans wish to try, fine. I give you and four of your best friends one year to train to beat me. However when I win, because I know I will, you will all be my slaves.” His chuckle was an echo as he faded from the room. My friends and I shared a look, our eyes wide with tears that wouldn’t fall. Mine soon to a look of determination, however, which revved everybody up.

~Hours upon hours of training later~

Breathing heavily, a dagger zoomed past my head, landing in the wall. We had been training for who knows how long, it could have been months even, but we were getting much better. We spent most of the waking day training, only stopping to eat and sleep. ‘This was for the sake of the world, so we had to win. Right?’

“C’mon, Dragon! Get your head in the game!” Bobbie stated. She was standing across the way from me since she was my sparring partner for the day.

“Sorry!” I replied. ‘Maybe there was a way to get a bit more powerful, quicker...’ “Maybe we should stop early for today! I want to do some research to see if we can find anything useful about the mysterious being!” I said after a minute. Everyone nodded and we headed in.

After about an hour going through everything we had on mysterious beings, the supernatural, etc, we came to the conclusion that this being we’ve been seeing destroy the world may actually be god. The same god Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, etc worship. To be honest, he was way more evil than followers make him out to be when talking about this ‘all mighty’ creator. ‘But, if god was so loving, why would he punish the whole human race?’ My question was soon answered after we had read both the older version of the bible and the newer one. Apparently, we were always meant to be his slaves, yet Lucifer felt it was unfair for us not to have free will. ‘Thank you, Satan.’

“Dicitur in angelum lucis. Non est vobis et nobis victo creatoris. Nolumus mori aut servire. Placere nobis.” (We call upon the Angel of Light. We need your help defeating our creator. We do not wish to die or be enslaved. Please help us.) We recited the incarnation several times before the summoning circle lit up, indicating Lucifer was on his way, however, we said it one more time for good measure.

“Why should I help you?” Lucifer asked, once we explained the situation.

“Because we know you really do care about the human race and that innocent people will be hurt and killed for no reason.” I replied. ‘I hope he really does have a soft spot for us.’ “Plus, I’m sure once he’s out of the way, you’d be able to do whatever you want. Also, we know you aren’t truly the bad guy. So, what do you say?” I added. This was our only chance to beat god so we had to be pretty convincing.

Tik tok goes the clock as Satan makes his decision...

“Fine, I’ll help. But only because you’re right about god being evil and I really hate listening to him tell me what to do. I’ve got a reputation to keep.” He stated.

“Thank you so much!” Bobbie exclaimed. We laughed and went in for a group hug, surprisingly, Lucifer joined in.

The day we were to face god was becoming closer and closer, however, we were becoming stronger and stronger as well. Lucifer gave us many tips and tricks on how to kill him, even gave us some weapons and powers to help us do so.

We never even went to school anymore because we were too busy training. ‘If we were to royally F this up, the world will be in jeopardy.’ The only things we did besides train were normally human things we need to live. Unfortunately, Lucifer can’t help us beyond what he has, if god were to see him fighting alongside us, he’d call cheating.

The night before the battle, we awoke to the smell of smoke. Disoriented, my eyes tried there hardest to focus on what was going on. They soon found the source of the smoke, fire. The flames we all shades of blues, reds, and purples. I’d say it looked beautiful. While admiring it, I didn’t notice Indra citing the incarnation to dowse the flames as everyone else was panicking.

" Aquam, da mihi potestatem perdere flammis-” (Water, give me the power to destroy these flames). The rest of Indra’s words were distant as a hand was placed over my mouth and the world disappeared from site.

I shot up and looked around, I seemed to be inside of my own mind. It was hard to see yet the outline of many silhouettes passed by my vision. Standing up, I felt weak and my eyelids were heavy, but I forced them to stay open. Who knows what would happen to me if I let them close? ‘I could be stuck here forever, in my own mind.’ Knowing the battle was soon to take place, I focused my mind on things to help us against god. Weaknesses, things that could get him caught in a crossfire, anything. I needed to be useful when I woke up. A big thing that stood out was how full of himself he was. ‘Sure, he made creation, but that doesn’t give him the right to dictate our lives or harm the innocent.’

When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you don’t know who’s going to die. You don’t know whose children are going to scream and burn, how many hearts will be broken.

Shaking my head and clearing my thoughts, a silhouette of my friends and I from 2 years before played in front of me. A smile found it’s way to my face, yet tears to my eyes that fell almost instantly. We were so young then, young and childish. Not a care in the world besides our own interests and fun. I never wanted to grow up so fast, but fate had made me and now I made never feel that way again...

What’s the point in being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes?

Suddenly, the silhouette changed to the one of the prophecy, except now it was reciting itself in Latin. ’Ignis fingitur aliquando sopitis iam mortuum, non resurget. Hoc plurimum insedisset. Cumque conpleti fuerint dies vocantur et quinque amicos referam immanis fera ad finem. Sed ut salvificem mundum toto posse vivere. Esse bellabunt adorabunt. Tamen esse maxime ens videbitis auxilium malum. Iam vero quis populus terrae malum, tamen non credunt. In momento veniunt.′ To be honest, it sounded prettier this way. However, I understood the meaning now, the prophecy was about us going against god. ‘I wonder if he has a father and if that father is proud.’ Sighing, I made a decision to just wait the silhouettes out, assuming that when they were done I’d wake up.

“-ake up! Wake up! Dragon, wake up! We need to get out of here!” I heard Lilith’s voice calling out to me. Shooting up onto my feet, I swayed. Shaking my head, I noticed Indra was having a hard time putting out all of the fire. My heart raced as I grabbed Indra’s wrist and made him run out with us. It was hard comprehending what was going on and that made me lose my cool for a bit.

“What’s happening?” I asked. My voice was shaky as I flung my arms around in distress.

“I don’t know.” Ashura was the first to answer. We shared a look, our eyebrows creased and lips slightly parted.

“Terra da mihi potestatem utendi terra.” (Earth, give me the power to use the land). I cited. Pushing the ground up in a shield, it blocked a bolt of lightning. Everyone else gasped at my sudden use of power.

“That sure was some very good reflexes, Dragon.” Ashura stated. I saw sweat roll down his forehead as he said this. Smirking, I slowly lowered the wall. With eyes wide, a sharp pain went through my chest. Falling backwards, my eyes closed and I was consumed by darkness but not before I heard, “Dolores inferni circumdederunt vitae mi da mihi potestatem curandi” (I call upon life, please give me the power to heal my friend).

I had awoke next to the sound of weapons against weapons and and energy against energy. “I’m so glad you’re alright!” Ashura hugged me tightly. I hugged back, distractedly, as I payed most of my attention towards the battle going on. Ashura let go after a minute and I was up on me feet, knowing they’d need my help.

Gaining all of my courage, energy flowed around me waiting to be used. Unleashing it in one big blast, the earth began to shake as an earthquake started. Turning part of the earth into a spear, it darted towards the darkened figure of god and when through his skull. It was a moment before we could see the damage it conflicted on him, yet it didn’t stay long as the wound was healed. However, stuff like that requires energy and would help us the long run to get close enough to use the efficient weapons.

The battle seemed to drag on forever, we were all breathing heavy, even god himself. Taking my medieval hammer of Earth, a super weapon, it slammed against god’s skull. Lilith shot at him constantly with her bow and arrows of Fire, hitting him effectively almost every time. Bobbie used her wind to zoom around and slash god with her medieval daggers of Wind. Ashura and Indra were the final punches, Ashura stabbing him in the stomach with his medieval sword of Life and Indra cutting his head off with his medieval axe of death for the final final blow. Quickly, we recited, “Virtutes elementorum, vita et mors, et dire tyranne adesto nobis hoc saeculo et in Tartara ima” (Powers of the elements, life, and death, please help us put this terrible tyrant away forever in the depths of tartarus).

Enclosing god in a box made of the four elements, life, and death, we sent him down to the deepest parts of Tartarus. Hopefully for the rest of eternity. Smiling dumbly at ourselves, we suddenly heard a voice, “Good job.” Jumping, our bodies turned around to face Lucifer. He granted us free passage to heaven, which he now ruled over, and the promise of a good life. He was sure that god wouldn’t be able to find his way out but we’ll see…

Game Over.

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