The Accused

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Darkness and distortion... secrets of the past will be revealed! Mycono Kingdom was once a peaceful land... or was it? Join the McNeills and their friends on an exciting journey to find what was lost.

Adventure / Fantasy
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A Thousand Years Ago

A thousand years ago in a small village situated in the woods, there was these tiny mice people called the Mouleepole. Most Mouleepole helped the humans, but there was one gang that didn’t. This Mouleepole gang consisted of five and their names were as follows: Scotty, Rain (pronounced Rah-in), Stormy, Veinta (pronounced Vay-in-tah), and Thistle.
It was a cloudy, gloomy day when the awful event had happened; Scotty’s gang had gone overboard with how evil they were. It had started with a young boy who wore all black. The boy had beautiful violet eyes and violet and black hair. He was young and innocent too; he’d never hurt anyone and was always happy. The boy’s name was CrossBones.

CrossBones had walked into the forest just for a nice stroll when he came across the Mouleepole village.

“Hello! Is anyone there?!” CrossBones called out.

Scotty’s gang appeared...

“We’re here! And we’ll be the last people you see before you die! This is what you get for trying to step on our homes!” Scotty called out.

The others nodded in agreement. CrossBones stepped back, frightened of what might happen next.

“Bring him down!” Scotty instructed.

The others followed his directions and quickly pulled CrossBones to the ground.

“Let me go! I didn’t do anything to you!” CrossBones cried out.

“Hm, you wouldn’t miss your hands and feet too much would ya?” Scotty asked, pulling CrossBones’ sword from his sword case.

“Please don’t hurt me!” CrossBones cried out, trying to make the four other Mouleepole release him.

“Hold still or it will hurt more!” Scotty commanded CrossBones as he started to cut into CrossBones’ left foot.

It was painful and CrossBones knew he would die of blood loss, but he stayed put like Scotty had instructed him for he was a very obedient boy. After a few painful minutes, CrossBones laid on the ground weak, almost dead without hands or feet. Rain was frightened; she never had been associated with a murder.

“Scotty! I think we actually killed him!” Rain cried frightfully.

“Let’s get out of here! We wouldn’t want to get caught!” Scotty called to the group and they all ran away leaving CrossBones on the ground to die.

However, CrossBones wasn’t dead! He still had some energy so he transformed himself into a dog using magic. Now he stood weakly as a black dog with a magical purple glow where his feet should’ve been. Even through his transformation, he kept those beautiful violet eyes. CrossBones ran away from the bloody grass and out of the woods.

The rest of the night was seemingly peaceful; none of the other Mouleepole knew what happened to the young human boy. Well, none aside from the police... The Mouleepole police pulled up to a small mushroom house: Rain’s house.

“Rain!” the police officers called out, “This is the police! Come out here with your hands up!”

Rain nervously walked out of her house with her hands up in the air.

“You are under arrest for murdering a human!” the officer yells.

“But sir, it wasn’t me!” Rain cried out defensively.

“You have the right to remain silent! You’ll find out your punishment in jail!” the officer yells.

Rain sadly let the police handcuff her and take her away. She knew that if she objected or fought back, she’d just be in more trouble.

At jail, they pushed Rain into the front office.

“What shall this young lady’s punishment be for murdering an innocent human child?” the officer who had Rain asked to the person up front.

“Well, usually the punishment would be a death penalty, but since we don’t have a court to tell whether or not she’s guilty, we’ll just jail her for a couple years,” they replied.

Rain sighed with relief because she wouldn’t be put to death, but still, the thought of being in prison for a few years because of something her friend did was horrendous.

“Can I use the phone please?” Rain asked.

“Yes, we’ll give you only a few minutes though while your cell is being arranged,” the officer said.

Rain picked up the phone and dialed Scotty’s number.

“Hello?” Scotty nervously called into the phone.

“Scotty, I’m in jail and unless you visit me I won’t see your face for a few years!” Rain said into the phone.

“Should I care?” Scotty rudely asked.

Rain was upset by this, how could Scotty be so rude to her when they had been friends for so long?!
Rain hung up the phone and followed the officer to her cell where she’d be staying for four years. No punishment could compare to the loss of her closest friend...


CrossBones was walking down an old dirt path when he came across a boy sitting on a tree stump.

“Hello little dog, how’d you get way out here?” the boy asked.

CrossBones replied by saying, “I need help right away. I was taking a walk out here a few hours ago and some little tiny people that looked like mice started trying to kill me. May I follow you to your home?”

“Whoa! You can talk?! My name’s Mungo, what’s yours?” the boy asked.

“My name’s CrossBones,” CrossBones said, holding out a glowing purple paw.

Mungo politely shook hands with CrossBones and lead him home.

During the next four years, things had changed. Scotty had run away from the woods to live with a different group of Mouleepole who lived in the mountains. While there, he had found himself a magic cap and that lead to him getting incredible wind powers and what not. Not only did it give him all the power he desired, but it reflected the wickedness within his heart. He was transformed into an evil wizard. He used his powers for evil and almost destroyed the whole world. Luckily, he was stopped by a young boy named Fraizer. Scotty had his cap privileges taken away by his teacher for awhile until he was able to control himself.

CrossBones had grown a little, and he had gotten a little stronger. Mungo helped care for the pup to insure he’d be able to use magic again soon. As for Rain, she was finally getting released from jail after four hard years with no company. Rain transformed herself into a gray kitten so that if she found Scotty, he wouldn’t recognize her and she’d easily get revenge.

Not too long later, Scotty’s teacher Erick had passed on (It was uncertain if someone poisoned him or if he just died of old age, both were highly likely.) and Scotty had attended the funeral. One thing that surprised the other few students was what Master Erick had put on his will.

The will read ‘I wish for all my students to grow wise and become great teachers like I had been. The thing I want the most when I die is for my loyal student, Scotty, to have the magic cap back. Although he may have made a mistake by taking the cap in the first place, I believe that he has learned his lesson and can have it back. My dear students, my last words of wisdom for you are this: don’t let evil take your values away. I’m sorry I couldn’t have stayed with you guys longer. Please forgive me.’

After the reading of the will, two Mouleepole men rolled a cart out with the magic cap on it. Scotty carefully removed the cap from the cart and prepared to wear it again. He put on the cap and instantly regained his wind sorcerer form.

“Finally! I’ve got my power back!” Scotty cried out.

Scotty ran off with the cap to cause trouble again. Shortly after Scotty ran off, eight heroes had risen up to put an end to his evil.

In the legend of the eight heroes, there were four boys who were identical quads and also four boys who all wore black and each had a different eye color. The boys sporting all black had eyes that matched the favorite colors of the quads. They had green eyes, red eyes, blue eyes and...What’s this? Instead of a boy, one of the black garbed ones was a dog with purple eyes and no feet!

The names of the eight heroes were Fraizer, Mungo, Pàl, Aonghas, Jamie, Emerald, Malcolm, and the dog was named CrossBones. During their adventure to rescue Princess Sìneag from an evil creature named Scotty, the seven boys and the dog faced many challenges, such as defeating a giant evil snake named Mawrkuss. (“I am Mawrkussssssssssssssss! The greatessssssssssst creature to ever live!“)

After many long days and nights, crossing between the Normal Realm and the Distorted Realm, the seven boys and CrossBones had finally arrived at Scotty’s Tower to put an end to him. With the final blow of their swords to Scotty’s large eyeball, (by this point in time, Scotty was more distorted than when he started and was part Cyclops.) everyone was sent back in time, losing all memory of what had happened. Everyone was separated, but one day, light and dark were destined to meet again...

On a cold morning in Mycono Kingdom, a small child was left in front of Scotty’s Tower. The small child had dark purple hair and eyes the color of freshly polished rubies. The boy’s mother was hidden in a black robe, she was weak and dying. Scotty just so happened to come outside at just the right moment.

“Please...” the mother whispered, “...take my son and raise him to be powerful like you...”

Scotty did not get a chance to reply because the mother passed on right there in front of him. Scotty looked at the baby disgustedly, and he turned, about to slam the door leaving the child to die. Something, however, made him change his mind. It was that black diamond on the boy’s left hand. The boy had potential; at least, that’s what Scotty had hoped. Scotty then scooped up the baby swaddled in black cloth and brought him inside.

Years had passed and the young boy, who was named Aonghas, became a thief. Aonghas learned how to nab things and bring them to his father on command. He always tried his best to please Scotty, but Scotty never gave Aonghas the respect he deserved.

At night, Aonghas would stand by a window and daydream about what life away from Scotty would be like.

One time, Aonghas had asked, “Scotty? What happened to my mother?”

“Aonghas, first of all, call me father, second of all, that is not at all important. So, go to your room or something! Shoo, shoo!” Scotty responded. Aonghas had obeyed; he left Scotty’s sight...

The next young child, Emerald, with his averagely purple hair and eyes like freshly polished emeralds, wound up in the woods, not far from the mysterious village of the Woods People. He laid there on the forest floor, so young and vulnerable.

Suddenly, a short girl with green hair to match the trees had walked into that part of the woods and found him. This girl was Mysie, the official protector of the woods. Mysie brought the boy to the village and named him Emerald of The Forest, or just Emerald for short. Most of the Woods People had grown close bonds with fairies and other small creatures like bunnies, but Emerald did not have any bonds or a fairy friend of his own because he was not a Woods Person like the rest, but he never wished to have any anyways.

Emerald grew up with more skills than the Woods People and he was able to wander the whole forest and never get lost. He also took lots of notes about the creatures he saw. Whenever the Woods People tried to tease him, he was able to shoot smart remarks at them. As it turns out, having the protector of the forest as his mother really proved to have an effect on his wits and nobody was as brilliant as Emerald.

The boy who transformed himself into a dog lived very close to Aonghas and Scotty without realizing it. CrossBones made himself at home inside one of the secret passage ways to the inside of Scotty’s Tower. There he pretended to be a guard dog. He still had no feet, but it didn’t bother him. Once in awhile, CrossBones would slip out of Scotty’s Tower and take a quick walk. His favorite place was Lake Mycono where he got water to drink. He also would search for people who had food on them. Life as a dog was hard for him, but that didn’t stop him. Not much actually happened to him in that time. He never gave up being happy though!

Mungo now lived inside a dark house that was actually in the woods, meaning that he wasn’t very far from Emerald, but the two never met. Mungo stayed inside the house during the day, but night time was the perfect time for him to sneak out. Mungo had black hair and black clothes so he blended in well with all the shadows.

Because Mungo lived on his own, he had no one to bring him food. That wasn’t a problem for him though. Being sneaky, Mungo was able to slip into people’s houses whenever he needed a bite to eat. Though he’d sometimes leave a mess behind, the police had never found out about him.Mungo was always so lonely though. He was so lonely that he sometimes talked to himself as if he was a completely different person. His senses were disordered because of this and at one point; he almost got eaten by a wild animal.

It wasn’t until later that Aonghas vanished. Nobody knew where he went and he left no trace. It was as if he never even existed in the first place... Mungo finally went insane and tried to raid Scotty’s Tower. This was a bad idea because then Scotty decided to replace his missing child with this new boy who looked very similar to the one he lost. The quads ended up meeting Mungo and had an up-and-down friendship with him. Sometimes they were afraid of him, this was especially so when he went insane a few more times and tried to kill them all. Other times he was their good friend and they even allowed him to visit the Mycono Castle as long as he behaved himself.

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