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Cold Air on the Skin

“Good work,” the girl said, closing the door to the surveillance room. A guard lay dead on the floor, and Evie nodded.

“Thank you, oh merciful Ireane.” Evie said.

“Oh, do go on.”

“You are so great and pretty.”

“I know, I know. But we have shit to do kid, so stop talking.”

Evie put a hand to her lips and Ireane went back to the monitors.

“Shit. It looks like our little interrupts have been found. That means we’ll have to take the direct route...”

With Ireane distracted, Evie started to feel more self-aware.


Ireane looked back. “Op. Come back to me. I ain’t done with you yet.” Her eyes glowed red and Evie stood motionless once more. Ireane smiled and went back to the monitor.

“Okay kid, here’s your job...”

A few minutes later, Evie walked slowly out of the surveillance room and towards the a hallway that connected her to the hallway she was in before. Her head was down and she had something in her hand.

The hallway had about seven guards in it, and once one noticed Evie, they all did.

“HALT! 0-0! What are you doing out of your room!?”

One of the guards looked down at Evie’s hands and saw the blood that covered her. She aimed her gun.

“Did you do this!? Did you!?”

Evie remained silent.

“Answer her, Evangeline!”

Evie looked up and smiled; a few of the guards looked away. She was holding her eye cloth in her hand, and her sockets were plain and visible. They never had formed for her, and were caked in dried blood. She didn’t even have eyelids to hide them; and they stared at the guards with an unforgiving accuracy.

“Yes, I did.”

Had the regular surveillance men been at their stations at that time, they might have seen the true hatred that Evie’s sisters held in their being. They raced from Evie’s eyes and fingers and screamed. They screamed as they tore flesh from bone and entered the guards. Two-hundred souls possessed one guard, causing her eyes and mouth to bleed; she choked on that blood. The rest just tore; tore and screamed and killed. Evie just stood there smiling and, when all was done, went to the main elevator.

More guards were there of course; the original seven had called for help. They were the cavalry; sent from all over the complex; floor two, lobby one, the main exit. Only twelve fit in the elevator at one time; some waited for the next one and the rest took the stairs. Only those who took the stairs survived the night.

When Evie made it to the exit, Ireane had already made it outside. Bodies had followed, though not nearly as many. Ireane looked back for a mere moment at the place that had held her captive for the past six months, and saw the silhouette of a girl; blood dripping from her hands. She willed the Evie outside, and released her.

“Hey; welcome back to the world of sentience.”

Evie gasped as her mind came back to her, and she moved her fingers around. They felt wet and cold, and she smelled like blood.

“Am...I not in my room?”

“Nope. You’re outside, kid. Remember outside?”

“I’ve...I’ve never been outside.”

Ireane’s smile faded and she took the cloth from Evie’s hand. “What do you mean you’ve...never been outside?”

“I was made in my room. I’ve never left it.”

Ireane frowned and looked down. Suddenly, Evie started screaming.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing!?”

“My eyes! It hurts my eyes!” She covered her sensitive flesh with her hands “Where’s my cloth!? Please! Please, do you have it!?”

Ireane scrambled to put it back on and Evie sighed; a small trail of blood escaped her eyes.

“Thank you...”

“You’re pretty fucking messed up, kid. Listen...I ain’t got time to look out for you, but if you walk...forward you should hit a road. Just keep walking, and don’t let them catch you.”

“I want to go back inside...”

“No! You don’t!”

“But I don’t even know how I got here!” Her cloth became damp.

Ireane sighed. “I got you out of there. I can do this thing with people; make them do what I want. But I can only do one at a time, so I got you to do the rest. Oh, and that blood...don’t worry. It isn’t yours.”

“It’s not-”

Evie moved her head up to hear where Ireane was s she could face her, but she wasn’t there anymore. She had ran, and apparently suggested that Evie do the same. She was cold, and she was scared, so she called for her sisters.

“Are you there? I can barely hear you...”

"We’re barely here, Evangeline; sweet Evangeline."

“Why? Where did you go?”

"We told you; we’ll stay here. We’re cursed to this place, Evangeline. We can’t leave it. But you... You can."

“But I can’t go without you!”

"You must. You must go. And you must run. They’ll come for you, dear sister. They’ll notice you’re gone and they’ll come for you."

“But without you I...I can’t even walk around!” Evie started to panic.

"Shh. We shall hold them off if we can. You gave us our revenge, sister. All we need now, if for you to be free."

“Don’t leave me...”

"We will always think of you; we will always love you..."

Three-hundred voices, once strong, started to fade and soon, Evie was left alone in the night. She had never even left her room before, and suddenly she was outside.

“It was supposed to be far away...unreachable. Now it’s up close...and I don’t know what to do...”

She spoke to the night; to the stars she couldn’t see and didn’t know existed; to her sisters who now haunted the halls of her home and her Doctor Father’s and Mother’s; to the strange girl who had left her here.

She felt cold air on her skin; a feeling she had never known before; and breathed it in. Her lungs rejected it at first, but soon she adapted to it. She knew deep down that she didn’t need to hurry. No one would look for her; not now. She had “worked”. They had the means to make more of her after they cleaned up.

“Besides...” She thought, feeling the words now circle in emptiness in her head “I killed someone... I’m tainted goods now; a contaminated experiment.”

She took another deep breath and held the cool air in before taking a step. She had nowhere to go, no way to get there, and no one to lead her, but she couldn’t go home; not anymore.

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