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Red in the Wine

When the door opened, the first thing they saw was a man on the floor. Evie rushed to the man she saw as dying, and Migelle tried to grab her.

“Evie, don’t!”

It was too late; she rushed in and was kicked to the side. She stumbled down, and Con rushed to her as Migelle tried to wedge himself between Evie and her attacker. The girl who stood in front of him was older than her was, and smirked at him through red lips.

“Well, if it isn’t my little helper.”

Ireane stood back and put her hands up, playfully submitting, and started to walk past Migelle, who put his hand out to stop her.

“Do me a favor, Padré; back off. I got a girl to talk to.” Her eyes reddened and he stepped to the side; she walked past and knelt down beside Evie. “Hey, sorry I kicked ya, kid. Thought you were gunna be trouble.”

Evie looked in her general direction, holding the area she was kicked. “That...hurt...”

Ireane shrugged. “Yeah well... Anyway, you here to see daddy? ’Cause if you wanna talk to him, I suggest you do it now.”

Evie got to her knees. “He’s dying, isn’t he?”

“Well of course he’s dying. He drank some bad mo-jo, if you know what I mean.”

“ not know what you mean.”

Ireane rolled her eyes. “I poisoned him. That’s what I mean.”

“You...poisoned your father?”

“Hey, you killed like, twenty of yours.”

Evie stood. “No I didn’t! That was you! You made me kill them! I didn’t want to!”

Ireane leaned back and looked up at Evie. “Whoa, chill. I was kidding.”

“They haunted me, Ireane! They haven’t left me alone because of you!”

“Okay okay, I’m sorry. Geeze...”

“You were very mean to me, Ireane! And I want you to make it up to me!”

Ireane stood. ”Make it up to you? I have my own business to attend to, kid!”

“I had business! Do you have any idea how hard it was to find you?”

“I assume very. Good job, by the way.”

“Oh...thank you. I tried very hard.”

Ireane rolled her eyes and smirked. “You’re such a kid.”

“I’m twelve.”

“Fair enough.”

There was a groan from the corner. Ireane smiled and sat down by her father.

“Oh man, I’m not gunna to miss this! Just a second kid.”

Ireane released Migelle and turned all her attention to her father. Migelle walked over to Evie.

“What...just happened?”

“Ireane’s watching her father die.”

“Oh. Wait, what?”

Ireane was sitting beside her father, smiling widely. Migelle took a step towards her, but Evie stopped her.

“It’s too late, Migelle. For him.” Evie could see it; he was almost gone. Ireane’s smile only widened.

“Hey daddy.” She whispered to him “How ya feeling? Good? Well I am.”

He moaned and panted, turning to look up at her. “Wh...y...?”

"Why? Why what? You drank the wine on your own accord!” Ireane laughed and her eyes flickered red. “You even poisoned it yourself! I didn’t do anything to stop you from loving your bottle. I didn’t even fight back when you sold me to that fucking underground lab, daddy. What was that for, again? This? This apartment? Or for this?”

She held up the bottle of red wine he had been drinking and shook it in front of his face.

“Daddy’s little girl would never hurt him, right? Never use her powers on him, right? All those men I made give you free stuff; all those women I made give you free service; but not once did I make you do anything, daddy.”

He groaned; his eyes flickered.

“Oh? Going already? Well we’ll keep in touch. My friend over there’s a phone line right to Hell. And trust me, daddy, that’s where you’re going. To Hell. I’ll meet you there someday. But not now. Now, is just for you.”

Anton Shurbet let out a breath, and his eyes opened fully. Evie felt his spirit ooze into the air; it was not warm. He didn’t stay there like Con had when he died. No, Anton Shurbet went straight down, like he was being pulled. Ireane smiled, but something in her was crying.

"He got sucked right down, didn’t he, Vodka?"

“Yeah. He did.”

After a few moments Ireane stood. She took a breath, then turned to Evie and Migelle, her signature smirk back on her face.

“Okay. My schedual seems free for the next little while. What do you think I owe you?”

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