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Chapter 1

Just an average day and a average teenager called Luna lives with her mum and sister. Finishing school there was always a dream

of many different things to do and it was just about picking the right decision.

Her mum wanting her to go to college but it differs from her dreams.

Starting college from choosing a course that she wants to do to … let me just play it out for you

I walked out of college and it’s time to let my mum and sister know I’ve not been going so...


I lay on her bed

Monday morning Mum was up ( Olivia) and Aria was up eating breakfast

Mum shouts Luna up “ Luna get up, college “ walking back in to the kitchen

Upstairs Luna heard her mum shout her and wasn’t going to answer but instead does “ I’m tired, I’m not going in today , I’m ill “ very sleepily

Not knowing what was going on her mum just shouted “fine,just this day Luna”

Knowing they would find out sooner or later so Luna jumps up and heads downstairs.

Walking in to the kitchen making no eye contact with anyone.

“You ok love” mum said

Aria shakes her head “you know mum your such a mug” she laughed

Their mum just looked at Luna and the Aria, “ Aria you do not speak to me like that “ she snapped “ how are you feeling Luna?”

“ you think your better than everyone but that’s not a good trait to have you idiot , I have something to say… she’ll be judgmental as usual and I have no idea how your going to react so here goes” taking a deep breath “ I quit college … I don’t like so cue judgemental comments now please” she said sarcastically

Aria didn’t even looked surprised she just shrugged it off and got up to go for a shower.

Luna was waiting and waiting

“ what you going to do then, from now to forever?, this is the biggest mistake you’ve ever done I can get you back in do t worry” her mum said with a look of disappointed

“ I don’t want to go back,I said I quit mum, walked out or what ever I’m done with it, it was boring and nothing was happening” Luna replied

Olivia just shook her head

Aria got up and said " im leaving you to this mess , off to uni bye" and left

In the kitchen Luna was so upset that her mum said that " ill prove you wrong, you know" biting an apple

Her mum just looked at her " we all need college to work i know its boring, i know its not good, ive been through it but look at me I have my own business in something i love that was because of college, uni and working hard"

Luna looked shocked " so just because I dont want to do something i've ruined my life, want to know something, im getting a job and saving by next year I wont be here, im going travelling" biting her lip

walking straight out the kitchen and her mum set off for work and I was just left in kitchen upset that her mum was disappointed in her and decided to get online and prove her everyone wrong.

jumping on her bed and getting the laptop, searching online for a writing course because she wanted to do writing. Already having her own tv scripts written and music lyrics in a box not being used so decided to re-read them and edit them.

With a knock at the door I chucked evrything in a box.

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