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Bavalon...a world, a kingdom ruled by a monarch dwelling in complete ignorance, but powerful enough to defend themselves. Although, the dangers brewing was something they couldn't fight off. It was something beyond their abilities. Leah Morgan, a girl born differently, born powerless, but for a reason became the hope of Bavalon. She became the one to help Bavalonians come out of ignorance. With friends, and the one she ended up loving, they underwent through adventures, and difficulties, fighting hard to protect their world. And in doing that, they uncovered some hidden secrets about their world "Bavalon."

Adventure / Fantasy
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"Look at her." Someone said with a scoff, and a frowned disgusted looking face.
"Yeah. I can't believe I'm going to school with someone as ordinary as her. So demeaning." Another person agreed to what the first person said.
Bavalon is a gifted place where everyone is gifted with an ability. There has not been anyone without powers.
There are ranks from low benders to highest, but there hasn't been a history where there is someone without any ability.
The first person pushed the other person away from his sight. "Let's look for trouble." He said lowly while the other person just smirked.
One thing a lot of them loves doing.
"Hey." The first person hollered.
Leah sighed. Not again. Aren't they gonna ever get tired of taunting her?
It wasn't her fault she was powerless, but it seems she'll keep on being reminded that she's different.
She stopped on her tracks, and turned to look at them. "What is it?" Her voice sounded a bit mean which made the two guys in front of her angry.
"You should watch your tongue, or you'll lose it." The first person threatened in a kinda taunting way which made the other person burst out laughing. The first person followed.
"It'll be so easy for her to lose her tongue, wouldn't it?" The other person said in between laughing.
The first person nodded while still laughing. "Yeah."
Leah just stood still with a frown watching how they make fun of her with just little things.
"If you guys are done, I'll like to go to class." Leah told them both.
A scoff was heard. "In this school, Leah, your rights are limited. If we say no class for you, no class. And no one will care."
Leah turned to look at Trina. She hated her guts, and it was mutual feeling.
Leah wouldn't pass the opportunity to talk back at Trina, cause she might be powerless, but she isn't weak, and she can take on anything.
It makes her more stronger.
"If there aren't gonna be any class for me, there won't be any for you either, Trina." She laid out. It was a truth she keeps spreading out for Trina hoping one day she'll realize.
Although, the day might never come since Trina will soon leave.
Trina furrowed her brows at Leah, a tad confused.
Leah just shook her head. "Maybe that's what is dumming you. How can you stop me without stopping yourself? Don't you think you're just wasting your time on me?"
Trina was beginning to get annoyed. She was boiling in anger. Her eyes glowering at Leah.
"A jailer, Trina, is also part of the jailed. You limit me, you're equally limiting yourself. How many times will I say that?" Leah asked annoying Trina further.
Trina absolutely not liking the fact that Leah was trampling on her pride in public, turned to look at the two guys at her back. She was having an obvious idea on getting back at Leah. She wanted to keep her shut since she was running her mouth.
The two guys gave her the go-ahead with smirks on their faces.
Leah was smart enough to know what was next for her, and everyone was gathered around waiting for Trina to shut the disrespectful girl up.
"I can't believe she even have guts to talk back. She always do." One of the crowds said.
"She's probably getting used to the pain." Another one replied.
Trina brought her hands closer, and suddenly electricity began sparkling in between her fingers. She smirked at Leah, and pushed her hands forward letting the electricity free.
Leah looked around her, but she was surrounded. She had no place to hide, and no way to dodge.
Suddenly a shield....
"No. No. No!" Leah yelled as the shield mounted in front of her.
"I'm just trying to help...." Before Ivy was able to finish the words, they were both sent flying into the air screaming at the top of their lungs.
Everyone quickly ran away to prevent them from landing on them, while Trina just watched them with that smirk still on her face, and her arms crossed, with her hip jutted out.
It was a hard impact against the wall before hitting the ground making them both groan in pain.
"Damn it!" Leah cursed out.
"I don't get it." Ivy complained holding her elbow since it was hurting. "Ow." She breathed out.
Leah frowned at her lifting herself up. "Trina conjures electricity, Ivy, water and electricity don't combine. You're lucky it only sent us flying." Leah cautioned her angrily.
Ivy just lowered her head in abashment, and in realization.
Trina walked closer to them, and stood in front of them. Leah, and Ivy both got up in pain.
"It seems your friend should be the one you should be teaching how not to be a dummy. She's a dummy."
Everyone laughed at the comment, while Ivy just looked away in shame. It's not like she didn't know, but she just wasn't thinking at the moment, and Leah deeply understood that.
"Just stop wasting time on someone unimportant as me, or you'll make me feel too important." Leah retorted truthfully.
Trina smiled. "I entertain myself with it, Leah. You're the one thinking too much."
Leah blinked knowing no matter what she says, they won't listen. They won't leave her alone.
She looked at Ivy. "Let's go."
As they were about to go...
"Ivy!" Trina called causing them to stop on their tracks, and look at her.
"A bad apple spoils the whole barrel. Following Leah around all the time will not help you in anyways. You should discard her now that we are giving you a chance." Trina made known. Giving her a choice hoping she'll take it.
Ivy blinked, and looked at Leah. "Let's go."
Leah nodded, and they walked away.
"Don't you think we should find a way to make Ivy leave Leah on her own?" Renee walked out of the crowd towards Trina.
Trina shook her head. "No. Let's just leave her to keep falling down the rabbit hole."

"OK. OK. On your seat." Their teacher, Mr. Watson told them since they refused to organize.
"I can't believe...I can't believe we'll be leaving soon." Maddie said in excitement.
Ciara scoffed. "I don't even think they'll choose you."
"Please don't jinx it." Maddie pleaded beginning to feel sad.
"For the fact they'll be choosing only six girls from our district to the academy, I'm pretty sure......Leah won't be chosen." Vida whispered the last part to Trina.
Trina nodded. "You don't have to whisper it. It's obvious to everyone."
Renee nodded in agreement.
"I know Trina isn't worried about the results. She's a top notch." Ivy told Leah.
Leah nodded sadly. "Yeah, and not her alone. Her boyfriends included."
"Calm down, Kate. Calm down." Jennifer cajoled upon seeing Kate breathing heavily.
Kate was feeling overwhelmed by the results. She was having a breakdown.
Going to the academy was something she has ever dreamt of especially knowing how proud it'll make her parents.
"Ujjayi breath." Jennifer said soothingly causing Kate to begin slowing down her breath.
She let out a huge breath til it became steady. "Sorry. I'm just scared. My phobia of results can't stop kicking in. I'm scared that it won't work out for me. I pray I'm not jinxing it." Her breath was beginning to pick up again.
"Just calm." Jennifer said noticing it, although she was wondering the 'phobia of result' part. Kate has never had any phobia when it comes to results.
She sighed shaking her mind of it. "Just keep your mind off....."
"Decorum here!!!"
A lot of hearts skipped as Mr. Watson's voice crashed on them.
They immediately stopped talking, maintaining themselves, and relaxed on their seat.
Mr. Watson sighed loudly in exasperation. "I really can't wait for a lot of you to leave."
"Yeah we've been waiting, and anxious about the result." Brandon voiced out.
Mr. Watson nodded. "I know, but if you keep mumbling to each other, you won't get it."
Everywhere became silent.
Mr. Watson just shook his head at them, and brought the paper slip out from one of his big books.
"I know this is a day you guys have been waiting for. It's like your promotion. What you've been looking forward to all since the day you stepped your foot here in Bavalon high school. I trust that every name that is listed here knows exactly what to do when they get to Bavalon Defense Platform."
Everyone nodded.
"We do not want disappointments, and complains since there are gonna be a lot of VIPs attending."
"Like the royals." Trina stated out loud with a huge proud smile on her face.
Mr. Watson nodded. "Yeah. Let's get on with it."


My first chapter....what do you think of the story?

Please comment your thoughts on the story.


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Faith Osanife.
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