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She came back a week later. With at least ten kids running after a few older kids, she had rescued them. Its fair to say I cried when she was being carried in by someone I didn't know, it should've been me carrying her in, she was my girlfriend after all. Her eyes weren't open. "We don't know what happened to her, we lost a few people, we know she's important to you but we can't guarantee her getting through this." He said, trying to blow his curly blond hair out of his eyes. Tate and I ran to the make shift hospital in Floucia, opening doors for the guy that they learned was called Finch. Wren now lay on the bed, not breathing. Alec had rushed in as soon as he'd heard his favourite was hurt, the doctors said she'd broken a few ribs and she'd been shot one too many times.

The next few days she was still unconscious, she has been hooked up to a life support machine, I should've never let her out. I lay by her bed side. I started to cry, every tear was for her she never asked to be given this god forsaken life, she didn't deserve any of this.

I heard the noise I didn't want to hear, the sound of flatlining.

She had died, no this can't happen she was superior to everyone here. I ran out of the room to find Alec. "Alec! She's dead bring her back!" I shouted. I was the only person to know about Alec's power because it would be overused for people that weren't important, this time was an exception. I repeated until my throat was raw. I saw him running towards me and he brought me into his arms. I cried more and more until I had no more tears to cry. We ran together to the 'hospital'. Alec made me leave the room so the secrecy could be upheld. I sat outside and felt my insides slump to my toes.

The power Alec possessed was the rarest ability in existence sometimes it didn't even work, a 50% chance. A 50% chance of getting back.

It didn't help Floucia, the girl that helped make this place, she died too soon.

Alec used his power to bring the colour back into her cheeks, the purple back into her eyes, the red back into her lips. Her eyes fluttered open "What the fuck happened?" she asked.

I hugged her hard, I've never seen her look so lifeless but she's back now and that's all that counts. "It went wrong, very wrong." Alec said sternly. The boy called Finch entered the room "You're awake!" he said beaming, Wren looked at Finch and smiled

"This is bad, both of you need to explain what happened to people and basically accept the blame"

"Well, it didn't go exactly as I expected, but at least nobody important died."

"No shit" Alec snapped

"You're too weak to do this Wren." Alec said, he was pushing her all the time to get better

"She isn't exactly that Alec. She's actually a lot more badass then you think." Finch said, his quick smile disappearing.

"I brought more Marks back though, that's an achievement I guess? The guards were going to kill them." Wren said quietly, it was almost a whisper

"Still not an excuse sweetheart." Alec said

"All of those people are alive right now - because of her." I said with crossed arms looking as stern as Alec.

"Fine." Alec and Finch walked out.

The next day Wren had started to sleep in my bed like before the failure of the mission. She started to cry. "It's okay," I said, wrapping my arms around her and she shook and whimpered in terror. "It's all over now."

"No it's not," she whispered back, "it hasn't even begun."

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