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Everyone walked out of the leader’s living quarters and Atticus walked with Tate, silently. My black hair dripped in the rain starting to fall. We started to run into the statuesque concrete buildings. I walked over to a sofa, I wanted to get to know Tate but he was too nervous around new people. Tate started the conversation

“Whats your name, I don’t think I got it.”

“Atticus, what can you do?”

“I can see bad stuff that people have done, how about you?” Tate said, I was in awe of Tate’s powers, his powers were rare, I had never heard of anyone with the ability to see everything a person had done. Thats probably why Alec liked Tate so much...

“I can read and influence thoughts, mainly of people I don’t like.” I said with a smirk

“Do your family know you’re here?” Tate asked

“I think we should go somewhere else, we have an audience.” I said while getting up, Tate looked around and saw a few kids looking at them eavesdropping.

We walked through the corridors, I explained how the place was constructed and where to find food and the leaders if Tate needed them quickly. A group of small kids walked past playing pranks on each other, one kid made his friend float in the air, another turned in to a microscopic version of herself and started to run away. Tate was in awe of how these kids were so powerful but so small, we started laughing and walked away again.

I led Tate to my apartment, next door to his where the older kids slept, they went in a sat on the bed. Tate looked around and saw maps of all the cities of Plucia, there was a dirty pile of clothes thrown in the corner of the room “Sorry about the mess,” I said laughing “I didn’t know I was having guests.”

“It's fine, anyway now we’re alone we can actually get to know each other better.”

“Yeah, what were we talking about before?” I said

“I asked about your family, like do they know you’re here?”

“Yeah they know, they were actually Marks too, but my brother Bertie is here with me too, so I’m not completely on my own, but Alec knew my parents personally so as soon as we were old enough Alec took us to make this place.”

“Really? When did this place start taking Marks in?” Tate asked

“Only about three years ago, not long at all.” I said, “How about your family? You said your dad was close with Alaric.”

“Yeah, my family is kind of mismatched if you get what I mean, my parents knew that I was a Mark but my dad worked for the man that wanted to kill every Mark in existence, my sisters didn’t know but they’re easy to manipulate.”

“That’s a really shitty situation, I’m sorry.” I looked down at my feet

“It’s okay, most people here used to be in shitty situations at some point.” Tate walked over to the window, looked at the night sky, the moon was like a hole in the sky, the stars shone down like snowflakes.

Out of nowhere, a girl walked in the room, and sat down next to me without seeing Tate.

“Who’s this Atticus?” she said, her eyes stood out just like the stars, her eyes were purple with grey intermixed just like the speckles in Tate’s eyes. She sat down on my lap, I gave her a soft nip on her arm.

“Tate meet Wren, Wren meet Tate.” I said laughing

“Hey, what are your powers?” Wren asked with a little grin

“I can see all the bad stuff someone has done. How about you?” Tate said

“I can create a weapon of psychic energy that can harm mentally and physically, that's the fancy way of saying it anyway." Tate was amazed as if he had never heard of that before but no one had ever heard of his powers either.

"Well, then freaks. I'm off to break into a hospital in Alari."

"Huh?" Tate mutters

"How else do you think we get stuff around here? Sadly doesn't grow on trees, I have the pleasure of entering the most dangerous city in Plucia."

She said pouting her bottom lip, she then smiled and kissed me on the cheek, we fell back onto the bed and hugged each other as if we wouldn't see each other in a few months. Wren emerged from the hug and hugged Tate as if she'd left him out. He laughed and she left with her black fur jacket waving dramatically pretending to cry. She wouldn't be back for a few days.

All I could think about was if Wren was going to be safe, she was going to Alari, one of the most heavily guarded cities in Plucia. She was going with a few other people but she was the most important person in my life, She was too important to die.

Too important to me.

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