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Alone When Surrounded

Migelle went down the main hallway of the lab until he reached an elevator. He knew from the monitors that none of the others were being held on this floor; that they were all placed in the sub-floors. He got in the elevator and went down to floor 3-B. He knew that he would be more successful going there than where Evie was, so he’d save floor 2-B for last, if he needed to go there at all.

Ireane did the opposite thing and went to 2-B first, making any guards she met move out of the way. Fortunately, she only met one on her way to the first room.

“Yo, anyone here?” She asked, finding a door that seemed similar to the one she had when she was here.

“He-llo?” A weak voice came from the other side of the door.

Ireane looked in through the small window on the door. There was a girl there who was tied to her bed. Ireane looked around for something to open the door with, and found a pair of keys in a drawer on the wall.

“I’m here to get you out, okay?” Ireane said, unlocking the door.


She opened the door and started to untie the girl, who looked to be a little older than Evie. “That’s what I said, isn’t it? Now get outta here.”

The girl sat up slowly and rubbed her wrists and ankles; where she had been tied. Ireane sighed; this girl didn’t know what she was doing. Her eyes glowed red and the girl got up and started walking the safest route out.

“One down, five to go.”

On floor 3-B Migelle wasn’t having quite as much luck finding people. He had been searching for a while now, but no one seemed to be around. He clenched his fists and hit one of the metal doors in anger.


“Be careful out there, will ya!? I’m in a precarious position here!”

Migelle looked up and looked through the door’s small window. There was a teenage girl there who was sitting in a perimeter of electrical currents. She was surrounded on all sides and everything in between; she looked a bit angry.

“Are you trying to make me fall over and die!?”

“ I’m trying to get you out of here.”


“I. Am trying. To get you. Out of. Here.”

The girl rolled her eyes a bit and squinted at him through the window. “You don’t look like a guard...”

“That’s because I’m not. Look, can you just tell me how to get you out of here so I can move on?”

The girl smiled. “If you can turn this current off with the switch in here, you can leave the rest to me.”

Back on floor 2-B, Evie was finally being taken seriously. More and more guards were coming towards her, and aiming their guns.

“Now if you just come quietly, we won’t have any problems...”

It was obvious that they were worried; no doubt because of what they had heard or seen happen to the last people she stood up against in here. While one of them talked, others were creeping quietly towards Evie. She kept staring at the one who was talking, but knew all the while that others were coming.

One reached out to grab her and she moved her arm, catching his hand. At that, the other two coming from her sides rushed forward. Evie ducked down to the ground, bringing the one guard down with her. She then let go of his hand and kicked him at the other two, causing them to trip. All around her she heard guns cocking.

“I do not plan to come quietly. In fact, I do not plan to come at all.”

“Subject 0-0!” The woman with the walkie yelled, stepping closer. “I demand that you stop this nonsense and give up! We have guns! We have shocks! And we don’t want to hurt you!”

Evie turned to the woman. “But you do intend to hurt me, just like you did before. Just like you still do with the other ten that are here!”

“How do you know about them?”

“I told you before, I can see.” Evie smirked and Con lifted her up onto his shoulders. A few shots were fired, but they missed.

“Hold off!” The woman yelled, staring up at Evie.

“I can see your demise!” Evie shouted and screamed out as her sisters rushed from her fingers and eyes. Her voice gave them substance for a moment, and it worked all too well. Three-hundred smoke-filled ghosts rushed, screaming, at the guards. They tried to shoot them, but their bullets did nothing since the girls never formed fully.

When Evie stopped screaming they were unseen again, and even harder to defend against; not that there was much that could be done besides running. People ducked and yelled and tried to find cover, but their every move could be seen.

“Subject 0-0! Stop this now!” The woman tried to shoot Evie down in a desperate attempt to stop the madness, but Con moved her quickly out of the way.

Evie took a breath and screamed again; more white smoke flowing from her mouth and into her sisters and Con. Her eye-holes started to bleed from the stress, and blood dripped down Evie’s face. She put so much effort into her scream that many of her sisters got solid forms, and chased after the guards. They also went for lights, doors, and anything in their path that could be destroyed.

More and more guards came rushing out at the sound of the cries, and soon even doctors were running towards Evie. Some tried to pull her down and shut her up, but again Con defended. He put the screaming girl on his shoulders and kicked doctors and guards away. He smashed his bottle on someone’s head, and stabbed others.

"Ya’ll best be leaving her alone now!" He yelled, smiling at the fact that he had form. ”Only devils hurt children."

On floor 3-B the chaos was heard but not felt. Everyone with a gun or lab coat had left this floor, giving Migelle more room to wander.

“Hello? If anyone is around, please let me know!” He listened for a few moments before yelling out again. “I’m here to help you so come on!”

There was a banging noise coming from one of the doors, and Migelle rushed over. There was no window on this door, and it was thicker than the others.

“Is someone in there?”

When there was no answer he banged back. There was another knock as his reply and took the badge he had taken from Ireane back in the surveillance room. He used it to open the door, and a girl fell onto the floor.

“Is it all girls in this place or am I crazy?” He said, helping her up.

“Hey, who are you?”

“Doesn’t matter. Just hurry up and get out, okay?”

The girl nodded and raced towards the elevator, tripping on her shoelaces a few times. Migelle sighed and moved on. There was another door with a window and he looked in. There was a girl who was sitting, cross-legged, in the air. He knocked on the door cautiously and she opened on eye.


“Hey uh...can I get you out?”

“Do you wish to get me out?”


“Then you may.” She closed her eye again and Migelle opened the door.

She stepped down out of the air and started walking calmly towards the elevator. “Thanks.”

“No problem?”

Back up on 2-B things were getting a bit chaotic for Ireane. There were guards running around a bit closer to her now, and had blocked her path to the elevator down. She groaned and huffed, hoping that Migelle would take care of 3-B on his own.

She moved around until she found another door, and looked in the little window. To her surprise, the room was pink, and there were even a few toys on the bed. She looked around for someone in the weird little room. She thought she saw something move, so she opened the door.

“Hallo? Anybody ho-ome?”

A small head peeked out from behind the bed; a very small head. Ireane walked over to see who it belonged to, thinking it was that of a toy, but was surprised to see a three-inch tall girl with striking grey eyes.

“I’m scared...” She whispered.

“Well don’t be...” Ireane’s eyes glowed red. “Be calm.”

The girl’s eyes slowly changed from grey to pale pink, and she grew. Ireane decided that it would be best to keep this girl calm, as she couldn’t have been older than four, and the area was not all that safe for a young girl. She kept her in control and sent her out the safest route before moving on to more doors.

The more Evie screamed, the more intense her sisters became. They started moving out from the middle of the lab to the sides, causing total destruction everywhere they went.

"WELCOME TO HELL!" The screamed as they tore flesh from bone; metal from walls.

"Vodka? Evodkaline? Are you okay?"

Evie didn’t respond; she only screamed. Con frowned and held her up, out of harm’s way.

"Don’t worry, Vodka. I won’t let you get hurt."

Con walked with Evie over dead bodies and broken walls, keeping her away from any crumbling structure. He kept her sitting on his shoulders and walked softly, looking up at her.

"You are very kind." A woman was looking at him, standing calmly between the wreckage.

"Well I love ’er too."

The woman nodded and smiled. ”My name is Diana. I am Evangeline’s sister."

"Mister Con." He held out his hand. She smiled and shook it.

"This place is crumbling, Mister Con. If you would, could you please take Evie out soon?"

Con nodded. ”What about you?"

"I still have some work to do here." Diana looked around at the dying building. ”We have a few more floors to go to."

Con looked down and realized that he was still holding onto Diana’s hand. He took it away and smiled a bit. He looked up to her, but she had gone. Con looked back up to Evie and started towards the stairs up.

"I’ll take care of ’er, miss Diana. Truly I will."

Migelle opened another large door and a girl stepped out, taking a deep breath.


“Think you can get out okay?”

“Um...probably.” She shrugged.

“Just...get going.”

The girl waved and started off towards the elevator and Migelle went off towards a corner.

“Fuck, this had better be it for this floor.”

He turned and smiled at the dead-end with one door there. He went to it and opened the door.

“Hey. I’m here to save you, yadda yadda yadda.”

The girl sat up on her bed. “What’s going on up there?”

“Bad things, now come on.”

She got up and started walking with Migelle towards the elevator. There was a scream, and a man started running down the hallway; bumping into, and falling onto, Migelle.

“Go on! I’ll keep him here!” He yelled and the girl hesitated before running towards the elevator. He struggled with the man on top of him, and took his gun.

“Hey kid! I need that! I’m being chased by fucking death-mongers!”

“Get up now.”

The man got up and held his hands at eye-level. “E-Easy now...”

Migelle aimed the gun at the guard. “Leave. Now.”

“Right.” The man turned and ran towards the stairs where he came. The walls were starting to shake, and Migelle put the gun over his shoulder, running through the hallways to check for any other girls.

“Is anyone here!? Is anyone stuck!?” He raced down the halls, banging and checking every door he came across. “Please answer!”

Ireane felt the lab’s structure start to crumble; already beams were falling and concrete was cracking. She raced to the far side of the complex where someone was banging on the door to her room. Ireane opened it quickly.

“Come on, time to go.” She grabbed her forearm but the girl pulled her back.

“We have to get my sister! Come on, come on!”

“Okay fine, but hurry!”

Ireane and the girl ran down three halls to get to the door where he sister was held. When the door was opened they embraced.

“I was so worried!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay!”

“Listen, I hate to break up the love-fest here,” Ireane said, watching the shaking walls. “But we really need to go.”

She started back towards the exit when the girl pulled her arm again.

“My sister! We have to get my sister!”

“We just got your sister!”

“My other sister! Come on, come on!”

She and the other girl started to run and Ireane groaned before following. “Okay, but there better not be any more of you!”

They ran full-speed through two more hallways before they got to the door. At first, Ireane thought that no one was in there, since no one was banging or yelling making any sort of a fuss. But when she looked through the little window sure enough, a girl was there. She was sitting calmly on her bed, staring at the wall.

“That’s her that’s her! Get her out! Come on!”

Ireane opened the door and the two girls rushed in. The girl on the bed looked over and got up.

“Time to go?”

“Time to go.”

The walls were shaking violently now, and the concrete walls in the girls room started cracking. Ireane’s eyes glowed red and one of the girls started to run for the door. Naturally, the others followed. Ireane sighed and started running, when a guard rushed past.

“You!” He yelled, turning back around.

“What do you mean m-”

The guard wasted no time. He aimed his gun and shot her. Ireane’s eyes widened and she gasped, falling slowly to her knees. She could make the man stop and help her, but she knew she couldn’t. She needed to keep that girl and her sisters running for the exit. The guard walked over to her.

“You did this, didn’t you!? You fucking made this happen you bitch!”

Ireane just gagged and held her stomach, where she had been shot. The man put the gun to her head.

“Stop it! Make it stop!”

“I...can’t...” She gasped, looking up at him.

He cocked his gun and she smirked.

“And even...if I could...I wouldn’t.”

The man fired his gun and Ireane fell to the side, smirking still. To the man’s surprise the walls did not stop shaking, and he screamed as a beam fell down on him. One last laugh for Ireane Shurbet, and one less guard for Evie’s ghosts to kill.

Con carried Evie slowly up the stairs to the first floor and looked around. He saw a couple girls run past and hid Evie from them, just in case. The entire place was falling apart, and Evie’s sisters were everywhere. Con took Evie in his arms and stroked her hair.

"It’s okay now, Vodka. You did it. It’s going down. It’s all going down."

She screamed still, blood coming out her nose, eyes and mouth. Con wiped it away.

"Shh. It’s okay. Ya don’t need to be scared no more. You don’t need to scream."

Evie’s body convulsed in his arms, and he hugged her tightly, rubbing her back.

"Shh. Shh now..."

Soon her body stopped, and her scream faded. She breathed out deeply, and all was silent. Con lay her down on the ground and swept her hair from her face. In the distance, Ireane lay dead on the ground. On floor 3-B, Migelle found himself trapped as the walls were crumbling around him. He sat down calmly, and looked up as a chunk of roof fell down upon him. Con held Evie’s hand, and soon the lab filled with sound once more.

"Evangeline, Evangeline, feel nothing anymore.

Evangeline, Evangeline, run through the open door.

Come join us here in our crusade,

Come join us now in Hell.

It’s better than this promenade;

It’s better than this cell."

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