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Strides, Sights And Visions

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This is a unique collection of poetry infused with short stories that truly portray what it means to be a real human being. It further explores issues of coming of age, teenage struggles, family ties, identity and belonging to name but a few.

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Chapter 1


Stealthy they prowl in search of prey
Inhumanly grab greedily, harshly their prey
A cry for help is heard in sleep,
Horror! Horror! Horror!

Pilot! Wake up!
Hurry heroines to scene of horror
The Lion, Hyena
and Wolf
Are hungry for thigh of lamb

Stealthily scissors are sharpened to cut a thigh
Spears erectto prick the pride
The lion is merciless
Full of venom
Eyes fuming with desire
Tongue, flickering to gormandaze
Protruding nails scratch a thigh
Lion! Hyena! Wolf!

Sprained, swelling of spinal cord
Scream of pain
Pride is gone
Restrain the devourers
From the frigid lamb
Rescue the lamb
The innocent lamb
Hurry heroines to scene of horror
Where pride is s smashed.

The immossions were triggered by the pain and anger.

A woman was out from home for a couple of weeks for a course in a foreign country. When she arrived at home her little girl came running to report to her mother how three heartless men crabbed and pulled her to a hidden place and rapped her.

She told her mum that she was going home together with her brother and her brother's friend.

Men threatens to kill her and only she pleaded that she won't disclose the matter.
Her brother and his friend they ran to the police to report the matter but they weren't found.
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