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Dawn…As I stood along the shores of Hawaii, the water looked so beautiful and the sun shining brightly amongst the horizon.

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Dawn…As I stood along the shores of Hawaii, the water looked so beautiful and the sun shining brightly amongst the horizon. I reminisce about my past life…being attacked and left for dead by evildoers. They destroyed my father and all the soldiers in the wood, upon our return home. The killers almost did the same to me; fortunately I was saved by another group who risked their lives for mines. Why…I don’t know! Maybe they saw something inside me I could not see! Guess what…they were right! We’ll get to that in a moment! This group was the same species; but not cold-hearted killers like the others. They called themselves “The Blood Family” who stayed by one another till the end. After I had awakened from a long day, I found myself in a castle off the shore of some island.

Someone came in the room saying, “Are you alright?” I said, “Yes, I am fine and well!” Who are you? My name is Arazan. I am the leader of this group called The Blood Family; we stay by one another till the end. This is my wife Oriana and the rest of my family. He didn’t startle me at all! Arazan said, “I brought you some orange juice to raise your vitamin C level.” You had a very rough day and a long journey back home after a grueling battle. I replied “Yes, that is true!” It was a very long journey and battle. I am a little confused right now at this moment. Arazan replied, “You want to know who attacked the entire army in the woods…am I right?” Yes! They were vampires…a vicious bunch led by Reinhart, a ruthless vampire lord who reigns over all vampires. I commented on his statement “Vampires you say?” Well, that would explain why your skin is pale and your elegant 16th century appearance. Arazan was impressed with my observation. Correct! You are in grave danger by Reinhart, because we saved your life and you were the only left after that massacre. Reinhart will not stop haunting you till your dead. Although, you are a great warrior princess, your strength and techniques cannot compare with our powers. You wouldn’t have a chance against him. I asked Arazan, “How can I protect myself against someone who is much more powerful than me?” His reply was “you have to become one of us.” It’s the only way to withstand our strengths and powers or you’ll die. There are no other options against him or his group. As you can see, I didn’t have much choice considering the danger I was in. I asked Arazan, “How do I become a vampire?” He answered, “There are two ways to do this: I bite you, drain you of your life fluids close to death, and you drink the blood from my veins or drink my blood without going through the bite method. The transformation will happen instantly. Once you become a vampire, you’re one for all eternity. Most vampires live by a code: we must be dead to the world and never known to human existence. That’s not really true! Don’t use your powers for showmanship only when necessary! If you are mature enough to control yourself, then no one will ever know your identity. Is this something you really want to do? I didn’t give it much thought at all, considering the fact; my life was in danger by evil bloodsuckers. Yes! Which method you prefer? I’ll drink your blood from a glass! Okay! When you are done drinking my blood, your body will go through changes from human to immortality. You, on the other hand, might take a little longer to change. Why? Why do you say that darling? She has a higher calling with great powers that will make her unstoppable. I don’t know what these powers might be exactly. Eventually, your gift will come to the light. So, I drunk his blood and fell instantly into a deep sleep. Everyone was on guard, just in case, Reinhart and his crew showed up unexpectantly. While I slept, Arazan and Oriana were talking about the possibilities on why I needed to stay alive. Passion must have a higher calling of powers merging inside her body. If so, why did it take Passion to receive these outstanding powers? Oriana replied, “Good honey, maybe it’s because she was a human before turning into one of us.” We were born as vampires into this world with powers already. As a human, she endured emotions and hardships that one’s strength to test their patience. All of those human emotions and vampire strength into one entity can become a powerful being. We, as vampires, had to learn life like newborn baby how humans coexist with emotional feelings of their behavior. Arazan said, “Well…that does make sense!” The upside to all this madness is Passion comes from a royal family with a warrior fighting spirit. Oriana made another statement about Passion. Most of all, her virtue cultivates her body inside and out. She’ll need such a weapon when the time comes. Passion is more of a daughter to us. She must be protected from this madman at all times. Arazan said to his wife, “Calm down, Oriana!” We’ll protect her and stand like a family. Arazan and Oriana were my parents in the vampire world; but I will never forget about the father and mother from my human existence. We were attacked during my transformation process; but manage to escape losing only a few people from our family. They protected me at all cost. I feel my blood changing into immortal halogens. One night, they found us and killed everyone in the Blood family, including Arazan and Oriana. They risked their lives for me as a sacrifice, so I will carry on their family name and rid this evil forever. Arazan and Oriana instilled lots of tendencies inside my soul. Arazan gave me this gold oracle and told me not to open it 126 years later on this very day. Listen to what the oracle has to say, for some reason, I believe it will be the start of your life with someone special. When you open this oracle, all your powers and destiny will be revealed.

Now, at this present time, I look at the beautiful ocean and all of its glory as an immortal with great powers and responsibility. Here I stand in Hawaii…I have seen babies born, people coming and going, so many funerals and celebrations, and new activities happening every day. In the mist of all, 146 years old, there have been changes throughout the years and different inventions in modern technology being made. I looked at the ocean and saw someone floating near passing. I flew towards the person and rescued him from the water. He has been flowing in the ocean for 6 hours now! He’s suffering from hypothermia! I’ll take him back to my place and nurse him to health. I sense something in his spirit…anger, hurt and pain, and heart-breaking emotions in his soul. I want to understand him better. It’s going to take him a while to regain consciousness, but maybe he needs this time to heal from whatever he’s been going through. Suddenly, the gold oracle began shining brightly. The pendant never shined like this before till I rescued this young man. This is a sign to open the pendant and reveal the message inside. I opened it and there was a written oracle by my vampire parents:

Hello dear daughter, you’ve opened the oracle that contains the secret of your higher powers: LOVE. If you have opened the gold oracle, it shined brightly to show you this is the special person who will be a part of your life to love for all eternity. I know this must be strange coming from our kind, considering the fact that most people think we don’t have a soul or emotions. We’re telling you that’s not true either! We were born as vampires; but also learned about human nature and their behaviors. Oriana and I chose to love one another. We have differences, but not all the time. There’s always a solution to the problem. It’s normal and natural in relationships to go through these things. Changes occur every year within the days, weeks, and months. In your past life, you were set to be married in four days before the incident occurred. You thought love would never exist anymore! Losing everyone is not easy to overcome! Some people are cold-hearted and don’t care about how anyone feels. Love still exists. You need someone to bring out the best inside yourself. You have found the man in your life. This gentleman is looking for the same thing you’re looking for…LOVE. You and your mate will have the power to make a lot of things happen. Love is your strongest weapon to defeat any foe. In order to defeat Reinhart, you will need true unconditional love to end his existence forever. Love conquers evil. On that note, we wish you the best of luck on your journey. We love you with all our heart…Arazan and Oriana.

They gave the most comforting words of encouragement to continue on my journey. I miss them so much it hurts from time to time. If this is the man who is destined to be in my life, then I trust the words my parents gave me. I need to find out more about him! There’s something in his pocket…a wallet with his identity. His name is Alucard Murray. I like his name, very unique and different. He was born May 4 1966 in Syracuse, NY. He was a Legal Assistant at a law firm making great income. Why did he give up all this by floating his life away? I wonder what happened to him to cause such a major turnaround in his life. I need to read into his past and find out Alucard’s story. His parents are Richard and Shannon Murray. They had two kids: Alana and Alucard. Alana is the oldest by two years. They didn’t get into any trouble, no bad reports, no bad grades…straight “A” students. Excellent! Students called them names and thought it was cool to do. Their ignorance had no effect upon their accomplishments. Alana became an expert cook in culinary arts; then moved and lived in Hawaii. Alucard received a degree in criminal law, enjoys water aerobics, and science. I see, he has a girlfriend since the 7th grade. They graduated from the same high school and college…young love. Her name is Raine Cash. She stays with her aunt after her parent’s death in a car accident. That’s tragic! I feel her lost. Alucard and Raine have been together for 12 years. He proposed to her during their college graduation; she accepts his proposal. During the mists of his education, Alucard lost his two best friends: Carlos and Calvin O’Brian. That was a hard trial to lost your closest friends who passed away the second year in college. Alucard’s parents died of natural causes not too long ago. Wow! He has a lot of memories with his friends, working on science projects together and coming out victorious. During a state tournament, which they took first place in, a fight breaks out from the sore loser who placed second. He felt he should have won instead of Alucard and his friends. This moron has been jealous of Alucard for no reason! They were in constant battles. The spoiled loser’s name is Paul Kaproni, an Italian immigrant, who moved to the U.S. 12 years ago, living with his aunt and uncle. They were high maintenance who thought everything should be given to them because of their rich values. What a shame! Rich people are so phony! Since his family lived by certain traditions, Paul had to keep the family name alive and well known through his generation. Unfortunately, the tradition ended when Paul met his match with Alucard. Alucard and his friends remained victorious in all science fairs and tournaments. Also he was valedictorian in high school and college; Paul couldn’t settle for second best. Four days before college graduation, Paul jumps on Alucard and exchanging blows to one another. Dean Walden broke up the fight with security assistance.

He asked Paul, “What the hell is your problem?” Ever since, Alucard and his friends have been coming out on top, you’ve became a jealous stuck up asshole. Paul replies, “What? I don’t buy that bullshit!” I’m supposed to be the only top chop around this campus or any other school I’ve been in the past. No one dominates the Kaproni family name! It’s my destiny to uphold the family tradition; but you ended that by letting this peasant defeat me again too many times. I have the right to say and do whatever the hell I want too. Walden responded, “I don’t think so!” You got some nerve calling a person “Peasant!” Just because your family is rich does not give you the right to insult anybody. You and your family don’t rule around here. I’m tired of your selfish acts and shenanigans! You’re expelled from this university and will not receive your degree! What? You cannot do this to me! Oh yes I can! We own you! You don’t own anybody at this college! If you come on the premises again, I will have your ass arrested and thrown in jail. Security…escort Paul off the grounds immediately!

Paul was very angry and upset at the whole thing. What a jerk and an asshole! When Paul arrived home, he told his uncle everything that occurred at school. His uncle and aunt tried to convince Walden to change his mind. They thought putting the authorities on him would disbar him for his position; but that did not faze him. He stood his ground and duties as Dean of the college. Walden kept his job and Paul was still expelled from college. They returned home and Paul’s uncle gave him a lot of words about this whole situation. How in the hell did you let a peasant defeat you? That’s not my fault! They made the decision to choose him instead of me. You still were to do every dirty trick to win and claim victory. That’s how our family name succeeds through corruption. It’s in our blood to be successors not losers. You have totally disgrace our family name! You’re not worthy of being a Kaproni! Get out! What? You cannot toss me out! Oh yes I can! Take this money and get out my house! Uncle! Get the hell out of here or I will kill you! Paul took the money and left. He was never heard of till later on. That was a little dramatic and sad; but Paul had it coming to him.

I want see how the college graduation turned out! Graduation night…Raine Cash was announced as salutatorian; ever since Paul had been expelled from college and his family. I see Mr. Walden was a man of few words: Good evening everyone! My name is Thomas Walden, Dean of Syracuse University, standing here today in honor of our college graduates on this special occasion. I am a man of few words, but those words mean a lot in one huge circle. I’m very pleased to see these young students pressing towards their goal to be better men and women in our society. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste, because many wish they were in your shoes now than where they are today. I wish each and every student the best of luck in the near future to come. Thank you! Now, I will have our salutatorian at this time…Ms. Raine Cash!

Raine walked towards the podium. She received a nice round of applause from the crowd. I really don’t know what to say! I’m a little nervous! It’s not easy standing before everyone here this evening, especially your classmates and friends, you’ll probably see for the last times till reunions come around. In the mists of all the memories from friends and family that I will truly miss, I am really happy to have a man in my corner that’s always been there for me all these years. I feel he should come up here right now and give us all a better motivational speech. Can we all stand and give a big round of applause to our valedictorian…Alucard Murray!

He received a big round of applause! Alucard spoke: Thank you everyone! I will not be with you long tonight! First, I thank God for giving us the intelligence and perseverance to move forward. It’s been a long and tired some; but we couldn’t have made it without Him! Before I go on further, I want to give a shout out to two of my best friends who could not be here today, due to an unfortunate tragic incident. They were like brothers to me and my best childhood friends: Carlos and Calvin O’Brian. I miss them so much and all the accomplishments we’ve done together. I will forever miss them! At this time, Dean Walden, can you please come to the podium! He did just that! Thank you! I would like the parents of Carlos and Calvin to come to the stage at this time. They walked to the stage and Alucard continued on. I know that you’re still going through a difficult time at the loss of two gentlemen I’ve grown up with leave on such short notice. Since your sons are not here to receive their college degrees, I asked the Dean to have their degrees engraved and framed for you to keep at home. They received their degrees and gave Alucard a big hug. Everyone gave a big round of applause..very sentimental moment. There were tears shed..very heart warming. The parents returned to their seats and Alucard continued with his speech. All these years we’ve spent in college prepared us for the world and what’s yet to come. Be wise in your decision making and put your degree to work! Let’s not end up in jail or worse; instead be a winner and succeed in this world full of temptations. Life is too short to waste it all away! I love every person here and most of all..I love you Raine Perry! Raine Perry, would you do me the honor and marry me? I love you so much! She accepts his hand in marriage. Congratulations class of ’88 and God bless everyone on their journey ahead! That was a heartfelt message he spoke from the heart!

Alucard and Raine were married on New Year’s Eve with lots of family on both sides. She became a teacher. Two years in the marriage, no children yet to raise. Alucard was frustrated a few times. That’s very strange! The vision is almost clear! I must be getting close to the problem. She’s had sex in the school with a man, not Alucard. The appearance of this man’s persona is different. Infidelity! I can’t believe she would do something like that! Raine cheated on Alucard with the same guy 120 times in different places. She even did it on their own bed. Damn! What a dirty ass woman! Alucard fought this person and pulled off a rubbed mask. Oh shit! It was Paul Kaproni. Alucard said, “Paul, you son of a bitch!” You’ve planned this all along! Paul replied, “No, no, no, we planned it together!” What…Raine? Is this true? You were involved in it too! Yes! Why? I was tired of the nice gentle sex! You didn’t want to be spontaneous or aggressive! Paul convinced me otherwise that he was the one to fulfill my void. He did so. Alucard was angry and upset. Fuck you both! Alucard left and Paul went after him. Paul grabbed Alucard and tussled for a moment. Alucard picked him up and tossed Paul to the ground. Alucard told him in a loud voice, “Stay the fuck away from me or I’ll kill you the next time I see you again!” Alucard left the apartment building and drove to the courthouse. He filed a divorce on the grounds of infidelity. Alucard called his sister to stay with her in Hawaii. She agreed. He left and got aboard a ship heading to the island. A storm broke out and destroyed the ship leaving him lost at sea. I’m glad I was able to rescue him from sudden death. His sister is probably worried about him! I know enough about his past life now! That’s so sad! Raine didn’t have to play with his emotions like that.

I hear the helicopters circling the island or around the area to see if he will turn up. The helicopter landed on the beach, talking with Alana, Tanya, and her boss Sheldon. The ship was found with some survivors. The police told them, “Six people had died; but there was no sign of your brother.” We’ll keep searching and keep you posted! Alana was upset; Sheldon and Tanya tried to keep her calm on the way back to the hotel. She cares about her brother a lot! That’s great! I checked his temperature status…slight fever. He had been out at sea for a long time. It’s 8pm.! He’s very handsome and deserves better! His clothes were torn by the tides. I’ll wrap him up in some sheets to keep his body warm! Passion carried Alucard to the front entrance of the hotel without anyone noticing. She knocked on the door real hard and disappeared in the woods. Alana opened the door and looked down at some sheets. She opened them and saw her brother. She yelled. Everyone came running. Alana checked his temperature and found out he’s suffering from hypothermia. Sheldon asked two men to carry him back to a room next beside Alana. Tanya, bring some covers and pillows! They got him in the room! Good! Alana went by his side saying, “Come on Alucard…don’t you dare die on me!” You’re my only brother! Shit, damn, breathe, cough, or give me a sign that you’re still alive! A few seconds later, Alucard coughed and opened his eyes enough to say, “Hey sister!” He fell back to sleep. I’m glad he’s still alive! His vitals are low! Sheldon came back in the room and said, “Not for long, Alana!” He injected some iron and proteins into his system! He’s going to be fine, just let him rest! Thanks Sheldon! No problem! I wonder who dropped him off here! There was no police or helicopter in sight! They would have still been here! Strange? The good thing is he’s alive. Have a goodnight brother! Alana asked Sheldon, “Once my brother is back in good health, can we get him a job here?” Absolutely! Let’s make sure he’s back 100% healthy! Thank you! Goodnight! Alana stayed in the room with him. Passion knew Alucard was well taken care of. She jumped down from the tree and walked back to the ocean shore around the same spot Alucard was rescued from. I feel like a warrior princess who just saved her prince! It is going to take him a while for his wounds to heal and recover from the pain. Passion returned inside her own place. 7am…Alana woke up and stood over her brother. Alucard opened his eyes and began moving his body. It’s great to see you again brother! Alana! How did I get here? I’m asking myself that same question! There was a shipwreck due to a terrible storm. I was lost at sea! I thought I was dead. I started to think you were dead for a moment. I was worried. I believe someone saved you from the ocean and kept you alive all this time. Are you good enough to stand and walk? Yes! I found some clothes for you! I have to go check in! Why don’t you take a shower and get yourself together? Okay! I’ll return back to you in 20 minutes so you can meet my boss and crew for breakfast. You need nutrients in your system. It’s great to have you here! Same here! I’ll shall return shortly! Okay sister, I’ll be ready! While Alucard was taking a shower, he thought about a beautiful voice of a lady who could have been the one that rescued him. He felt like he was in a fairy tale! I’ve should have been dead! Alucard was dressed and ready to meet his sister’s associates. Alana knocked on the door and Alucard came out. You look much better now brother! Thanks! They walked inside the dining area and saw everyone around the corner. Good morning everyone! Good morning! Alucard, this is my best friend Tanya! Hello! Hello! This is my boss, Sheldon, owner of the Waikiki Hotel! Nice to meet you sir! Same here! Please have a seat and get something to eat! Sheldon called the waiter over to the table. The waiter asked us, “What can I get for everyone here?” Sheldon asked for a pitcher of orange juice. Alana ordered scrambled eggs, Texas toast, and bacon. What would you like sir? Do you make omelets here? Yes, we do! Would you like everything in your omelet? Yes! Do you want hash browns or Texas toast? Hash browns! Do you want rice or grits? Rice! Okay! Sheldon told the waiter that Alucard is a part of our hotel crew. Okay sir! Thank you! The waiter returned shortly afterwards with a pitcher of orange juice. Sheldon asked Alucard, “How are you feeling today?” I’m doing much better now..thanks for asking! No problem! Tanya, cover for Alana at the front desk till she gets there! Sure! While you were sleeping, Alana asked me to provide you with a job. I told her it would be no problem at all. I wanted to make sure you were in excellent health first before working. I appreciate that! Your sister speaks very highly of you all the time! She’s proud of you! Alana told me you were a legal assistant for a law firm. Correct! Is there anything else you can do? I’m an excellent swimmer! I like water aerobics! Water aerobics, now that’s a curriculum we can put on schedule! Alana, make sure to add water aerobics to our daily curriculum activities. Okay! Do you have any certifications? I have a lifeguard license and CPR verification. Perfect! How would you like to be our Water Aerobics Instructor? Cool! I accept. Great! Are you good enough to start tomorrow morning? Yes, sir! Alright! Alana will announce this today and we will have set times class will start. You will have two classes in the morning and one in the afternoon: 8:30 – 10:10 and 10:15 – 11:55; 2pm. – 4:30. That’s fine! Good! Welcome to the Waikiki team! Thank you! Right now, eat and enjoy yourself in Hawaii! I sure will. Great! I’ll see you later on! How are you feeling brother? Well, slowly but surely, I’m getting better! That’s a start! I have to get to work now! Take a look around the island and enjoy some of the sights! We’ll meet back here for lunch. I’ll see you later!

After finishing his breakfast, Alucard took a walk around and did some sightseeing. Passion felt his presence nearby. He looks much better in a way. He did eat something, his health is getting back in excellent standards, and got a job as a water aerobics instructor. Great! I sense his past thoughts are coming back to him. Alucard ran to the shore, thinking about all the events that occurred in Syracuse. I’m tired of living! Oh no! He’s not going to do what I think. Alucard climbed up a tree, getting ready to jump into the ocean. Just as he jumped off the tree, Passion used her powers to him back on dry land. Alucard opened his eyes and found himself on land. No one was around again to rescue me! How did I end back on the island? Am I losing my mind? This is very strange! He heard a soothing voice call his name “Alucard.” He looked around and heard the voice again “Alucard.” He saw no one around the area. It sounds like the same lady’s voice I heard that day repeating my name. Who’s there? Passion replied, “You don’t need to be frightened of me.” Relax! I’m more of a friend than you’ll ever know! Who are you? May I know your name? In due time, you will have your answers soon! Be patient! It’s not the time to meet and greet yet! I couldn’t let you die like that! You’ve been scarred from your past; but still have lots to live for. You have a sister who cares about you very much. Your parents are dead, because they thought you were gone. Oh no! Don’t do this to yourself! It’s not your fault! Understand? Yes! Don’t commit any more suicide attempts! I know you are in pain; but you can overcome any obstacles including this one. Go back to the hotel and relax for a while! How will I know you’ll still be here? Trust me, Alucard! I will always be here waiting for you! I’m not going anywhere, handsome gentlemen! Okay! I hope to see you later! You will Alucard…you will!

Alucard walked back to the hotel. He returned to his room to lay down and relax for a while. I’m seriously beginning to think that I’m losing my mind! I was talking and having a conversation with a voice of a woman who’s concerned about my well-being. I almost find that part hard to believe, considering what I have been through past tense. Why should that be so hard to believe? If she wasn’t concerned, she would have never taken the time to save me again. Wow! Now that’s very weird! Her voice was so superior, elegant, and comforting. I can tell she’s not from around here, but from a different timeline. She’s a mystery! She’s definitely no one to fear. Maybe it’s me scared..scared of being in love again. If…if that’s true I’m falling in love again, then I sure don’t want to be in love with a voice and not see the human form of a woman. I want to be in love with the female behind this beautiful voice. I want to get to know her. Am I ready for all this now? There are so many questions to ask. Where do I begin? Alucard took a nap and woke up around noon. He walked to the dining room and grab some lunch. He found his sister and sat down with her. Alana asked Alucard, “Are you okay?” You seem like something is bothering you! Yes! I don’t know how to really say this! Give it to me straight! When I took a walk around the island earlier, along the shore, starting thinking about what happened back home. I was getting ready to kill myself; but this voice of a woman saved me again. Whoa! Are you sure you okay? I’m not even sure myself! If you think I’m losing it, then explain to me how I end up at the hotel last night and the rescue squad didn’t save me. I cannot answer that question, because I’m still puzzled. What did the voice sound like? An elegant woman from another timeline! Wow! I hope we can see the woman behind the voice! I agree! Listen Alucard…I understand you went through a lot of trials and everything is not going to heal overnight; but let your mind and body relax. If you don’t, then your soul will drown in your own sorrow and stress, leaving you mentally disturbed. No more suicide or trying to end your life anymore over some stupid bitch! She’s not worth it! Her lost…your gain! There is someone out here waiting for the same. Raine had a great man in her life; but blind deception tainted her heart and eyes. I don’t want to lose you like that over a woman! I love you brother! I love you too sister! Let’s move forward and leave the crazy talk behind! Agreed! Alana gave Alucard a big hug; Passion felt the compassion between them. He needed to hear that motivation from a person who really cares for him. After having lunch with his sister, Alucard took a walk around the island, while Alana went back to work. Alucard went to a juice bar to have a little libation. He sat down for a while, then got up and walked to the shore. Alucard stared at the ocean and said, “I wonder what she looks like!” When will I meet and speak with her in person? Passion felt his emotions and desires very strongly. You will see soon! All good things come to those who wait! Now Alucard… the healing process begins.

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