They Call It The Storm

By Ourliazo All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Alexander is really not having a good day. Unfortunately for him it's about to get worse, because some stranger thinks Alex caused the Earth and Otherside to start mixing together, releasing uncontrolled monsters and making the leashed ones go insane. Well, okay, maybe he had something to do with that. However, if Alex was a creature of unknown origin that was suddenly ripped into another dimension and forced into slavery, he'd be kind of upset too.


It came with the thunder and lightning, destroying with the acid rain. Stars shot down like gunfire and the people screamed as they burned.

We couldn’t escape it, so we praised and knelt and turned it into a good thing. We pushed it onto our enemies and took over as rulers, holders of the Storm.

This is the first thing people learn. Before their letters and numbers. Before their home address.

This is what we’re raised on - that we held power because we fought the natural order and we won.

That was our mistake. We thought we could bring down the heavens themselves and rise up instead. We’re learning now that we were wrong. It took thousands of years, but to the Storm, it was a blink of an eye.

I wonder if it’s even noticed that we’re almost gone.

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