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My 21 Brothers

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Spencer Davis never expected her life to do a 180 turn and take a giant dump on her. But sometimes you have to expect the unexpected. Spencer has been abused by her stepfather, John, for a while now and if it wasn’t for her two best friends, Cater and Will, she would be nothing. After the unexpected death of John, Spencer is forced to move in with her brothers she never knew she had! Will Spencer be able to move on from the past? Will her brothers be able to break down the walls she built over these years? Or will they just make it worse?

Adventure / Other
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Alessandro Rossi- Sandro, 27, oldest sibling, Don of the Italian mafia

Elijah Rossi- Eli, Lijah, 26, second oldest sibling, doctor for the Italian mafia

Luther Rossi- 25, third oldest sibling, underboss of the Italian mafia

Greyson Rossi- Grey, 24, fourth oldest sibling, capo in the Italian mafia, training to be a doctor

Leonardo Rossi- Leo, 23, older twin of Noah, fifth oldest sibling, capo in the Italian mafia

Noah Rossi- 23, younger twin of Leo, sixth oldest sibling, capo in the Italian mafia

Colton Rossi- Cole, 22, seventh oldest sibling, capo in the Italian mafia

Phoenix Rossi- Phe, 21, eighth oldest sibling, soldier in the Italian mafia

Jayden Rossi- Jay, 20, ninth oldest sibling, soldier in the Italian mafia

Blaze Rossi- 19, tenth oldest sibling, soldier in the Italian mafia

Xander Rossi- 18, older twin of Xavier, eleventh oldest sibling, soldier in the Italian mafia

Xavier Rossi- 18, younger twin of Xander, eleventh youngest sibling, soldier in the Italian mafia

Liam Rossi- 17, oldest triplet, tenth youngest sibling, soldier in the Italian mafia

Lorenzo Rossi- Enzo, 17, middle triplet, ninth youngest sibling, soldier in the Italian mafia

Levi Rossi- 17, youngest triplet, eighth youngest, soldier in the Italian mafia

Gabriel Rossi- Gabe, 17, seventh youngest sibling, soldier in the Italian mafia

Dimitri Rossi- Tri (tree), 16, sixth youngest sibling, helps out in the Italian mafia sometimes

Alfredo Rossi- 15, older twin of Adrian, fifth youngest sibling, knows about the Italian mafia

Adrian Rossi- 15, younger twin of Alfredo, fourth youngest sibling, knows about the Italian mafia

Oliver Rossi- Oli, 14, third youngest sibling, doesn’t know about the Italian mafia

Sergio Rossi- Gio, 14, older twin of Spencer, second youngest sibling, doesn’t know about the Italian mafia

Spencer (Davis) Rossi- Spence, 14, younger twin of Sergio, youngest sibling, assassin (helps out for mafias and gangs), undefeated underground fighting champion

Carter Miller- Car, 15, younger brother of William, like a brother to Spencer, got put down a grade, helps out in the German mafia

William Miller- Will, 17, older brother of Carter, Spencer’s best friend, like a brother to Spencer, capo in the German mafia

Hazel Johnson- 14, Spencer’s best friend (when she moves)

391 words

A/N- there are a lot of characters, sorry 😓 but you will probably learn their names after a little while
Thank you for choosing my book!!

-A person
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