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The phrase “Ignore it and it will go away” does NOT apply to being chased by a hundred police cars… me on this one. Then again, I don’t think that phrase has ever worked out. Tony takes a joyride in a limo little knowing he had a not too happy passenger. Isabella is stuck in an "elite" club of stuck up socialites, and on her way to meet her parents "choice" when someone takes her ride for an adventure.

Adventure / Humor
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So I stole a limo

The phrase “Ignore it and it will go away” does NOT apply to being chased by a hundred police cars… me on this one. Then again, I don’t think that phrase has ever worked out. Like the time I walked past the open door to the front seat of a limousine……. “Ignore it and it will go away” So I tried to walk past without looking, but the purr of the engine was too much of a temptation. Oh, wait that was this morning. Well then, here is another one that does not apply to reality: “time flies when you’re having fun” This was a probably the most fun I have ever had, but it seems to have stretched out longer than the usual eight hours. Oooooh! How about “share a smile, make someone smile” Because when I smiled at the kid in the back she did not smile back. Who has time to come up with stupid saying anyways? Someone should come up with some better ones. I was thinking about that on my way home from school, ya know, thinking smart stuff. What’s the meaning of life? And how to get my report card past my dad Mark? And that’s when I saw it. Sleek, shiny, black, taking up more than its fair share of parking room. One sweet ride. The chauffeur was taking a smoke on the curb. I was thinking to myself that this was a perfect opportunity, and wondering if God would want me to pass it up. Perhaps, I thought it is a test to see if I can resist the temptation. Well, I walked past it….past the middle and right to the open door. I found myself just sliding in and on to that fancy leather seat, shutting and locking the door, I decided it was a God given opportunity. I put it in drive and put the pedal to the metal; I was out of there so quick I only caught the beginning of the chauffeur’s string of curses, figuring God would want me to keep bad stuff out of my ears.

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