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Elizabeth is 19 years old and just started College. Forced to have a check up after her mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she finds herself spread out on Dr. Martins' consulting room table... "Mmmmm...so you just prefer a simple Brazilian huh?" Those not being the words she wanted to hear while a man was situated between her not recently shaved vjj. Oh! how she wishes she had listened to her best friend, Gift, who had warned her about taking necessary measures before coming for the checkup. She should have known better with her luck she had to have expected the worst...🙀👀🙇🏽‍♀️ Murphy's law is a bitch.

Adventure / Erotica
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First impressions

''So how old are you?" he asks head lodged between my legs, I swear I think I felt something wet hit my Precious ..."what do you want, I'm 19 and a virgin, there's no way I'm calling my vagina well just that. I prefer calling her something sexy like Jennet or Mona." Smiling as I'm tickled by my thoughts, I hope it was not his spit I felt hit my vjj earlier, that would further scar me. Yep his head is that close to my head under there. "Weird right?"

''Umm 19, can't you tell from down there"..feeling very exposed and this making my bitchy side stand-up and be counted.

''Ha! yours is not speaking to me right now and to think I'm a whisperer'' amusement in his tone.

Wishing I could see his face right now because mine is two shades darker of red, I bite my tongue and wish he'd get his head out of there.

While I adjust to the feel of his proximity and having an entire man, Dr or otherwise between my legs and being expected to carry small talk is ridiculous.

I felt a finger brush between my neither lips and held a breadth, not knowing what to do I swiveled in discomfort, he immediately grunts a constricted "please remain still this will end swiftly if you let me do what I need to do without any movements" All this felt and sounded a little too sexual to me...

Oh, let me introduce myself before you start thinking I'm exaggerating here, like I've already said I'm 19 grew up in a very simple environment with me and my mother who is fighting cervical cancer, luckily it was diagnosed early so there's hope for her and the fact that she really does not plan on having another child at the age of 52.

It goes without saying that I was also highly advised to have a pap-smear which my family's GP could have very well conducted but for some reason he felt a referral to a Gynecologist who diagnosed my mother would be a better option, you see nothing wrong here?,

Well neither did I until i realized that the department of health is releasing younger hotter Doctors and Specialists into the world and if a girl is not properly prepared the same way I wasn't ready for this hot mass of a golden adonis between my legs, currently looking up my dress and I'm well not exactly looking good down there...

Because well hmmmm I was not expecting anyone to be down there anytime, well maybe not right now but I have intentions of living a fulfilled sexual life now that I'm in college.

I am now a safe distance away from uncomfortable conversations with my mom relating to sexual intercourse as she calls it.

"Do you have a clear view into who and what I am yet?". I'm not very brave especially when it comes to matters of relationships. This of course not always being the case, I also never really had that many a friend thus limiting my social skills.

I've only ever had one best friend who by the way is also my dorm roomate.

Her name is Gift, blessed with looks of a Aphrodite, her long thick curly brown hair, heart shaped faced, doe shaped eyes and long thick eyelashes have broken many a heart in senior year.
Did I also mention that she is tall and has flawless skin?

Oh yeah I digress this was meant to be my intro, so here goes.
I'm beautiful or so I'm told by my mother, my best friend and well most of the people I've actually managed to have a decent conversation with when I'm not busy trying to act aloof or disinterested majority being boys who seemed to really want to know me or at least I hope that's what all that groping of my ass was about before I turned 16 and started to know better.

I have an over average bubble butt and curved hips with full peaky boobs and a thin waist giving me a figure 8 shape, my voluptuous pouty pink lips are what I believe is the most interesting feature on my face but my mother always says it is my oval arresting blue eyes that make me standout, while my friend says it's my perfect set of teeth and smooth tanned skin that makes me gorgeous.

Why am I so insecure when I have all these generous features you ask, well it's because my stepfather almost succeeded in raping me when I was 16 years old, for some reason when he was taken away by the police van so was my confidence trampled.

The attack happened in my home while I was getting dressed after I'd taken a shower.

I had been very naive in thinking that a man who always smacked my ass or "accidentally'' purposely rubbed against me at any opportunity was safe to conduct any activities that required being naked without locking the doors when he was around the house.

He walked in just as I was buttoning my high waited skinny jeans my top half bare and my back to the door, he pushed me face down onto the bed while his body weight held me down his hands went to my boobs, only when he stated grinding on my ass did I register what was happening.

I screamed for help, expecting this to be an intruder it was his name, my stepfather's name, I called for help...he moaned against my cheek saying ''yes, that's what you'll be moaning once I'm inside of you"

My mind could not accept what my body already knew, and that was this is not a position a father and daughter should be in no matter the bloodless relation.

My body revolted with shivers before my brain totally woke up to what was going on.

I managed to elbow him in the stomach, due to the fact that he'd been lost in his lustful grinding and moans, I swear I can still feel his disgusting bad breadth on my cheek just reliving that repulsive moment.

He rolled off of me and hit the floor with a thud presenting me with an opportunity to jump off the bed and launch at his groin with my bare foot, that impact did not do much damage to him but it definitely sprained my ankle, not wasting any time I limped out of my bedroom to the front door while he got up from the floor, I heard his thunderous footsteps coming after me and I started screaming for help before even stepping outside.

Fortunately one of my nosy neighbors, who I've come to worship, came running and knocked my stepfather out no questions asked, yeah I know my neighbor is bad ass and did I mention how I now worship him in all his 40s glory. This man saved my life, he called the police and medics and waited with me just in case the pedophile woke up before the officials arrived.

My mom has never been able to trust any man around me since then and that has further damaged me.

All the therapy I'm still going to isn't helping...

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