The Golden Knight (The Leprechaun's Magic #1)

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After the tragic death of his father, Brian, a young coachman, goes on a journey to search for a hidden treasure left by a real-life leprechaun. His mother and sister, however, are dismissive of this as they cope with the mysterious disappearance of the eldest sibling. But convinced that the journey will bring benefit to the family (as well as help find the brother), Brian seeks the help from the princess herself, leading the two to embark on a seemingly impossible adventur

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Once there was a man who lived in Ireland. He lived with his wife along with their three children in a small village. The name of this family was that of O’Hare and a very loving family they were.

Around every March, specifically on the day of none other than Saint Patrick, the man would take his children to with on a special adventure with him. The children were not always thrilled about doing so, that is — with only one exception. Out of the three of those children was Brian, the youngest son. He was a good young fellow, no doubt, and always stood out of trouble; there were even times in which he (at least) tried his best into doing so. He and his father were quite close they were, perhaps closer than anyone else within the family; not to say there wasn’t a bond between anyone, that most certainly wasn’t the case. The bond between Brian and that of his father was much stronger than anything else; they had very much in common they did.

One day (that being on March 17th in that of 1836), the father had decided to take the tradition of theirs even further. He decided that both Brian and he would go on a hunt for an actual Leprechaun. And to Brian’s Delight, the pair had done — just that. The end-result, however, was no luck for either of them, as the sky turned darker before they could find (or reach) anything. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the worst part — was when the father’s lifeline — had soon come — to an end.

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