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Evans Finding

By christinap137 All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 1


One thing to know about the land of Cordelia is that it is upside down. Hypothetically speaking, one thing is done the other way. Instead of boats sailing the seas, they prefer to sail the sky, running on an engine. The waters were infested with ferocious creatures, so no wonder nobody wanted to drift the waves. The land in which grass would grow seemed to float above the water, for there is no land connecting to the ocean. Animals like the ones we are used to are not animals in fact. They are anthropomorphic beings; wearing clothes, talking, and working just like us humans. Peculiar right? Creatures seen in fairytales are not made up at all; witches, wizards, mermaids, fairies, even unicorns have a place. Magic especially is looked down upon though. Any magic beings or users are against law, by the King Alfred; who if fact hated all of them. He has been ruler for more than 1000 years, and within those 1000 years the discrimination against non-humans went on; forever it seemed like. Not all humans thought that way though, there had been rebellions and such but all turned out with King Alfred getting his way. Now, these creatures went in hiding, slavery, or went to be pirates.

Most things were highly relied on by machines and technology, yet Cordelia had an antiquated style. Engineers were hard to come by, and very rare.

Evan is a boy of 9 years old; grew up an orphan on an incredibly bland, horrible island it seemed in the entire universe. It was lined with giant mounds of dirt and mud, with a small town in the middle of it all, avoiding the edges. No boats would come by, so the people were forced to eat the only foods that would grow; which was in fact cabbage and potatoes. But the people on the island had in fact the brain of a potato.

Such a gifted young boy Evan was. He knew how to fix a clock when he was only 3 years old. Now, he works at a tar factory, as an engine repair, the only engineer in the island. That made Evan stand out even more than he did. Remember how things that are different are frowned upon? Evan is the target of the town. Evan was in fact human, but his features were far from normal. He had tan skin, with white hair that outshined even the whitest of pearls, and bright sky blue eyes. Humans had brown eyes with brown hair, so Evan was obviously abnormal; though very beautiful. But why was he? Evan didn’t know himself, his parents were not with him when he was taken to the island, not a single person knows. The only person he knows is Miss Adrigan, a pundget old lady who liked to bash at him every day. She was the head of the orphan house, but oddly Evan was one of the few children of the island, so it had been his dream to leave and find out where he comes from, who his family was.

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