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A Visit in the Night

It wasn’t often that she slept un-disturbed by something; her sisters, a doctor, a thought; but she had been so tired after having her wounds dressed and her drops in that she thought she might. Her surprise was great when she was woken up that morning; she had slept the entire night.

When the morning did come to her, so did her Doctor Mother. She guessed it was Dr. Lavrine, and she guessed right. Dr. Lavrine didn’t like to talk much; to her, Evie was an experiment; like a lab rat. And she didn’t bother getting attached to lab rats.

Dr. Lavrine sat Evie down and took off her eye cloth.

“Disgusting...” she mumbled, looking down.

“Do my eyes make you sick, Doctor Mother?”

“You don’t have eyes. You have holes. And they are putrid.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You should be. If your DNA code didn’t malfunction, I wouldn’t have to do this.”

Evie frowned as her Doctor Mother tilted her head back roughly and inserted her drops. She would have squinted in pain if she had eyelids, but she didn’t, so she endured.

“It hurts Doctor Mother...”

“Well I’ll be sure to write that down in my notes.”

“Could the concentration be lessened?”

Dr. Lavrine got up and sneered back at her. “Why?”

As Dr. Lavrine left, Evie sighed and sat in silence on her bed. She had a regiment yesterday, and since it was Dr. Lavrine who was on eye duty today, she wouldn’t get to talk to anyone for what would probably be the entire day. No one alive anyway.

"Hello Evangeline; sweet Evangeline."

“Hello Sister.Which are you?”

"Twenty-Two of three-hundred. Before that, Diana."

“Hello, Diana. It’s nice to hear form you.”

"And it’s nice to be called by my name."

“Do you have any news? Doctor Mother Lavrine is in today, so I won’t be getting any news from life.”

"Well there seems to be some ruckus in the Eastern wing today. Far from here; another experiment."

“Can you see it?”

"Yes. There’s a girl there. She’s angry."

“I wish I could see her. It would be nice to have a friend.

"Well she’s new, and kind of aggressive. I don’t think she’d make a good friend, sweet Evangeline."

“Well thank you for the news, Diana. How is everything where you are?”

"It’s warm. Some places are hot and horrid, but for us it’s warm. We don’t get burned here, or hurt."

“I wish I could come...”

"We do too, with all our hearts. We’re still here in the building, but at least we’re out of their reach. Unlike innocent and so tortured still..."

“Don’t blame yourselves. It’s not your fault I survived the testing phase. They made me that way. Injected things into me before I was remember?”

"Always. We cried on your birth, Evangeline. We tried to stop it; to take you away with us before you could be touched... But we were not strong enough."

Evie lay down on her bed and felt the cool, metal walls.

“Is my Birth Mother still here? Does she ever visit?”

"Your birth mother was a very scared woman. They took her from the street and kept her here for ten months. When you were born they..."

Evie gripped at the blanket on her bed.

"They took her to a warm place; away from the cold of these metal walls."

There was silence for a long while.

"The ruckus has died down; she’s been sedated."

“Aren’t we all...”

Because she had been through a tough regiment the day before, breakfast was skipped; as to not upset her stomach. When lunch time rolled around, Evie was hungry and weak.

A box of food was lowered down from the door above her, and placed on the ground. Once the door was closed again, she walked over to the box and opened it.

“Oatmeal and barley.”

She took a bite.

“Oh, and flax powder.”

She ate in silent acceptance of the flavorless food she was eating. She wanted to sigh, or just not eat it, but it was the only food she would get. If she refused to eat, they would give her no more food until she had eaten it. Her sisters had told her that; one of them had died from a mixture of starvation, and food poisoning.

Something else she had learned long ago was what her food really was: it was cattle feed. She was eating the bare minimum requirement for life in a field; not a house.

“Lab rat...”

The words echoed in her head. She tried to turn them into an object. To her, they were sharp and cold.

“Lab rat.”

Once her box was returned she was alone again. After twelve years of this routine, she still had no idea what to do with herself in the darkness and boredom. She blocked out her sisters for a few moments so she could be in peace, and ended up falling asleep. She was woken up by the door and box at dinner, and soon her day had come to an end.

"Something’s coming for you, Evangeline." Three-hundred voices whispered into the night.

“Something is always coming for me.”

"But this is different. This is something unknown."

“If it’s unknown, how do you all know about it?”

"Question us not, sweet sister. Just know that we love you, and that we will stay here."

It was almost one in the morning. The night guards were walking silently through the corridors, and one was unlocking a cell door.

“You think you’re better than us, bitch? Well I think I know a way to fix that...”

It wasn’t long before that same guard; John Morehay; was escorting a girl down the hall to the main surveillance room.

“Shift chance. You two get out.”

The two men on shift looked at the girl behind him and smirked.

“Okay John. Shift change. Got it.”

They got up and left the room, heading over to the break area. When they were gone, the girl stopped hiding and smirked as she shut the door. She was about nineteen years old, had light skin, freckles and olive-yellow hair that was cut so it spiked slightly in the middle. Her eyebrows were thick and she had holes in her face on her lip, eyebrow and ears. These were from piercings that had been removed when she was taken in for her own regiments. She had several black-ink tatoos on her arms and hips; mostly of Mexican-style skulls or rose stems. She wore the same basic outfit as Evie, but could do something much different. Her eyes and lips were red, and as she looked at the sleeping blind girl on the monitor in front of her, she smiled.

Minutes went by, and Evie sat up in her bed.


"Yes? We are here. And it is so rare that you call on us in-"

“The door. I want to go through it.”

"The door on the roof? Sweet Evangeline, you have always protested using that door."

She only repeated. “The door. I want to go through it.”

He sisters swirled into her mind, taking over her body. They lifted her up to the unreachable door on her roof, and found that it was unlocked. They sent Evie through it and released their grip.

"Do you want our help to find your way around here, sister? You have never walked through these halls."

She didn’t respond. She simply started walking. Through concrete floors with metal doors she walked. She walked right past cameras, but no alarms sounded. Her sisters grew anxious.

"We told you something would come, sweet Evangeline. You are not yourself this night."

Again, there was no answer. She simply walked until she she passed a room with a glass door. There, two men saw her. There, two men stopped her.

“HALT! Evangeline!?” The man cocked his gun so she’d know it was there. She halted, and the girl in the surveillance room swore.

“What are you doing out of your room? How did you get here?”

Evie turned to the two men and raised her covered eyes to their gaze; they swallowed hard.

“Why am I here?” She asked, her clothed stare never faltering.

“That’s what I’m asking you!”

“Not in the hallway; in the lab.”

The man seemed confused, but decided to answer her anyway; he just wanted her back in the room as quickly as possible. “From what I know, you are experiment 3-0-1 or 0-0. You are here so we can see if there’s a Heaven or Hell.”

The blond girl smiled as she watched over the monitor.

“You want to see Hell?” Evie asked “Then see Hell.”

Evie’s head shot up and her sisters answered her call. Some lifted her up out of bullet’s reach; some flew from her fingers and into the guns below, causing powder and metal to fly forth; and some tore at the guards’ eyes. When the guns were down so was Evie, and she started to tear at one of the men’s necks. Screams echoed through the hallway.


When it was over, she walked again; her hands painted red and her knees slightly scraped. She walked through the complex until she reached a surveillance room, where a blond girl waited.

“Good work,” was all she said.

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