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Another Unique Adventure

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yeah so i wrote this a while ago when i was super bad at writing so excuse my badness please there was gonna be a part 3 but i got bored of this series so im starting something new that is good and good

Adventure / Humor
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Prologue - Introduction to Blue

Another Unique Adventure

Prologue-Introduction to Blue

Mr. Blue Epimonkey is the name of the main character in this book. We’ll usually refer to him as Blue, but that’s his full name. Blue is just an average guy. He likes blue a lot.

Blue’s favorite color is blue (of course) and he likes to go on walks with his neighbor (named Cyan)’s dog, Periwinkle. As you can see, in Blue’s universe, everyone is named after colors! The oldest people got the most common colors. Periwinkle is a type of blue. It’s sort of purple-ish.

Blue always likes a good adventure. He likes to play games and hike through the woods. I guess you could say he makes the most of life. The last time we saw Blue, he traveled to different places everywhere to crack codes, do obstacle courses, and solve puzzles. So here you are! The full biography of Blue’s second very, very, very, very, VERY, VERY, VERY unique adventure.

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