Winter's Grasp

By Elizabeth Winters All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Children


The cold months are here. The time where people either bundle their children or hide in the self made warmth of their homes. It is the time when people think of Jack Frost, The Snow Queen, Father Winter, and even Santa Claus with his reindeer; but they never try to think of the real destruction and emptiness of these months known as me. I am not queen nor am I figure that gives you presents. Those story characters they have created aren’t real except for Father Winter. I am the one they are stuck with. I am no gender but a spiritual energy that makes the winter so harsh and unbearable for these species. It is not intentional, and I have tried hiding or never going to wander around this Earth, but it never works. I can not hide so I just endure the faces of those who come outside. Like this family. They are throwing chunks of snow at each other. They brought their child and.... she falls. She is so cold and fragile that she might die, and it’s my fault. They are now rushing to save her, I wonder.... what is it like to be human.

I am but a mere spirit so I do not know what human lives are like. They seem painful when I see, but then there are people who smile even though I approach with the hazardous cold. It is sometimes hard to understand, but it is very interesting; these humans, animals, and plants. They an easily die and broken, but there are so many. It is also sad to know they have that comfort of others, when I, can not have that. Oh look another family. This is only two people. They are holding each other. Is it because they are dying from the chills, no that cant be it because they are smiling. Why would they be tightly holding each other and yet be happy? I do not understand he is making his area of speech tough hers. What are they doing now? He is going on his knee and brought out a box with a metal sphere like thing. Humans are strange indeed. I take my leave and set out to the little spot filled with bustling people.

It is busy here for the first week or two of winter. People rush with things filled with objects and sometimes attack each other over objects. That is where humans make me fearful. It is the anger they show with no remorse, it is as if they do it on purpose to hurt others. If I were human.... I.... I would try to be as happy as I can no matter what. I can radiate a happiness instead of the bitterness I already do. I can make others smile when no one else can. That is the kind of human I would want to be. I make my way to see how busy it was and to see all the people crowded in one area showing hostility towards each other. I decide not to venture any further and left. I continue to walk wandering for no reason while seeing people’s expressions change when they felt the stingy feeling of my aura and presence. I am a nuisance aren’t I. I wish to bring warmth when all I can do is bring misery. Ha, the irony. I continue to wander harboring negativity when I see someone, alone. I approach seeing her smile. It.... it is warm. Yes! Very warm. The cold does not seem to bother her, it actually makes her smile grow wider. She is happy. Truly happy. I came so close that most people would run to their place of warmth, but she does not budge. That is when I hear her soothing voice. “What beautiful weather.” It is.... beautiful you say? How can that be?

I see a furry animal by her side. A larger size with brown and black fur, pointy ears, and a loyal looking creature with the power to protect others. I cans sense that, and the heat she gives off compared to me. “Come on Franz we have an adventure to take upon and this weather is the best time for it.” She points to a mountain. “That is our destination. Are you ready?” The Franz animal stands up making her snicker. She is a wonderful human. One that I have never seen. I decided to follow her waiting to see what her adventure would create. “Wow Franz it sure is pretty out here with all this snow.” I nod. What a kind heart. The Franz animal just wags it’s tail as they walk. They see to be having trouble making their way around all this snow. I decide to make a clearer path way with a gust a wind knocking her over. Oh no! I get closer to look, and nothing. That’s when she pops out with the Franz and starts laughing. “Well we sure are awake. Ooh look it has been cleared out a little. I wonder.... we have some good luck on our side do we not?” I look at her to see she had a long, dark brown colored hair with a smaller figure than most, but she had a strength I have never seen. I look at her outerwear to see she was semi bundled up. She had bright colors with white snowflakes hanging down her hair. She looks like a real snow queen. I get back to the look of the adventure she talked about to see the huge mountain. It size was so massive I could not see the top.

She set some rope around her and her dog. She tightened it and made her way around like a trail way she made herself. Well that is what she did actually. When I followed my wind was stronger than on a plain surface, I was frightened I had to leave, but when I looked at her it didn’t effect her at all. She actually laughed. “I love the challenge dad is going to be so proud.” Who is this dad. If my knowledge serves me right.... I believe it is the male of a family of a mother, father, and of a child or children. I think that is right. Did I have a dad, a mom, or a family. Who am I kidding I’m an energy and energy does not have family. That is when I hear a scream. She slipped and hurt her knee. I make my way over to see red coming out. This must be blood, and it is needed to keep them alive. What do I do!? I get a little close and gave a chill. Not enough to freeze her inside, but enough for her blood to stay where it is. She sighs. “Wow I must be really lucky because that would have gone all over my knee.” I watch as she wraps it and the expression she gives is weird. At first she winced but laughed right after. How odd.

I find it peculiar how the Franz does not see to show a lot of expressions like her, and yet she still talks to him. Maybe they have such a strong bond together that they do not worry about that. I wish I had a bond with her like that. It would be impossible though, since I am unable to show myself to people. That would be for the fact that I am the wind and the snow and not a living, see able, species. However, I will just be grateful that she is someone who enjoys my existence. In order to keep that I now know what I need to do. I need to help protect her. That is what our bond will be based off of. I look at the dog as it scratches it’s ears. Do not worry animal that is named Franz. I am here to help protect her. You and I share the same job. The dog pays no attention to me. Ha how silly of me. To think and animal can sense my existence. She is now setting up what appears to be a tiny house, but only the top or roof of it.

“Alright Franz the tent is set. We should settle so we are filled with energy tomorrow. She then grabbed a small stick like thing and set it.... on fire! She can create fire!? Humans sure are full of surprises. I stay far back though. If I get too close I will surely destroy it and it will sadden her. The dog curls close to her as she make some food substance. Must be nice animal that is given the name of Franz. You can comfortably lie next to her and feel her warmth. It gets dark making her lie in the so called tent. She looks cozy. She even smiles when she closes her eyes for slower brain use. I believe it is sleep. I sit elsewhere so I do not disturb her. I leave her to you animal named Franz. I can barely see the town from here. I usually just appear from place to place to bring suffering and illness, but this is different. This is not me wandering with negative thoughts and insecurities but joy and learning more things from this girl. She truly is special.

It is morning and I wake up to see her already getting ready to start the day. She seems to be eating at the moment, that is when we heard nearby howling. “Franz hurry the wolves!” Wolves? I look behind me to see creatures that look some what similar to the animal species of Franz sprinting our way. I know! I went their way bringing all the destruction I could. They all stopped and ran feeling the cold. I look back to see her tilting her head in confusion. “They.... ran? Well, our luck continues.” I may have saved her for now, but they might return. I wonder what made them come our way. “We need to be careful with what we eat now.” I sigh. So that is the reason why. She packs all of her things and started to hike her way up. It is especially hard because the creature Franz is on her back for he can not climb up the mountain. I watch her hike because every now and then she would slip or shake a little. This must be hard for a human. They may be able to invent and adapt to temperatures, but they also have fragile bodies. We were near the midway point of the mountain when she slipped misplacing her foot. I quickly brought a wind to push her forward. She grabbed the rock and placed her feet back.

I continued to watch her for no more mistakes were needed. She must reach her goal. I am also excited to see what it is that is at the top of this mountain. As she was climbing she snuggled her way up to where a cave was. A fire was made and the tent for her was set. I stayed at the outside opening while she stayed snuggled close to the Franz. I checked the area t make sure no more hostile creatures would harm her. She fell asleep while I looked at the stars. So beautiful. This universe has it’s rare events such as summer, stars, and things I do not know quite yet. I wonder if I was human, and I knew her.... would she take me on more adventures. I mean, well I would like to see more of the world and all the beautiful things it has to offer, but i also want it to be with someone with that kind of smile. I feel happy at that thought. I look at the stars more closely. How many stars are there? There seem to be so many that it is hard to even count.

It is the time when the sun rises and she is already determined to make it to the top. She does not stop to eat, but just begins to climb. “Today is the day Franz. WE WILL CONQUER THIS MOUNTAIN!” She ties herself with the animal Franz and climbs. She has more energy than ever it seems. It has been a couple of hours since she continued to finish it and we are here. The top. “F-Franz.... we made it! Yes I knew it! It is beautiful.” She goes to the edge and raises her arms. “Breathtaking.” I look around and it is stunning. No wonder she wanted to be all the way up here. I look down and the town I use to wander was so small compared to everything else. She grabbed a metal looking cube and it flashed. “We made it. Thank you mom. You made this happen with the stories.” She turns. “”You know what this means Franz? It means we must continue with other destinations. I want to leave this town and look at other places.” I smile. What charisma. A friendship with her would be a gift to anyone. She sits down panting from the climb. “Alright we need to leave before.... oh no.” That is when I looked to see the wolves already getting past me. Oh no. They lunge towards her when the Franz threw himself blocking them for hurting her. “No!” The Franz slides and falls off the mountain. I fall to catch him and brought him back. I use the wind at the top to blow the wolves down the way she climbed. I took the two back down and looked at her and the Franz. I saw no injuries and felt relief.

I looked at them to see they were asleep. I stayed and watched over them to make sure no other creatures came to attack them. What a dangerous creature. That is when I see the town. If I could just.... yeah like that. I began moving them so they were closer to warmth. This is no place for them right now after what happened. I need the towns people to come find them and take them. I continue to move them hoping that at any point someone would notice where they are and to come assist them. At first no one came even close, but by the time there were lights people came swarming them. “There seems to be a girl and her pet German Sheppard with a collar that says Franz. Requesting back up.” I follow to make sure of their safety as they are put in a metal movie object with flashy lights. When they stopped I saw a big white building. This must be it. I look to see where they are going and followed outside not wanting to bring the cold inside.

It has been a few days and she has finally awoken. She seems a little worn out but I heard the man say that she should be healthy in no time. The Franz was also with her the whole time. It was also in the process of a full recovery. As I was watching her I saw her look out the window. “Whittaker.” She whispered so softly that I almost did not hear her, but she said it again. “I remember my mother talking about a Whittaker. As soul that is bitter and lonely, but I feel like.... Franz! You seem to be alright!” The Franz wags it’s tail and jumps on the bedding with her. “I feel like we were not alone. We are not that lucky now are we.?” She smiles after her comment and holds the Franz. She knows of my name! I do not know how, but people know of my existence! I look at her filled with joy. She looks back at the window. “Look at the cute snowflakes. How pretty.” I turn to see that it was not a blizzard. I am.... not being destructive. It is, amazing! I touch some of the snowflakes and they did not turn into hail. I hear her open the window. She stuck out her tongue and a snowflake fell, instantly melting. “Whittaker. What a beautiful thing this spirit must be.” She thinks I am beautiful. What a kind friend. Yes.... my first friend. I watch her for the last days of her recovery to see that sh is back to her strong self. “Good job! You have a full recovery and we also did all of your shots you missed so you are in perfect health.” She thanks the people for what they have done and grabs the Franz leaving the building in a cheery mood.

I spent the winter with her when I saw her go in a house with other people with similar features. That must be her family. I looked at the sky. It is what they call Christmas. I look out the window and saw a tree covered in boxes and bags. She hugged her family and sat down opening the boxes and bags. She screams and jumps, ha, and even dances around the children sitting with her. There was a lot of items that look similar to the items she had during the climbing. They seemed in better condition however. After a while they ate a meal and watched a fire place. She soon fell asleep and they covered her with fabrics.

It is almost the end of winter now and I must departure. I am not allowed to stay forever for I am only a spirit of the winter where it is cold. I have to return to where it stays cold. I looked at her as she played around with the children. I will never forget you, dear friend, and I never will because I will return. I make my departure remembering my experience and waiting for what I will return to see. Will she be ready to take me on another adventure I wonder. I guess I will have to find out for myself.
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