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Launch the Dragon ships! Invade every city, rape, pillage and plunder!

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

“Launch the Dragon ships! Invade every city, rape, pillage and plunder! Here are special orders for you my trusted one. Fire on La Palma in the Canary Islands until the mountain splits and falls into the sea. The Prophecy must be fulfilled!” Lord Tolpiltzin bellowed.

“Consider it done my Lord.” Attalus calls out in reply. “Poseidon will give us ultimate victory!”

“The United States of America will be sorry they joined with the Nishi.” Tolpiltzin blustered with a wry smile. “I will stay with my ship until you return in victory to rescue the elite.”

“All pilots launch your vessels!” Attalus yelled to the crew. “We attack Oceanus!”

Tolpiltzin saw the Nishi flagship approaching to board his damaged vessel, the flagship of the Nagas. He quickly decided to bail and escaped on a Dragon ship, leaving elite Nagas and crew to fend for themselves. Enroute he broadcasted a message to the people of Oceanus by way of their satellite.

“People of Oceanus, hear my words. I am Tolpiltzin, leader of the Naga warriors. We have come to Oceanus to renew our bond with our kin from ages past. We once lived here in the dawn of civilization. We have returned to show the people of Oceanus a new way of life for all. We welcome all people who would join us in our quest for knowledge and discovery. You can partake of the discovery of other worlds in distant star systems. In the days of yore, our ancestors honored the true gods of space and time. For their loyalty they were awarded passage on starships to the home of the gods. On our planet the gods have taught us to construct universities and become teachers in science and technology.

“As Admiral of the Naga Galactic Fleet, I am prepared to offer scholarships and free passage to worthy candidates. However at this hour we have entered into a unexpected conflict with a race of aliens not of this world. These strange extraterrestrials intend to deny us entry into our ancestral home Oceanus. We ask your help in fighting the Nishi an alien race. We K’ny who have returned are human like you. You are our brothers and sisters. We are family. We seek refuge here now that the Nishi have attacked us in space.”

Spoon and Judy watched the Nishi starship carrying their friends launch from Riverfront Park in Portland and head into the sky until it vanished over Mt Hood. It was a clear day and they caught the Light Rail to Mount Tabor. All their friends were gone far away to another world 400 light years away but they had decided to stay on Oceanus and make a life together. They hoped the Nishi would stay and help to defeat the Nagas.

Sergeant Witherspoon and Private Judy Ishimaru of the National Guard heard the news of the Naga defeat by the combined fleets of the USA, China, Japan and India. Now Russia, Korea and the Philippines had joined the coalition to fight the Naga invasion of Kamchatka. There were rumors of a Dragon ship siting over Seattle. Spoon wanted to travel east to fight against the Nagas and to contact his folks in South Carolina. Judy consented to go with him. Her folks had left on a Nishi starship departing from Seattle. Months ago they fled the East coast because of the terrible onslaught of the Tsunami and the loss of so many friends and neighbors. There was inconsolable sadness in their hearts and eyes of people they met and also a mounting rage against the Naga.

At the top of Mt. Tabor, Spoon and Judy watched the sun set over the Ocean. A peaceful twilight descended over the metropolis. Judy prepared fish for dinner as Spoon tended the fireplace. A rumble and loud noise rocked the house. Spoon went outside and saw an explosion north near the airport.

“This must be a Naga invasion,” remarked Spoon in a tone of bewilderment.

“I suppose I was naïve in thinking the Naga were defeated and would leave our planet,” Judy replied, her lips trembling in shock.

Despondent, Spoon said, “It won’t be long before they find us here and bomb our home.”

“You are not giving up on me now, are you, big boy?” Judy nudged him with a smile.

“Anger has taken hold of me. I was hoping to have a good time tonight. We cannot stay here and live in peace.”

“Let’s make use of that anger and kick their ass!” exclaimed Judy.

“Looks like they are headed this way in a hurry!” declared Spoon.

Judy agreed. “We had better leave.”

They decided to leave but not by train because the electricity may have been cut off.

“Koko left a rocket propelled hover craft in the garage,” Judy uttered.

“He is one handy fella. You know how to drive it?” Spoon asked doubtfully.

“Yup, Koko showed me how, and took me around the hills here.”

“All right let’s get it fired up,” Spoon replied with gusto.

Judy fired up the craft, and Spoon jumped in and they headed toward downtown Portland.

Spoon was suddenly alarmed. “You are taking us toward the danger zone.”

“Yes, we have no weapons.” Judy grinned mischievously. “I know where there is a stash at a Pizzeria.”

“What will you do if we encounter a Dragon ship?” Spoon asked.

“Put on this armor. It’s made of fullerene and will shield your body from their blasters.” Judy spoke in a maternal tone with a twist of irony.

“How about you?” Spoon replied.

“Get me a suit as well, darling. They are stored in the back.” Judy replied affectionately.

They soon arrived at the Pizzeria near the plaza downtown. Together they had pizza and juice but they could hear explosions to the west, they getting closer by the minute. Judy went to the back of the restaurant to find the stash of weapons.

An explosion rocked the block destroying the restaurant. Judy was protected behind a concrete wall behind the building. She got up trying to shake off the initial shock and stumbled into the rubble to look for Spoon. She called out for Spoon in the desolation and dug through the rubble hoping to find him alive. She heard commotion outside and saw troops of Naga warriors approaching. She ran to the rear of the ruins behind the wall to the hover craft. Holding back the tears she vowed to avenge Spoon and face the Nagas in battle. She fired up the craft, activated the protective shield and blasted out of there. The sky was dark but the city was lit up in flames amid the smoke of burning buildings. Soon she saw two stragglers along the road. One was dressed in Nishi armor. Stopping to get a closer look she recognized a friend she thought had taken flight.

“Brian, is that you? I thought you took to the stars, spaceman?” Judy exclaimed.

“Hey Judy, what a nice surprise it is to see you. It’s me all right. The Nishis had other plans for me.” Brian replied.

“And who is this fellow, may I ask?” Judy asked.

“You may my lady. I am Ulani of the Nishi,” he replied nobly.

“Welcome aboard friends,” Judy declared. Ulani, perhaps you can tell me how to find friendly forces?”

“You are looking at it.” Ulani joked.

“So you two are going to take on the Naga fleet, I suppose?” Judy suppressed a laugh.

“With a little help from our friends, we will seize the day.” Ulani spoke in a confident manner but this time with a British accent.

“Ok, enough of the fun and games guys. Just tell me where our troops are.” Judy was exasperated.

“Yes, just head southeast toward Gresham. We have a secure base there,” Ulani disclosed.

“Ulani, how do you come to know English so well?” Judy asked.

“What you never heard of Star Trek?” Ulani joked with a wide grin.

“Oh so I suppose people who live in faraway galaxies grow up learning proper English,” Judy laughed to hear about her favorite show. “Yet if we go south of the border I will need a translator.”

Ulani conceded he was cornered. “Ok you got me there. I lived here for some time in San Diego. I was stationed at the Naval Base in coordination with a treaty of cooperation between the USA and the Nishi.”

Judy laughed. “I’ve got to admit you have a sense of humor. So Brian what made you stay here? Is your family still here?”

“I am working on a project to build a spaceship. My family is still here in Portland and I need to get to them soon,” Brian replied stoically.

“You can drop off Brian. His home is along the way,” Ulani remarked.

“Do you have a pen somewhere?” Brian asked Judy.

“Look in the compartment in front there,” Judy said.

Brian opened the compartment and noticed an envelope. There he saw an envelope with ‘SECRET’ stamped on it.

“Ulani, I believe this envelope is best kept in your hands. It’s addressed to Admiral Mitsuo,” Brian remarked with uncharacteristic urgency.

“Koko must have left that here. He must have forgotten about it,” Judy speculated.

“You never know about Koko. The letter could be his idea of a joke,” Ulani suggested.

Brian inquired. “Judy, how is your friend Spoon?”

She hesitated before she answered. “He was lost in the bombing of a Pizzeria we were visiting tonight.” Her speech faltered on her trembling lips. “I don’t know if he is still alive, I had to leave because the Nagas arrived on the scene.” She could no longer hold back tears and wept.

“You should have told us sooner. Maybe we could have radioed for help,” Brian consoled.

Judy recovered when she thought of the wicked Nagas. She sought revenge.

Ulani offered to help. “That’s ok Judy. We will send a force to look for him but first drop off Brian. His place is nearby.”

Judy dropped Brian off in a residential area, miles from the combat zone. A few minutes later, she and Ulami arrived at the base where she dropped off Ulani.

“Thanks for the ride. Where will you go from here?” Ulani asked.

“To attack the Nagas and avenge Spoon,” Judy asserted her will to fight on.

She saw a strange sight in the sky to the Northwest. Maybe it was an eagle or a vulture but the shape looked more like something prehistoric.

“Do you see that flying over there?” Judy cried out in alarm.

“That is a Naga dragon. A Naga commander is here and has unleashed his pets,” Ulani spoke plainly.

“A Dragon...you mean a fire breathing Dragon?” Judy asked incredulously.

“Yes. Terror is loosed upon your people,” Ulani said to awaken her inmost being.

“I am going to smoke that dragon,” Judy cried out in anguish and rage.

Never before had she the desire to fight. She longed for peace and tranquility, but now a raging violence without end descended upon her. Something inside her changed and transformed her as an avenging angel. Not a fire or flame but coolness of spirit calmed her mind and filled her with light.

“Judy, I have a few words to say to you before I leave on this urgent mission to secure these plans,” Ulani put his hand on her shoulder. “You are of the Nephali of Oceanus, a beloved sister of the Nishi. I bless you on this mission to avenge Oceanus. May Amaterasu bless you.”

“Thank you Ulani. My mother told me I would one day fight against evil in a battle. That day is now before me.” Judy’s eyes shined with a beauteous light.

“Be sure to wear the helmet to protect you from the scorching fire. Wherever you go you will soon find allies. I must go now.” Ulani hugged her and bid her Au revoir.

“Goodbye Ulani.” Judy whispered as he left on his journey.

Judy drove northwest toward the Rose City Cemetery. Ulani’s words filled her with hope and she wondered how she came to be a Nishi warrior. To defend Oceanus was her destiny.

As she arrived on North Fremont Street Judy saw soldiers battling Naga Storm troopers surrounding Beaumont Middle School. She parked the hover craft and assessed the scene. A dragon with a rider on its back was gliding over the school. Judy put on her helmet and grabbed a blaster. A blast of fire spewed from the mouth of the dragon toward the soldiers who took refuge behind parked cars and ran for shelter as the Storm troopers advanced on the school. Judy fired at the dragon. Hit in the neck, the dragon fell to earth, its rider landed on the roof of the school. She ran to where the dragon fell and stood over it. She pulled a sword from a scabbard on her side and severed its head… her first kill.

Judy advanced toward the Naga Storm troopers who now were targeting her with fire. Thankfully, her suit protected her from the cosmic ray blasters. She suddenly felt a surge of energy and took off in a burst of speed toward the foe eluding their shots. As she approached the first Naga, he reached for a hammer from his side to strike her knowing she was vulnerable to blunt force. She cut off his arm before he could lift it and cut him down. She moved through the Naga pack, faster than lightning. To her they were moving in slow motion. She charged through enemy lines scorching the foe with bursts of lasers and setting them to flames and ashes. A blue light surrounded her for she carried a sword of lightning.

Soldiers of the Guard welcomed her arrival.

“Whoever you are, we are glad to see you blessed lady!” Private Tom spoke with astonishment.

“I am Judy of the Nishi here to protect you from the Naga.”

“Well young lady you are doing a good job. We are behind you. Lead us the way to vanquish the foe,” Major Mike replied enthusiastically.

The soldiers were equipped with sufficient body armor and weaponry to take on the storm troopers but they were no match for fire breathing Dragons. However they did have radio communication and fire support. Major Mike Mc Quire contacted Guard base for air support. Commander of base sent a pilot on a mission with an A-10 warthog to hunt down the dragons harassing the troops.

Lieutenant Will Powers climbed into the cockpit, did his preflight check and got clearance for takeoff from ground personnel. His blood was hot ready to blast a Dragon ship to smithereens. Nishi had provided the Guard with fullerene armor to protect the airframes and personnel from cosmic ray blasters.

Naga storm troopers were burning a swath from the airport through Portland and heading toward high points, at Mt. Tabor and Powell Butte. Looting was already occurring by turncoats who allied with the Naga for leftovers. Martial law was declared and the order was to shoot on sight for any looters caught red handed.

But there was yet another trick Commander Juba of the Naga unleashed on the people of Portland. Juba would sniff out any people hiding out with his voracious reptilian pets.

With the help of Judy, the Guard eliminated the Naga troops surrounding the school and set up a perimeter to safe guard the people sheltered inside from the ongoing battle.

Brian was a NASA scientist presently a guest lecturer in Quantum Physics at PSU. He and his family were witnessing the Naga invasion in their neighborhood in east Portland. In their basement hidden and from view they saw scenes of destruction and gore. Brian’s daughter Emily pointed to refugees surrendering to Naga commands and offering food. Brian and his wife Alicia were shocked at what they saw. Bodies of adult men and women were strapped on poles crucified. They witnessed beatings, whippings and beheadings from a shielded window in their underground home. The K’ny mercenaries were indeed ruthless and cruel. But at least they did not cut the hearts out of living people like the Aztecs did.

Now Brian and Alicia wished they had taken the Nishi transport out of Portland. They had heard of a Nishi starship that was engaging the enemy nearby, so there was hope. Emily looked out the window and turned around white with fear.

“What is it, Emily?” Alicia alarmed at the sight of her daughter stricken with horror.

Emily was frozen, unable to speak. Brian went over to Emily and held her. He looked out and saw a strange creature eight feet tall with a red crest of feathers atop his head, very long wide nose, deep set large eyes, long gangly legs and arms and six fingers on each hand. The head looked curious, sloped forehead with enlarged cerebellum. Only thirty feet away from the window, the creature looked around accompanied by feathery reptilians with jaws full of teeth. They sniffed about on all fours and stood in front of the window.

“Alicia, we have been discovered. We must leave at once,” Brian whispered in alarm.

Alicia grabbed backpacks of supplies prepared earlier, giving one to Brian as they made their escape into a tunnel. Brian had made a tunnel nearly a hundred feet long into a wooded area. Hurriedly they made their escape.

Judy jumped into the hover craft with the Private Tom of the Guard. He would provide her with updates on the position of Naga troop movements. She saw what looked like large chickens with colorful feathers. They were slashing at dogs that were chasing them. Soldiers moved in and shot the creatures down. Judy arrived at the top of Mt. Tabor and parked to get a good view of the scene below.

From her vantage point she looked northwest and saw the path of destruction left by the Nagas, burning and demolished neighborhoods. Out of the smoke rising from the city she saw a few dragon riders in the sky in the distance. Then she noticed a Navy jet take out one of the dragon riders, the rider falling to his death as the dragon fell to earth. She recognized the aircraft. It was an A-10 warthog. Suddenly a Dragon ship 300 feet long appeared and attacked the A-10 with a burst of purple against its airframe but it was deflected off the fullerene armor. Pilot Will Powers shot a ten second burst of depleted uranium shells into the Dragon ship riddling it from stem to stern. Lights went out in the ship as it swayed and plummeted to earth.

Judy rushed back to the hover craft to capture survivors of the wreck.

“Tom, let’s go!” Judy shouted. “We are going to board that Dragon ship.”

“Should we abandon our position?” Tom was hesitant to assault a Dragon ship.

“Our priority now is to capture the Naga commander and crew.” Judy spoke with confidence.

Impressed with her valor, Tom replied. “Yes. I will alert the troops to go to that position.”

“Here are the coordinates.” Judy pointed to a GPS tracker on the dash of the hover craft.

Judy arrived at the base of the butte where the Dragon ship crashed. Guard troops were already assembled and surrounding the vessel when a door opened at the port side by the prow. Judy shot a blast near the door. Naga troops limped out with their hands up as the Guard soldiers held guns ready to fire. One tall Naga in a black robe had a hood over its head. Judy was instantly suspicious of him.

“Tom, tell the soldiers to single that black robe out,” Judy commanded.

Soldiers took hold of the Naga and pulled back the hood. A crest of red on a strange looking head emerged. It was the Naga commander, Juba. His head fell forward and then he wrestled to get a knife from his side. A soldier shot him with a tazer and he fell to the ground. He was bound and captured. Being captured by humans was a tremendous disgrace for the Naga. He was going to commit suicide rather than being taken alive by inferior humans.

A party of rescuers dug through the rubble and found Spoon still alive and breathing. He was badly bruised and had sustained a broken arm, ribs and leg. He was taken to the hospital in the southeast of town. Recovering he asked for Judy but was told only a few survived the blast in the area and she was not among them.

Spoon was heartbroken and wondered why the loss of his dear friend Judy had become his fate. But news of the victory against the Nagas cheered him up despite the wholesale destruction of one third of the populous city. Two Dragon ships and ten transports were destroyed, and ten thousand Nagas captured or killed. Naga Commander Juba was captured and detained in maximum security. He was found to be guilty of killing two pilots in an earlier incident on the border of Arizona and Mexico. Now he was held for the invasion of Portland. The Naga Storm troopers also known as the K’ny were found to be human through DNA analysis with markers of J haploid. Koko’s story of their migration to a distant planet in the Pleiades star system was confirmed in interrogation with Nishi interpreters. Not all Naga warriors were as clever as Lord Tolpiltzin. Spoon heard about a heroine who singlehandedly destroyed a Naga transport and vanquished nine hundred warriors. She was said to be invisible, moving as quickly as lightning, and when standing with a sword in hand she shined in a blue light.

Will Powers woke up on a clear sunny day on the outskirts of Brunswick. He brushed his teeth and took his Chiweenie for a walk in Elmwood Cemetery. Gazing at the clouds he saw a UFO coming closer from behind the patchy clouds to the south. The UFO appeared to be a large aircraft accelerating but then he saw two other fighter jets chasing it. As the UFO approached nearly overhead it dove near treetop level. Wow, it was the size of an aircraft carrier, and soon it passed over the city with the two jets pursuing at higher altitude. He hurried back to tell his girlfriend the exciting news.

“Tatiana, you won’t believe what I saw!” Will exclaimed.

“I saw it too from the balcony. What could those ships be? Tatiana replied, her green eyes staring at the sky.

“I guess it could have been a Naga ship chased by jet aircraft,” Will suggested with mirth.

“Are the stories true? Have we been invaded by aliens from another world?” I’m scared Will,” Tatiana stammered.

Will held Tatiana in his arms to comfort her. “I am not really sure what to believe but I don’t think we have aircraft that size. It must be an alien ship, so I suppose it could be true. Let’s hope I am wrong or we may be facing the same threat as Portland.”

Tatiana put aside her fear for a moment. “Come inside, I will fix your favorite oatmeal mix for breakfast.”

A few moments later, she placed two steaming bowls of oatmeal with sunflower seeds, raisins and carob on the table. The two looked out the window facing the street in expectation of what might invade the skies above their home. Tatiana slowly poured coconut milk into each bowl. Will savored the meal with each spoonful.

“I would like to spend the day with you, my love, but I have to go to the University to attend lectures,” Will looked into her eyes with affection.

Disappointed Tatiana said. “And you genius now better hop off to your studies before you are late again.”

She gave him a hug and kiss. He reveled in her embrace feeling the fire down below. She pushed him away and giggled. He swung the backdoor open waved to his love and jumped in his classic Mini Cooper.

Driving down Livingston Avenue, Will noticed many people looking up to the sky, pointing and talking. Apparently they had seen the UFO as well. He was aware Tatiana was not handling the situation very well. Just a few months ago an X Class Solar Flare disrupted the Northeast leaving the town in darkness and chaos. Operations were back to normal but the atmosphere downtown was subdued as if a dark cloud hung over the town. Strange personages appeared, walking about town and attracting crowds.

Tatiana spoke to Will later in the day about an odd encounter after work.

“I noticed strange people strolling about town today and I met a strange dude at the Natural Food store after work,” Tatiana said uneasily.

Will chuckled. “Did he ask for your number?”

“No not the usual line. He invited me to come to a meeting and to bring a friend. He was talking to Belinda about a demonstration at Rutgers campus.” Tatiana replied, puzzled by the incident.

“What did he look like?”

“He was about your size but he had pointed ears, a distinct aquiline nose and blazing aquamarine eyes. He was very polite and curious, had a deep tan and talked in a strange accent kind of like a surfer… said his name was Koko,” Tatiana replied.

“I have heard of this guy from talk on campus. Some say he has very interesting talks but some say he is a kook,” Will remarked casually.

“Kook or not he bought some ginseng and Belinda likes him. So are you going to the meeting with me? It’s at the Cook campus by Passion Puddle tomorrow afternoon.”

“All right I’ve got Saturday off. I would like a stroll and meet some friends,” Will replied with his characteristic nonchalance.

Leaves were falling on a breezy autumn day in Brunswick, as Will and Tatiana drive over to Cook campus to join the rally.

Will was curious. “So what do you think this rally is all about?”

“Belinda told me Koko is going to talk about the UFO we saw yesterday.”

“Maybe he was the dude with pointed ears piloting the craft.” Will wryly joked with her.

“That would be interesting.”

Will parked in the street and they walked across to the campus.

“Hey, Rory, it’s good to see you!” Will yelled to his friend.

Rory came up to see his friends. “Will, Tatiana so you have come to hear Koko speak?” Rory came up to see his friends.

“Yea, Tatiana met him yesterday. Gee I’m surprised to see such a large crowd.” Will remarked.

“He’s a really popular dude around here. He is a world class surfer from California.” Rory explained.

“So, this is about surfing?” Will asked suspiciously.

“Not really, he is here to talk about a distant planet Tengoku.” Rory

“So he is an alien like I surmised from Tatiana’s description.” Will inferred. “The Japanese know Tengoku as the kingdom of heaven.”

“Yes, I have heard this from Koko.” Rory affirmed.

“So, this dude is a kook.” Will concluded coolly.

“Just listen and decide for yourself. He is about to speak.” Rory replied smiling buoyantly.

Will thought about the time ten years ago when he first visited Rutgers as a freshman. He met a girl the first semester and together they sat beneath the willow by the pond. She kissed him sweetly as a breeze rippled across the pond. At his fraternity down the road, upperclassmen invited him into poker games and spiked the lemonade with100 proof ethyl alcohol. Losing at poker was not so bad but the alcohol took its toll quickly. He fell to drinking beer, wine or whisky every night, dating girls, missing classes and losing track of his studies entirely. It took him five years to recover but now he was back all the wiser. At least, Will believed so.

“Fair is my love but

Not so fair as fiddle

Mild as a dove but

Neither true nor trusty.” Will Shakespeare

Will woke from his revelry as Koko began to speak:

“I called many of you here because you saw a strange ship flying over your town. How many of you here saw this ship?”

A few held up their hands, and then others joined in until nearly all were raised.

“Don’t be afraid! Be of good courage. A Nishi starship is stationed nearby to protect your city! ” Koko exclaimed.

“Who are the Nishi?” people in the crowd murmured

“I am of the Nishi! We have come to protect you from ruthless cunning invaders who have attacked Oceanus!” Koko shouted in a booming voice.

“We have heard of these invaders!” people in crowd shouted.

“Yes they are intergalactic pirates known as the Nagas,” Koko called out to them.

“So, this is an invasion force from outer space?” a newscaster inquired of Koko.

“Yes indeed it is. You have been kept in the dark. The invasion has been going on for weeks on the West Coast and across the globe. Therefore, I advise you to listen and obey instructions by the National Guard. Officers please come forth now.” Koko beckoned.

Colonel Mackenzie, Lieutenant Jameson, Captain Armstrong and Sargent Witherspoon strode to the front to stand with Koko. Colonel Mackenzie addressed the crowd:

“Rest assured people, Koko speaks the truth. Sargent Spoon Witherspoon has just returned from the Battle of Portland. He was nearly killed by a Naga blast and buried in a pile of rubble. He is here today to tell his story.”

Sargent Witherspoon stepped forward to speak. He was interrupted by a wave of applause and cheers from the crowd. When they quieted, he spoke into the microphone to address the crowd.

“So many people have died at the bloody hands of the Nagas but I am alive and wonder why I was saved. I live to fight another day against this relentless and savage attack on our people, on Oceanus! I know Koko personally as a friend of mine. I can assure you that he is a friend of the people of Oceanus, to all of us together who share this wonderful planet. It was Koko and a band of soldiers who rescued me from the rubble of a blast in downtown Portland. It was there that I lost my dear loved one Judy. I fear the Nagas killed her. We must all stand together and not listen to the wiles of the Nagas. It is incomprehensible how they have come this far to rape, pillage and plunder our homes. We had better wake up and change our ways so we deserve to live here on Oceanus.”

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