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•UNEDITED• Who she is? She doesn't even know. She tried to look for them to every planet she visited. And when she found them, it shocked her what she learned. She was named by the woman she met before. The woman she treated an enemy before and became her ally. And she found them in the planet called earth. What will she do to these new discoveries? Will she leave earth or will stay there? MY LIST OF MY STORIES IN ORDER 1. I Don't Care About My Mates 2. Touch Problem 3. Let Me Be 4. Step-Sisters 5. The Girl in Pain 6. The Girl in Pain (Sequel) 7. A New One 8. Free 9. Not Broken 10. Just Don't 11. Love Finds You 12. It's In The Past, I Changed 13. Thank You For The Tears 14. Marriage and Doubts 15. I Am Your Karma 16. The Fallen Star 17. Try and Claim Natasha 18. Anger, Jealousy and Love 19. The Dragon's Heart 20. The Addicting You 21. When You Are There 22. When All Hell Breaks Loose 23. Had Enough 24. Patience, Limitation and Time Till There's No Turning Back 25. Who Are You? 26. How Can I be Yours? 27. Her Claim 28. Love Me or Hate Me 29. You'll Pay For It 30. Be Lowkey 31. I See Red

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

A woman standing on a lifeless planet, everything is all dark, no sound, no other living creatures lives there. Her long hair is quite messy yet looking good to her flow along with the cold breeze. Her hair color is peach, her red albino’s eyes glowed, grabbing the sand on the ground. She inhaled it. She’s been jumping planet after planet to find the black hole where those women live before. It’s been so long since the last time she took a visit to them. But all she found is nothing. It means one thing, that black hole is now completely destroyed.

She came from the furthest planet that no one could reach. Even those women. Her olive skin was hidden in a white cloth that is perfectly wrapped on her. She started to walk barefooted. Another failed planet. She transported outside the planet, floating and breathing easily. She looked around to the other planet and closed her eyes, trying to sense if there could give her any clue where she could find those women.

She flinched when she felt a strong aura coming somewhere. She hides her presence but followed the aura where it’s coming from. She saw a creature; its large wings started to move. It’s a dragon. No, it’s a galaxy dragon. She was in awe watching it, and some beautiful orbs are following the galaxy dragon. It’s been so long since she saw a galaxy dragon. The galaxy dragon Queen is already dead before. That means another galaxy dragon was reborn.

The woman inhaled the scent of the galaxy dragon. She found a clue. Those women’s scent is lingering at the galaxy dragon. She followed it. Hours passed by, she noticed a planet. It was different from the other planet she saw. It’s blue, looking beautiful. The galaxy dragon entered the planet, and so as she.


Shamal Freeman’s eyes glowed as her body feel the strong aura; something is entering the space of earth. She stops writing in her journal.

“Big sister!” Nova appeared along with Aria. They have the same expression. Shock, feeling giddy yet fear.

Shamal’s face became serious. Her usual childish act is nowhere to find. She stands up. “Call our other sisters,”

Aria and Nova vanished. Shamal walks outside the office. She looks at her wives that having a conversation. “I need to leave,” She said.

Sarah frowned. “Where are you going?”

“To meet an old friend,” Shamal seriously said as her human appearance changed into her original appearance.

Michelle and Greta stand up; they are all confused why Shamal has serious. It’s rare for them to see her in her original appearance. “Who is it, Shamal?” Michelle asked.

“I’ll explain later,” Shamal said and kissed Amy first to her cheek. She gives the others too.

“Be careful,” Amy worriedly said.

Shamal smiled at her wives and waved goodbye before vanishing. She was transported somewhere and faced her sisters—the original 12 sisters from Freeman Family.

“I thought she doesn’t have any plan to leave her place, Big sister,” Raena said.

Shamal looks up to the sky and could sense Devlin is flying down. It’s been so long since the last time she saw the woman who rarely showed herself at them in their home in the black hole. “I thought so too...” She said. That woman could match her strength when it comes to power. That woman was born first before she was born too.

“Devlin didn’t notice that she was being followed,” Tatania said while her eyes are glowing while also looking at the sky.

Jinx flexed her fist. “I am not close to her like Big Sister does. She’s strong. Why do you think she’s here?”

“She got bored. That’s why,” Venus answered.

“Prepare yourselves,” Piper said and made a magic circle.

“I think there is another reason,” Bloom added but also made a magic circle.

Ya-EL and Wrythe did the same.

Shand stands close to Shamal. “I hope she’s not thinking of having a fight with you just like old times,”

Shamal smirk. “I think she will,”

At the blue sky, Devlin’s galaxy formed vanished. She changed into her human form but still have wings. But before she can react, she felt an immense power coming behind her back. When she turned around, her eyes widened when an alluring woman with strange eye color and peach color hair is floating in the air with immense speed. The woman passed her so fast as a bullet.

“What the?” Devlin frowned. She didn’t even notice that she’s being followed. Just where that woman came from? She immediately followed the woman even she is faster than her.

The 8 Freeman sister’s strong shield is easily destroyed when the woman they’ve been waiting for hits the shield like a bullet from a sniper.

Shamal, Shand, and Raena are only standing while their other sisters surrounded the woman they’ve been waiting for.

The woman slowly stands up and looks everywhere. “It’s been so long since I last saw you...ladies...” The woman spoke with the most gentle and feminine voice they ever heard. “This is a very much interesting welcoming for me,”

Raena made one step forward. “Yeah...it’s been so long. Why are you here?”

The woman ignored Raena’s question and looked straight at Shamal’s eyes glowing in electric blue. “I’ve been trying to find everyone, but your home is destroyed,” Her albino’s red orbs have a round silver at the edge of it. A smirk appeared on her lips. “And I need an exercise for staying on my planet for so long...”

Shamal smirks and gestures to her sisters to attack the woman. She needs to test her. She needs to see If she didn’t change at all. She watches the woman easily dodges her sisters’ attacks, preventing them from using their power against her.

Shand’s face palmed herself. “She doesn’t even change, Big Sister,”

“I know,” Shamal chuckled and didn’t even blink while her sisters are being thrown away one by one. In just for a second, the woman is now standing in front of her.

“You’re sisters gotten weak the last time I fought them. Let me test you if you are also the same,” The woman said and tried to kick Shamal’s head.

Shamal dodges it and backflips a few times to have a proper distance from the woman. A wide grin appeared on her. “I also want to test you, Cielo,” She finally called the name of the woman she hasn’t been seen since forever.

The woman’s face slightly contorted in confusion. “Cielo? Oh, right. That’s the name you’ve given me since I don’t have a name. I almost forgot that name,” She straightened herself.

“Because you don’t have anyone on your planet. You’re alone in there. I told you to join my sisters and me in our home, but your stubbornness never failed to irritate me,” Shamal’s hands have some bolts of electricity is now forming on her fists.

“Because it’s my home, and no one has any right to set their foot in there. I made it with my own power,” Cielo said. Her left fist had a green bolt of electricity. In a flash, she vanished along with Shamal.

The other Freeman sisters watch Cielo and Shamal fighting each other like usual when they met.

“She’s testing our strength,” Aria said while frowning. “I never win with that woman,”

“So does our Big Sister,” Venus answered while the others nodded in agreement. They watch how Shamal falls on the ground. The ground shakes, making the animals run away; birds flew away while the others hid.


Cielo’s POV

Shamal laughs happily. “Damn! I miss doing this with you!” She immediately stood up and sprinted towards me.

I block her punch, holding her fists with both of my hands. “Something... changes from you,” I curiously said while eyeing her body. But it’s not good when I get destroyed. She managed to kick my left knee, making me lose my balance. She throws an electric bolt at me, and I winced painfully when she managed to scratch my left cheek.

“Yeah...I lost count of how many years I hadn’t seen you, Cielo,” Shamal grinned at me.

That name. I am not used to that name. Shamal named it to me because she got tired of calling me ‘hey’ and ‘you’ every time we met before. I touch my cheek that is already bleeding. I forgot how it feels to feel the pain again. I look around, staring at Shamal’s sisters. This planet is different from the other planet. I am the opposite of Shamal, who loves adventures. While I am most of the time, I stayed on my own planet that I made for myself.

I smiled at her as my wound healed fast. “I got worried,”

Shamal’s face softened. “I know...I want to reach out for you, but your planet is very, very hard to find,”

I watched Shamal’s appearance changed. I frowned; her sisters did the same too. They look...normal yet beautiful.

“Planet earth is our new home. We made our own family here. We decided to stay here instead of living outside the galaxy. I am now Shamal Freeman,” Shamal said.

I tilted my head, getting more confused. Freeman? Just who is that?

Shamal chuckled. “C’mon, I want to introduce you to the family I made. And I had a lot of explaining to do since you are...used to being alone more than me,” She looked at my dress. “And you need to change your clothes. You look like a beggar,”

“Beggar? What is that? Should I slap you to stop saying those words I couldn’t understand?” Cielo folded her arms.

“I’m sorry about her, Cielo,” Raena chuckled and bowed at the first person who teaches them how to live in the galaxy. “I will help to explain to you about this planet...and every living being here,”

“But I still want to fight,” I said, feeling unsatisfied with the fight with Shamal.

“C’mon, Cielo? You can fight her whenever you want! I want to go back with my wife,” Bloom said since she misses her wife, Wendy.

Wife? Geez! A lot of things I still haven’t learned here on this planet. I guess I need to listen to Shamal and Raena.

Shamal chuckled, seeing the cute pout from Cielo. Cielo may look innocent and beautiful, but she’s powerful like her. She can’t wait to show Cielo her full strength so she can defeat her.

Another presence appeared, landing on the ground. I look at the woman wearing strange eyeglasses on her face so I can’t see her face. That is the galaxy dragon—the Queen.

“Her name is Devlin,” Shamal said. “Sorry about her, Devlin! She is our family friend from the galaxy. I’m sorry if she followed you without noticing her,” She yelled.

Devlin is tall, so I need to look up to her while she walks closer to us. “I thought she’s your enemy after seeing your little fight with her,” Devlin said, smiling at me. “I’m Devlin; nice to meet you,” She offered her left hand to me.

I look at her hand. What will she do with that? Shamal grabbed my right hand, guiding it to Devlin. Devlin grabbed it and gently shook my hand.

“That’s how you introduce yourself with humans here. There are a lot of things you really need to learn here, Cielo,” Shamal sigh.

“I don’t need to learn. All I want is to know if you are still alive or dead. I will leave,” I tried to walk away, but Shamal grabbed my left shoulder while Raena and Shand blocked my way. I raised my right eyebrow to them.

“No, you don’t. I don’t want you to stay on your so boring planet. This planet is more entertaining than you can imagine. I don’t want you to remain alone in that place. You’ll come to us, and you have to. Please, Cielo? Don’t you miss us?” Shamal used her googly eyes at me.

“And who are you to say that to me, Shamal? Remember, I am the one who taught you and your sisters about the galaxy when I watch you and your sisters born,” I said pointedly.

Shamal only smirk. “I know. Also, let me remind you. Who are you?”

I chewed my bottom lip. Everyone is looking at me. I was also born in the galaxy first before them. But I never bother to look for someone to be my sister. I never bother to know more about myself. All I did is to fight and live. That’s all that mattered to me. When I didn’t speak, Shamal holds my shoulder and guided me to walk.

“I was like you before until I find this planet. I wonder if you also have mates like I have,” Shamal mumbles while everyone is following us.

“Mates?” I asked in curiosity.

“I’ll explain to you later. As for now, you take a bath and dress in proper clothes. I don’t want your beauty to be wasted from your boring planet,”

I elbowed Shamal’s left rib cage, causing her to groan. “Stop insulting my home, you childish mongrel!” I growled at her. We heard her sisters laughing silently behind our back.

Shamal only rolled her eyes. They guided me to walk somewhere. My eyes keep looking everywhere. This planet seemed more alive, refreshing, and...beautiful. I am really awed by this place. I really need to stay here to know more about this planet, and what kind of living beings live here.

At Shamal’s mind. She doesn’t want Cielo to go back to the galaxy. She needs to show Cielo what she’s been missing with. And she’s hopeful that Cielo also have mates, so she have a reason to stay here. Cielo will go back to that boring place and waste her life there again if she doesn’t.

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