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The Familiar Feeling of a Concrete Floor

Evie remembered the sound of Migelle yelling, and Con yelling, and the woman yelling. But most of all, she remembered the sound of the dead laughing.

“We have a warrant for her arrest, boy!”

“Leave her alone!”

Then silence; if only for a moment.

"Alone. Leave her alone, he said. Wasn’t that nice of him? LEAVE. HER. ALONE. Doesn’t he know? That you’re always alone..."

When Evie woke up, the first thing she felt was a cool, hard ground underneath her. Her first thought terrified her, but after a moment she knew it was false; this wasn’t her room. The air was too cold; too damp. It smelled of blood, beer, spit and emptiness; and also of urine. She reached out for Con, but he wasn’t there.

“Mister?” She whispered to the room. “Mister are you there?”

There was no answer. At least not from Con.

"He left you; just like they all will."

“He didn’t leave me! He’s just...not here.”

Evie’s body was pushed to the floor.

"You insolent girl. Don’t you realize that they will ALL leave you? You’re a burden. That’s why you’re here."

Evie sat up slowly and faced the voices. “ you mean?”

The voices laughed. ”They GAVE you to the police; to us. Soon the lab will be here to take you home. Your adventure is over; you’re friends have abandoned you."

Evie scooted to the wall and hid her head in her knees. “No... No they didn’t...”

"Then where are they!? Hm!? Do you SEE them? Oh wait... You couldn’t even if they WERE here!" Again they laughed, and again Dr. Lavrine’s voice echoed above the rest.

“I don’t need eyes to see, Doctor Mother.” Evie muttered, sniffing dry heaves back into her body.

"Ex-CUSE me, lab-rat?"

“I said I don’t need eyes to see!” Evie faced the voices, head away from her knees. “I can see people just fine; for who they are. And you are nice Doctor Mother! You were never nice!”

"And that gives you the right to kill me? To hurt me like you did and not be punished for it?" The voices sneered.

“No! But it wasn’t me!” Evie stood, he hand on the cold wall beside her. “I didn’t do that, so I don’t deserve to be punished! And I didn’t seserve to be hurt for twelve continuous years!”

By now, a guard had come in, hearing her screams. “Kid? What are you doing kid?”

Evie didn’t listen. “I hate you, Doctor Lavrine! I hate you and I hate everyone else in that lab! And after I find Ireane I’m going back and getting my sisters to destroy it!”

"You ungrateful little BITCH!" They threw Evie back, and the guard struggled with the keys, trying to find the one that would open her cell door. Evie stood up again, blood on hands and face from the landing.

“No! You are ungrateful! I was such a good girl! I did EVERYTHING! Everything you told me! Everything you wanted! You gave me cattle feed! You burned my eyes!”

Again they threw her; the guard started calling for backup.

"Livestock deserves cattle feed, 0-0!" They lifted her in the air by her neck; more guards came in and forced the door open, trying to get at her; but she was far out of reach by now.

“My name...” She gasped “Is Evangeline!”

Evie opened her mouth and started to scream. The bodies of her attackers started to solidify, and they started to fall. Mangled and burned bodies fell screaming from the girl, and horrified guards pulled them off her.

Dr. Lavrine was the last to hold on to her, refusing to let go. They both fell to the floor but still she held on, choking the scream from the twelve-year-old. Evie grabbed her lab coat and pulled, forcing Lavrine to fall to the side. She got up and ran from the doctor, pulling the coat along with her; then stopped screaming.

One by one, the ghosts in the room started to lose their form, moaning and gasping for the air they were becoming. The police guards stared in disbelief as Evie stood before them, then threw the coat at the man in front. He caught it and looked at the symbol on the front; a symbol Evie had never seen but knew was there.

“These are the people who told you to arrest me. These are the people you’d be returning me to.”

The man in front took his radio from his shirt pocket and turned it on; hands shaking.

“F-False alarm on the girl, Chief. Release her friend. We wrong kid.”

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