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Man Hurts Man

By Donovan Levine All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


In a world where birds are gigantic dragon-sized animals called Ales, nations take advantage of their incredible girth by taming them and using them in violent practices known as "aerial warfare". In the first 100 years of this era, a tragedy befalls a small district where Lucero Swan had lived. In desperate vengeance, Lucero seeks the power of the Ales to overcome the hardship, but along the way runs into Master Owl, Kana Osprey, Paul Kingfisher and others who guide him towards the virtuous life.

Chapter 1: Dove District

What would happen to you if everything you care about vanished?

How would your code, the way you live your life, change?

To the North, in the Dove District, there existed much smaller towns and villages than that of it’s counterpart, the Medusa District. These smaller towns of the Dove District were almost always targets of conflict or unfortunate events. They were always caught in between other people’s conflicts, and stepped all over because of their size. The larger districts always took advantage, to survive.

Survival was most difficult in their world, as most people would ride atop gigantic beasts of the air. These menacingly large bird-like creatures were known as the Ales, who’s wings span across households, were often tamed and used for most transportation and fighting necessities. They replaced war-horses and other animals for modes of transportation and battle. They were the life and pride of the nations. And the larger districts could easily manage and maintain such a beasts for a price to influence others, and easily control the world.

Another threat came upon all the districts, however. Rumors of a terrorist-like faction have sprouted across the lands, but many question it’s true existence since there have been little actions of terrorists performed under such suspicions.

But they became all too real when a rogue of such a faction came upon the Dove District, of all places, to strike.

To test a weapon of his, he came to the village and used it on innocents. Quickly, he ended up burning it all to a crisp; mounting the authority and dominance of his organization and the terror they wished to spread, all in one fatal act of violence.

Mountains of flames came upon the village and quickly overtook the small homes and bungalows the townspeople comfortably tucked themselves into, holding no avail against life’s tempests and storms. The fire burned it all. Gardens, grassy fields, homes, cottages, markets, clothing, food, everything; all gone by the work of just a single rogue.

It was a catastrophe the Dove District was desperately unprepared for. Relief teams came in, and tried to salvage what they could, but nearly everything was lost under the ashes.

Remarkably, they found a boy within the ruins, protected from the fire. Two walls over a certain structure of the town used for daycare had bumped into one another after the ripping apart, perfectly stopping the other one’s fall. They formed a canopy over the child, and kept him safe from the collapsing rubble.

There were other survivors as well, but there was still great destruction leaving Dove District in peril, and nearly ceasing to exist as a District of its own.

A relief dove was sent to the area with aid supplies. The Ales made landfall as the relief efforts rushed injured civilians there right away, to have them healed.

The rogue escaped, that same day, having collected all the data he would ever need. And just like that, he vanished into the night.

The boy whom they rescued in the disaster was named Lucero Swan, and among his family, he was the only survivor.

Ever since that incident, it wasn’t depression or fear or sadness that overwhelmed Lucero’s heart. It was anger. Sheer rage. He expressed it every day, verbally and with his overall attitude. Eventually, into grew into silent resentment. He became rather introverted, but he hated rogues with all his heart.

Hatred formed. Grew. Expanded. Devoured. Everything he once held dear, now was ripped from him, at such a young age. So now, his answer and resolve would be to do exactly the same unto the man that stole his happiness.

Four years came to pass. Lucero entered into a registry of bounty hunters. It was actually a corporation, formed out of the budget of the greatest districts. They decided, rather than armies, let people grow into their own, and be independent as their own vigilantes. So they formed a corporation of bounty hunter rogue vigilantes. Lucero figured, to kill a rogue, might as well become a rogue.

The corporation was run by the top leaders in Pegasus District, and highly regarded the bounty hunters as the pride of their current world. They heavily encouraged the need for training, and taming the Ales that inhabited the lands. They believed it would be a monumental milestone for the human race to have dominance over the greatest product of nature thus far, the great Ales.

So over the course of those years, there grew people who became world-renowned and legendary in their own right. They completely dominated the battlefields and tamed their Ales, even bonded with them. They were greatly famed throughout lands.

But coming in to that organization, Lucero had no regard for any of that. He would use the organization to get the information and the strength he needed to avenge his home.

Upon acceptance as a bounty hunter, he left his home Dove District for Pegasus District, one of the largest in existence, and entered the corporation.

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