Acsension book 1: Blood Oath

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Imminent chaos loom over the Holy City Of Rome as new hope give way old hate and ministry agents Robin Yates and Melissa Bisping most uphold this fragile peace.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The cold rains of Sarajevo dripped down a masked man chin. He stood a top a cathedral perched next to a set of stone angels. He tapped his ear and spoke.

“Robin i’m in position.”

Robin tapped his ear and gave a single word.


Robin was sitting a inside of a diner away from the chilly rain. He stood up tossing a few Dinars on the table and walked out into the Rain. The streets was riddled with ankle deep puddles. he dodged the puddles and worked his way down the street. He entered a graveyard. When he entered the area there Was a large beast with grey flesh pointed ears and nasty red wings. It was feasting on the body of a man or what was left of it. Robin cleared his throat.

" Fine time to be feeding wouldn’t you say”

The beast turned and hissed at him showing it mouth full of dagger like teeth. It spoke in a raspy voice.

" šta hoćeš Vatikan šljam”

Robin drew up the hood on his jacket and chuckled at the incomprehensible words.

" now I don’t speak Slavic ,but I did hear Vatican in there. Sadly I’m not with them.”

The rain dripped off of the beast chin mixing with his victims blood. He pushed aside the corpse and slowly lumbered towards Robin on all four.

“Now please don’t do this bud.” Robin cautioned the beast.

“Ja ću vas iscrpi ljudski!!” It shrieked as it lunged at Robin.

Robin’s Jet black scythe materialized in his hands. He slammed the snath on the ground creating a bright flash that turned the beast into ashes. Robin tapped his ear piece to speak.

" Hey El Magnifico your up on that fucking church for nothing. It was only one Vampire in Saraj..”

His sentence was cut short by hundreds of beating wings. Hundreds of grey skinned vampires landed in the graveyard surrounding Robin. He gave an uneasy grin.

“Hey guys. I’m Robin Yates an agent from the Ministry Of Demonic Counter-Terrorism how everybody doing.” He joked.

A larger vampire walked up towering over Robin in a blood red robe. It leaned down so he was Eye to eye with him. His murderous Blue eyes met Robin’s brown ones.

“What does the Ministry need in my kingdom Human?” He growled at Robin.

The rain began to come down harder it made a humming noise as it hit the Scythe. The other Vampires backed away. The Larger Vampire held his gaze with Robin. He gave an uneasy grin to the Vampire.

" Well I’m a Fallen not a human so please stop that. Honestly your closer to human than I am.” He chuckled.

" “Naš kralj nije ljudsko nitkove.” .” Shouted one of the Vampires behind him.

" A Vatikan pas ovdje da kolju naše ljude” another shouted.

Robin took a small step back from the larger vampire.

“I’m not from the Vatican. I’m from the ministry I am here because your attacking humans in Sarajevo. Dirty rainy Eastern Europe. The I wish the Byzantine Empire were still running the place because after the Russians took over it all went to hell. ” He joked.

The Larger Vampire stood up straight and burst into laughter. Robin still on guard listened to the Vampire laugh hysterically.

" Oh you are right. Justinian the first was a great emperor. My Great grandfather used to speak highly of that time.” He said with a child like excitement.

" I am King Alexander of the Black Empire. I apologize but the Vaticans has be relentlessly killing our people throughout the Balkans.” King Alexander pleaded to Robin.

Robin bowed to the King his scythe vanished from his grip.

" Your Majesty I understand that Vampires and the Vatican are not on the best of terms , but killing everyday humans ,and just mangling their bodies leaving them for the mass to see does start raising red flags. So I must ask you too...”

His speech cut short by a vampire from the crowd tackling him teeth bared attempting to bite him. Robin used his forearm to shield himself from the bite. Out of nowhere a large man with a blue and silver luchador mask kicks the Vampire off of him.

The wounded Vampire shouted ” Father I shall slay these Dogs for you”

Robin sighed a breath relief to see his Partner El Magnifico come to his aid. he tighted the strings on the back of the mask and cracked his neck. He spoke with a Deep Spanish accent

" let us dance than leech.”

But before The two could engage the king shouted.

“Enough Nikolai. We will listen to Ministry they have always been fair to us.”

Nikolai growled at Robin in anger.

" I will drink your blood one day Angel and yours Spaniard.”

El Magnifico helped Robin up. Robin dusted himself off. Before extending a hand out to the King.

“Your majesty if you can stop this violence in Eastern Europe. I will do my everything to resolve your problem with the Vatican.”

Nikolai shouted to his father ” No do not believe him they are murders all of them.”

The King gripped Robin hand. He spoke in a calm but stern voice.

" Be silent Nikolai. We must end this War between Vampire and Man. Do I have your word that you will follow through with this promise.

Robin shook King Alexander hand firmly.

" My partner and I will do everything in our power to resolve this conflict.” He affirmed never breaking eye contact

" I will hold you to that Angel!” King Alexander replied with hopeful glee.

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