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Two Lost is One Gained

Evie lay silent on the ground with Con watching over her. He placed his hand on her heart and pressed it down and up, down and up. Around them, her sisters stood, slowly fading from solid forms into nothingness once more.

Con closed his eyes and felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up, expecting to see Diana, but she wasn’t there. A girl with red lips and eyes smiled at him, and she was holding a slightly younger boy’s hand. Con moved to the side and the other two knelt down, looking at Evie.

The girl’s red lips curved to a smile, and the boy nodded. He leaned down and kissed her, breathing into her slowly. After which, the girl did the same. Soon, each of Evie’s sisters knelt down beside her and breathed into her lips.

When it was Con’s turn, another hand was on his shoulder. This time it was Diana.

"Not you, Mister Con." She said, smiling and taking his place.

"But I wanna help her too."

"You can help her by staying with her. She needs you, Mister Con."

"But she needs you too!"

"Not as much. Not anymore." She smiled and kissed Con’s cheek before breathing into her sister. Evie took the breath in, and soon started to breath slowly. Con looked up at Diana, but she was gone. They all were. He picked Evie up and headed outside.

As Evie was carried out, ten girls looked over at her in surprise. Some were sitting and crying, some were standing, and some were just staring away; but they all looked at Evie. One girl walked up to her and Con laid her down once more.

“I think she saved us.” The girl said, touching Evie’s cheek.

“You think so?”

“I do.”

The girls murmured and nodded, walking up to her one by one and nudging her awake.

Evie sat up slowly, and Con supported her weight for her.

“My...eyes...” Evie whispered, feeling the blood. One Girl ripped a part of her gown and wrapped it around Evie’s bleeding sockets.

“You okay, kid?”

Evie shook her head but faced the girls. “Are you all?”

There was a collective nod and murmur. Evie laid back on Con and breathed slowly.

“I didn’t know...there were others.” She whispered apologetically.

“Well there’s probably more.” One of the older girls said, looking up at the night sky. “We can’t be the only ones.”

“I want…them…stopped.” Evie whispered, curling up in Con’s arms. “Every last one.”

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