The Path From Lewisville

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A young man named Miles is living in the village of Lewisville when his leaders announce war on another village. Miles flees from his home going on an adventure to find safety all while fearing what might happen if he gets caught.

Adventure / Drama
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Chapter 1

I peered in the window watching the 3 men standing around the round table. The entire town was worried about the verdict. We couldn’t take another war; we have barely recovered from the last one. They were deep in discussion. I could read their lips but only slightly. Morgo was exclaiming something about lack of resources but I couldn’t make out much else. Vernan nodded along not saying much but that was to be expected. Narson continued to slam his hand on the table angry about his lack of control in the conversation.

“Move it punk” a tall elephant of a man stood near me slapping a baton in the palm of his hand

“I don’t want any trouble,” I said putting my hands up

“This is a private meeting we made ourselves perfectly clear about it”

“I know i’m sorry sir I will be on my way” I scurried away moving my stick legs faster than my feet could keep up with. I fell over into a mud puddle splashing water up onto the sidewalk. I quickly got up looking back at the man who had his back turned. Thankfully he didnt see my foolery.

I stood up, my body chilled to the bone. In a full sprint I ran to my cottage throwing down my journal. I peeled off my mud soaked clothing and drew a lukewarm bath. Unable to enjoy it, I was too busy thinking about what the future might hold. Will all hell break loose or is my concern all for nothing. I’m not sure but this 10 pound lump was parked in my gut. I couldn’t help but think something terrible was headed our way but I guess we won’t know until the meeting is over.

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