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Pretense Un-Needed

“Evie? What’s wrong?” Migelle knelt down and looked at her. She reached out and gently took off his coat and badge.

“You’re not like them, so don’t pretend to be.”

“But Evie...”

She silenced him and took a breath before reaching up and untying her eye-cloth, letting it fall to the floor. Ireane winced at the sight, and Migelle just stood.

“You don’t have to come in. Any of you.”

“Fuck that,” Ireane scoffed, leaning against the wall and smiling. “I got my own bones to pick with them.”

“And I have a promise to fulfill,” Migelle replied, putting his hand on her shoulder. “A promise I made to my sister.”

Evie hugged him tightly. “Thank you...”

"I just wanna fuck shit up ta be honest, but I love you too Evodkaliene."

“I didn’t doubt that, Mister.”

Ireane picked Freddie’s badge off the ground and used it to open the iron door. “We gunna raise Hell?”

“No, but I know who will.”

Ireane pushed the door open slowly, peering out to see if there was anyone stalking the halls. Once she gave the ‘all clear’, they headed down the hall towards the surveillance room.

“We can see where the most people are, and where we can go to do the most damage.”

“Think that’ll work?”

Ireane shrugged. “It worked before.”

“That was one time.”

“Hey, how many times have you broken out of this place while conscious?”

There was silence.

“Exactly. Now shut up and follow me.”

Ireane led them slowly through the hallways of the lab. She moved quietly and calmly as to not alert anyone of her presence there. Unfortunately, it’s harder to miss three people than one.

"Halt. Who goes there?” One of the guards asked, seeing a flicker of them pass through the corner of her eye.

“What is this, Roman times? ‘Who goes there?’ Fucking Christ.” Ireane stepped out from behind the wall, hands up in submissiveness.

“I said halt!” The woman’s hands seemed to tremble as she aimed her gun. Ireane smirked and her eyes glowed red.

“You are escorting me to the surveillance room.”

The guard nodded and started walking. Ireane motioned for Migelle and Evie to join her, and they headed off towards the little room that could.

The guard entered the room and stood to the side, allowing the others to walk in.

“It’s empty...” Evie said, noticing the lack of essence in the room.

“That it is, Blindy; that it is.”

“That can’t be good...” Migelle muttered, closing the door.

“No it is not. They probably saw us on one of the screens and went to go investigate. We should probably hurry the fuck up in here.”

Migelle nodded and went over to the screens. “Evie, you didn’t tell me there were other kids in here.”

“Well there aren’t...”

“Yes...there are. They’re here on the screens.”

Ireane pushed past Evie and went to look at the monitors. “Fucking Christ...”

“What? How many are there?”

“Ten alive. A few dead ones though...”

There was silent for a few moments.

“Why didn’t you tell me!?” Evie yelled to her sisters in her mind.

"We were watching you."

Evie sighed and thought about the others. What horrors were they going through? How long have they been forced to live here?

“We have to get them out.”

“What?” Ireane asked, turning to Evie.

“We have to. They don’t deserve to go down with it.”

Ireane looked at the people on the monitors and sighed. “It’ll take un-necessary time... We risk getting caught if we do this.”

“I know.”

“Fine. We’ll save them. But if they don’t want to go, they’re shit out of luck.”

A plan was put into place by Ireane, considering she wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. She demanded that she and Migelle go to get the children, and that Evie start distracting the guards. The kids held captive were on the left and right side of the laboratory, so if Evie started out in the middle they had a better chance of getting in and getting out with minimal casualties or offending forces.

Evie nodded and started out towards the middle of the lab. Ireane moved the guards one by one out of the way on the monitors so that Evie would remain un-seen until she reached her destination.

"Are ya sure you’re ready for this, Vodka? I mean shit..."

"Do not swear in front of our sister."

"What? Why the fuck not?"

"She does not deserve to hear such vulgar words!"

"Well ya’ll have missed an awful lot then and-"

“Please stop fighting. I have heard much worse language than that. And to answer your question, yes, I am ready. I have to do something. I cannot just stand idly by.”

"If you insist..."

"She insists."

Evie walked to the middle section of the lab; floor 2-B, the sub-floor. She stood there and spread out her arms. She wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to attract attention, but she was sure that she could figure something out.

She kept her arms out and yelled. “Hello Doctor-Father! Doctor-Mother! I’m home!”

For a while there was no answer.

"Perhaps we should help?"

“No, I can do this. Just...give me a moment.”

Evie yelled out again and, after a minute or so, two guards came to see what the fuss was about.


“I am not moving...”

“...Um...halt anyway!”

The other guard rolled her eyes and aimed her gun. “Subject 0-0? Is that you?”

“My name is Evie.”

The guard leaned to the side of her chest to a walkie and turned it on. “I’ve got a confirmed sighting of subject 0-0 on floor 2-B. She appears to be in a non-aggressive state. Request for backup at a minimal.”

“‘Non-aggressive’? I must apologize. I am very aggressive.” Evie stared at the woman on the walkie with her eyeless gaze; the other guard shuddered.

“Well? Go get her. I’ve got you covered.” The woman aimed her gun at Evie and the other guard started walking slowly towards her.

“Come on now, kid. This’ll all blow...over!” The guard reached out quickly to grab Evie’s arm but she dodged it with precision. The man looked over at her in shock, and she turned her gaze to him and smiled.

“I can see you.”

With more backup coming to the guards around Evie, the right and left sides started to empty.

“I guess she scared ’em.” Ireane smirked, watching the guards drain out.

Migelle nodded and checked the hall. He reported that it was empty and headed towards the right side of the building. Ireane went out towards the left and smirked.

“Good job, kid. Good job.”

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