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A girl from a kingdom wants to end a war that has been ongoing for thousands of years. So she hires a mercenary from an opposing kingdom. She, along with many others, is a part of a prophecy, one that she intends to fulfill

Adventure / Romance
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I need some help

Our story begins in a small mercenary tavern in the kingdom of Favon. “ Why would you need the help of a mercenary?” someone asked “ For your information I need someone to escort me to Neolandia!” a girl said, the girl had pale skin and pure white hair with white rabbit ears on top. She was wearing a white tunic and leather pants. “ What is your name?” another mercenary asked “ Lumine″ she answered “ I am in need of a mercenary,”. He looked at her and said, “I know” “ I’m Aether.” The boy had black hair and blue and black eyes, with a pair of black cat ears. And was wearing A leather tunic and pants. “ He’s the strongest mercenary here” another mercenary chimed in “ Okay Aether, how much must I pay you?” Lumine asked “ 200 Dendro ″ Aether stated ″ Fine, I will pay up front” Lumine answered before handing him the money. “ Fine, can’t believe a little bunny is in need of protection” Aether said mockingly “ I’m not a little bunny, I’m a Usagi″ she responded ″ Little bunny is better than broke kitty anyway” she snapped, “ I’m a Koshachiy mercenary.” Aether said before glaring at Lumine “ Let’s just go” Lumine said before turning around and leaving the tavern “ So why do you want to go to neolandia?” Aether asked, “ To stop the war.” Lumine answered “ How is that going to help?” Aether asked “Also there are five nations, how is going to the weakest nation going to stop the war?” “ Well if you must know, I found a prophecy” Lumine answered “ The prophecy states that in Neolandia every one hundred years a Tori is born with the power to control ice.” “ Yeah, even here we have people that are born with that ability everyday, so why do we need to go to Neolandia?” Aether asked as they left the town “ Well this power is stronger than any other ice controlling power in the world.” Lumine answered. They kept moving forward silently until they reached the woods. “ Is there a way around?” Lumine asked “ not unless you want to spend a week walking around, going through would save a whole week off our trip” Aether answered before walking into the woods “ What are you waiting for?” Lumine looked into the darkness ahead of her not knowing what might be in there. Even being scared she knew it was necessary for her mission, she walked into the darkness clinging onto Aether
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