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“And you’re blaming me for that?”

“Well yes! They blamed me for it!”

“Look kid-”


“Look Evie, that’s not my fault. How was I supposed to know how they’d react? Or that they’d even haunt you?”

Evie huffed. She was sitting on the couch with Con, while Ireane say cross-legged on the ground. Migelle stood, watching over Evie; he was not impressed.

“Look, you said it yourself, you owe her! Evie did not walk all this way to have you just ignore her. She needs closure!”

Ireane turned to Migelle. “Who asked you, anyway?”

"I asked me.”

“Well your vote doesn’t count.”

“Yes it does!”

Evie cleared her throat. “Can you two please stop fighting? You’re making Mister uncomfortable.”

Migelle huffed and Ireane rolled her eyes.

“Thank you. Look, this is important! They almost killed me! Because if you!”

"Say it was traumatic."

“It was traumatic!”

Ireane sighed. “Okay, so it was a bad decision! I admit that. But what can be done about it now? I can’t speak to ghosts.”

“What you can do is help me.”

“Help you? Help you what?”

Evie took a breath. “I want to destroy it.”

Ireane scoffed. ”Destroy it? That’s a big place, you know.”

“I am aware. But it is the Earthly embodiment of Hell, and it must be destroyed.”

Ireane raised her eyebrows. “O-kay... And how exactly does one, or three and a dead guy, eradicated ‘Hell on Earth’?”

“We take three-hundred, and one, ‘dead guys’ and use them did you phrase it, Migelle?”

“Beat the shit out of it.”

“Yes. We do that.”

“Well, that’s more thought-out than I expected.” Ireane smirked. “But you forgot a few things. Like how we get there, how we get in, how we beat the shit out of it...”

“Right now,” Evie started. “There are some guards from the lab looking for me. They were called to pick me up, but I escaped...kind of. Either way, they should still be on town.”

“I thought you said they wouldn’t come after you?”

“I was wrong. They’re here now, but there should only be a few of them. If you could get one of them to drive us there and get us in, we’d have two of those problems solved.”

Ireane nodded, leaning back. “Okay, not bad. But I still don’t know why I should help you two.”


“Three. This really has nothing to do with me.”

Migelle stepped forward. “You owe her, and you know it. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to beat the shit out of some of the assholes who kept you there against your will?”

Ireane cocked her head to the side. “Well you’ve got a point...”

“Ireane...” Evie said, looking in her general direction. “Please.”

For a long while there was silence. Ireane lay back on the floor, staring at the roof.

“You really think I owe you?”

Evie nodded. “I do.”

Ireane sighed and sat up. “Okay, okay. But you two-”


“Three. Have to do what I say until we get there, alright?”

“So you’ll really help us?”

“Sure.” She looked over at the corpse that used to be her father. “I don’t like to be in debt.”

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