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Adventure / Fantasy
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Summary: Prologue

The year 3000 had come. Many believed we would have achieve happiness and success. Of course, the humans had succeeded. They had advanced technology and made many different inventions that would help their daily life. But then the more they had, the more they wanted. Humans became greedier and greedier. The entire world, all 7 continents decided to come together for something they called PROJECT: Entity. They were going to do what no other sane being would have thought of, Immortality. To achieve such is to go against everything. Humans, life, logic, even God himself. The day they started the project, was also the end of the world. The reaction was too much to contain and thus, destroyed every living being of the world. Earth, was no more. PROJECT: Entity was gone, and was to never be remade again. With humans gone, and Earth recovering deadly slow, God had foreseen this. He decided to give another chance. With Earth recovering, the galaxy had no other planet available to hold life and the necessary needs of holding together. God decided to create us, the Anpha beings, to prevent the slowly recovering “Earth” from dying out. We were similar to the humans, but different. Our outer structures was much like the humans, but we weren’t greedy, we weren’t, personality wise, like humans at all. We had a head, two arms, hands, two legs, feet. A face with eyes, nose and mouth. But yet…we were different. Let me tell you how. Us Anpha beings belonged to different tribes and each tribe had different abilities and physical traits. The Cats, for example, had better eyesight than any other tribe and had night vision to help with hunting. The Crows and Owls would have feathered wings. The Wolves and Dogs had canine-like movements. Many of the tribes were different and may have physical similarities, but I can guarantee, no one Anpha being was the same.



Cat Sept:

-Live near the forest and sunny areas of “The world”, tends to eat fish or veggies from the forest.

-Have excellent eyesight the best of the Anpha-species

-They have cat ears instead of human ears

-Some tend to have tails but most could decide to let it sink into their tailbones and dissapear

-They mostly travel in groups instead of going alone

Owls Sept:

-Have night vision, eyes are normally yellow

-Has a feather mask that is on the bottom half of their faces

-Has feathers around their bodies

-They have a skill of shape-shifting to an owl

-Could have wings, again, like cats they can choose to have them removed

Crows Sept:

-Best scavengers

-Has the most population

-most crows have black eyes but their leader has gray

-Crows can cross to the world of the dead, they are said to be the messengers of the dead

-Some crows are white, that meant that they have returned to the world from the dead (Other world)

Snakes Sept:

-Has scales around their body normally the neck, arms, legs, and face

-Is very quick on their feet

-Has camouflage skin

-Sharp teeth only the two beside the front tooth

-They can make their saliva poisonous at will, only the highest levels of snakes can do so

Bunny Sept:

-Agile, light on their feet

-Has exceptional hearing

-Most bunnies have white, silver, or gray hair. It is rare for bunnies to have black, double colored, or a different hue

-Can jump very high, almost 75m high

Spiders Sept:

-Live in remote places

-has many eyesight, can see different places at once

-Spiders usually can make webs with their hands

-Their dead skin can also be used as webs

-Spiders are old and agile

-Can camouflage (some)

Butterfly Sept:

-Have shiny, glass-like wings

-they are able to detect natural disasters

-They can communicate with friends from a few distances

-They can emit pollen from their wings and are able to make people fall asleep or can cause paralysis.

Dogs Sept:

-Have strong smell senses

-can run fast for a large amount of time

-have dog ears and a tail

-their tails can range from 30-40 inches

-strong sense of justice

-can know where landslides happen with their ears and pack

-good treaty with the wolves, share resources and knowledge

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