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Chapter 2 Session 2 The Quest Introduction

Us players return to the house that we played in. This weekend it was at my house so I laid out the table with snacks and drinks. We’re underaged at the time but hey what could be the problem with that? Kidding don’t drink. But anyhow as I did prepare these things my friends came over one by one setting up their papers and taking a sip of their drinks. I for one spent up all night the day before studying my player and acting it out as if I was really him. The priest of the dead goes by the name Rathma. Inspired heavily by Diablo 3.

“Okay is everyone ready?” Derek asks as he sets his wall and papers and manuals. I and my other friends whip out our dice and get ready for some fun. I had these golden dice that everyone would want to use. Because this is when they get their reputation.

“Yeah lets begin.” We all reply to Derek’s question.

As we left off last time the four adventurers have made some allies in their single quests. What’s this quest that they seek? That will be revealed at a later time. But for right now let's continue with our friends that are in the tavern talking to one another.

“Hey bartender! Pour me another drink!” Cortex demands as Rathma sit next to him rolling his eyes. The human bartender who was wiping the inside of a glass mug puts the mug down and walks over.

“Sir you have had plenty.” The bartender says walking back over towards the glass.

“I didn’t ask.” Cortex says intimidated. (Rolled a 7 and then added his modifier of 3) But the bartender had heard of such silly threats before walking away unfazed. For even an orc such as Cortex couldn’t have fazed the butler. Cortex stands up and slams his fist down on the counter. “Bring me another bottle!” Cortex shouts out walking closer to the bartender. Rathma stands up and places his hand on the orc’s shoulder. (Rolls a 12 which beats Cortex’s wisdom)

“Listen fool. The bartender isn’t your enemy. You can simply have mine.” Rathma states handing the orc the mug of ale that Rathma was sipping at.

“Thanks for drink. But he was rude. And rude people deserve the axe.” Cortex says sitting down in his seat. As the orc sits the calmness returns to the bar. Even though it was a brief course of action the gnome and tortle opened an eye to these other two in the tavern.

“Those two seem a bit out of place here.” Luna says to Namash. Who was just sitting by looking at the ring that he pointlessly made? Luna taps on Namash’s shell, bringing his attention back to her.

“What? Who cares? Just looks like an orc and his snack. And judging by their looks we don’t want to mess with either one of them.” Namash says flinging the ring across the room. Then in horror, he tucks himself inside his shell. Not warning a soul of what was about to happen.


(I roll a 19 - 3, Brad rolls a 3 +3, Emma rolls a 2-1, and Patrick rolls a 10 +1)

Rathma just in time saw the explosion or flames in the corner of his eyes. So he jumps over the counter and hides behind the bar as chunks of wood fly through the air. Unfortunately for the others, the shrapnel was traveling too fast and was too unexpected for them to dodge. Luna caught the worst of it as a chunk of wood hits her forehead. Cortex shrugs off the pain and gulps down the rest of his drink. Namash was lucky to take the least amount of damage from his own clumsy mistake. But at last, as he pokes his head out of the shell he saw a huge orc standing in front of him. Pissed off that there were wood chips in his drink.

Rathma who is now standing sees that the tavern is filling up with smoke and flames. The human bartender stands up off the floor and screams in surprise and rage. His eyes are set on the one that stands behind the bar.

“This wasn’t my fault! A tiny dragon rolled in and started lighting the place on flames.

(With a disadvantage I rolled my dice twice and we all laughed our butts off as I rolled two natural 20′s in a row.)

“Then we must get out of here!” The human bartender shouts out as he jumps over the counter and out the front door in haste before the room fills up with smoke. Namash takes this chance to check up on the gnome.

“We must help the others.” Luna says as Cortex places his hand on both of their shoulders.

(Brad rolls a 14 +3 in intimidation)

“You two are going to need to help yourselves first.” Cortex says as he tries to pick up the tortle with one hand. (Because Namash weighs 210 and Cortex’s max carry stat is 270 and has a strength modifier of 4 the Dm allows Brad’s roll to not have a disadvantage on it. And so Brad rolls a 16 +4) And with a grunt and a burst of anger Cortex throws the giant tortle out the door of the tavern. Namash is scared out of his wits and Luna is now sitting with this beast’s hand on her shoulder.

(Emma uses the inspiration that the DM gave her to roll advantage for persuasion. Rolling a 16 and then a 14. So Emma gets a 16 + 3)

“Get you hands off of me! I’m not scared of you and I didn’t do a thing.” Luna shouts out. The orc laughs at her face as he releases his grip.

“Puny women. Courage is smelt all over you. Better leave. I have a man that I need to get.” Cortex says this turning his back to the gnome and walking over towards the bar. Where Rathma is taking the money out of the box that the bartender hid behind the bar. (I rolled a 15 +4 on perception) Rathma took a total of 200 copper pieces from the box and puts them in his little satchel.

“Hey big guy take as much ale as you want. But hurry soon it won’t be possible to breath in here.” Rathma says walking around the counter and towards the front door.

“Hey your stealing!” Luna shouts out from across the room. Cortex and Rathma look over at her and smiles sinisterly.

“No I plan on giving it all back to the bar owner.” Rathma calls out. (I rolled an 18 while Emma rolls a 14 +3) Luna the gnome took his words in good faith and just runs out the front door as quickly as she could. The orc takes four bottles of ale with him and escapes out the front door with Rathma before the whole building collapses in on itself.

The adventurers escaped unharmed but the human bartender is standing there behind them crying as the town’s people all huddle together outside. Some of the guards come and investigate.

(The DM takes my dice and rolls them.)

“They found out Rathma! Run away!” Kelemore whispers in Rathma’s ears warning him that a great danger is nearby and that he should not be there a second more.

“Capture that warlock!” Torm whispers into Luna’s ears telling her what she must do. And Luna listens as she spots Rathma through the crowd. He and his accomplice the orc are already making a run for it.

“Rathma why are we running away?” Cortex asks but Rathma doesn’t answer. He just runs because that is what he was told to do. And Rathma wasn’t going to take the orders of his god lightly.

“Gaurds the arsonist is running this way!” Luna calls out but the guards look at her perplexed. Namash on the other hand had a look on his face that was just utter worry.

To Be Continued In The Next Chapter!!!

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