The Rain Of Blood And Tears Campaign

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This is a novel about my long D&D campaign that I had with some friends. But the story is about two separate parties on a special quest to find The Crimson City. Where a rare stone is can change the whole balance of the world. Rathma (Me/Grant) and Cortex (Brad) are on the mission to retrieve the stone for a rather dark purpose. While Luna (Emma) and Namash (Patrick) go and try to receive the crystal for a brighter purpose. But will their alliances change and crumble or will they find a nasty change of fate?

Adventure / Fantasy
Grant Ayers
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Chapter 1 Session 1 The Greeting

The players sit down at the table. All five of them were happy and with smiles on their faces. Only they didn’t know what an epic, dangerous, and very very very long journey they were about to partake in. The DM sits down, throws his black hoodie over his head, and with a vile smile on his face, he looks around the room.

“Okay before we start the epic tale of The Rain Of Blood And Tears lets go around the table and introduce our characters. I am the creator of this world and you shall call me DM.” Derek says in a deep voice. The players around the table laugh before sitting straight. Shuffling their papers in order. “Grant you go first.” I excitingly stand as I look down at my paper.

“My name is Rathma. I’m a human warlock that wears leather armor and a black robe on top. My skin color is pasty white with hair to match. The only bit of color that I have is my black eyes.” I say stoically as I think of my badass level one character.

“Black isn’t a color.” Brad says snobbishly. Standing after me to tell the others about his character. “My name is Cortex. And I’m brute of an orc barbarian. I wear only a loin cloth with a shield and ax to accompany me. I want more then anything to make my own clan. My body is covered in scars and tattoos of bears. Each claw represents a dead body that I carved.”

“Great character man. Now Emma your turn.” Derek says as he leans back behind the wall that he set up just a few minutes ago. We turn our attention to the only female in the group.

“Oh my name is Luna. I’m a four foot gnome cleric. I’m white with blond hair. I wear chainmail and weild a wooden quarter staff. I work with the Temple of Mending and work with Torm the god of courage and self sacrifice.” Emma states looking up from her papers smiling.

“They say they saved the best for last. My name is Namash! The tortle with a golden shell. I’m an artificer who is a gambling fool. I don’t need weapons when I have my wit. And a few tools around that can make a weapon.” Our friend Patrick proudly and loudly declares. We all share a laugh as Derek stands and we grow silent.

“There now that you’ve been introduced to one another let’s begin our campaign.”

Uplifting fantasy music fills the air as the sun shines bright in the sky over the land of Paun. There lies a city just like any other. Wooden houses with stained window panes. But as any other story begins ours begins with a well-known tavern known as the Iron. Where four characters all sit resting and drinking.

A short human with flesh as white as snow lurks in the corner of the establishment without a drink in sight. He’s angry as he stares at a huge orc that drinks his fill at the bar counter. But the human’s gaze shifts towards a strange tortle with a glimmering golden shell. He is tinkering with the forks that the muscular human butler keeps giving him. But once again the lone warlock’s gaze shifts to one more person. Well, I should say half person. Because he was looking at a gnome who was dressed in chainmail and had a glowing aura of just pure good.

The warlock known as Rathma stands up from his table and makes his way toward the orc, trying to not go towards the gnome. For he is afraid that she’ll try to cause conflict. But unfortunately for the warlock, the gnome did take interest in the dark looming figure that was him. She casts Detect Good Or Evil upon him only for her to be perplexed at the lawful gray aura that surrounds him. She goes back to drinking her water but keeps a careful eye on the man.

“Hey brute don’t you think you’ve drank enough?” Rathma asks the orc. He’s disgusted at the creature’s behavior but Rathma was tasked by his god to gather muscle. And there was no other creature that inhabited that bar with bigger muscles than that orc.

“Nah! Me Cortex never thinks!” Cortex shouts out slamming his mug on the counter. “But what is it that you puny human wants?” Cortex turns his body towards the human, clearly wasted out of his already puny mind. His words are slurred and his muscles lax.

“Just the sort of person I need. No brains but all the muscle. Join me in a certain quest and I guarantee you gold.” Rathma says to the orc. (Rolls a natural 20 on advantage) And the orc just smiles and gestures his hand to shake. Rathma shakes the orc’s hand and sits down next to the big creature.

Now as this was all happening the tortle in the background who has been messing around with forks was, in fact, making with the help of one of his flasks of alchemist flames he was indeed able to make was a ring that held tiny drops of the liquids of the flask itself. Dangerous indeed to make but the tortle had plans of his own. The tortle walks up to the gnome who was just chilling by the bar.

“Hey gnome want to have a wager?” The tortle asks as he takes the ring and holds it out in front of the gnome.

“What’s the wager?” The gnome asks skeptically. Casting Bless upon herself. “Oh, Torm please protect me from the intentions of this creature.” The gnome whispers to herself.

“That I can get that orc over there to where this ring.” The tortle says with a wide smile on his face, pointing at Cortex from across the room. The gnome shakes her head in disappointment.

“Why play pranks when you can aid me instead. You’re obviously clever and I want you on my side.” The gnome says extending her little nubby hand towards the huge tortle. “The name is Luna.” (Emma rolls a 16 plus her charisma +3) Convincing the tortle (Patrick rolled a natural 1) to accept her handshake with a shrug of his shoulders.

“As long as I get what I want then who cares? The name that I have given myself is Namash.” Namash says releasing his grip from Luna’s hand.

“Okay guys that’s going to wrapp up the first session meet you all back here next Sunday.” Derek says bringing us all out of the mood. I for one was pissed that we only played for an hour.

“Can’t we play for a bit longer?” I ask standing up and looking down at the board. Out miny figures of our characters hand made.

“Dude we made these characters today. That took us three whole hours. We’re just going to have to call it short today and get a long session next week.” Derek says before packing his wall away. The others giggle and talk to each other about our first greetings. I for one was more upset that we couldn’t play longer.

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