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Hour Empty Child

By TrinityNovels All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Kudo Braven has always dreamed of becoming an Adventurer. After becoming 15 years old, he can finally become one. Adventurers are granted blessings from the gods and receive a class to help them out in their journey. But when Kudo was going to get his class, nothing showed up for him. The only one remaining was an unknown class that he has never heard of! Forced to take on a complete unknown class, Kudo works hard on his adventure, eventually befriending other friendly adventurers while facing the not-so-friendly ones. Join him on his adventure, as he tries to figure out the secrets behind his class, and takes on challenges along with his partner Hinota Flamver, a strong and intimidating adventurer with a powerful class! Together they will show the world of Yarim the true meaning of adventure!


Hello! And welcome to the ‘Hour Empty Child’ Light Novel!

The reason why it is called a light novel is because this novel is set out to be a Japanese-style story, therefore, the suffixes and manners shown in this novel is largely affected by Japanese customs.

The suffixes are put at the end of someone’s name when spoken to. It shows how close someone is to another person. For example: One person calls out a stranger by calling him ‘John-san’. The ‘-san’ is equal to calling someone ‘Mr.’.

Another custom is that saying someone’s first name means that you are very close to that person. If it’s a random stranger, it can be extremely rude, but there are exceptions.

Here is the list of suffixes that you should watch out for in case you get confused later on:

-san: added to names of a person in title of respect (Mr. & Ms.).

-sama: added to names of person who are respected and honored.

-kun: usually added to young males.

-chan: usually added to children’s names or young females.

-onee, nee, ane: Refers to older sisters. Depending on the occasion, each represents how close and respected they are.

-onii, nii, ani: Refers to older brothers. Depending on the occasion, each represents how close and respected they are.

I hope you all enjoy the light novel and have the best read! Please, enjoy!

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