The Mermaidens (REWRITTEN)

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⇨ The Mermaidens and The Golden Empriss hate towards each other only grow stronger with each growing day. No one knows how it started, but now that it's there, there is war. With each spy agency watching each other intently until one of them strikes. And The Golden Empriss decided it was going to be them. In retaliation, The Mermaidens send in their best team, The Deadly Mers. ✎ᝰ┆Cover made by: @-hxshimi [on Wattpad] ୧ .˚ₓ

Adventure / Romance
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The wheels rolling on the smooth carpet filled the calm morning air of the house as Emerald approached her sleeping mistress. Today was special as it marked her nine years of serving Wynter’s household. Emerald smiled at the special breakfast she’d prepared for Wynter and wiped her hands on her apron before she knocked on the crisp, white-colored door.

Upon, hearing the gentle knocks Wynter slowly rose from her peaceful slumber and propped herself up against the large headboard. Wynter smiled as she remembered what today was. She has grown to love the woman who took care of her when she was at one of the lowest points in her life. She opened the nightstand next to her plushy bed and took the peach-colored diamond necklace out and closed it back.

She wanted today to be a special day for both of them. For all the times and things Emerald took care of her and stayed loyal.

“You may enter Emerald,” Wynter beckoned the patiently waiting-maid in.

Emerald briskly walked in with a cheerful smile pushing her cart, “Ma’am it’s time for you to get your day started! I’ve brought breakfast and since today is a special day, I’ve prepared a special breakfast-”

A loud bang sound resonated in the air as Emerald slowly descended towards the off-white carpet. Wynter jolts out of the comfortable bed and onto the soft and now bloody carpeted floor to see her unconscious maid with a bullet in her chest with blood seeping out her wound.

Emerald’s cheerful face is now pale-like and decorated with specks of blood. Wynter trailed her fingers down her face as she wails in discomfort, “No no no no not now!” This is what happens when you open up your heart to other people, you get fragile and sensitive. She’d thought she had learned her lesson when the two most precious things were taken from her.


Whoever was outside was not waiting for her to let the death sink in, as two more bullets fly through the right window shattering it completely. Wynter, who is still stunned by the sudden death of her precious friend she dare say, does a backflip onto her bed barely dodging the dangerous pieces of lead.

She couldn’t let the saddening situation and the person outside get a hold of her, so she finally regains focus and makes a dash for her closet. As she turns the corner, a bullet misses her ankle by a hair and she’s able to enter the huge space. Moving her clothes out of her way she stood before her secret door, which was disguised as an oddly big mirror.

Tapping the middle of the mirror twice a robotic voice filled her ears as it asked for the password for entry. Wynter, obviously annoyed and frustrated, whispered the password quickly.

“Correct, you may enter.”

The mirror detached itself from the wall and opened up to a small elevator. Hurrying in, Wynter looked to the side to see the up and down button. Wynter pressed down and collapsed dramatically to the floor as the reality of the situation sunk in and the sorrowful tears slowly fell.

A loud thump was heard and signaled that she had reached her corridor of the underground headquarters. Not wanting to show any sign of weakness, Wynter had stood up quickly and wiped her tears.

The elevator doors glided to their sides to open up to a dimly lit hallway. Wynter started to slowly walk to put on a facade, that she was fine. You don’t want to look vulnerable in this place, especially when all people want to do is get better than you.

And with the mindset to pretend she began to see a two-person guarded door that would lead her into Mermaiden’s headquarters.

The armed guards around the entrance looked Wynter up and down. The guard posted on the left moved to the side so that Wynter could be scanned. Going up close to the iris scanner, she opened her eye widely to wait for the green light.

Hearing a satisfying beep and seeing a shiny green light, the guards slightly bowed and one typed in the code and opened the door.

“Welcome back to headquarters.”

She bowed back to them slightly and walked through. First thing was to go change into the respected gear for the headquarters. She went into the changing room and opened up her locker and pulled out a long, black turtleneck and a pair of dark green cargo pants, and black, sleek combat boots. Satisfied with her look, she shut her metal locker and headed up to Master Sergei’s office.

She knocked on the black-coated door with a golden nameplate. Hearing her master beckoning her in, she opened the door and walked in bowing out of respect. Closing it behind her she sat down in a leather maroon chair positioned before him to relay him the news. “Greetings Master, this morning I was attacked and whoever was assigned the job, ended up killing my maid. I suspect it was The Golden Empriss.”

Master Sergei shook his head with a small chuckle, “So it seems that they have made the first move, that’s no trouble at all. They’ve merely started a game to which they won’t win, I won’t allow it.”

No one knows why or when The Golden Empriss and The Mermaiden’s quarrel with each other started. All that is known is, both heads of each agency have a deep hatred for each other.

“I give my condolences for Emerald, I know you cared for her deeply, but better her than you. I can’t lose one of my best assets. But I have a mission for you and your team, our informants have picked some information about an upcoming ball. So, I want you to infiltrate the ball and poison President Sanity. No mistakes. Your team is already waiting for your arrival.”

Wynter was stunned, he gave the job to them and not the other countless teams they have. They had no choice but to carry out the order smoothly, or else they would be humiliated in front of their agency. That couldn’t happen, their reputation and pride would go down the gutter.

Getting up from the leather chair she slightly bowed, “Thank you, master, we won’t disappoint.” She walked out of his office gently closing the black door behind her. She walk in a rather fast manner to the room assigned to her team and where Rogue and Envie were awaiting her arrival.

Hearing the door unlock both girls turned their heads to the once closed door to be faced with the white-haired woman. Envie got up slowly from her seat, “I heard the news I send my condolences.” Rogue nodded her head towards Wynter’s way in an apologetic manner.

Wynter ignored the pity and explained the mission with a slight grin. “It’s about damn time,” Envie chuckled. She would finally be able to get her back while killing the people responsible for snatching her away.

They went to grab weapons to which Wynter grabbed her icy blue katana and guns. Envie grabbed her signature peach-colored shotgun, which she had bugged Master Sergei about for a month until he finally gave in and had it custom-made for her, and she swiped some daggers and a handgun. Rogue grabbed her snipper along with two handguns.

Nearly about to leave the room Envie tapped on Wynter’s shoulder handing her a vile slightly laughing, “Oh wait we wouldn’t wanna forget this huh?” Wynter grabbed the poison and opened the door to walk out leaving the two women behind her. “She’s so mean,” Envie faked hurt. Rogue rolled her eyes at her laughing as she followed Wynter’s lead. Envie shrugged her shoulders closing the door following her two partners out to the garage.

The agency just had a new shipment so they got to choose which vehicles to bring along with them on their mission. But since it was a three-man mission they went with the choice of these red and black colorized motorcycles.

And they began their journey to The Golden Empriss.

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