~One More Ride~

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'Come on man! Get up and run! He could feel the hot acrid breath of the bull on his neck, all two thousand pounds of angry beef on the hoof....

Adventure / Romance
Tracey K.
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The arena was packed again tonight his nerves were jittery just like always. Trying to shake it off he walked around behind the chutes saying his mantra 'One more ride, just one more.' Tyler Banks walked by and slugged him on the shoulder, "Come on Rivers shake it off and kick that bull's ass." He smirked at Tyler, "will do bro, will do." He started his stretching routine during the steer wrestling event then checked his gear, bull rope, vest, helmet, mouth guard and his lucky bell. His smile grew as he held that bell, a present from his Uncle Moody when he was seventeen years old after he switched events.


The memories came fast and furious. The former calf roper thought giving bull riding a try would be good after he was dared by his fellow contestants one night after the rodeo was over. They had a few bulls that had not been ridden during the show and the stock contractor said it was okay as long as they signed and indemnity clause holding them harmless if the kids got hurt. Bucky, Shortstop and Tub sat there egging him on. The intimidating animal snorted and pawed the ground in the chute letting this measly boy know who was boss. The bucking strap was already on and irritating the bull. Bucky let him use his bull rope and showed him how to cinch it up and wrap it around his hand so he could try to stay on. "Now Colter, watch which way his inside horn goes and try to balance yourself over your hand from there." "K," he said back. The nerves and excitement were overwhelming him, but he would be damned if he let these chumps scare him off. He held on with his legs, held up his opposite hand and nodded his head. The chute opened and all hell broke loose. His eyes were glued on the inside horn, he shifted to keep his balance centered. One, two, three and then the animal switched turns and went to the left instead of right. He tried to compensate but he was over-balanced, and the ground came up to meet him face first. With the breath knocked out of him he had a hard time getting up until he saw two thousand pounds of angry bull barreling down on him. "Shit!" he said as he propelled himself up and got his legs under him running for the chute. The horns just brushed his boot bottoms as the angry animal went by and was shown the alleyway back to the pens. "Damn Colter, didn't think you had it in you!" said Bucky. "Well, I stayed on longer than I thought I would. Get me another one!" "Ah, Colter, we better not, I don't want no trouble with the stock contractor or the rodeo boss." "You started this now let's finish it. One more ride!" "Okay, okay, one more. Stan we will want one more then it is over for the night." Stan gave him a look of 'it's your funeral' as he pushed one more bull through the chutes alley and locked the gate holding the animal inside. This bull was a little easier than the first one, but he wouldn't tell Bucky that. Let the new boy have a better ride. He put on the bucking strap and helped Bucky get the bull rope around the angry beast. "Let me cinch it up okay Mister?" "Sure kid, you cinch it up yourself and I will check it as this is only your second ride, at least that is what I was told." "It is." The kid took the rope with authority and cinched it like he had been doing it for years. The boy looked at Stan for confirmation. "You did it right. Does it feel tight enough?" "Yup." Okay then you ready?" The kid nodded and Stan's helper opened the gate. The bull burst from the chute, bucking straight up, then spinning right and bucking at the same time. The kid found his rhythm and stayed with the animal when it changed directions. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. He shifted and held his own until the buzzer went off two seconds later. Colter loosened the rope, fell and rolled away from the bull keeping his eyes glued on the animal this time and got to the chute much quicker. Once up on the chute gate his smile could not be contained, "I did it! I rode him! Did you see guys? Wow, that was a rush!" Bucky's eyes were as big as saucers and his mouth was hanging open. "Bucky, shut your mouth before a fly gets in there, " said Tub. Bucky shut his mouth and shook his head, "I don't believe you just did that. It was great!" Bucky was smiling from ear to ear, "think you might want to ride bulls too there, Rivers?" Maybe, but I have to think about it." "Hey guys, we better get out of here before the rodeo board gets wind that we are still here," said Shortstop. Colter turned to Stan, "thanks man that was a rush." "You're welcome now git." The boys took off after Bucky retrieved his rope and gear, piling into the chevy extended cab and heading to the local burger joint for some dinner. Colter could not believe he rode two bulls and one to the limit of eight seconds. This could be something, maybe. He jumped out with his friends to grab a bite to eat before the long drive home.

Thank you for taking the time to read the intro to my first book. Let me know what you think? More to come. This work is my own, any copying of any kind is strictly prohibited. Also, this work has adult language and will eventually have sex scenes. So, if this offends you, be forewarned and go no further.

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