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Sorcery In The Scar

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Vengeance is a dish best served cold. A three-headed dragon, a powerful king and a woman's vengeance. Come along this journey to see if the human spirit can overcome evil. A dark interpretation of a russian folklore.

Adventure / Fantasy
Y.F. Bloomfield
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Dark menacing clouds consume the sky, an omen of the night ahead. Vasilia felt each contraction hit harder than the one before indicating the birth was right around the corner. The last few seconds of pain stretched as she gritted her teeth and closed eyes to silence the impending scream that was caught in the back of her throat. Harsh vehement eastern winds assault the windows throughout the decades-old medieval castle. Silence. The rest of the servants had left to tend to the King’s wife as she too is set for labor. Bitterness and hatred set root in her heart as the thoughts of her lover tending to his wife filled her mind.


In the deepest recesses of her mind she began to whisper words of pain and anguish cursing the king in the process. Alone she laid on the cold stone floor the need to push became urgent. Swallowing the primal sounds that set to reverberate throughout the castle walls. The babys’ head was crowning, stretching her hot and bloody cunt as it slid out of her. Deep ragged breaths left her as the melodic sounds of a baby cry rang in the air. Picking up the bloody child she let out a sigh of relief.

Сын слава богу

This child was her way to solidify her position, and the riches made her mouth water. As long as that bitch gave birth to a girl or best of all lost the child there was nothing to stop her, Vasilia’s nasty somber thoughts continued bringing her happiness with the possibilities to come. Even if the child was born and was in fact a boy- a grimace set on her face at the very idea of such a thing- there were ways to deal with the little nuscience.

A crooked cold egotistical smile made its way onto her face knowing there was no one and nothing that could stop her as she placed her invaluable son in a small straw cot. Her trembling hand grabbed the dust covered rag, dunking in the basin of left over water before wiping the scarlet lines that marred her succulent thighs. A once sought after beauty known for her raven hair, pale skin and rose lips that begged to be kissed. The pregnancy had caused her rich hair to dull and thin out, her skin had developed red dry patches along with stretch marks due to the opulent conditions the king surrounded her with. But her child survived- Божиею милостью -will thrive within the kingdom and secure her future. Laying down, she covered her shivering body with the fur as her eyelid heaviness took over and death took her.

When Vasilia awoke, it was to the king holding her son so delicately almost afraid the child would disintegrate from his arms. While his kind posturing seemed to calm her, his words sent a cold bucket of ice water through her veins.

“ My wife has blessed our union with not one but two healthy boys.” his eyes aflame as he spoke, tightening his hold on the infant “this abomination you have created is not wanted or needed”. Vasilia was aghast at the words as she sprang up to grab hold of her child but alas her attempts proved futile as the king’s swift hand shoved her to the floor where she laid moments before. Kneeling before the king she grabbed his soft velvet night robe and with sweet pleasing words attempted to get her child from his grip.

Just as he placed the child in her arms, she couldn’t help but mumble underneath her breath “Lets see which child prevails” as evil thoughts of the potential ways to rid herself of her problems as she gently placed her son into the small straw cot by her bed.

Fingers wrapped around her forearm, squeezing her flesh before spinning her into the king’s embrace. His arms wrapped tightly around her like a boa constrictor about to devour its prey. Seething in anger black dots danced in Vasilias eyes as she gasped for air.

“Do you think I will just ignore your vile words? Treat you better than the whore you are? Did you believe i loved you? That you would be the one to give me the next heir?” Foaming in the mouth with rage the words reverberated throughout the room leaving specks of saliva covering Vasilias’s face. Pleasurable fire burned through her veins watching the king understand the threat he had let under his roof.

A Cheshire smile adorned her face as she whispered “лучшее еще впереди мудак” the rose color on her cheek draining to a luminescent white until life had left her body.

The king, satisfied with the result, tossed her body carelessly in the corner before wiping his hands on the fur comforter on the bed before hearing his son cry out. When the king looked down, it was no longer with the love and affection of before but a renewed disgust at thinking this pretender to the throne could take away the seat from his rightful sons. He already took the life of one. Could he do that to another? Still his son but not his legitimate son but a stain on his legacy. A wicked idea finally planted its treacherous root in his mind: he would leave this child at an orphanage with no indication of his lineage. Growing up in servitude should be sufficient punishment for the whore who thought she could be granted his kingly power and influence.

Quickly, he grabbed ahold of the child before spitting on the lifeless body of his mother on the floor.

The typically bustling castle was silent tonight as the only thing heard in the silent hallway was the king’s heavy footsteps as he made his way through the castle maze. The door to the outside world lay before him as well as his king’s men. The king took this as a good omen before instructing the guard.

“Guard, one of the maids recently passed while giving birth to her child as today is the birth of my own child I could not bear the thought of just leaving this little one to die alone. Bring him to the orphanage so he is able to get the care he needs.”

Enamored with the king’s kind ways the guard bowed deeply before taking the bundled child into the freezing Russian winter wonderland. Frigid rain pelted against the open skin leaving welts in its wake. Heavy boots trudged through the snow-covered path making the path to the village almost non-existent.

A small decrepit cottage stood off to the side emitting a warm comforting glow beckoning the guard to come. Each step the guard made added to the chill felt in his bones before he decided with a heavy heart to beg for mercy for the night.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The door opened displaying the warm, inviting hearth, savory roasted chicken and warm bear fur. The guards’ eyes searched for danger or any sign of life but the home was empty. Figuring it was safe he entered and made himself at home near the hearth. Slowly, removing the snow soaked boots, snow soaked clothing until the warm flames licked his skin warming his bones and lulling him into a sweet slumber. Laying the child next to him on the fur rug he laid back and drifted off into a deep slumber.

Low whispers were heard overhead waking the guard to the startling image of a cloaked figure holding a dagger over him. Jumping to his feet he grabbed the bae that laid next to him as well as his weapons sheath.

“You are an idiotic man for breaking into this home and threatening me.” removing the cloak and revealing an old graying woman.

Relief passed through him as he knew danger was not near. “I am the king’s guard set with a task to bring this child to town. Unfortunately, the weather did not permit us to go further. Please pardon my intrusion.”

The woman looked at the babe in his hands staring deep into the child’s eyes breathing in his soul. “Where is the mother?”

“A sad tale that left this child alone in this world but one I am sure he will overcome he is a strong little one”

A dubious expression passed through her face.

“Make yourself at home and we will talk tomorrow. Please let me hold the babe and place him in a proper basket. The floor is no place for him.”


Before he could process anything, the woman took the child from his arms.

Holding the child closely she whispered “I see my daughter left behind a gift for me.. But I see her fate had another turn. Don’t worry your бабушка will take good care of you.” She placed him in a cot by her bed before opening up her sacred cupboard and grabbing the cursed blade.

“Now let’s take care of this little vermin problem by my fire” a sadistic smile made its way to her face bringing out her true nature as she made her way back to the guard.

As quickly as she could she pierced the blade through the slumbering mans heart letting the poison spread as the man gasped for air below her.


“A life for a life boy.” Her voice was calm and collected, not giving away anything.

Before the man breathed his last breath she took out the knife and went to the sleeping babe.

“A little bit of your luck is needed and your mama will be home at last.” She sliced down his chest letting the blood intertwine.

Whispering the incantation she placed the blood collected in the bowl with powders until it simmered. She brought the concoction to the dying guard, opened his mouth and slid the liquid down.

Satisfied she went back to her room, wiped the blood of the new babe and went to her bed.

Tomorrow… tomorrow vengeance will be planned.


Мудак - Asshole

Сын слава богу- A son, thank god

лучшее еще впереди мудак- The best is yet to come, asshole

Бабушка- Grandmother

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