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The Call-Box

Evie was there when Migelle was released, but he acted as if she was the one being freed.

“Evie! Are you okay?” He ran up to her and knelt, looking at the blood on her hands, knees and face. There was some bruising on her neck. She hugged him and smiled.

“I’m okay. I’m actually...okay.”

He smiled at her and stood up, taking her hand. “Come on, let’s go.”

“We can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know where Mister is.”

There was a scream.

“I think I do.”

Migelle and Evie ran up to the front of the station, where the pudgy woman from before was yelling in a back room. She ran out and almost fell onto the front counter, and looked up.

“You two! OOH, I knew there was something wrong with you two!”

“What do you mean?” Evie asked, tilting her head to the side innocently.

“Your bag!” The woman pointed frantically behind her and, as if on cue, their bag cam floating out, and waved at them.

“Mister!“Evie smiled.

Migelle put his hand over her mouth. “Yeah has a...magnet in it.”

“A magnet?”

“...yes. We’d...better take it now.” Migelle spread his arms out and Con threw the bag over, causing Migelle to step back and catch it.

“B-But how did you-?”

“Thank you! Gotta go!” Migelle took Evie’s hand and ran out of the station and to the main road. Evie smiled and gave Con a hug.

“I missed you! Where did you go? Why did you leave me?”

Con frowned. ”I didn’t leave you, Evodkaline. I was looking for keys when I saw y’alls bag. I thought I’d get myself a drink, and my hand went right through the bag. Trouble is, the can wouldn’t come out of the bag after I grabbed it."

Evie would’ve rolled her eyes, if she had any.

"Mister Con,” Migelle said, glaring in his general direction “Could you please refrain from fucking around in public!?”

Con covered Evie’s ears and smiled. ”Sorry kid."

Migelle gave Evie a sandwhich and they started walking the main road to the apartments where Anton Shurbet was said to live. It wasn’t a long walk there, but it was a hazardous one. At least for a girl with a good sense of smell.

“Migelle! Migelle I smell something sweet!” Evie smiled and pointed in the direction of the smell. The road they were on had come out right at the end of the main shopping district, and a bakery was nearby. Evie had noticed.

“I thought we were going to the apartments, Evie. And besides, you’re not even done with your sandwich.”

Evie frowned. “I know smells so sweet. I think I like sweet things. I mean, I’ve only ever had pancakes, but other things must be good too if they smell sweet, right?”

Migelle looked at her and sighed, taking out some money and handing it to her. “You and Con go, and I’ll see if I can find out which building he lives in. But be quick, okay?”

“Thank you!” Evie took the money and gave Migelle a hug before taking Con’s hand and running off in the direction of the bakery. Migelle smiled as she ran.

“She’s looking more like a kid everyday...”

Migelle walked up to the three main buildings, each owned by a different housing company. He went to each one and looked at the call-box, which was quite extensive for each. The first one showed nothing even close to “Shurbet”, so he went to the next building.

The next building’s call-box was organized, but confusingly. It was organized in three parts; floor number, room number, last name alphabetical. So Migelle had to look at each of the twenty-seven floors, then each set of rooms, and then look for “Shurbet”. Needless to say, it took a while.

When he finally found it, he pushed the button to call room 2505; Mr. Shurbet’s room and ask if his name was Anton.

“Hello? Is this Mr. Anton Shurbet? I have a message for him.”

For a moment there was silence, then a loud gasping sound.

“M-Mister Shurbet?”

Another gasp, then a breathless male voice. “”

There was some yelling in the background, then the line went dead. Migelle ran down the street to Evie, who had bought a small bag of brownies and was enjoying them thoroughly as she walked back.

“Evie! Something’s wrong.”

“Wrong? Was he not there?”

“He was there, but he might not be for much longer.”

Migelle pulled Evie back to the building two and tried the call-box again; this time there was no answer. Evie was starting to look worried.

“Did he leave?”

“I doubt it. Come on.”

He rushed to the door, but it was locked. Migelle looked around, and Evie started feeling the door.

“Hey! I found something!” Evie shouted. Migelle rushed over.

“What is it?”

“A hole.”

Migelle looked and saw a type of mail slot in the door. It wasn’t very big, but it was big enough for a bottle. He took one of Con’s from his backpack and dropped it in.

“Evie, can you tell Mister Con to go through the door and unlock it with the bottle, like how he picked up the bag in the police station?”

Evie nodded and turned to Con. ”I read ya loud and clear, Migirl."

Migelle dropped the bottle in, and Con walked through the door and went for his drink. He took a swig before pushing the lock open.

“Thanks Mister.” Evie smiled and took his hand, and Migelle led them to an elevator.

On their way over, the doorman looked up at them over his newspaper and raised an eyebrow.

“And just where are you off to?”

“Room 2505. We got let in, obviously.”

“Huh...” The man went back to reading “He having a party or something? Geeze... How many people I gotta let up there?”

He let them through and they went into the elevator.

“Migelle, we didn’t get let in.”

“I know; that’s why I lied.”

Migelle kept his finger on the floor number and the “door close” button until they got to the floor they wanted so no one else would get on, then he took Evie’s hand.

“I want you to stay behind me, okay? I don’t know what’s going on in his room, but it didn’t sound good.”

Evie nodded and stood behind him. They neared room five and Migelle took a breath and whispered.

“Can you sense how many people are in there, Evie?”

Again Evie nodded, and she put her hand on the door. “Two. There are two. But one’s...dying. I think one of them is dying!”

“Shit. Okay, let’s go.” Migelle tried the door. When he found it to be locked, he knocked.

"Smooth. Get the bad guy to the door."

Evie shushed Con, and the door started to open.

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