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The Covenant

By TV Riant All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Other

Chapter 1

Welcome to “The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” let the journey begin its shattering denouement from pathways of small minds to the highway of master-mindedness. The game is open to the vaults of supremacy and in its orb of limitation and potential tally’s at pit stops of deprivation and impossibility. The members are viewpoint characters of ancestral oneness and hierarchic ascendance they must compete for the scroll to the key of the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge. It’s anyone’s to have yet no one knows the true value or what it entails. When ancestral oneness meets with estrangement, obsession and greed overrides the littleness in a world where only the strong survive. Redemption Day will crown a victor and everyone else shall learn their fate, who will they spare, execute and banish?

Ridge Ramon is an abundant peasant, Luc Ford his boss a wealth amassing superior, their daughters, Angelica and Muriel will reside in the Ford Kingdom to head the game of fortune respectively vying for the same things in different ways. In a vibrational collect of subjective and objective innuendo’s Ford’s negative intentions delivers a form of positive intentions although his actions prove the contrary. The wealth amasser adorns his princess Muriel with everything money can buy and turns her into a materialistic imp. The peasant’s brine Angelica is made to believe that she is of a ‘lessor God’ than Muriel but knows that she is divinely led and highly favored, she knows that she is of greatness and that her Universal Life Force is redeems of sheer mindedness. Angelica is an unconsciously psyched treadmill stretched in a mental marathon au natural. She is gifted with a fluidity of mind to “’Think and Grow Rich”. Angelica will stop at nothing, she will defy the Ford Metrics of wealth and deny the Ramon doctrines of poverty mindedness her father Ridge Ramon engraved in her mind. The Mind Society makes no mistake, in a world where great minds think alike, the encirclement are select, they will set their sights on a common goal, each on a different vibrational and energetic levelLuc Ford was a ’money magnet ‘obsessed with amassment of wealth, acquirement at it’s best and a collector of anyone’s abundance but his own. The deliberate creator in an “all or nothing’ stand off sets out to diminish his employee Ridge Ramon by the use of devious mental amputation. Luc Ford will debase Ramon from the Ford mansion to shack him up in a measly cottage on the off skirts of the Ford estate. Ford plays to win and settles for nothing less than more. In a world of give and take, Ford takes but renders little to nothing. No prejudice, Angelica will reside in the Ford mansion to enjoy the same luxuriance as Muriel. They will discover that they have the same ambitions, love the same man and will vey for the same game to the Throne.

Ford’s forte to bask small minds in ignorance does not impress upon Angelica she has a mind of her own empowered to defy the Ford Mantra. She will challenge Ford and beat him to his own mind game. Unbeknown to Ford, Angelica’s subconscious modus operandi’s top secret of minds worked its spyware to filter the Ford Vaults in a daring act ‘A la Espionage’ de Ramon. Angelica will unravel the codes to his vaults, unveil his secrets and upload the data of his unscrupulous deeds in a bid to destroy his indestructible tower in the same way he destroyed her dad, Ridge Ramon. Angelica was a force to be reckoned with and she would play the game where everything is permitted but nothing is what it seems.

Muriel Ford lived in willful bliss acquiring more of what she already had. Angelica’s empowered ‘unconscious high’ in a constant of discernment will master in the art of alignment. A winner uses the enemy’s belittlement as a tool to defeat him. Angelica educes from within and taps into her great psyche to merge from spiritual scientific vibrational energetic fields for the sake of zoning into and field of encompassing the gift of manifesting. Highly favored by Supremacy the Infinite intelligence of Angelica’s “Subconscious Mind” musters orders to the seat of her soul. She is an enthusiast of great Faith engraved on her psyche’s motto. She wore her label well. If any man stakes his faith on educing from within, what he visualizes, he will materialize – It is in the UNSEEN mirrored in the mind.

Welcome to a world of ’Negative manipulation where the pattern of self-sabotage and soppy mindedness clashes with definite purpose. A network of Connective Codons in a chase for the key and scroll to riches bids the GAME open to the Vaults of the COVENANT OF TORPEDO RIDGE. No one knows its value but that it is of superlative and hyperbolical incline.

Welcome to the tried and tested methodical account of thinking things into one’s life, the mind mechanism of definite purpose delivers definite things by clarity of thought.

”This is the Covenant,”

The last man standing of the creed shall reign, conquer and stand in entitlement. He who holds the scroll to the key of the Covenant shall bequeath to dispose by last will and testament to stand in line for a taste of world riches. So shall the Victor pledge his highest attainment and be crownedLet the JOURNEY BEGIN it’s onward race from feeble pit stops of parody to the finish lines of judgment on Redemption day.

Signed: The Illuminati of Torpedo Ridge

Doctor Angelica Ramon nicknamed “Goddess of Beauty” encrypted endearment on her psyche, a master in morphologic ‘decoding of the mind’. Her linguistic switch of verbiage made of her a woman of distinction, a long awaited dream fulfilled to become a world class Esthetic Surgeon, this she attained in ’Greatness by Switch-Affirms explained

Doctor Ramon was in Miami Florida hosting her 6th ’Surgical Aristocrats Esthetic conference at the Fontainebleau Resort. The prestigious venue radiated a marvelous energy doted on wealth and sophistication, fine things for fine people and Angelica’s Guests raved about the privilege of being housed in the luxury and grandiose for a weekend of pampered bliss. The arena of esthetics showed off highly privileged wealth amassers who sold potions at a price of kingdoms. They splurged generously on royal menus ranging from “Sultry Deprivation” “Nectar of Eden” Sinful Licks” to ’Lick it Linda” in a picture-perfect display of edible artful culinary delights. Golden platters fused with palatable pleasing Utopic wonders in the midst of human centerfolds. “Bourgeoisie” where Cordon ‘bleu chefs’ educed flavors from a ’marmite of intricate delights and earthly nectar of intoxicating brewage flowed from an ice sculpture of fiery tones. An illusionistic manmade precipitous cliff oozed the tones of orange, red and golden bubbly with spectacular tinsels of crimson from a fountain of alcoholic beverages. Suave gentlemen mingled with flawless handsomeness and energized passion to eccentricity. The exuberant and over the top indulgence of ultra exaggeration concluded on a sinful note of Karma no Sutra at the phenomenal spa of naked truth where skin-tight bosoms rubbed in the sedimentary cryptocrystalline Spa a romp the ‘bare it all’ Brazilian Canvas den in a hot and bothered land lustful game of wealth.

Doctor Ramon wrapped up at the Fontainebleau Resort to honor another appointment. Cruising through Malibu’s plush quarters, set her sights on observing the world of body perfect sun worshippers roller skating and strutting their finely chiseled bodies in a den of plump delight where flab and folds defined with equal confidence. Beauty is only skin deep, she thought contemplating an inner session of macro anatomy of the man on the street and calculating an invisible study of biological structures visible to the naked eye by use of microscopy and magnetic resonance from her mind. “What did she think she would find at a cellular level? Human traits differ vastly one from another and yet in conformity with the marvelous plan of nature. Beauty is an optical illusion and chosen perception, one may identify a subject of attractiveness to be something delightful worth a smile as would from our charnel minds distinguish that whatsoever one perceives to be hideousness is cause to be frowned upon. Humans are judgmental by nature and there are no rules as to how a person is supposed to perceive things but by what is mustered by their own mind. If a man is obsessed with the transformation of ugliness and makes it his mission to establish a logical reason to beautify, be his reason illogical, so it is his right. Angelica Ramon invented an Adage “It’s a Sin to be Ugly” for the purpose of her professional activity and etched on her mind to dub as her Switch-Affirm. She found her ‘switch-affirm’ to be in appropriation to her own Illusionistic Mirror of mind and by it’s embedded affirmation she could better distinguish between Subjects of flawlessness needing deliberate enhancement or for an encoding of hideousness needing reconstructive intervention she was in the business of beautification. The use of her switch-affirm would not be widely embraced but she deemed it to be just purposeful for a logical marketing vice and became her prime autosuggestion’ for anyone remotely unsightly. Her Switch-Affirm would form true lies imaged from the conscious eye, pineal a.k.a. ‘The Seat of the Soul” “Cogno ergo sum, ’ I think, therefore I am, a famous quote of Descartes

Arriving at the Adrienne Arsht Center of performing Arts aboard her snazzy Gold Bentley, Angelica steered her convertible in slow motion offering an orthodontic Hollywood smile at the familiar Valet Albert and tossed her keys at him. Albert welcomed her with his best toothless grin evoking recall to his deformity. Angelica viewed nothing but his flaws and not his kindness, why not?” she was in the business of beautification and qualified to erase the hideousness mapped on his face.

Angelica was attending an award ceremony as a Nominee for “The Golden Scalpel Award” it was her 6th visit at the venue where she had already grasped five awards consecutively. The venue exuded vibrations of a clustered hindrance. It jested frivolously and raised an aura of spiritual bankruptcy. Hoards of unfamiliar folks turned up as in a bombardment of anybody from anywhere farthest from her world of esthetics. She frowned upon it as the flip side of Glam and dubbed the tone to be of perfect hideousness.

One should not judge men by their face value but by the content of their souls but it felt relative to cast such reflection on the type of crowd in her midst, it was for her highest attainment and professional activity. If one so wishes to accrue and evolve on matters of one’s own perception mustered from personal visualization so be it, I am in the business of fixing ugly people, rich ugly people that is. Goddammit! Can’t they choose a struggle? One can’t be poor and ugly at the same time, she switch-affirmed, the valet cringed at her remark and impressed upon her his dissatisfaction by flaunting a mouth full of decayed teeth and a tilted jawline. Angelica was disappointed that he did not feel as ugly as she said he was. Albert was content with his fate. He was a happy ugly man not the sympathy seeking man she expected.

“Do not be offended by my blurts and blunders they’re just deliberate switch-affirms I use to stimulate and inspire my mind on the topic of ugliness. It’s really just a ‘Psychological Bluff’ to trick the Psyche into believing that the people I call ugly are future clients flocking to pay for my service to get beautified.

“Your switch-affirms fails to impress me but then again even if I allowed for it to autosuggest that I needed your services I’m financially embarrassed. You may have to pitch your Psycho Bluffs to an audience of rich ugly people that are economically eased.


“No matter how much you try to convince yourself that it’s is a sin to be ugly, you’ll find it’s more sinful to be vain and nasty.

Angelica lowered her head. She’d already wasted too much energy on the nonentity as she related of him in her mind. Snubbing the Valet, she rolled up her windows, slid the rooftop on thinking; Do I owe him an apology? No, I shouldn’t be justifying my bluff it’s mine to use as I feel fit and I use it to boost my professional activity not to offend people, I shouldn’t think it out aloud. ‘It’s a sin to be ugly’ is a statement of numbers that by its sworn allotment earned me millions thus far. “I am a spiritual being living in a human body, my soul permits the use of any resource of scientific value for the amassment of wealth or I’d be bankrupt if I let my adage go. Thoughts Become Things” “When I think people are ugly and in need of my services to be beautified then so they are. Angelica’s reasoning of ’switch-affirmatives lodged in from an exteriorized source and not of substance or prime to her philosophy. She used the specific Switch-Affirm to attain certain goals and its depreciative value did not relate to or derive from any spiritual teachings nor a religion or creed. Angelica invented a philosophy she could relate to and did things in a ’Different Way” I am my own personal life coach and motivational speaker, I am the Guru at ‘feeling successful in the absence of success’ who are they to judge?

Rule one: The Ramon Bible to Success; Act on INTUITION, go with your gut instinct and never justify your actions or your motives. If you practice what you preach and it works for you then so be it.

Rule two; Do not impose your set ideas and beliefs on others unless they seek to be enticed by or to learn about what works for you.

If like Angelica a man is able to amass a fortune via the method of ’Being cruel to be kind” as in using or abusing of his ’Switch-affirms, so may many others adopt this philosophy for personal gain and achieve goals on the condition he is willing to stake his modesty on the obsession for the acquirement of wealth or whatever else he desires to achieve.

Maybe I should get in the business of teaching ’them to think things into their lives to become deliberate creators on tapping into their soul purpose and super conscious minds. Maybe not, Angelica’s Ego interrupted and set out to pull on the safety latch in an attempt to alter her not so beautiful idea of referring to people as ’ugly.

“I shop at the worlds most unlimited mall of abundance and unrestricted supplies. My life revolves around acquirement and is of innate purpose. I ’visualize to materialize from ‘In-Escrow’ to emerge with supernatural ease and though my Riches lay dormant in my vortex of command the equivalent of my desires emerges into my physical world. I tell you now, if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand, Angelica affirmed a zillion times.

Angelica walked about the venue admiring its state-of-the art theaters, beautiful outdoor plazas, elegantly appointed private salons, and comfortable flexible lobbies, rooms and theaters. Estrangement lurked, she had the sudden urge to flee. The atmosphere felt dense and scary ’hypothetically, a bad omen of something disastrous arising and a nudging ‘switch-affirm’ a super conscious shift in alignment. Was she moving away from ’Source” I’m good at reversing situations, she re-assured herself. The time line of emergence cannot be altered I do not approve of satirical invasion. Angelica felt an overwhelming wave of powerlessness in her mind as she watched hoards of “Any-body’s from anywhere” enter the Knight Concert Hall.

The Event’s Host Rose Mulder and owner of “Castaway Esthetics” welcomed her street party guest List. The epiphany of loudness in a streak of ghetto madness, she was as vamped up as the ‘facial graffiti and tattoo’ striped anybody’s streaming in. Shocking decline, her event reeked of clunker and divide. Highly photo shopped and expressionless facial crackling pelted to the jaw leathered grins of polished iron outs turned up, no doubt to showoff the Freebie makeover’s she dished out at the salvation army.

Fancy turning a toothless potty trainer into a Urologist, the men she enhanced looked like they were real life wax statue dolls from the MUSEE of ‘Jack had a great fall” Rose’ plump lips quivered with profanities spurting vulgarity to suite her best friend Lily-Vin’s putrefying ‘swish-words’ from her wheelchair, this was not innate and almost a revealing of ’a flipside to Rose.

LILY-VIN’S salivary drool dripped an ocean of saliva into her lap and swung spit waves as far as her drool could travel. Never compare the art with the artist, or judge a book by its cover. Rose’s lips matched a baboon’s rear on an oversized mouth wore a permanent pout barely able to keep the sausage sized rolls apart. Lily’s overly displayed freak fetish spoke for self it was totally unbecoming to be putrid, but she pulled it off. To add insult to injury a bedpan cleaner’s morally debased connotations started a smearing on the venue’s prestige and brought its former dignity to a disgraceful fart, degradation and unfamiliarity. Angelica was attending an event where nobody knew her name. Rose Mulder at the heights of popularity ‘dubbed’ Queen of plump drove a meager balance between embracing her competition and crushing her rivals with envious innuendos and use of derogative depreciative praise to demerit anyone who crossed her’. Rose was a venomous fiend addicted to a pernicious habit of hidden agendas and on a mission to dethrone Angelica entirely. She loathed her obligation to award her rival the ‘Golden Scalpel Award’ trophy five times consecutively. The sixth would be much of a dethroning ceremony and deliberate exit of the great Angelica Ramon she vowed. Rose Mulder was about to sabotage Angelica’s win, of most accomplished by public demand. Rose held her intention to turn her own prestigious event into a whole new ‘trash affair’ starring miss Ramon as front-page news. Nobody looks good with a lopsided crown in a disowning affair, she thought picturesque of Angelica with a crown flipping from her head. Keeping up appearances was not Rose’ forte, she was dry cut and to the point, spontaneously rude, blunt and vulgar with a twist. As with the Freebie walk of fame on live it up ally, Rose was herself displaying freak under construction flaunting stacks of faux fillet stuck in her folds of bodily creases, she did anything to undermine Angelica. Why then did Angelica submit to such demeaning dignity lowering association?

The Gala reeked of cheap depiction and resembled a livestock bidding rowdy bartering souk of sociolinguistic decline. Illiterate folk spoke with putrid vocabulary and exuded offensive odors. They roared on high-pitch with perforating tonal rioting noise. Angelica said it again. These folks here hail directly from the caves of barbarianism, she knew not that their unsavory spectacle had been intentional and staged for her own showdown. The media grouped by monophyletic taxon and ‘evolutionary phylogenic descent’ ‘missed no scoop’. Oblivious to their roles as players in the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge, the paparazzi derived from a gene pool of ‘Debonair’ engenderment. They were there to serve a purpose they knew little of and as ignorant as Angelica about the ’Trash Ramon” Ado they were about to partake in. The Paparazzi strummed the pavilion flashing cameras on toothless grins, greasy weaves and nylon garb. The beauty parade died down to a small crowned few and only wrinkled, worn out and hard labored traits appeared, the attendees were ordinary folk.

The nominee platform honored ‘bedpan cleaners’ and ‘garbage collector elect’. Troops of urban mold hoarded in a near stampede to rip bits from the giant Salmon Skewer across the hall it was barely ’Meal Time”. The ultimate destruction of a kingly feast ended with carcass delight hardly fish bone remained. They were paid to act like destructive beasts.

Lily-Vin REVVED from the seat of her cripple care automobile, feet limp on the automated accelerator ready to start her unconventional rally in a bid to collide with Ramon, Lily was not paid to act as freak, she sought attention for being demolished and made of herself a deliberate Gremlin. Two hefty Security Officer’s skidded past Lily towards the pavilion in attempt to save Angelica from an erupting scene but the grossly deformed woman’s rage in an act to violate doctor Ramon’s crowning hit the breaks on in mad cow flurry. “The Lady” spiffed invectives of profane lager from a swooshing brewery in her mouth. The ÉRUPTOR” sadly deformed, wore scars of an ogre and swished with putrid and vile command. Entertaining ‘Trash’ came highly applauded and earned Lily a standing ovation, that part had been played with total exaggeration

Déjà vu, it was the ubiquitous viral contaminant’s fourth performance in attempt to disgrace the Ramon parade. “Who was Lily-Vin, what did she want from doctor Ramon? Angelica knew not who ‘The Lady’ was and cared less of her frivolous motives or evil quips. Angelica refused to condone the mad incapacitated woman’s hysteria. “How best to deny such incrustation and dismiss the ‘spectacle’ as an illusion of bad taste? Debar her from repetitive violation, how? The Lady of indestructible built seemed adamant to demolish Angelica, this time hell-bent and determined to humiliate her. As in previous encounters, Angelica dismissed the evil spirited character from her inner space, complacent of the scene emerging but ‘The Lady’ curtailed her to a tight web of human shields in an enfold with nowhere to flee. Angelica felt bilious in the entanglement. An onslaught of negative manipulation emerged an overwhelming current of Karmic veils on Angelica. The Lady’s evil quips formed a giant circle and darkened aura around Angelica’ daring her to embrace Lucifer’s fiery trails.

Angelica felt tetanized while the enraged VIN-FURY persisted. ‘The Lady’ revved her wheelchair from a pit stop of feeble parody imitating take off. A deafening drone, spectators chant of Ole’ and the first round of an unconventional rally at take off began, a brilliant orchestration, the trash show had been planned to dethrone Ramon.

’Said to be “The Lady of due entitlement, Angelica never heard of a royal family named Vin and cared less of being her pivot of vexation. The vindictive leach continued to swish profane lager from the vile brewer of her mouth while Angelica rebuked the creature to a place at the foot of the cross for destruction. Angelica sought to dodge the bewildered subject, to no avail. “The Lady” again revved her cripple care automobile, accelerated and raced it to the Nominees Peer directly at Angelica’s designated seat. The lady pulled up in target mode. Am I at the right event, Angelica thought out loud, view on her right, the Janitor from Toussaint public hospital rolled into a kingly throne gleaming excremental fluff on a mop and mapping his toothless grin. “Why on earth was he there?” He mastered in ’excremental science and graduated from the university of unsavory waste, wore a permanent stamp and badge that read; ‘Lavatory Inspector’ how did he get his wrinkled folds into the ‘iron out zone’? Angelica irked at his outer reflection, he looked like a Japanese Chin Dog in desperate need for ’The Thread”

Latching onto the next urban discouragement, is this a joke, she wondered. Apparently not, ‘The Lady’ again droned her vehicle of incapacitation on Angelica at high-speed this time steering its sophisticated mechanical mastery to a collision. The wheelchair from hell geared up on full throttle and sounded like a Boeing drone on ’Take Off. Lap one and the wheelchair from Techno Hell knocked doctor Ramon from her throne landing her in a camouflaged dressed up gutter located at the rear of the Nominee’s Peer. Foul odors from the muck of splashing sanitary waste, face down in a slur of excrements and soaked in a puddle of urination, the rest of her body gratefully un-smudged, she sighed with relief. The shit was about to hit the fan quite literally. Angelica went ballistic in ’Shit-Ville” “Why in the world would contractors leave works in motion unsecured at the rear of doctor Ramon’s designated Nominee Box?

One could presume ’the act of deliberate intention, the entire showdown had been calculated. Angelica’s seat came undone by its bolts and tilted her to land an inch away from corroded spiky drainage pipes. Supersonic sounds of ripping and tearing echoed and Angelica’s pin stripe upper garment tore off partly to reveal her 3D cup size silicone boob. “The Lady” seemed heartily amused and smirked wryly with a fat lot to swish. A putrefying stench stirred up a marmite of foul breath, it was not the waste but a fart bomb intended to mask as the real deal. Angelical irked and ‘The Lady’ laughed. The security officer barged in to rescue Ramon and held out a ton of wet wipes for her to wipe the ‘Poo’ from her face, only it wasn’t human waste but chunks of manure mixed with fart bombs, Angelica knew not of the farce.

Wholly irked of disgust, the officer in his own opportunistic role grabbed the first ‘seize the moment’ act and sizzled to fame. Impromptu and impresario of faking a ‘spank the pony’ ride the sexy officer atop Angelica’s rear exhibiting his family jewels only partly but enough to make the CHIPPENDALE’S ogle to thumb size ‘johns’ this man was well endowed, over endowed. ‘The Lady’ forced a pig squealing groan, sounded like a boar and her ignorant fans chanted ENCORE in rowdy Vibrato. The end of act one and the lady gathered her flock to follow her for the 2nd act of Ramon Ridicule. Go Lily on Freak it Vin, she was nasty as hell and getting a kick out of it. Lily-Vin seeped a waterfall of saliva this time overly drooling from the lopsided opening of her unsavory ’Cleft Palate” caused a churning of disgust, cleverly sipping from an invisible giant tumbler then seeping liquid like she was salivating from a water fall. The officer puked at Lily’s soppy display of “spit and be spat at“ although intended and part of the scenario, he felt irked at Lily’s exaggeration on the ’fake waste stench. Why not join the madness? The officer drew a whip from his Jocks and lowered his trousers to reveal an American flagged under trunks. All eyes on the DOMINATRIX ACT atop Angelica’s rear faking a ride the pony sex scene and hoppling it in slow motion.

ARNOLD RICE from ‘Pin Up’ weekly upon citing the distasteful gag hopped into the ditch to plunk the joker into the waste, kept him down in knee high irk then like a gentleman straightened Angelica’s blouse. Was he of the cast? No but he was up for some attention too. Arnold ogled at Angelica’s breasts for a while and then in a hormonal twist groped it to reveal her ample dairy made. Arnold’s shirt ripped off by a visible spike and the half naked journalist twirled his microphone at Angelica’s sultry lips jesting with sexual connotation as an INTERVIEWER.

“It’s Season four of the ’Vin Fury and she hauled on you like she means business” Arnold chanted like a queer mouse.

What’d you do? Snatch her man?

Angelica in attempt to cover her ample breasts snubbed Arnold. Arnold had only just begun.

“The Lady” turbo charged you into the gutter face down in VIN WASTE he laughed, looking down on the officer who in the muck seemed unperturbed about standing in excrements. Arnold nodded. Did Arnold understand it was all made up? It hadn’t crossed his mind and daft be told, the Jerry Springer spin on things wasn’t entirely unfamiliar.

“Face down in a ton of shit from Lily-Vin’s personal septic tank, he said mockingly. Angelica’s gut churned under infuriating pressure, she freaked out at Arnold.

“Get a life Goddammit, Arnie. Here we are up in arms of shit and you’re asking about the shitter?

You’re twin flames from the same lunatic force, I bet she paid you to humiliate me.

“Wishful thinking, Doctor, it’s said she wants the key of the heirloom you stole from her, that’s what my scoops about, so did you rob her of something?

Angelica Nod

“ Interrogate my soul when it awakes from fright night, Arnold, Angelica yelled.

“Look at the nonentity swooshing profanities from the empty palate of her mouth in gruff voice over. Shouldn’t she be hiding that lopsided pout she wears like a butt on her face? She ’s an ugly bitch

Arnold Laughed

“Did you know she stands behind a glorified army, owns weapons of mass destruction, a battlefield and some powerhouse ammunition? That woman is of the highest hierarchic ranking to standing nobility.

“How hefty for slum dog principals and her association with Utopians on lavatory parade, what does she want from me?

A stalk slender man shoved in

“She wants Tuscany House” the palace you stole from her

“Tuscany House died when I was four years old

“You killed it to erect ‘Torpedo Ridge’ and your justifiers reduced her to incapacitation and ruin so you may own it though it is still rightfully hers. You must hand her back the proprietary or the Covenant or Torpedo Ridge may linger and fulfill it’s curse upon you, it is she who has the hand to call for the first scroll open in the chase of the key to the Covenant, hand the lady what is due to the lady. She knows the secret of the ‘Covenant’ you must let her have it or the game to thrones may perish, the skinny frail man said.

She’s highly delusional, Angelica responded and deemed that Lily-Vin was somewhat instigated to give chase to some lifted urban legend packed with macabre doom, hexes and curses.

“This war is far from over Miss Ramon. I can see that you will not cede but I must warn that you will face major consequences if you do not ’give up the palace. You will recall to this day when the murder squad turns up at your doorstep to remove the skeletons you are choosing to lock up in your cupboard now.

The award ceremony’s royal feast ended in a ‘trailer trash’ Jungle Jim ado. Untamed human fold in animated ride ripped and gnawed at carcass like hungry lions leaving nothing but a speck of cleanly licked silverware. ‘The Lady’ burped and farted with suited ignobility to impress the flock of undesirables. “Castaway’s Rose Mulder in ‘like attracts like’ showcased her own vein to be Lily-Vin’s equal on garbage parade, upping the folklore at “Trash it for Ramon’ show. Angelica had no idea that the vulgar to do had been orchestrated, she was nauseated and appalled in rightful judgment of “The Lady’s” disgruntled spectacle. “If in disfigurement one tends to be gross the shortfall thereof is no less than creative emotional blackmail and a want of recognition to be a Freak.

“The Lady’s” afflictions held a portrait of a painful disfigurement, why was she using it as a tool or new genre of comedy? Deformities as such were easily rectified Angelica could offer her a million dollar reconstruction intervention in a “pelt the flesh back over the bone” procedure high on the ‘Gold Venom’ procedure and make her look brand new. Lily knew well that she could resort to fixing her deformities but she was an intentional freak pretending to be content with her life altering ogre traits and using the disability to grow her a fan club?

Exiting the hall, Angelica felt a tap on her shoulder, looked back to see the Castaway Event coordinator’ holding the Golden Scalpel Award trophy out at her and Elite’s media group on her trail followed by Rose Mulder faking her pride in handing Ramon the award.

“Another dream come true doctor Ramon, Rose chanted and your first entry to the ‘World Podium of esthetics’ no one get’s to go to world podium, you’re way too highly favored, Rose laughed, handing her the award and an oversized envelope. Angelica snubbed the bullshit and about to enter into the limousine when the frail man from a former display re-appeared, stood right in front of her NODDING then bending over, whispered in her ear.

There was something trusting in the man’s eyes, and his message had everything to do with the ‘Covenant of Torpedo Ridge’. Should Angelica be afraid? Probably not but it was in her best interest to stick with intuition, something lurked and it wasn’t just a seeping can of worms.

Don’t tempt the devil, she thought and clasped the trophy and returned to the bombardment of false ole and insincere frolic toned down to a decent audible rhythm. The crowd applauded and donned her a standing ovation. Who were they kidding? They wanted her gone and forgotten and she wanted never to return. Undecipherable congratulatory forced quips drummed to the note of ‘Hit the road Jack’. Angelica could hear those smiling think in the genre of; “bleed diva bleed” The chant of entitlement’s word “Flawless” echoed like a with envy and abhor. They did not care if she won the ‘rats claw’ they wanted her gone. Subjective innuendos from the ‘peanut gallery’ on merit of her unrivaled ‘new-age’ surgical inventions and groundbreaking procedures, they were hers to celebrate, she invented the potions and awarded for it, she didn’t need the ‘Golden Scalpel Award’ to prove her undefeated power, she was already made.

Who cares! “Gold Venom” procedures aced the international beauty pavilion and went on to amass a fortune and Universal Clients, could they compete on uncharted ground? Gold Venom” hit the world arena and sold by popular demand, not many in the industry could match the Ramon procedures so let them mock her while she walked her way up in banker’s paradise. The ‘chisel happy’ Guru accepted the award with great reluctance hiding her face, she wanted nothing but to disown it and the associated trapped with it’s ’newly insignificant meaningless show. “The Lady” snarled again but just for a brief moment and ever so calmly took up her seat to honor the ceremony and Angelica. Even the disruptive entourage tamed down or were they a new cast centered for the main attraction? So it seemed, the toothless grin seemed to have disappeared and the hall looked tidied.

“Who was Lily Vin? And who were the alleged Justifiers the string bean man spoke about? Why was “The Lady” vengeful aiming her poisoned darts and arrows directly at doctor Ramon and not those who inflicted her grievous bodily harm? In all evidence, ’The Lady’s wrath stemmed from much deeper than just a tantrum to recover proprietary of the ex ‘Tuscany House’ said to be valued at an inestimable fortune where the hidden caves and vaults holds it’s scattered scrolls, one with the key to the Covenant. No doubt an urban legend of medieval cock and bull intended to gain land of sorts. Lily-Vin’s ties with “Torpedo Ridge” certainly arose with creative timing in an orchestration with Rose to eradicate Ramon from the ’Beauty Podiums entirely.

If the Covenant exists, it is rhymed to be returned to it’s former ancestral ownership or a jinx of great danger may befall the withholder who by either means shall be determined as banished even before the game is called open. The tale of the Covenant seemed legitimate but little is known of the prominent families in the running for the ‘world fortune’ and inheritance of Debonair’ defile. The award ceremony ended in record time and made room for the prior drunken fuss to pursue. Bedpan attendants, public hospital janitors and cleaners from local sewerage companies and municipality trash carriers swung to the world of music and lights. They were honored in a rave of psychedelics and weed, no one cared, the party held no special ‘Theme’ it was theirs to enjoy until the Arthur Arsht board of directors turned up to end the distasteful loitered camp and scandal of paralytic drunken stupor, motherless quips and streetwise cordage in a tug and pull of disgraceful banter conventioneers indulging in their usual jinx as party animals. Undesirables trashy funk to ‘Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” with a disgraceful version of getting “some” illicit to morals and ethics sexual connotation instead of playful ’ kinky genre intended. Angelica vowed never to vey for recognition, accept or attend another award ceremony again, it had been her last.

Doctor Ramon known never to leave a wrinkle un-ironed had been rumored to own weapons of mass restructure and held an affirmative Adage; ‘it is a sin to be ugly’ and ‘it is ugly to be a sin’ as a pithy expression to distinguish by particular depth her great style of aphorism and epigram and satirical twist. Angelica’s Esthetic Surgical methods surpassed the ordinary her ideals mostly holistic and centered by divinity shone a truly spiritual and scientific magic of perfection. Doctor Ramon sold flawlessness to the world and her product “Ozone Icon” donned a sporting barreling beast of true altruism. It was said to have sleeked more wrinkles than the ‘linen’ in her closet. She was in the business of eradicating the sin out of being ugly and replacing it with “It is ugly to be a sin” the overused ‘self made diction’ got frowned upon as offensive and held for many spark back accusation for unoriginality, who cares, she was authentic and “Divinity” made for the declaration that gained her fame and fortune in her genre, no esthetic surgeon had yet sold their work in all inclusive packages of gold dipped divinity as potions from the soul.

Angelica dwelled in an insatiable Moulin of crystal clear altruism “Sultry” for deluxe and supremacy. Relieved to touch ground in Europe, she sighed with relief and stepped out of her private aircraft ’Torpedo Sky” Female swag and trotting her faux pas onto the aircrafts red carpet stairway. In the distance, a royal fuss ensued high pitch falsetto of modal tones echoed her name Angelica with reverberating monotonous humdrum that sounded more like Angelina.

“Why can’t they honor the pronunciation of my name, she fussed as the riot of media continued to roar out in celebration of her return. Angelica felt honored, Elite and its official publicists had come to welcome her royally, no doubt to catch a scope of the last gold scalpel award’s crowning to ‘World Esthetics’ Trophy in hand and as gullible as hell in the epiphany of self, “I want to go where everybody knows my name” accrued. She was being idolized in a new light at the heights of stardom, nothing of the ‘shit in a ditch fall’ leaked to taint her glory she owned the reign of transformation, strata of pavilion harnessing the power again. With promise of landing the centerfold of Vogue, The Times and perhaps a slot or two in world breaking news Angelica expressed her million dollar smile revealing a sparkling gold tooth from a highly polished ’Hollywood orthodontic gallery in her mouth. Angelica flaunted her svelte silhouette and strutted her curvaceous oodles in a struggle to breath choked by her garter slowly releasing her bloat on croc as the trim band stretched still strangling her gut. The Florida drama slapped up in her mind, it had been awful but minor, why did she care? She should have left the Castaway Party in Miami but it was creeping back up at her like indigestible chunks of un-dissolved excrements from the Vin waste canal and swelled in her belly like a whirlwind of flatulence, she was up for fart-addiction with nowhere to stream a cloud but bloat, all about keeping up with appearances Angelica was a frequent “World News” pageant, and front-page scoop pro. She grasped the 6th annual Golden scalpel award trophy and embraced it even in the ‘tie off’ of disassociating herself to the riot and scandal surrounding the venue. Clearly, it had been two different events and hopefully the ‘Street Wise Ado’ would not have scathed her. As with every public appearance the urge to trot on an over the top spectacle, Angelica had been over zealous in her attempt to impress. Oblivious to the spotlight shifting, she barely noticed the crowd disperse to honor the real deal, not her. The rude awakening, doctor Ramon had been sullenly abandoned and sorely dethroned from her translucent parade. Her frosted utopic candy coated screen of popularity blacked out and decreased to a portable size of ’defamed characteristics, ‘Ramon had been snubbed by vanity’.

Fainting spells on hysteria lane, a new billboard Diva named Angelina Joel turned up and was being honored. Of all the gall, the punk haired rocker showed up like she was J-Lo wearing a ‘striker’ on her rear with a flickering psychedelic neon that read; Billion Dollar Butt. Booty galore appropriated the grunge look and funk rock allure and left Angelica’s jaw crisped for a new award on ‘Wannabe’ Even the consolation prize for trash scoop bounced off the landing and left Angelica with nothing but the ‘Ramon Ridicule’ The inevitable happened, the Manhattan scandal reached Europe’s ‘gossip monger’s’ front-page columns and like a strike of lightning newly portrayed her as the Queen of Porn. Big screens in the distance of the airstrip flickered on reeling bits of her ditch-bonking episode with the officer and the breast-groping gentleman. Both knee high in fake waste and neither away of the plot to embarrass the shit out of ‘Shits-Ville’.

Three ‘up in the face’ Reality TV mongrel’s whose barks were bigger than their bites stood below the aircrafts stairs looking up at her with a twinkle of cheap trashy vibes gnawing to land a bankable scandal. Unbeknown to her, she had already made headlines and was about to get her name smeared through some real muddy situations. She had gone from Stardom to defamed in seconds.

She was mortified and spun from ‘Top Billing’ to star in the ‘Night Slot’ of ‘Ramon’s Ridicule’. Calamity followed her like the pest, and off all the soppy chances awarded her a visit from the enemy Michael Rude, ‘Wannabe Weekly’ pro who rubbed on her rear like a fly on poo bragging about how he would crucifying her on “LOL” Laughing Out Loud series on “Busted”. To add insult to injury, Allan Craig from “Trash Mag’ smirk on face already garnished bits on edited reel for his edition. OMG’s Newbie rolled in with a lame laugh stock for ‘Oh My God’ TV show that airs only exaggerated versions of high profile Elite’s filthy secrets for sense and sensibility’s “Insensitive Channel”. Angelica was the laughing stock of the European ‘GUIGNOL ZONE’ and a caricature on ’CHARLIE HEPDO.

“Michael Rude plunged doctor Ramon to a near disaster three years prior and now he was back snarling with arrogance as if he had something monumental to nail her, walking around with his finger on the trigger of his smoking gun like he was armed with enough ammunition to win a war. What could a minor scandal like ‘Shag in a Ditch’ do to ruin her reputation’ hardly. Rude needed a HIROSHIMA wipe out tactic if he was to get anywhere near from eradicating her from the Esthetic pavilion. Michael wore his name like a glove in perfect coordination with his psyche and soul. His physical appearance derived directly from fright night starring ‘the rigid frumpy ogre’. His eyebrows spiked the size of cat whiskers and his attire illustrated trends from Flintstones Grotto medieval rock store. His overgrown beard and mane of golden Rasta dreadlocks capitulated surrender acquiesce of a cave man from Abyssinia, Michael aroused an imaginary stench of cannabis and reeked of ‘freedom’. He was on a mission and it reeked of Rose Mulder and Lily-Vin, were they in cahoots?

Angelica trotted down the aircraft staircase with her Gold Scalpel award in hand. Deafened by Michael’s taunts, Angelica hoppled and staggered. She was infuriated and waved him a gesture of ‘Go to Hell’ in the attempt lost her balance and fell face down onto the airstrip tarmac causing for the Award to drop and lay there decapitated. The Award had died an ultimate death.

“Smile Barbie, your gums are coming undone, Michael said clicking blinding high speed flashlights in her face and got great shots of ‘bare it all fall’ and her ‘fanny comes to light’ pose to add to her ‘bonked in a ditch’ collection. Angelica had been mortified. As if she hadn’t already endured enough humiliation, the spotlight thief ’Angelina Joel” swooned past her cackling to boast a divinely sculptured bodyguard and a finely chiseled Limousine chauffeur stuck on her “Brazilian Canvas” buns grazing with asexually frothed on overfamiliarity. The craze died down. Angelica was alone with three stooges, Michael Rude, Matt Grey from “Fake It” and another wannabe ‘Trash Mag’ idiot. She could almost hear them clowns plotting headlines in the genre of; Purr-Fect’ plastic Diva returns to Tuscany Meat loaf factory” deliciously glazed.” Angelica imagined front-page newsprints rolling down on a conveyor inking bold letter headlines “Demolish Ramon” Nowhere to hide, Angelica joined the ranks of ’Animated Farts with scores to plunge her popularity thermostat to zero, doctor Ramon was served.

The Rude versus Ramon Feud started three years prior, Rude turned up at ’Torpedo Ridge” Esthetics Palace on a hint, it was GBTS ‘Giving Back To Society’ day and Michael had come to get a scoop that would soar his ‘depleted’ ratings to an AUDIMAT above thermostat level. Vengeance by all means, the doctor had taken him down a few times for ‘Defamation of Character’ he was going to take her down entirely if it meant using derogative and creative excremental fluff with the help of some devious friends. Unsuspecting Ramon had no idea of the destructive Rude prepared and she had no reason to fear his petty grievances, she’d never been trashed to oblivion. Michael’s daring deeds sorely underestimated Ramon’s power; Dynamite comes in small packages and the repercussions of his act would cost him to err like a vagabond. Fiddling with the lever of a grenade is sure to thrill but there is no getting away once the clasp is pulled, Michael Rude must have had a death wish for trashing Ramon but he vowed that he’d die trying.

Michael felt like a giant messing with a midget when he first started taunts with a subtle and humoristic edge; ‘Torpedo Ridge’ got glazed flesh pelted to the bone” Rude rapidly switched to slurring accusations and nailed Ramon for medical malpractice, banned substances and illegal procedures. He rolled out a client list of victims and aired undeniable proof on his hit show ‘Busted’ Michael succeeded and plunged her to multi millions in losses and two years of advanced bookings for the ‘million dollar’ ‘Gold Venom Procedures ’ got cancelled. “Torpedo Ridge” took a nosedive and hit rock bottom by the fault of ‘Ramon Haters’ citing Esthetic blunders, visuals of tarnishing falsehood, inconceivable lies. They placed her on a Busted Gurney for mental amputation but she was not easily dethroned. The brave cave man said; There is method in my madness and soared the ranks as a creative genius for lies and deceit. The booger scraping character cackled his way up the Wealth Thermostat and Busted became an overnight sensation, viewers tuned in to watch every ‘Gold Venom’ episode nationwide.

Michael trotted into ’Torpedo Ridge’s Esthetic Palace one day, headed directly to the ‘Plump It Up’ cabin of Facial Restructuring where doctor Ramon held her GBTS draw sessions and settled himself behind a camouflaged mirror in the adjoining view room and sat there witnessing a private meeting. Michael’s plunk in the view room had been planned with absolute precision, on the dot and sharp a minute on par when she opened her first line to discuss the monthly GBTS [Giving Back To Society] listing. Angela gestured for the Notary to wheel in the glass drum and spoke of the success stories of prior times. Five lucky ’Freebies per month to get a 1 million dollar make over of her all inclusive package ‘Gold Venom Extreme Makeover’ the package entailed getting complete reconstructed interventions, follow up iron outs and a lifetime of corrections including wellness update visits and annual checkups plus ‘quick fix’ enhancement.

“Torpedo Ridge topped the financial year with a big bang on bankers paradise. We’re sold out and booked for two years advance on Gold Venom’s irreversible rejuvenation deluxe and because the wheel of fortune landed so greatly I decided to up the GBTS count to an additional five this month, Angelica announced.

“That’s Ten million dollars on freebies for April doctor Ram, the financial director groaned, why can’t you slide the five million into our annual bonus box and call off the extra freebies? I’m not as fessed up about poverty seeking sagged ass unsightliness, can’t they pick their struggles? I mean you can’t be ugly and get a million dollar makeover for free, he laughed

“You’re such a typical math gliding glutton, Jim, Meryl Kay Angelica’s personal assistance retorted, tapping Jim lightly in a sarcastic retort

“It’s called catering for Xmas honey, a fat check in bonus little miss sunshine, Jim said, looked at the psychedelic flicker light ALICE band on her head and chuckled. If miss Ramon sends every profit to the GBTS drum, Gooding’s ’Show me the Money” plan goes bust, show me the money, he chanted and hopped around the room singing, show me the money.

“Do you even know the meaning of ’Tithing?” Of course not, Meryl nodded. “You go senile every time the GBTS meeting rolls over and it’s always about replenishing your own piggy bank not ours, she added. Angelica called for order, Jim seemed troubled

“There’s been an oddity with the GVJC “Gold Venom Jackpot Candidates”, it contains only one black envelope and the GBTS drum is empty.

“How convenient! That’s more than an oddity but we’re doing a draw it’s policy to enlist five freebies and since we have only one macabre enrollee we’ll pick four from the streets won’t we?

The black envelope revealed a stack of five photographs and a letter addressed to doctor Ramon.

Dear doctor Ramon,

’The famous Five” washed out Hollywood wannabe’s, ancient fifty plus pitifully crinkled cut and rigidly worn ex factors, that’s us. All about chances; we’re begging for the GBTS draw this month so we may reenter the world of ‘Freak Show’ bliss again and we’re counting on your expertise to alter our sagging unsolicited ugliness with Ramon Poison Ivy. Make of us works of art on Gremlin Parade so by your irreversible methods of professional disfigurement, we may again place our trust deforming magic and frightfully ugly as in scare the shits out of handsomeness.

Signed “Five Tacticians”

“Uglier art thou who swears on freakier than freaky. Those guys on freebie demolishment sold their scars to the devil and we’re inspired to create such a procedure, right?” Jim Laughed

“Wow yes Jim we are! That note just flawed my perception from beautification to destructive and it’s having a party on a simple auto destructive autosuggestion. Of all the visuals this one’s swaying on corporal punishment on demand and showing up an imperfect contouring, distorted sculpturing and ultimate hideousness, I can’t transform such idiots. Poison Ivy, that’s an insult to Gold Venom.

“I agree Miss Ram, write them five wishful thinkers off, they’re tipping your thinker, Meryl laughed and added; and we all know how your mind likes a challenge.

Jim argued that the ’destructive autosuggestion was one to be denied and insisted that five million shared between them would afford them a luxury condo each is Isle Des Rich, show me the money he chanted and waltz around the room again.

Angelica subconscious tricks, it mislead her thinker, she did not trust herself to act on ‘forced’ mind bending manipulation, you ask for what you get and she’s very much obliged to turn in what her client’s expect, perfection but these were laying out a map of imperfection.

It’s suicidal, I can’t do it..

“The last time you defied superstition, you nailed the fine line Miss Ramon. “Remember when you bent in over Reptilian Procedure that left Miss George looking like a giant alligator? You switch affirmed with Gold Venom and ironed the scales off her face.

“Are you pulling a Michael Rude on me, Jim?

“Yes ma’am! Michael erupted a scandal and I’m talking you out of one, he took you down for it and you rose by killing it in Sales with Gold Venom.

“You are right, I am not getting fueled for refusing a clean up job, bring them into my iron out zone and I’ll show them the shits out of handsomeness.

Angelica left the meeting via the ‘Viewing Press Room’ remote controlled door, slightly ajar and slowly revealing, Michael Rude appeared. “Speak of the Devil and he is sure to appear; hands behind his head, legs folded in a recliner chair smoking a Cigar, Michael looked like Angelica’s Chin Dog, Flappy.

“If it isn’t the Rude’ awakening drafting a scoop for my demise again, haven’t you learnt that ‘Made In China’ weapons can’t win a war on me? And damn, you look ten fold flabbier than my dog, Flappy, it’s such a damn ’Sin to be Ugly.

Your switch-affirm gone wrong?’ Yes I heard you plot the shits out of handsomeness, my mission accomplished and you are yet to mess up so I can be glorified.

Torpedo Ridge ethics, morals and principals deliver perfection and applies the rule to paid and GBTS ‘Giving Back To Society’ clients equally, she cannot, will not fail, she must not fail. The must not, cannot and will not seemed to be quite the mind game of the moment, why was she allowing it to envelope her minded perfection to fail she used the word fail a zillion times that day.

“I concoct magic potions, perform miracles with my scalpel and my hands transforms hideousness, word use, hideousness, provoking such an element in mind, she usually termed it with “I beautify, quite simply.

D-Day revealing and the five GBTS patients turned up at their unveiling and showed off flawlessness beyond expectation, Angelica was proud. ‘Gold Venom’ procedures did it again, perfection indeed. Angelica sent her freebies on their merry way with a ‘Follow Up’ recall appointment card for three months down the line and smiled.

The five Subjects returned six weeks later looking like Quasimodo and caused a riot, they looked like they stepped out of a ’Freaky Friday rendition in ‘special effect’ makeup, only the ogre ridden flesh wounds were real, the theme of ‘Twilight Zone’ played in her mind, she wasn’t on a ‘nailed it’ moment but visualizing the five some walking through Torpedo Ridge holding banners that read; “The End of Torpedo Ridge” She cringed, they’d come to demolish her, she was done, depleted. Dumb struck by the horrific outcome. Gold venom had never had an allergic reaction on anyone, lest five patients at once, it was pretty unbelievable. More mind games, to flaunt the Michael Rude hymnal; ’Construction or Gold Venom is Destruction by Poison Ivy?” choose well. ‘The End of Torpedo Ridge’ was imminent. She would be closed down if such malpractice were proven.

The five tacticians claimed that ‘Gold Venom’ caused their ogre-ridden lumpy deformities and threatened to sue doctor Ramon, she dared them to, certain that Gold Venom had nothing to do with what happened to them. A wrong move on her part ended up in a major scandal and whipped her incompetence to heights defamation in the media. Angelica’s business at Torpedo Ridge got closed down pending investigations, doctor Ramon was sinking fast “No absolution for Ramon” starring Attorneys, witnesses, clients and professionals in the industry, all pointing fingers at Angelica and her unconventional methods. Michaels Audi-Mat soared to popularity but short-lived to the truth unveiled. Michael Rude got arrested for framing doctor Ramon. It later arose that Lily-Vin had been his accomplice and the Mastermind behind the scenes who paid the famous five to provoke switch-affirms. Lily-Vin paid them to empoison Angelica’s “Flawless Potion’ mainly to create hesitation from her growing clientele, by means of blame for the ‘balls up’ It had been a false frenzy of special effects gone bust but earned the men loads of great film roles.

Michael Rude got imprisoned for two years for defamation of character, and strolled out a year later with only the clad on his back for assets. Rude stood at the Precinct’s gate with a smirk of ’vengeance on his face and very daringly divulged his next ‘Do or Die’ taking Ramon down. Ramon versus Rude lawsuit dragged out for several months and Ramon went on to pocket a whopping twenty million dollar’s in compensation while the Vin trust accorded an extra ten million dollars each to the five tacticians ’for playing the game so well. Michael Rude had been freed to err the pavilions like a vagabond in financial dire straights, kept a low profile and occasionally met with the five tacticians who led a hectic business life with book deals and piled up film propositions. The sly Viper continued to plot his plan B and daringly threatened to ‘take doctor Ramon out’ one day not too far off, he promised.

It is said karma serves best on the rebound. Be careful what you wish for as you might just get what you wish for. Your wish is my command the Universe says and Karma likewise when reversing the wheel of fortune, there are two sides to every story and good will always prevail above bad.

Michael Rude’ embarked on a journey of ill health and spent his days in frail care skinflint looking like a walking cadaver. The mentally perturbed ‘Avenger’ on his dying bed, signed his own death certificate’ and mindedly dug his own grave yet with the power of his ’evil mental minded supernatural pokes came hope then recovery, Michael would never recuperate entirely nor perish but he would die a slow agonizing death. He was right, he would ’die trying to plunge Angelica and he was still alive and determined

Years elapsed and Michael Rude failed at every attempt while Angelica gained high on Gold Venom’s return policies by double ransom, securities and profits. Michael’s little ray of sunshine shone through his darkest hour when a new trashing Genre came to mind and he was bringing down the world of high profile indiscretions in something like a ’Candid Camera for Cheaters, Rude cracked down on rumbling skeletons from every wealth magnet’s closet to set it out like dirty laundry on his stage for public viewing “Did he even know the definition of ‘playing it safe’? He was again flaunting a smoking gun at his temple with his finger on the trigger and slowly getting smoked.

On the tarmac, face down with stiletto in hand, Angelica’s ’wish I were dead moment caused for the most humiliating scoop. The trophy award lay sprawled, head off in total decapitation and the evident white breakable plastic cast sticking out like a sore thumb with a tiny little gold sticker inked in red, Made in Taiwan. Sloppy chances of being left alone, Her “wishful moments had turned into “I wish I were dead eternities, she was newly the symbol of divide and finally a blast of the past as with the “Has been “ Why did that just happen?”

Eerily Angelica could almost see “Trash Mag” headlines read; De-dethroned by decapitation as Chisel award goes bust. Doctor Angelica Ramon’s claim to fame leaves her in purr-fect humiliation. Angelica was mortified, her gullible ride would last forever she was a fool bragging off an eighteen-carat gold Scalpel Award Trophy made of plastic. She was indeed ’a glutton for punishment and nowhere near her super-consciousness minded self or in the zone of knowing fake from flourish. Angelica was appalled. Where was she heading? “Castaway’s” Rose Mulder dared to reward her with gold-plated toy as an award, how gullible did they think she was?” As gullible as she proved she was for accepting an unauthenticated piece of rubbish and not recognizing fakeness.

Castaway was certainly rejoicing in Ramon’s fall and celebrating her fading glory. Honor to Michael Rude who downed her like a pro. If I get buried in this process I’ll take Michael, Lily-Vin and Rose Mulder with me, the pits for all, she vowed

Angelica’s psychedelic pink painted lips quivered furiously as she attempted to keep up appearances with a class act of perfect color coordination. Her bonbon pink figure hugging Louis Vuitton ensemble and snazzy matching bag did no justice to the brand she endorsed, she wore it with perfect humiliation.

“Why was she attracting such belittlement and at such an alarming rate? The Ramon ship was heading for a tsunami and if she wanted to steer above the waves for saving grace, there was only one way out. She would have to apply Luc Ford’s fierce tactics, no bullshit definite purpose and deliberate intention, bulldog approach and no guilt. Angelica may have lost her GLITTER but there was gold to be had and she was still a multi millionaire who served millionaires. Bring it on a few millions in loss could never overturn her fortune, she was obsessed with money and luxury and she’d never lack even if she failed at all else.

Angelica left the Air Strip with a renewed winning spirit inspired by her will to revamp her mind but she felt a certain lack of empowerment. There had been a permanent shift in her way of thinking and the art of allowing tuned in to all but what she desired, she was getting more of what other’s conveyed as her fix to allow for their auto-suggestions to affect her. She had newly encumbered fear and doubt. Where did that stem from, she felt defeated, why? Admittedly by her own decision to deprive herself from being served so she may serve others. She had made a conscious decision to forego her usual royal fuss for the sake of being ordinary but freaked out when the ‘airport hum drum turned out to be spot lit on someone else not her. Acknowledged! But downsizing was not supposed to make her feel abandoned. Living the high life seemed natural and more adapted to her circumstances. Being fussed over and pampered came with the territory of being a millionaire yet her inner form of true spirituality yearned for normalcy, was it normal to want less and still have more? Angelica had wanted to be ordinary in greatness, in a quip of one or the other, she had not opted for one by first erasing the other, She wanted to drive her own Bentley and carry her own bags not be driven or fussed about, why then did she get conflicting feelings about being crowned as opposed to being dethroned?’ Angelica always turned up with truckloads of luggage, if she sought to be her own Valet and Porter she’d have to downsize to only a bag or two. She did not want her employees to feel slave driven yet reality reminded, the comfort of having of doting PA, Valet, Maid, Bodyguard and Chauffeur trotting on her heels 24/7 was what she evoked when she decided to be and live rich, why would anyone with such power and money compromise and alter a lifestyle to suite one that would expel her from society or demean her status? Angelica Ramon figured among the richest on the Forbes List, why was she being treated like the cleaner at a cookie dough counter? Because she altered her desires from being served to serving. Angelica’s frame of mind network functioned as an ’As Built” master-plan operated on overload for enrichment, she had been born with an innate gift to ’Think and Grow Rich” and the mechanism of mind and mastery allowed for abundance to flow quite naturally, it is only upon provoking added value with mental determination that the subconscious mind clashes with what Ego wants, she’d gone from being naturally rich to wanting to be supernaturally overly abundant, greed can plunge an empire if one does not nurture it’s true worth.

Doctor Angelica Ramon’s life happened on autopilot, she was one in the minority tier of 1% of favored and enriched. Her dad Ridge lived by traditional principles and she felt compelled to savor at least one of his ideals to normalcy. Ridge claimed that the modesty would safeguard Angelica from focus on greed and obsession but ’the innate ‘Think and Grow Rich’ pitch was engraved on her psyche and bending the mind rules from wealth to ordinary would erase Codon’s she’d never retrieve entirely. Renewal of thought processing called for total mind re-programming. Try to convince a rich minded person that he is poor and he’d laugh then justify his worth by boasting off his assets. And so it is for the reversal of mind focus to go from rich to poor, a mind bending true lie of not having money registers the lack one feels and will always afford less of that sought. The art is in faking an emotion of being poor in the possession of money and the outcome ensures loss, limitation and deprivation, a thought of not having money delivers none.

Angelica struggled to fake emotions of lack, Altering the original thought process of being abundant caused her mind network to crash and set her up to a dethroning to acquire less of what she already had. Her deliberate intention to ’downgrade or to adopt a poverty mindedness led her off rampage, she wanted to be ordinary not poor. Angelica’s mind bending mechanism stopped coming to the ‘deprivation party’ and set up it’s own rules to ’crash. Give Ego a finger and it will take the whole hand. Angelica allowed inflated Ego the power to deflate, left it to price tag her worth and led her to hang on the reduction counter of sales goods…That’s what Ego does, it endorses its own Logic. Ego is not a part of the inner-consciousness, it is not directly associated to the soul and neither does it hold any obligation to abide to the rules of the psyche’s codons. Ego does not abide to orders or adhere to emotions from a sacred space, it acts on an exteriorized version of ’Seeing is Believing and as mind of its own decides what Safety Net appropriates with the needs of an individual based on what it perceives as safe from the charnel pattern of what one sees from an optical/visual point of view, Ego does not depend on the unknown and has trouble abiding to the conscious and subconscious mind but it is not impossible to tame ego to a place of ‘still’ for it’s own channel to accept the merging [entirety of psyche] then process in the oneness that brings about a structured and or desired outcome. Angelica’s rapid decline had been greatly achieved by her own receptors “To be or not to be” provoked by her own spiritual shift within moments of moving away from ’Source” she had sorely misinterpreted ‘her divine gift of abundance’ to be of ’self-empowerment, in her trade off learnt the freedom she sought earned her lack and deprivation instead.

“I’m sorry, Please Forgive me, I love You, Thank You” was not near the power generator she hoped for, it would take a lifetime to revoke her former glory.

Angelica turned up at Torpedo Ridge enlightened to be in her own kingdom but still felt an overwhelming dread of something of disastrous measures. She was back in Europe, home to a merited fuss but felt squeamish about submitting to the royal welcome. Looking around, found there was no usual Red Carpet, of course not, she erased the obligation by implementing her new lose the ‘dote on me’ policy. Angelica’s PA Marc Alcove, a Queer lad shaded with sucking up tactics had nothing but futile compliments to spit at her. He wasn’t near the ‘take note guru’ of prior. Her Valet, Peter Randall, a typical Englishman stood at ease an oxford mannerly poise looking the other way and rolling out an invisible red carpet, all she saw was soil and dust on her stiletto’s. Two beautiful Ethiopian Princess’ [chamber maids] at her bow in curtsy barely kneeled and did not offer to carry her bags or take her shawl. Expectation turned into unworthiness, she wanted the kingly attention but felt that it was no longer hers to have.

Angelica endured more than a lifetime of calamity in two short weeks in the United States, she activated more habit altering upsets than a normal menstrual cycle and ingested defamation on a universal scale. She looked up at Torpedo Ridge recalling every single negative incident and vibe ingested whilst in Miami, it played out like a stuck on Gag, what happened to her life’s ’Master Premise?” Did she overlook the warranty or neglect her psyche? Did she offend her sacred space or inundate her super conscious mind with petty wants and needs? Either way, her mindset felt puzzled and left her to stand at the Data bank of re-evaluation and no guarantee of retrieval.

Angelica hit the timeline of life and delved back to exactly where her marvelous life began to where she was at starting to derail, as it was the start of a crumbling tower. Still only wealth and amassment filtered as if she had never been confronted with or rose to any form of struggle in her. A very powerful ‘selective memory’ Money and Power had been innate and a birthright but “Kingdom Principals of sacred wealth was shutting its doors in her face. Her otherwise persuasive subconscious mind defied her by according persuasive Ego to steer her into a new life. When one signs up for a crash course in ‘demotion’ demotion is captured in a blink of an eye, Ego doesn’t need a second invitation to ‘the easy way out’ it lives there in it’s safety box with a latch stuck on it’s soul. Her crash course in ‘Alter the Mind’ class went well, she graduated with flying colors with exemptions on how to dwindle. Was she getting a taste of old man Ramon’s fight with Ego? Emergence of things unasked and auto-destructive memorabilia, habitual thinking died. Angelica emerged all things from ’The Source” never failing to manifest, why then the shift in equilibrium? Why then the new time wrecking machine? For one, her relationship with Eric, her fiancé had already come undone by the seams of commitment before she left to honor her High and Mighty Activities in Florida, her friendship with Muriel Ford had already shown wear and tear on the stitching of their threaded togetherness.

Eric Debonair had been a man of commitment, a man of undying love, a man who worshipped the ground she walked on and loved her unconditionally. Of late, catered for mostly her needs, Eric decided to debar her from compulsive bliss and in a flurry of excuses to take flight provoked serious ‘lasting’ altercations between them. Eric had been bent on harmony and compromise now he was off honoring an unscheduled family vacation in total effacing from her wants or needs. Unlike Eric not to respond to her calls or messages, he just vanished, was that a sign of separation or total divide? Even her best friend Muriel Ford seemed to have gotten gulp up by thin air and their otherwise habitual calls ended brusquely to no contact too. Muriel was on a yacht somewhere for the likes of Saint Tropez entertaining prince charming and his tools. Muriel’s Motto, splurge wads of investors laundered money and live your life like it is Golden

Why wasn’t Muriel blocking cyber space or inundating Angelica’s networks with calls? Why wasn’t she online boasting about her new gigolo or bragging off a cluster she’d landed in exchange for a romp in the hay? Unlike Muriel to fade into the ether she must be seen and heard, was she part of the universal plan to inflict abandonment on Angelica? Eric’s silence felt justified by a matter of disagreement, but Muriel had no excuse.

Mo’s about to call, Angelica convinced her self. A little voice from within murmured. You’re leaning on Pisa’s twin. She bent you like Beckham and kicked you to the curb! Angelica refuted Ego’s nagging sensation and declined the invitation to her own pity party. Welcome to life’s hurdles there are no short cuts to trials and tribulations so be it for one so it is for the other. Embrace your path of fading glory you cannot change what happened in there, the little voice hammered. Angelica fretted, what could it be, surely nothing or even less dramatic than the ’petty scandals that followed her from Miami to Paris. What can Torpedo Ridge have to add to the pile of mishaps she already endured? Her doting staff vanished and she was alone zoned out desperately trying to consult with ’Higher Self” Decidedly! Upon her first effort to enter Torpedo Ridge, a little voice from within yelled out at her again! Brace yourself Diva, your tower hath crumbled. There is nothing you can do to change what happened in there, it is what it is. What could that mean? She was glued to the spot she stood on now looking out at the environs of “Torpedo Ridge hoping to recapture it’s magical aura. Marveled with enchantment, Angelica felt the same magnetizing bond she’d absorbed the first time she saw the Palace but something changed. A hint of eeriness surged up filling her imagination with omens of destruction. It felt real.

“When will I awake from this crazy nightmare, she uttered and slid deeper into denial feeling totally abandoned. Angelica pouted hoping Muriel would call. Suddenly, the sound of juke, a ring tone of “disco inferno” It was Mo, finally! Angelica dug in her bag scraping through a ton of makeup and a wallet the size of a brick to reach the cellular phone. Clipped out a never seen before brand of ‘Rotary’ in the shape of a snazzy sleek miniature flat screen glass type gadget, a phone the size of the palm of her hand. A message flashed up; Muriel F connecting and flipped up a live image of an extremely beautiful blue-eyed blond. Trickling to get the mobile phone on loudspeaker Angelica answered the call pouting sullenly

“Where are you and what took you so long, Mo?”

“Hello to you too Angel, I’m with my Beau and I’m not your punctual slave darling this is not a friendly call

“Then why are you calling, Angelica retorted?

“To tell you we’re done as in over

Angelica had taken to a tone of ashen

Like you’re so indispensible, she responded. “Get a life Diva you’re all alone with your world scandal smeared to the pits of the Bronx, you just hit the Trash Scoop High for doing a spank the pony with Arnold in Lily-Vin’s poo at SHITSVILLE. Fancy falling from the plane face down and showcasing a decapitated ‘Golden Scalpel Award’ made in Taiwan, what were you thinking?

Angelica’s lips quivered

I get trashed for nasty and you end our friendship? It’s not about the Michael Rude scandal is it? He can’t hold me down if he tried.

“No darling it is not. I’m dumping you because I’m done walking in your shadow. Wake up and smell the Roses, the petals are all over the world blooming shit in gutter, Michael succeeded to hold you down Angel, the man’s running around waving a banner with your photo on it as ’Chucky the Bride” and you’re holding a dagger pointing to the ‘Gold Venom’ Logo turned red. It says; “No Absolution for Ugly Ramon’s Sins” Now to the bit of ‘its over’ I’m done, Muriel said and ended the call

Angelica fumed

Did Muriel just end our friendship in the midst of crisis?” We’re friends, confidantes and ’bound by sisterhood, she can’t just ruffle and fade out with everyone clamping down on me, that’s not supposed to happen! We share everything, what’s she talking about?

Angelica and Muriel had been like two peas in a pod, stuck by the hip and twin flames, they met on sloppy chances for motives beyond human understanding for neither at the time of their toddler years assumed or knew that they were linked for a reason that would blow minds in their later years. Angelica Ramon arrived at the Ford Mansion at the heights of infancy wearing a scruffy pink jumper rolled up in a ’pretty dog basket” and left owning the Estate and it’s empire. Muriel had never gotten over the shock of not being a true ‘heiress’. Although born with the golden ladle in her mouth with garble of first words such as “Serve Me” Muriel’s dethroning had not robbed her of affording her heart’s desire but she’d forever be perplexed by how Angelica walked off with her crown.

Ridge Ramon had come to go into partnership with Luc Ford and in no time found himself at the mercy of the wealth amasser’s entrapment. Ford had no plans to ’Associate himself to Ridge Ramon or grant him the credit of his brilliant works, Ford was a man of caliber and impressed well to the world of Elitism. Ford had rapidly weaned Ridge out of the mansion into a side cottage in the farthest space on his estate and granted the Ramon kid the royal life to live in the mansion and savor of the same royalty he donned on his daughter Muriel. Angelica and Muriel’s nanny also the housekeeper was a fiery Latina named Flora. Flora’s daughter ELLE the same age as Muriel and Angelica lived in the mansion too, her frills accorded to the reason that her dad was of Elitism and from the rich dad’s club.

Luc Ford’s Estate housed many mansions, in one lived his firm’s attorney Andre Debonair with his very pretty discreet wife Edwina and their two son’s the older named Eric and Anthony about the same age as the girls in the mansion The “Happy Five” richly favored served the same privileges and led an abundant life. Elle the maids daughter was soft-spoken yet fiery. Muriel was as soft spoken, fiery and over the top spoilt and garnished. The two girls resembled each other to a spitting image and portrait although they were in no way related or biologically inclined. Angelica was vivacious, tenacious, outspoken, loud and incredibly curious, she was spontaneous, almost excessively friendly and melted hearts in a second. The Debonair boys Eric and Anthony were thoroughbred gentleman and handsome. Eric almost too shy to mingle, Anthony a perfect match to Angelica’s bubbly personality. Their dad Andre Debonair was extremely handsome, incredibly impeccable and looked like he stepped out of a line from ’An Officer and a Gentleman” At the ripe old age of four years, the girls picked whom they’d marry and the [winner] was Eric by far down cat fights of who he’d pick to be his maiden. Upon citing that Eric had more eyes for Angelica, Muriel set her ‘tiny sights’ on Andre Debonair and lived out a childhood crush on a man at least twenty plus her senior, she was obsessed up until Elle moved out in her teens to travel and study abroad. Muriel who’d gotten along with Angelica found her self formed to a stuck by the hip type of friendship.

Angelica lived abundantly never abiding to Ridge Ramon’s rules. Ridge wore traits and symptoms of “Economical Dis-Ease” Angelica viewed her dad as a weak link and resented his stuck on principles relating to lack, loss, limitation and deprivation. She told him that he had no substance and categorically refused to pitter-patter in his footprints. Angelica vowed never to inherit the Ridge Ramon label of ’unworthiness. She was a child with depth and purpose, innately educed a mindedness of power from within and she made great use of subconscious minds infinite intelligence for directive of her ’Unseen Future Emerging” Angelica had been donned a gift only taught by masters to own and have the ability to live her life on auto-pilot. An astonishing observation, life just happened for Angelica without instruction or tutoring from masters on matters of the mind

Everyone has access to the power of the subconscious mind but only few know how to tap into it for emergence. Angelica used the advantage in sync with spiritual depth to deny Ridge the right to impose his premise of deprivation on her. She allowed him to err without premise in the absence of definite purpose but she made a point to warn that if he continued to build his dreams for others he would go through life handing his fortune away for pittance. Angelica asked for nothing and received everything while Ridge complained of being robbed and received more of the nothingness he focused on

I acquire things by being aware that I am awareness, I also know that I know.

One must start thought focus wit faith in the thing one wishes to manifest then through visualization and conviction trust that it shall manifest from an unseen or unheard source, it is not an obligation to know how or where our desires will emerge from or how it will be met, just that it will materialize, she had told Ridge a few times.

Three luscious blondes residing on the Ford Estate in the company of two eligible bachelors of Debonair defile. Two extremely good-looking young men pointing ‘cupid’s arrow’ at Angelica claimed to be her soul mate. As with brotherly rivalry, Eric let his guard down while Anthony upped the chase, Eric was no competition to Anthony who seemed to gel perfectly into the Angelica world where even unspoken the pair understood each other well. Never discouraged or defeated, Eric stuck to a distance to observe ’then using the Angel method ’Visualize to Materialize” Eric would reveal in later years just how easily he ‘possessed’ Angelica in a two minute standoff of definite purpose. Angelica neared the entrance door of ’Torpedo Ridge’s Esthetic Palace staring down at the cellular phone died out on battery charge, like she needed anything more to switch off from where she was at. ADIEU? Angelica was vexed, Muriel dumped and erased her from her life, how could she? They shared everything so what’s the one thing that brought her to effacing Angelica entirely. The key to the stupid Covenant, or the namesake if at all the Covenant really existed? Michael rude was back to run doctor Ramon into the ground and by his vicious scandal proved that he would stop at nothing to make her vanish, promise kept, he would die trying.

Torpedo Ridge’ stood on acres of luxuriance exuding a grandeur of great value. It’s magnetic force left Angelica as mesmerized as the first time she saw it and overwhelmed her with pride for the personal touch design was what made of it ’A unique modernized yet mystical monument. The chiseled down ancient pillars emanated magical invisible ghostly characters she’d seen when she was four that Friday when she first discovered it. Now they were coming alive in the haze like animate of its medieval folkloric drama of ancient times. The intricately sculptured pillars stood tall engraved artwork of ancient hieroglyphics in 3D evoking a live energy field and vibration she’d never seen or felt before. It was beyond impressive. It’s sky-high giant arches acted as warden to a species of bonsai citrus fruit orchards and olive vines swaying to soft ripples of the breeze and from afar set over miles of the unending ocean turquoise lagoons in an unfolding of white mapping of long fine white sandy beaches on end. The eeriness persisted in a dark hazy cloud and Angelica felt a malaise set in. She heard the whisper clearly, it echoed and got louder, reverberated and the word doom rung out to her ears. She could see it form from the corner of her eye. It was real she sensed it. “History is about to repeat itself” a little voice in her mind yelled out.

“What a brazen idea, she thought. “Why was she being engulfed in a dark field of raging energies stuck on freaky Friday? Were the ancient Gods of Tuscany House angered? How and when did she offend them?

’Tuscany House” bore tales of ghostly defile it had been for that matter of folkloric tales that Angelica revamped the estate to erase some of its eerie aura’s said to be somewhat haunting in the past. She had already dubbed it ’Torpedo Ridge on day one and now emerging that ’The ancient scrolls actually held that name to it, then how did it sieve into her mind at four? Rumored to hide its well-preserved secret’s beyond rusting vaults and hidden cave walls where glorious bastards celebrated with kegs of grand cru in a drunkenness and debarred it from commoners, more modern men of great wealth had since encamped on the premises. As in the past of Tuscany House history so Torpedo ridge got frequented by vain and rich acquaintance.

Black Friday was about to bring its dormant spirits alive and Angelica had been consumed by fear. She had never known such petrification before, this was to be something from a ’haunted house movie of sorts, she was witnessing something from Poltergeist and stood there watching as dew ripples appear on the outer façade, spiky icicles formed and transformed into hazy elongated ghostlike illusions. She’d only felt such couch gripping moments when watching a horror movie and now she actually lived and felt something to the effect of ’Fright Night. Sweaty pearls dripped from Angelica’s brow as pathetic mind games reeled back and forth taking her to where it all began and then as rapidly plunged her back into reality of where she was. “The chessboard of Angelica’s mind sped on pawn. “Be undone Ego, you are not authorized to delve me into a past of selective recollection.

Angelica Arianna Ramon had been only ten years old when she first found her vocation. In a class of “Domestic Science concocting her umpteenth divine potion of “Gold Venom” for an imaginary health spa and beauty salon instead of the sumptuous meal for a five star restaurant the cast of judges proposed for a competition. Upon placing her vile of ‘Beauty in a Bottle’ on the “Flawless Essence” counter to be evaluated by the judges stunned that it was not the palatable culinary arts the other’s performed but ’Venom in a Gold bottle of refined velvet soft and aromatized essence for beautification. Angelica handed her project, turned to walk back to her seat when a magazine on the educator’s counter caught her attention. The magazine’s page’s flapped open by a queer wind to land on the center page presentation and stayed that way for a while.

“I have concluded my task and would like to peruse the magazine on your desk, Angelica imposed politely.

“You may, the teacher responded in a ’who cares manner” and added, you are excused for the day. Angelica stepped out of the highly artful culinary/lab and directly into the adjoining library to flip through the magazine. She was alone in the spaciousness of a functional library sunk into a comfortable beanbag with her hands on the center page fixated on the topic. There it was, THE advertisement of enthrallment, just as she had hoped for. Angelica was psyched up to read of a live esthetics conference hosted at the convention center and enthused about being part of it. She would attend if the opportunity arose or just tag along to observe. The first option seemed in appropriation with the mindful she visualized as she had never attended an Esthetics conference before and held a burning desire to do so. Angelica had no idea what it entailed precisely only that she had to be there by all means.

“Angelica was a minor. Would the board permit her to observe or partake in such a highly prestigious and complex event where intricate procedures were undertaken? Probably not, they did live interventions and procedures to dull a frail heart and she was but a ten-year old child, barely knee high and would not go unnoticed. Wishful thinking meant imposing. Angelica would writhe herself into the podium, slip into a back seat or peek from under the stage curtain if push came to shove but she would attend the conference by any means. Did she even know how to get to the venue? Of course not but she had access to the Ford Limo, surely the chauffeur held enough integrity to know that some things are done with discretion and if he knew what’s good for him ’hold on to their secrets as she held quite a bit of garb on him and wouldn’t hesitate to ’use blackmail to acquire the favor. He would drive her to the event and she would deal with the consequences of her audaciousness after the deed had been done.

Angelica turned up at the ‘by invitation only’ event, walked down the front peer row to face the faculty board on the stage ahead, posed her pen and ledger on the desk and settled in as if she were there as an ‘official’ medical graduate. A few frowns to the young child’s quaint manner of getting settled in a non-assigned seat, the board felt meekly amused. They were convinced that she roamed into the wrong venue and signaled that she was not at a middle school conference.

“You are aware that this is a ‘Surgical Esthetics’ live convention, right?

“I am aware, Sir!

“Then you are advised that the event is by invitation only” he added.

“Well yes Sir, as you may view, I invited myself she retorted in a flat tone of “as a ‘matter of fact’ and settled into the conference cabin to add.

It says here; non-participants only, Angelica insisted eager to observe. The Professor and his entourage of Deans and Masters cackled. Angelica felt no intimidation and looked at them with a “so what” interrogation mark and smirked the ‘I have come to observe” look and the “not even the universe can make me move’ nod.

“It also pertains to a strict guest list of graduates experienced with what we design here, this conference is one where live surgical interventions of a graphic nature is too strained for the likes of your age, the Professor quipped lightly. Shouldn’t you be at another recreation?

“Surely not sir, I am where my calling goes. My vocation is to beautify, if I am at a place that has anything to do with beautification then I am at the right place, Angelica responded with definite purpose. If I am going to be the best “Esthetic Surgeon in the world I need to be here at this appointed time, she added quite blandly.

“Do not underestimate my curiosity it is not frugal. I am highly familiar with ’taking the sin out of ugly and I know of the importance of its acceptance to society. “Unsightly people wear tarnished veils”, they are persecuted for being different that is why I am called upon to be of service for their reintegration to society”. “Like it or not, ugliness is and will always be frowned upon or we would not be here mustering burning desires to eradicate hideousness would we?” “Let me clarify to you that I am here to take esthetics to a whole new level”

Angelica acted with poise and allocution, her determined nature sounded from the speakers. She spoke with philanthropic grace and denouement in point and theory of fact to be ‘possibly true’. She was wholly immersed in the subject and conveyed it like a true physician. She was only ten years old, well researched and informed and they the physician’s and graduates had been coached by masters of the trade, who were they to form such brilliance with grave precociousness? It had not been the center page advertisement in the magazine that ignited the surge in Angelica she was already way too familiar with the subject it seemed. But how did she acquire such intricate knowledge and clarity then have the guts to impose her presence to present it to Masters? The ’know it all’s” had been silenced and perplexed by the groundbreaking logic of a child’s mind.

Angelica Ramon entered an esthetic convention with definite purpose, she could not have known about the impact her visit would have on self, let alone the impression it would leave on the masters. She knew that whatever force landed her at the convention, would do it’s work to coincide with her Universal life purpose and plan to become a world renown Esthetic Surgeon. Angelica imposed a place at the table of elect and took up an unprecedented lead. Precocious and advanced to that degree, she raised eyebrows on a top not yet heard of in the sphere of the particular subject relating to “invasive surgery” and un-invasive enhancement by the means of flawlessness from clarity of mind. “The study of the inbred Anatomy educed from the ingenuity of the mind dictated to her from an inbuilt dictionary directed from ’Source” Higher Self and Divine or Supernatural substance. Angelica acted with Oxford gest and mannerism, exuded a spark of intellectual poise and a pinch of distinction. How did she know so much about the ’subject in question? She educed from within. Angelica impressed upon the masters as a rare pearl. Such brilliance could not be put to waste. Angelica was indeed of supernatural manifest and divine giftedness. At the end of an overwhelming powerful session of three highly invasive surgical transformations, Angelica rose to air her views.

“We can agree that we have experienced surgical interventions of a graphic and grueling nature ‘describable’ as painful transformations. By the honorable work and success undertaken and adhered to by medical protocols and perfectly skilled artistry, the tactics, methods and sculpturing have been impressionable and one must award praise to the masters for their art, Angelica blurted at an unstoppable rate with words. However and at the same one must observe with tactical precision that such endurance of pain of [subjects] or [volunteers] if this faculty so wishes to abide by such reference of a patient getting hammered and contused by true, tried and tested methods, should not be ‘suffered’ Faintness deems that ‘the alternative’ is warranted to garner the same if not better results therefore to administer an overly dose of anesthesia or to peel flesh from the subjects bone in such an invasive manner should be abolished. One may further garner from the more subtle means that the use of ultra modern technology may be of less or little invasive manipulation, less to no pain and a rapid recovery. We have witnessed subject [A] get a facelift and by default of hideousness we deem the intervention ‘successful’ don’t we? Right. Now we further observe the ’subject as troubled, suffering a harsh recovery and under the influence of anesthesia in extreme pain rummaged with ugly painful contusions, don’t we? This can be altered and must be reconsidered. I choose to major in this art to such a degree that I shall be known to remove ugly and pain out of the equation.

“That is wholly impossible, a first year “wannabe pro” roared mockingly at the child and told her to return to her kiddy desktop play dens of kindergarten’s and flourished teachers. Demanded that she convey to her educators a summons to present themselves to the body of professionals at the Esthetics Academy to prove the theories they taught her.

Another intervened.

Invasive surgery requires a certain amount of manhandling and pain is endured in its timely process to healing and recovery this is evident, the intern chewed irritably. Nodding. Why are we according a child to dictate copyrights of another? She need not be here lest authorized the power to illustrate with no proof that the material delivered here is her own.

The Professor interrupted

“The Child” as you so willfully express is indeed a minor who impressed upon your mind and mine only what we have not yet been taught or learnt here at this academy in seven years of internship, it is true that it is not feasible for a child or an adult to learn what she just conveyed here within a single day let alone the ten years of her existence, that is why I fully applaud the youngster and responsibly authorize her to educate me on what I do not know, the professor added sternly.

If for whatever reason you deem yourself too ’highly educated or find what the young lady addressed is out of your league, you may return to your third year demotion and sit in for the next four years wishing you knew what Miss Ramon knows. “If miss Ramon cares to demonstrate how we may come up with a miracle such as taking the sin out of ugly and at the same entice us with her pain free methods, we shall give her the benefit of the doubt, there’s no such shit as ’you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I just learnt my lesson well. “The board accords Miss Ramon permission to assist with intervention number four, she may observe without prejudice the account and or method undertaken by our own said to be of a less invasive nature than the previous interventions, this by the qualifications and methods practiced at our institutes, Miss Ramon may well be an asset in assisting. Be my guest Miss Ramon the professor said gesturing the young child to the upper OR

“I am greatly honored professor.

Angelica entered the bubble type theatre at the upper level cutely dressed in matching green scrubs that God alone knows how the perfect size slipped in. She stood there with pride looking down at the pre -sedated subject laying on a gurney for his pre analysis and asked if she may make a brief observation on the ’Subject’s state. A nod of approval

“Subject D has little fatty impact and an extremely sagging brow, wrinkled forehead and drooping skin of considerable mapping. “She requires a major face and neck lift and for this procedure only six tiny incisions are needed, Angelica advised.

“The concept is to render little to no pain and to establish immediate recovery. The use of local anesthesia in an attempt to resort to Esthetic suturing is therefore recommended. “I propose a minor brow enhancement to initiate the procedure by which we shall administer two minor incisions under the hair line at the upper scalp. Then sleek out the access skin to an upper level and use the ’Thread” procedure on the location with a single esthetic suture to minimize bruising. The process and procedure renders an identical outcome of a face and neck lift but only requires two or three minor incisions on either side under the hairline or ears to smooth the skin to perfection and to ‘Thread’ the area in the same fashion as the brow. “The end result should be ‘spectacular’ enough to forego fillers or Botox. Only in the event of an incrusted furrow such is the case in Subject D we may induce a durable ‘filler’ that does not entirely rob her of a natural expression, we want the procedure to be extreme but natural. So birthed ’The Flint” an esthetic breakthrough no one on the panel envisaged.

“Subject A, B and C suffered contusions and edema after a solid hammering during invasive surgery, they were still under the influence of anesthesia and had a requirement of x amount to recovery whereas subject D in a subsequent procedure suffered none of the above and remained conscious for the intervention and went on to recover with immediate effect apart from minor swelling and some fine prickling of under skin garnishment. The conference concluded to a standing ovation, Angelica held the highest honor.

Angelica wrote a note to Professor Smart thanking him for allowing her to observe and participate in a teaching that ‘solidified’ her vocation further. She returned home and in the back of the Limo that day shared her vision with the Limo driver who was as psyched up about her future as she was, he promised to drive her to any convention at top secret, ’Scouts On” they twirled fingers and forever vowed never to divulge the secrets they had shared

Angelica Ramon went on garner distinctions and brushed up in accolades and acclaim to the laudatory notice of being the youngest child in history to enter a ’faculty of medicine” at the age of thirteen. Ridge had not known of the ’Highness” and barely commented on her exemptions, it seemed Luc’s honor as he had mostly embraced her scholarly endeavors. Angelica majored in the art of beauty and esthetic surgery. She swept through with advancement tutored by devoted Master’s and Pro’s. She proved to have a remarkable talent. She was in it to win it by all means. Ridge Ramon leapt from his commanding seat when Angelica voiced how sorely disappointed she was of his lack of pride in her and ‘loudly’ reminded,

“Your negative impressions may be engraved to give lasting and growing decline, but I shall never allow for your impoverished mindedness to affect my life, dad. My prime focus does not revolve around ’Impossibility” therefore I am made and not the clone of lack you wish to stamp on me. ’OOPS! That was not how she meant to convey her intention: She should have said; I am a rich thinker and your negativity inspires me to focus on ‘Possibility’ therefore I am made, the statement was an affirmation not an argument Ego would enter as a thought for food

Ridge Ramon’s unproductive autosuggestion’s about Angelica’s inability be of the Elite and join a faculty of medicine at such an early age, taut of mocking, denied him the right to impose his mode of deprivation on Angelica but it had never been truly erased and laid dormant imprinted on her psyche. Doctrine of sorts, what is absorbed by the mind always comes out to play, no doubt, what Ridge expressed would resurface at some stage of her life. Ridge acknowledged that his deliberate attempt to capsize her positive world had not paid off, but he knew that she would ‘center’ on it one day and recall the true value of life.

If the Faculty Masters said she owned it, then she owned it, let Ridge rebuke, deny and negate her ability if he so wished to, she would prove him wrong by flourishing to heights of the sky. Ridge Ramon’s restricted mind ’argued that a child of Angelica’s age had no place educing from within or to act out on the topic of beautification about perfecting imperfections but Angelica bent the rules and proved that age was nothing but a number. It was wise for Ridge to tread lightly around Angelica’s power-ridden psyche, learning a trick or two ‘wouldn’t deter him from his truth’ but lean slightly on wanting to know more on the subject of ’Talking Things into one’s life. He had no reason to doubt her he had seen her soar well above his restricted heights in limitations; she didn’t need his protection she needed his approval but that was not to be had

“You are sorely misled, he chimed and said she would fail miserably and never reach the ranks of greatness.

“You are not as invincible as you profess and can never be greater than the mold you are born from, he clobbered on as parental instruction by the use of auto destructive abuse turned ’habitual.

Ridge learnt not to underestimate Angelica’s giftedness or undermine her power she was indeed a force to be reckoned with. Still, he feared she might falter and fail and if or when she did she may not be armed with the tools to cope with failure, he would persist in imposing the true values of life on her. She would fail. Everybody fails at some point.

“Years of ’parental destructive advice” deterred her not, Angelica walked her walk and talked her talk to greatness with added intention to be indestructible in his sight.

“True success is measured by the coarseness of the peppercorns of one’s head as roots not the sleekness of the weave woven in to fake ones appearance, he had said and laughed.

“Are you insinuating that I am of African descent and a non believer?

“Your observation of my metaphor is out of context, I made that up to point out that like your African American class mate Rita Bush who never lets a day without sleeking out her weaves because she never wants a single strand of her natural root to show, you too will keep up appearances until the root of poverty shows up in your DNA, you are just a Peasant’s daughter, he reminded.

A peasant, a pauper and what next, where was the pauper in him? Ridge graduated from a prestigious university and mastered in Engineering, his poverty minded wealthy parents were penny pinchers more than the lack they professed and they never shied off ‘hands on’ in their fields, lands and farms but that did not entitle them as paupers/peasants as Ridge professed. Ridge Ramon lived a highly fortunate life before he came to live on the ’Ford Estate, he had been given a higher education and was a certified specialist in his field.

“The purpose of higher education is solely to ensure literacy so you may land a worthy day job not for you to impress upon greatness or take up an air of superiority but to be of worthy substance to settle within a league of your own, Ridge had said

“Be humble and settle for attainable goals or you shall fail to impress upon the world of wealth that your are of their brine and be returned to the pit where your well would have run dry because of your state of greed. Why would seeking fame and fortune be concurred as greed when one is in a state of nothingness and at the mercy of others for survival?

It is a man’s birthright to be whoever he says he is on the condition he does everything to be or become the version he thinks he is, this is acquired by the use of one’s highest potential and not the limitations imposed by others, where did Ridge Ramon gather such pretention, his philosophy rhymed with and untruth and deprivation. Angelica did not permit him the benefit of the doubt and omitted his negative auto destructive suggestions or she would fail if she allowed for his mind to override her beliefs that positive thoughts led to positive outcomes. Is it possible for one to fail by another man’s ’auto destructive suggestions? Not if one rebukes or denies the subject the right to infiltrate such negative manipulation on one’s psyche. “Higher education is said not to serve a great purpose in the amassment of money for even if a man is uneducated he too can amass great wealth by the power of money he educes from within. Education is merely a structure of general knowledge in which one develops a certain degree of literacy and ensures at least some form of employment in a worthy work place. Angelica did not quite share Ridge’s opinion on the matter and retorted as such.

“While your observation is sound and just to a certain degree, I will not be building my dreams for someone else like you do for a measly wage. I shall garner from my education and in addition educe from within a combination of intellectual inventions to produce something no one else has done in the optic of creating a label and sell to a clientele for my own personal enrichment and not offer my ‘property’ to a boss so he may sell it for his own enrichment

“One spends up to twelve years in an educational system or establishment learning ’general knowledge focused on the ABC’s of life, it would be a better option if a specialty of one’s calling or vocation is integrated into the educational system and from earlier develop one’s skills to exercise in that career of choice. Having twelve years of one’s life mapped out may as well bring solid purpose and enable one to walk into the first workplace with practice and at least some experience. If that same man so wishes to master in his specialty and conquer with higher institutions so be it his choice but the years of learning would be reduced and one can be of applicability and worthy of a wage earned on merit, practice and gain experience. ’Specialization” should become compulsory in every high school/college and then the word GRADUATE would be in applicability and practicality all the same.

“You boast a perfect scholarly pride of accolades but you have not yet concluded with your ‘calling’ if we can relate to it as a calling, I tell you now, you are not formed to be of Elitism and or made for any prestigious career, you are a peasant’s daughter, he said again. Entitlement is donned to anyone who masters his art, one does not need a higher education to be a Guru or a founder of something brilliant, he added “How does one explain of Maids and Gardeners having had the same lengthy education of up to twelve years plus a few more years to learn the art of being a Horticulturist, are they not hugely dismissed and expelled as laborers? Are they then doomed to go down as ’unskilled? Ridge hammered on. Angelica in her retort laid out the principals of entitlement. Every undertaking or career path is an art and requires a skillful artist to develop and hone his masterpiece according to the aesthetic principles required for that skill of what is beautiful, appealing or of more than ordinary significance. If we are what we think then we are what we wish for through our own mindedness and we are solely shaped by our highest potential or our lowest limitations. The principal applies to all ’vocations-careers” A “maid” in prior times referred to as a ’Domestic Servant” need not pertain to a specialty if she so chooses for the sounding not to be. But, if the ‘Domestic Science’ etiquette adds value to its general use for a title worthy in name such can the Domestic science be made compulsory in the educational system and be recognized as specialization to honor higher entitlement then Maids would graduate as ’Domestic Scientist’s”.

Ridge laughed.

Domestic Scientist’s are best known as housemaids, Horticulturists are best known as gardeners or landscapers it’s quite a laughing matter if the class of laborers changed to titles such as Scientists in their genres? I still maintain that an education is not responsible for how good an individual is at a chosen art or vocation but rather serves as a tool of flexibility to add to one’s capacity the option of being literate Ridge said.

“Perhaps but one does not become a brilliant esthetic surgeon without learning the art of esthetics first, no one just walks into an operating room, pulls out a scalpel and get’s Chop-SueY’ happy, do they? “One’s creative ability come from a place within not necessarily formed from any education and yes it is not absolutely necessary but then we’d all be a maid and gardeners too wouldn’t we? Let it be known, I am not a commoner, I do things in a different way and I thrive on authenticity that means that I have a mind of my own, got that? “I am your daughter not the daughter of the peasant in you. “I am formed from your bloodline but not your creation or I would be a poverty pleading individual roaming at a pity party with my body immersed in a pool of lack, loss, limitation and deprivation sinking into impossibility like you.

Angelica acknowledged that higher education enhanced her calling but argued that it did not walk her into the convention center or earn her a place at the world’s most prestigious faculty of medicine. She had been ten years old barely educated and educing from her soul. Forming creative miracles happened naturally in a stillness of thought process.

She had said about that; “I walked into my class that day thinking about how I could get a head start in learning about Esthetic Surgery for just a single day. Holding the thought it dawned on me that I wanted to show off what I learnt and invented intellectually on the Topic. I took up a note pad and wrote out a scenario about attending a convention where live interventions and procedures were undertaken and placed myself at the scene as the center of attraction. At that point my script entailed only what I researched so I incorporated what I would do to enhance tried and tested methods or I wouldn’t impress if I did not add bits of my intellectual invention or property. I simply noted whatever came to mind then went about my business doing whatever else I was doing.

Unbeknown to Angelica, she emitted her wish, let it go and completed her task not knowing how or when her wish would manifest, note of the statement, it bares no “if”, why? Because she affirmed that it would materialize without a shadow of a doubt. The magazine on the teacher’s desk flung open to the center page by an eerie breeze in a room of airtight windows and a firmly closed automated door was that, from thoughts to creative miracles, the magazine presented itself as an opportunity and the universe made her aware that it conspired to bring her desires to fruition. Angelica imposed her self into the Esthetics arena and obtained a candidature and acceptance into the Faculty of Medicine without having to ask to be of its scholarly plan, it had been offered to her.

Angelica did not feel intimidated by the masters, interns or complexity of the interventions, she conveyed to the faculty board and its members that she planned to join the medical faculty that same day. All the odds had been against her, she was a minor, had no former instruction, tuition nor the Elitism that came with such prestige but she had enough to meet her wish fulfillment.

“One can hardly ‘credit’ her higher education for the placement at the faculty that day, it was her burning desire and absolute faith that got her in.

“Never count your chickens before they hatch, Ridge had said.

“You are way too ambitious and must learn to lower your expectations as you are not an inbred of wealth and fortune. Be modest in your undertaking and stay humble. You do not own any part of the Ford Luxuriance you are dependent on their borrowed kingdom principals.

Ridge reminded that she was but a remnant of peasants and insignificance to ascendants from a rise and fall paradigm.

“I beg to differ Angelica retorted

Ridge hadn’t had the last word and added.

The name Ramon comes to order as “Counsel Protection” it is my duty to deliberate, conclude, resolve and plan your life for it is I who represent your trials. You have a distorted perception of borrowed bliss it is not yours to have, you are a peasants daughter thus whom I say you are.

One cannot have or provoke a life, a situation or an event unless one feels the emotion of already being in possession of that what one seeks to acquire. When one feels sad, tears will find you. When one feels happy, laughter will find you. When one feels poor, poverty will find you and so it I for wealth, health and life in general. A mans life is shaped by the choices he makes so ’every single man on this earth ’Thinks things into his life

Ridge Ramon was a perfect example of an individual residing in denial of worthiness. Ridge refuted his own and Angelica’s creative ingenuity, he yearned for her to be like him and wanted her to look up to him, honor him and need him.

“When she fails, because she would fail, became Ridge Ramon’s favorite ’affirmation. He wanted her to fail so he could inspire her but Angelica was already inspired by her own greatness. She would not fail, bottom line. Failing was not an option these were the laws of her mind. Failed, this word used in context is out of context to manifest success. One does not use the word FAIL and NOT as in ’she would not fail to make an affirmative point, it is not of positive sounding and not clarified or remotely close to the success one is describing.

She will succeed is a definite clarification of the sought outcome. One does not note a word with emphasis on ‘not failing’ as an autosuggestion, one affirms succeeding by use of the positive intention of success omitting word of reference to anything remotely attached to failure. Such imprint is a misgiving and may bring emphasis on the thing that one does not want to fail on thus provoking the failed version into existence because the word ‘Fail’ is thought processed. Emergence happen where focus goes, be careful what you wish for it shall be granted, good or bad, words carry strength

Ridge Ramon adored Angelica’s spontaneity and her expression of excessive love but refused to acknowledge the depth of his understanding or approval. It was habitual and good intentional. He was not entirely against Angelica succeeding he wanted her to succeed on his terms and within his limitations. He wanted her to value his sacrifices and acknowledge his stripes of labor to be a sacrifice so that she could have a better life, it would not amount to that, Ford did not allow for Ridge to amass to such a degree of financial bliss and be Economically Eased to afford his only daughter her every desire or at least the education he promised.

The Dean and Faculty Board’s question to Angelica upon exiting the convention hall that day when she was ten had been; “Miss Ramon, is it within affordance for your parents to earn you a place on our faculty benches?

“ Without a shadow of a doubt, Sir, she responded.

“If there is a vacant place for my enrollment I shall take it up right away and drop the financial tutoring fee plan into my Dad and God’s to do Box today as I am not financially embarrassed and such an offer cannot be denied, I accept, she had said. Turning up in a Limo certainly erased any doubts that she may be economically dis-eased. The Limo chauffeur was at her beak and call in an impression that she hailed from a certain standing of prestige. Affordability rhymed with mindedness, Angelica’s ‘felt’ that she owned the limousine. She felt that the chauffeur was in her employment and that she owned more money than Bill Gates thus able to pay for anything her heart desired.

It had been her authority and trust in command that earned the chauffeurs trust. If she intended to become a millionaire then turning up in a bus surely wouldn’t hold a great impression, yet if it were her only alternative she would have hailed a run down cab all the same. Angelica returned home to the Ford Mansion with a folder of application forms and a sealed letter of appointment for her parents to endorse. She did not submit it to Ridge nor mentioned the opportunity to Luc Ford. She had not intended for Luc Ford to view it or to impose her plans to anyone until it had been fully garnished.

There she was, a ten year old of sturdy mindedness already building an empire in her mind and planning her life like a millionaire. It had been by chance that Luc Ford entered the mansion to view her perusing the letter with a giant smile on her face.

“You look like you won the lottery, Luc teased and added, “Is that the winning ticket?

“Indeed, this is the winning ticket to a life of greatness so yes I won the lottery, she retorted with a cackle and tucked the note back into her pocket.

“You know how much I love money, let me see it’s worth, Luc insisted and added; who knows, I may have placement to invest your fortune for you, he teased.

“How can I refuse such a generous offer then. If you have such placement of investment my dues shall worthily repay you handsomely as I intend to triple my revenues and become a multimillionaire overnight “I may even buy this mansion and all its frills at the same, Angelica added.

“Here is the lottery ticket, I am the investment and the returns are humungous, she continued and handed the letter to Luc Ford.

“Did she just propose to buy Luc Ford’s kingdom so she may hone it to her liking with fitted expression of authenticity?

She did indeed and she was only ten. Luc Ford perused the letter rapidly and grinned from ear to ear, it seemed that he was pleased. He had already formerly imposed on Ridge Ramon the conditions of Angelica’s worth when he took her in to reside at the mansion when she was two years old. Luc emitted then, if Angelica were to associate with his daughter Muriel, she would have to mime and become accustomed to luxury and savor of its value and wealth. The intention had not been for her to inherit or own any part of the Ford riches but to adorn her with the same things Muriel and Elle enjoyed. Unbeknown to Luc, Angelica’s toddler psyche had already grasped that she was where she was meant to be and that taking ownership of her surroundings would make it feel and be hers just like Muriel owned it all.

Angelica had been only two-years old when Luc Ford proposed or rather imposed on Ridge Ramon to allow for Angelica to reside in the Ford Mansion. Given no option, Ridge accepted as abiding to the rules that in refusing a solid upbringing for his impoverished daughter and a decent haven would lose him his employment and cast her to a world of underprivileged forces, it was not what he had in mind for his only child. ’Ridge Ramon feared wealth greatly it showed in his refusal to acknowledge he was an abundant peasant. He viewed money and material as the root of all evil, inclined and passed down from his ancestors who’s penny pinching ways earned them a rather glum yet embellished lifestyle of humble beginnings. Ridge abhorred that Angelica would gain favor and accustom by false elevation at a huge price of his own humiliation and personal expense in the Ford entrapment, It was evident that he was enslaved by Ford the day he accepted that Ford take on the welfare of his only child. From that first downfall many others arose and Ridge would become Ford’s faithful servant and toil his life away building his dreams for Luc Ford’s enrichment. Ramon imposed only that Angelica spends weekends in his measly cottage so she would at least remember her roots and better to appreciate his struggle. In spending time with him away from ultra luxuriance would equip her with the true value of life and living so that if she became great it would be merited.

Luc Ford donned on Angelica a short cut to success and Ridge Ramon would have been a fool to refuse his generosity. Ridge knew not of Ford’s motives and cared less, he had seen the sparkle in Angelica’s eyes and it was of a definite purpose, deliberate creation of an inbuilt scheming minded bluff, that child was never going to be Ford or Ridge’s investment but her own.

So says the song of solemn “Beggars cannot be choosers. The false adage is known to have crippled millions imposed to settle for handouts based on limiting beliefs engraved by their restrictors. Bending victims to obedience subdued to never savoring abundance in a world where only 1% holds onto the secret of amassment and the remaining left in ignorance to build their dreams for the said.

It is known that one is only restricted by ones own limitations. Choose wisely an adage’ to be quantitative for ones own higher purpose, it is every man’s birthright to be the best of his own potential

“If a beggar so chooses to uplift him self to an earning potential on merit of a small job, he can just as easily uplift his mind to amass more by doing a few more jobs for added income and from his surplus invest in a personal calling of his own, one only needs ONE DOLLAR to start an empire, it’s what the next and subsequent dollar amounts to in the end that defines the man’s definite purpose of and or enrichment of self

It is not an absolute necessity to be enslaved by ’Rich Thinkers” or deprived by one’s own poor thinking habits, rich thinking in the absence of money is the doorway to richness and applicable for abundance of all things be it health or wealth.

There is nothing simpler than choosing to be self sufficient by one’s own means. There are no short cuts to success everything starts with an idea.

Angelica’s philosophy hailed from a combination of inner, divine and scientific bliss. Everything she undertook as a creative idea arose from a universal plan for her to bend reality to suit her vision. Acceptance is the key to emergence. When something asked for does not materialize and one accepts that there is a higher meaning from the soul, it is then that celestial intervention brings forth the identical and or better version of the thing one desires. The disaccord is almost always to be and act within what is meant to be or not. It is impossible that absolutely every desire will materialize.

Angelica had a vivid imagination and an insatiable curiosity from an inner sanctuary. The mental equivalent of what other’s deem impossible if imprinted or shaped in the mind first as unseen is the visualization of the prototype of what one will develop through action in order to emerge it into a product in the physical realm.

“How did Angelica come to reason with such holistic, spiritual and law attracting indulgence? She had no former tutoring or instruction from certified masters and said to quite naturally journey onward her timeline on autopilot. She was living “The Secret” without ever having seen or heard of its contents, “She was a natural ’Think and Grow Rich” tanker before she came to know about Napoleon Hill’s teachings on the subject or of his fundamental 13 principals, her theories had not been that far off either. Angelica was not yet acquainted with “The power of the subconscious mind” but naturally used it’s spiritual, scientific and holistic methods of merging to manifest from the soul, it was mind baffling that she was donned au natural to know things unknown to others, at least until she laid eyes on the worlds best mind stimulating GURUS and their works. In today’s society every man has access to learning about ’The Law of Attraction” the tools to advanced learning on mind matters are readily available to everyone who seeks to stimulate their minds and or wants to change on thought focus to achieve things they cannot under traditional impositions of the mind.

The teachings of great innovators and masters are to be found everywhere, if a man so chooses to alter his way of thinking ’as in doing things in a ’Different Way” from traditions bending reality can add considerable value to monotony and change a man’s life on a great scale depending on how far he is willing to go. ‘Mind Stimulating Reads’ are accountable for many success stories. Even Angelica would eventually resort to such teachings for the rewiring of crashed network when it happened, looking for a major shift in life is shifting majorly and doing things differently.

Great men had been baffled by Angelica’s unequivocal power to turn and idea of own or other into a personalized masterpiece by the use of intellectual property with a twist of authenticity. Ideas sought or learnt from other resources, she was a willing learner who by her thirst and quest for life invented ’The Tales of Minds” She believed that a specialty should be integrated into the educational system. The young child had said of this; “It may be of collective advantage if you incorporated ‘Trade Classes’ into the educational system’s database as part of practical for less garnished brains so they may perform manual task’s such as masonry and carpentry with bravado, their hands and brains will master the art and make of them masters of their trade and bring to them an entitlement as hefty as that of a flourishing graduate with exceptional mathematical skills.

Brilliance is not taught or learnt by an educational system it is educed from the wisdom within. Although many may deny this fact, it is as clear and true as a flawless diamond. Make observation that success is available and attainable to all in search of success be it for and of any subject even without prior education. To form a ‘master alliance’ means to invite others on one’s wealth team if they are eager to act on one’s behalf in the doing of ‘things unknown’ essentially to mimic innovators, experts and professionals that inspires one, most specifically ones who are in the same function or business or field that one is attempting to create

When one associates with or educes from the greatness of others, one learns the ropes to become great in self, it is good for the shaping of ones personal reality to reach out for a greater man’s help. In order to succeed, one must first study the great mans methods not necessarily encode his secrets or expect for him to divulge his art. No great man is willing to give his wisdom away for free so another man is enabled to possess or claim his invention. One can only take what is offered then pay for added instruction of another man’s invention to make use of his existing creation the personalize to develop something unique and of a different genre. One must be a firm ‘believer in substance unseen or unheard and accept that the best innovative ideas come from the inspiration of others or own birthed from a space more often from the unknown or that that is call for inspiration. In order to get into the ZONE of “I don’t know’ so that the “I know” is given room to divulge what one needs to know in order to succeed, one must ’be in a space of nothingness, find total stillness at the seat of the soul and allow for it to reveal subtle hints what the souls kingdom principals wants to divulge for ones path. Angelica delved into her sacred space and ideally mapped out locations in her mind of where she desired to lay down her foundation for the life she wished to construct. She was a daring and fearless being constructing her empire, the Infinite Intelligence of her subconscious mind was her best friend and confidante and she allowed her holy spirit to lead and guide her.”

One must sow from the soul in order to reap from the heart to savor of the materialistic value in a physical world.

Angelica Ramon vowed by scientific and spiritual merging and mastered the ‘art of creative emergence’ to develop things of undisputable miracles derived from an unfathomable thread almost inconceivable by man. The method of internal visualization enhances the picture perfect world of visualization boards, thoughts turn into ideas, ideas turn into images, images turn into things or products materialized. Angelica took a snapshot of things imagined, pasted it up on her visualization board in mind and viewed it daily with affirmations that the thing she thought was real and rendered into her physical realm. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand


Angelica’s dad, Ridge Ramon had been a handsome rugged blue-eyed man. True to his name ‘Ramon’ defined Ridge was fiery with sex appeal. A widower who erred in hopelessness and little purpose, staunch in his ways and pained by the loss of his wife Arianna Alcove at childbirth. Ridge’s lack of ambition caused him to be undermined by his superior and Angelica loathed that he bowed to Ford’s ‘Bulldog Tactic’. Ford was an unscrupulous wealth amassing great and though Angelica had been greatly inspired by Ford’s fierce methods for the sole purpose of acquiring things with definite purpose, she also felt saddened that Ridge erred in a terribly unambitious cycle and wore extenuated traits by Ford’s enslavement. Ridge was the typical caricature of a picture perfect burdened man leaning like Pisa. One can assume that Luc Ford defined Ramon by his face value, Ramon’s vibrational energy rose to a hint of ‘Belittle Me’ no doubt an invitation to be undermined.

Credit to the Universe who knows all things, Angelica got the best education from the early age of two. It had come at the time when Ridge Ramon frowned upon Ford’s announcement of Angelica attending the prestigious educational institution his daughter Muriel frequented. It had been the umpteenth dare of Ridge’s devaluation. Ridge walked into a bank, stood among great rich men in total exaggeration contemplating to weigh in on a loan to secure Angelica’s educational fund. It was not to be, Ridge would return empty handed and defeated to be enslaved by Ford whom imposed that in addition to him funding Angelica’s education she would use the Ford Limo service to be dropped and returned from school. Ridge denied Luc Ford the right and walked his kid to school and back daily. Ford would have no further entitlement other than being Angelica’s education funder.

On day one after school en route for the mansion, Ridge clasped Angelica’s little hand tightly ever so often looking down on her as she hummed and sang ’her kiddy mantra she made up. ’I own the world it rhymed. Ridge smiled for a brief moment and sunk back into his pity party. Two years later at the age of four, a day of extreme importance forever engraved in Ridge’s mind. It had been the day Angelica stumbled upon “The Palace” ‘Tuscany House’. It had been Friday the 13th a date aligned with fate and destiny and one that would forever shape the unfolding of Angelica’s life and hold a significant [symbol] of acquirement and divide. The power of being and becoming had just begun. Angelica learnt that day that she could educe from within and trust in the unknown, unheard and unseen. It would also be the day on which she birthed the gift of ‘Turning Thoughts into Things’

Angelica’s psyche revealed astonishing facts worthy of our attention. The four year-old could not have known the implications or depth of the inner treasures she owned or that any of her childish imagination would manifest. “She could not have known that one simple affirmation would present her with the picture perfect equivalent and or the replica of what she had visualized in mind then manifested into her physical world. She was a child and marveled, how cool is it that one can think of a picture and bring it to life, was how she reasoned at four. She was intelligent enough to know that she was aware of being awareness or ‘know that she knew’ she did not yet understand that being in the “I don’t know” zone was what guided her only that she was at ease with knowing that she knew a higher power was at work. Friday the 13th, unlucky for some had been Angelica’s “four clover” day and focal number of great acquirement and or loss, it held the making of her greatness. Her dad, Ridge Ramon walked her from school, clasped her tiny hand that day listening to her sing her favorite mantra. I own the world I own the world. With no former warning Angelica dropped his grip and ran off to acquaint with her life partner ‘The Manor’. She disappeared into a nearby forest. Ridge dropped a pulse in panic yelling out her name in high vibrato, every vocal chord in tenor to falsetto, she had vanished and he was panic struck. Ridge crashed and crawled through thick bushy shrubs and after what seemed like eternity and a zillion throaty roars, Ridge found her. The four year old stood on the tip of a giant rocky edge hillside curb looking up at a marvelous majestic palace surrounded by a wilted jungle of exotic palms, yucca’s and coconut trees. Urged to reprimand, Ridge felt a compelling force to join her in honoring the Palace’s magnificence instead, he did not scold. He too felt magnetized to its kingly deluge and architectural wonders. “How did Angelica come to know about its existence and location? Ridge had only once briefly viewed it in an old chronicle. He recalled it to be known as ‘Tuscany House‘ said to be a ruin of ancestral haunting drama and held tales of unsavory bits to shrill. Angelica gazed at the Palace and Ridge let down to reprimand lightly still not raising his voice to throaty roars.

“You scared the living hell out of me, Angel. Do not run off like again, I’d die a sudden death if you did. “What if you got gulped up by sinking sands, gobbled up by a lion or kidnapped by the Bogy Man?

Angelica looked at her dad as if to say; Duh! Are you from Disney Land or what?” and went right back to starring at the majestic palace. She was mesmerized so was Ridge who felt compelled to give it the attention it deserved, it was after all of Majestic Allure. But how did the four year old come to know of such a Gem? it was situated atop a long precipitous cliff-like ridge on ample land and overlooking the vast ocean giving off an edge dropping escarpment. How did she know how to map her way through a forest of dense coconut and palm trees to find the clearing on which it stood? Even Ramon’s GPS of mind got boggled, opulence onward an escarpment unfolding peeks of white sand beaches under a veil of bright blue skies. Angelica was besotted with her discovery and added to her mantra, I own the world, I own the world, I own Torpedo Ridge, and I own the world.

Where did she come up with the name ’Torpedo Ridge?” the Manor’s Sign Board clearly read; Welcome to Tuscany House. Angelica was charmed and locked down engraving every inch of its existence and magical aura. She garbled with childlike delight claiming ownership with the seriousness of an investor.

“Wow, there is it, “I found it” I found my Palace, she continued with great excitement. “I found my beautiful Torpedo Ridge, she acclaimed with elation.

“She’d been watching too many fairy tales; Ridge concluded allowing her to own her imaginary world. The words she uttered next baffled him. Angelica looked at Ridge and said;

“Daddy, a little voice within tells me that I am made of greatness, she said this as if it were the most common statement. Ridge had been stunned by what he thought she had said, words too articulate for a four year old he nodded but smiled.

. “Well then, the big voice within tells me that you need to curtsy and bid your Palace goodbye, Ridge retorted

“You made that up, she laughed and continued to gaze up at her wonder until she had gotten what she wanted out of her visit. Only then, did she grab his hand and turn to leave.

Friday the 13th visits to ‘Tuscany House’ became a weekly ritual, along with it a rebranding and habitual affirmation of ’Torpedo Ridge. Still years later, Ridge assumed that those first words spoken had been a pick up line she’d heard somewhere else and the nagging sensation to ask where she’d got it from urged. There they were, at the foot of the palace as usual when the question lurked. Angelica may well have forgotten what she had said and Ridge did not ask out loud but wonder about it silently.

“Where did she come up with ’a little voice within tells me I am made of greatness! No four-year old uses such soul-searching terms he thought not uttering a word. Astonishingly and within sequential time of effect to his silently non-posed question, Angelica’s unrequested response flashed at him in the most mind boggling way.

“It came from an infinite source within and my higher self, she responded.

Ridge was agape.

“How could she have fathomed what he had been thinking silently? Was she capable of reading his mind? Apparently, but then she stunned him further and said,

“I shall be and do something so significant that will change the world one day and I shall be made of greatness, she added as if asked to justify his thoughts. Ridge knew then that Angelica was not an ordinary child. She owned a gift greater than just a mindful of habitual thinking, she manifested from an inner kingdom Ridge knew little about but curiosity donned some answers he barely understood, She drafted her master premise in mind to use as a blue print to own ’Tuscany House” one day and when she does, she will transform the palace into ‘Torpedo Ridge’ of her dreams. Fri-Dates with Torpedo Ridge, she only affirmed ownership and spoke of it on that day. Angelica went on to master the same attention to everything else she desired. Selectively, Angelica’s words carried strength she spoke things into her life at an unfathomable pace. She had said; I will build gadgets with you and spend a great amount of time getting to know you.

Word and honor, Angelica took a liking to her new hobby of designing trendy electronic gadgets with Ridge and ‘dates with daddy’ became their most cherished moments. Ridge had been ecstatic and inspired, he was at his best livelihood and most productive. Ridge had turned his measly cottage space into a workshop and added a mini warehouse display to show off their ultra modern electronic gadgets. Together they sketched, invented, assembled and showcased uncountable smart house fixtures and electronic gadgets. The collection grew in leaps. They sat down over tea while Ridge scribbled ideas on A4 sheets, honed his creations into brilliant products and delivered marvels from steel and wrought iron. Angelica had been especially impressed by the art of mechanical and electrical intricacies and came up with even more puzzling functionality to add brilliance to what they dubbed the ‘Angel Collection’. With a little help from Divinity electronics & gadget prototypes’ piled up during Ridge’s nights off and weekends with Angelica. Fiddling away and getting acquainted made for the best time of their lives. By then in her teens, Angelica spent an enormous amount of time at Ridge’s cottage than she did in the Ford mansion. It had been their most rewarding togetherness but short-lived to Ford’s interference.

Looking at the smart works accomplished, Angelica gleamed with pride.

“We’ll add these to our wealth stack of the ’Angel Collection and savor of it’s dues one day when we are solidly established to embrace a life of abundance by our own earning potential, that and turning ugly ducklings into swans, we own a fortune, Angelica laughed

Ridge nodded affirmatively with little conviction. He acknowledged that Angelica’s dreams were abundant and meaningful and had borne witness to her speaking things into their lives with perfect alignment and precision based on their needs. With scattered envy, Ridge wished he could learn more of Angelica’s ’Secret” it was indeed a Secret for he had not yet seen or known a man wanting and owning things without resources like Angelica did, it baffled his mind how she lived emerging on auto-pilot at ease. He had the urge to know more.

“Honey, I applaud you for having the ability to create things from an unseen source but it goes beyond my daftest comprehension how you do it. What intrigues me most is the ease at how you think things into your life, by that I mean bringing it to reality. We built Angel Collection mainly of your creative ideas and then the “MO-LISS Line of gadgets and I’m perplexed by the mathematical precision you used to fathom out the electrical functioning, you invented some pretty complex pieces, I’m awed at how you do it, Ridge had said.

“Thoughts become things daddy, I think them up and they come to life, she responded in the simplest terms. Ridge decided that he may as well test the “Law of Attraction’ to manifest a raise in salary, his effort were in vain. Luc Ford remunerated Ridge’s work’s worth handsomely but never failed to deduct every IOU from his income. Ridge needed an increment but knew that Ford would not accord him one, ‘he didn’t know that for sure did he? He assumed that Ford wouldn’t’ accord him a raise based on his habitual restricting limiting thoughts, by doing so, he denied himself of a raise. Ridge needed just a slight shift to dip into an altered state of mind to affirm that Ford was obliged to give him a raise because he was worth it but the fear of wealth sunk Ridge back into his habitual pit of unworthiness.

Easier said than done to go from limitation to newly untamed expectation, Ridge Ramon sucked at trying to mime the ’Law of Attraction” his affirmations brought more of what he did not want and plunged him right back to grumpy. Ridge moaned, complained, argued and sulked to obtain things in a wholly unworthy state of mind. He believed he got the opposite he desired, so he did. The Angelica method had not paid off to his advantage and left him with an interrogation mark.

“Why doesn’t my affirmations come to light the way Angel’s does? he wondered.. The first and very subtle reaction from his subconscious mind arose at last. His question got answered in a way he least expected. Why? Because he phrased the question with great clarity provoking his psyche, the answer emerged. A little voice in his mind retorted,

“The Angelica Principle cannot be borrowed, copied, pasted or learnt. It is a method unique to self. Everything authentic to self is of one’s personal needs and conviction. Angelica’s mind frame network is wired to suite her needs not yours. “Angelica manifests directly from her soul.

“The gift of tapping into unlimited wealth and abundance is not handed down to everyone who reads or hears about it, it exists in everyone who has the power to embrace it and is willing to tap into its infinitive source to emerge desires that are personal to them. Be it that one may desire to gain even a fraction of her wisdom so it shall be given unto thee on the condition that you base your wants and needs to be that of your own authentic requirements, it can be similar but never identical.

“Own authentic self? Own authentic requirement?” What a load of bullshit, he exclaimed finding the logic amusing. He was authentic, he had authentic requirements like everyone else but his requirements were not being met. Ridge sat there trying to sum up why even his psyched codons plunged him into ‘Ridicule’ mode but he smiled, he had finally gotten his first glimpse of relating to an inner side and Lo, he just consulted with his soul and got a response worthy and logic, Ridge found an immense satisfaction in ‘tales of the mind’ after all.

Truth be told, Ridge didn’t know what he wanted and why he wanted it. Ridge laughed knowing he did not possess the mindfulness to journey to an inner space. He failed hopelessly with every attempt. In asking for a raise, his subconscious reminded that his daughter’s super consciousness was obedient to her own demands and he would ever only materialize if he focused on manifesting from his own mind.

How marvelous! Ridge’s subconscious mind retorted on matters of Angelica’s super conscious mind rather than his own. Never the less, ’it worked, his subconscious mind reacted to the question and it proved if he became determined enough and thought in a ‘Different Way’ he too may accomplish great things. Ridge did not have the patience to bide with a re-programing of his mind, he wouldn’t know the first thing of coding a rewiring process and was overly unfamiliar with the mind manual of how to reconfigure a whole new word or thought process. It was way too exhausting and time consuming to think up lies and pretend they were real, as it was, he already had Ford’s negative autosuggestions to deal with, who can beat Ford to possessing other’s possessions? Certainly not Ridge.

“Yeah right! Even if by some miracle I managed to overpower Ford it would be momentarily and I’d just get more of what I do not want, I am a loser, he re-affirmed. I am not a great-minded man but my kid is made of greatness, she is the giant in me and I am the dwarf in her, how can I deny that? On Another such visit to ’Torpedo Ridge” the place of emotions one day, Angelica noticed Ridge starring at her in a complacent yet proud way. She looked at him to view one eye filled with tears and from its emersion came a single giant droplet to land on her “Louis Vuitton” satchel to form a perfect ‘wail of tear’. Angelica knew then that ‘the tear’ Ridge shed was a symbol of approval.

At the “Torpedo Ridge” entrance door still tormented about her Florida ordeal and confused about why Muriel ended their friendship in a telephonic ADIEU. Angelica sunk into a void of abandonment. Regrets were ample. She missed her fiancé Eric’ he was away on an unscheduled family vacation. She missed Mo, she was away sailing the winds of the French Riviera with an Adonis and taking their friendship on the universal trip too. Why wasn’t Ridge there when she needed him? Ridge died leaving her with a fortune she fought for and retrieved or he’d have left the earth leaving her robbed of her birthright. Why was Angelica troubled and fearful that she lost it all?” surely, the petty ‘shag in a ditch’ and ‘fall to fade’ incidents couldn’t destroy her life, it was but minor scandals and she’d make the ’front page news in Fools Parade but that will die down. Still Luc Ford came to mind, why? She didn’t need him.

Luc Ford was a rogue, a world-class thief, manipulator and slave driver whose ill ridden vices brought Ridge Ramon to his marvelous end and chosen death. Still, Angelica vowed by the Ford Mantra Luc taught, he encouraged her to take what was rightfully hers so when she did why did he turn on her? All the male figures in her life vanished now the only friend upped and left. Surely Eric’s evasion was temporary, he would turn up because he loved her unconditionally or did he? Angelica missed watching Luc Ford’s iron man, no-nonsense, bulldog approach. She could almost imagine and hear his “Nailed it” smirk of victory every time he crooked someone out of something. Maybe she accorded Luc Ford too much importance and not enough to Andre Debonair who saved her from Devil Ford. Ridge’s absence weighed heavily too and she felt guilty for erasing his memory from her life, it felt justified. Ridge lied to her, besides her memories of him were that of a man who erred through life lopsidedly. He died and left her with an immense fortune that she fought to retrieve thus not a favor but a birthright, she was his kid after all. Ridge loved Angelica, he sacrificed everything to own her a great life but she would only come to know that in fact, the dwarf she viewed had been the giant all along. Ridge had not been the terribly affectionate type of man lest eagerly demonstrative in the art of fondness. Luc Ford even more aloof and tepid offered only the occasional nod and shoulder tap of approval. Muriel got none but didn’t mind or care, her mum Gwen showered her with ample and drowned her in hugs and hair tugs. Angelica remembered ‘High Fives’ with Luc, and perhaps a time or two where Muriel snubbed her for the habit. Ford’s partner Gwen represented an effaced concubine and lived in Ford’s shadow. He pulled her around like a puppet on a string and switched her on and off like a remote controlled robot to suit the channel of his mood. Gwen was extremely submissive and in later years categorically denied him the right to control. A new path to individuality earned her Ford’s respect and reign, sloppy chances that Ford would entirely cede, he was as incorrigible and a ‘do as I say’ spouse but he loved giving her the benefit of the doubt then slyly doing as he pleases.

Angelica got more love and affection from Anthony Debonair who in his misplaced commitment overwhelmed her with hugs and kisses. Eric was more of the effaced type who stepped back to observe and slyly tipped the mountain when he slid in to declare his undying love for Angelica in the midst of his brother’s adoration for the same. Eric was like his dad, straight faced and unreadable, Eric bided the perfect timing to conquer Angelica’s heart and left his brother mortified. Anthony had never envisaged a day without his best friend, confidante and soul mate Angelica in his life, he had never bargained on the idea or fact that Eric’s intrusion would tilt him to oblivion. Pained by such deceit, Anthony had been dumb struck that Eric chose his private event to destroy what he had with Angelica or that she would heed to his advances. It had been a surprise party engagement and a day Anthony spent years planning to propose to Angelica. Eric and Anthony were like chalk and cheese, vastly different in every sense of the word. Anthony’ complicity with Angelica had been unbreakable. They were inseparable, best friends and soul comedians. They shared an unspoken understanding and he worshipped the ground Angelica walked on. Eric was a man of dry wit, knew not Angelica’s favorite song, color, food or fetish, he didn’t know her secrets, moods, fears or doubts. Why then did she settle for Eric? Something in Muriel died that day when Angelica took possession of yet another of her heart belongings and Muriel wasn’t going to hand her the benefit of the doubt as easily. Ridge Ramon had been irked by the way Eric wiggled into Angelica’s life, he loved Anthony for knowing how to love Angelica. Ridge had a zero tolerance for Eric’s conceited, snobbish and arrogant smirks, the man roamed about like he owned the world. Motives unknown, Eric was a self sustaining fart who’s secrets would emerge at a definite date with fate and it would take a lifetime for Eric to walk his walk and talk his talk to prove his fake rendition of ’Let me Love you because I can.

Angelica had long deciphered the meaning behind the ’funneled deeds and indignant verbal agreement’s Luc Ford and his firm attorney Andre Debonair imposed on Ridge. They were unscrupulous thieves who robbed Ridge Ramon of the air he breathed but she would unravel their heisted plots and unravel every feat accomplished to take what was not their own. She would finally understand the reason Ridge Ramon allowed Luc Ford to curtail him into entrapment. Angelica had been shattered and truth prevailed. They’d dug a grave for Ramon in accordance with the art of allowing and he did nothing but sign his own death certificate in pact with the devil. Ridge Ramon signed his fortune away to Luc Ford in a game of ’the winner takes it all, and the victor is Ford. It is wise for one to stall when making deals under pressure To ’Sell Your Soul to the Devil at breaking point is a mastered art of thieves. A rich thinker has no mercy he’d take you for your last to enrich him self. If a worthy man is brainwashed to belittlement beyond his own control and tamed to tick on autopilot he will renounce his dreams on the limitations imposed on him. Ridge Ramon died doing what he did best, signing his life away, regaining it and signing it off again with a final ADIEU. Ridge feared wealth it showed in his gentle perished act.

Ridge erred through a poverty minded lifestyle and in a twist of fate from the bench of poverty, came sudden wealth. Angelica inherited an immense fortune, a fortune he so quaintly forgot he owned and or subconsciously rebuked. Angelica stumbled on the truth while Ford freely served himself from the Ramon platter of monetary value, if she had not stumbled on her inheritance it would have grabbled within the hands of the worlds greatest thieves. Money is not everything but it matters; Angelica would rather be cruising in a Bentley than scraping by on a bicycle, she often said and meant it. Being economically eased came with the territory of glitter, bling and blessings but owning a fortune did not guarantee one from ill health or destruction. Some people have more money than World Bank and still die a slow and agonizing death by unsettled karmic debt. Angelica first viewed her dad as King Kong but he never caught when she fell, he lifted her after she had raised herself from her tumble. She wanted him to be ‘The Hulk’ but he never protected her in the same way she protected him by lifting him from decadence of his choice or so she thought

Angelica knew not for certain how her higher education got financed only that Luc Ford had something to do with it.

At Ridge’s hour of death it dawned that he had sacrificed his fortune and became enslaved so she may get the higher education she bragged about. The retrieval of fortunes divulged Ford’s ‘streak him naked’ ability for along the lines and somehow she wondered just how Ramon signed away the “Angel Collections to Ford Enterprise as MO-LISS productions in the absence of a deal or contract. Angelica had no idea that Ford owned their personal collections in exchange for a measly wage of pitiful remuneration. She had always known that Luc Ford exploited Ridge’s eager principles and in an earlier frequentation misled him grossly. One is only misled by one’s own ignorance. Luc Ford lured the brilliant Gadget builder into his luxury arena under false pretenses and spun the booger-scraping engineer into his web

Ridge Ramon inherited abundant penny-pinching habits from his forefathers until he met Arianna Alcove, a god sent gift wrapped up in a packaging of ‘everything he had wished for’ “Why would a woman of such beauty, grace and wealth give Ridge Ramon even a second glance?” He had nothing to offer but undying love at first sight and she he was way out of her league. Arianna would be Ridge Ramon’s first and last love. The hermit of enterprise worked the nightshift at an up scale pub in the heart of Paris. Call it ‘Divine Intervention’ in walked the woman of his dreams, she was everything and more he visualized. Arianna sat down in her private booth and no sooner, Ramon turned up with an offering of ’Dolce Vita Lux Pub’s most expensive treasured grand cru at no charge. The luxury of wining a total stranger on precious consumption continued for a full month before Ramon got sacked. It was to be his blessing in disguise, the

Diva” loved Ramon’s daring act of romancing her on expensive brewage at no charge so when he got sacked, she followed him out into the night light ’bottle in hand with two glasses and one shoe in hand to sit down nearby and celebrate their encounter. They wed exactly three days later.

Arianna Alcove associated with the Elite, rubbed shoulders with wealth magnets no aplomb to match Ramon, he was determined to have and to hold. She was his muse. She wanted to be his muse and became his source of inspiration. Love does wonders they say; true to the Adage, Ridge explored impressionable artistic brilliance he had never known he owned. Arianna woke up an enlightened fuse in his dormant skills and rose the deadened passion to life, the man invented gadgets of exceptional grandeur. She wanted him to succeed or did she have a motive? Ridge Ramon cared less, he was going to be all that she heightened him to and more. Arianna was a Lady of the Manor, a pampered Diva accustomed to frills and frolic and he was going to accommodate her needs in every possible way.

The man set out to build his art and filled up his old scruffy warehouse to the brim, prototypes everywhere. The truth about the Ramon-Alcove’s short-lived fairy tale began with secrets, twists, lies and deceit but in the end bore tales of love.

Angelica had always known that the Treasure Vault of Ramon Prototypes built the Ford Empire one handedly, she embraced the brilliance and wealth plan such products were to garner and enrich but she had plans of her own, she was going to take the ‘sin out of ugly’ and replace it with ‘beauty in absolution’ Ridge argued about Angelica’s Switch-Affirms of rich people’s unsightliness’ being used to target enrichment. No surprise, Ridge’s insatiable force with poverty mindedness sunk him to impossibility after his wife had died. He wasn’t going to make the fortune he planned with Arianna but she was going to ’Think and Grow Rich” if it took ford’s unscrupulous wheeling and dealing effect to wipe off on her, she needed his fierce approach in rich mindedness and so totally embraced his obsession with wealth. She wouldn’t steal from other but she had every intention to become a multi-millionaire, that became her master premise and she vowed on amassment since but not at the costs of Ford’s mercy or his thieving habit of possessing things other’s owned. Angelica was in the business of taking the sin out of ugly and freeing those who wore hideousness as a burden by use of a psychological bluff. One must admit; Obsession for wealth does not necessarily fulfill every other department of one’s life, it emerges wealth on a premise of wealth uniquely. One cannot vouch on wealth and monetary value alone because overlooking health and life would defeat the purpose of luxuriance in its entirety should one become gravely ill and even the use of money wouldn’t suffice to prolong that luxury called life if it is stared by death or fatality of sorts.

Angelica’ had only one objective in mind, to amass an immense fortune at all costs. She thought of wellness as beautification and never much focused on the need to nurture her physical wellbeing. Emotions are feelers of disruption, so can one be ill by the stresses of the mind

In later years on Sunday strolls, Angelica and Ridge strolled through a public park and stumbled on a gated private allotment’s majestic entrance, the Signage read; “Private Park Entry Prohibited.” Mischievously Ridge dared Angelica to jump the fence and beat her to it. They laughed and discretely walked up a breathtaking path where they sat down on a bench to chat. Almost naturally just observing, Angelica said; “Why now does looking at these folk feel meaningful? Noting something different about them, she looked at Ridge and waited for him to respond

“ Are you asking me to judge them?” I just had a narrow escape with going to jail for entering a prohibited property, I’d rather not be your accomplice in fathoming who they are, Ridge cackled.

The people there hailed from a certain Elitism it seemed, they were of Debonair’ crust, perfectly groomed and walked like noblemen. Something about them were different, unsightly and made for a great subject of mind, Angelica though.

“Let’s play ‘Eye of the Psyche’ she told Ridge.

“Is that something you just made up?

“Well yes! Let’s call it “Human Watch” ’Peel the Psyche” sounds too unveiling and may whip your thinker into mush. The principal of the game is to observe a Subject, make eye contact then judge from his physical profile what their psyche conveys. Rule one; best distinguish between his regard and facial expression. Rule two; do not judge his physical traits but his inner impression. Rule three; observe from his soul

Ridge smiled

“You’re an excellent judge of character, Angel, play your game I’ll play mine.

Angelica went about soul-searching for her project while Ridge already concluded his third subject by peeling the plump from her roles

“That’s Sally, she eats strawberry stuffed scones from Marley’s Bakers. “She likes pancakes and maple syrup for snacks and yeah she likes macaroons too. Sally owns ’Marley’s Bakers, I can tell that she is served by the way she rolls. Conclusion; Sally is happy and full Ridge laughed, “You mean Sally’s fat, Angelica giggled. The twosome hung out looking over the misty lake. Angelica still trying to disassociate the outer conscious from the inner conscious and digging for emotions her subjects didn’t know they had. After a few normal sightings a very severely deformed man appeared. It had not been anticipated for rich ugly people to appear, they just did. Ridge seemed uncomfortable with the man’s deformities and urged Angelica for them to leave. Angelica did not respond, a little voice within tells me that I must continue to observe what you learn will confirm your vocation she heard but kept silent. Angelica could not have known that her “Subjects” were designed for the purpose and would fall into her way quite by chance. She felt psyched up about learning from expressions. Ridge lowered his head, pained and prompted to leave, just as he rose, a young man appeared to sit down on the bench facing his. The man smiled at Ridge and kept eye contact until Ridge returned a hello with a kind but troubled nod. Ridge had no choice but to return the smile and be decent about looking the man in the eye. He said; “Good day sir, if I may offer a compliment, you are extremely handsome. Ridge went crimson. The man turned to look at Angelica smiled, you’re god sent, he added. The man was severely deformed almost of a hideousness too graphic too describe. Ridge looked away and in the clearing misty fog saw a Magical Castle reveal itself in the distance in the center of the lake. The majestic castle like building emanated a magical an aura of great wealth. One could view a sizeable Jetty, a few private boats of grand style journeying the Chateau’s residents to and from the quay. Ferries deluxe carted luxury cars to and from the quay, no doubt a haven for ‘Unsightly People’. Everyone they’d observed wore a deformity, some minor yet very obvious and others of extreme deformation to disfigurement. Ridge wanted to flee and placed a damper on the game, at least the conclusion of it. What a spoiler, Angelica thought and gathered up her Mac Pro computer and rose for them to leave. The man across from Ridge smiled again, this time Ridge looked at him with a ‘sorry you’re ugly’ pitiful grin.

It’s said “Never judge a book by its cover” the man on the bench like countless others judged on their flaws did not see himself as ugly or anywhere near as hideous as Ridge viewed him to be. “It is offensive to look at a deformed man and convey pity for his ill fated deformities in a display of condolences. One must acknowledge that the person may be unattractive but that no one in such a state calls for a pity party therefore it is not right to rob him of his dignity or normalcy by reminding him of his flaws. One should not be pained for another mans handicap as it is not known what lies beneath the surface of his hideousness, the soul of an ugly man is as untainted, sacred and pure as a beautiful person’s, he too has a flawless soul.

Angelica felt irritated by her dad’s overly expressed distress and his silent cry to flee from the truth. Ridge made the man feel ill at ease and by his poignant glare took the man at his face value. Ridge had broken the rules of the game by becoming emotionally involved he should not have addressed the man’s flaws but the aura of his psyche.

“We may leave, this study serves no purpose if we are here to distress our subjects by throwing pity parties, she said sarcastically. Ridge was in no mood to justify his emotions and by far had long stopped having interest in her game.

“My observation goes beyond being distressed. That man is in agonizing form and I am pained for the injustice of his case, but you are no saint either for addressing men as subjects, they are human Ridge retorted and added. “Why does God punish people to that degree?”

“Firstly, when one undertake an unplanned case study as with the one we just did “Human Watch” the people we observe are referred to as Subjects because they are observed for a Case Study and are therefore Subjects of the said.

“God is not a God of injustice. God is a God of love, compassion, mercy beauty and peace. “God does not punish but blesses and what we perceive as a man’s punishment is often infliction caused by his own pain bodies. The traits or deformities are lessons of willful conduct of a man’s creative mindedness, an example; the man we just observed’ deformities may have been caused by inner conflict or of karmic guilt for what he inflicted on another, the payment of retribution is inevitable. One cannot feel pity for those carrying pain bodies. They reside her globally because they share the same pain bodies and though we don’t know their karmic insolence of their deeds, there’s always the possibility that they reap what they sow.

“ Would you feel the same way if you knew our subject murdered a man and got tagged with ‘ugliness’ for his loathsome deed? “I bet not, we would condemn him to his flaws, wouldn’t we? “Life just happens for reasons we instill on it. Look! “We stumbled on this rare opportunity to observe the inner core of man’s psyche from an exteriorized point of view. ”Worthwhile for me because I found clarity and the experience justifies that I have chosen the right vocation

“It is indeed a sorry state of affairs to wear such grave inflictions and come across as unsightly, Ridge said.

“Too put it bluntly, hideousness is a sorry state of affairs and that justifies that “It is a sin to be ugly, Angelica retorted.” These rich ugly people are in need my services and I shall follow in my intentional task so they may be repaired. Ridge hit the sky in rage and condemned Angelica’s light hearted sense of libertarianism, constant in seeking to voice her world of liberty and voice a certain sovereign over her own life so that she is never forced to sacrifice her values for the benefit of others, so goes it for the people of her world with exception to Ugly people of course. Angelica was indeed an AGORIST, she believed that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous world, that force and fraud must be banished from human relationships, and that only through freedom can peace and prosperity be realized. Consequently we defend each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest, and welcome the diversity that freedom brings. The world we seek to build is one where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without the interference from government or any authoritarian power.

Angelica was one to build her own dreams in her own way, she barely imposed on anyone to do the contrary of their beliefs but she didn’t mind that her mind forced ‘rich ugly people’ to pay for her services, and although just a ploy for mind stimulation, she accused people of being ugly, [why was this allowed?

“You talk about them folk as if they are in need of an automobile service or bearing replacement. “They are not corroded engines or dented bonnets for a panel-beating job, they are pained bodies hiding from society.

Angelica chose not to vex Ridge further and rose to leave. Just then another grossly deformed subject turned up to take up the seat across from them. Ridge lowered his head again still fuming about Angelica’s cold-hearted ‘statement’ it is a sin to be ugly. The man smiled and Ridge felt that he had connected with Angelica at some level. They clicked on a neural sphere emitting codon to codon neuron collect like they were exchanging a graph from mind to mind network; to sum it up; as in an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals. These signals between neurons occur via synapses, specialized connections with other cells. Neurons can connect to each other to form neural networks as it so subtly transmitted to Angelica’s feeds. The subject later retired from his bench and Ridge took up his scolding with Angelica.

“My point is this; you call a man ugly and gloat. “It is disrespectful and offensive. I am tired of your libertarianism in a world where traditions are served and passed down for centuries. “It cannot be right to obsess about an imaginary world filled with scarified imaginary people [particularly ugly] for the sole purpose of your personal enrichment. “I embrace your philosophy but it isn’t right to create a freak show out of everything and everyone relatively unattractive. “Every scarified human on our planet are pained and they don’t need you and I to add to their misery.

Ridge sparked like fire from a loaded cannon, hot and livid like never before. Every word leapt from a deep dark pit within and swarmed out with abhor in distorted measures. Angelica had never seen such enragement before

“That’s way out of context and distorted perception of what I just said.

’OOH why do I even care what you think? I will not justify myself to you and I don’t need you to justify my thoughts and deeds..

“You are unfathomable even Socrates couldn’t justify your ability to Ago-Judge. I find you to be a double faceted existentialist and a mean, vain, arrogant and insolent individual. I mean really now, who stares at a man’s outer strife to decipher his psyche?’ it’s like defaming a man’s character in a deliberate attempt to alter his mental state of mind to bend according to your auto suggestive mind.

Angelica smiled

’Since you are so well acquainted with the subject of mindfulness and quite geared up in the psychoanalytic state of minds we’ve addressed here why are you gunning me down for being a pro in NEURO-linguistic programming? You should examine the reason why you err through life like a lost soul.

“You accused me of being an aimless useless vagabond

“No, you autosuggested that all on your own quite habitually. I did not invent the word ‘Ugly’ it exists and the great truth is; beauty defeats ugly but one cannot exist without the other or we would all be perfect and unscathed otherwise all hideous and deformed. When I place emphasis on ‘Ugly’ it is not to offend or discriminate, it is for the unique purpose of my vocation and this study because unless you did not notice, I am in the business of beautification.

Reference to ugly is a switch word that immediately states the order of beauty, they co-exist; The Angelica Bible of Beauty calls it; ’The verse; to enhance flaws of a person or thing that is hideous and in need for reconstructive surgery or esthetic transformation. I re-iterate; one cannot exist without the other.

“If all of mankind were beautiful, we would not be here discussing ‘hideousness’ and the word ugly would not exist.

Beautification is to change the perception of hideousness so that the object we are looking at is not frowned upon but perceived as beautiful. We beautify ugly people so they are perceived as beautiful, confidant and acceptable to society, or we wouldn’t have Esthetic Pro’s to iron out flaws/disfigurement and distortions of all kinds. The morality of my story is; If a hideous/ugly man feels that his unsightliness is a burden I’m in the business to reconstruct his ugliness so that he may restore his self confidence and move away from demolishing a beautiful by a tainted image of self.

“Why does these unsightly people live in ‘La Ville Des LAIDE’ hidden from society?

“Because they’re all ugly and if they felt comfortable with their disfigurement they would be happily integrated with society not caring of minding what people think, say or do. My point of study was not to discuss or dispute physical disfigurement but to observe what that says of inner beauty. I look at it this way, a deformed man who wears his deformity on his face has a pain body only he knows or not, we do not know if he is pained by his flaws or not. All I know is, I am in the business of fixing flaws so that my ‘Subjects’ may live without being judged and come out of hiding to reintegrate with society if they so choose.

Angelica implied that her case study did not entail sessions of discrete psychoanalysis or she would have rendered the same diagnosis Ridge did about Sally being obese. Sally’s psyche revealed an issue with binging and showed up a food fetish hidden in her fleshy folds under stacks of hot cross buns or hamburgers. Sally’s obesity had been caused by the drama of Sally’s visualization of cream puffs, doughnuts and bagels. She used food as a solution to her struggle and denial of having Downs Syndrome. Sally lied about being happy and fulfilled in fatness & food, her cry for help had been to be slim and ordinary to mask the real culprit, she would never be entirely fulfilled if she did not acknowledge that she had ’Downs Syndrome or embrace her beauty so she used food to pack on the weight to camouflage the handicap with chubby roles. Downs Syndrome is irreversible [such beauty is innate] Angelica would never offer enhancement to such sweet souls unless they feel like Sally.

Conclusion of Human Watch; I did not stumble on rich ugly people they just happened. Whilst observing Angelica brought some powerful ’autosuggestions to recall to and by the time she concluded by her auto-suggestive state of mindedness knew that her switch-affirms conveyed neural messages to her future clients that they can and will ’be beautiful if the called upon her for enhancement. Like she thinks things into her life, she just thought a huge percentage of clients into her Esthetic lounge at Torpedo Ridge, she was the only ’Esthetic Wellness Palace in the Area after all. Ridge still moaned about her ’referring to them as ‘Rich Ugly’ people

. “It is one thing to exercise a healthy logic in reference to unattractiveness and quite another to insult or defame nature by placing ‘ugliness’ on your throne. “You are increasingly obsessed, conceited and vain. It is not acceptable to convey false codon data passed by internal lies from and unseen and unreliable source. Ridge said in a tone of lava swooshing anger. He stood there raising his voice in total enragement.

“Who did he think he was to judge or amend a topic he knew nothing of? He acted like he had all the answers and codes to life and he spiffed infuriation from a dark place from self, Angelica had never taken to such a scolding before, she felt the need to end the infuriation but above all to stop him from his verbal abusive rage towards her.

“You insulted my integrity, she retorted and reminded that his parental instruction did not impress her. Ridge hated everything afar his jurisdiction, he centered his life on morbidity and drowned in his sullenness, he was a failure for a Genitor, she perception she held of the man said to be her dad. Typical of Ridge to ridicule, he dictated about wisdom he sought from her.

“You are a parent not my clone or my physical and emotional institute, Ridge Ramon. “You do not get to visualize my life and impose on who I will become. “You are but the sperm donor to my creation, God is the creator and I am the co-creator of my own life so not the portrait of your existence.

Angelica had long refused to bide with Ridge’s instruction and his fiery eruptive states. He observed with self-reference to his own inner tirade and viewed his own inner tragedy of ugliness in the traits of the people he studied. Ridge Ramon had never set foot at the seat of his soul and felt trapped in his struggle to live and let live, she knew that he had had several occasion’s of positive emergence and acted on it but he always sunk back into his pain body to embrace negativity. There was a positive intention in every negative thought. Something in Ridge’s regard predicted drama and Angelica chose to opt out of his fight with self.

“It is said; we are created in the image of God. If that is true, then we should be perfect. “I have never yet viewed an unsightly or disfigured sighting of Christ nor placed my focal point on images of “Christ Crucified” I do not find pleasure in pain but wholeness and perfection, that is what Christ symbolize for me. “If a man is unsightly or flawed he is so by an inner infliction of his own subconscious creation ‘not by another man’s will to destroy but by his permission to be destroyed. I therefore maintain it is a’ sin to be ugly, this is my Switch-Affirm of deliberate purpose and I take full responsibility of adopting my self made Ago-Judgment to apply for a specific need. “One does not stumble upon rich ugly people by chance, they appear by neural attraction and universal alignment to suite the ‘wish’ one carries at the time opportunity arises. They knew not that the park and its palace was a haven for deformities. They did not go in search for ’Rich ugly people, people appeared and Angelica did not intend to provoke an unconscious ‘parade’ her psyche’s deliberate creation emerged for the reason of an unfolding of her vocation. “The Law of Attraction worked that way.

“If I market a beauty product to enhance ugly, I must target an ugly clientele who wants to be beautified or I would fail hopelessly before I begin. Ridge didn’t like where the ’Ugly Topic” was heading, he didn’t like that Angelica referred to her Subjects as Subjects or their flaws as “Ugly”

The fairy tales mapped in your mind are fueled from living in the Ford Kingdom’s luxury and wealth, they’re not real or yours to keep and have, you are delusional, Ridge had said.

Angelica had been greatly inspired by the Ford lifestyle and benefitted largely but she did not want what he had. She was authentic, had a master premise of her own very specifically designed to suite her personal visualization of acquirement. Ridge accused her of being delusional but then what was he, a hypocrite?

A “God fearing man, petrified about ’thinking out of the box, fear that he would be punished and doomed to some spitting hell and inferno. Did he not already inflict enough lack, loss, limitation, deprivation and impossibility on his own? The power of prayer is known to accord miracles, why did Ridge’s prayers go unanswered and reverberate to hit a brick wall, did he know to pray correctly? He was indeed a prayerful man, a Christian, and a man who took every verse literally

It is said that whomsoever one calls upon as his Deity, be it from mind or soul, that Deity is self-commanding and not of or by divinity or spiritual elevation if God is not brought into the equation as universal force. Ridge called on God but believed in his self-deprivation thus manifested all he did not ask for by his limitations of what he desired.

With all due respect to Ridge Ramon and his belief system, if what he honored worked for what he expects from life, then so be it, Ridge had not been given a glimpse of the infinite treasures within his vortex mind. He knew not how to tap into his in-escrow vault or make use of his own dormant riches. Ridge Ramon had no ambition to change, why would he, he liked being poor, abused and manhandled. He thrived on the laws of limitation and impossibility fueled by his own losses yet he cast blame on others for his demise. Was he even diminished? “ If not of his own awareness looking at himself as useless when he was but of an extra ordinary capability and achieve quite a considerable amount of great things in the absence of positivity. Angelica’ was different, she posed her life on definite purpose, deliberate creation and though incredibly scientific about emergence never omitted God or spirituality from the source of manifesting.

Angelica proved that divine intervention happened from within an alignment and exhibited her life size blue prints on the visualization boards of her mind. Angelica based her future earning potential predominantly on “rich ugly people” they were creations of her world, imaginary characters enforced to come to life so she could fulfill the economical void her sodden dad deprived her of. It had been Angelica’s fast pace to wealth and power of money ‘thinking tactics’ that earned her a solid education and everything else she had already and was to acquire. She was born to think and grow rich.

Angelica and Ridge became estranged for a long while and Ridge never bowed down to her reasoning, he was not ready to change, he didn’t have to change but he had not ever missed a single Fri-Date with Angelica to visit ‘Tuscany House’.

At one visit in later years and having to endure Angelica’s sermon from “Leviticus” Angelica blabbered about how she invented a promotional strategy so huge it would entice her future clients into her lair of beauty.

“A killer psychological bluff and sure to lure “rich ugly people” to the den of beauty, she laughed.

Ridge nodded.

My million fold mantra: I shall be one of the world’s best plastic surgeons and offer my services to the highest bidder. “I come highly sought after’

She was moving from cause to effect. The switch-affirm “Psychological bluff” sounded deliberate and misleading, it was intentional. One needs to be cruel to be kind. Ridge grew weary of hearing of Angelica’s wealth amassing pipe dreams and misplaced logic. He chose not to understand but exercised a margin of tolerance yet never too far from bending back to his habitual refutation.

“What use would I be as the worlds best plastic surgeon if my plastic couldn’t erase ’distorted disfiguration? “Consumers are brainwashed into buying products they do not need clamored by a psychological bluff. It is a matter of extreme importance that I enhance my services by the utilization of the Neuroplasticity process.

“Is that a mind-altering gimmick?

“It’s a mind-altering technique undertaken by certified physicians. Neuroplasticity is a form of hypnosis in which a subject is controlled and by repeated induction prior to a procedure of any genre, it is a method that may activate certainty to the mind that it will achieve the desired change in physical appearance by the means of the product [It is vital to ugliness] Neuroplasticity is a bending of the mind to expect what others deem impossible to be possible by imprint of the deeper conscious.

The art of psychological bluffing sells a product of adequate value at a high price. It suffices to brand and package with prestige. An ordinary anti wrinkle magic potion made up of Tamarind extract and Aqueous cream is said to eradicate wrinkles and lift sag out of ageing grace. The consumer is attracted to the black and gold glass jar, it’s short and easy to read description ’Sold in three words” Magic Wrinkle Eradicator” It worked. Why?” because the client had faith in its ‘alleged’ magic. This method realized by the use of aqueous cream widely used as a topically applied emollient for symptomatic relief of dry skin conditions and used as a base for beauty products. An identical product turns up at “Tiffany’s” bottled in a ‘gold and fiber brown canister’ branded as Tamarindus Indica and described as a monotypic genus and said to be the new improved version of triple action. No added miracles but a drop of fine odorized essential oil and a nab of turmeric to round up it’s gold color. Because we live in a gullible society the cosmetic trade like many others make use of ’Bluffing” and the consumer is webbed into a spiral of psychological trap in mindedness.

“The Placebo Effect works like a marvel, you tell a subject of a products miraculous effect, use terms of endearment for the psyche to construe as true and convince the subject that it is of beautification and beneficial for their need. The consumer’s psychological codons accept this as a truth and faith is established. The true form is; the cream enhances the flaw but the mind delivers the end results of the perfection sold.

“That is why my products and procedures are vital to ugliness and my switch affirm vital to my mind.

“Oh no, not ’the ugly subject again, Ridge said

“If you shook off that shitty outlook and lost the poverty pleading beard to swag up a bit you wouldn’t be half as ugly as you are, that’s not who Arianna Alcove married. Did you know she had a crush on Mel Gibson?

“Of course, she was my wife, remember? But I do not recall telling you about it.

“I overheard Luc tell Milo Travis some daunting but great things about my mother, he spoke of her as if they were an item, were they?

“Arianna was a remarkable woman, Luc knew her well …

“He spoke of her as if they were an item, were they?

“Luc said about Mel, quite the suave until he grew a grunge beard and slipped into khakis of outback or construction boots to err about like a vagabond for the hell of it. “The point is; you are wearing that same “don’t care” grunge look on your handsome self now, Dad, shouldn’t you enhance your image a tad?

Ridge was Agape.

“Are you having a “you never cease to amaze me” moment?

“That was not a “you never cease to amaze me” moment, it was a “let’s get to the next urban legend exclamation”

Arianna had been quite the dare devil much like Angelica who seemed to have inherited her mother’s traits and mannerism’s. Like Arianna, Angelica obsessed with beauty, wealth and mind power. She had an insatiable appetite for emergence. Ridge had been inspired by Arianna’s vivacity and tenacity why was he not yielding to Angelica’s depth? Ridge knew that he could learn great things from his kid grown adult but something within denied him the right. Angelica had been the most eloquent human he ever exchanged words with, he loved her way with words and the intellectual front she exercised why then did he not compliment her or partake in conversing on her level.

“You emerge a linguistic brilliance & verbiage of impressive defile but the world is not only made up of intellectuality. “What you speak may not impress upon ordinary folks and may require that you tone down to a less oxford-style to accommodate smaller minds or you may redeem yourself only to the Stanford’s of higher society.

“Or I may have an option to debate with ’Great Minds only. It is a conscious choice, I’d rather impress upon highly ambitious ordinary folk who has the ability or desire to improve their linguistic skills. One does not convey to a kindergarten toddler the same message or verbiage we convey to a Head of State. . We adapt our linguistic style to suite the equation not to entice smaller minds, I choose to converse with folks who in their smaller mindedness has room to expand into the giant’s within. I am not made of steel and I have no desire to associate with corroded brains.

Ridge had long recognized Angelica’s brilliance but failed to comprehend the immensity of her farfetched and illogical hopes and dreams. No doubt, she was indeed the Self-Help Guru, “Motivational Speaker and life coach, quite a wasted talent because she used it via a ‘Golden Esthetic Scalpel’ for the use of superficial beautification instead of mushy brains in need of development.

“Everybody is a genius but if one judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking that it is stupid [Albert Einstein] parental instruction based on limited traditions stagnates a child’s ability to be great, not all traditions are life forward or limiting but cloning kids to be and act identical to their parents set’s them up as ’dependents for a lifetime“ Only those who devote themselves to a course with all of their strength and soul can be true masters. For this reason mastery demands all of a person [Albert Einstein]

“I am in no position to argue with a genius, I am a poverty-stricken miserably un-abundant minded loser doing things the ’Ridge Ramon” way. “I affirm to be a Guru in lack, loss, limitation and deprivation as you so kindly evoke at each of your opinionated confrontations, those are the traits of my state of mind and that is my authenticity, Ridge had said. “

“Bravo! “You zoned into the territory of mindedness like a pro Ridge Ramon, if only you’d adopt the same logic in a positive manner you’d lose the illusive destructive habit of poverty consciousness.

Angelica’s argument resonated with Ridge’s shortcomings and pitiful debasing of self. Ridge Ramon’s “Wealth Thermostat” dial levered zero stuck at nil. Angelica advised to turn it up slightly higher than where he originally started so he may raise his economically status for a raise at least.

“And while you’re at it, you may want to consider rising the temperature up on your life and living too.

“Ouch! That hurt.

“Well hell yes it hurts, you are the perfect example of why I cannot help ‘poor ugly people’ like you’ or rather why I wouldn’t waste my time and energy on helping “poor ugly people” like you.

“Time is money and my wealth thermostat is set on multi millions thus restricted to millionaires only. “If you are not a millionaire in mind, you are not a millionaire in kind and that means you cannot afford my services.

Ridge laughed

“You are a ’wannabe millionaire not a millionaire as such, at least not yet. The question is; what if your rich minded wealth amassing affirmations and bogus claims never manifest?”

Angelica explained; One omits the ’if, maybe, perhaps and impossible from an affirmation. The use of such limiting intentions are sure never to manifest, the word never, is not of emergence. Word’s such as fail is not. Impossible, cannot, will not and unable are impending a mindset’s focus to deliver and dote on impossibility, the word Impossible does not correlate with infiniteness and abundance therefore is undoable.

“I shall own “Torpedo Ridge” by means of speaking it into my life in he same way I speak my desires into my life, surely you’ve seen what I manifest through motivation, determination and persistence, I have not yet failed.

. Word use: “I have defeats the “not yet failed, and enable room for failure to fall into the future, it intends to fail as in “not yet” but in a future to come. A good alternative would be to autosuggest “I have succeeded” as clarity to the thought and focus on success uniquely, the affirmation in itself succeeded therefore success must happen. A slip of the tongue or slip of minded glib may shift an intention drastically and by its negative intonation deliver the opposite of what is asked for. One must choose words wisely ’we are what we think,

“I refute Ego’s life altering frugalities and its negative connotations of auto destructive hindrances because I am a risk taker and agile for perfection. It is a necessity to hone phases of my work, to reassess and align so I may adapt my plans to becoming rich. This is a work in progress and does not indulge Ego’s intentional roadblocks. “If I allowed Ego to mislead, misguide or throw me off from my desired path, I would falter and fail to become the worlds best and richest Esthetic surgeon.

To acquire mastery of mindedness one must be a powerhouse obsessed with ‘the thing’ one wishes to manifest. I affirm that I am all that I am. “My tariffs are high for the purpose of the amassment of money and my intentional feat is obsession and the art of accumulation. One must be enriched in mind in order to become enriched in a physical realm. This principle is not solely based for the acquirement of monetary value but applies to every department of ones life be it health, wealth, peace, joy or happiness. Every emotion delivers the equivalent of the thought’ held in the moment of that emotion, if one is sad, crying will find you, if one is happy laughter will find you.

Angelica’s favorite Mantra had been; “Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance and my bank vaults are filled to extremes. Money comes to me evenly and effortlessly from multiple resources in large quantities on a continuous bases and I have all that I need, something she’d added from a [Bob Proctor] meditation “Money flows to me on a continuous basis because I use it judiciously for the right purpose beautify rich ugly people,

”It is a good Mantra, Ridge had said, but you have not yet acquired your millions or accumulated any from what I gather as in here and now.

“Oh but I have, Angelica had said. Angelica Ramon network didn’t do logic, logic defeats the purpose of illogic’s form in the unknown and she roamed about the Ford kingdom owning it’s entirely but in a totally different authenticated version of her own. Not omitting the to Ford’s illusionistic existence, let’s face it, he was in her midst in her minded kingdom and she did not view him as the proprietor but a viewpoint character on her parade.

I own this kingdom, it’s wealth and every bit of i’s luxuriance or I would be entirely deprived of luxuriance to start off with. Why you may ask; because in owning in the absence of ownership proprietorship is measured to emerge or manifest the equivalent of what one claims to own but in a personal/authenticated version of the same [It is in the Unseen]

Angelica had been appalled by Ford’s bulldog tactics and fierce unscrupulous methods of taking other’s possessions and although she would never resort to ‘Theft’ she highly admired the wealth amasser’s dare devil approach not his Atheist belief system that in hind sight garnered equally great things as did spiritual beings or God fearing people. Ford was not a libertarian but an Existentialist styled by a merger of scientific and charnel enterprise, he did things the Ford way, no comparison, a full force charnel philosophy of live and let live.

Angelica had seen no man greater than manipulating Ford and she gladly retained some of his sharpest ideas.

“I know of no man who has ever started the ‘Dime Theory’ and made millions for its course.

“I watched Luc Ford take a dollar each from two thousand people at a gala one day to prove that one can turn one dollar into a million dollars. Ford invested his two thousand dollars into an idea and it’s making. First he invested one thousand dollars into a ‘Latte’ account as the first deposit to garner a million. He spent one thousand dollars on buying one thousand fancy one dollar jars, filled the jars with white beach sand, wrapped coconut fiber ribbon on the jar’s rim then added a gold dipped cork to it’s sealing and concluded with inking the Ford Logo rubber stamp. Ford later summoned his Valet and instructed him to go to the Market to sell his creation for ten dollars each, the Valet returned with ten thousand dollars in the same day, not because he sold a thousand at one market, but because he sold the remainder off to retailer stores because Ford had told him not to return unless he sold all the arte-facts. Why was the dollar Ford took from someone else about to turn into a million dollars for him to own? Surely others attempted the same or a similar ‘get rich quick scheme’ on other’s expenses but Ford’s idea to make use of everything for free outsmarted every many sunken plans. He had an idea, visualized it then put it into action by collecting two thousand un-refundable dollars at a Gala. He invested one thousand dollars into a ‘Latte Account’ and used his already remunerated Valet to buy one thousand one dollar fancy jars at the dollar store. The Valet walked to the store and returned with the jars to conclude with his task at hand. The Valet later filled the jars with sea sand, refined the coconut husk fibers or coir and twisted them into lengthy coconut fiber yarn to create a bow or ribbon and finalized the piece by dipping the jar’s cork into gold dip of nitrocellulose lacquer he had acquired free from car-dealership friend.

The morality is; Ford turned up at a Gala an hour early and stood at the main entrance door with an ordinary Gold Velvet Box ‘Etched’ “Dime Theory” he smiled at everyone arriving, held out his box and asked them to drop a dollar. Very few questioned the use of their investment and some dropped a fiver if not ten. No pressure or loss by handing a man a dollar for whatever reason he wished to use it for, summing it up from the generosity of wealth-minded guests [a dollar less would not impoverish them] they were attending a get quick rich event in any case. Ford made ten thousand dollars from one thousand and went on to perfect his jars and sold for a whopping fifty thousand to all the trade stores his Valet sold the first batches to. And so birthed the “Angel Sand -Arte-fact Curio Boutique” that went on to make its first million on the Dime Theory alone. Ford had not used a single dime from his own resources [So can any man start his own enrichment scheme with little to zero resources] Ford knew how to turn a single dollar into a million dollars so can anyone who has the urge to become enriched by whichever means.

“I could divulge many of Luc Ford’s ‘Get Rich Quick Secret Schemes’ but if I aped his thieving ideas it would defeat the purpose of my calling and authentic plans I do not wish to steal from people but perfect my art at high costs so that I may be equally remunerated for the richness of my skill and mind.

Ford’s fierce methods impressed Angelica but it had been Ridge Ramon’s Poverty Consciousness that made her not want to be or have any part of his undermining habits. Angelica said about Luc Ford; he taught me the ropes of his business so I may form a noose to toss back at Luc Ford to hang himself for kicking Ridge Ramon off his wealth team. Ridge Ramon was Ford’s wealth.

In later years on a usual on their Fri-dates to ‘Tuscany House’ Ridge held out a pink envelope containing five brand new twenty Euro Notes. Traditionally, Ridge handed her an allowance on the last Friday of each month since the age of four. Ridge recalled Angelica saying; I have heard of poor men enriched by obsession so by my undeterred gusto, I too will accomplish great things and own Torpedo Ridge one day. I will stop at nothing until I have this palace.

There they were father and daughter visiting Tuscany House as religiously on their Fri-dates as when it first started some twenty years ago.

“I’ would be nearing death if Angelica stopped lighting up like a bulb upon receiving her allowance, Ridge thought, perhaps wishing he’d done things differently in the past. He looked at her and smiled. Angelica had long lost the childhood marvel she exuded every time he gave her the pink envelope. She had grown into an adult but there was something about her arrogant smirk and pride that never left her expression. The beauty of it all, Angelica did not count the actual money notes but rather the In Vortex cash she accumulated in the World Bank of her mind. Summing it all up, Angelica’s deposit slips showed that she was in the possession of the exact amount she needed to purchase and own ‘Torpedo Ridge’

Ridge had said; I can die a happy man, I’ve lived to see her manifest her wildest dream come true. Then it happened. Angelica looked up at Ridge inquiringly waving the notes at him and said.

“How do you suppose I may own this palace if you do not raise my allowance? I got to have this manor, you know,

Of all the hilarity and light-hearted wit Ridge laughed at Angelica’s petty suggestion that a few extra dimes would pay for her multimillion-dollar estate, it had been one of the few most rewarding days of his life and a relief after years of strained relations. Ridge surprised Angelica when he bowed and curtsied to agree with her statement.

“Hell no! Such a measly amount will never suffice for the acquirement of your palace. But as it may, you already own the Palace miss Ramon, and I solemnly declare that you are the Queen of “Torpedo Ridge” from this day forth. This Haven’s future ‘ugly sinful clients’ have no alternative but to consult with you on the subject of ‘forgiveness for their sinful ugliness’ such a policy is of the utmost importance. Doctor Angelica Ramon shall change the course of wrinkles so man will ever eradicate the life of hideousness. Ridge Ramon’s glorious moment would be one forever engraved. Such precious moments were short lived because he would die a time later. Angelica could not have known that it was on that specific day ’Her thoughts turned into Things.

It had been the day she officially owned “Torpedo Ridge”

Angelica roamed around the Palace inspecting every inch of it visualizing a revamp. Something incredible happened! A little voice in her mind said, well done, Torpedo! The audible clarity of whispers echoed, Torpedo Ridge. Upon looking at the FOR SALE sign, a heart sinking moment, the ‘For Sale’ sign read sold, and a brand new LOGO, read; Torpedo Ridge. Second glance she could swear that her palace had been sold yet the calm of her unperturbed mind erased the thought to being a figment of her imagination, the sold part of it all and its branding did not register at all. Selective memory or deliberate ‘defensive mechanism’ she dared not evoke over zealousness of a thing yet to emerge and manifest in full, it did not matter what she witnessed, she would own the Palace bottom line.

Angelica had grown up in the Ford mansion and passed most moments observing from the “Ford Intelligence Bureau” She felt this about Ford,

“He is a saintly rogue and thief, a fierce, brutal avenger who gives off justification for his deeds. There was something about his handling that ’emerged a sense of calm and collect as if he were retrieving what had been taken from him.

Angelica knew him well and labeled his fight to be like a ‘chemical destructive’ emotional warfare about due debt’ in a ’Render unto Ford what is rightfully Ford’s tempo. One would wonder what Ridge Ramon took from Ford for Ford to demean him to such a degree. No one demeans another for ‘no apparent reason’ there is always cause and effect.

Angelica brushed off justifying Ford’s motives, he committed the perfect injustice to Ridge Ramon and could stand a million men strong on the frontline of his warzone but he would be defeated by her ’one man army because she vowed to retrieve every thing Ford had robbed her dad of. Angelica’s devious mind set out to access the Ford Gold mine of information and over the years gathered enough gold dust to blind Ford with his own ore. He robbed her of her own personal fortune and she would reduce him to zilch “Let him “Think and Grow Rich” on Ramon expenses, she thought.

“I will retrieve the Ramon Fortune I am its heiress and sole beneficiary. “My time line allows for the investment to grow interest, let him think while I grow richer. “Ford grew rich on Angelica’s behalf, did he know that she would demean his value to zero and cause him to start from scratch? There is no telling but he was well aware of Ridge Ramon’s Artistic genius when he first brought him on board for his own enrichment

Luc Ford butted into Ridge Ramon’s life, praised the man to heights then offered to bring him on board the Ford Enterprise as a partner. Ford was one never to beat around the bush every contract bound by Ford Laws unchanged, if Ramon joins the Ford Family of Enterprise Ford owns him and in no uncertain terms states that any man and his ideas are owned and for the Ford enrichment, a caution to read the fine print before signing any contract and or agreeing to any verbal genre of it’s kind. Such audacity requires applause. Ford first praised Ridge Ramon to be a powerful artist and engineer of value and then chanted a hymnal of demise. Known to lead a man to the throne only to dethrone him seconds later by the use of mental amputation. Ford never exchanged a single dollar from his own resources, did he even have his own resources?” because every dime he rolled in from a robbed source he owned.

Like Ridge Ramon, Luc Ford was a handsome giant and quite the ladies man too. Ford’s peers bowed down to his every command and made of him a King between Princes and Earls of his activity. Ridge’s popularity was short lived and outsmarted by Ford’s devious game of entrapment. Ridge Ramon was a widower, a single dad who erred through life mourning for the loss of his beloved wife Arianna. Though Ramon did not associate with Ford prior, he knew well of the Tycoon’s reputation of greed and obsession. Ridge could not have known that he would end up in Ford’s enslavement for his lifetime. A consolation that Angelica lived a cherished life of luxury in oblivion of Ford’s color-coated trolls and indignant deceit towards her dad, Ridge Ramon. While Angelica lived an accustomed luxurious lifestyle she bore witness to Ridge’s diminished state. The art of allowing; it had been Ridge’s fault to bide by the Ford rule or best that he had become a glutton for punishment at Ford’s mercy. Muriel and Elle resided in their Barbie kingdom while Angelica chose to snoop about and satisfy her insatiable curiosity. Angelica hung around Ford Office gaining access to all of Ford’s inside corruption scoops, bribery blunders and fraudulent deals. It took little effort to mime Luc’s every mannerism, tic, twitch and even his slight limp. Why did she feel obliged to be like Ford?’ it was innate something in her yearned to be like him. Oddly enough, she knew that being like Ford would represent the fiery trails of Lucifer. She had to deny her soul the right to cast such indignant urges on her psyche, she did not desire to be like Ford but she wanted to learn from his fierce methods of success. Angelica knew much more than Ford imagined. She would not be his partner in crime, accomplice or his ally for destroying Ridge, still, she needed to bide for time and hack into his psyche and admin vaults to prepare for his fall then retaliate. Study the master well and ace him at his own wilting art.

Angelica and Muriel had been as thick as thieves but not half as tight-fisted as Muriel and Elle, the Latino Maids daughter who hung out to do what kids do while Angelica coiled up somewhere under Ford’s desk minding Ford’s office business. Angelica had been a sopping ‘sponge bob’ that sapped the barrels by accessing his company secrets, prohibited archives, swiping safe codes, perusing financial data and banking details. To be fair, it had not been the works of a deliberate espionage by the RIA “Ramon Intelligence Agency’s” infraction but a CIA “Clever Intentional Act” to learn about Ford’s fierceness so she could beat him to his own game. Angelic had not planned the ‘Angel’s Espionage Network’ it just happened, she dug up data on autopilot. Given the first suspicion of Angelica posing a threat, Ford may have evicted her from his mansion, premises and life and she would roam in Ramon’s poverty stricken world of nothingness. Unbeknown to Ford, Angelica was as devious if not more advantaged by her childlike curiosity. Cuteness galore and Ford sunk to according the child complete trust. Ford could not have known Angelica possessed weapons of mass destruction in mind and that with such a loaded canon she could blow him up with his kingdom by the click of a finger to her psyche. Angelica had garnered enough ammunition to destroy Ford and could cripple his enterprise in a split second, cause and effect, she needed to bide her time with appropriation one does not destroy the thing one aims to recover but the person standing in the way of it’s acquirement.

Luc Ford looked forward to Ridge Ramon’s pity parties so he could be the only rich kid at the peasant’s event. Ford would crush the giant in Ridge and reduce him to dwarfism by stunting his growth in enterprise. Ford had not been an overly cautious ‘thief’ and did little to cover up his criminological cracks and evidence. “Never let the right hand know about what the left hand is doing’ this adage proved true to the word for Angelica who never divulged her plans for Tuscany House to Ford in the same way she withheld the Ford inside office scoops from Ridge. How for knew of Tuscany House who later be revealed, he even knew that she’s dub her Palace ‘Torpedo Ridge’

Loyalty at a high price but Ford would learn never compare the art to the artist” fine art is not always accomplished by a fine artist the picture he paints says a thousand words.

Luc Ford took Angelica at her Angelical face value and knew little of her conniving mind; dynamite comes in small packages but he viewed her as a sweet submissive and bubbly kid. Ridge raised Angelica on principles of gratitude and respect or so he thought, the little girl raised herself to adulthood and denied him the right to dictate. “Cherish the hand that feeds your mouth, he had said often and laid down his limited foundations. Ridge mocked Angelica’s faith in the ‘Law of Attraction’ as idiotic reverie. He had said of her positive affirmations; your fairytales are falsehoods, they can never materialize.

Ridge’s inexhaustible efforts to undermine Angelica’s intelligence served only his ego because she soared above astounding heights.

Ridge had long seen the eye opening results of Angelica’s determination but chose to romp around it in a blindfold. On that given day Tuscany House looking at the Sold sign, something changed. They sat down on a rock and spoke.

“Twenty years ago you stood here at this spot claiming ’Tuscany House” to be your own.” I recall as if it were yesterday. It had been on a Friday the 13th you were knee high and only four when you first discovered this charm. It had been a scary moment when you clipped out of my hand and disappeared into an adventure unknown. I trickled through the forest freaking at the eventuality that you might have been abducted, fallen into a pit hole or gotten lost. “I lashed out at you about living in a fairytale world and instructed you to lose your childish dreams but you defied me and told me, No! You said No every time I refuted your inner logic about owning “Tuscany House”

There is one thing you took little note of when we arrived here that first day you discovered the Palace. The ‘For Sale’ banner flickered its name ’Tuscany House” and you stood here claiming it to be “Torpedo Ridge”. I wondered how you came up with such a name but it felt right and Torpedo Ridge it was. We are back her ions later looking at that the ‘For Sale’ Sign and it reads’ Sold to Torpedo Ridge, what do you suppose that means?

Angelica smiled

I invented ‘Torpedo Ridge’ it feels like I own it, I do you know she exclaimed.

Ridge wept

Well then it’s official, you own Torpedo Ridge.

Of all the ‘In the Zone’ certitudes, this one did not feel entirely final yet. Angelica took Ridge’s words to mean that he too finally believed she would own it but then why was it sold and of all the audacity held the name she had chosen for it?

Angelica heard a distinct whisper in the air; it said; Torpedo Ridge is yours, transaction concluded.

Angelica had not fully grasped any of the ownership that day and Ridge did not insist, he wanted the true marvel of accomplishment to shine from her face when she discovers that it was indeed her own. She would learn later that the deal of ownership had been concluded on that day Friday the 13th when Ridge made the announcement to her and she well shoved it off as a [blessing from his part]

It took twenty full years for Ridge Ramon to finally understand how the ’law of attraction worked. He acknowledged that from what he’d seen, there was no doubt that Angelica’s Thoughts Turned into Things. She dreamed of owning Torpedo Ridge, a dream come true, no kidding, Ridge witnessed it’s emergence first hand and at some point in his years later, he too attempted to manifest a few things of his own, in total discretion of course. It felt ridiculous speaking to him self. The ‘awakening’! Nothing worked, Ridge had never been given a glimpse of divine favor but once when he met Arianna Alcove, the emergence of that wonder had been the picture perfect version of the woman he visualized.

Oh well, he thought, I am a sore loser who’s ‘light bulb’ moments dimmed to self-destructive habits and formed concrete slabs for a mind.

Reversing habitual negative thinking like Ridge Ramon’s was quasi impossible, he’s psyche’s foundation had been built of indestructible matter and would necessitate the Universe’s Steel Demolishers to bulldoze through tons of iron cogs, layers of concreted non penetrated territories and unbendable thoughts. Every effort reverberated to render more and more of what he had not asked for. When all else failed, Ridge Resorted to a session view ten of a Karma cleansing audio, Lo the situation worsened and left him in a spin of chaos passed on from ancestral origins. Ridge shuddered at the thought of blood deeds from his forefathers,

“Maybe I was an assassin in former life, he cackled.

The program in Ridges mind of concrete slabs ’had only one switch turned on at lack, loss, limitation, deprivation and impossibility, he needed to get entirely reconfigured.

Wow! Was it even possible to rewire, reprogram or reconstruct one’s mind network? “

A mind cannot be altered or reprogrammed by a simple wish. One cannot impose on a mind without clarity of thought or the definite purpose for the thing one desires to manifest. Minds do not bend at the click of a finger or a flip of a mindset it takes some practice and serious commitment. One must nurture the psyche to embellish the newness or change of thought process. One must first journey into the conscious, sub conscious and super consciousness to understand the principals of collaboration. To do so one must acquaint with one’s Higher Self/Soul or spirit in order to access the infinite intelligence and emerge the thing one seeks to manifest. One must be precise about one’s desires, clarity of thought to the mind’s network of distribution is vital, as one visualizes a desire, so must the soul to understand what it is one seeks of it to emerge as a clarified result. In simple terms; one must first soul search and find pathways to one’s sacred space then trust and have faith that the sacred space exists and will emerge what one seeks.

One doesn’t have to be a Rocket scientist to understand the core principles of an inner mind, very subtly alluring ‘speak to self’ and be amazed how self responds. Every human possesses a vortex reality where unseen treasures of one’s desires lay dormant waiting for command for emergence of wealth, health, joy, peace or love. The principle applies to unseen karmic veils too, if a vortex reality’s treasure box has only sadness, loss, pain, doubt, anger and fear at the surface, what one imprints on one’s mind will always render the equivalent of the emotion felt most times thus manifests fear and sadness.

It is presumed that only 1% of the world population garnered favor to access the infinite principles of abundance while the remainder never gets a glimpse of their true worth. This is said; to be from a stunted notion that ’The Secret” is withheld and only exposed to a genre of Debonair Defile. ’The Secret is a philosophy few knows of and will not share with others so that those omitted may feel and be stunted in ignorance while the minority ’Thinks and grows Rich” In hind sight, “The Secret” is not a secret, it is a philosophy of men and it is not an obligation to share what one knows and certainly not intended to be withheld from others, the secret is within every man who becomes enlightened ‘by the switch’ of thought processing for betterment. It is believed to have been [sealed off for Great Minds] to think and grow rich so small minds may reside in a permanent state of ignorance and be restricted of the principles of NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING.

Why would small minds be interested in NLP? Because [such teachings seem to be formed for people of a greater understanding who wishes to learn from the masters who defines the art of mind altering bliss. [The term small minds is used to give note that] illiterate to semi literate individuals does not have the capacity to comprehend its valued teaching, it is thus sometimes perceived to be of an unfathomable complexity. Lets face it, if someone spoke about NEURO LINGUISTIC REPROGRAMMING to a small mind, the small mind may not comprehend [Truth be told, more smaller minds have grasped this method of mind altering states and gone on to become greater men than some great men themselves, small minds have the same capabilities as big minds, it is always the small me within crushing the big me to achieve a truth. The big me, Ego is quite the character on the psyche block of blunders.

NLP defined as per doctor Richard BANDLER who invented the term NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING in the 1970’s. The written Definition is said to appear in the Oxford English Dictionary and states; NLP “a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences [esp. patterns of thought] underlying them’ and a system alternative therapy based on this which seeks to educate people in self awareness and effective communication, and to change their patterns of mental and emotional behavior. Angelica was certainly of the minority, the favored few who by giftedness or other possessed the power to manifest desires with ease. The majority may have manifested great fortunes themselves through criminal deeds, sadism and or acts of barbarianism, still they this too worked to bring whatever negative intention they imploded on their minds.

Angelica Ramon had been greatly successful in her endeavors but as Ridge Ramon once predicted, every one fails, she too would fail at some point. Why? Because Ego get’s bored with collaborating inside the box, it loves returning to it’s true, tried and trusted methods of ‘seeing is believing’ and confuses the think tank to go off course an altered state of mind. Angelica had not been overly familiar with doubts and fears and now she was derailing in a lesson not to take ‘Things for Granted’. Angelica’s habitual emergence ‘ran dry’ but she remembered that if all else failed she could always return to unlimited resources of mind or charge her expenditures to the Universe.

“I tried this idiotic principal of talking to self! It does not work, Ridge had said. “I do not believe in mind chatter, it is silly and downright insane.” “ I am a Christian, I pray twice daily and still my prayers go unanswered. I don’t get it! ”Does it not state in the bible; that whosoever asks, it shall be given? “Can it be that I am of divine rejection?

Angelica laughed

“There is no such thing as divine rejection. “I believe that one has to want a prayer answered so badly that God cannot refuse but manifest the thing that one prays for, [obviously & objectively a thing that is within the jurisdiction of ‘[God Permits] otherwise it is from ’[Mind permits] a result of something bad by Idolized self.

“We speak words absorbed by an inner conscious [the psyche] from a space within where requests or commands are handled for adherence or not. “The Lord listens to everyone’s prayers without exception. It is the art of prayer, expedition and how it is phrased that causes delays and stalling. When a prayer is mumbled, the prayer is understood to bring about anything related to mumble. “Prayer must be specific, defined with purpose and directed from a divine willingness to a divine space.

“Prayer or self talk must be addressed with absolute clarity so that what one ask for is delivered to be exactly that or similar.

“Imagine praying for a house and getting a kennel instead, the mumble of that prayer is the kennel visualized for the doggy above all of what one wants as a house [Your wish is my Command] says the soul, precision of prayer is everything.

“Prayers do not go unanswered and may take longer simply because it is directed to Source. [Prayers must be directed to source] and like everything there is a process and constant about power prayer and just prayers. “Most people pray to God directly and wonder why their prayers are never answered [Think of it as the process, the son, the holy spirit and God. [God the father is one with the son]. About repetitive prayer’ is noted as excessive and one’s recited tones or sounds run together with loss of articulation. The sound becomes muddy, garbled Summed up from this, God heard the prayer the first time no need to repeat it if it was clear to start with. “That is one way to view why prayers are not answered sometimes. It would seem that the main problem is that people do not follow policies and or overrides the hierarch levels of common sense. “ The main problem would be that people report directly to the CEO at Head Quarters [God] instead of reporting to the Life’s Operation Manager at Admin & Life affairs [Jesus] Life affairs is where all blue prints, master plans, premise and creative requests arrive to be sorted then handed to Head Quarters “for approval for emergence. This earthly principle would then also apply for divine intervention.

“It says here: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through me”(John 14:6) The second verse clarifies “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5)

“In my understanding there are principles to respect if we want to acquire the things we desire [So praying correctly is an absolute necessity]

Ridge Ramon conveyed his struggles directly to the “infinite intelligence of his subconscious mind” bypassing the mediator the “subconscious mind” in doing so. If Ridge Ramon was to be the example, it means he walked past Jesus without giving the almighty a second glance believing that in his rush to get his prayer answered he could take a short cut to God and do it his own way [This is one way of how one can look at the reason why prayers are not answered.

Ridge Ramon met and married, Arianna Ramon nee Alcove a an exceptionally stunning blue-eyed blond, no match for a part time bar ranger and lonesome electronic gadget maker like him. Arianna was refined and wealthy and her choice of man was to be of great standing, wealthy, of Debonair’ defile and of course be extremely handsome. Rumor indicated that Arianna had known all about Ridge Ramon before she visited the bar as a regular, she knew of the man and his enriching talent in Electronic Gadget making. If this was true, Arianna certainly played her role with motive but Ridge had not known he would meet her that night nor did he expect that she would be the woman he visualized and lest that she’d even give him a second glance. Fate or Destiny, either way, they rolled up in the hay when Ramon got sacked that night and they were married three days later.

Ridge’s wife Arianna was a wealthy woman, mingled with Elite and self-sufficient while Ridge had everything to become a millionaire but a mindset of a peasant, thus had none of the above. His wife was his muse. She inspired him to become enriched so he spent his days in a dilapidated ‘Hide Out Zone’ on a remote island type seaside land. Ridge was quite the contented peasant’s son when they first met, three days later his outlook changed and he wanted nothing more than ‘promise and give her the world’ It took little effort and Arianna the abundant wife smacked the peasant in him out of the equation. She was going to turn him into a millionaire by his own acquirement. He already owned a pavilion of ‘electronic gadgets’ worth a fortune, this he knew. Ridge’s accumulated wealth stacks had taken dust and cobwebs in his warehouse but Arianna’s magic would change that, or so she thought.

Ridge wanted to lavish her with unconditional love and pampered bliss. He allowed her to throw gadget parties at the warehouse grounds cozied up as a reception to welcome wealthy guests, those were Arianna’s friend from high places and supposed to be his future friends with benefits. Ridge hated every one of the imposed ‘High Kings’ and wouldn’t heed to their offers for partnerships and stuffed up contractual agreements sure to have some [suspicious] fine print. Multi million deals slipped through his fingers, he was unperturbed, the Ramon Name would never be an endorsement for any man but himself and he wouldn’t launch his product unless it was fully concluded. Besides, he was building an empire to please his wife. Within days of the marriage, talk about having a kid ‘did not’ coincide with Ridge’s plans to cater only for the one he loved, he didn’t want a spare wheel to take away his focus and attention, he wanted Arianna to himself. She was persistent about him getting his brilliant ideas out and sold, he promised that he would but only on the day their child was born, by then ’the news of her being expectant hit him like a bomb, he was pleased but not elated to share his wife with a kid.

“I do not wish to have a child, not now, not ever, he had said and thought a few times.

With growing offers mostly referenced to buying Ramon’s Patent’s, Ridge allowed Arianna to finance his works and promised to repay her when he launched. Arianna spent eight months nagging Ridge to sell of his collections, to no avail, promise was that he would when their child was born, he would not change his mind. Arianna ensured that Ridge’s [off market] gadgets got some buzz and many of the concluded [versions] found a home in Arianna’s friend’s kitchens, bedrooms, lounges and even water closets. He was still not trading and almost stuck on not parting with his gadgets, a psychological attachment of sorts, then without warning Arianna felt contractions a month early. Arianna Alcove Ramon sat in their scruffy lounge on the run down property being her vivacious self and said,

Angelica is a gift of many treasures, I want you to take her to a life of wealth, you must let that be a promise, I need you to vow that you will ensure she lives an abundant life of wealth.

Ridge had been baffled.

You’re not dying, you’re having a baby he said and laughed then wondered why she was asking for her soon to be daughter to be garnished.

“Why was it important for Angelica to live in wealth? Her mother was wealthy so she would be …and why was she being named Angelica, he didn’t like the fakeness of Angel’s turned Demons, he felt that the future child would be quite the character and never imagined her to be the submissive type, such a name was for Cherubs. Ridge accompanied Arianna to the emergency room. An hour turned to three, a little voice in his mind warned that there had been complications. Bland faces exited the OR, the child died, he thought. Was it his auto destructive suggestion of not wanting a child that stirred up in such a cruel assumption?

Something happened in there and he was sure they lost their child, Oh well, at least I’ll have her to myself he consoled himself. The doctor emerged, Ridge did not ask about the infant.

“May I see my wife now

“Regrets sir, she died of preeclampsia associated with hypertension more greatly and walked away with little sympathy. The midwife appeared looking over her shoulder and babbled a few words to Ridge quite rapidly.

“I’d probe if I were you, there’s something about that death that spells murder she wrote. I didn’t tell you this…she concluded and left hurriedly.

Ridge barely registered the midwife’s note of caution, he’s life just crumpled within seconds, his wife had died and the kid he did not yearn for survived.

“I don’t want this, I don’t know how to be a single parent, he thought out loud. Why was Angelica spared and not Arianna? He did not desire the infant she just happened and why, his yearning was specific to loving only Arianna unconditionally not the child! He loved Arianna she was his sole reason for change. He wanted to build an empire for her and now she left him to ‘pick up the pieces’ of splintered emotional debris with a responsibility of raising a child he didn’t even like or cared to like in the future. Ridge was not consoled by Angelica’s birth, he wouldn’t bond, he didn’t dare to bond she was a burden.

Angelica Arianna Ramon robbed Ridge of his wife great for karma that she would live in his poverty stricken world of nothingness because the abundance would fade out as it had been meant for Arianna, not a brat of no significance, he didn’t need a child to remind him of her, he wanted his wife back. Angelica was her name, Ridge wondered why. She was in a world of strife and obliged to live the Ridge Ramon way. What about Arianna’s wish? Did she not ask for him to ensure her a life of wealth and promise that he would? Arianna asked the impossible, he had nothing to offer the child and he didn’t have the power or desire to build the empire he intended for his wife for the child, Angelica would live an ordinary life. Ridge became a permanent grieving widower, an unattached parent and spent his days in his abandoned warehouse looking at the prototype he would have launched that day. Ridge’s dreams died when Arianna died, she left him with flints of love. He created brilliant electronic gadgets and had tons of offers for distribution now he lumbered awkwardly with added responsibilities he didn’t invite into his life, a child to care for, they haven’t even met, he didn’t like her.

An infant, a warehouse filled with electronic equipment, material, gadgets and a land of unsettled debt, all due to his own procrastination [the thief of time] that robbed him of his wife and left him with an IOU the size of mount Everest and zero resources to settle his debts. Ridge Ramon had been summoned to a hearing for the late Arianna’s ’Will & Testament” said to be of a hefty fortune in assets, grabbing freebies was not his forte, he didn’t rely on charity or welfare grants why would he own her fortune, it was not his to have

’He did things The Ridge Ramon way and not In a Certain Way” as he promised he would. The offers stacked up on his desk to gather dust mostly derailed from the former multi million dollar offers to ’just writing his gadgets off to the ownership of others for a measly wage in exchange. Weeks later, the offers died down, it had gone from partnership contracts [catch clause in the fine line] RR Inventions to be propriety of Ford Enterprise, a work for pay offer. Now only one remained, offer of employment. “Why would Ridge consider employment with Ford when he owned a ’Gold Mine” of patented electronic gadgets of his own? “Ford’s offer clearly stated that Ramon would be employed for Ford Enterprise to own his inventions and sell for the Ford enrichment in return for a minimum wage. In addition, a letter of condolences. Ridge felt trapped when he should have been honored to be associated with the nations big shark and tycoon. Ridge should have been grateful for Ford’s offer at a time of sparse opportunities but the ‘take it or damn’ fine line print was of definite suited ignoble exploitation. Ford Enterprise, the largest business in the town ended up being the only company willing to employ Ridge so what happened to all the stacks of prior offers, the big sharks on Ramon’s trail disappeared into the ether and no one spoke of multi million dollar offers to buy out Ramon’s inventions.

“A new A4 envelope on Ridge Ramon’s desk, Luc Ford’s fat face logo on it. The letter of appointment for an offer Ridge did not sign,

Option One for RR brands to become a Ford Hallmark on commission basis and Option Two; Employment on a wage [catch clause] all Ramon products build on the Ford Estate to be Ford property owned to be sold for and by Ford for Ford enrichment. Employee Title stipulated; “Gadget Maker”

First off, Ridge had no desire to work for Ford let alone to sign off his gadgets to anyone. Ridge had no desire to own Arianna’s inheritance he would rather drop his unremunerated activity of making gadgets and electronics to earn a living as barman if push came to shove but that was quasi impossible with a wailing child in his care. Days turned into weeks and Ridge still spent his days locked up in the warehouse Angelica at his feet in a cuddly doggy basket rolled up in pink. It was evident that Angelica did not appreciate the shabbiness of the dull space, ’subconsciously already at just a few months old, the child was ’not thinking yet but growing rich, she nagged and wept and only stopped wailing when he took her to the outside to savor of the fresh air and the absolutely breath taking sea view. Then just like clockwork, Arianna’s ’Will and Testament” resurfaced to buckle Ridge with more challenges, the Alcove Ramon attorney visited Ramon at the warehouse to convey that petition for Arianna’s ‘will and testament’ had been protested. He advised that the CLAIMANT filed as beneficiary under the spousal law.

Spousal Law?” Was Ridge not her spouse? He didn’t care she had died but the smack was turning into a slap. In addition, the attorney advised that the residential lot and land Ridge lived on was a Ford property he owed a substantial amount in arrears for rental due. Ridge had been livid with confusion and anger.

“I’ve lived here all my life.

“Welcome to hard knocks of life where shit happens, the attorney replied. “We win some but we lose more, he added then handed Ridge an envelope and said; that’s the eviction order

“Ridge would forever recall that it had been Attorney Andre Debonair who served him. He knew nothing of the man and cared less, but that face would haunt him in his dreams. In recollecting, Ridge remembered Luc Ford, just days after he married Arianna, Luc turned up at the property and walked about like he owned the place, he had not yet conquered the courage to confront Ridge but it was clear, Ford was on a mission to get at Ramon and Ramon had no idea of the ‘Unscrupulous man’s interest in him or his property, they never met. “Ford wants, Ford get’s’ was what he heard of Ford. Ridge’s state of mind at the time had been on ‘High Inspiration’ he was in love and recalled to ambition. Nothing came of Ford’s poking around that year and Ridge had no desire to be acquainted with Ford for any reason whatsoever. Now an Attorney named Debonair walks in to advise that Ridge was an illegal alien on a land he thought was his own, living on a Ford playground in owing of dues for a lifetime in rental? Wow, that’s a charge to ‘World Bank’ Ramon’s ancestors occupied the land and space way BC of ancientness with his forefathers from medieval times, maybe their currency of salt lumps would suffice to repay Ford, he thought wittingly and actually laughed. Getting meddled in a lawsuit with Ford the Almighty was not an option, Ridge would not dispute Ford’s claim to the land. If the lawyer said Ford’s claim was just and sound, then so it was. Ridge knew not then that Ford had ‘forged’ the legal documentation for ownership but he refused to budge from the place he called home. Ridge disregarded the eviction order and erred the land sinking deeper into a pit of self-destruction. He made no effort to find a place to live, then like magic, more propositions turned up and all for multi-million dollar grab. Every proposal was for Ridge to sign over his arts and crafts.

No way, Ridge Ramon would never sign off or divulge the secrets of his trade, they could dream on.

Ridge erred on the premises with his infant, happily relaxed on the beach with Angelica in his lap, Ridge had been rocking her to sleep and fell into a deep snooze himself. A notary turned up, tapped him on the shoulder, Ridge woke up bedazzled and saw the man standing there and handing him the final eviction order.

“You inherited fifty million, pay your debt to Ford and buy this place, the notary advised.

“I have no attachment to money and material wealth, I am a peasant’s son so ”from the cradle to the grave’ I come and I go just as I am. The man left and Ridge looked down at Angelica still soundly asleep and comfortable in his arms, for the first time, Ridge felt purposeful and proud, she was dependent on him, she loved him and needed him, that made him feel worthwhile. There was a pink doggy basket at his feet filled with fine flannel pillowed casing, a cute pink blanket and a pretty little Teddy bear. Ridge had fallen asleep again but just moments later awoken by a gruff voice. Ridge jerked almost capsizing the rocking chair with Angelica in it. He was seriously annoyed.

“Mr. Ramon, a gruff voice echoed again, who else Goddammit, another notary or Ford attorney? This one looked like he derived from pop art, he wore a pink shit, pink shoes, a stripe rainbow colored tie to match his candy striped socks and his wrist watch and spectacle rims were sky blue. He was an Indian man holding tightly onto the most obnoxious navy blue briefcase, WTF Ridge thought.

“Goddammit, creeping up on me like that, you freaking scared the living hell out of me, the man lashed out angrily, I thought you were dead. And what next? Was the man for real?

“I am the warden of courts, came by to ‘serve you’ with...

Ridge jerked in his chair, laid his little girl into her doggy basket and laughed

“What you selling, Candy? Laughed.

“No sir, I’m a civil servant

“An out of office civil servant, wow! You look like a clown, mate what do you want?

“It’s about the inheritance sir, the man said and paced back slightly.

“Quit harassing me and find the claimant, I am not disputing this will it is his to have

“There is nothing to dispute. The ruling is in your favor and you are the official beneficiary of fifty million dollars left to you in name by your late wife a certain Arianna nee Alcove Ramon. The claimant herein stated as anonymous pulled out for non-divulged illegalities.

“Go away warden we don’t need anyone’s millions to survive, neither do we need this land Debonair just claimed to be Ford’s take this and the inheritance, maybe Ford wants my life too, Ridge said and shooed the Warden away.

The warden placed the envelope on Ridge’s lap and smiled. Ridge looked down at Angelica in her little doggy basket at his feet and smiled too, thinking; “Let the child dream, she’s so little and unaware of the strife, pain and loss, we have each other, we will survive.

Now he was looking at the same child turned into an adult and thought, her dreams came true. She will never know I lied about not believing in her fairytales. She will never know I sacrificed myself, my creations and toiled for Ford in exchange for her to get the life her mother wanted her to have. Ridge smiled again, this time recollecting how Angelica had been conceived. It had been a night of passion turned to three then wedded bliss three days later in a crash wedding ceremony. Ridge lit up like a fluorescent globe every time he saw his beautiful wife. Arianna had been quite the nymphomaniac. Her ardor outsmarted Ridge’s deadbeat slackness and brought the firing squad out in him, a steamy point in common no doubt. Frolic operandi, the start of a fairy tale romance, exuberant partying and an insatiable appetite to please, the ‘wild child’ exhibitionist and ‘Tigress’, Arianna had a playful innocence about her and everything was permitted. Ridge owned Arianna’s heart. He loved her light heartedness, and even the loose canon ways of flirts. Arianna’s death killed something in Ridge and left him with unanswered questions. He remembered what the midwife implied about her death, is it true that she was murdered? It had been a tragic loss yet a divine blessing, she left him an Angel to care for and though he didn’t want her, she grew on him. Angelica depended on Ridge entirely, no one ever depended on him before, how could he let her down? How could he not love and nurture her? She was everything he owned and more a little gift from tragic loss. Still, he would rather have had Arianna, his big love.

Ridge would honor Arianna’s wish and ensure Angelica would never be in want for need or help. He didn’t know how to bond but that just happened on its own. Angelica totally stirred his heart. Nurturing the child became Ridge’s day job; he could be her nanny forever. Upon the first glimpse, Ridge knew that his sole promise to her would have to be an education. He would argue that higher education was not an absolute necessity but that it ensures a decent day job. She will be educated if it means having to give up everything he owned because she was special. Ridge Ramon found enlightenment in sink back to his habitual poverty consciousness; deliberate blindness, the man must be petrified of money he refused a fifty million dollar inheritance for heaven’s sake, who does that?

Ridge had not tempted by Arianna’s fortune and although he may have used only a minor fraction of it to launch his RR brands, he signed an IOU and had every intention to pay it back. It had never been his intention for Arianna to be his provider but to sell and make multi million dollar deals from his Electronics so he could keep Arianna in luxury that did not materialize. Arianna was wealthy but it is a man’s duty to be the breadwinner he claimed from traditional belief.

Upon refusing Arianna’s inheritance Ridge felt proud of not accepting her wealthy gift or he would forever be reminded that he was a sore loser when they met and that he was one when she died, why would he ’accept it now? Did Ridge care about being a loser? Hell yes, but his ambitions died when Arianna died and it would die even further with Ford in the equation, perhaps he was born to be a loser or not?

Angelica had never known or met Arianna but she was mindful of the beauty and love her mother represented, he didn’t have to tell her, she just knew, or so he thought. Angelica knew little of her parent’s lives and circumstances only that her mother died and her dad landed a job at the Ford Enterprise, came on board the Ford Estate and never left from the Ford enslavement. Angelica wondered why Ridge worked in pubs when he had ’tons of electronic gadgets worth a fortune, he was a brilliant artist, inventor and quite a highly educated man at that, what was he thinking? Ridge invented ‘state of the art’ electronic gadgets and for long attracted offers and contracts that would have earned him financial ease, why did he not consider financial ease? There had never been a lack in monetary offers, why then did he accept to work for Ford instead? Ridge suffered from an inferiority complex and rarely argued about being belittled. Angelica would never be like Ridge she refused to be cloned off on poverty mindedness. Angelica Ramon lived in a rich man’s world farthest being a peasant’s daughter, she denied her roots entirely. “Nothing lasts forever, everything moves, nothing rests Ridge Ramon was and would be whom he said and thought he was, a failure in fading glory. He was a man who erred in a struggle and used his child to be his night lamp to feel his way around his darkness and she was the co-captain on his sinking ship, always having to steer him away from a storm

Ridge Ramon travelled through life wearing a blindfold taking directions from a blank radar and heading to ’The Lost City” with his compass pointed anti-clock wise, he’d have done better if he followed Angelica’s GPS of mind. If only he’d awake from decadence rather than plunge into the Abyss of fight and flight, he may get a glimpse of life’s gifts but he made it his mission to climb ’Mount Zero” He was martyr. Ridge barely noticed the magnificent sea-view extending on an endless horizon in his midst. He had never strolled on the white sand beach or sat under a palm and coconut tree to view the beauty. He had never stopped to admire the orchids or noticed the immaculate garden and only ever crossed the gigantic car park the size of an automobile dealership where Luc Ford’s vintage collector and luxury vehicles stacked up for no greater use than ‘hoarding’.

Ridge Ramon one handedly created the Ford enterprise in return for a measly wage. “Why did he allow Ford to own his inventions? How did Ridge end up on pay roll when he was offered a partnership? It would later be revealed that his position at Ford Enterprise had been of a forceful engagement. Ridge Ramon had come in on false promise and savored ‘the kings kegs’ in the glorious bastard’s arena where only big shots rolled. Ridge offered Luc a pinky and Luc Ford grabbed his whole hand. First by instruction, restriction and eventually debar.

Ridge Ramon hailed from a background of needing only the basics to survive, it had been taught and conveyed to him by his upbringing. It would emerge in later years that Ridge Ramon’s struggle kept him in stagnant waters for a specific reason ‘secrets of the soul’ He lived an impoverished mindset to justify giving away his fortune; at least this is what his life made allusion to, for a man who does not know his own worth and does not make use of his fortune, is a man who fears money greatly. Ridge Ramon was unacquainted with ’Kingdom Principals” and literally signed his inventions and self over to Luc Ford by verbal agreement to be exploited. Angelica had been his conscious offering and use as bate to ensure a permanent roof over her head, she judged him harshly. “Suffering In Silence” was what she thought she knew about him. No secrets her side, she aired her views quite bluntly and never harbored unspoken truths.

Ridge Ramon entertained Angelica’s curiosity and rarely justified his actions but when he did, Angelica busted him to “Face Value” and dismissed his justifications as being an excuse for incompetent mindedness.

“Quit making your life purpose about ensuring a roof over my head, I could do just fine living under a railroad tunnel. “You had a home and sold it to the devil, Luc Ford. “Stop making excuses for signing yourself over to the Ford Industry long before I was born, you are responsible and wired that way, it is called “Ramon disconnectedness”.

“I had no acquaintance with the man named Ford other than rumor of his aloofness,’ entanglements and rare encounters of common choice. “I did not seek Ford out, Ford found me. Ridge retorted.

“Of course he found you! You are destined to attract sharks of his kind.

“You tick on an un-conscientious principal and radar by your unquenchable capacity to attract rogues. ”Luc Ford appeared by your own inner calling that is how the law of attraction works. “Your encounter with Ford was of deliberate creation, it stemmed from an unconscious need to be unburdened of wealth, by that, you intentionally offered yourself to him as a ’Scapegoat” and in the process enriched his ego and bankers paradise. “You are a consented ‘dud’ daddy dear. Luc Ford owns you because you thrive on being owned.

Angelica left Ridge to not wallow in self-pity and seek to be honored by emotional blackmail, she would not sympathize for his self inflicted demean of self, he dug his own grave and now he was signing his own death certificate, she wasn’t going to accept his invitation to his pity parties, let him wallow in decadence. A man cannot be forced to change unless he is willing to change and so be it but she was going to tell him how it’s done.

“Wake up and smell the roses, life is a celebration and we awe to live it like it is golden, it is time to empower your life path, take back your dignity and retrieve what is rightfully yours, she spiffed.

“Let me...Ridge started

“No! I am not done, Angelica imposed.

“What will it take for you to realize that the only option you handed yourself is a plot for a burial? That is paid up in full, at least I hope, she added sarcastically.

“You taught me to respect myself and others for their just value, “I do that. But how can I respect and honor the limited version of your unjust value and wealth when you have no respect for your own worth? “I am not insulting your integrity you have none. “I am not denying your hopeless faith in gratitude, it is faithless and ungrateful or you would be using your skills at its esteemed value. “I am not taking you to your face value it is deceptive and tarnished with fat lies of worthlessness. “Yes and with all the due respect I owe you as my father, I am the child telling her care-giver that it’s time to act and be an example, I will say this once; “You are accountable for your life thus the creator of your own demise so you shape your life in the way you choose to live and only you decide what it is you deserve and why.

“Why are you still sinking? “Why do you live in denial of your true worth? It’s despicable you... Angelica pounded on her Ridge and etched to engrave that she was not willing to witness his belittlement. It was time for change, if he was not, she was armed with fierceness and justification, she was about to add verve to tenacious and audacious to retrieve him his dignity and worth, emotionally, physically and conscious realm.

“Wake up from erring mindlessly, wake up from the coma you reside in, wake up from your permanent nightmare and reach for the light, Angelica imposed in a harsh tone as a wake up call on Ridge. Take it or leave it daddy, but one doesn’t fight for what wants, one establishes definite purpose of the thing one wants. “I have seen Luc Ford grapple with grapnel to seize your inventions. He ruled, manipulated and deprived you of your own assets and he deceived you in the worst way. He robbed you blind for ’Ford Feat” claimed and owned your gadgets for zilch. The time is now, put on your red shoes and dance, daddy! He cannot and will not own another Angel-Sleek for his MO-LISS brands, it is ours to keep, all of it and more.

“Easier said than done, Ridge retorted.

“I have what we need to beat him to his game so get this, dad. “I heard Luc tell Milo that every Ramon project turned in on the Ford Estate from day one of your arrival are Ramon patented copy right and that him claiming or posing as if they are his inventions is a crime. If that is true, I will find proof and nail him. We both know Luc does not own your inventions so hell no, he can’t have them for his own enrichment now can he? “Ninety percent of MO-LISS products you turned in this fall are collections of my own creative artistry, we invented, created, assembled and concluded every one of them at MO-LISS beach house in my time and your off time, we own those gadgets they’re our inventions.

Luc Ford was a fierce fraudster but robbery’s karma’s a dime taken a million dimes lost. Angelica was going to nab Ford and take his sorry ass on the same destructive road he dragged Ridge on. Ford dug a grave for Ramon and she was going to bury him in it. she was calling; Game Over for Luc Ford.

“How did Luc Ford shut eye at night with such a reverence for thieving?” He was a liar, a thief and an unscrupulous bull dozing man destroyer. Angelica did not regret her boastful reverence accorded to Ford she weighed her pro’s and cons with deliberate intention to learn the ropes of fierceness not adopt his unscrupulous demeaning thievery.

Angelica had not known the degree of exploitation Ford imposed on Ridge until she unraveled the first of Ford’s secrets. A change of tactic, she no longer observed or grasped when Ford defamed or insulted Ridge’s intelligence, she stood up to defend her dad like a little tigress.

“You say much about my dad and yet the products you sell are his inventions not yours. You render little credit to a man that feeds your mouth she had said. “

“You are highly misinformed in matters of Ramon’s character, Luc retorted angrily. The man you call dad is of littleness and his due merit is of defamatory grail. I desire not to don on you the unraveling of your curiosity at best and although you are brilliant enough to solve intricacies you may never comprehend my web of obsession, I have valid reason for my deeds, Ford replied

“Pay close attention, for you may learn that for any acquirement, it necessitates definite demand or you too would not have roamed in this comfort and luxury, everything comes at a price and your dad is paid for his just value.

Angelica chose not to expose her ‘RIA’ Ramon Intelligence Agency’ to Ford, it was a two man club for Ridge to divulge what Ford says or does while she accumulates reliable proof and evidence to wreck the Ford Ship. She was confortable enough to lead Ford into deep waters and cause him to sink and drown. Ford had long merited a spanking on his own discord.

Angelica was about to use Florence Gonzales the “Devious Maid” tactics, to hatch ’The Plot”. Florence had been on the inside looking out for long and leveraged enough rope to throw back at Ford to hang himself. She had spent her life doing unintentional to intentional espionage and gathered enough armor to fight a war and win. Luc Ford did not suspect his housemaid of such brilliant observation to ‘hold him to blackmail’ like he did not suspect a disastrous end with sweet saintly Angelica. Ford’s fall from grace was imminent.

“It’s ’Show Time”. ’Ford loved the adage, “practice what you preach” commonness his definition lacked authenticity. Ford chanted, “take the bull by the horns” quoted for his own criminal mind and of course not a personal metaphor but Angelica rose to those for specific reasons, it was show time the Ramon way, she was going to teach him exactly how to use a metaphor to turn it into things and show him the uncanny about ‘practice what you preach’ by vowing that she’ll take him down and will succeed, taking the bull by the horns was what she was doing to him already….

“It’s “Pay Back Time” she would retrieve every inch he had stolen right up to the tee on the withered lawn. Angelica had evidence that Luc Ford held ’fifty million dollars of Ridge Ramon’s Trust as a caution fee and insurance for her Higher Education. Amount said to be handed back to her at her inheritance in the event of Ridge Ramon’s death. Rather generous safeguarding money he’d already used to invest in something of another genre. Every dime in Ford’s possession becomes an un-refundable dime. Lowly of Ford for at an inheritance hearing he would turn up to claim that the amount had been long dwindled to zero in payment for her lodgings on his property.

No higher education in this world cost’s ‘ fifty million dollars.’ in addition, auditors records showed a billion dollars on MO-LISS sales in profits, if any, Angelica would ensure that Ford did not get to keep a dime of her ’fifty million dollars and at same retrieve the full billion dollars he so carelessly divulged on his auditor’s list of ’gains of a Ramon owned and patented product, he amassed wealth not spend it, she was taking him for everything he [thinks he owns]

Ridge Ramon may have sold his soul to the devil but the devil had no idea that the soul he stole not bought was about to turn on him.

A soul is true to only his master. Who gave Ford the right to manipulate another man’s soul? Ridge Ramon’s soul was about to join the ‘ hand me back my wealth war’ see how fast the once poverty stricken Ridge Ramon’s soul switch channels. Ford had no idea just how cunning and sly Angelica could be but he was soon to find out.

‘Visualize to Materialize’ “Paging through her ‘Definite Purpose Statement’ Angelica took to her note book in which she wrote her daily mission of affirmation; It read;

“I am where I am, all that I am, I am. I am the co-creator of my life and I own the space I live in. I declare that all I see with my eyes my mind perceives as mine, I am thus what I think I am, rich, abundant and powerful, The Ford Estate and all it’s frills are mine by lawful right and so be it.

The creative essence of my mindedness is a picture perfect gallery of beauty beyond belief, it is there for the taking and the visualization board of mind collaborates with my higher self so that my life premise is what it says it is, the owner of Ford Estate and all it’s financial binding owing to me in the Ramon name

“ When I ask, I shall receive and all my needs are met, I am a deliberate creator of extreme luxuriance and my calling is unlimited wealth, so be it. It is my birthright to be rich and glorified, therefore I am “I accept that I am wealthy on merit and of true value to the reception of the entirety of this Estate and it’s monetary value. “The time is now, ITS SHOWTIME, bring it on. Angelica read her written statement twice daily without fail.

If Ridge Ramon didn’t get the message yet, she would allow him to err on if he so chose to, he would be on no help but a hindrance if he were to remain in a reduced capacity of want. Fighting for another man’s soul or his wealth [does not ensure success] She was not fighting for Ridge, she was not fighting bottom line, she was retrieving what is her birthright to have and to hold. Angelica would pound at Ridge to rid himself of his “poverty stricken” image and place himself right back at where he belonged as in a “rich mans body, mind and soul. She couldn’t force him but she would try. Ridge Ramon was soppy on the topic of acquiring anything but she was about to spoon feed his codons and mind network to accept the ’Subconscious Guru-ness of mind matters”. She would ’rip up his alter ego with subtle positive autosuggestions and instill the shift in him so he would move away from his self sabotaging habits and erase the poverty thinking paradigms that hinders his soul from emergence. Ridge Ramon was a poor thinker but a slight shift would elevate his vibrational energies beyond his former limiting beliefs, Angelica had the power of persuasion in her veins, he will move from cause to effect.

Angelica stood at the foot of ’Torpedo Ridge” in a dark space hearing sirens and seeing ‘hearses’ pass by, beget that it was not a figment of her imagination but an unsettling truth, still delving into her past, Fighting for Justice for Ridge Ramon’

“Damn you Ridge Ramon, she said out loud.

“You graduated from the school of hard knocks, earned a masters degree at the college of “Life Sucks” and imprisoned yourself at the penitentiary of ’Surrender then Die”

D Day victory for retrieving Ridge Ramon’s losses from Ford’s thieving possession. Angelica won her war. It had been a glorious day when Ford Empire crumbled for Luc Ford and stood steadfast as the Ramon’s wealthy playground, it had only taken twenty-one years to know that it would be retrieved and so it was. She could have given up or not tried but she was adamant and as with thinking things into her life so it emerged again

Multi millions in funds emerged from stashes Ford handled. Where did the other windfall come from? Certainly not from the Arianna Alcove Ramon Fund that had been in tact and securely invested [in a Ford get quick rich scheme worth triple] Ridge Ramon’s family trust fund had somehow entered into the ‘Ford’ office space via his firm attorney Andre Debonair. In the dispute divulged that Luc Ford had been the [will and testament challenger] of Arianna’s fifty million inheritance, of prior note, Arianna had not divulged of her annulled marriage to Ford upon meeting with Ramon but Ramon had an inkling to something of that genre when he first appeared.

Ford had said about failing to acquire the inheritance; “I dropped the dispute to better exploit Ridge Ramon in binding rights under a shady pretext of ‘caution’ so I didn’t have to prove spousal rights only that I pocketed fifty million as an insurance for educating the Ramon child, it had been the perfect swindle, and though I own millions, it is I who decide if that is retrievable or not he had said, but it held more implications than he thought

Arianna’s said to be chance meeting with Ridge Ramon, had been orchestrated by Luc Ford and his financial advisor, or so they thought. Ford had not known then that Arianna had been eyeing the blue-eyed hunk for ions at the private VIP bar where he worked or that his chance imposition to rub Arianna off on the man coincided with the day she was going to divulge her feelings for Ridge Ramon.

It all started when rumor spilt of a peasant’s son named Ramon said to have come into an immense fortune, this leaked from the Government office and Ford’s friends let him know within the second. Ford stalled them to place the notice in the Government Gazette until further notice. It was said that Ridge Ramon was the only Surviving relative of the Ramon Clan and had been named to inherit the great Ramon Fortune. Ford visited the office, called in an attorney and forged some papers making him the legal executor of the Ramon Fortune.

“How did he know Ramon wouldn’t oppose?

Ramon had no idea he owned a fortune and he wouldn’t know unless an insider divulged. Ridge Ramon probably never heard of a Government Gazette or read it in his life, why would he, was he waiting for a fortune from thin air?

The Ramon trust appeared when Ford was ‘married’ to Arianna Alcove at the time. Ford heard Arianna Alcove fell in love with a barman at Rich Rebels VIP club and sent his spies to catch a glimpse of the lucky devil. Amen, God sent Ford danced about the breaking news, it was indeed ’Ridge Ramon ’the man of Ford’s financial dreams come true. Ford didn’t need to fathom for a second, he was going to win Ridge Ramon over by handing his wife Arianna Alcove to him on a golden platter, or so he thought. So the offers piled up on Ridge Ramon’s warehouse desk. Ramon barely perused, he had no interest of joining the Ford Wealth Magnet Club he was a peasant, a barman and gadget maker, bottom line.

Ford needed to get his hands on the Ramon inheritance and would use any means to grasp it. Arianna was his ticket to financial freedom he had to let her go. She was already gone but Ford’s Ego meant the contrary. No one leaves unless Ford frees the said from his entrapment. Why not, Ridge was the man Arianna claimed to love, the one she’d never met in person but eyed from the glass partition of her private booth. Arianna had been mustering up the courage to approach him in any event, he would just give her his blessings and expedite the meeting and even throw the wedding if she liked.

Ford told Arianna to pursue her dream of being with her barman, no great loss, Ford had already set his sights on beautiful Gwen Rivet a reputable ’Mistress to Men with benefits” a very submissive and uncomplicated but devious maid in the Ford household. Gwen lived in the Ford Manor and moved into Ramon’s bedroom the moment Arianna left. Arianna left Luc Ford but failed to oblige to his wishes to rob the man blind.

“I will not betray a man I love, she had said

“He doesn’t even know you exist, Ford argued

“Oh but he does, I’m a member at his club remember! And I’m about to become his wife as in the first second we meet, she laughed.

“You’re still married to me

“You’re not very good at reading the fine lines, are you? I never signed the marriage certificate and got it annulled a long time ago.

“But I did, I signed the certificate

“Of course you did, you’re married to yourself and the answer is no, I will not betray Ridge Ramon so go after him if you must but be sure to inform him that you’re about to rob him blind so we can both expose you to the world, Arianna told Ford. Ford went on impose his firm attorney Andre Debonair to forge papers and no sooner got signed on as Ridge Ramon’s Executor of Wills, apparently several.

It was said that Arianna Ramon was about to ‘expose Luc Ford’ for fraud and possession of stolen property when she died that night and rumor stuck, she’d been murdered for the threat. No surprise, Ridge patented his inventions, Arianna had not yet died and the Ramon inheritance notice got published in the ’Government Gazette” such notice is generally conveyed to the benefactor by the holding attorney Debonair a few days later, that was never going to happen, Andre Debonair ever so coincidentally happened to be the Ford Firm Attorney. Ridge hadn’t read the notice, knew not that he owned a fortune lest that he’d become the richest man of the nation.

Arianna Alcove Ramon died a while later and he mourned himself into a pit of destruction

Oddly, Ford’s concubine Gwen and his housekeeper Florence Gonzales turned up the maternity ward where Arianna was about to have her baby, they were all due and ready to give birth to their daughters. Ramon lost his wife at childbirth. Ford was beyond consolable offering his condolences, Ridge had been too distraught to care who he was. Give Ford even a glimpse or ‘thank you nod’ and you have him stuck on your buns for your banking account number. Moment’s later and Ford spat off a mouthful of self interest to partner with Ridge Ramon and already divulging his plans to erect a 7star plus hotel resort of extreme luxury collection if Ramon would consider selling him the land Ramon lived on.

“My land is not for sale, Ramon said little knowing that Ford just switch-affirmed the Ramon land to be his own and that it wouldn’t be long before he claimed it and made it his own. It had been obvious that Ford had known about Ramon’s brilliant electronic gadgets too. He complimented Ridge Ramon highly and offered him a partnership.

How Ford smuggled Ramon’s RR gadgets into the Ford warehouse

to turn into a Ford MO-LISS electronic brand still beats the hell out of minds, Ramon had not yet been on board the Ford Enterprise when Ford sold mass production of the collection on a world platform. MO-LISS found a place in every household, factory, office, hospital, school and even public restrooms, talk about money growing on trees, it was spring for Ford electronics business was budding and the fruit of Ramon’s labor was being picked and savored by millions without Ramon having a clue. Ford did not want a fraction of what Ridge Ramon owned he wanted to possess Ramon and Ramon’s possessions in his package deal. Ford had the savoir-faire of taking a broken man and crushing him to breaking point, surrender and left Ramon to self-destruct with a little help from his side already in possession of Ramon’s gadgets and his fortune.

Unbeknown to Ridge Ramon, the anonymously filed Arianna Alcove Ramon inheritance for the sum of fifty million dollars still wavered on file to have been awarded to Luc Ford as an insurance caution fee for Angelica’s upbringing. Angelica hadn’t yet set foot in the mansion, it had been precociously predicted and stated as Infant [living in the Ford Mansion] Then came the faked claim of Ford owning the Ramon land, Ramon had nowhere but the pits to drown him, Ford owned Ramon and Ramon’s possessions long before they met.

One can agree that it had been by Ridge Ramon’s lack of mindedness that his first inheritance dodged him so blindly. He had a way of allowing wealth to take flight by ignorance of mind. It may have been true that Ridge did not have a clue about his family inheritance and that he refused Arianna’s fund but he held valuable assets in his electronic gadgets, he could be a millionaire triple fold if he wanted to be one. It hadn’t sunken even after a few times the security man at the Dumping Fields said; if I had only one hundred thousand dollars of the millions you inherited from your family, I would buy this land, own it and dig here to find my own acres of diamonds where we trod, I shall own this Gold Mine, sir. Ridge looked at the happy chap as if he were bonkers and just smiled. Where on earth did he get such an idea that Ridge owned millions, what family? They were hard working peasant’s not millionaires.

Believe it or not, I will own this “Gold Mine” repay my loan with interest and dig till I find my Acres of Diamonds right here then I’d repay one hundred thousand with interest and return a million dollars to my investor, he repeated.

The security man bought that field, dug there and did acquire his one hundred thousand dollars. He went even further to accumulate millions and paid back his investor a million dollars. That investor had been Arianna Alcove Ramon.

Luc Ford returned to meet with Ramon after Arianna died and proposed a partnership of great value. Talk about Co-Ownership and a new sub brand MO-LISS to honor the Ford daughter Muriel. In brief, Ford convinced Ridge Ramon that he was ruined, broke and incapable of rearing a child. Ford swayed that the gadgets he made would sell for pittance and that it would barely make him survive then added that he may get Ramon jailed under the pretext of residing on stolen property, trading on the absence of a business license and retrieve the land for the mere amount in owing on a life time of unpaid rental. The ultimatum and sly proposition’ Ford offered him a partnership in return for a luxurious life and residence on the Estate. The offer suited Ramon, he had long wanted to flee the rumors and gossip of a fortunes he did not know of lest own. Ramon took Ford up on the offer and looked at Ford as his savior. They had ever just concluded on a verbal agreement as Ramon vowed never to put his name on any form of agreements or sign contracts. Ford had come equipped with a miniature recorder device and in his haste forgotten the disc. He handed Ramon the recorder and asked if Ramon would supply the disc for the tiny little dictation machine. How he knew Ramon had such fittings was uncanny, but that had not crossed Ramon’s mind. Ramon was happy to oblige, Ford recorded the session and at no stage did Ramon agree to any of Ford’s impositions to end the recording with only Ford’s blackmail, ultimatums and pitifully the conclusion on non acceptance as the tape had long ran out before Ridge actually pronounced his first, ‘yes’

Two hours of clinching a deal of why and why not Ramon could not refuse ‘stood up’ as evidence of Ford’s true falsification of deed. They concluded, shook hands and Ford departed, turned back and held the recording out to Ramon.

“Here, keep this safely it may come in handy should you want to slash me for ‘stealing your ideas and your money’ one day. It is proof that we are partners for life, equals and friends, he had said and picked up the little girl, smothered her with hugs and kisses and left. Truck- loads of Ramon’s prototypes left the warehouse and got moved directly into the Ford Grand production wing on the Ford Estate.

Day one swooned with excitement as Ford changed the ’Angel Collection Logo to his MO-LISS branding. Ford welcomed Ramon into his mansion and set him up like a king in the upper suites. Ford wined and dined Ramon and introduced him to the house staff, there was the beautiful Florence Gonzales a spunky Latino and her kid Elle, the effaced concubine Gwen Rivet walking half naked and owning the space, quite comfy for someone who was a Ford maid and sophisticated prostitute to Ford friends now his item of exclusivity. Luc introduced Ramon to his business flints, the cream of the crop and Elite, all thieves. The Ford Ramon association worked marvelously until Andre Debonair ’Ford’s newly appointed firm attorney mustered favor in kissing up to ‘friends with benefits’ and by incrusting on the high pavilion of elite soirees, landed a partnership with Ford.

Ridge Ramon’s products made for armor and a highly lucrative luring, they called him partner but he was not. Clubbing nights with Ridge were great fun; he actually liked Andre Debonair though Ramon did not know of the Debonair/Ford partnership. Andre Debonair had come in to deal with Ford’s legal whims and ended up running the game as a surprise to all those in the clan. It had been said of Andre Debonair, a man to be feared for he held ties with the fiercest billionaires. Credit to his savior faire, Andre inspired Ridge at one stage for he seemed genuine about acknowledging Ramon’s value. Ridge Ramon swooned on higher ground and equality for the first time in his life and savored his glory but living it up the Ford way was short-lived. Ridge Ramon had been called to celebrate a Ford windfall of fortune on day. An old professor ‘divulged’ an issue of great importance he slipped a full conversation about Luc Ford owning nothing until Ramon came along.

“How you do it? From zilch to plummeting like you own the reigns of strata. “ I don’t get how you rose so fast, the professor said and added, a year ago you wept an ocean when NZC Bankers Institute turned you down for ten million dollars and now you’re Man of the Mansion calling Estate and you have yourself Andre Debonair as a you guys rob banks? “Well yes Don, we rob banks and Ramon, maybe you should join our glorious army of fucking thieves. You know well that we don’t wait around for ships to dock, we burn bridges, swim to our stash and we set sail with no one else but our stash on board, Luc Ford replied irritably and walked to join Ridge.

“Do not heed to what Professor Donnell’s muddled mind said, his time line crap and tuff, he blows black mist from ancient past and he is not to be trusted.


Did you know he’s from the Alzheimer’ Club?

“No I did not and clearly, I know the man he’s old but brilliant and he has a memory the size of an ocean, Ridge said. No need to justify that you got turned down by the bank. Bankruptcy is easily overturned they say, Ridge added to a gill slap ogle from Ford. That had been the start of tension, Ramon’s smart ass tactics to respond ’with a ’no need to justify I know what they say is true, go on and color coat it if you like” brought the worst out of Luc Ford within minutes, he knew that Ramon needed to be placed [in a no man’s land] or he’d lose out on his plans to own a man who thinks he knows too much.

Ridge Ramon’s third month on the Ford Estate ended in power play and mixed signals among peers.

“Quit feeding Ramon to your herd of useless stampedes, he is our major interest, Andre Debonair growled at Ford upon the umpteenth tour of making Ridge Ramon out to be an idiot. “Andre Debonair’ upstaging Ford landed cold shoulders and debar. Luc Ford knew then that he needed to steer the limits on the firm attorney or he’d have to smartass associates minding his business and he’d barely managed to keep the stakes so far. Luc Ford acquired a new and altered business license to safeguard him from getting broiled, this time discretely omitting Debonair from his mission, some thing doesn’t stay under wraps for long and Ford would learn the game of secrecy the hard way, it was to be Ridge Ramon’s second huge slip of the tongue.

“I bumped into Andre and conveyed that we meet to discuss Ruff & Co, Ridge conveyed to Luc Ford.

“Who gave you such authority to broadcast my plans? If I wanted Andre to know he would not be exonerated from the deal, you just caused 30% of shares to slip in his lap, I have a good mind to sack your rear for divulging company secret’s now you too are not to be trusted, Luc Ford fumed. Luc Ford went on to explain to Ridge that Ruff & Co debarred Andre Debonair from being an actuary, his evaluations bent more on taking risks to lose Ford Enterprise elements to enrich his own portfolio and bank than the use of knowledge in business and economics for the indulgence of their gain.

“Andre’s document falsifying methods leaves my ledgers duped and I have no way of finding the ingenious hacks but to bury the hatchets or use it to cut him off, Ford groaned. I couldn’t rid myself of him now if I tried he has my whole inside quip.

Luc implied that he wanted Andre Debonair exculpated from wrong doing but that he would exclude him from certain transactions in the future.

“When a man robs you of your brine, you let him off or he may reduce you to ’nothingness, Ridge Ramon replied. Oblivious to the fact that what Ford conveyed about Debonair had been ‘Ford’s intention’ to adopt for Ramon’s dethroning. Glib, a la Ramon’ was plentiful, the man let out more than he ever did in a lifetime, when Ego flares Ford doesn’t get mad, he gets even.

“Ramon knew too much, he could blow the Ford cover.

Ridge found Luc Ford’s method of contractual erasure snide and cunning to Andre’s regard. Little knowing, the shift of paradigm was on him and plans grew evident that Ramon would be Ford’s point of erasure so he could lean more on Andre’s hoarding and not miss out on the stakes, he couldn’t cross a man of law. Luc Ford stirred up a chapter of sly excuses and false accusations against Ridge Ramon of the utmost petty and inconceivable faults pertaining from Ridge’s lack of performance to poor production. Luc Ford claimed that Ridge Ramon would fair better with full focus on honing prototypes ‘off and away’ from the Enterprise and recommended or rather imposed a ‘Secret Wing’ for Ramon to develop new creations. Ridge Ramon accepted this as a compliment and in keenness to get away from bureaucratic grime, embraced the eventuality to establish prototypes in his own ‘calm and inspiration’.

Weeks later, Ford made a point about inviting Ridge Ramon to their quarterly stakeholders meeting and for the first time introduced him as a ’Gadget Assembler”, not its creator or inventor, its assembler, the title partner Eclipsed, it just faded into the ether! To flip the fib even higher, Luc Ford solemnly advised that the electronic gadgets sold at Ford and the new collections were all Ford creations. Ford took credit of being the inventor of MO-LISS products, owned, patented and copy right in the Ford name and branding. Ridge Ramon had been gob-smacked by Luc Ford’s futile claims knowing that without him Luc couldn’t piece a puzzle together if he tried. Business as usual and Ridge Ramon spent his days inventing and piecing new visuals toiling on a twenty-four seven shift around the clock. By then, Ridge had been entirely debarred from entering the production pool and imposed to work a one-man shift creating for mass production. Ridge had never met Ford’s assemblers, distributors or any of the associates in the MO-LISS manufacturing pool. He wondered why Ford ‘kept’ him in a secret den, this plagued him.

“I invent electronics of the highest grade and I don’t know yet who produces and distributes my art, why is this, Ridge Ramon inquired to Luc Ford one day.

“Stay in your lane Ramon, just stay in your lane, your ’Inventor’s Quarters in planning so in the meanwhile ’stay in your lane, Luc retorted and blew Ridge off. Ridge turned up at his ‘secret wing’ the next day to find that Luc had moved him to a partitioned cottage to use as lodgings with an office, workshop and warehouse the size of a pea.

“Welcome to your ‘Gadget Den’ Luc had said.

“This is where you will reside, work and be at leisure. I call this mission one; the rule is for you to work here never accessing the mansion and or the Estate grounds until the entire batch and MO-LISS collection is fulfilled, Luc advised.

“You’re joking right? From top tier living in your mansion to studio wing and now this boxed sized cottage for a so called “mission one’ God forbid, “I dread what mission two entails, Ridge complained of Ford’s hampered imposition.

“This is a “play room’ how very inspiring to hone shit from a crowded space. “I ’don’t get the point of demotion, explain! “You brought me on board the Ford Enterprise as a partner, showed me off, rapidly effaced me from the terrain and now you’re sending me to exile barring me for punitive reasons, why lower my ranking when I am the Inventor and Owner of the Art you sell?

“You are delusional ‘peasant’ I brought you out of the pits of debt and hell to be employed at my firm in exchange for a handsome remuneration not for you to roam around my kingdom like you are the king of my mansion or it’s environs. I took your kid in to be treated like the princess Arianna wished for, not you. You are at a place of your just value right here, and so be it. Ridge Ramon had been slashed to insignificance and held by entrapment. He was at Luc Ford’s beak and coo marching to order from Ford’s bark or bound to his bite, dancing to the Ford Mantra at every beat. The up side about being isolated, Ridge Ramon’s cottage donned on a magnificent ocean view and endless horizon. Ramon posed a threat, Luc Ford feared him greatly for he had garnered popularity among ‘business greats’ unpleasing to Luc whose Ego doted on being the man of the moment at all costs. Ridge Ramon had grown weary of Luc’s game to push and shove his weight around. Walking away seemed easy but making end’s meet on zero resources and nowhere to go seemed crippling. Ridge had been trapped in parody miming Ford’s expectations and no opportunity for advancement. Sadly, Ridge Ramon’s sacrifice to honor his late wife’s wish for their daughter to be clad in wealth and luxuriance lost him his dignity and integrity encumbered him with trivialities and uselessness. How did Ford know about Arianna’s wish for Angelica?

Angelica resided in the Ford mansion, owned a princess parlor identical to Muriel Ford’s and drew from the royal help as being of the Ford kingdom. She lived the life her mother envisaged for her while Ridge hampered on having to etch and roam in unworthiness, resident in a cheap den of nothingness. He did not complain, Luc Ford paid him a decent wage, he had no bills to pay and made ends meet but barely, he was a constant of lack and limitation, everything moved, nothing rests. Granted, Ridge Ramon had been grateful for the ‘ Life Rope’ Luc tossed at him at a sinking moment. It was true that working for Ford Enterprise donned greater than working in a pub for that would not have afforded Angelica the life of wealth she lived. Ridge Ramon resented Luc Ford’s door mat tactic to his regard, the evil abusive stance and belittlement. He was grateful not contented. Walking away would compromise ‘Angelica’s marvelous lifestyle’. Ridge knew that he deserved better and attempted to reach a fair deal with Ford.

“I am not fulfilled with my lot at Ford Enterprise, if nothing changes, I am thinking about leaving, Ridge conveyed to Luc Ford one day unexpectedly.

“Thinking does not serve you Ramon, you are an amateur at ’Thinking things into your life”. See! You do not have the power to think and react or you would have left already. To process thoughts in substance one must be of absolute and definite purpose and you are definite-less. I will give you two of two options, you leave now and pay your debt and get imprisoned or you stay and do as you are told. “Either way, you lose and my ultimatums are non-negotiable, Ford said calmly and left.

Ridge backed off and refrained from provoking Ford further. Best that he abided and throw caution to the wind or blow forward to end up in the ranks of undesirable commonness. Provocation seemed useless he was a drop in the Ford and Debonair Ocean. The mighty pair crushed giants in their path, who was he in midget statute to be an exception? They were obstinate about riding him out like rapids and would deprive him of ’living anything but life if he pursued ‘pushing their buttons’ Pointlessly, Ramon would forever be under the Ford Jurisdiction. Growth at Ford Enterprise and Luc Ford’s Atelier tripled in size in three years. A booming racket of mass production and distribution of Ridge Ramon’s brilliant creative inventions and smart technological electronic gadgets. A world-class clientele and overload in public demand, the Ford expansion made for a new freighter jetty at ‘Ford’s Port’ of mass movement. Ridge Ramon did best to remain lip tied in a dog box or get pulled around by a tight leash when Ford barked orders. Ridge Ramon erred around wearing a semi grateful smirk but restlessness emerged more often than anticipated and with less concern about the consequences when and if he confronted Luc Ford again. He had come to know that Ford’s “You’re Fired” meant return to your duties and say no more.

Ridge attempted the umpteenth ticket to soar and was unperturbed of whether he would fall or fail, chances were he would return to his post at worst.

“It is time we entered into a written contractual agreement and status review Ridge said knowing that Luc had grown farthest from ’endorsed ‘bondage’ due to the ‘Andre Debonair’ fathomable unlawful methods of handling business.

“Dream on Ramon, Ford had said. I am easily pleased by making up the rules as we go along but for the audacity of ’imposing your ‘arrogance’ upon my will, the verbal agreement stands and shall be readjusted by an additional two years for written notice. Should you want to resign, have your resignation on my desk by noon today or the length of entrapment shall rise to three years instead. “You may want to curb your ‘terribly mistaken notion’ about being indispensible to me or I will prove just how sorely replaceable you are, Luc Ford groaned in a growing angered tone.

“Thank you for your blunt ‘cant do without you’ faked in “fuck off I’m full” We are not on the holy-grail here. If I left, you’d crumble, Ridge barked at Ford. “I will leave or continue to oppose to your method of exploitation because you cannot and will not have free reign to abuse of my services the way you do. See! I am quite fed up about bending over backward so you can pull dental floss through my rear, in fact it’s time you bowed down to kiss my ass instead.

I am valuable, Ridge spiffed almost cackling as Ford’s expression showed that he had hit a nerve. Of a man who never responds, the adrenalin of having his say got Ramon on a roll and over the top defense, proof that he didn’t know when to stop it just felt so liberating to tell a man like Ford his fortune.

“Fire me if you will you’ve robbed me of my rights anyway, there’s really not that much to lose, Ridge added. Luc turned crimson red and hit the roof in rage only to respond in absolute calmness.

Ford policy of rule one; I plan my life with definite purpose, definite demand so here is your definite option; you may leave with immediate effect. It takes only a few minutes for you to gather your daughter and the handful of goods you brought here, there is nothing more to keep you or her on my property. For the child’s sake, you have twenty-four hours to vacate my premises. No threats to have you locked up behind bars this time, you will be encaged and erring the streets by midday and making a beggar out of the child, that’s punishment enough.

Ridge Ramon did not take Luc Ford up on his double dare, fear that Luc may possibly have meant what he said, the daring game ended, Ford’s psychological bluff paid off and Ridge Ramon returned to his work station to resume duties.

“If a man knows he’s worth he walks out and takes his talent’s elsewhere, if a boss recognizes the man’s talent’s the boss asks him to stay, Ridge oversold his worth and got sacked in a bluff he believed was real. Ford sacked his over ambitious streak knowing that he would stay, a psychological bluff must meet the situation or it fails. Luc knew that he would be financially crippled if Ramon left, he also knew that Ridge would be a great loss and someone else’s treasure if he let him go but he was not at risk of losing Ridge because he already had everything Ridge Ramon owned and in the process closed every door shut in Ridge’s face, Ridge had nowhere to go but Ford. That had been a lesson for Ford and Ramon, for Ford to curb from daring Ramon to leave and for Ramon ‘vacate the premises’ meant return to your hut and obey. No one was going anywhere fast. He was not done with provoking Luc, either way, he was certain that Luc needed him, he was thus indispensible to the Ford Industry and completely embraced the fact.

Ridge’s confrontation with Luc Ford of that day paid off handsomely. Luc rendered to Ramon a lump sum in cash and in remittance noted it as; earnings of a percentage from annual dividends’ and shares of the Ford Enterprise, that had been Ramon’s first breakthrough and victory. Overplaying the ‘role of indispensability’ was sure to cost Ramon more than he bargained for, Luc Ford was majorly unpredictable and he did best ’thank Luc for his generosity then get on with being his slave. Luc’s ‘sucking up’ as was expected, died down to habitual wrathful grime and no sooner the calm, the storm broke out in gale forces. “Toy with Ford and he will implicate you in anything worst than the problem raised. It wouldn’t be long before Luc Ford found something tangible to ignite Ramon’s bright light.

Ford allowed Ridge into the new ’production wing and instructed him to drop off the newly developed batch prototypes for trial runs. “Why wasn’t Luc Ford’s whisperer collecting them as usual? Ramon obeyed and carted two hundred prototypes into the production hall, spent a full day documenting, labeling and then making a visual ’presentations and finally readied to test the gadgets. Rows of ’smart house gadgets piled up. Ridge plugged his ‘newbies’ into a power point and exited the building. When en route, a sudden blast followed by a thunderous explosion and Ford’s two new wings had been blown down to the ground in cinders. The two million dollar extension crumbled and one years hard labor of finely made gadgets disappeared in smoke. Luc faked ferocious fury and called in the arson police, insurers and liability officers. Ridge had been livid with fear when Ford accused him of an act of Arson.

Ridge knew that Ford needed him to deny involvement obviously or he wouldn’t get insurance. It was a ploy to squeamishly provoke an insurance ‘pay out’. But it was also building proof that Ridge was the fire starter, insurance for Ford to hold on to Ramon the next time he threatened to leave [that part, did not register to Ridge]

Ridge did not mind that he had been cornered but jubilated that from deliberate deceit came great monetary loss, millions of dollars squandered on a whim of vengeance and forceful implication of a crime he did not commit. Luc’s stupid act of ’shouting arson and in his overly incriminating Ridge, resulted in loss, the fire went down as arson and Luc did not qualify for insurance. What Ridge ignored, was that Ford did not care for the one million dollar building he claimed cost two million, or for the millions worth in gadgets destroyed in the fire. For this, Luc Ford ensured visuals and it’s original plans for assemblage. It had been a deliberate intention to entrap Ridge entirely, power to the fraudster, his brilliant tactic paid off in the presence of the police and fire squad when he made Ramon ‘make an admission of guilt’ and sign an agreement to pay back the total in damages for destroying the warehouses and the costs of the gadgets destroyed. Ridge had no option or Luc would add his arrears of rental. Ridge signed the agreement promising to work without pay for five years unbreakable services.

The Verdict” Ridge Ramon would be bound to MO-LISS for an additional five years to the date of fully repaid proof in service rendered, he was prisoner of Ford. Ridge had been saddened by Luc’s devious manner of entrapment. From Ridge’s breaking point of enragement rose audacity and verve of creative ingenuity. From his discontentment birthed his greatest creative inventions yet. Angelica’s input made for a duo on a mission to construct a flurry of arty gadgetry and electronics of Galactic measures, even Luc Ford [said of some] a masterpiece of work unseen, unfound and truly unique. Clarity arose when Ridge was just doing and or heeding to the just being process. Ridge Ramon engaged a state of positive mindedness. For once, he adopted and applied a no-fight no-war spirit farthest from unworthiness and in his minor shift of organized thought focus, gained him favor with Luc, usually short lived to give mount for moral demolishment.

One day in the midst of great success and just as Ridge felt comfortable with earning credit for work well done, Luc Ford turned up to advise that he would move to the farthest end of the Estate to reside in a small beach plot. Ridge irked at the thought of anything smaller than the cottage. Ridge had been pleasantly surprised to find his ‘new abode’ to be spacious, in devaluation came evaluation. Ridge was ecstatic about living in privacy, off from the estate and with it came the most delightful sea view.

“This is where you will live and hone my MO-LISS products for no remuneration for one full year as a sanction for destroying my new warehouse wings. Ridge Ramon dared not defend the lie or tale of crime but rejoiced. He was finally adequately lodged in a spacious abode where he would build his own new and personal collection and set up an Internet business for an income. Angelica rolled up her sleeves to create and develop a Tour operating business for Ridge and called on Ford’s rivals and ex con connections, she needed investors and the strictly private partners were immediately keen to do business with Ridge.

“The Power of Money & Money Talks” had Ford’s foes knocking at Ridge’s door to get a piece of the pie in the sky. In Luc Ford’s absence almost never checking up of Ridge left for absolute freedom. Ridge performed brilliantly, finances flowed in abundance things looked up until word leaked about the flourished gold mine from a Ford residential strip at MO-FORD beach on the Ford Estate. Rumors wrapped around the towns Elite and wealthiest frequentations of grand clientele, more and more people bought extreme luxury holidays from Ridge Ramon. Luc Ford had been taken aback that Ridge turned in MO-LISS gadgets and was able to juggle between the two to flourish in the new venture. Luc had sorely underestimated Ridge.

Luc Ford turned up at Ramon’s cottage strip after midnight and barged in to find a very tired but happy entrepreneur E-Ticket strips of up to one thousand flight packages sold for world-class destinations, Ford had been agape.

“It pains me to see you succeed but am pleased to hear that you are creating a buzz and stir among my associates, Ford croaked both truthfully and with great envy.

“How may I help you?” Ridge uttered rather coyly.

“You know what happens when you take that tone of voice with me, Ford responded. But truth be told, I dropped by to schedule your time off from MO-LISS production to allow you to focus on growing this gold mine for the Ford benefit, Luc said. “It is run and established on my land and is therefore some part remunerable as such, Luc added. Ridge felt his codons clog with ultra dis-connectivity, of all the gall, Luc had just claimed a bite in his munch, how convenient.

“I turned in the replacements and double the creations agreed to for MO-LISS, I don’t need time off to focus on my business, I have the year off to do so since I am not being remunerated from the Ford payroll, Ridge had said.

“I make the rules and can change them to suite my ego at any time I wish. Since I did not authorize a private business on my land you’d do best not to chitchat. Now listen up and obey, you are required to turn in a batch of high-end prototypes for MOLISS production and at the same continue to flourish with your business.

“That is highly impossible, I will not juggle two jobs, it is one or the other, Ridge replied sternly. “I work for a living, not live to work and be enslaved for no pay, Ridge complained.

“I changed the rules, Ramon, do as you’re told. “I need a Men’s line for MO-LISS, something of an exclusive genre such as a new gentlemen’s range of electronic items like champagne flood dispensers, caviar iced dropped bowls, a smart house snack in your Jacuzzi bar counter and gadgets, men’s stuff, real men that is. The brand name is [SUAVE] and don’t fret, I put you back on payroll, you already have the ’World Travel” Salon on the beach front, if you deliver on MO-LISS I’ll throw in a yacht for sparkles so your elite clientele can visit the Agency in prestigious settings.

“Ford Enterprise will re-run and revisit its first line, revamp and modernize for another year but we’re doing psychedelics for next year when you’re back. “For now, Andre agrees that we grow “Global Galactic” ’Tour operating business by enhancing the ’lounges and hosting are with luxuriance. “He has already undertaken the patented process and logo will be concluded this week. “I also summoned ‘Techno-Craft’, they will schedule a visit for a survey, I asked them to equip these offices with state of the art high tech, fittings and features and equipment no one else has, and it will be a combo of Travels and MO-LISS showroom so we may kill two birds with one stone.

Ridge grinned from ear to ear. He could hardly believe his luck, Ford was going to enhance a showroom where both the Ramon products would be on show, what did he have to lose? Did he even listen to Ford’s proposal to change names, patent and logo his own inventions? And how did Ford even get to know about the flourishing details? Only a handful of members and ’confidential clients listed in electronic archives, no doubt an inside job, one or few traitors on list feeding Ford with details. Ford was handing Ramon a king’s ransom, why? Ridge observed that Ford took a genuine interest in his new works but he wasn’t going to hand it over.

“There is always a catch in your generosity, Ridge said wryly and added with sarcasm, it is strange that you would pay me to showcase my business on your premises with added luxury as in a high tech salon for clients to view my inventions. “In addition that they may come to get acquainted with my world travel program, it does not benefit you in any way. “It does not make sense that you would hire experts and contractors to set me up let alone make specialized efforts and pay for works to up and magnify my talents and existence. So tell already, Luc Ford, what’s in it for you?” Ridge mocked.

“Go lightly on your inflated Ego, Ramon. I am astonished by your wishful thinking. More so that you have the balls to insult my ‘generosity’ why on earth would I want to elevate a Peasant and offer him free reign to exploit my land for his own enrichment? “’Get with the program Ramon, everything that happens here is in my jurisdiction and of a MO-LISS governing body thus conglomerate in every sense of the term. “I am not doing this for you to shine but to attract clients onto my beach strip where I intend to build ’The Rotarian Elite Club” so Global Galactic will bring the cream of the crop to these environs and form a new race of wealth magnets instilled by Ford’s prestige of enterprise.

“You cannot own my business Luc, it is patented and branded as ‘Angel Travels’ it’s Angel’s in name so not for sale or shares, lay off it.

“Don’t fight hard bargain old man Ramon, you have only one chance in a lifetime so take it or leave it. The new business is called “Global Galactic”. It is honed to be a Ford Enterprise conglomerate co-licensed with Ford Enterprises on my land, my property where you are employed, do as you are told and grow that business, Ford added.

Luc Ford left Ramon to operate Global Galactic solo for one year keeping a close eye on the ever growing stream of clients crowding to his never before frequented beach strip offices and entertainment areas. Tycoons and high society turned up to book global travels and entered the plush quarters often wining and dining with Ford & his crooks on the new strip of ocean lounge entertainment he erected as “Globe Trotters Lounge”. Ramon went on to pocket a few millions for extreme luxury cruises and plunked it away as a stash on his MO-LISS account. Ramon’s plan had been to break away and establish himself elsewhere. He still had a huge debt to Ford and needed every dime he could lay his hands on. Was he paying the alleged fraudulent deals of Arianna’s time? Ford stumbled on Global Galactic’ income chart during an audit one day and without shame or prejudice, embarked Ramon to a luscious party to celebrate ‘Life in General’ he had said. Three days later, ninety percent of the turn over slyly transferred itself to the MO-LISS business and Ramon had no idea until he winched on the bank balance statement and walked in to inquire. Ford robbed him blind and entered into an unauthorized account where he helped himself to all the funds and left Ramon with a “few odds and a smiley” for the audacity. Ridge viewed that Global Galactic won numerous best practice awards and even the beach strip club was dually famed ‘as best hangout’ on trip advisor, Condenaste and black book. Only Luc Ford starred as ’Global Award Winner and mention of Muriel Ford’s participation for it’s designs, what did Mo have to do with anything at all? She knew zilch about designing other than ’applying buckets of foundation to her face?

Ridge’s downfall was that ‘Ford ruled the roost’ in anything remotely associated to MO-LISS and Ridge’s error had been to invest his funds in a direct linked account as a MO-LISS associate in which he had no signing rights as an employee but authorization from the Employer Ford for his percentage. The Ford Financial Controller cooked the books in kind and made of Ramon’s income a Ford garnishment so Ramon would never have access to his own account without Ford signing rights. Ridge’s cyber millions landed directly in Luc’s hands yet again and he cashed in on 90% of what Ridge entrusted as a savings account. In addition did collect of 5% to do an investment on Ridge’s behalf. Needless to say, Ford’s lucrative get rich quick scheme’ crashed and all Ramon’s investments seeped along with it.

Ridge got served again, every dime vanished and Luc Ford’s garnished affair took full ownership of the capital gains and growth. Ramon had no way out of the Ford web he was spun into the farthest corner. “In every fall, there is a rise from higher self, Ford’s tendency again to underestimate Ridge had bitten him in the butt a few times. He had grossly miscalculated the Ramon math and sorely crushed the man behind the tamed slack, defeat of loss, lack and limitation. Luc knew that if he lost Ridge he would plunge heavily but he also knew that if he failed to keep Ridge entrapped, Ridge would find other enriching alternatives, he would just crush Ridge all the way and keep smiling.

Ridge woke up one day to find that his travel business had gone bust and that he had gone from being mega rich to entirely bankrupt. Ford blamed it on “World Crisis” not unlawful picketing on Ramon’s wealth. Ridge was back slacking down and erred like a hermit, this time the vengeful mood soared Ridge to the highest artistic guru of all time. Ridge went on to create tons of secret electronic gadgets and stashed a great collection of personal electronic gadgets away ’decidedly kept secret from the ’clasper Ford who would think nothing of claiming it should he learn about its existence.

Angelica’s brilliance paid off diligently. She hid all of the ’Angel Collection” Electronic prototypes in a secret unused basement situated beneath the bedroom floor accessible by a tile trap under a huge thick carpet on the studio’s bedroom floor. Ridge had been returned to his former cardboard sized cottage. Angelica continued to visit with sleep over’s at Ridge on the weekends to roll in a fortune of electronic gadgets then in the still returned to her parlor in the mansion most times after midnight. Angelica recalled from photos Florence Gonzales showed her of the first days she embarked at the Ford Estate. Luc had given her dad a top tier wing in the mansion to set up his snazzy office and on the same wing an entire floor for him to reside in. Ridge had no plans for the infant and in early days rolled her up in pink silks and laid her down in a fitted cushion lined doggy box and left her at his foot end to doze off while he worked the 24/7 shift imposed by Luc, always enslaved by an excuse ‘said to be’ for an urgent line of prototypes. Florence Gonzales had shown Angelica photographs of cherished moments, both of her peeking up at Ridge from a tomato box and Muriel Ford being pampered in a princess pram by an English Nanny named Fran Froth or so she said her name was.

Gwen Rivet, Muriel’s mum had still been terribly effaced from the spotlight.

“How did I come to live in the mansion? Angelica inquired one day, to Florence retort.

Nanny Froth found Angelica unattended to at the box-sized cottage where Ridge visited in later days of his arrival at the Estate. Ridge had been in a rush no doubt to attend to a Ford urgency and view of not having anyone to attend to her, left her there and drove off to do an errand for Ford. Nanny Froth took it upon herself to bring Angelica back into the mansion at the top tier unit where Ridge resided and waited a while, when Ridge did not return that morning, Nanny Froth placed Angelica with Muriel in her ample play den with Florence’s daughter Elle the same age as Angelica and Muriel not too far away.

Luc Ford found Angelica to be irresistible and immediately took a fond liking of the child. He especially stroked her head every time he popped in to see ‘Mo aka as Muriel’ at the recreation den. The frequent stroke on the head, turned into a peck on the cheek and then a full garbled conversation with Angelica while Mo was wholly absorbed in her own world elsewhere on planet Ford. No one knows what happened to Nanny Froth, she disappeared mysteriously one day and ‘Flo aka as Florence’ took over to mind the three girls on a permanent basis with equal affection, Mo’s mother Gwen Rivet never vied for more attention or even pretended to be perturbed, she was in her own an effaced fixture who spoke only when she was spoken to most times. Angelica got the finest attention after Elle left at a young age to meet her Mexican family in DC and at the same visited to and Fro while studying abroad for a specialized vocation she did not divulge until much later.

Angelica’s life in the mansion educed favor on every level and made for the bonny at Muriel’s ball. One cannot entrust that Muriel envied the attention Luc gave Angelica, she was quite happy to take up her own reign when the occasion arose for her to display her role as the ‘Ford Heiress’. Angelica observed Luc’s every mannerism and mimicked his words and gestures. Habitual aping became Habitual espionage Angelica eavesdropped on Ford’s conversations like a pro from the most inconceivable corners of Ford’s marvelous office world. She watched Ford in action at score settling brawls. Angelica’s sensory chips encoded Ford’s ruthless handling in a blindfold, she read him like a book.

Ridge Ramon had been unaware of Angelica’s secretive plotting and scheming. Unbeknown to him, Angelica ploughed a harvest, wasn’t it his duty to plant the seeds so she could reap in fruit? There she was nurturing his old garden instead. Angelica’s unintentional mission armed her with enough ammunition to fight the Ford war with vengeful delight. She embarked on this unconscious mission recruiting a conscious charade to process Fidelity guards of mindedness to regroup Ford’s punishable deeds so she could use his own weapons to fight the Ramon versus Ford war and win.

Angelica held onto her high interest in taking up a profession of ’Beautification before the slightest comprehension of its form and substance. She had a precocious attraction and early vision about wanting to tread where no man treaded before. She pledged her mission to be of unheard proportions and wanted to be the change she sought in the world.

“I shall be great and famous” She said a zillion times and decided on a whim that she would study cosmetic surgery and become the world’s greatest plastic surgeon. Far from being duped, Angelica knew that she did not have the resources but that her reign of ‘possibility’ would create opportunities that would lead to its affordance.

Given a second chance to accumulate wealth, Ridge Ramon would think his way out of losing his fortune or giving it away to Luc Ford again. Angelica knew she could not rely on Ridge to finance her dreams but she was certain that she could force him to afford her the best the world had to offer. If she failed, she would join him in the ranks of lack, loss limitation, impossibility and deprivation and err a life erring in pauperism, her dad’s favorite sacred space and comfort zone in misery and that was not an option. Call it vain, Angelica snarled at anything and everything remotely unsightly and very bluntly voiced her opinion about; it is a sin to be ugly. Angelica had zero tolerance for unattractiveness and no compassion for anyone or anything of little handsomeness. She irked at ‘Hideousness’ and all things beautified recoiled her soul for its divine purpose and flawlessness she deemed were from God. Angelica believed that she was born into this world to rectify the wrongs that ‘Mother Nature’ so quaintly displaced and dismembered on people and things. She held high esteem for herself and the vocation that chose her.

Luc Ford grinned pleasantly and obeyed every time Angelia marched him to a mirror and pointed out “hush puppy” folds or wrinkles the size of the crease on his trousers, always with demur. Luc Ford found such ardor of denial a tad bit far fetched for she was quite the ordinary type after all. He wondered how she possessed such intolerance of subdued imperfection. She certainly brought him under mental and emotional control. Angelica Ramon was not exactly a pin up or miss Universe material but she was a natural beauty in mindedness. Angelica Arianna Ramon loved herself unconditionally, she thought that she was ‘all that and more” A “make up free’ pageant, Angelica doted on flawless beauty of body, soul and mind. The barefaced critical crux of self, honored finely sculptured traits and chiseled curvaceous bodily shapes. Angelica was a natural beautiful soul living in a human’s body. Perfectly natural meant “less is more’ and unlike her two friends Mo and Elle who wore gallons of ‘makeup’ Angelica’s ’version of beauty is skin-deep” would capsize the ‘adage’ and prove that ’it is in deed skin deep with a bit of scalpel madness. Angelica possessed a very blunt humor and hilarity about herself, she cared less of feeble ‘never minds’ she cared less about what they thought, she knew the art of amassing more enemies than friends. Ford admired her blunt and frank nature, he liked that she was determined, weighed unwavering strength and faith. He recognized a male streak of fierceness in her that he too possessed.

“Angelica had a ’certain way of acquiring things:

“I just got to have that cosmetic surgery “medical dictionary” how do you think, I may acquire it?

“Well if you got to have it then hop a ride with Mo, she’s going to ‘Body Science’ to get one for herself, right Mo? Ford would tamper, call for the limo, instruct the chauffeur and head off. Always having to place Muriel above par knowing that Muriel didn’t have the faintest interest in cosmetic surgery let alone possess any minded function to study a medical dictionary, Muriel would rather be feet up and watching the ’Bold and The Beautiful but she go anyway because daddy said so.

Angelica cared less for sympathy seeking ‘ugly people’ than she sought to embrace those willing to beautify their ugly traits. She was obsessed with the physical beauty of others and believed “what the eye sees is the crowning glory of what one wants to see about another or self. It was her mission to encounter ‘ugly people’ they were her subjects for transformation. Not that she embraced ugliness but that it was fundamental to beautifying or she would have chosen another field of occupation. She deemed that it was as essential of inner beauty to exude from without on an exteriorized illusive plain to map the looking glass with dimensional zooming to see the divine inner purpose of one’s soul, no imposition for others to adopt this ‘truth’ is was hers for the sole purpose of her vocation in beautification.

Let it not be construed, or taken out of context to mean that ’unsightly people are shunned upon for not having a matching face to their unflawed souls, beauty is only skin deep, what emerges from within is what counts. Though, Angelica needed to corrupt that intention for her mission to find out hideousness as ‘it is a sin to be ugly’ she needed to believe this to a great extent so those in need would find absolution in being beautified.

Angelica spent years concocting nu-age regenerative miracle anti-ageing serums and facial treatments from ’miracles in the cupboard to blossoms from the trees. She wrote a beauty bible in which the secrets of rejuvenation outshone her wildest dreams. Angelica’s home concocted products impressed Ford’s frequentations. Ford’s concubine Gwen, vowed only on ‘Angel’ miracles whipped from divinity. Gwen drooled over “Angel” products concocted from natural ingredients smacked it on her face by jars resulted in the famous ‘Gwen’s weekly Facial” in the comfort of the mansion. Adding publicity, Gwen held “Angel parties’ to introduce Angelica’s potions to the Elite and in a bid to get the wealthy entourage to take interest in the MOLISS products on the same. Angel potions emptied by the jar made for public demand and so did MO-LISS Gadgets end up in many households and Ford friend’s establishments after the first few stolen batches Ford sniped from Ridge Ramon’s old warehouse. Pharmaceutical companies approached Gwen with interest to produce the Angel product but Angelica vowed never to hand her secrets down, she would use it to her own wealth in beautification to be of her own branding when she came into acquiring “Torpedo Ridge” the haven where wrinkles fades forever.

In later years, Angelica stewed up potions of magical wrinkle eradication and catered for Gwen’s entourage like clockwork using Mo as her “guinea pig”. Mo loved being pampered in tantrum lane she was no walk in the park to treat. Mo’s chip on the shoulder attitude donned on vanity, egotism and she believed the sun shone through her rear. The blue-eyed blondes hissy fits and prima donna tricks made for a laughing matter, she acted out of character just to have her way.

Eighteen years on, Angela Arianna Ramon benefited of Luxuriance, lived it like she owned it and grasped every bit to be a birth right of self indulged abundance. She was nearing her mission of revenge and deemed the time was right for her and Ridge to take flight from the Ford claws of slavery. Angelica yearned for freedom to exercise her dreams willfully to emergence and she had six ways to turn her desires into physical realm.

• She had already fixed in her mind on the exact amount of money to afford her all that she had visualized to materialize.

• She was definite and clarified as to the sum needed for a life of bliss and more, it was already engraved in her psyche.

• Angelica had already determined exactly what she intended to give in return for the money she desired so she would become a world-class esthetic surgeon and whip the hell up in ‘ugly clients to beautify’

• She had already established a definite date when she intended to possess the money she desired to be on her 22nd birthday in graduation year for the acquirement of “Tuscany House” so she would own and go into business as ’Torpedo Ridge”

• She was about to create a definite plan for carrying out her desires and set on beginning at once as she was ready to put her plan into action.

• She was already in the possession of the money and made of her desire an obsession. She used up every spiritual tactic and meditated to instill and feed on that burning desire to become what she said she was. Angelica was determined and convinced that she would have what she desired, not a single shadow of a doubt.

• She had already written out a clear, concise statement of the amount of money she intended to possess in return for what she would give and clearly described the plan through which she intended to accumulate it in writing.

• She took reference that if she should think and grow rich she would have to read her written statement out loud every day prior to retiring to bed and after she had awoken in the morning.

She was in the habit of knowing, feeling and believing that after eighteen years residing on the Ford Estate, the time arose for her to claim freedom and soar to unrestricted heights of her own desire. “It is my birthright to own and have all that I desire, and so be it, she affirmed daily. Angelica observed that Ridge had been rudely exploited and at times butted heads with him on the subject of having built Luc Ford’s Empire one handedly and at his own expense. ‘Every dog gets its day’ she thought many times. Luc Ford would come to know that his bark was bigger than his bite when she let the ‘lion’ out to rip his mean carcass to slithers. Angelica lurked in her valley of “wants and needs” for eighteen years, it was “Show Time” She was about to walk her walk and talk her talk all the way to the bank leaving some dimes on the roadside for Ford to pick up on his miserable path to destruction. Submission and surrender, Angelica decided to impose on Ford the rhythm of rendering unto Ramon what is due to Ramon or get scathed fighting to keep stolen goods. “Damn to the gratitude attitude, it had long perished and she would never again watch while her dad danced to the Ford mantra. It would take a while longer for her to ’wage war against Luc Ford but her one-man army was ready to take him on the bend.

Angelica plotted and planned, she would use Ford’s own weapons of destruction to take him down, every canon, grenade and smoking gun stood at ease in her minded imprinted codons. Luc Ford the great was about to regret that he donned on her the time of the day to fathom his unscrupulous methods, she would beat him to his own game. Angelica acknowledged that Luc had been her bolt of lightning and powerhouse of strength, she applauded his guts and bravado but he did not intimidate her. He had the savoir-faire to amass fortunes of others and stood accused of accumulating wealth from the wrong man, Ridge Ramon and for that, it was her right to judge him harshly, he had done her no favors but stole from her and her dad.

Vengeance is sweet, Ford had been accommodating to invite her to his pity party and she accepted his invitation. This was to be a feast of ’retribution in the highest degree. “Never teach a dud the ropes of your business, he will take what you taught him and use it to his honor, almost always. The unscrupulous fortune hunter met his match in Angelica and she had no mercy for his sinking soul. The Universe does not do things halfway. Angelica had been born on Christmas day symbolic of reason. How uncanny that Muriel and the Latino maid’s daughter Elle were born at the exact hour on the same day as Angelica. Three infants born in the same maternity at the same hour and destined to encounter for ‘reasons beyond belief’ Worlds apart in status yes similar in strife as respectively, each their own battles to overcome. The marvelous universe knew how to bring in effect the wonders of “like attracts like” they had more in common than they knew. Muriel hailed from wealth, Elle by unleavened fortune and Angelica directly from meager divide for none of the riches in her midst donned the vein for others she owned it in her mind. Three blue-eyed blondes uncannily resembled in looks. One more ticked with the other’s mannerisms than Angelica so quaintly chose to adopt her own.

Muriel and Elle looked eerily alike yet not of biological relation. Angelica did not differ vastly but by her ‘girl next door’ approach and male dominated spirit. The girls were tall, slender, fair-haired, blue eyed and attractive. They were similar in height, ambitious and refined. Angelica did not exude the same striking beauty her two best friends fused on a superficial level, why would she? She was the pauper’s daughter and totally loved who she was exactly the way she was, beautiful within and without and wealthier by far for she would entice the world of wealth by her own means.

There were two thorns among the three roses quite the prickly situation to vey for the petal of choice. Eric and Anthony Debonair had grown into fine lads of fine character in a war of breaking hearts. A triple birthday celebration, Angel, Mo and Elle turned twenty-two, it was Christmas Day and sure to be the Noel to be remembered, it was also to be Ridge’s first wink back in the mansion as he had been debarred for eighteen years and restricted to his measly cottage. Ridge had no idea of the honor in store, but Angelica had a wonderful surprise in the making. Luc Ford swooned in swag wearing an expensive tuxedo barking orders and welcoming guests on “Royal Avenue” being seen and heard. The private estate’s roadway boasted convertibles of the finest mold. VIP’s emerged from Bentleys, Maserati’s and Porsche. The Media shopped targets, stopped celebrities for a scoop and flashed picture perfectly dressed tycoons. It was to be an event of the century. Nothing about Ford functions’ were ordinary. Ridge wore a skintight black tux and swanky pastel lemon incorporated lime colored silk shirt and designer patent leather shoes. Accustomed to being effaced and back seat based, Ridge was timidly resigned himself to being humiliated at some stage. Luc’s specially delivered invitation was no doubt a sly crack and warning that he had something up his sleeve generally that ‘showed’ Ramon down or a ‘sucking up’ tactic to gain a favor. Ford had long stopped picking on Ridge thus rhymed more with a need for favor or he would not have invited Ramon to his event and made the effort to deliver the invitation in person.

It was Angelica, Muriel and Elle’s combined birthdays but not the reason behind Ramon’s solicited presence. Angelica looked the pride and prejudice. Ridge was proud to accompany his daughter to an event he knew little of. He had not been told that it was other than just a birthday and Christmas party. The importance, he felt honored about showing up with his beautiful daughter who gleamed with excitement. Doth say; her elation stemmed from a space he wished he knew of but she was not ‘divulging’ an iota. Ridge found her to be overly enthused, an unusual trait for attending a Ford event, it was never about her or for her in any event, what was different this time, he wondered. Something in Angelica’s regard had changed. They were at the studio being as thick at thieves, joking and laughing at their happiest. Ridge had a premonition that something of great allure was about to erupt but also showed a run down moment and switch as if something bad would happen too.

Angelica and Ridge were running late and would certainly be struck off for punctuality in Ford’s book of attendance that is if they starred at all. Ford’s events took off like clockwork, punctuality at its best. A minute late would exclude even the king of Sheba if Luc Ford had anything to do with making rules. For once, Ridge wanted to be on time but Angelica’s pace to get dolled up lagged on for an eternity. Angelica stepped out onto the terrace showing off an electrifying hairstyle. Ridge cackled at the top on his voice she looked like Einstein got bolted.

“Oh my God! That hairstyle is to ‘die for’ and that is so brilliant Luc will not hesitate to strike us off his guest list, Ridge laughed upon viewing the ‘flash spikes’ pen o rent on Angelica’s head.

“You are sure to get’s Luc’s highest regard for disorderly hairstyle tonight, that one’s a grunge Electro-Alex style. Angelica smiled;

“Its an Angel-Fro and let him, he’s probably heading this way as we speak and I’m staying grunge to show just how much shock waves are about electrocute his Codons. Umm here he comes

Right on target, Luc appeared and Ridge did an intentional in the face cackle. Luc was not amused and ached to be vocal about the urge of throwing them off his property but that was not to happen, Luc had some serious ‘sucking up’ to do. Luc went squint upon viewing Angelica’s optic fiber strip trips of hair.

“Oh hell no! You are not coming to my Gala looking like flash McQueen, or are you?

“Stop me if you can, Angelica retorted with a wry smile at the tip of her pout. Luc looked down at her gala gown and freaked out.

“And for God’s sake, are you’re wearing a De-la-Riant? Are you trying to outshine Mo?

Luc’s new tactic of imposing interrogatively left for “inversion, quite unusual for the man who dictates, he was being unusually cautious, why?

Angelica looked at Luc, Luc nodded with eyes on her Flash Lightning hairstyle.

“Unbelievable, you are not thinking of turning up at my gala looking like that are you?

“Believe me Luc, that’s the least of your worries, go on we will be on time to turn your launch into a flip-sided affair of supernatural success and celebrate our return of the MO-LISS brand, Angelica said and shooed Luc away. Just then Muriel butted in hurriedly, like father like daughter, the same observation “don’t you even dare to outsmart me’ attitude.

“You’re wearing a gold ’De-La-Riant ’gala-gown

“And it looks like a million dollars on you, Angelica complimented

“Correction! I look like a million dollars in it, Muriel retorted with a swoon and brag of the price tag very clearly implied for Angelica not to wear a gown of the same brand

“You’re not wearing that gown to my gala and certainly not with such a streak of shock waves on your head, it is electrifying, Muriel sighed. “Goddammit, can you peasants ever be on time? Muriel barked and accustom to referring to Angelica as a peasant mockingly, mostly unintentional and Angelica did not take offense, she was a peasant’s daughter after all.

“Watch your tone, Princess! This peasant here, me, as in Angelica Arianna Ramon, designed this gown and the one you’re swanking in so no you do not get to choose which of my own brands I may wear or not. Go on to join your dad that party’s about to turn into a night to remember it’s show time and don’t worry, I’m about to work my Electric Avenue relegates when I fixed my hairdryer gone bust.

“Go wild ...Indigo Child, Muriel retorted and galloped back to her palace almost colliding with Elle at the halfway mark between the studio and the main estate. Angelica, Elle and Ridge sat around tattling and mocking the Ford pair and dismantling the hairdryer. Ridge lent a hand in setting up a workstation for the repair job. Angelica fiddled and farted when suddenly! A ‘light bulb moment’, she was going to transform her hairdryer into a PIATRA flat iron. Angelica noticed a pair of even sized metallic pressed bars and grabbed them. Ridge in flow joined the zone. He had the same idea and grabbed his soldering machine.

“Let transform this Angel Sleek to iron out those frills on your head, Ridge laughed

Moments later and after a speedy ’build – o – electro session of matching material, wiring, color spraying and gadget pin endorsing so birthed a brand new “Angel Sleek hair smoother” The girls sleeked out their long manes to perfection in record time and had not noticed that Luc had returned, secretly espying and mind on own already imagining their newbie as his ‘Flash Iron’ that’s what they just built, he thought.

“Right on time Ramon. That prototype marks your twentieth piece missing for the new “MO-LISS’ collection, bravo. “Well done my man that there just earned you a big fat bonus. Andre and I drew up the papers for this month’s batch of twenty high lux designs for tonight’s bidding range, draft some specs for the Flash Iron and bring it along so we can add it in the mystery box for surprise number twenty, Luc added with great excitement. “You are a genius Ramon, Luc concluded and hurried off again. Ridge burst out laughing, looked at Angelica then Elle and said; “

That Flash-Iron just saved me my job and earned me a big fat bonus.

Angelica looked at Ridge with disbelief and nodded.

“Are you serious, Dad? You just agreed to hand over our newly created Sleek Slab for luck to add a collection called MO-SLEEK, it’s an “Angel Sleek” not a “Flash Sleek” you have got to be joking.

“It’s gadget number twenty, Hun and it just saved me my job again. “Hell no Ridge Ramon that is not the twentieth gadget it is the zillionth electronic great you gave away for free in twenty two years. “So hell no and no, Luc Ford does not get to have this one or any other invention you ever make again, this is it and I mean as in never again. “This here is a Ramon invention made on Ramon time and resources and he walks in here claiming it like he claims you and everything you own, a big fat no, no, and no again.

“Sorry kiddo! That slab just saved my annual bonus and it’s for a big client. Besides, he played up here but just earlier he warned that if I did not turn in the twentieth piece tonight for the client to view he’d sack me with immediate effect and march me off the Estate.

“And you believe him?

“Wow you are the most gullible creature that walks this earth dad, do you even know your worth? “No, of course not! “Let me remind you that you are indispensible to Luc, Ford Enterprises and their swindlers. They would pawn scrap metal and shop from barns if you stopped building your dreams for them. “Get with the program and know your worth. Luc would be obsolete without you so stop, stop the bullshit already and defy that thief. This gadget will not be the twentieth piece for that bid because we are going in there to lose you your job. Luc Ford’s claims are null and void and you my dear Dad have just moved out of the equation of ’poverty stricken mindedness to the rich thinker’s zone, own it and excuse me for living, but it’s ’pay back time.

“By the way, what would you have done if I did not initiate this “Hair Sleek Slab”?” Lose your job?

Ridge Smiled

“Exactly, as in ‘go back to your post and obey’ but that’s not going to happen, is it, Ridge retorted lamely. But not this time, I’m all fired up to provoke him to fire me and oh hell yes, I’m so excited, I feel free already.

Angelica, Ridge and Elle entered the Gala, all eyes on them. Champagne flowed in abundance, fine foods tantalized the trays of ‘Chez Phil’ and the ambiance was electrifying with excitement. Tequila Sunrise flowed in stylish intoxicating brewage and snobbish drunkenness hit the ranks of

“Are you drunk Andre? “No, I’m under he influence of alcoholic beverages, modest consummation overindulged.

The art of ’intoxication meant that Luc stood with a grand cognac in hand entertaining the ‘‘Illuminati’ the name of his entourage of fierce triple six beastly allure. Luc hurriedly proposed to open the bidding and the big five’ tycoons, statute folk of Debonair defile saluted their almighty King Ford the Lord of Gadgets filling their crystal fancy glasses to the brim and following the man like little lap dogs on his trail. Kissing up, they praised Luc’s name like he were the messiah Ford and flocked around him like vultures bloodied vampires. Luc’s near drunken eclipse of glib and slurp from the brewer in his mouth to escape his breath could kill a fly.

Luc gestured the crowd to assemble. His ‘Mickey Mouse’ Associates flocked like herd as ’investors opened mumbled figures to open for trade.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the unveiling of the MO-SLEEK collection, Luc roared unveiling the collection in a row of nineteen pieces on a showcase stand.

“Introducing the MO-SLEEK brand’s latest features, we have nineteen electronic greats never seen or heard of before and for the twentieth surprise mystery box a slab to be shown as our winning Flash pick for tonight, Luc announced with pride. Eccentric folds wearing bling to blind a bat, and grunge funk in a suite of bad taste killing the style of funk, he looked like he stepped out of ‘Disney World’ in a rainbow colored style from heaven alone knows where. Anthony stood with Angelica and lit up like a bulb just looking at her. His brother Eric in a struggle trying to shove Muriel off and their father Andre Debonair’ ‘matchmaking’ by force.

“You two are a match made in heaven, Andre dished at Eric with a wink at Muriel.

“We do don’t we, she retorted while Eric lowered his head, crimson and perturbed of his dad’s interference.

’We are not an item, dad.

’Oh but you are my son, we should be celebrating your engagement tonight.

Eric had the urge to flee but Muriel stuck at his hip like glue.

’What are you waiting for son? The Ford princess is a keeper, we are proud for her to wear our name.

Eric shrilled; why don’t you get her a badge or Logo in pink?’ That will wear your name he thought, smiled and walked away to join the clashing bids where a group of distinguished gentlemen in tuxedo’s tattled in a mannerly order while Luc shamed the art of psychedelics in his new trend. Andre shooed Muriel with a gesture to stick with Eric, she obeyed and rapidly followed him into the crowd.

Eric and Anthony idolized their dad Andre. He had been the perfect example of a thoroughbred oxford mannerly man caught up in a ‘Shark’s Game of Russian Roulette’ a la Ford; They’d known of his alleged entanglement in unlawful matters, no secret, the rumors spilt over like a soap opera around town and they didn’t care, it made of him some sly competition to Luc Ford’s fierceness, he knew more than he cared to divulge. Eric had been troubled about recent raised discrepancies and rumors spread about a ‘stolen fortune’ his dad was said to be implicated in.

Luc Ford treated Ridge Ramon like a pain body. Andre Debonair embraced Ridge with civility and had a great respect for the man but not his slackness. It baffled Andre that Luc risked losing Ramon but he was also aware that the Ramon’s had something up their sleeves. Ridge Ramon evoked a presence of assurance, something in his regard had changed and he exuded a new found vibrational energy like a man of class. Ridge walked around gloating and wore a front seat label and his aura developed an instant attraction that the great men there ’embraced his presence with great respect.

“What could that mean?

“What an ass” Debonair thought! Ridge was gloating like many times prior, why was he smiling when Luc was about to rob him of twenty more electronic devices worth millions in distribution, the man would never learn and now he was standing there wearing his dumb ass crown and smiling his gadgets away.

“Some people will never know their worth, Andre thought out loud, nodded and joined the ‘souk’ of investors and bidding mongrels encoring for gadget number twenty to be displayed.

Muriel encased Eric to the next level and pulled him up to her bosom then landed a soppy kiss on his lips ensuring that she had an audience to applaud.

Eric shrieked and irked.

“You are but highly delusional Mo, you got to lose this ‘Shag Me Ticket’ it’s just never going to happen, Eric pierced at her in a detestable frown leaving her humiliated and ruffled by the cackles for rejection. “It had been Muriel’s umpteenth public display of fondness for Eric, she attempted to seduce him a zillion time only to get dunked but this time Eric’s refusal brought the party to a standstill.

“Lay off Nympho you are making of yourself a public spectacle with this idiotic cheap ‘Shag Me Tag’ you throw around. You are not my type, not now, not ever. My heart is taken, Eric growled over the halls fine tuned BOSE speakers. Muriel had been served, humiliated and drawn to tears by his rejection. Eric realized that he had been too harsh but he despised her, he just didn’t like her at all. Eric offered an apology and acted more sympathetically as she wiped the tears from her pretty blue eyes. He’d seen it, she was indeed beautiful and desirable but he just didn’t like her bottom line.

“Oh come on Mo, get a life girl! I am not into you like that, he said in a kinder tone. Luc intervened to ruffle Eric for upsetting his princess; no one gets away with downing Muriel Ford without Luc plotting vengeance.

’That was the very last time you upstage my daughter, take note Debonair, Mo wins, she always wins, remember those words like they’re your life’s sermon for it shall be.

“Did you see that? Anthony cackled at Angelica, Eric just brought the house down on Muriel, are you kidding? “Does he even know the definition of ‘pretend’? Anthony laughed and added, one thing for sure he truly knows what he does not want. “I don’t get why they don’t just shack up, they are so meant for each other it’s uncanny. “Why is Eric killing it off? Mo’s such a keeper and I should know, I shagged her. Laughed. She’s all that and more, what’s wrong with that lad”, Anthony said.

“I completely get where Mo’s coming from, Eric’s my kind of man, to die for handsome, has come to bed blue eyes and oh I just never stopped dreaming of making wild passionate love to him, yep, he could rip the flesh from my heart right now, Angelica laughed.

Anthony was agape delayed and baffled.

“What did you just say? You shagged Mo?

“You didn’t mean that about Eric, right?’ Anthony frowned

“Oops! I didn’t say that out loud, did I?

“Oh hell yes you did Angel, did you mean it?

“Of course I meant it, Eric’s my soul mate, I wish he had eyes for me, Angelica replied and blushed unaware of Eric’s presence at her back.

“The feeling is mutual, Angel. You don’t know just how much those words are in appropriation with what I am about to divulge, Eric butted in and bowed on one knee.

“Angelica Arianna Ramon, I’ve loved you since I set eyes on you twenty years ago, you are my kind of God’s gift to men and I’d make of you a keeper for an eternity if you’d have me, because “I love you” Eric blurted out, again sounding for the hall to hear. Luc’s brilliant idea to pluck microphone pins on the ‘Crew’. Anthony lost three shades to pale stunned out of his wits as Eric and Angelica gazed into each other eyes totally mesmerized and for the first time engaged in a long lingering passionate embrace. Anthony was mortified, the chemistry between them cut like a knife, he loved Angelica more and she chose Eric, it pained him to the core.

“Did you just slurp up my fiancé at our engagement party? You’re at the wrong end of life Eric, we’re taking it to the next level, this is part of our engagement so lay off and find Mo, she’s hung up on you, you guys are pulling my leg, right?

“Does it look like we’re joking, Eric swished still gazing into Angelica’s eyes.

Luc ending the façade to get on with his deals made an announcement.

“Ladies and Gentleman, this is the moment of truth, he said gesturing Ridge Ramon to the podium.

“Introducing the man of the moment, please applaud the master of gadgets, our one and only Ridge Ramon the great. “This is the man behind tasking for MO-LISS brand and we celebrate the unbeatable Quality Controller, Prototype Assembler and invaluable Lister on the team. “It is our honor to crown him as the ’Associate of the Month”

Andre Debonair nodded at Luc’s sugar coated load of worthless praise and blatantly claimed to be the inventor of Ramon’s brand, he warned Luc to fair play but the man was risking their fortunes again. Andre looked at Luc and nodded, Luc changed tactics in a second even surprising Ridge.

“Ridge Ramon is signee for liabilities and insurance of finished products. Let it be known, none of MO-LISS deals are concluded without Ramon’s stamp of approval, why? Because he knows the ABC of putting gadgets together, approving quality therefore he is our ’Certifier” This is your hour Ridge endorse these Gadgets and let the highest bidder land this deal, Ford said out loud holding a stack of documents for Ramon to sign. Ridge disregarded Luc’s instruction, and very poised took up a stand next to Luc on the stage and held his hand out for Luc to give him the microphone. Luc’s jaw dropped, he wasn’t going to let Ramon have a say

“No time for niceties Ramon there is nothing more for you to add in speech but sign up and vacate, you’re stalling my bidders.

Ridge smirked and clicked his fingers at an usher gesturing for him to fit a microphone on his lapel. The usher obeyed, Luc fumed to shove the usher away.

“Take a seat Luc, I shall decide if this bidding concludes or not, Ridge growled and gestured Luc to the front peer to join his X MEN in Black’

“See! When you praise a peasant, he’ll own your kingdom, Luc said addressing his fans then looked at Ridge with a snide expression great arrogance and said; I have never had a peasant show me to a seat Ramon, it won’t start today so if your branded suite gives you ‘Debonair Audacity’ lose the kingly smirk and sign these documents then return to your laborer’s den and get the next batch going, you’re stalling my deal.

Ridge smiled even broader, gladly accepted the documents from Luc then pretending to put a pen to it ripped it up in shreds and tossed it up in the air.

“I showed you to your seat Luc. “It is I who decide if I wish to sell my inventions, they’re mine.

“What do you think you’re doing? “You just ripped up my deals, Luc fumed.

“Hell yes I did, that’s pretty audacious for a Gadget maker, right?

”I ripped it up because I can.

Angelica intervened.

“Game over Luc Ford, we retrieved every single product ever sold on the Ford Estate under your forged signature and we own our brands with the million dollar signature of ‘Ridge Ramon’ all over it.

Luc argued that Ridge Signed contracts giving him the right to distribute on the Ford Logo and fumed about the claim to his entire empire being transferred to the Ramon’s ‘pretext’ that it had been owned from Ramon Capital and made profits on Ramon Capital, there was just no way they could own or have anything he possessed, he was adamant about having proof of ownership in everything he ever acquired.

“Step Aside Luc. This is my kingdom, Angelica said and smiled.

“You heard the boss Luc Ford. “Your days of thieving are over.

“Everyone here knows of the “MO-LISS” products stolen from the RR on Ramon’s land by infraction with the help of some of your convict’s here today.

“The Angel-Sleek collections arrived here by truckload and I was on the premises when that happened. See I even have pictures of you and some of your buddies here breaking in by infraction and then of course unloading it here on your estate. You’d have been crisp if I had to lay my hands on these back then, Attorney Damon said sternly.

“The law of law offices who handled the conclusion of Ramon’s retrieval is set and official, everything you think you own is now fully entrusted to the owning bodies and you may no longer set a hand on any recall and or extended products of any RR brand or it’s sub-affiliated brands. “The criminal act of producing and distributing patented brands under an unpatented name is about smack your fat face for fraud.

“You’re fucking senile Damon, I’m all legal this fart signed his stuff over for my use, Luc roared and added, I employed him as a Gadget Maker, that’s all he is.

“Gadget Maker? You booger scraping thief, entitling my dad as a Gadget Maker, are you kidding? “How demeaning and belittling to his brilliant work, show me a single signature authorizing you to own any even one of Ramon’s work, there are none because we scathed and found forged undisputed evidence that you are a fraud. Lose the smirk Ford, this is your day to fall and though I have retrieved my Empire I am going to charge you with defamation of character in addition. “You manipulated and overpowered a great man’s mind and held him down for twenty years, I watched you do that and thought that you were mightier than kings. I lived in luxury at my dad’s expense and donned you the credit when all this time, I earned my princess world by birthright. Like we crowned you we are here to dethrone you, so take the long road Luc, it’s a very hearty ’Thank you for nothing you may leave, Adieu.

Luc Ford laughed mockingly. “Make of a Giant a Midget and he will stand at your feet to dig the same hole you meant for him to fall into then bury you in shame, Ridge was about to challenge Ford and win. You reduced a tall man to dwarfism but hell yes Karma always comes. “Karma is here, Angelica said to Luc

Luc lost ten shades of pale roaring with rage and knew that he committed a fatal error and it was about to cost him big time. Luc stood accused. They were delusional, he was not ruined they could not evict him from his Estate.

“Even after I paid them back, I’d still be wealthy.

Luc said about Angelica’s mockery; “A peasant’s daughter to challenge me, how hilarious is that?

Luc expected an encore and got none. Angelica nodded for the warden to serve Ford with the letter of eviction. Luc went crimson and looked around for support, to no avail.

“You overstayed your welcome, Angelica said and smiled, be gone.

“You heard ’The Lady of this Manor” it is wise to take her marching orders or she might have you removed by the Evictors. This is a glorious day for a glorious bastard Ford Almighty. Always knew that good things come to an end, Dane Cork, the district attorney said and laughed.

“You have an appointment at the law firm, the ruling is official and concluded.

Luc yelled at the Security Officer’s

Remove this pair from my mansion. “Show these undesirables off my property, he commanded and looked at Ridge vehemently.

You are fired.

Ridge smiled

Mission accomplished, he said and sighed. He played his role like a pro and got what he came for, to be fired

“I came here to lose me my job but I changed my mind, I quit, Ridge laughed.

“Dane patted Ridge on the shoulder “He can’t fire you and you can’t quit, this is your kingdom not his. I bet you’d wanted to Fire the bastard, this is your hour now go on and sack his ass for robbing you blind

“Go on Ramon, Ford worked in your company for twenty years under the ’title ‘Thief’ you got to fire him.

Ridge overplayed his role, returned to habitual mindset of impossibility and dismissed the realness of the situation. The idea of acting like Ford’s boss felt liberating didn’t they say he owned the kingdom?

Then it happened! Ridge dropped into the zone and playing boss came easy, oh no, he was not playing boss, he was the boss and it felt good to submerge Luc in his own fluff.

Luc F argued that Ridge signed over the rights of RR to the Ford Enterprise and claimed to own it and Ridge. Dane Cork nodded and shut Luc up on wishful thinking.

“I know not of an inventor who offers his craft to another man to own. “An inventor only ever sells his product not his patent and since you staked a claim on RR branding and made it your own, you are a fraudster and a swindler of the highest degree. “As an ethical business man I know where my loyalties lie by that I declare that the sum of thirty million Euro’s advanced for tonight’s deal is handled in the name for RR for Ramon. I place the contract figures to the owning party and will transfer the funds as such. “Backlog and owing, I shall submit all papers back to the owning body and ensure pay up of the last twenty years to the owning body of RR.

Fasten your safety belts Ford the rough ride begins. Turns to Ridge, Travis media is an ethical group, we think highly of our clients and will therefore ensure that RR is brought to the full transparency of financial terms. Travis Media thanks you for the continuation of Exclusive rights to Distribution.

Luc turned from crimson with humiliation, ridiculed and shunned by his own partners in crime. His flock of buyers, lawmakers and accomplices meshed his irregularities to make them look like saints. Truth emerged about Angel Travels and Ford’s cash in mission to file for bankruptcy in a company patented by Ramon. Angelica crucified Andre Debonair who endorsed falsified contracts and deceptive Agreement’s via a legal rubber stamp for endorsement.

Debonair signed him self on as a major stakeholders to the percentage of 40% and left Ridge with 10% of which he had never seen a dime. Andre Debonair missed the mark by a blade slit, he could not be trialed or judged because he never put his signature to paper and only ever approved documents, claims or contracts by application of the Law Firm’s rubber stamp.

Swapping sides did not exonerate Andre from losing his license but he got off lightly and avoided imprisonment. Dropping Ford friendship came easy, Andre had every interest to side with Ramon or be damned.

“When the big wads appear Andre is always near. The true skin flaked off Andre’s face and he had no remorse about screwing Luc over. Loyalty and due respect, Andre had not been entirely anti Ridge Ramon, he did not agree with Ford’s ‘diminish Ramon’ tactics and never put his signature to an agreement for this reason.

Eric and Anthony were irked about their father’s unscrupulous involvement, they lived on stolen luxury of Ramon riches turned Debonair fortunes.

They lived a glorified wealth filled life on the expenses of a trodden man they were thieves but not robbers and did not wear a chip of lack on their shoulders. Andre Debonair was not only a rich thinker, his family owned an immense fortune he would inherit one day, he’d just never be in want for help. So goes the game of wealth, it’s all in the name. Father and son’s each their dilemma, Andre the legal thief scaling away from his ex boss’s new pittance image. Eric vying for Ramon’s daughter Angelica and Anthony mortified by his brother’s deceit.

Why Angelica kept Andre Debonair on to run her legal office would emerge years later to have nothing to do with his professional activity or trust to swindle fortunes

Eric accomplished his mission in landing Angelica’s heart. Anthony loss of love led to estrangement an Andre in his hot seat’s best interest steered clear with caution so not to tip the Ramon game of trust. Andre testified Luc negating any binding ties to wills or falsified contracts and for the first time put his signature to Signing a contract with the Ridge Ramon business and endorsed the retrievals into the Ramon name with a legal stamp as Firm Attorney to Ramon Enterprise.

At the oath and hearing;

“You filed for legalities Deb, tell them that I am in right of way, Luc Ford pleaded. Andre Debonair smiled, took to the speakers peer and in a very poised and calm manner started his script of truth and revelation.

“I am indeed the Ford Enterprise Firm attorney. On oath and in legal capacity I declare in honor and truth that at no time have I listed Luc Ford or his enterprise as the sole owner, inventor or any clause for his right to rule over the Ramon Inventions. In my directive, it is stated as legal that Ridge Ramon’s is the Inventor and sole proprietor listed as signee to a stake of seventy percent of the entirety of the Ford Empire. This by a calculation owns the Estate to Ramon for its acquirement by funds of a Ramon source of financial terms and is bequeathed in rights. I declare that all business, funds, the estate and its interiors are rightful assets of a Ramon proprietorship and therefore solidify Ramon investments as placements endued. The rights to the funding from the Ramon investment is made with or without his knowledge and honored in name of a Ford Enterprise, Ford Travel and other holding investments to be that of sole ownership of a certain Ridge Ramon cited as sole investor. I further declare of my endorsement to be part proprietor in percentage and dues in motion to fees of thirty percent of the Ramon fortune as managing the assets for the said agreed motion, should my services be dismissed by a fault of siding with the fraudulent party or been wrongly perceived to the investor, I willingly dethrone for an out of court settlement of 30% of the Estate’s worth and in all fairness offer to render unto Luc Ford the operator and client 15% of the totality in gratuity for engaging my services.

“Bridge the gap mister Debonair, you are under no position to distribute or offer percentages in the same way you do not come into any percentage of proprietorship.” We have proof that you are Luc Ford’s partner in crime and that though the confiscated documents from your office are neatly entailed of your oath and legally binds Ridge Ramon of his sole ownership, we have also retrieved the equivalent falsified of the same pertaining to Ford Enterprise and your law firm to own 50/50 of what you accrued, a senior Attorney responded. “You are at the head of the fraudulent value submitting to lies and deceit for you drafted and endorsed falsified agreements on the Ford behalf in addition to snugly cushion you put out for yourself which has no value or truth. You stand accused of defrauding cash funds for your client, making use and falsifying documents to the use of owned products without the owning awareness, the law of laws attorney concluded.

Andre Debonair’ smiled wryly; “I saw this coming” he stood there perplexed by how the twenty two year old Angelica Ramon had gotten to nail the fiercest business tycoon on the land and was perplexed by how she fine combed his ‘law breaking content’. He knew not how she obtained such incriminating evidence to smash his savoir-faire on a topic he could not refute. She nailed him. Angelica was smart and Andre had no interest in underestimating her qualities or she would ruin him. Ridge bluffed too, he had not intended to get fired but rather [fake a role] to ensure a fat bonus, only when the thought of freedom echoed in the room a zillion times did Ridge realize that he wanted out for real so he could finally pursue his gadget making elsewhere. Ridge Ramon had been blown away by what had happened. The worst case scenario he expected was to get fired, sent off without a dime and find freedom at last so he could ’invent a few more gadgets and sell them to individuals so to make ends meet.

Ridge became solicited at the Ford event and got saluted like a King, even Luc’s greatest Ally’s applauded when he got handcuffed and marched out for arrest.

Andre Debonair’ got spared by his higher ups in hindsight of transforming falsified versions of Andre’s fraudulent deeds to ‘lock down’ in the archives for in the event he got entangled with wrong doings [reference of past errors] would emerge. Freedom at last, Ridge celebrated his first Christmas on a throne of birthright wealth, it had been a glorious day in which he was able to savor the fact that he retrieved everything for Angelica to inherit or rather that she retrieved it by the means of ‘Thinking things into her life’, it took eighteen years but what she visualized, she materialized.

“Thank you Lord, Ridge praised. “This is well the biggest and last miracle I shall ever accomplish for now I may take my last breath and leave this earth knowing that I’d die a happy man.

“Ridge autosuggested the same thought pattern that led him to lack, loss and limitation and deprivation, as it had led him to a mission accomplished by Angelica on his time line and now he was affirming death and provoking his own end. Ridge fed his psyche with clarity of words and absolute thought focus that upon accomplishing the finality of it all he would cease to be. In due, accomplished that night but there had still been in law office conclusions to be met, Ridge felt, he had thus omitted the most important part of not specifying to accomplish his mission in full and would die with unsettled business for Angelica to take care of.

“Be careful what you wish for, what one asks is often given.

Angelica felt like the crown princess on a throne, her fairy tale had long begun within an inner sanctuary and higher self, every single detail of the pictures hung on her visualization boards in mind emerged to manifest into her physical realm. She had never gone off course and envisioned her dreams with absolute clarity and unwavering faith. Chemically educed emotions and undeterred mindedness delivered emergence. Everything she had asked for manifested like clockwork and she was in the possession of the exact amount of money she desired to own ’Tuscany House” in addition to an immense fortune to cover everything she wished for to transform and turn her palace into ’Torpedo Ridge as she hoped. Deliberate creation worked and made of her wants and needs a ’master premise and master purpose in life.

In recollection, Angelica had written down her major premise to be that of acquiring the full amount of money required to ‘buy and own’ Tuscany House, brand it as ‘Torpedo Ridge’ and then turn it into an Extreme Luxury Esthetic Wellness Clinic and a multi million enterprise where she would accumulate wealth by soliciting Clients she’d name ‘rich ugly people’ She was enthralled about being wealthy and financially eased but still unfathomed that she had already been in possession of ‘the entire package’ without having had to amass great fortune or inherit a dime as she did. It all just dropped into her lap invaluably. Angelica rejoiced that she initiated the Ramon ‘repossession’ and won. She rejoiced that ‘The supreme judge’ called for Luc Ford to be arrested and even though she felt some pity for him when he got handcuffed and led away from the mansion he owned, she had no mercy for his pitiful theft, greed and obsession for owning what other’s possess.

Ridge Ramon had been entirely transformed, he roamed the Ramon Palace like a true king that week. Twenty Odd years fell from his traits, he bloomed with elation. Angelica could not have known that by the gain of that victorious Christmas Night would come a loss so great only within days of accomplishing her mission of being rich. They recalled to Luc kicking and cussing as the police led him away. Luc’s concubine Gwen Rivet and his daughter Muriel had been reduced by the great loss, everything had been taken from them in a single day and they had nowhere to go but err around the mansion as ‘Ramon Boarders’

’This is your home, Mo! Ridge conveyed to retorts of venomous cusses and insults from Muriel and Gwen, they hadn’t been seen since that night.

Angelica and Ridge sat down at the Ford Salon dining table for dinner one night raising the wind falls of that week and cheered to their new found lives and wealth.

“I have a revelation, Ridge said softly with a huge grin of complete satisfaction on his face, he never looked more handsome in all his years, every doubt and fear of wealth faded and only illumination of grandeur surfaced. Angelica was perplexed by the rapid switch in her dad but she also knew Ridge’s moment of glory would fall to slip and gain some habitual unworthiness, it wouldn’t matter though, he would never again be in lack or limitation.

“I am so happy I could die, Ridge said with tears of joy in his eyes. “

“You may find this slightly out of character but I had an in-depth yearning for you to materialize the things you wanted out of life even for its farfetched value. “I planted seeds of doubt in your trust so you could view life more realistically but what you did not know, I was an inhabitant in your ‘fairy world’ I lived there rooting for you to succeed. Obviously not to this degree, what you accomplished here is beyond my wildest dreams and a result of supernatural and divine giftedness. Retrieving my losses is from God “Higher Self and a miraculous doing but I am still stunned by the extremes of it all.

“You were aware, you knew, you trusted and had faith and it happened. I roamed in a pit of helplessness, poverty mindedness, lack, limitation and deprivation because I am made of ’unworthiness. “I completely denied you the right to believe in fairy tales simply because I wanted you to go through life learning the true value of life and abundance so you wouldn’t be disappointed when you didn’t get what you want or in the event you failed. See! Everybody fails and honey you will fail one day or you won’t know the true value of what you have. “I did all that because I did not want you to take things for granted.

“I acknowledge that by habitual unworthiness it was not a role I played but a true erring of unconsciousness imbibed on me by ancestral teachings. Traditional thinking passed down and robotic obedience led me to educate my mind that what my parents taught was law and I conveyed the same to you. “Something shifted in me as I witnessed your ardor to build a ‘fairy tale world’ in your mind, I felt like an elf in your world and your affirmations killed off my destructive auto suggestions every time. “I recall saying to myself one day; I would die a happy man if I gave my child even a fraction of what she desired. “Here I am now euphoric and I’ll say it again, I can die a happy man because you have everything you need and more, you have what you asked for and for that I have thus honored your mother’s wish. Ironically, this windfall was intended and masked from your mother’s subconscious mind days before you came along but I was a weakling, when she died, the Empire she had and the one I was building, died too.

“Truth be told, I didn’t care about wealth and I let Ford have what I built ’ but I didn’t just hand it over, he took it from me and there was nothing I could do, now it’s my turn to say; Enjoy your wealth and keep building that empire on my creative art, I want you to live that life I couldn’t offer to Arianna.

“I am so happy I could die right now, Ridge said with tears of joy seeping from his cheeks. Angelica had been way too absorbed in the turn of events and barely adhered’ to Ridge’s self prophecy of death and in their cheering celebratory mood, she left to get a tub of ice-cream and champagne for the occasion, took a while to tray it and returned through the long corridor feeling a sudden surge of emptiness, she had a discernment of loss, something felt out of place, but what? “ A little voice within murmured, “we gain some and so we lose some” she had no idea what that meant. Ridge came to mind and she ran through the corridor urged to get to him. She paused a while feeling an overwhelming dread to enter the dining room.

There he was, slumped over leaning backward wearing the biggest smile on his face, eyes closed as if he were taking a nap.

“He must be extenuated, Angelica thought through bouts of uncontrolled fear and uncontrolled tears.

Denial; “You need a full years sleep old man Ramon, she laughed out nervously. “No need to disturb him from his sleep she’d wait a while then tap his shoulder lightly so he may retire to his bedroom in the mansion.

“Wake up Daddy, she called out softly. Ridge was cold turkey lights out and still just looked like he was asleep. She knew that he had passed and pulled up a chair to face him, emptied the champagne into the two flutes and wept her heart out. She was the only surviving bloodline, an orphan. She sat there unsure of what to do next when Muriel and Gwen appeared.

’We’re back to reside in our rightful place at least until we can find a proper situation elsewhere, Muriel imposed weeping at the top of her voice. Then she noticed Angelica in had been in sniffles too. Looking at Ridge comfy and napping like he had too much to drink.

“Damn pauper’s, they fight for land with a smile and weep when they get it, what’s up with that? “Goddammit Angel, I’m the one who should be crying an ocean not you, you stole my mansion. And for Gods sake, tell that ex peasant to grab a bed, we have a space called bedrooms where people sleep, we don’t do naps at the lounge table ’its so un-Oxford, Muriel added and gulped up the remainder of the bottle of vodka she’d walked in with. Fifteen minutes later they’d been sitting at the table when upon viewing Ridge up close, Muriel realized he had died.

Muriel’s reaction was one of disbelief.

“Hell no! “Wow! I can hardly believe my luck she chirped and hopped around the dining room like she just won the lottery.

“That man is dead, Ridge Ramon is as dead as a dead, gone, perished. Gwen appeared.

“Can you believe our luck Gwyneth, our newly crowned king is dead we’re back in business, Muriel yapped in mousy garb and leapt around with excitement. Gwen frowned, walked to Ridge and measured his pulse.

“Effectively, the bugger’s dead how sad, Gwen said sympathetically and looked at Angelica.

“Sorry for your loss Hun, Gwen said

“How can you be sorry for her loss, or his death? These peasants just walked in here and took everything we had, we damn lucky they don’t get to keep it now he’s dead. Good riddance.

“Its not your pet that died, it’s Ridge Ramon missy. Wake up and smell the roses Hun you are not the princess of this castle anymore, Angelica is.

“He died a day before making her his Beneficiary, I read the deed failing of and everything falls back into the Ford hands so Judge Faulk can’t motion or rule on that ’the dead does not speak, do they? “Judge Faulk’s an ass, he on the Ford tribe of thieves honey, the deeds they do are scrap paper works she inherited it all months ago, there’s nothing here to retain us, it’s all hers.

“It is your home too, I didn’t ask you to leave Angelica said through tears.

Angelica had not asked or expected of Ridge to sacrifice his life for her to have or own her desires. He affirmed crookedly, and unintentionally and died by words incrusted on his psyche noting death by satisfaction. It was indeed an accidental death by negligence of thought. Ridge Ramon made autosuggestions to his mind clamoring words ’he did not necessarily mean in the order he uttered or thought of. It is human to think on autopilot but one must absolutely refrain from any form of negative thinking even in the midst of negativity, switch-affirms are life changing and life saving tactics, one can change the cause of thought focus to deliver a positive outcome but not everyone is garnished with [mind perfecting skills] life just happens. Ridge died because he proposed a definite hour to his timeline to his life by saying; “If I managed to give my daughter all she desired I would die a happy man. By that, he affirmed definiteness of death and not the eventuality of first savoring some of his own achievements. Ridge Ramon passed on that night on the eve of Angelica’s struggle to debut the motions of retrieving her dad’s fortune that turned out to be long and arduous task. She processed with winning fervor and aced complexities like a pro. Harsh truths emerged, stalemate to checkmate and victory. It took immense courage to keep her resolve in the face of the unpleasant duty of losing Muriel the life Muriel had been accustomed to. It was not Angelica’s duty to be Muriel’s care giver or to be her financial support, this she had learnt from Luc, who did not allow Ridge an iota more and she wouldn’t serve Muriel and Gwen on a golden platter.

Angelica allowed for thirty percent of the MO-LISS range to ride on ‘Andre Debonair’ but Judge Faulk quenched the rule, Debonair was a thief he had said, and would not access a dime for he already banked more than due in twenty years on the Ford payroll and ‘help yourself lists of monetary gifts’ Andre Debonair walked off empty handed begging for a seat on the Ramon Enterprise, it had not come easy but Angelica found no use for his slimy covertness and cahoots with Ford. Angelica Arianna Ramon was rich by willful affirmation from an early age. She came into an immense fortune manifested in its entirety and clarified ruling in which she set her plans in motion for its accumulation. She owned the ex Ford Empire justly paid for through her dad’s monetary and hard labor invested.

Oddly, Angelica blessed the Ford mansion as her own and claimed the luxuriance as her birthright since she first came to live in it and was able to understand wealth from lack. It had been innate, she felt and knew that MO-LISS was an inherited masterpiece of arts her dad accomplished. Now she owned the brand and kept the staff that Ridge never met through Luc’s debar. Truth resurfaced in the game of blame when Angelica learnt that Milo Travers was Flo Gonzales the Latino maid’s ‘lover’ of stolen passion for the seed planted of their ‘liaison’ of it resulted Elle’s birth. The secret had been tight clasped for ions and held in the strictest confidentiality.

Luc Ford had known and by the honor for Milo Travis’s business, treated Elle as if she belonged. The handsome distributor, Milo Travis went on to sign up as Angelica’s ‘sole distributor’ for Angel Collection brands, she hired ‘the secret insider’ to perfect tons of prototypes that she had stashed away in the Studio basement even Ridge had not known about.

Luc Ford’s nightmare on Elm-street would be short lived. His hidden stash would emerge soon after as white washed and Angelica found no sense in leaving him to serve time in jail, she remembered his kind and accommodating year’s even if he had been sly about treating her like she belonged [guilty conscious] obliged because it was owned by Ramon, financed from Ramon funds. Financial freedom came with ease but at a price Angelica never envisaged. Angelica’s life would never be the same, leading and keeping wealth would come with huge responsibility and she would have to pull out some of the Ford fierceness to stay afloat, she would have to t gain more than she gave if she wanted to near amassing a fortune, it took money to make money

Angelica knew that a man with Luc’s mentality and drive would rise just as easily as he slid. It had not been long and Luc Ford was back in the game, he found a scapegoat and built his dreams on someone else’s talent, power to Ford if a man accepts to be exploited then so be it, he was in the business of wealth amassment, nothing else mattered. Luc Ford was back educing stacks and wads. He found a willing scapegoat and built new dreams on someone else’s talent. The usual ’Betty Evil Trade” of being a ’Fortune Hunter” you never give up when you’re down you crawl, get back up and double the trouble to emerge enriched by twice the capacity. A rich thinker never stays down for long. Ford gained his super power and burnt bridges to get to the ‘Ship’ to set sail on his new journey of wealth amassment.

Doctor Angelica Ramon launched ‘Torpedo Ridge’ with pride and, turned it into a world class Esthetic Cosmo Surge favored reputable surgeons, highly acclaimed beauty consultants and sought after medical greats on her pay roll. She handpicked clients from extreme wealth and noble descent, entertained wealth magnets and dynasties. Her million-dollar menu catered for a planet where mere mortals could lust after divine nectar it would only serve the rich and famous not of men from arid ground and unaffordability.

She would never be financially embarrassed or turn back the clock to lack or deprivation and never apologize for being rich she earned it. Doing things in a ‘Different way’ felt exhilarating, the modest approach poured no justice for grounding only snobbism, vanity and power hailed above all, she was up with the big sharks and had no intention of hanging out with the small fish. Obsession and greed denied the ’giving back to society, GBTS policy a right to be enhanced, shed stopped the ‘giving is receiving’ line and adopted the ‘receiving is giving’ and concluded that fair exchange counts; what did society ever give me, Zilch she concluded and therefore denied society the right to receiving, she owed no one.

Why was she changing an innate philosophy that worked to adopt different modes of mind altering states, simply because she had long not felt gratification for what she owned, that in her possession, she viewed as due. Being content were for amateurs, it simply meant being happy with what one had never expecting more. Angelica had slung into a hammock of egoism, what she had was good, but she wanted more. Obsession and greed became her new master premise and nothing changed, she amassed with definite purpose the same way she did with a gratitude attitude. Sufficiency and Ample was not of her calculus verbiage, extreme abundance was her term. Thinking things into her life paid off by means of positive affirmations and clarified thought and focus of the things she desired to manifest into her physical realm. Angelica tamed her mind to forbid inferiority and acted with such extreme superiority that anything greater left her with an inferiority complex. It seemed that Angelica had fallen into the Ridge Ramon pattern of pain bodies at a much less ’depriving descriptive rhythm of loss, lack and deprivation, she was moving away from ‘Source Energy’ in her process of trying to create a super humanness in herself, everything was due and she thought of herself as being indestructible.

“I am not indebted to society, she affirmed. “I care less for the impoverished and do not represent ’World Bank for the needy, she anchored in mind with fixed affirm never to feel obliged to be of service to poverty minded souls, her aim was to switch affirm to people who respected themselves enough to say no to less and do every effort to want more. Her clients at “Torpedo Ridge” wellness palace hailed from afar and spoke the universal language of bankable craft, in a world where money talks. It’s predominantly A-list from Hollywood’s desired guest book list stepped directly out of the frills of Golden Globes and wealthy arenas, she was known to have ironed out more wrinkles than the ebb and tide of waves. Talk about vanity, Angelica housed clients who deemed their waste was made of solid gold and she auctioned celebrity excrements off in a bidding contest of ‘excremental jazz’. Strange and gross as it seemed, such a frenzy of fart in a bottle sold for millions by her creative ideas. She had thought and grown rich and now she was quoting Napoleon Hill‘ ‘Think and grow Rich’ to grow even richer.

She stepped away from the Carnegie race to reinvent ‘The Law of Attraction’ by merging her own giftedness with what she had learnt from the masters, innovators and greats of the same. She was as switched on and powerful in self, she lived the secret long before it emerged as a teaching and manifested her desires without former tuition or instruction from the master’s, or so she claimed. Learning new methods of mind stimulation was her forte. She wanted to grasp a bit or all of everything and thought of it as divine guidance and spiritual functioning.

Angelica’s world of mind enhancement couldn’t denote between what she educed from within as opposed to what she attempted to educate with power play. Angelica was divinely gifted and led but she was equally well researched and had learnt from multiple channels from ’Own your Mind to ’Turning thoughts into a Fortune.” Both self help-books written for her to serve as her bible to riches, one can presume that Angelica’s success had not been solely based and achieved on her unique ability to ’Think and Grow Rich” on auto pilot, she was grasping everything and more from world class MIND BENDERS. Credit to the greats, Angelica sapped up floods of useful ‘life bending’ instruction combined with her au natural brilliant spiritual guru-ness, she concocted a brain train and potent powerhouse for emergence. The novelty had worn off, she was not happy with just being content, she would delve to depths and find a supremacy of mind and there was no knowing to what extent she owed her observations to her arising.

“Did Hill’s teachings actually have anything to do with her greater achievements in later years? Did what she learnt from “Think and Grow Rich” instructions work for her? Absolutely, she did not have to go beyond the 13 principles though, it just took up from there, she had long ’closed the book at the first capture of ’the secret” and placed it away in her library casing for later days and decided that no one should be without a copy of ’Think and Grow Rich”

She was not done, not by far, if she was going to write about mind enhancement then she would have to resort to tried and tested methods of other’s works to convey for the process of mind enhancement, why not from the archives of Paul McKenna’s “I Can Make You Rich”. One word; Wow! Ground breaking, guided hypnosis emerged more strength than she knew she had. No kidding! Getting guided hypnosis boosted a new energy in her she’d only just meditated before [with something of it’s genre, other’s may get the first glimpse of mind altering success, it had been hopelessly too meek for what she sought at that appointed time and space, she still spoke highly of it’s benefits and recommended it to other’s on a great scale. She would acknowledge later that in her ‘fall from mindedness’ ’I Can Make You Rich” guided hypnosis elevated her dormant codons and led her to a powerful place of alignment after she had moved away from source and lost substance of being in the zone. From “Tony Robbins” Burn the Boat wave to Bob Proctor’s Shift your Paradigm super consciousness prevailed. “

Upon viewing ’The Secret” the habitual thought process flickered on ’Déjà vu for that was almost precisely how she minded her own business long before ‘The Secret’ Emerged, perhaps not so much so pasting up a Visualization Board but rather by her own forceful memorization of portraits she mapped on her mind in the ’Desires Haze” of her mind. “This is for those who had not yet had a glimpse of ‘living the secret’, she thought out loudly. Why then was she in full view of it. In all evidence to remind her that her codons faded by a switch of ‘load shedding’ and the depletion of her own power dis-connectivity, like every network, she too needed rewire, reconfigure or reboot her thinker.

Angelica studied spiritual kingdom principals with a burning desire to grasp the finest secrets that someone had hopefully overlooked, then finding ‘The power of the subconscious mind’ appeared from nowhere, it was ’The Book” of Angelica’s life, she vowed on it religiously and it had been responsible for many of the wonders emerged from her soul, even now, she still flipped it’s pages to fall on a random opening for guidance, it had by far led her to greater greatness. Angelica had gotten smitten by love for money but she would learn that having money in the absence of health and life forward purpose donned nothing but money as she settled into busy schedules and led a seriously unharmonious life, peace was god sent, she’d not had many of those since her father died. ’Giving Back To Society Policy became a thing of the past. She stopped tithing altogether. For millions of others like Angelica, the tactic of building millions paid off remarkably but while 1% of rich thinkers savored wealth with gratitude for accumulation and went on to stay on track, many lost everything they gained by forging away their creative giftedness to greed and gamble [taking miracles for granted] can either grant miracles or efface them, when a thing is not appreciated it has no appreciation to be owned. “Gratitude is and always will be the roadmap to life and abundance.

Angelica fitted into the ranks of the 1% who built empires from uncontrolled power and creative miracles from turning thoughts into things. Some of who are known to have stacked up at in-vortex escrow of unmeasured riches. A group of people who selfishly takes wealth for granted and willingly toys with nature and the universe permitting them selves as ’un-relinquished Gods and gold dusted by the Universe’s Midas Touch and forcing belief of an integral role maintaining a social order of wealth predicated on sanctification of circle and securing reproductive futurism as if ‘their wells would never run dry’ The Universe claims nothing it just is; a storehouse of grandeur equipped with everything and more to fulfill every personal vault in mankind. “If one misplaces, misuses the code of conduct, abundance still flows without restriction; as in; from good comes good and from bad comes bad. “Doing Bad always has a way of showing up more Bad and catches up with the evildoer.

Doctor Angelica Ramon professed to be the world’s greatest body designer among chisel and scalpel happy Surgeons, she was indeed named among the greats and “Torpedo Ridge’ Esthetic Haven’s catch phrase made quite a stir. Said to have unveiled masterpieces, sculpted David’s and Michel Angelo’s of perfection, they teased her with; you bend it like Beckham with side-kick’s ma’am. Her mission statement read; “It is a sin to be ugly, get your self fixed”

Finally, after ten minutes of reeling back into the past, Angelica entered ’Torpedo Ridge” hoping to lose the upsets she’d endured in Miami. She was in no mood to accord fading glory another opportunity to mock her. She’d already been slurred and felt cluttered by a form of ‘negative manipulation’ even now in her own environment on familiar territory. She felt ill and gutted delving in and out of her past. Duty called, imperative to gain her shift in consciousness and face the inevitable. A discernment of ‘something gone wrong, radically wrong engulfed her. Even her team wore drilled smiles and barely moved their lips to greet. A state of the art wellness center, the Palace resembled a “luxury collection’ resort to the upbeat tunes of buffering lounge music from interconnected Bose Speakers. Angelica looked at her reflection in the glass door and through it, viewed yet another hearse, ’mind games, she thought and shook the eventuality off they’re just Limos carting patients home bound, why on earth would they be hearses?

On queue with her highly psychedelic personal assistant Meryl Kay screeching on Stiletto heals armed with a latte in hand. “As if she could do with more chaos” Meryl Kay looked as if she had been struck by lightning and wore high psychedelics. A team of medical interns looked like they were struck by a tornado. They seemed on edge, morbidity filled the air. Meryl Kay’s eye blinding pastel psychedelics lit her up like a Christmas tree, her smile rolled down stuck on goiter plopping about like moon dance and her mane of red hair spiked up on her head like electric wired punk, rock and rave flash fiber optic strands. Meryl was indeed Torpedo’s brightest bulb but not for long. Meryl’s bright light faded out to load shed leaving only her mocking Pink, orange & yellow striped coat to clash with her polka dotted bow around on her hips. The three quarter tights and tassels she wore, screamed of eccentricity.

Meryl attempted to pull on Angelica’s white coat while Ernie the pretty boy plopped a Latte into Angelica’s other hand, multi tasking gone wrong, the Latte hit the floor swooshing milky way in Meryl’s path, stiletto’s hit the coffee slope and sent Meryl to her rear sliding in a foamy mess to land on her back. No one cackled they were crisp in smothered rigidness.

“What could they be preoccupied about?

There it was again, that aura of doom, minutes felt like an eternity. Looking down at pouting Meryl on the floor

“You got more than just sixty seconds of fame, little miss Sunshine, get up from your act, we have mister Ross to prep, Angelica said in a soft amused tone.

“Meryl held her hands out to Ernie and sobbed the ‘ugly cry’

“Oh no, not that ugly cry again “its a sin to be ugly” try the cute version this one makes you look like ‘Chuckey’s Kid’ tears from fears

Meryl pulled on an even ‘uglier’ sob.

“Spare me the whale of tears Goddammit! I just got back from sculpting the ass of Africa and threading chin dog folds of tantrum throwing ’ugly ITCHBAYS in the states of shits.

“What happened here?” Angelica inquired as she tugged at her choking garter flattening her ample waste, Meryl looked up at her and still tight lipped formed a pout.

“Why are you still lost in translation?” Is mister Ross prepped?

“Oh my God! She doesn’t know, Meryl said to Ernie

“Of course she doesn’t know, Rave Queen, she just stepped out of her royal jet expecting Hollywood smiles in the eye of death, another effeminate intern retorted

“Something grave happened doctor Ramon, there’s been a tragedy and we’re all lip zipped and coded to silence, the same nerd said throwing back a strip of his fringe then snapping his fingers. “I could get bagged to the morgue for this but I must tell, oh hell yes I must tell Miss Ram, the intern waltz around.

Tell already Liam, you couldn’t hold a fart if it meant world war so go on blubber your death wish and do the Waikiki to make your point, we’ve seen the first steps you haven’t yet done your twirl, Meryl said and laughed.

It’s ‘murder Froth wrote’ up there at ’Plump It Up” facials today, forty peeps just checked out, he said and danced his dance of expression.

“Murder Froth wrote?”

“ What are these ‘Lady Boys’ talking about, Meryl?

“ Sorry Miss Ram, Mister Ross clocked out at seven this morning and took the entire facial esthetics to “Greener Pastures” with him.

“Ross walked out in Quasimodo style and took the other freaks for a trial run at “Greener Pastures” but why?” “Greener Pastures are Vets, they do animal esthetic’s why would he take them there?

“Dah! “What part of ‘murder’ don’t you understand doctor Ramon?” an intern blurted sarcastically.

“You said they clocked out

“Clock out means dead as in died so they’re dead and no one of the lot gets to have their hour of mirror, mirror, on the earthly wall. “And no, they will not be meeting their maker wearing shining armor they left the earthly plain clad in a label of ‘it’s a sin to be ugly’. “Mister Ross perished wearing Quasimodo’s mask and took his Ogre bridled clones along with him on a ride to purgatory where they are now inhabitants and sinful ugly souls expiating scarification before heading to heaven if at all they have such rights to enter the pearly gates. I bet no trumpets shall sound.

“So much for not making it through the pearly gates and getting declined from entering the “Jesus Location” because they had no respect for beauty and showed up wearing no make up to meet the messiah, Ernie mocked.

“You disrespected the code of conduct by breaking the ‘it’s a sin to be ugly’ policy rule. It stipulates not to use the word ugly to describe unsightly, you’re supposed to think it but not blabber it out, you’re so fired, Ernie.

“Put a lid on gargling froth about a delicate subject not many are knowledgeable of. Like you, they were spiritual beings living in human bodies and it is not clear where their souls roam now after it left their earthly vessels. “We’ve been taught to look at its process to mean that of dissipation from one orb to another amounting to less of nothing but a sphere of atoms not ectoplasms as you so kindly portray to be “the hideous puke state you just described” “Their spirits or souls are more like neutrinos, that is a neutral subatomic particle with a mass close to zero and half –integral spin rarely reacting with normal matter. The rest is intricate and calls for another subject entirely, I wish to point out that should you raise a subject of such, you should first ’educate yourself on the matter and learn the facts and not convey disrespectful as you do, your showdown is somewhat blasphemous. Apologize to doctor Ramon and see yourself out ’Bimbo, Meryl commanded.

“No one’s Fired but I will sack the lot of you if I don’t get answers, what are these drama queens spiffing about? And Goddammit it’ is like a poofter parlor in here, Angelica growled with disparaging and offensive intent.

“Where do you enroll them from? The Gay Docs society or what? It is raining homos on my parade.

“The use of pejorative affix and being acrimonious is unsettling and rude. “We are gay and proud. We have and own a rightful place in society so get with the program Miss Ramon. Embrace homos, apes and mongrels, we are not a new trend, we are integrated and here to stay, the same frothing gay nerd imbibed and added. “It would appear that gay surgeons are a threat to straight chiseler’s ’so called humanists but we will not be treated like Ebola flints and or brushed off as discards for the mere fact of being ‘effeminate’. Pick up the predicate of more serious affliction your palace is plagued with substance of a crueler nature, you’re too busy accumulating ‘Plastic Trophies’ this Palace employs 90% of pretty boys live with it.

“That was mean, diminutive and discriminating, doctor Ramon. “I do not like your newfound arrogance about hideousness to mean that every topic of unsavory caption in your mind is now frowned upon as ‘ugly’ and unworthy of your praise. No wonder you’re attracting such evil spirited and negative situations from Florida to Paris. You’re way too full of yourself and if I may add you are not a nice person Meryl said frowning with dissatisfaction. “The authorities are swarming this place covering up ‘mass murder’ but do not be duped, they’re after you. “If word leaks that princess Sheehan is among the victims you will not make it out of here lest savor the opportunity to sack one or all of these “Homo’s” so there is no time for niceties, curtsy’ bows and editing words, walk back out and run for it, Meryl said sternly.

Angelica hit a shrilling echo erupting like Etna. Oh my, what the hell happened?

The Irish looking fiery red head, freckle faced wearing spectacles on a perfectly balance tip of wide nostrils twitched both eyes and hurriedly recounted his version. They met for roll call, a plumber barged in to recount a ‘galactic theory’ about ‘dead man walking’ no one understood and ruled it off as cock and bull. Doctor Neil Krishna, fair skinned Indian green-eyed resident surgeon turned up as hurriedly, collided with the fleeing plumber and pulled off his white coat. [In-habitual] as policy states all medical practitioners keep their coats and badges on whilst on the premises.

“Ready to nip and tuck?” doctor Krishna inquired with a nervous stutter.

“Sorry kids the Feds threw me off the graveyard shift and told me to convey that twenty ‘Facial Esthetic’ goners are lined up on gurneys ready for a ride to the morgue. “I bid you all a happy wheeling session and sorry mates, I won’t stay to see who wins the race or I may meet my maker earlier than I anticipated, he added and fled in a flame.

“What was that?” Meryl inquired clicking her fingers for her team to report to duty. Clamped up and stuck in an intended jammed up elevator. The Voice Communication system flickered to the croak of a mousy female voice; Superintendent Rita Froth communicating. Make your way to admin block at A3 do not to pass the glass petition door until further instruction. “Now go, she continued, unjammed the elevator door for them to exit. “Voice communicated again. “Clock in at ’Face-Shift” then stay there to observe, I reiterate, observe, do nothing but observe.

A queue of twenty gurneys lined up with patients wrapped in white linen seemingly anaesthetized some groans were heard. Further instruction; “Now, twin tail a two each and turbo charge those gurneys to the morgue then gush back out. Do not enter the wards in passing they are contaminated voice communication instructed further.

“Superintendent Froth squeaked orders and sent jitters up my spine Ernest said.

“Lo and little miss sunshine here, had the brilliant idea to multi-task by pushing two gurneys with one hand using the other to pull off her sky high stilettos, and then all hell broke loose. “She tugged at the one end of the drape and upon leaning down ripped the sheet from the patient and voila! Mister Ross on death croak smiled up at her to the echo of consecutive death roars in an eerie sequence. We knew then that we arrived on time for ’absolution hour”. “We shuddered, left them gurneys to roll down death alley and we ran for it.

Meryl butted in.

’They were dead, Gurneys on a runaway trip and interns dashing for the door. Miss Froth was on a roll and we were back and counting icicles in the mortuary she left us there for thirty minutes and the cruel cow let us out ‘with a ballad of “murder she wrote’. “I swear ‘the theme of “Jack the Ripper’ on tonal collect with ‘Murder she Wrote’ like we were in some horror movie or something, it was eerie and frightening.

Angelica trembled

“Miss Froth? Who the hell is miss Froth?

“The culprit on murder under surveillance, it is an inside story doc, someone killed your patients to cut you off

“Describe the woman, you saw her didn’t you?

Meryl put on her indispensible grin’ frowned to mime a ’Peter Faulk” PI move “scratched the head” and forced her thinker to collaborate with the situation.

“I observed a little, maybe too vague to form an identikit’.” CCTV data room rendered no footage, Miss Froth left no stone unturned but I found a clue, I always find clues. “Garbles that our moments of fame will not be televised because she used the manual system to communicate and we’re not about to get scored for racing gurneys through A3 at high speed. I took the first place podium for running from the scene, Meryl said. “Sorry doc, I did not get a full glimpse of her. She was covered in scrubs from head to toe.

Angelica was beside herself, digging or answers, the dramatic playhouse continued, these kids belonged to the Odeon stage play actors guild, the knew no simpler way than playing out their roles in a seriousness of it’s genre.

“You have x-ray eyes and feelers that notices the tiniest detail of just about anything, feed them for answers, I know you caught a glimpse of something.

Meryl smiled.

“Well yes I did, I got more than just a glimpse of her royal blue eyes. She had long Scandinavian blond hair hanging at the side of her Cape, was slender and exceptionally beautiful, I think! Unlike my green slimy protruding flying sauce- eyes.

“Stop fishing for compliments and get to the point, Angelica chimed

“Her forged mousy squeak on vibrato had an intonation of “I know that voice’ smooth like blueberry& vanilla nestle heaven can wait.

“Facts, drama Queen, only facts please, Angelica roared.

“Do not ruffle down my speech, you taught me to glide a tale of sultry bits miss Queen of verbiage, Meryl said and added, on that note yes, she wore a pair of Louis Vuitton’s exclusive range of Moccasins, color faun and it had a tag with the initials MF dangling at the side. The loudspeaker alert sounded again, Angelica shrieked.

“Calling Doctor Ramon, Calling Doctor Ramon...please report to matrix. Exit alert, Exit alert, evacuation, evacuation, evacuation. Angelica was tetanized.

“Get out of here, all of you. Now, Angelica growled. Meryl tucked at Angelica’s white coat.

“Do you have a death wish doctor Ram? That call’s a trap, you’re dead meat if you march in there, go on and run for it …I’m not going anywhere without you.

Twenty celebrities had been killed in a mysterious wipe out. The once spotless mortuary at ’Torpedo Ridge” held it’s first mass murdered victims sprawled out on uncooled trays, slain for motives unknown.

The deceased had been scheduled for a variety of different interventions ranging from mandible jaw to extreme Gold Venom procedures that day. Five in house Surgeons prepping the same had been found iced out on the block and seemed to have vanished. Ernie recounted that only doctor Krishna turned up to deliver a sordid version about what was happening.

Come hither, doctor Krishna acknowledged he was ‘taking the free ride out’ not foregoing the ‘tuck up crouch move’ he did his moves every time he saw Meryl.

The killer was at large and Angelica was livid about finding Elle who’d been booked in for an Extreme Makeover that morning.

“Get these Lady Boys to safety and leave the premises if push comes to shove, I need to find Elle, Angelica told Meryl. Meryl shooed the interns out and followed doctor Ramon. Her beeper sounded, she looked down and froze.

Elle’s barely alive, we’ve got to get out of here Doc, Mel says they found five surgeons and ten ER associates locked up in the canteen cold room, they’re doing a wipe out of sorts, Meryl panicked.

A wave of staff and patients rushed past Angelica and Meryl, Ernie in the crowd forcing his way through to join the doctor and her PA.

They’re gunning for your doctors ma’am, we got to get out of here, Ernie begged.

I got to find Elle.

The rude awakening, Angelica found Elle in the ‘VIP UNIT barely alive gasping for breath, she’ held her hand out to Angelica and smiled.

Mo pulled the Lassie Riley trick on me, she killed me, please don’t trust her, she killed me like she killed Lassie.

Can’t be, Muriel called me from Saint Tropez just now, Angelica replied, Elle nodded, closed her eyes and died. Just then a former hunchback and jaw line deformity named Jane Mogul appeared, she’d been transformed by miraculous measures, not a stitch of unsightliness, who did her reconstructive surgery? Angelica did not allow for interventions without her consent, Miss Mogul was scheduled for ’Gold Venom that week.

Oh my God, Jane, you’re totally transformed who did your reconstruction and did you see doctor Muriel Ford?

Doctor Krishna and doctor Froth did my surgery, how do I look?

Like miss Universe, now did you see doctor Muriel Ford around here today?


No, that was doctor Froth, they look similar Jane said and looked down at Elle’s corpse

“Miss Travis just died, didn’t she?” What a shame, I think miss Froth killed her, they argued, Miss Travis did not want doctor Froth to do the procedure she insisted on waiting for you.

“Why do you think doctor Froth spared you?

“I was supposed to be in an induced coma, I played dead, ma’am.

Angelica’s friend Elle Travis died and she was mortified. Doctor Froth? Who was doctor Froth? Angelica wept with grief, the universe was trying to tell her stories of doom since she arrived in Miami and there she was on Black Friday faces Doom at it’s best, she was ruined, entirely wiped out, Torpedo Ridge had crumbled and there she was ‘reduced to nothing’ the power of thoughts failed her, why? Uncanny, she’d never thought herself out of Torpedo Ridge. Did Lily-Vin have something to do with it?

The final count of forty victims, Torpedo Ridge” got cordoned off as a crime scene and a riot of police authorities raided the place in a wave of limousine hearses to and from the once iconic Esthetic Palace, the end of Torpedo Ridge Wellness Center. Shattered reality. Meryl sat next to Angelica sobbing with all her might, she felt like an amputee and held great pity, Angelica had been her number one fan, she had been greatly inspired by the doctor who opened her doors to take her in ‘when no one else’ condoned her Eccentricity.

Angelica left Torpedo Ridge’s morbid, sullen debar robbed of her pride and dignity. She had come to view her clients to be “As Ugly As Sin” and left feeling sinfully ugly for failing them. The true light of “Torpedo Ridge” shone on Ex ’Tuscany House” someone had replaced the ‘Tuscany House’ banner back to it’s former condition, total ruin. The logo still flickered it’s Neon billboard of indignant lies winking in words; ‘We Heal-We Save’. “Torpedo Ridge” had indeed bore no glory it too was as ’Ugly as Sin. There was no justifying the deed; Angelica was responsible for allowing the Palace to take a tumble. It was now far from the ’Torpedo Ridge majestic den for beautification and just stood there mocking her efforts and evoking pleasure for retrieval, [nothing lasts forever, this she had been told

“We Heal, We Save” flickered its taunt to remind Angelica that she had moved away from source and divine intervention had passed her by that day. When one is too busy building fortunes. The Universe has a way of bringing to order the things we omit, so one can focus on what matters, [radical awakening] The old chapter closed to open a new beginning for Angelica that could not happen if Torpedo Ridge stayed. Angelica had not asked for unrelenting ruin, it just happened. Angelica Ramon’s palace had gotten engulfed by an Abyss of rage and reduced her to an emotional wreck in nothingness, super power shied off and the wrath of Lily-Vin came streaming back.

Elle died, why Elle? Did Lily-Vin have anything to do with it and was Michael Rude implicated? Elle said that Muriel killed her, impossible, it had been verified, Muriel was well away in Saint Tropez heading for some island while Torpedo Ridge hit the rocks in ruin. Breaking News spread like wild fire, Torpedo Ridge was said to have encountered its second wipe out, succumbed to the same number of victims in prior times. The Monument of “Life & Death” a haunted house as Lily-Vin warned, and the little frail old man who said she’d be jinxed, recall to these words when the death squad turns up at your door digging for skeletons from your cupboard he had said, or something to that effect, she recalled. Lily-Vin vowed that she would return to its walls even if she were of ectoplasm roaming her living cadaver to emanate visible substance of ghostly derive, it was happening.

Angelica Ramon paid the high price for vanity and ungratefulness, perhaps because she had stepped back from her vow to be indebted to society, or for not tithing ‘Giving is receiving’ she stopped giving entirely. One cannot journey through life just taking it would not be fair and does not coincide with the Universal Plan of love. The truth about that is no man should feel obliged to give for there is no rule written that anyone is indebted to society such affirmations are serious and may hold one to applying the thought to word or get the flipside of what is not being honored. Whatever focus is on not being the end result is not being, thus one would receive more of not being anything without fail.

The man who thinks that everything is due to him receives everything he believes is due to him because he takes it for granted that it is due but when he convinces himself that minded dues cannot be undone so it is undone by the ‘cannot be undone etched in thought and mind. This is a pattern of mindedness, it does not matter how you reason, the illogic happens because it is a notion unseen and practiced by those who wants to use the system to survive. It is known that people tap into living off Taxpayer’ labor to creatively enhance their income as due because they don’t care to work for a living. Such men are enriched by the system and are never in lack because they suffer from due mindedness. Angelica Ramon left her Palace, it was not of minded ruin it looked ruined and held blood on is hands, she would miss it, she would miss Meryl who’d been her loyal servant from the first day she opened the doors to Torpedo Ridge. She would miss Elle, they’d been friends, soul sisters and confidantes. They’d grown up in the same space, a tragic loss indeed.

Memories of Elle reeled by in picture book perfection. Elle had been the sun in the trio’s shadow, inseparableness beyond measure, no three girls spent more time together than Muriel Ford, Elle Travis and Angelica Ramon. Their like mindedness had been uncanny, they all resembled each other and had similar characters and personalities forged in some ways but identical in others. Elle had been the ‘viewpoint’ character, Muriel the fleeting antagonist always on a mission to acquire and Angelica the protagonist plotting to retrieve. Elle had been vivacious, tenacious. An uncomplicated sweetheart who never munched her words, then neither did Mo or Angelica when they voiced their opinions, seemed as Flora had winged on all three the fiery Latino streak of Tell it like it is;

“I would die one day for no apparent reason, she often said then lived the high life like an adrenalin junkie. She got a kick out of bungee jumping, parachute gliding, speed carting and mountain climbing and lived her life on the edge of cliffhangers, Muriel and Angelica did too but not to the extent of extremes the way Elle did. Angelica had been shocked by Elle’s rapid somber, it happened overnight, she’d just flipped away from being a wellness guru to being a hypochondriac. Elle left her entourage perplexed by how she boarded the midday express to hell, noon was her ’Illness hour.

Elle had been a true real life drama queen and a great comedian

“Why me Lord? “What have I done to deserve this loss?” Angelica wept as she recalled to the memorable life bound fun filled and pained moments they had shared.

Angelica turned up to live and share the mansion with whining brat Muriel whose ‘House Maid’ Florence Gonzales owned the premises with her daughter Elle like they had shares in the Estate, that had always been a hard one to fathom out, how Florence came to encrust that way. The girls had been tight knit until Elle left to study abroad in her early teens. Elle returned a couple of years later and took up where she left off. Angelica and Elle savored the same life, no prejudice in a rather unorthodox manner of living, everything about the mansion was ‘Un-catholic’ Christianity was for Ridge, scientology merged with spirituality made for ’Ford’s rule, no one of littleness roams the Ford mansion, only guru-ness in all, the law of Ford’s attraction, amass, amass and amass more. True to their own authenticity they encompassed the same trials and tribulations no divide or separation, a friendship based on loyal ties.

Elle died, did Muriel know? If not, she too would be mortified. Angelica had sent her a text message, she did not respond. Probably too busy entertaining rich Sheiks on a private yacht somewhere grand like, Saint Tropez. Typical of Mo-for-money, as with all things, Muriel’s delayed reaction to deal with loss meant she would honor her frolic with an Adonis flaunting her MOFAMFIRE to deal with grief when she returned. Muriel and Elle bore an uncanny resemblance, not only twin-flames mimed by unrelated orb but typically side-by-side in more ways than one.

Muriel Ford the heiress of Ford Enterprises walked her walk with a permanent crown doted on by her mother Gwen Rivet Ford, an effaced woman who worshipped the ground her daughter walked on. Elle was the ‘sin child’ from a Ford associate’s indiscretions, said to be a married man named Milo Travis, a venture capitalist and exclusive main distributer for Ford Enterprise. Luc Ford brought Travis in to join the crooks but Travis was unsoiled, he never joined the sharks in shallow waters but savored the waves never bowing to Luc’s ’rear kissing Firm Attorney, Andre Debonair. Ironically of similar grinding and traits, Milo and Andre had more in common than they let on.

Like attracts like, when Luc Ford throws his bate he is sure to catch a shark. Andre bit and on the same became Luc’s partner in crime, The Legal Eagle Firm Attorney for Ford Enterprise a smart criminal on board. Andre Debonair on makeshift handled the art of Suave and gushed with poise and nobility. Andre was the perfect distinguished gentleman and so were his kids, Eric and Anthony, raised to be kings. Nothing for nothing, Andre Debonair came at her high price and high maintenance expensed on Ford’s fortune with nothing to lose. Andre was a man derived of great wealth, if he failed at any point he had his family fortune to exploit. Andre’s parents bathed in collective monetary bliss. Men in power, Luc, Andre and Milo were fierce businessmen and high on womanizing.

Luc Ford was said never to have wed but he kindled his housekeeper Gwen Rivet as a regular high society whore, she was a sophisticated prostitute who by Ford’s wish came to act as a house- maid with benefits in the bedroom during a time he claimed to be married to Arianna Alcove. Covert secrets and lies, Ford the man of many mansions. Andre Debonair sported a fine looking effaced wife named Edwina, a woman of homely derive who never showed face. Luc Ford’s partner Gwen Rivet pouted frills and luxury to her hearts delight but kept her place in the back seat never daring to whimper in her shift from maid to madam, that was in the making, the scandal of the kid was one to shy away, divulged in a revelation to shock.

Gwen Rivet did not embrace Luc’s ’overly generosity on Mo, but no sooner donned her the same glory and more. Gwen was happy to stay in the background while Luc womanized and skirt romped the clubs and circles of Elitism. Rarely accompanied by their dames, Luc, Milo and Andre ran the female race in a relay to explore from a variety. Frothing the wild ‘fortune hunters’ gold diggers turned up by the dozen, their wives had been well informed. Ridge Ramon’s time in office had been short-lived and envied by Luc who trailed Ramon into his den to land some favors, it had not been the man but his looks and assets Luc kindled. Unbeknown to Ridge, Luc Ford had already then thrown an invisible leash around Ridge’s neck, he was owned.

Luc honored Ridge Ramon’s clean boy image and heartily embraced his submissiveness all the better to exploit the man on due merit of being an ignorant ass. Luc Ford treated Ridge Ramon like an expensive rug to no sooner walk on him like a doormat. Jealousy and wrath rolled in by the minute. Luc loathed that women found Ridge irresistible but favored Ridge’s way of declining their advances, less for Ridge was more frock to fill for him. Luc treaded lightly about effacing Ramon from his parade. He chiseled Ramon down to size on the first sign that Ridge showed a preference of erring alone. Effacing Ridge with smooth alignment to extinction.

“How best to keep a popular man from his fans? Ask Ford! Inundate the man with projects so he will never show up to steal a show again. Expulsing Ridge Ramon from the Socialite calendar, in vain, the popular man fans sought him out at the mansion. So birthed Luc Ford’s “Ho-Slinger Parties’ at the mansion where his regular ‘side batch’ Barbie Lottie roamed. Ford was head over heels for Lottie and Ridge scrubbed up a little bit too finely around Lottie who in her own ascended from drench to Diva rubbing up on Ridge Ramon the wrong way. In a whim of envy, Ford sought to humiliate Ramon in the presence of influential people.

“Licking up to everything that walks is disgraceful, Luc groaned. “You tarnish my reputation Ramon, partying with the greats and mounting their lays is audacious, he had said.

“For a man of privilege to hang with the big sharks when you should be lying low with the small fish of inferior mold, you have some gall. Grab a cab peasant and return to your office, be thou with they grade, Luc mocked at one of their parties at the mansion.

“I live here, Ramon retorted.

Luc hit the roof in rage and blubbered the man to his face value.

“What grade may that be? Perhaps you deem my art to be greater than I am, I’m not duped you feel threatened by my presence.

Ridge Ramon’s response caused great anger to start the first of many wars to come. Ridge defied Ford, acted pompous ‘almost miming’ the attitude of his entourage and ’implied he was indispensible. Ridge would go on to learn that by being psyched up in an unworthy frame of mind lost many Ford’s respect. It had been a daring act to retaliate for being humiliated but Ridge cared less and would face the worst-case scenario as in demotion. Ford would efface him from the crowd and seat him at a lowly place to toil, downsize and spare him no grace, Ridge held no reins he was in Ford’s entrapment. “World Crisis by pretext; Ford knew how to tally on scarcity ’a preferred excuse ’to breaking Ridge’s ego. A man with a definite plan used psychology to knock on impoverishment and cash in on its misery. Ridge knew not how fierce Luc could be, no exception to the rule of ‘one of one’ option to dance to the Ford mantra.

Ridge Ramon earned a decent wage, savored of the Ford luxuriance, and resided in the Ford Mansion at first. Ridge was a rich man of a “peasant’s mold of ignobility for he knew not his monetary worth. Ridge learnt the hard way Luc Ford would reduce him to size and adherence. Angelica would become the pawn on the Ford versus Ramon Chess board. Ridge had gone on to provoke an exit, to no avail. He always just got entangled farther into the Ford web.

“Sir, if you are feeling the crunch of crisis by enrichment of my inventions, go right ahead and lay me off old man Goldstein is begging me to join his enterprise.

Luc hit the roof in rage, Ridge was pushing him over the tether and he was ready to explode. The cat and mouse game pursued a while longer while Ford planned Ridge’s demise. Ridge by then had learnt that Luc’s ‘You’re Fired’ meant ‘Get back to your post and obey’

Toying with Ford’s psyche, Ramon occasionally reminded Ford’s competitor Goldstein was eager to employ him for a worthy price.

On one occasion, they’d argued and Ridge retorted; ‘Your Fired’ moment’s of sending me back to my desk is pitiful, you will never hold the opportunity to sack me, Ford. I quit. I quit so I may build my dream for Goldstein. He’ll know better to appreciate my worth, Ridge had said in a tone of emotional blackmail trying hard to evoke respect and equality but Luc would not lower his dignity, if Ridge wanted to know what indispensability meant to Luc, he was about to find out.

“You are not in freedom lane in this town, Ramon. I own you; I own your reigns. “You will never be glorified or be worthy of a place with my competitors, not in this town, Luc had said in a soft tone.

“Here’s the deal; leave my enterprise and get imprisoned for the fraudulent deals and placements undertaken ‘in your deceased wife’s name’ or stay and do what you are told. “The price of freedom by your tonal imposition is declined thus undisputable’ but let it be known, whether you leave or stay, you lose.

“I applaud you for being argotic, linguistically dead and gibbering a specialized idiomatic vocabulary peculiar to a class of your own, we do not speak the same language thus foreign to your garb, Luc added. “It serves a purpose to be pompous and you have a good summation but under my instruction your audacity earns you demotion and you are now rudely deprived of life and living around these quarters. “Be wise and embrace the chance you are given, should you leave, your child will suffer the consequences of your deed and be deprived of living in luxury and getting the finest education you can never afford if you wished. You are ‘unworthy’ Ramon. “You live in an insatiable pit of nothingness and you can never be of superior class, you are depraved.

Ridge left Ford after sealing a month’s wage with instruction to fulfill a six-month project line for a new MO-LISS range. Ridge’s “throwing his weight around” gained him no justice but instead scathed him to zero income with added responsibility. “Would Ridge join Goldstein? Effectively, Ridge walked out that day and directly into Goldstein’s office and told him that he had come to take up promised placement. Goldstein told Ridge that the ‘opportunity’ no longer stood for he had merged with Ford Enterprises and was thus a conglomerate. Lost opportunities never return. Ridge tallied too long being hopeful that Luc would acknowledge his indispensability but his slackness cost him a place at Goldstein and Luc killed two birds with one stone to stop Ridge in his tracks.

Ford piled Ramon a fraudulent past, accused him of unlawfully picketing on stolen funds and owing backlog in millions for the use of property and protest to a project [liquidated], the accusations grew larger by the day. Ridge left Goldstein’s offices that day refusing to sell his land to, confusion, Luc claimed the land was his, evicted Ridge and held him to ransom now they were begging him to put his signature to the deed and even set a price, a high price at that! did they own it or not?

Ridge stopped off at the pub to soak up the drama, he had yet to return to Ford’s to collect Angelica. Luc turned up and brought Ridge back to Estate to be forever woven into Ford’s yarn of knotted grudge. Finances dwindled, the sanction of audaciousness, Ridge had only a family heirloom of great value to pawn and marched up to the “Pawn Store” to evaluate it. ‘The “Pink Lady’ was an invaluable cluster Diamond ring handed down from his ancestors,

He promised to hold onto it for Angelica and vowed that he’d hand it to her for her wedding. Ridge Ramon ‘encoded’ that if he did not live up to Luc Ford’s entrapment the only capital he could raise was from selling the Pink Lady, it was more than just of sentimental value it would fetch for a very high price.

Angelica fitted right in with a lifestyle of luxuriance and bliss. She was innately built to be accustomed of being pampered, dined and adorned with life’s best. How could he walk away and deprive her of that? Too bad she’d been fast tracked into living a life of luxuriance and would never know the true value of life and abundance by earning it. Ridge parted with his family heirloom and felt like he had just committed the ultimate sin. Ridge Ramon had never spilt a tear for the loss of material value and had no regard for wealth but he was already emotional about party with the ring. He entered the pawnshop, handed the “Pink Lady” to the owner for evaluation. The owner returned smiling and said:

“No one, would have placed this in my possession. “You are a dud to consider parting with such an invaluable piece. “I would be a thief to own it, so here’s the deal, the man said with a huge smile on his face.

“I will give you five thousand bucks and hold onto it until you are ready to retrieve it for five million dollars one day when you succeed and you will succeed, the old man added. “Here is a note for its retrieval, he added, signed the retrieval card and handed Ridge the money.

Ridge returned to his station with growing embitterment of Fords crushing demeanor still wavering in his quarry sinking deeper into pitiless destruction. Never tell the right hand what the left hand is doing, an abuser will always use a negative form of manipulation to tilt its foe from succeeding.

“A harsh lesson yet Ramon learnt nothing more valuable and continued to ‘build mighty dreams for others’ because he did not own a consciousness or mindedness to safeguard his treasures and secrets. Five thousand bucks merely sufficed to grow him a plant from a seed and yet it was ample to start up, one would ask, what he did with his money for he nailed broke every second of each month and now he earned nothing and five thousand bucks just vanished. Ridge was in dire straights farthest from the “Sultans of Swing” and roamed in a likelihood of “You Get a Shiver in the Dark”. Ridge approached Luc and begged for remunerated re-instatement. Truest to Ramon’s unworthiness, Luc’s moment of emergence arose to lay out primary conditions and the “John Rutledge” adage; being affluent doesn’t have to make one a fancy pants asshole, #keep it simple, would come into play. Not in kind. Luc embraced Ridge’s ’plea and tithed him with a hand picked long stalky rose ridden with thorns and said; “

Thank you for being an invaluable ass hole, now get back to your studio ‘your penalization shall not be lessoned neither will favor be considered’, the fancy pants ass hole had spoken and the pauper was politely reduced to natural ‘humanness’ in his den of poverty stricken deluxe, LLL&D lack, loss, limitation & deprivation, the condition stood, Ridge was to sign over his land to Ford and Goldstein at a reduced price of zero for nothing in exchange, that would be the day, Ridge wouldn’t put his name to paper, they could have it if they liked just not with his blessings.

Luc Ford was a brilliant con artist an unbeatable conniver and a joyous thief whose aim was to exploit any man of a highly creative derive willing to be abused. Luc was a rich miser who used men like Ridge and foxed such weaklings slyly into handing over their inventions for him to own. Ridge would receive a measly salary and false promise of business deals and enrich Ford personal acres of diamonds, this was Ford’s ’Get Rich Quick Scheme”. Ridge toiled in belittlement and Andre, a man of ‘high society’ reduced Ridge’s strength and power by rewriting Ramon’s life to a perfectly coordinated ‘memoir’ of Ford’s attainment and idealism. Luc Ford succeeded to amass a great fortune through Ramon’s faux pas and verbal contractual and unlawful note. Ridge’s offense had been “not to note or register’ Luc’s swindling as a Red Flag Item” Ridge paid the consequences of his own ‘thoughtlessness’ in dues to Luc and benefitted Ford Enterprise largely if not entirely. “Ridge was ‘building his dreams’ for Ford Enterprises for zilch.

Though, Luc took Ridge for granted, he knew well that miscalculation could leave him punned as he had gotten close to losing Ridge a few times. Luc held a high regard for Ridge’s brilliance but sorely underestimated the man’s intelligence. It had crossed his mind Ridge Ramon would be of greater use to someone else and or a guru at self if Luc took him down, still Luc challenged the timid man knowing; not to anger a kitten even when it purrs, when its claws rip in there’s nothing left but shreds.

Galactic Travels newly named, spun Ridge’s wealth to mega mounts, and Luc was back to claim. Handsomely, invest and swindle every dime, or so Ford thought. Angelica observed being au natural in the Ford Mansion and hitting it off with everyone like leavened dough. Angelica had grown into an adolescent of greatness and nearing her majority in a great friendship with Anthony Debonair, whom knew not what it meant to spend a moment apart from the woman he’d adored since the day they met. They were twin flames, inseparable and perfectly suited to date with lasting fervor, soul mates and on the identical vibrational level of spirituality. Anthony donned on an insatiable adoration, he worshipped the ground Angelica walked on and in the distance, his brother Eric, veering for the same love, waiting, watching moving closer from effacement. Timing was everything, he act in appropriation of his time line and go on to rip Anthony’s heart to shreds. Ridge Ramon died in the year of Angelica’s 22nd birthday, she had been farthest advanced in Surgical Esthetics, owned Torpedo Ridge, and had chosen to acquire an advanced masters degree for her future activity. Ridge died only days after he had retrieved a fortune he did not know he owned.

Three years after the Ramon Versus Ford Saga, it will be a Saga unfolding, secretes emerging and shocking truths divulged, when all is not known and so the story winds to it’s shattering denouement of life, love, obsession, hate, peace, glory, lies, deceit, victory and TRUST above all. Angelica dubbed the ex Ford Estate newly to “Ridge Manor” and allowed for Queen Gwen and Princess Mo to roam their kingdom in accustom, they had long left to reside on MO-AN-LUC Estate, a replica ten fold grand and of extreme luxuriance to shy the ex Ford mansion away. MO-AN-LUC? How peculiar, such luxuriance deserved something powerful and just such as ’MO-FORD or PALAIS Muriel, he would never otherwise omit his little Princess initials anywhere including in his heart. The Estate was breathtakingly exquisite and showed off a plushness and grandeur of great prestige and wealth. On it’s land stood an ultra modern luxury collection beach resort, truly a dream above dreams Angelica acknowledged. Power to Luc, he had known how to rise again from his fall and Angelica had always known he would at the pace he proved and done.

Luc was ‘Ford Almighty’ she used his fierceness and learnt his ropes to hold onto Wealth only not steal it. Angelica cared deeply but knew not if she could forgive him for the awful things he did to her dad. Ridge was long gone and Angelica moved on. Luc turned up to apologize, no grudges, no resentment. They both learnt the hard way and neither was about to ’toy with misery, it had no place in their lives, they were Wealth Magnets. Caution to the wind, Angelica thought Luc Ford always had an ulterior motive and she was not about to fall into his trap, surely he had one, of that she was certain. Angelica endured her fair share of emotional scarification she wanted nothing more than just to start anew and bury the hatchet [cautiously] of course.

Two Years Later, Christmas at MO-ANN-FORD, the three girls were celebrating their 25th birthdays respectively and graduation for Angelica who’d concluded to acquire the highest degree in her activity. Promised kept, Angelica, Muriel and Elle reunited at ‘MO-AN- LUC’ luxury private villa resort to celebrate their success. MO-AN Resort was part owned by Angelica and developed on Angelica’s land of humble beginnings now homed to Luc Ford – In retrospect of ’Visualizing and Materializing, Ford too accomplished is dream to own the PARCEL of land to erect the luxury resort he had dreamed of. Luc Ford and his wife Gwen Ford recently gone from concubine to wife, settled on the Estate with their daughter Muriel. The land of milk and honey housed Luc’s ex partner in crime Andre Debonair who acquired a plot of it in his name for his own personal development and gain.

Angelica continued to occupy her space as proprietor of ‘Ridge Manor’ with Eric her fiancé on the premises in his own private medical surgery on the beach strip just off the estate. Anthony effaced himself and only ever turned up at family gatherings and vanished for a while. Florence and her daughter Elle remained at the ex ’Ford Mansion, Milo at his own estate always and mostly at newly dubbed Ramon Manor. The Gadget business grew in leaps, the same staff expanded still honed Ridge’s wondrous inventions, of many prototypes found hidden in a bunker on the beachfront.

Milo Travers strutted around the gala hall at MO-AN looking as if he had a grenade to pull. Angelica hoped that it would not result in a matter of ‘irreconcilable differences’. One thing for certain, she could sense a major scandal about to erupt and with the gift of discernment knew that it was to be of a shattering denouement sure to leave someone with emotional debris. The heaviness died down to usual Ford Frolic and friendships stood the test of time. Anthony Debonair turned in a ‘drop dead’ gorgeous’ skin-tight tuxedo while his brother Eric, pulled on the ’irresistible gloat in a package of ‘God’s gift to woman’. Eric walked about mapping elation, the man exuded ecstasy from a mile. Angelica shook hands with genuine and false prophets, accepted compliments for her success with Angel Sleek and Angel Travels, she’d gone on to be an ace at everything and about a year away from making her grand entrance at ‘Torpedo Ridge’ as a qualified Esthetic Surgeon for the first time.

To grace reputations, Luc and Gwen boasted about Muriel’s fine gifts and their pride to be her parent’s. Gwen’s generally effaced nature had taken a huge flight in faith and turbo charged her to heights for all the times Luc had shut her up, she made up for it in leaps and bounds.

“We just got Muriel a custom made Bentley convertible, she chanted happily. Look at the Tiffany’s neckband of a thousand diamonds I got for he, she doesn’t know she owns it.

Elle Travis stood beside Gwen smiling, she looked like the glaze princess in white but something was off, she carried a chip on her shoulder, she was the sin child of Milo Travis of whom she heard mostly sneaky and snide remarks in the genre that she was the maid, Flora the gold digger’s daughter. There they were, the same gossipmonger’s from Ford’s gallery of truth whispering between them selves on high Tenor, she sounded like old gruff goats jabbering away.

“That’s the gold digger’s daughter, she quite pretty.’ “Can you believe the man, really, she said and nodded. Travis ditched the wife and kids for a Taco spiced chill CONCARNE, can’t say she’s not hot either, she laughed.

“He didn’t ditch the wife he kept the old cow and made of the maid his side dish, she’s here, look, she said and pointed to Milo with his family of three, the wife and their two grown boys.

Wow and look at those kids are the just not the spitting image of their dad? So sad he cheated on them, the third lady added.

“Pull on your spectacles Anne, his wife’s the age of his grandmother and those boys don’t have an inch of Milo. Can you blame the man for cheating? Really? I’d cheat on the old cow any day if I were he, she laughed

. It is said that Elle had been conceived by ruffled indiscretions, from passionate stolen moments. Liaison fatal, because someone turned up dead alleged to have been Milo Travis’s first wife or something to that effect. The details surrounding [the death] were scrummy, no one knew for definite what had happened, only that Milo was and had been married to the old hag for twenty odd years and had two boys, twenty year-old twins or something and now the wife was public and parading like she’d always been in Milo’s life. Florence Gonzales aka Flo was said to have disgraced the kingdom and its prestige, upset the Travis spouse and pained the Travis sons, even that ‘she may have killed’ Travis’ first wife, a laughing matter then that he sacked up with another who’d been there when he was with the first.

Milo Travis turned up with his wife and kids at one of Elle’s most important events. “What was Milo thinking? “Wasn’t it supposed to be a family moment, Elle’s family moment? The alleged wife, Belinda Travis wore her traits like a crinkled linen shirt, she was tired, had crow feet wrinkles the size of a fold and dark circles around her baggy eyes complimenting the double hairy chin. Not too far from good looking but far from beautiful. An evident ‘cougar’ with black finger nails the size of a hooked curvy kebab skewer. Belinda aka a Bee cringed every time Florence rubbed up on Milo Travis to flirt on the public arena they were acquainted and met a few times in a public eruption most times.

“Keep your overly familiarized frothing for the brothel, Flo, Bee fumed. “You’re not the “Maid from Manhattan” you’re the Ford maid bottom line.

“So what, Bee? “Your boys are my daughter’s brothers not so? It is in your best interest to stay close the enemy [that’s me]. I chose Milo to father my children so I would stay on board his journey for life and here I am. If you you still don’t know my worth after twenty years, check your bank accounts, I own them now. And, do you know why I’m rich and glorified, Bee? For knowing where to poach my eggs and you’re right, I am a gold digger and fortune hunter, my story is that of an underestimated ‘maid’ employed to dust the sins of kings. “If one is good enough to dust the kings sins, then one is good enough to be his sin, so hell yes, I am not the “Maid from Manhattan” but I am made in Mexico raised to become a fortune hunter and I succeeded. “I am standing on my own acres of diamonds in the possession of a planned fortune and wealth so that my children may live in luxury and abundance. “Look at my children. “Do they seem to lack anything?

Children? Who and where were the other’s? Only Elle stood there, did she have others or another?

Elle stood there wearing her crown of self worth, her parent’s indiscretion was not hers, Milo was her dad and he played an important role in her life, she would honor him. Milo and Flo had high hopes and dreams for her they were there to applaud her choice of career and rejoiced that she graduated as a Gynecologist/Obstetrician. Florence was the epiphany of a bright bulbs glowing with pride and then it happened. Belinda was way to glove tight on Milo. He seemed to be irritated by her touch feely whims and blew the cougar off and sent her to find a seat with her boys. Milo joined Florence on the stage to congratulate their daughter.

“Introducing the world’s best Obstetrician, my daughter, Elle Diva Travis, Milo said with great pride. “We are so proud of your achievements, helping kids into the world and women, you chose well Elle.

“Thank you dad, I am not the world’s best Gynecologist Obstetrician but a common Cosmetic Surge, Elle boasted and laughed. “I wasn’t up for dealing with those body parts you love so well, she cackled.

Truth is told. I didn’t fancy looking up Vagina’s, uterus’ ovaries and fallopian tubes. It just kills me to work with diseased ovaries, twisted fallopian tubes, ovarian cyst’s, fibroids and cluttered cob webs on those who knows not to oil themselves sometimes, yeah I kind of get the creeps when I hear of sexually transmitted disease and besides, I’d rather leave work feeling enriched in my soul for having done something beautiful rather than sometimes have to deal with fatalities in it’s genre, I’m just way too soppy and invested to fail. Elle went on to explain that upon dissertation she submitted documentation in support of her candidature for an academic degree or professional qualifications of becoming an Obstetrician and upon validation and enrollment discovered that she had been retained to study cosmetology instead. A huge oops, as she turned in Angelica’s thesis by mistake and landed herself the perfect placement but she did not want to come across as a copy cat and thief so she held back on the surprise for years.

“I may not be the world best Plastic Surgeon like Angelica but I am hopeful that what I add to ’beautifying may change some people’s lives and I am proud to join doctor Angelica Ramon at “Torpedo Ridge” Esthetics where we will do wonders together as of next year.

Florence rose to applaud in noisy tonal raps strutting her svelte frame in a skintight canary yellow mini dress. Expensive accessories dangled from her ears, neck and waste. One could hear the ’diamond shuffle of bling-bling from a mile, that was Flo in her entirety, authentic to the core.

“Bravo, Ella, way to go girl, I raised you to go digging for diamonds and here you are shining so brightly to get your mum a tit lift and iron out that crimple on your dad ass he calls a face, Flo laughed. “That’s right girl, I can’t be kissing butt all my life, fix that ass he calls a face, she cracked up and laughed at the top of her voice.

“You are such a scream Flo, so glad I married your spiced up taco tit bits, welcome to the official world Mrs. Florence Travis, so proud to be your husband. The Ripple Effect, confusion, some oohs did he just ditch his wife and kids in public? “He did say that he married Florence Gonzales, didn’t he?

Bee went bonkers spitting fumes and Milo was beyond surprised at her overly outburst.

“ Oh hell no, you married her? What about us, what about the boys? We’ve been a family for twenty years, it can’t go down like this, she fumed.

“Have you quite lost your mind, Aunty Bee? The game’s game over, you can drop the act now that Uncle Milo’s freed from jail, he’s here, Milo junior said and pointed to his uncle in the distance.

Milo senior appeared, a rugged older handsome looking man, Bee pressed her lips together and frowned, she didn’t recognize the stranger and held no ties of sentiments. Why would she remember or care about a man who chose swindling above love and left her to raise his twins never once inviting her or them to visit in his kings’ precinct entertained by ‘Jail Yard’ call girls. He left her with ample but that was it, she didn’t know this man and cared less to get acquainted with the thief. Truth be told, she grew on the young man, Milo Junior had been her rock, he had been more than just a dad to her kids, she loved Milo Junior.

The scandal money laundering scandal erupted when Milo senior, his wife Belinda aka Bee at the time visited Milo junior at his home at a time Milo junior had been married to Priscilla said Travis. They’d turned up; Bee was pregnant and for the first time met Priscilla a dainty young lady, sweet as a pea and mannerly like oxford. An hour into a rather rowdy conversation with Priscilla Milo senior got vocal and raised his voice, Milo junior appeared from nowhere with some super shiny young Latino named Florence at his hip. Bee shrilled, Milo junior brought his mistress to his home to meet the wife? Who does that? To top it off, five year-old Elle hopped into the crowd shaking hands with everyone. My name’s Elle or was it Ella?

They’d been talking about money matters, a foreign topic for Bee who had no mind for wads and figures. Priscilla seemed unhappy a heated argument ensued. Milo senior hit the roof in rage, Florence intervened and a catfight erupted. A few minutes of inattention and the next time Bee viewed the sudden calm, Florence was seated at the table with Milo junior and Milo senior stood over Priscilla’s body, she’d hit a rock and died. The police authorities turned up and Milo senior got arrested and jailed for twenty years.

Florence was a “Gold Digger’ but not a home wrecker and mistress, Priscilla and Milo had not been an item, she lived with him to cover his uncle’s fiddles and farts with justice. Milo Travis married Florence Gonzales on the day his uncle had been freed from prison. It had been a pact, kept for [secretive reasons] Elle, Mo and Angelica formed a group hug to congratulate Florence and Milo. Bee lost the plot and acted weird. No way, Bee was not reconciling with the stranger who walked in, even her boys didn’t recognize the man, they had not yet been born when he got imprisoned and debarred them from visiting.

Muriel had been especially touched by the day’s events, elated about reuniting with her friends and she was happy for Florence.

“Flo, I may have been your worst nightmare but you were my biggest blessing and inspiration. I have never given you enough credit for being my maid, my nanny, my cook, tutor, and above all a friend and confidante. You taught me everything I know. It wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t acknowledge that you were and are an excellent mother. I love you beyond limits, Muriel said tearfully.

“Oh honey if only you knew how appropriated those words are to the truth, Florence retorted. Elle and Angelica butted in to form a group hug.

Angelica, Muriel and Elle had been born on a Christmas day twenty-five years prior. It had been a day like no other in the Ford mansion, chaotic, dramatic and almost hilarious. Gwen had been seated on her high wooden bench wiggling about her round form trying to find comfort and ever so often groaned from the onset of contractions.

“I’m craving ‘Fudge Ripple’ Ice cream and caramel Gwen told Luc

“Hop down from your wall Humpty, you’re not an invalid you’re pregnant, he retorted through cackles. Luc’s cellular phone rang, Arianna’s profile appeared and Luc lit up like a globe.

“Its Aria! Ramon’s taking her to ’Leander Falls to have their kid.

“So what? Wish them luck and get me to ‘Alpha-Todd’ you’re taking me to have ours. “Hurry though or she might suffocate in here and die, Gwen said.

Due respect to their friendship but Arianna and her wilds held no debar about calling Luc at her slightest whim.

“Does she need you to hold her hand while Ridge passes out, Gwen inquired sarcastically, grabbed the phone from Luc and told Arianna to buzz off.

’Our child is in distress get me to Alpha Todd, now or we won’t be having a princess to pamper.

Flo turned up holding her bag in one hand and sporting a belly twice the size of Gwen’s, no surprise, she was twice as thin and almost skeletal as opposed to Gwen. Oops! Florence squeaked as a puddle of amniotic fluid seeped down her legs to settle in the center of the lounge, it was their first, neither had given birth before and Luc was farthest from having a clue about what to do next.

“Get the Limo, Flo yelled out at Luc, and hurry I’m not having my kid in here, and where’s Milo?

A fun filled Limo trip to Leander Falls of jolly cackles while Luc boasted the names he’d chosen for the unborn infant.

I like “Muriel Lucinda Ford, diminutive Mo so fitting and rhymed for a princess, Luc said.

“Great choice Luc, Florence retorted. “Did you know the name Muriel” was used to designate something of utter perfection?

“Of course I knew, Luc retorted and added, She’s from Celtic elements meaning ‘sea’ and ‘bright’. “The child is of conscious creative emergence and a visualized element in substance rose as prototype in mind to be the type of ideal of concise picture perfect embodiment. ,

,’What will you name yours? Luc inquired

“Elle Diva Travis.

“Why? Gwen burst our laughing

“Why not? Beats the old ass out of a name like Muriel doesn’t it? If you must know, I am from French origin, Elle’s French, touched with class and something of a refined style and beauty and so she shall be.

Gwen resented the fact that that Flo’ was having her child at the same clinic. The thought about Flo’s Elle associating with her Muriel and sharing a Barbie parlor in the Ford mansion, made Gwen want to cringe.

“Of course, Elle’s a pretty name and it’s very sounding for a ’Maid to Serve”, Gwen thought out loud and laughed, Flo was in no mood to hamper with Gwen’s petty grievances, she needed to get the creature out. Luc’s generosity to accord his housekeeper the freedom to roam and reside in the mansion made for ’inquiry. Luc’s excuse had been ploy to keep his main distributor Milo Travis happy and Milo’s liaison with the maid a secret. Milo Travis was said to be unaware of the ‘sin child’ conceived with Florence on a ‘night shift’ of lusty passion. Lo, of an underhanded shenanigan bequeathed by the gold digging maid’s fervor to lay a nest egg of ’higher purpose. Such scandal and scorn could not befall Ford Enterprise. Luc Ford could not afford to be implicated in the maid’s affair with a highly prominent man hailed from greater society for the sake that ’he was a married man and said to have two sons with his spouse. The limousine pulled up at Leander Falls.

Gwen blew a gasket, she had wanted to have her child at the ‘Alpha Todd’ treating maternity clinic not where Luc Ford’s ex Arianna Alcove Ramon just turned up to give birth to her first child from Ridge Ramon.

“Why are we here? I’m booked for Alpha Todd and not to give birth in a medley of maid and ex, she spiffed at Luc who’d already gestured for a stretcher and left the stewards to wheel Gwen into the maternity wing. Just what she needed, Arianna Ramon in prep and then Florence Gonzales side by side in a Private ‘Maternity Wing’ Arianna and Flo got priority, prepped for a caesarian procedure by the same male midwife on a short staffed day, no one cared that Gwen was dilating.

“Get me to Alpha Todd, Gwen whined.

“Calm down ma’am your placing your baby in distress.

The celebrations at MO-ANN continued Gwen had been offended by Muriel’s sweet serenade to Flo.

“Kissing up to Flo like that Mo, shame on you for pulling flesh from my face, Gwen irked and pointed out that Muriel’s vanity rose from Florence’ instruction to defy what she relayed to Muriel. Gwen hoped for Muriel to score a PHD in medicine not a certificate in salon cosmetics, all that and more, she did not appreciate that Florence got praised for raising her child.

“Of all the frivolity and superficiality, you chose to become a Cosmetologist and not a Neurosurgeon.

Gwen argued that Muriel’s subject of study had been underrated and of a third class exercise farthest from prestige or status to the Ford name sake.

“I would rather you concocted motion from dog’ poo to smear on poodles at ‘Strays’ than fix ‘ugly’. I raised you to do something valuable and the reward for my efforts are vanity and disregard, Gwen continued.

“The End, Luc butted in, this episode is stale. Our Mo is vain and so be it, she inherits your inflated ego Gwyneth so rough it up she’s what she is bottom line.

“Luc frowned upon Gwen’s remark about dog poo and rebuked it as unsanitary distaste. Gwen’s outbursts were vain and conceited for a woman who’d been his parlor girl then maid before she became his wife.

“I like it when you speak foreign, Luc laughed, downsizing your own sputum and rib of my torso, Ford blood seeps through her veins and I would give an arm if anyone disputed that she is not as fierce as the DNA we share, Luc added. “Pretty up it’s getting kind of ugly in here and you know what Angelica thinks about hideousness.

“No one comes into this world clad with an irrefutable tracksuit appropriated for a race issued, I am not one for extremes, Gwen added. Muriel laughed.

“What’s so amusing, my child?

“Your selective memory, Mother!

“Oh no, not that, Muriel! “My former deformities are skinflints of old; I embraced my ugliness because it is a trait from birth.

When Gwen first entered the Ford parlor to join the Ford employer

Associate list, she wore a minor facial deformity in the form of a massive wine stained birthmark that covered her cheek, part of her nose and overlapped a quarter of her lips only visible when she didn’t cover up in tons of base and powder.

“When I first joined the Ford Ass, I was a circus freak kept to hide in the Ford closet while the chirpy maid Florence got free reign to raise your beastly bits, Gwen continued, she practically stole my kid from me.

“Spare us the details Gwyneth Ford, Luc interrupted, this is a graduation party not revelations hour

“I agree, Florence chirped in. There is too much tattle in your tales Gwen. “Removing a few skeletons from your cupboard is good but laying out bone fragments are sure to open up a dormant storm of worms. It may be wise to keep them hidden a while longer, for the truths we dare are better left unsaid at times Florence continued.

“Who asked you, maid turned madam?

“Don’t get ugly Gwyneth it won’t serve you, you are but the Ford wife and that’s it.

“I am the Ford wife and mother, Gwen replied.

“Correction, those girls are not whom they think they are, Florence said pointing to Muriel and Angelica. “Your subconscious swing is high on ‘denial’ but then again you are the most uninformed individual in this room, Florence spiffed, it is not a nice thing to ‘reduce’ you to a motherless state but I raised those girls to be brats because I was a Fairy God mother of bogus mindedness, I elevated them to heights and taught them to take and want only the best, so hell yes! It is indeed revelation hour, Florence muttered.

“You elevated no one but yourself, gold digger so bragging about choosing Ford Enterprise to enrich your knowledge and tapping into the glorious bastards wealth, is indignant. “How enriching that you managed to live like a queen, gain a rich man, trap him into having a child, and you scheme that you have it all made. You have the audacity to credit yourself for raising my daughter, Gwen frowned and said; Get a life ’servant lady, I have fond memories to relay of the child I brought into this world not the one you think you raised, she is my kid, Gwen churned with ownership of her role as mother and wife and took the steering seat.

“Muriel is not your child, Florence gurgled.

Gwen turned crimson and Luc vibrated on high tenor to keep his vocal chords from falsetto, he was dumb struck and disgruntled by a song he knew he did not want to dance to.

“Have you quite lost your mind, Florence?

“It is written, Luc I must divulge, Florence said.

“All? Luc inquired?

“All but one, Florence retorted and shed some light on truths from the past

“Muriel is not biologically related to either of you, she not wears Ford traits lest has a drop of Ford blood oozing through her veins.

Sighs of astonishment to distilling silence. Luc Ford turned mauve waiting for Florence to trollop her truth willingly douching out the Ford Kindle. Luc knew that Florence was everything but a liar, whatever she was about to divulge was sure to send shock waves through everyone’s codons and change the course of their lives forever.

“I knew it! Always found it peculiar that I had a twin flame in essences of another mother, Elle said.

“Who’s Mo’s parents then? Elle inquired.

“On Christmas day, twenty five years ago, Gwen, Arianna and I turned up at “Leander Falls’ to have our girls, Florence said; “The Ford Saga continues!

“The Ford Limousine pulled up at the emergency entrance at Leander Falls, in it, two highly pregnant women, one rapping the roof off claiming to have unbearable contractions, Gwen, and the other trying to put her at ease, Florence. The male midwife prepped Arianna and Angelica and left Gwen to yap for attention, pretext that ’her baby may be deprived of oxygen if they did not induce labor and deliver the child.

On a gurney each in the same room, the three women were about to give birth and were being prepped for Caesarian section procedures respectively. Only one midwife on duty, the Surgeon had been nowhere to be found. The Front Desk Office Consultant beeped for the standby doctor, the drunken man slurped about a doctor D from elsewhere was on his way to deliver the VIP babies. In the process, Ten other expecting mum’s got turned away in waiting for the same doctor D’s arrival.

There they were in a highly luxurious Mother & Child Care ‘ center, the threesome occupied a plush delivery salon’ located in a private wing. Gwen highly anxious and distressed had not shut her mouth in view that she was placed next to her ‘rival’ Arianna Alcove Ramon whom she loathed. Minutes seemed like hours and Gwen’s groans worsened. Gwen’s dramatized yaps in what would later emerge as having been of ‘genuine distress’ caused her great pain and discomfort and she was being taken for a hissy fit prima donna. Arianna’s handsome husband Ridge Ramon doted on his beautiful wife as Luc Ford with common interest in his ex, had a word with Ridge all too overly interested in the Ramon child more than his own with Gwen who’d by then showed signs of anguish. Luc smiled, Arianna was happy, Ridge gloated. They were in love and proud.

Kudu’s to Ridge Ramon, Luc thought. Doctor D’s assistant strolled in reeking of ’Bourbon” and directed Luc and Ridge to the pub. Milo Travers turned up like speedy Gonzales to Ford’s astonishment, was he not supposed to be clueless of his mistress’s ‘sin of the kingdom’ pregnancy?

Apparently not, Milo doted on Flo with pride of being a future dad. He pampered his ’Maid from Mexico” and sought not to deny paternity. Talk about indiscretion! Milo stepped up to embrace what other’s viewed as a scandal, quite oddly because he was a married man and father of two boys the age of reason. In a new light, Luc Ford viewed that Milo Travis cared for his mistress and wholly embraced the new life she was about to offer him. Their future infant was already highly loved and celebrated in the midst of scandal.

Go down “Chez Philippe” there’s Christmas “QUERVO GOLD” flowing up “Champs Elyse”, two blocks on the right, the tipsy male midwife told the three men tripping and dropping his beeper three times in a row then falling and stayed put for a while before he got back up and straightened up to talk to the caller.

“Yes doctor D, the yeller Ford-Star first, he tongue slurped almost tripping again, the man was clearly as drunk as a Lord, he moved away to speak with discretion.

“She’s bringing the house down and sure to attract some trouble, we cannot afford to get caught or the officials will be down here and we will be found out. Milo Travis didn’t like the idea of a drunk mid wife attending to his wife and stuck around waiting for the doctor to arrive.

The midwife walked back in directly to Gwen, he hadn’t done much in prepping and moment’s later a female midwife arrived, also focused on Gwen but Arianna’s vitals dropped and Gwen got abandoned again so Arianna could get fussed over as usual. Ridge hadn’t left her side. She seemed frail.

Luc plunked a kiss on Gwen’s cheek, told her that their Mo was going to be a bouncy baby girl and tucked at Ridge.

“The nurse is here, come join Milo and I for a celebratory drink

“I’d rather be close, Ari’s not coping well, Ridge replied and added, your partner’s not too comfortable either he told Luc, maybe we should all stay and go when they’re done. Ridge said.

Luc cackled.

“Come on Ramon, a dead kid or two happens, no bull, they don’t need us here, we need booze.

Easily enrobed and pressured, Ridge joined Luc and Milo and felt terribly uneasy, he just felt like something tragic was about to happen and gulped so fast forcefully bowing out and returning to the ward. The famous Doctor Daniel strolled in covered in scrubs from head to toe, unrecognizable and urged to get to his patients.

“Is Ari Ramon’s date with destiny beckoned or does she need an extra toddy to shut down he asked the female midwife

’She’s scheduled for the morgue, the ‘male midwife’ cackled through a brewer in his mouth and smirked “Seriously Dan you’re such a fake have some compassion for the aura that lives, her vitals are really alarming and the least we can do is pretend that we care.

Florence observed but had not ‘grasped’ the criminal connation of their plans, she too was in pain. “Did she hear what had been said?

Arianna asked to have a private moment with Florence the drunk mid wife shunned her off.

“Moment’s are few, Miss, you’re scheduled for your trip

“Move her here this instance drunk ass, she wants a moment she gets a moment, ‘Entiendes lo que estoy diciendo’ Florence said and hopped from her gurney to get to Arianna.

Doctor Daniel and his assistant were up to something, the female midwife was in on it, noticeable though the drunken man steered clear of the patients on doctor’s orders.

“Was Arianna dying or were they ‘sprouting’ her death? Doctor Daniel and his colleague left to a cat shrilling yap, Gwen pleaded for help, to no avail, and they were fully focused on Arianna. Just then, an administrator darted in to announce that the doctor on call was about to arrive. Total confusion, the doctor on call was on his way, then who and where was doctor Daniel from, was he even a doctor?

Of minor importance, doctor Daniel seemed to have taken good care of Arianna and personally accompanied her to the Operating Theatre leaving the new doctor on call to attend to Gwen who by then just about passed out in panic. As if by some jinx, this time Flo’s yaps got his attention and Gwen’s pampering got short cut to some nurse yelling out; Triplets? History at Leander Falls’ it has it’s first set of triplets on the horizons, the nurse hopped around. The fuss ensued. Gwen had not heard a word of the exchange and cared less she cried out for attention. The doctor in his rapid review scan announced; It’s twins, the 2nd’ child is bridge and the third’s a lard mass. Gwen freaked out; she was focused on the thought that her baby had been deprived of oxygen. This had become an affirmation of repetitive measure and never ceased until she’d gotten sedated.

Why did Gwen attract such limited attention? “Gwen’s vibrational energy field of absolute certainty that her child was deprived of oxygen clashed with the more urging of ‘the business or birth not death’ her energy field blocked up and zoned in on life thus attracting their codons to what they sought of more urging of command and played up as Arianna’s failing vitals to Florence’s multiple birth chart, Gwen had thus not been the Priority, her vitals were fine.

“Why did Florence Gonzales the said Maid’ from a similar thread as Gwen attract more attention than Gwen did.

A rich consciousness and the use of privileged mindedness permeated an aura of ’being served; She used the ‘Think and grow Rich” tactic to attract favor whereas Gwen harnessed and raised a consciousness of inferiority to remind herself that she held no power over Ford domain, she was not legally married to Luc at the time. Gwen held back on being flourished in mindedness even though she yearned for it. Her energies exuded mixed signals of wanting to be yet not being of superiority and therefore delayed being seen for who she had become in mind. Gwen’s attending physician dropped her to take interest in Florence because Florence’ vibrational energy matched his sequence of ‘higher energy’ Gwen had been effaced for that moment.

“Oh no not the maid first! My infant shall die in here if she get’s privileged, Gwen sobbed. Gwen’s mindset had been stuck on ’the danger of not giving birth on time. Imagined her child in distress and affirmed an eventual death, she’d been focused on the thought picturing the worst and displaying the emotion of distress thus conveying her belief that the child would die, [obviously because as she points out, no one attended to her.

Arianna’s message reeled by Florence’s mind, she had to get to the OR and pulled out a Tigress move with threats to publicize the doctors on board within seconds if they did not get her into the same Operating Theatre. Arianna was barely alive and only moments away from having her baby girl. Doctor Daniel looked highly suspicious, he wore a sadistic grin on his face as he administered a drug into Ari’s drip, Ari calmed down, Doctor Dan nodded to his female ’accomplice‘ by now it was evident that the were [killing her] Flo pulled the Alarm praying that they wouldn’t kill her in the process, they fled and Flo hopped from her gurney almost ripping the drip from her arm to get to Arianna and so Flo delivered Angelica, cut the chord and placed her on Arianna’s chest.

Arianna stared at her blue-eyed blond child and smiled and whispered to Florence then died. Florence wept as she looked at Ari’s lifeless body the child still on her chest soothed by her mother’s love. Florence lifted the little one and placed her in the ’untagged incubator, and in her own contractions yelled out for a doctor who’d been attending to Gwen in the Cubicle next door, a few anguished whines and Gwen went silent.

Florence had a natural birth, a set of twins, one of which he placed on her chest, and the other in Angelica’s crib, both kids unidentified at the time. The doctor made Florence comfortable and darted out of the OR to attend to emergencies elsewhere. Florence held her little girl for a moment, set her down on the gurney and hurried to the two girls in the crib, she lifted Angelica and placed her in Gwen’s crib tagged ’Muriel L Ford, looked at the kid and sighed. I can’t do this, she thought out loud, she’s no Muriel she’s Angelica right?

Arianna had asked of Flo to name the kid Angelica Ari Ramon and watch over her, that was what she must do. Flo removed Angelica from the incubator and placed her back into the Ramon space, grabbed a tag and jotted the child’s name then secured the arm band on her tiny wrist and smiled, she did well, she was pleased. Then the warden came by to remove Gwen’s stillborn infant, she was a real Muriel indeed, pretty like a button still angelic and warm, one could imagine that she was smiling, Florence shed a tear, the warden wrapped the little body and left. Gwen had been robbed of motherhood by sheer negligence and would never have a biological child of her own. She had just had a total ablation and Luc Ford was deprived of an heiress for the running of the ‘Covenant of Torpedo Ridge’. Florence filled out name stickers and plucked them on the three incubators, Elle Diva Travis at her partitioned cubicle, curtains drawn for privacy giving on Angelica Ari Ramon’s incubator in the next cubicle. To her right, Muriel L Ford had been placed with Gwen in the recovery station. Gwen was still under the influence of anesthesia. Luc Ford returned to find his princess Muriel dressed up in a Gucci pink doll size dress, the child was adorable and sucking on her thumb. Luc lifted her, she fitted in the palm of his hand and he was elated. Gwen whined her way out of her trance commanding to see her daughter.

Luc heard Ridge growling and knew the child had died, as usual, he again dropped Gwen and hurried out to console Arianna and Ridge for their loss but it was not the child, Arianna died. Ridge held Angelica in his lap and sobbed, Luc took the child from him, smiled at her and she smiled back, he knew then that she’d have to live in the mansion or she’d err in mournful bliss, Ramon was a broken and man.

Luc was as mortified as Ridge by Arianna’s death, he loved her deeply too but and lost her love through his own indiscretions with his then ‘parlor girl’ Gwen Rivet. Ford had been with Arianna flipping keys from bedroom to bedroom for much longer than a lifetime but he had not anticipated that Ari would fall for some ‘louse’ named Ramon. Luc had sent Ari to get her hands on Ramon’s play den of electronic gadgets for Luc to own but his vicious plot backfired, Ramon was the man she loved and she would grow Ramon’s fortune for Ramon.

Luc Ford left Flo and Gwen with Milo and drove Ridge Ramon and his new baby girl to Ridge’s dilapidated warehouse that night and returned to the Ford Estate three days later sloshed and inconsolable.

Florence continued to divulge that Muriel was not Luc or Gwen’s biological child. Angelica had been pained for Muriel but more that her mother had been killed.

“They killed my mum, she knew why, was that what she mumbled in your ear? Angelica inquired’

“Your mum’s last words were; my baby is not Ridge’s she’s Luc’s, divulge this only when the time is right and please watch over her until then. “Call her Angel, Angelica Ari Ramon and do not let Luc deprive her of her birthright she must wear the Ford name after her majority he’ll know why. Timing is everything Flo, timing…

Muriel hit the roof in rage “You are delusional Flo, swapping Ford with Ramon, it’s ridiculous, look at me, I’m as Ford as Ford get’s, she laughed.

Florence explained that she placed Angelica in the Ford crib and felt as if she just extinguished a dying wish. Flo knew that her given name Angelica Ari had been destined, she couldn’t turn the child into a Muriel, it seemed more appropriate for her to place one of her twins into the Ford crib and name her Muriel, she had two babies after all and the Ford’s had been left with none. Her decision had not been based on pity for Gwen or Covenant Cover for Luc, she viewed only that the child would be garnished and pampered then stand in line for ’world wealth, it was an easy decision to make and she did without hesitation, so Muriel got tagged and dipped into the Ford Basket to be a Ford.

“This can’t be happening, Muriel yapped. I’m nothing like you, this can’t be.

“I couldn’t deny you a life of a princess or Luc of an heiress, we wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t do what I did. The truth is I had to bring Angelica home to where she belonged and the irony is that Luc made that decision when he first saw her.

“So there you have it, you are not Ford’s biological daughter, you are Elle’s twin and the vein of Flo and Milo Travis, my child.

Whipped out of sorts, Luc looked at Muriel and Angelica, he was drained. Gwen collapsed. A graduation party with a twist, it was time to set the record straight and only some of the secrets and lies emerged.

Muriel’s first cry at birth had been; serve me. She arrived into a world seeing dollar bills and financial abundance as promise. Muriel first nod had been “I own the mint, show me the money” and rightly so, her dad owned a fortune regardless to him being a genitor or not.

Muriel could not have known the father figure was but a figure, literally and now she wore stigma to being a Maid’s garnish as a reduction to the brine of slaves. Muriel held claim to her title, Ford and wanted no association to Milo Travis, not because he was less healthy than Luc Ford, he owned a fortune, but because he did not identify to whom she was. Muriel raised her vibrational energy to that of an energy vampire and held domain over others. Ford had taught her never eat from a steel spoon when being served from a golden platter, she would live the high life and inherit the Ford Fortune.

“What matters now is how far we have come, Florence concluded. The years ahead would capsize the Ford Saga into deeper waters but the party continued on an unraveling of secret’s note.

Gwen had not bonded with Muriel and recalled asking her; whose child, are you? Mo replied; certainly not yours Gwen Rivet, you’re a Ford wannabe. Gwen pretended to be hurt about Mo’s reflection but it pinched like a solid but frugal denial, Angelica ogled up at her and added; “I don’t like what you’re constantly trying to make of me.

“I don’t really like you, Gwen, you don’t feel right. Florence does. Gwen resented Florence for bonding with Muriel. Gwen did not feel Mo was not her child, she nurtured her in the absence of maternal instinctiveness, never wondering why she lacked direction, didn’t they say motherhood comes naturally? Truth be told, Gwen had no desire to mother children, she wanted Luc to herself and she yearned to be the lady of his manor to be adorned with gifts and frills, a child would rob her of such attention. Gwen had wanted Muriel to be a Neurosurgeon by a conclusion that Muriel’s daily quip was to poke spaghetti into her bald dolls heads saying; only brain damaged people don’t talk, let’s get some neurons in this head so we can chat. Gwen observed as Mo sat at her Barbie station stuffing her dolls cheeks with putty clay and said; well then my brain surgery seems to have been in vain, in addition you are now bony and not voluptuous we got to put some plump in your frame, maybe you’ll smile. Gwen laughed about it and found Muriel’s conversations with her doll patients hilarious.

It’s a blond thing, I think, you’ve always been daft, Mo why was I thinking you’d be a Neurosurgeon and not ’plump it up Diva? “Look at you honey, you’re pretty and vain, pretentious and way too fictive to fiddle with corroded brains limited to Ego, you’re an ambitious blond, a jack of all trades and a master of none, I bet you’ll throw in your vocation to become ‘a parlor maiden’ or something like, I must be served.

Muriel laughed

We have much in common after all, alleged mother of mine. “We take the Ford checkbook and credit cards for a ride in pampered bliss. Good thing is I did not join the Ford tribe for free and slithered in on high maintenance wearing an expensive price tag, Muriel laughed. “We can credit Flo though I seem to have inherited her ’gold digging codons and treasure hunting traits, she birthed me for Ford luxuriance.

Wow, you didn’t land here by chance now did you? That ’law attracting shit does work, Gwen said and smiled.

“Seriously, how could I not have known you are not my mother, Gwen? You sucked at motherhood. When folks asked if you were my mum, I’d respond; Of course not, she is my dad’s porcupine not concubine, Mo laughed and added, not because you were his concubine but because ’that peacock thing you do with your hair is oh so corny, she said and cackled at the top of her voice. Well, since you won’t be getting the Mother of the Century award here tonight or any other night of my life I’ll apologize for not taking pride in showing you off as my mother, you’re not mother material.

Why thank you so happy that you take pride in being the ’Maid from Mexico’s daughter”

“Oh hell no, I don’t! That’s moral debasement and I don’t wish to roam around emotional and mental scarification. “I have the right to be who I say I am and I choose who I am, that’s Ford the sole heiress to the Ford Kingdom and it’s empire.

Luc butted in to damper Muriel’s overzealous conclusion.

Time to share the crown princess Angelica’s qualified to grab the throne.

Are you signing half of all this to her?

She already owns his ex Empire in its totality and half of this so yes honey she stands to gain everything and you’re lucky Ford wants to give you some. I taught you that ’we can choose our friends but not our family heed to the rule.

“Like I had an option. You chose your friends and made of them my family, Muriel spiffed angrily. Can you imagine me being of the name Gonzales? You ruined my life and I hate you, Flo.

“I hate you too, Gwen told Florence, you could have given me the real deal and kept the one with the corroded springs, she laughed. Luc butted in, let’s celebrate Angel’s addition and Ari’s honor, it’s what she wished for.

“How convenient! Angel and Ari, and what next?’ Listen up Ford, I’ll say this just once, there will be no Angel or Ari shit roving around my home I rule the roost here and the only people that get’s celebrated here is you, me and Mo so I’m taking the steering seat in this family and don’t even try to talk me down or I shall drop your ass and do the Ramon strip Ford to the skin dance and leave, Gwen said sternly. Let me remind you of what you made me endure.

“Speed date moment’s meant stolen moments with Gwen while Luc was with Arianna. He bed hopped out of Gwen’s room after a mere ten-minute speed date and directly to Ari’s where he emerged from five hours later.

Get your faculties straight Gwyneth, it was Ari’s room I emerged from after five hours to spend ten minutes in yours, you were the maid she was the wife, remember?

“She’d already annulled the marriage before she walked into le fait accompli. Arianna’s bags had been packed months before you sent her to crash wed with Ridge Ramon. I heard you bill about an enrichment scheme pertaining to owning Ramon’s electronic gadgets and his inheritance, something about money he didn’t know he had. You loved her, who sends someone they love to marry a stranger for the sake of getting your hands on the man’s money.

Ridge Ramon was no stranger to Arianna. “They met at a social function and I took her to at the pub where he worked, I was with her when she flashed on Ramon, any fool could have known she was besotted for life and she’d been gone from that day on turning up at the club daily then returning to brag how she’d marry him one day. Ari even told me ‘it would be a crash wedding’ Ridge didn’t know she cared. Flo said. Ari knew you’d never let her go so she married Ramon three days after she caught you with Gwen, she didn’t love you, she loved Ridge and she’d known about you and Gwen from Dane’s party the first day you romped in the hay with Gwen, Ari didn’t care.

Arianna conceived the night she left Luc to be with Ridge. Neither could have known she was expecting the Ford Heiress or that Gwen conceived that night too. Clearly, Arianna consummated her marriage a time after she married Ridge Ramon or she would not have known that the child she carried was Fords, she chose not to divulge this to her husband lest advise Luc or he would have filed for custody and won and brought his heiress to live at the Ford mansion.

“Why do I feel like they killed my child so Arianna’s could end up being yours, it’s a plot, Gwen moaned. A lighter note later revealed some laughable growing up pains and Gwen recounted her version of the great things Muriel accomplished. Muriel develop an art for beautifying things and people, Gwen had been annoyed by how she chopped and change from spiking spaghetti into her dolls heads, in what seemed to be brain surgery but ended up being an attempt to garnish the bald dolls scalps with hair.

“Remember when she stuffed putty clay into her Barbie’s boobs, dropped her dog Lassie into a tub of golden paint?

“Look at that dog, she’s still golden, Gwen had said pointing to the old Labrador in the corner laying half dead of age and blind as a bat. Remember the time Mo freaked out after the neighbors dog Rufus got run over? Upon seeing that his eye ripped out, Mo plucked a marble up the dog’s eye socket and filled up his flattened tail with silicone, Gwen continued.

“You’re accentuating on a no zone Gwyneth I blanked out on that and have no such recollection, Mo responded, “I still don’t know what silicone is used for, she laughed. Yes, “I stuffed something up everything, Elle’s poor Barbie’ dolls died of Poly-filler death.

“ I had no dolls left, all my Barbie Dolls lost their ears, nostrils and why they had no bums were my ever ending mind boggle, Elle laughed. Poor Zap the Cat got sprawled out to watch Zoology and Mo would give him a bit of her mind for just purring and not responding to her questions, Angelica laughed. Watching animal kingdom was about the only time Mo did not contemplate to mime or ape what Elle did, I always found it strange that she wanted to be and do everything Elle did little knowing they were twins, Angelica added Mo so wanted to be a Vet.

“No she did not, Gwen retorted. “You brought in every stray bird and cat from the streets to entertain her while you ran off to your secret ‘snazzy up one hour’ conferences learning ’Specialized Cosmo Garb” you were all about “I’ll specialize in this, I’ll specialize in that. Kudu’s you specialized damn well and look at you all flourished and specialized in wealth, you own what we had, what we have and what we will have, kissing up is our only option, Gwen laughed

“Gwen relayed she had a permanent chronic indigestion for ‘the law of attraction’ Angelica fed her in chunks of irk. It worked well and landed Angelica the flints of Ramon Remnants, hidden fortunes and took her to the tips of Ford’s Empire on the same. Gwen thought of her process to be some sick type of scientology web or religion, why it works, left for inquiry.

“Is it the type of religion in which a ‘peasant’s kid gets a life of luxuriance for free, grabs the peasant’s frills and adds to her treasures the riches of the peasant’s boss’s empire then takes every bit of the boss’ assets. “Show us how you do it, Angelica Ari Ramon now Ford soon to be Debonair. “Here’s the deal, Angelica. Gwen and I want you to dive under our podium and stay there to find a different sort of emergence because we decided not to hand your thoughts the things we own, Muriel laughed. Gwen laughed.

’You heard the heiress, we want you to emerge downwards, you already soaked up everything on the Ford catalogue and our universe has nothing more to offer, Gwen laughed.

Angelica laughed.

Angelica was a threat, Gwen and Muriel were up to something, finally, they too had grasped how to use the law of attraction and they did not need her help to destroy her they were already aligned on a good energetic vibrational level, two heads, they were sure to succeed at something.

Gwen and Muriel were about to do things in a certain way and Angelica applauded them for arising as her new found stumble blocks, they were kind enough to warn her. Angelica felt good that she’d taught them the art of acquirement, now they were on a role and she was the drum they were going to pick from, she taught them more than what they deserved to know. Gwen was well on her way to owning her own personal ’Think & Grow Rich, platform, or so she thought.

Gwen’s renewed energetic vibrational levels soared, practice makes perfect, Angelica thought. Gwen was nowhere near the effaced concubine and adopted a ’Ford fierceness, grasped the Ford grapple and never allowed him to shut her up or drag her at his rear. She said about ‘being zipped’ I let the waters run still to safeguard Muriel from insecurities and now we’re a team and on the sane energetic dimension to take it to the next level.

’To hell with ‘moral destruction’ it does not live here anymore, Gwen said out aloud.

If Mo thought Flo honored the mother’s pavilion she was about to get the real value in true form.

Muriel and Elle were twins, they’d not known prior but quite sharply shared and appreciated the same culinary arts, had the same tastes in décor and general commonness, it had come to light they were similar in many ways. Muriel was about to accord Gwen the ’thick at thieves combo she denied her in the time she got engrossed in Flo’s affection. Angelica had no needy business of being loved department she loved herself just fine. Angelica was of structured mindedness, fierce and gifted with emergence. Au naturel, possessed the savoir-faire of making things happen and Luc shared a strange attachment almost inexplicably stronger than just due pity or prize because he loved her mother Arianna, why else was her welfare ’without compromise” when she first came into the mansion?

Gwen questioned Ford’s linkage to Angelica and found his role to exceed its moral revenue.

“You own a library of encyclopedias and medical dictionaries and they keep showing up, how and why, I don’t recall you asking for them?

“Thoughts become things, Muriel. “I think things into my life” Angelica had said.

“Wow that’s kind of hard, I’m lucky I have dad and Gwen to think my things into my life or I’d be tired of having to think about everything I need, why don’t you hire a mind secretary? Muriel inquired with the uttermost incomprehension of the ‘law of attraction’. Muriel was right though, she didn’t need to visualize anything just with what showed up.

”I think things into my life and they just appear, Angelica repeated. Muriel decided she would focus on owning a specific Bentley, not that she needed one just that she could ask and it would be given, the only difference was she could pay for it while Angelica depended on the Universe to catch her tabs. Gwen had been sneaky and challenged Angelica’s power a few times by denying her the little things she desired but Angelica never took no for an answer, Luc got her what she needed and Gwen would frown.

Have you read ’Skin Flints”? Doctor Port asked Angelica one day.

“Well no, she retorted.

“Why not?

Oh certainly not because I did not want to but rather because Gwen refuses to add its volumes to my collection.

“Oh no, she can’t deprive you of those, I’ll see to it, you need those for next year and it’s great to snazzy up in advance so here’s the deal!, I will have the entire collection delivered to your mansion by this afternoon, lets just call it an early birthday gift.

Luc lost two shades to fade, that’s too much to ask professor, let me pay for it, Luc added. Not for our Stellar Tot Luc, that kid can have my library any day, don’t be a fool to deprive her, he said and left. Gwen found the telling of her life after the professor left to Ford’s instruction; I will not repeat this again, if Angel asks, Angel is given, he had said. How in hell’s name did Angelica get to muster such extreme power over Luc Ford to a cloning of disproportional measures? That was it; Angelica Ramon had once again hit the podium a step higher. In fact, she rolled into the Ford throne and earned her crown. She was not going anywhere but in, she was not effaceable but of durability.

The inconceivable happened, Angelica Ramon’s DNA proved that she was indeed Luc Ford’s biological daughter and there was nothing Muriel or Gwen could do but accept that she was his only biologic member of the family. Gwen accepted the fact with reluctance but Angelica grew on her.

“Blood is thicker than water but I shall forever be of the Ramon mold in name, Angelica had said with conviction and promise that she would not change who she was to pull on the Ford skin of ownership, she was made by the stripes of Ridge Ramon and she wanted it to remain that way.

Ridge hailed from a great land-mass of farming guru’s of great financial standing, he was a fortunate man and hefty in talent and wealth of his own mastery and owned a great family fortune he chose to omit from his poverty minded psyche, mainly because he had not been informed and had no desire to be of greater ease than he already was [financially embarrassed]. Ridge bided by the ‘peasant’s gland inherited from his forefathers for whom he had a great respect. His ancestors like him, donned no respect for wealth yet owned it. Ridge had never referred to himself as a peasant’ Luc Ford imposed the debased form and encrusted a demeaning intonation to being a farming guru’s son. Ridge dubbed Ridge as ‘peasant’ to instill a certain unworthiness so he could break the man’s mold of wealth by letting him know that he was not worth more than zilch.

“One could say of Ridge, he was a rich man in a poor man’s soul, contentment and gratitude felt ample, Ridge had no use for fortunes or wealth. He feared money greatly. Ridge was a man of ‘littleness’ he had no use for caliber and status. He had no desire for Angelica to be or have any part of luxuriance, he wanted her to acquire things of mindedness through the art of learning and appreciate life for its true value. Ridge’s sole preoccupation was to ensure Angelica a decent education with his prime focus on ‘at least, an office job’ he cared not about who she was but what she would become, a statistic for making ends meet from an education of general knowledge, if she was lucky, a plus ‘for a senior college certificate’s worth’ of getting her into an office instead of a factory, either way she would survive and not be in want or need, he thought. He wanted for her to get by on sloppy chances but it had not been what she wanted for herself.

“It is said that for centuries ’children are influenced by their parents. That parents are responsible for what their children become. Paradoxically, parents oblige and raise their children to be clones and or to mime other’s they look up to or admire, this type of reasoning is why in repetition of like attract like scenario’s and dons on ’History Repeating Itself” This is not entirely true for everyone as some parents are open minded and accommodating to a child’s personality, character and infinities of the talents the child emerges. It contradicts some but sounds true in relation to the percentage of people who abides by the ritualistic rule of passing down ancestral oneness from forefathers. This then is for those who seek to break free from the chains of bondage of ‘old traditions’ that holds one back from achieving self minded desires and success with freedom of choice. When a child’s mindedness is readily manipulated and uniquely driven by parental instruction, this means that the child is being deprived of his own inner field by a restriction of having to ‘believe all that is exteriorized and taught to mean’ Life Forward on an outer plain and not once taught or advised to be ‘Educed from within’ meaning that when you Educe, you first see the potential in something and then develop it.

Parenting does come with an ’Instruction Manual” implemented ‘in a parental rule book’ it is often and mainly established to focus on how to set a child up “not to fail” but the rule book omits the fundamental strength of how to set a child up to succeed. This is explained that when one’s focus is on how not to fail, one becomes ‘pro’ how not to fail with emphasis on FAIL. Therefore the attraction of failure becomes the emergence and will almost certainly manifest things, opportunities and outcomes on how not to fail but never a clear premise of how to succeed, in brief [Fail] this way of thinking or reasoning defeats the purpose of Success. This is my personal account of matters, growing up with more “what not to do to not fail, rather than what to do to succeed. “If you do not study, you will fail and not if you study, you will pass.

“If you do not pay attention in class, you will not understand the lesson instead of, if you pay attention you will understand the lesson. It is important to weigh what we utter and to be wary of how others perceive what we have said or our words as would our thoughts be construed in many ways to be damaging or enlightening all the same.

Angelica did not bow down to her father’s traditions and completely rebuked his beliefs as programs and set rules of own compliance. It did not justify her path, it rose from prior era’s from Ridge’s forefather, theirs and then him to abide to. Sum up Traditions as imposed rituals, some as scholarly repetition and imprints of old doctrines passed down for modern use in an evolving world. These should not be imposed on or infiltrated into ‘newer systems of belief’ but rather banished or recalibrated into the new age of thinking, [this is relative to only the tools that is of no more use in today’s society] and that have not yet been abolished.

Angelica lived, learned and educed from within and if ever by her own life account of succeeding and failing, she would recommend that the learning process is incomplete if the ’unknown forces or inner intellect is not tapped into and adequately exploited. Subjects of LIFE SCIENCE emerging in the 21st century is of the era, ’Thinking Abundance is taught to help those who are not aware along with being informed of life moving forward.

Angelica documented her life’s journey so we may learn the pit falls of ‘thought process’ and the actions of life to succeed and or to fail by choice. Angelica mutters about self preservation, claims to have been born with mindedness but forced to acknowledge that somewhere within the positive mind ‘inner power’ strengthened with some help from ’Friends with Benefits” Reference to whom she quotes and what she learnt from them. Life Science, It enacts with an adequate formula to note that what is exteriorized is one thing but bringing something to emergence is quite another. There are no results without Action; even the thought process is a field of precision and clarity of mindedness. Educing from within is by far superior to what one educate from an outer sphere of an exteriorized plain seen, heard, felt and known. This simply means that ’the freedom of learning today does not restrict or rely solely on what one is taught from others to be true but rather also and predominantly to make use of the [inner life force of higher self] individuality and inner purpose that is already knowledgeable of all things apt and fitting of self as an individual.

As for Angelica, Ridge imposed his teachings on her [she did not obey] as most children adhere to what their parent’s convey and do as they are told. The importance of life is being that we wish to see in ourselves and respecting the values of other’s by embracing what our Care Giver or Instructor has to offer not necessarily adopt his entire philosophy to make it your own. It is certain that most parental instruction is to benefit a child and this is the case quite largely but of the past era’s perhaps still today means to be programmed and controlled by restricted values imprinted.

Angelica did not insinuate or encourage a ‘No Education’ because education is an absolute necessity in the forming of human literacy but it is not imperative should one not have the means to be educated and or are not in a situation where an education is an option. Many unschooled folks went on to be the richest innovators today in the absence of a great education, some inventors of all times but that is because they knew how to use their secret of tapping into the wonders of educing from within and they too have not succeeded on their own but learnt from those who prior to them mastered the art of knowing and being aware that they are aware.

Reaping rewards from being Mindful is the easiest process, in which one nurtures one’s thoughts to coincide with the things one’s desires to manifest. It may come across as complex and requires extreme focus, unlimited effort, clarity and faith in the unseen.

A product is birthed by an idea imagined, visualized from an unknown context in mind and formed into a picture as would emerge into the physical realm. Needless to Quote, Carnegie, Abraham Lincoln and other greats rolling the charts over as proof, these greats in common did not have an higher education yet went on to ’teach the world over that great things can be achieved when one puts one’s mind to it. In addition, the teachings of great men ‘held secret’ for the ages are not now on the world platform in the 21st century heading the world to different philosophies of mind enhancing stamina.

Ingvar Kamprad Founder of IKEA; is said to be one of the world’s richest men. Born in Sweden, raised on a farm, Ingvar learnt at a young age that he could buy matches in bulk and sell it at a fair price but for a good profit, he was just a child. So he reinvested his profits and expanded into fish, seeds, Christmas tree decorations, pens and pencils. Kamprad’s dad gave him a good reward for doing well at school when he was 17 with that he founded IKEA, [The morality of this story is, he started as a child, he was still a child when he FOUNDED IKEA and had no Higher Education, Business or Master Degree/College and or specialty for his success at the age of 17years old when he had already succeeded,

To Quote: Michelle Ferrero – Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, he too had no higher education and stands at a NET WORTH of $17Billion having an education does not essentially ’promise or guarantee the success one seeks but it is worthy to be learnt.

Angelica told Ridge that what she had learned at school did not earn her the master-mindedness of success for she had been thirteen-year-old when she entered the most prestigious faculty of medicine. It had been what she learnt thereafter in specialization that mapped out her vocation and not the schooling of general knowledge that Ridge imposed on her.

“We agree that a lack of general knowledge is limiting but essential for life’s ABC to Z but does not necessarily set us up to become that which we seek to become, Angelica had said, I for one cannot be the exceptional surgeon I wish to become if I do not have a specialty

An uneducated man with limited knowledge is as apt in educing from

Within, as is a man who has a higher education. Sometimes with more fervor than the norm and a greater success rate if he so chooses. This depends entirely on the vocation chosen or the calling of one’s activity. Let us not take for granted that a hen laying eggs and watching them hatch to mean that a female human may perch her mount into a sand bag, sit there and wait for infants to hatch in human form, the apple has nothing to do with the egg, there is some common sense in effect…

We reside in a society that does not allow life to happen or to unfold in a constant, the wanting, needing, acquiring, rushing is where mind focus is paced and halted by limitation when one should make use of one’s highest potential.

To sum up, this is my observation of you, Angelica had said to Ridge one day.

It is proven that one cannot become what one seeks unless one knows with definite purpose and ultimate clarity of the vocation or desire one wishes to exercise or we may try our hand at many different things then become the ’Jack’s of All Trades and be the Master’s of None, Gratitude is the fundamental strength and weakness of an individual, it may well be the hindrance to a man who dotes on contentment alone. Like you are a man of limitation, Ridge Ramon, ye shall attract more of what you are contented with that’s more of what you already have. Having a gratitude attitude is important but not when you are presented with the strictest minimum such as having only one plate of food today and not know where the next may come from the next. Supplies do not drop from the sky it is acquired from efforts. One must use the definition of ‘Gratitude’ adequately or one may affirm being grateful for having the very least and go on to moan of having the least thus attracting more of the least then never having sufficient and or none. Being grateful for what we have is powerful but if what one has is no money, no food, ill health and worries then being grateful for lack is affirmation and emergence of more lack and more of none of the above. It is essential to be grateful for what one has in the form of wanting the upgrade of having more than less even in the absence of supply, when we affirm the things we have not yet received in an awareness of having received it, it cannot be held up in the ether but take flight to meet one’s needs. To achieve this pattern of emergence, one must muster substance of thought with such clarity that the thing we ask for cannot be refused.

It is said that we are educated by parental and scholarly instruction for our own good, this is marvelous but if in addition we are not taught that the word education means educe from within, we may actually miss the opportunity to kick start the most essential treasure house of our existence where all our desires lay dormant waiting to emerge. One must put into practice what we learn from an education in addition to what we educe from within, this will no doubt specialize our hearts and souls to it’s highest potential. The purpose in mastering an instruction manual of self: As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own,” Michael Dell, CEO, Dell.

If we are what we think then we must and can ‘think to grow rich’ to the equivalent of our personal needs and or desires be it big or small.

It is not common that any man consciously celebrates or wishes to be or to remain poor. The word rich is construed as a podium for monetary value, but it is not so, being rich in mind, body and soul caters for the well being of a mans overall needs be it health or wealth. Riches are found in peace, joy, happiness, health and abundance, prosperity and success, of such felt and lived emotions the monetary value grows and appears. Being rich is a life purpose of wellness and a choice. Mostly for all departments of one’s life, if monetary riches are desired then that too will come to pass. For those seeking monetary enrichment the purpose is the same and when focused on it’s acquirement as ‘an obsession’ to accumulate or amass monetary fortune alone, one must apply affirmation of having with it health, peace and other imperative needs for money alone without health or bodily physical wealth does not ensure mind, body and soul to be in sync, “What use is money to a dying man? An educator is a general knowledge practitioner who in his own acceleration earns his dues for the vocation he chose to educate others, he is rewarded with a wage for his teachings of general knowledge, this is his career of choice, to teach others from a manual of teaching. A general knowledge practitioner is not paid to teach one the methods of Educing within for then his teachings would have little value as self educed treasures are by far superior to what any man knows but of himself the tools for life and the highest education of sacredness. The teacher in his role thus educates ’in a parrot fashion way from an exteriorized plain. Parents are ‘safety inhibitor practitioners’ always seeking and finding safer pathways to introduce risk free induction

“You are a man of deprivation, Ridge Ramon, Angelica had said.

Angelica, Muriel and Elle shared a common affinity they all suffered of an identity crisis. Angelica’s precociousness and advancement had [not been taught] at first it emerged from giftedness. She accorded herself the ability to tap into ‘the unknown’ without former instruction or mastery from certified masters. She did not heed to Ridge Ramon’s instructions but followed her own inner instincts and acted on impulse and intuition. What Ridge taught was not what she sought. Angelica yearned for all else but commonness. One could base Angelica’s reluctance to obey her dad Ridge Ramon’s rules, on one account that of ‘disconnection’ by undetected biological sphere, she was not his daughter after all but she had a pretty accurate idea about her life premise and acquired it of her own accord, he presented parenthood, she inherited something of him be it subtle or unseen. Angelica was young but disciplined; she was an innovator of sorts and lived her path with a pattern and plan of wizardry. She galloped through ascending and descending rhythm of up and downward spirals, succeeded, failed and re-emerged each time.

Failing meant she must return to living existentially and reverting back to the connectivity that had been meant for her to recapture the ‘unbeknown’ of her psyche, she needed to get a glimpse of that inner kingdom and sacred space of nothingness where the “I do not know” of her own mind wholly resonated with the ’I know within so that what she sought needed no effort to emerge but happen in the silence of her “I don’t know. Reconnecting to ’higher self aka ’I don’t know, depended on her power of being. Her struggle arose from a shift of uncontrolled irk for she allowed her life to evolve around negative manipulation. It was thus left to be seen if she would garner the same former success she had known when she first resided in ’the I do not know in order to receive knowingness in mindedness as one must not know in order for the I know to evolve one’s true calling, only the soul murmurs the truth of what one seeks if one knows how to ask it to.

Angelica’ had not been shocked to learn that she was not Ridge Ramon’s biological child, it did not necessitate denial of paternal rights, something had been amiss. Becoming Angelica Ford had been like “Finding NEMO, the Ford namesake did little for her already garnished Ego. She did not feed on nobility or hierarchic entirety she had been fully embellished just as she was. On the day Angelica stumbled on the “majestic building’ for the first time, she owned it, affirmed it in mind with the simplest proprietorship. She did this with minded truth. As with all things, Angelica Ramon possessed a powerful psyche and abled a drafted echo of plans by the use of her own mechanism of emergence. Angelica possessed and developed an extra ordinary imagination and from the hall of her visualization board in mind and visited picture perfect portraits of the things she wished to manifest into her physical realm.

The first ten years of her life charted and mapped her vocation, she knew then that she wanted to go into the field of ‘beautification’ and that she would exercise in her Palace then known as “Tuscany House” she redubbed as “Torpedo Ridge” on the day she discovered it. Somewhat egotistic, Angelica thought of herself as flawless, distinguished and beautiful. In retrospect, she was of an ordinary beauty and held a high esteem for self. Her vocation to beautify did not occur as naturally as she claimed, it birthed from insights and had been inspired by what she chose not to render credit for; A class act of bullying on the school playground where ‘so called’ ’Beautiful Brats” demolished “Ugly Duds” in a bid for them to pay ground tax. For its dues, Angelica observed sufficiently to command the bullies to bring the ruffled up’s for a clean up au natural. The ‘Bulldozing Ripper’s” adhered to Angelica’s command and marched the victims to her “Fix It’ parlor where she mended contusions to fixing broken hearts, her ruffled subjects found absolution for their sins of allowing other’s to pluck their wings.

“I own a Palace named ‘Torpedo Ridge’ she told her followers and said that was where ‘rich ugly people’ came to be beautified.

“Can I come to have a snazzy up at your palace? A kid named Adele inquired one day.

“Well yes, Angelica responded, on the condition that you are rich because my tariffs are high.

“Oh, said another! I might not even bother for I am poor and may not be privileged enough to get beautified by your Torpedo” Angelica smiled and said;

“For that there is an exception, “Torpedo Ridge” does have a GBTS policy, Giving Back To Society Policy. For instance, Adele is able, she can afford to pay for my services by the means of her dad’ being a “Fish Monger” at Ruffles Bay but Abby cannot afford my services because her mother is a domestic cleaner therefore she qualifies to be on my charitable list, it’s a goodwill gesture which I award five ’Ugly Ducklings” the chance to get beautified.

“Let it be known though I do not offer favors for family and friends, freebies are off the chart. Adele nodded.

“My dad has pittance, he catches fish for Ruffles he does not own his fish nor the rods, I need to get onto your ‘five freebie’ list or I may have this contusion for life.

Abby laughed,

“Have my place Abby, Adele said; my mum owns the “Maid Service” I can pay for getting fixed by the Torpedo.

Ridge Ramon still wondered why Angelica named the majestic building ‘Torpedo Ridge’ when it’s banner clearly read; ’Tuscany House” He recalled later that ‘the naming’ had been done during the brief thunderstorm as Angelica stood at the tip of what she called her cliff under droning thunder and noticed a helicopter land on a helipad atop ‘Tuscany Dome” roof’. Upon take off, Angelica viewed a banner stuck to the helicopters tail that read; TORPEDO. Ridge had been too frantic and unsettled about her ‘running off’ to notice anything out of the ordinary though he too vaguely recalled having seen the word “TOPAZ” not TORPEDO as she claimed. The question of why Angelica chose to name her ‘Palace’ Torpedo Ridge, as a business would long be questionable on the Ridge part being to honor his name. It had not been so, Angelica told him that she did not retain the name Ridge to honor his name but considered the Ridge escarpment at its environs and apologized that it had not been birthed with him in mind. She lied to ‘provoke power and importance’ of not letting the opposition take credit for any of her dues. The true inspiration of becoming a beautician had been one of a video she had seen. Ridge played back a family video of his late grandmother Von Deb, senile and depleting in age and mind yet wholly un-crinkled for a past century old ancient broad, she looked sixty at one hundred. The ancient lady had said;

“I have only ever moistened my face and body with traditional Nivea Cream. “The Blue Tub of Divinity” I call it, for it left my old bony ancient self with the fewest wrinkles for a woman of my age. I am the prettiest unwrinkled maiden of my times, she had said. It had been that video recording Angelica found inspiration from. She had not been honored to know her great grand mother personally but she certainly found zest in making the video introduction her mission to visit the frail care center for seniors where her great grandmother lived in prior times. That had been the first true calling Angelica acted on to enroll as a volunteering beauty consultant for senior citizens.

Retinol, glycerin, turmeric powder, pure lemon, rice flour, honey, aloe. tamarind and essential oils. Angelica researched and sought professional advice and used only hand picked ancient ’Korean secrets and adequate dosages to acclimatize and preserve her product ’SILKEN-T. Angelica had been extremely cautious about introducing it to older frail skin types and wholly collaborated with the in house dermatologists to ensure that she was supplying ’allergy free beauty serums and potions. Muriel and Elle happily applied Angelica’s potions to their similar skin types and felt honored with treating old ladies through delightful and precious moments. “Many a laughing scandal erupted and tales of sunken love boats hit the shore, they were entertained and fulfilled with doing a community service of such immense gratitude. Muriel did well in acting as a ‘Beauty Agent’ and had the flair of ear to mouth, no sooner and she attracted the entire village then its environs and a large ratio requesting Angelica’s miracle brews.

A huge list of orders turned up for JUVEN-SILK gold potions. By then, Angelica advanced to attending “clarifying hour” by letting herself into a podium of highly sought after cosmetic surgeons at a volunteering camp of ’magic atonement. Angelica found the ideal vocation and rendered the perfect element of doing freebie handouts In exchange for learning the ropes of ’beautification” Young Angelica Ramon became popular among the professors and Deans; she had been discovered and fussed about. Luc Ford’s business moguls happily financed her brands and placed them on every ’beautification shelf in Pharmaceuticals, of course under the Ford benefit for mass income. Angelica Ramon completed her Physician’s practical course and went on to top ahead by three years to enter the faculty of medicine.

Angelica stood at the ‘cordoned off’ crime scene at Torpedo Ridge and relived the day she viewed the helicopter. The name “Torpedo” came to mind and propelled her to a black out. She had slipped off into being at the site viewing a self-propelled weapon with an exploding warhead being launched above the water surface targeting her palace at the speed of lightning. “God forbid! “The Omen” shone through, true to its definition, the warhead of circumstances was what destroyed Torpedo’s Ridge’s patients and brought the establishment to a close. It had been a day of Super-conscious confusion, TORPOR and all its’ works. Why was she riddled with an unfolding in a complexity of shambles? Angelica pondered on why ’The Universe” brought upon her such destruction but she would later learn the truth of ’Torpedo Ridge’s” end and the appropriation of it’s time line of existence. It had been the worst day of the rest of Angelica’s life, Elle Travis died in her establishment, others perished by the wrath of some foolish envious game only she had been spared to view and deal with the aftermath of life’s hurdles. “It was for a reason ’written on the scrolls of ‘The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge’ only vaguely familiar with its deed but not wholly informed of it’s importance or precisely what it entailed.

The last few months of Elle’s life had been ’heart wrenchingly pitiful and sad. Elle suffered a deep-rooted psychological defect, yet her life mattered more than the death of Angelica’s patients only she mattered. Holy grail, what a selfish reasoning, she thought. Am I becoming the monster I see in Luc Ford? Was it by what she learnt from Luc Ford’s negative manipulation that no one but he mattered? Angelica acknowledged that she turned into an iceberg. No way, she thought! Luc had no such power over her psyche and moreover now that she had officially become of his vein, he could baptize her as Ford but she was ’who she was, bottom line, his name did not define her. She was not his type and lest a part of his demeaning ill intentional deeds.

Muriel happily donned the honors on Ford mannerisms and wore the Ford crown like a true royal. She owned her throne in her entirety. Power to Muriel everyone of own life purpose.

“Why, did I move Elle from Monte Carlin Clinic when I could have admitted her on my return from Miami?” Angelica pined with regret and faulted herself as being responsible for Elle’s passing. Angelica ordered Elle’s transfer from Monte Carlin Clinic well after Elle had been handed a clean bill of health. It had not always been that way. Elle had been a regular at Monte Carlin where she had been diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer. Angelica did not accept the prognosis of dim and challenged the panel of professionals among others, a certain doctor Dee, Elle’s treating physician. Angelica found Elle not to suffer from the devastating illness diagnosed and sought alternative medical expertise and then legal representation to sue the treating doctors for deliberate medical malpractice. Of course, doctor Dee gained cause and got off with a clean slate to practice ‘bull’ as he wished. The outcome at best, Elle retreated with a clean bill of health and confirmed wellness. Angelica recalled. Elle had been excited about her newly regained wellness and viewed life with enthusiasm. Elle consulted with Angelica in the bid to enact a metamorphosis she wanted to have an extreme make over. ’All or nothing darling she had said;

“I am in want to have a pair of Brazilian buns, breast augmentation, a full nip and tuck and for the flavor, your two week psychological make over. “For that I need to book myself in so I may be ready upon your return from Miami then make use of your Gold Venom and be forever rejuvenated.

Angelica admitted Elle, first for a two-week psychological evaluation and placed her in a Royal Suite to share with Jane Mogul. Quite the pair to exchange, Elle in perfect condition and Jane Mogul a hunchback and clasp lip bundle of joy beyond grateful to do the ’Finding Solace for Beauty” sessions with Angelica’s psychological consultant. The two week preparation for drastic change had come highly recommended and garnered great reviews ’coping with ‘The Other You”. A year prior, Angelica and Muriel honored a medical appointment accompanying Elle for a routine check up. Elle’s treating doctor, doctor Dee aka as Daniel Ford, was Luc Ford’s brother who was said to have returned from living abroad to end his estrangement with his family and at the same established a private practice at MONTE–CARLIN Clinic, of owned proprietorship of a Ford enterprise of sorts. The grim faced physician wore an icy glare and exuded an expression of damn and vehemence. Daniel clearly resented Elle. A’ few minutes into the examination seemed like hours of sheer torture. Doctor Daniel skimmed the life out of every disease he could picket and pin on Elle. He told her she was the pest of putrefaction and in no uncertain terms violated her dignity with luring disrespect. He looked at her bosom as if it were festering balls and placed his hands to tat then irked at what he said were fermented mushy saline cushions. Elle heard doctor Daniel roll down a list of death defining ailments and rebuked his every word at first. It had been her way of provoking the mad hatter in him to indulge her with his faux expertise. Muriel frowned, Angelica had been appalled and left mind boggled by his senseless display. Angelica concluded with a grueling anatomical invasion of tattering on Elle.

“Doctor Death” final diagnosis; No man on this earth has as many inconceivable illnesses as you do, he said plucking definite stigmata goo to her mind. Angelica irked by the doctor’s emotional persecution and Elle’s light mocking for his deliberate disdain. Killer foam frothed from Daniel’s mouth as fatal sputum spat out at Elle, Elle found the doctor’s unfounded resentment worthy of a laughing matter, she had been genuinely amused. “Do you even know, how to smile?” Elle cackled lightly as he plunged a syringe deeper into her fine veins rippling with sadistic twinges with intention to inflict excruciating pain. Angelica had been ousted and pained while Elle just smiled in submission throughout a series of MRI, ultra sound, X rays, brain function tests and neurological evaluation one after the other for no apparent reason. The “so called” Specialist Ford’ brother doctor Daniel looked the spitting image of Luc only in form and stick mold of a walking cadaver. Dan’s spiky grey peppered head of hair stood up like withered weeds on his head. His morbid decanter on terminal cancer spoke of putrefaction in the worst degree.

“You are as good as dead and doomed to die a terrible death, he spat out vehemently. “Cervical cancer bears a stench of rot and you’re decaying at an alarming rate, he added sniffling a nostril to show a giant booger.

His foul intention and motives rose inquiry, Angelica questioned his authenticity but had already counter checked his findings. Doctor D’s morbid aura left Angelica and Mo drained by his magnetic force of negative energies transferred, they felt ill long after they left his surgery. It had been upon leaving the doctors consulting room that day that Elle returned to a permanent ’Confused State Of Mind” Elle had never been the same after that fateful prognostic day in which doctor death killed her with his auto destructive suggestions and a ferocious ending line of; “You exude a stench of decay, death is imminent so go now and die there is nothing I can do to save you from a ghastly death. This he said another time even after she had been officially cleared and handed proof of a full bill of health.

Elle seemed unscathed by the drama Doctor Death imposed. He put a spell on her and she had been entirely bewitched by his power to instill dread yet contentment for death. Elle surrendered to the ‘putrefied death zone’ of doctor Daniel’s allocation situated in her “No Turning Back Zone” Elle left his surgery having signed her own death certificate with acceptance of doom. She agreed to doctor Daniel’s destructive autosuggestions and was thus as good as dead. The mysteries of scientific and spiritual merging of Elle’s case study dawned a common practice ‘Evil dabbed Good’ for no apparent reason. Elle’s diagnosis of terminal cervical cancer had been entirely false yet her symptoms aligned it self to unfold in the way doctor Daniel said it would, impending death. Why? Because she impressed upon her own mind the acceptance of doctor Daniel’s lie to be true. Elle had been brainwashed, she had been driven away from source and Daniel’s manipulation drew her to her own rapid end away from her vibrational reality of logical wellness. Outer vortex lies and death imposed. “No body accepts a lie to be true unless they view or want it to be true, Elle savored on lies and digested it’s heavy chunks to be true. Self-destruction by autosuggestions of others, self-infliction in the form of doubt, fear, pain and anger was what caused Elle’s organs to fail at an alarming rate. Doctor Daniel told Elle she would die; Elle accepted what he had said to be true and bided her mind’s eye to view her own deterioration with ease.

Then came Angelica’s ’Own your Life and Live” scolding. The elasticity of Elle’s willingness to shift and switch in mindedness pulled her through and remarkably reversed the damaged fornication of her mind. Thinking wellness convinced her body to heal and so later tests revealed that she appointed good health then again slid and dwindled to ’mind games and imbedded lies. From cause to effect, there had been no signs of ill health. Elle’s life had been shattered by the wishful order of Daniel Ford by some reason urged to vow and only believe his opinion. Angelica wanted to save Elle from Daniel Ford’s clutches and brought her to the Royal Wing at “Torpedo Ridge” for a psychological evaluation, it appeared that during her absence, the psychologist did not turn up but someone else did to muck up all that doctor Angelica Ramon succeeded to Reboot in Elle. That is where Elle died but not of natural causes, she had been murdered alongside at least Forty others with a lethal dose of ‘KEBB’. The life of the party dimmed out and left only memories of Elle’s sparkle.

Angelica was alone on the grounds of Torpedo Ridge looking up at the ‘Palace’ padlocked and cordoned off as a crime scene. Only echoes of the last limousine hearse sirens drummed in her ears in passing cortege of bodyguard’s, federal agents, squad cars and the “world of press”. Someone had deliberately committed mass cold-blooded murder at “Torpedo Ridge” and got away with it. Angelica knew that the culprit’s intention had been a plot to destroy her and set her up for the big fall. If they wanted her dead, she would have been, so who were they and why did they ’want her out of circulation?

Was it Michael Rude, Lily-Vin or even Doctor Daniel Ford? Or and maybe just ‘that hint that set off so often, “You are living with the unknown’ Doctor Angelica Ramon lost her kingdom and her pride. She lost her dearest friend and soul sister Elle and held herself accountable for tens of celebrities murdered at Torpedo Ridge. She was going to be crucified by the press, having to answer loved ones and accept the fact that ’Torpedo Ridge” was doomed for life and perhaps send her to her ruin. Investigations donned a lengthy process in gathering evidence and autopsies, of which no legal documentation reached the court of law. Uncanny that lawsuit’s packed up on her for humungous sums of compensation alleged for death by lethal drugs. The scandal stopped short and the novelty wore off way to rapidly, something about the wipe out seemed eerie. Angelica’s life ‘stood at a standstill’ and three of her staff in addition skittered to their death by the same concoction and victimization. Angelica bided her time between a grueling of tribunal court hearings and interrogation of extreme humiliation. Emotional distress caused her ill health. There had not been enough hours in a day for Angelica to connect with others. She had no one to console her.

Outrageous demands for compensation to the value of an ‘inestimable fortune’ if she obliged, she may have had to file for bankruptcy, she was not about to part with a dime for ‘murder the foe wrote’ She owed no one for the sins of other’s. Lily-Vin, Michael Rude and Doctor Daniel rose high on the suspect list yet no arrests had been made. Angelica bid ’Torpedo Ridge Clinic” adieu and her license to practice had been scraped. Angel Sleek headed down spiral and crashed on the market due to the scandal. So much for her dream of beautification, she would never exercise or perform plastic surgery on a human again, nature robbed her of ’her most cherished possession, the high price for glory and the foe roamed freely to celebrate her fall.

Angelica placed the past on hold and turned a new leaf on life though she was adamant about nailing the perpetrators and vowed never to leave a single stone unturned in her quest. The year ahead was about to adorn Angelica with devastating emotional decline; her world capsized two fold the worst was yet to come. There she was, alone in her crisis, motherless, childless and abandoned in a loft of uncertainties. Doubts and fear swerved in from nowhere. Her fiancé Eric Debonair and her best friend Muriel Ford had not once turned up to shoulder her through the painstaking ’demoralizing moments of her life. “What is the morality of it all, ” she wondered. A voice in her mind echoed back; “God never gives you more than you can handle”

Angelica felt as if a ton of bricks had been plunked on her shoulders and the backload grew heavier with each daunting passing day. She had already postponed three doctors visits of several urging reminders before she’d taken off to Miami, no doubt out of fear that she too would encounter fatality and doom after her ordeal at Torpedo Ridge and it’s fall, words arisen that had once been foreign to her mind. Monte-Carlin Clinic bore no resemblance to the sullen fading glory of Torpedo’ Ridge’ death wave. The Clinic exuded a luxurious five star entrance and plush settings of scented wellness. Angelica slouched down into a leather sofa at the consulting waiting room where she faded off into a space of ’Nothingness” to chase the chatter in her mind. Alas, a moment on and she was back ‘In Source’ clarifying her vortex reality and then that of a young patient, barely sixteen, frail freckled faced and pregnant. The teenager’s expression wore miserable traits of a struggled existence ridden with life’s injustices. Clearly a pregnancy of a cheap mishap, She was someone’s young daughter who had been left to err the streets of hell. Lost in translation of a world filled with betrayal, how sad that she was alone too with no one to hold her hand. Ashen, the girl smiled at Angelica then twirled down from the sofa she sat on. A slow motion slide, she gurgled and died.

Angelica had seen more tragedies in two months than she did in her lifetime. Ego had taken a young life that day. Mother earth showed no mercy and life’s vengeful tricks pursued with wrath.

“Why did Angelica accuse ‘mother earth’ of anything at all? She knew well that the human species evoked it’s own miseries. It seemed easier to blame nature, to find excuses and pine about ’circumstances rather than take stock of why human’s provoked misery then disputed the mindedness that led them to destruction.

“We are responsible for the pain bodies we carry and for those we allow to inflict harm or death as such.

If we are not able to distinguish the difference of how to rid ourselves of pent up and hidden emotions or to take responsibility of the actions that led to them, we shall almost certainly drive through life in a blind fold never catching a glimpse of the freeway to life. ‘Easier said than done! Finding and understanding the core of ones own existence is no ride in the park; it takes energy and gusto to want to move out of a bondage zone. Angelica felt helpless and riddled in a pool of self pity afar from the “power house’ of mindedness she had once possessed in the past. She felt ’abandoned, orphaned, friendless, motherless, no one to lean on. The man she called dad perished and left her with a windfall in fortune, secrets and lies. He left her with ’unsettled emotions omitting details quaintly forgot or chose not to convey, did he know or did he not? Life smiled at her when she inherited a fortune then it dwindled and in addition inherited her a biological father and a birth name and birthright. With due respect for Luc Ford, Angelica still bore a grudge against him for ruining Ridge Ramon’s life, by which she became enriched, why then did it matter, of those circumstance came wealth or it would not have been.

“Why ponder on what graces you, if you own mindedness of things brought on by the circumstances that fuel your desires, a little voice from within murmured.

Angelica’s fiancé Eric had not yet returned from his ‘so called’ family vacation, overdue by a month. Her friend “Muriel was still abroad taken flight to fancy in adornment with Sheiks, gigolos and investors in the palms, this she had said would land her a good husband one day. Of late, it had been noted that Muriel had gone from being stuck at the hip to coming undone at Angelica’s seams. This had come about upon legal notification that Angelica had come into the Ford name, Muriel shunned it off to be ‘dethroning’ even after Angelica assured her that she had no interest in being for and of the Ford Kingdom and it’s wealth, “I desire not to topple you from your throne, Angelica had said. Angelica’s friendship with Muriel weighed tons more than any Ford asset; monetary value and status of Ford genre did not excite her, she already had more than an empire to deal with. On a note of ’Riding High” Muriel never missed a ‘sex on a yacht’ occasion, she had again taken sail to the oceans with some rich ‘Sheik’ from stunning Arabia, no doubt ’a well bellied mogul; Muriel had no taste in men.

Uncanny that Muriel did not respond to Angelica’s note of condolences at the death of Elle and or that she did not turn up for a burial memorial. That too, there had been no ’funeral ’but rumor that the victims had been cremated. Total Eclipse of the heart, something died down way to rapidly and eerily, even the families made no appearance whatsoever only sued for compensation she refused to hand over to proof of wrongdoing, silenced and no further garb.

Angelica smelled a rat, the turn of events was way more important or grave than she imagined. Eric Debonair’ Angelica’s fiancé otherwise resided on the ex Ford Estate redubbed the Ridge Manor where he owned part a private practice and exercised up town elsewhere some days of the week. Eric’s dad Andre Debonair’ had moved to join his partner in crime, Luc Ford to reside at MO-AN-LUC resort in a private living space bought and owned in the Debonair name. Eric’s brother Anthony Debonair seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth after he had sorely been dethroned by his brother Eric in the capturing of a heart and love they shared for Angelica. It was said that Anthony turned up at some family gatherings, who knows, he may well be with Eric, she assumed.

Eric had been a loner but put up a fight of commitment in a brawl of unconditional love to win her over. A love triangle with several twists caused a love to hate war between brothers. Eric abided to Angelica’s rules, elevated to her height and accepted to be at her even pace even as she wallowed into obsession and greed for wealth. Eric had seen her spread her wings and rise from a caterpillar to a butterfly as so had he been present when she plucked her feathers to stagger from the Eagles flight and transform to the Vulture’s beak in ’peck where money talks. The sordid details of breaking Anthony’s heart would emerge and fade throughout their lives. Angelica’s relationship with Eric started on an odd note. No one in her entourage had even a vague idea that Eric held a torch for Angelica; it had been a great shocker. Anthony had been her soul mate, the one who worshipped her, the inseparable friend and ally; he schemed that nothing would separate them. Anthony’s obsession to own Angelica ended bluntly by Eric’s intrusion at a well-rehearsed engagement proposal. Anthony riveted like a noisy metal spike in passing through two gaps on brotherly terms but Eric besot had no mercy. Eric loved Angelica but not in the way Anthony did.

There she was at Monte-Carlin watching the medics attempt to reanimate the teen, to no avail, she had died. Casing her in a black body bag and tippling her roughly onto a gurney then very carelessly wheeling her to the morgue, a morbid picture of darkness.

“Good Lord! I surrender. I surrender all, Angelica wept. This is unbearable and cruel. I have been humiliated, dethroned, defied and maliciously wronged.” “I have been sorely abandoned, framed, implicated in mass murder and lost my world for no apparent reason. “Why am I erring like Ridge Ramon in a pit of dark destruction? “What is the morality of me having to see this child die in my own motherless doom? “Why, why me Lord? “What have I ever done to deserve such severe punishment for a sin ’foreign to my mind? Angelica sobbed out loud.

“Am I deserved of such punishment?

“Yes you are” Ego pounded back chatting in her mind.

“I failed hopelessly, Angelica whimpered back in thought. “No one ever fails, everyone gets to the winning post at their own pace, the unconscious retorted, one of truth and confusion, Ego was having a field trip of mindedness and toying with her psyche.

Angelica had long yearned to be a mother. She reflected on the pros and cons of such a marvelous gift and consciously decided that if it happened she would give up her career to pamper and nurture her child. She had resorted to the last attempt to conceive, to no avail. Every medical Specialist in the field solemnly preached Angelica ’s baron state, conveyed that she was an infertile species with only options to adopt and made her out to be a pest to blooming mothers always having to contend with;

“We have done everything humanly possible, adoption is your only resort.”

The foe lurked like poison ivy but Angelica was not going to permit its evil of random forcefulness to determine her happiness and future. Hell yes, she would pick up the pieces of her shredded life and veer back to ’acquiring what she had set out to acquire throughout her life and one of her grand objectives had been to become a mother. She was unlike those who accepted ‘You Cannot’ as an imposition to give up or quit, she would stop at nothing to be a mother even if she had been harshly discouraged by the umpteenth failure. Angelica Ramon had known first hand the suffering of psychological perturbation, de-phased cycles and fearful doubt. She had offered herself up for trials and partook in the world’s most sophisticated medical procedures from groundbreaking hormonal therapy to the most inconceivable said to be possibilities of procreation.

“Unexpressed emotions never die, they re-emerge with vengeance each time. Hidden emotions donned on her in an unsightly reality and what she suffered ’was not her adage ‘It is a sin to be Ugly’ but the one of a harsher lesson “Life is a Bitch” when you are being demolished.

“Who was Angelica Ramon? “What was her purpose or premise in this life? In-utero invasions of perverted muff-diving mechanics endured her the most unconceivable and unconventional child bearing and unheard of child bearing methods available on this earth. She knew every reproductive procedure off by heart. A repetition of conclusions and same case scenario each time; Obstructed fallopian tubes, cystic

fibroids, ovarian warts, cystitis, yeast infections and genital herpes, are you kidding, “Who get’s genital herpes from being loyal?” She did and it had not been sexually transmitted [apparently] then how? ”I have ever only wanted to mother a child for crying out loud! Let me have my way” Angelica prayed with inner rage of deprivation.

“What way?” the mind rumbled back. “You killed more than forty patients, ego reminded.

“Go away Ego. Just go away, be thy removed from my space at this time you are not needed” ’I did not kill my patients they were murdered!” she snapped back angrily.

Angelica felt like a sunken ship ruin but gained the power to override. She rolled back up with guts never to be defeated again and walked right out of her pity party to join ’knowing, trusting, in the thing she said she wanted. A new awakening after her fall from fame, she was back and inspired to take all she got offered and not ponder on what she had lost. She wanted to conceive and give birth to a biological child and nothing could deter her from that goal. She had long demanded; why do I not have the one gift I desire most, a child? “The answer had been present all along.

“Conception of what one wants for oneself. Angelica did not conceive because conception births by wanting for self. She had only considered Eric’s desire to have a son and made a conscious decision to have a child because of his yearning not her own. “Definite purpose! It is easy to twist the hand of fate by a shift of thought and perspective on the condition that the thought is in alignment with the universe. Angelica did not conceive because her prime purpose had not been for self, she mustered a forcing for Eric’s yearning to have a child while her focus unmatched was not of “Definite demand she was on an energetic vibrational high to fame and fortune. Lessons learnt Angelica found absolution in her error of minding and an act of absolving consequential manifestation of things wrongly construed. Decisively, she would reclaim the ‘kingdom principals’ with definite demand and make amends and fill out the blanks where she failed. ’She was said to be baron and in the impossibility to conceive but she had the power to prove the ‘Know All’ wrong although that depended on when and if Eric returned from his overstayed family vacation of an extended six week plus. The temporary separation had been brought on by a minor argument and she had turned into an emotional wreck at rock bottom. Angelica so wanted never again to allow the ‘failing spirit’ to overpower her mindset and decided that ’past patterns of destruction needed to go. Reeling back, she summed it up as moral perturbation.

Angelica succumbed to invasive ’procreative injustice but left no fertility breakthrough unturned. Her first trial to conceive debuted with a new hype fertility drug CLOMID, heavy dosages and high hopes. That ended in an all time low and donned her with over fertilized ovaries, painful ovulation and unbearable discomfort, all in a cycle of moral debased and psychological torture. More drugs, more trials and more procedures. Hope, more hope then deception each time. Angelica hit a brick wall and lost every race to motherhood but ‘giving up’ was not an option. It takes courage to be a guinea pig for medical-science. She was a glutton for punishment. Anxiety, doubts, fear and pain. Eric steered a backseat and had no inclination of the moral degradation she endured. He leaned gently and protectively promising that if she failed it wouldn’t matter. Did he understand? “She didn’t do Fail” ’If I fail, If and fail were irrelevant, they had no place in her world or vocabulary let alone a say in her life, she did not do if or fail it did itself but she would win.

Ego and it’s “I” “Me” “I Am” pretended to be her but it was not, she was. Continuous mood swings, unaided tantrums and dead ends. Six trials of artificial insemination, nine in-vitro-fertilization procedures and hormonal therapies, nothing worked. Angelica did not fail she fell and kept falling at an alarming speed.

Justice left her to justify and move on. Microinjections advanced technology, follicle removal, embryo re-implantation and higher hope, hope and more hope. Angelica considered the clone method, anything but she was determined, she would have a child before she left the earth plain. She hoped. Why was she hoping? Hoping was not the answer. Hope delivered more of hope and not concrete evidence of the thing she was hoping for. She needed not to hope impending hopelessness. Expectation, definite demand and manifestation, and so be it!

The verdict. Moral and psychological torture armed her for more. The treating Gynecologist doctor Port praised her for being brave. He had said about her determination; I have never treated anyone with such determination to fail and she responded; failure is an optical illusion of deprivation, it has no hold on ’the treasures of truth and substance unseen, I tell you now, it too is faulted and inexistent I shall succeed. Angelica disputed that not yet conceiving meant failing, it meant controlling the end result and time factor, that is what she did wrong, no definite demand or a definite date or time to work from.

“You run a hard bargain on your life, Miss Ford and you are way too harsh about your downward spirals, Doctor Port said and smiled. “There is no such thing as perfect timing and absolute guarantees that we shall attain our every hope and demand, life necessitates ’failure or there would be no Success. The ’Betty Evil traits of life means the universe has a way of slowing us down from our over powered tasks and you are feeling the load because you are in overdrive of want, try not to want anything so what you wanted will come to pass. There are choices to be made, you can’t be in public demand to fix ugly and of self create beauty of conception your activity leaves little room for motherhood, he had said.

“I would give it up if I got pregnant”

“Everyone gives up something for something but life does not operate on such a manual. The mind does not ask that you give up water to have juice or that you give up food to diet, it asks that you clarify your desire so it is not mushy about what and when you want things. Pay attention to the un-clarified source that cannot act on un-definite command of a thing that has not yet been given up for it to manifest the desire, why are you slouching? You are a guru at this. From a psychological point of view, I note anxiety to be the root of your problem. You are over focused and obsessed. Surrender young lady let it go and allow for life to happen you can’t control everything life is spontaneous.

“Many of my patients in similar situations as yours almost all resorts to different distractions and are pleasantly surprised by an unexpected pregnancy” the doctor added perhaps the umpteenth time, his words slipped through lobe for lies.

“Do yourself a favor and take time off to reflect on anything but conceiving. “Do not attempt to conceive, he smeared on like smooth goose liver pate but Angelica just snarled his ‘sermons’ off as gibberish.

“Tell me something I don’t know, she thought at his suggestion.

“It is common practice for ‘by standers’ to make unwarranted suggestions to defeat the purpose of the other person’s thought process to lower their expectation and sway them from being obstinate about a result. Angelica learnt since, that depending on definite premise and definite purpose was the only way to achieve things. In simple terms: An idea imagined and the picture in mind thought form, deliberate creation of action and acquirement. Trust, Faith, Focus and action. Align with infinite intelligence, source, higher self, soul, heart, spirit [psyche] where the little me of inner treasures is at your command. These are the principals Angelica lived by. Ask and ye shall receive and this is applicable to all things perceived as existing even in its un-existence.

Emerging the truth about failing; Angelica pondered on why she had not yet conceived. Her energies expanded to focus on the why not and not on the conception therefore she acquired more of not conceiving. The result is just. Angelica lost her guru-ness but in her humanness of altered mind states, not conceiving led to fear that she may be plagued with a form of dis-ease thus created a mindset that something was medically wrong with her. “Group sessions had its array of wonders in a life of childless gloom where biological rights sounded like emotional blackmail to God. The “why me Lord” line, echoed loudly in deprivation. Pre and ante-natal meetings for childless couples became a Jesus location where women interrogated God about unworthy mothers overpopulating the world with abandonment while worthy others like them shopped short for no apparent reason. It was time to switch off from brain school and focus on graduating to emergence.

A funky Nurse and an older light peppered full head of hair doctor emerged from the Consulting Rooms into the lobby. The handsome doctor’s warm smile exuded a magical effect. He was allowed to hope, the mother to be, was allowed to expect. Angelica felt at ease as doctor Port gestured her into his consulting cabin for the umpteenth time, always with a huge grin on his face.

“Angelica Ford, the enthusiast of the century nice of you to turn up this time he greeted.

“Nice of you to remind me that I missed a million appointments, she laughed. “Oh and, that Ford thing does not digest well, Angelica complained.

“Ford Stigmata” and you haven’t heard the end of it yet, Doctor Port said and nodded regretfully. “I am sorry about what happened at “Torpedo Ridge” you must be mortified it was such a monumental tragedy. Angelica lost a shade to pale, she wanted to erase the incident and memories came flooding back like a tsunami.

“The story of my life of late, doctor Port, I am still perplexed about how someone in their right minds would do something that indignant

The doctor lit up a cigar. Angelica waved the Cuban disgust from penetrating her nostrils.

“Damn Eradicators wiped you out as in demolishment, the doctor continued, they have what they wanted it seems.

“Wrath hath fury but I am not wiped out I have retrieval in my force, I don’t get mad, I get even.

“The Ford strength in you my girl, you always had that in you, sorry about Elle too.

“I’ll always regret moving Elle from Monte-Carlin to Torpedo Ridge, Angelica sobbed.

“Oh honey, she’d have died here all the same so don’t place morbid black roses on the thorn bed she prepared for herself. Elle walked a self destructive path. She was a hypochondriac by default and death was imminent.

Elle succumbed to auto destructive suggestions wrought by the evil doctor Daniel’s diagnosis. She fed on the gravity of a disease her treating physician imposed on her, Seek and thou shalt find” Elle had been in dire need for fatalism and even if doctor Daniel did not impose an illness or a clean bill of health she would have sought a fatality elsewhere

Elle suffered from “Munchausen by Proxy” she related to being a gravely ill child and on the exteriorized plain seeking attention for the child in her. Elle fabricated a “little me’ and symptoms of her inner child, she inflicted emotional and bodily harm to her little then sought help so she would be viewed as caring. She sought attention and recognition, it was her only way out, one would view that this change happened after she found out that Muriel was her twin.

Elle first consulted Doctor Daniel petting on her gravities said to stem from her own expertise as a doctor. At first, doctor Daniel imposed a thorough investigation and upon viewing her psychological state of mind proposed ’psychotherapy. The doctor called her bluff and served her iniquities when he recognized the evil spirited connotation of her behavior.

He had been aware of her self-medicating, poisoning and self inflicted bodily harm. He revived her from a semi-suffocation a few times. She did not play a role, she was a true-life character whose inner child suffered from a grave illness and required medical assistance. Elle thrived on doctor Daniel’s attention, sometimes thrice a day. She needed him to make her symptoms believable so that she could get the treatment she needed and be victor for saving her own life. When it all started, Elle found great satisfaction in her evil quips and jubilated when doctor Daniel accommodated her deception by pretending that ’what she had was fatal” She felt like a powerhouse above the doctors call of duty but in her ‘sick minded’ manipulation plagued her own mind to plague her body with whatever she viewed as an ailment.

Doctor Daniel loved Elle. He said about her; she was caring and attentive individual. She had depth and soul, it was a brilliant observation and I do not regret ‘making of her my subject’ case study of “Munchausen By Proxy”, I found a link of to her inner strife and landed on ’something no other medical practitioner explored yet, she was my hero. If I handed her to another treating physician or rolled her in for psychiatric appointment she may have committed suicide and I would not have gained honor for my findings, he had said. At first, doctor Daniel did not suspect that Elle manipulated him into educing ailments for her to thrive on so she could seek pity and garner for his attention. Of course, he considered that she was a medical professional and highly familiarized on the subject of medicine, but it had been in the very subtle calls for help for her ‘inner child’ she never named, that it became evident; She was harming something or someone and sought medical assistance to heal or save and be a hero. A rarity of such patients, Elle’s sub group derived from a medical background, knew how to induce illness and or impairment in their childlike minds, they do this so that most treating doctors have no ’true or visible” subject to treat and are somewhat obliged to look past their mystery/bogus patient’s inner issues. First because they cannot figure out or know in advance that she would deliberately injure self by the means of punishing the inner child. Doctor Daniel was fortunate to have studied psychology and applied himself to such a case where the actual victim never surfaced because he was treating an inner child. “Elle was a ray of sunshine, she will be sorely missed, he had said in an interview after her death.

Angelica did a meltdown trying desperately to move from cause to effect. She had been summoned to a follow up medical visit at least four times and hesitated to honor the appointment fear that she too may have to ’face an awful truth of doom.

Was she there to put her death or life in order?

“Got to hand it to you doctor Port, five urging reminders for this visit is much, so here I am, sirens going off and sounding like ill health, how long do I have to live?

An eerie silence

“I’m past thinking I have seven lives just tell it like it is, you are prolonging my agony.

“Golly for the whip Miss Ford, if that is not a fatalistic quip I’ll be damned.

Angelica freaked out, something didn’t seem right, he was evasive and holding off.

The word perish is stamped on my psyche it wouldn’t matter if I lived or died, so, apart from losing my soul sister Elle, my kingdom at Torpedo Ridge and the career I spent my life honing, my fiancé Eric and my best friend Muriel walked out on me too. Here I am saddled with a lap full of crumbled dreams awaiting the ashes of reality to blow right up in my face excuse me for living but if I’m dying now the time to extinguish my blazing fiery life so I may kiss it Adieu. See! I have no need for niceties and sweet notes of verbiage doctor Port, it does little to impress because I am motherless, childless and possibly dumped. “What more can life throw at me?’ Angelica moaned and hit the ’get it off your chest button” to spill out her emotions.

“I just witnessed a sixteen-year old girl twirl from a bench and die in the corridor, she added.

“Such a tragedy isn’t it, doctor Port replied. “The girl was ’fourteen and a victim of atrocious physical violence, sexual violation and abandonment. All her mother said; She got what she asked for she fancied him, lost it, accused her partner of incest, killed him and took her own life in that corridor. “Four lives in a four seconds tragically, the doctor said and nodded.

“You are right Miss Ford ’Life Sucks so let me be blunt and give you your verdict. You have a challenging time ahead, your test results are positive.

Port pounded and ruffled on words while Angelica dove deeper into her own pity party.

”If it’s not too much to ask, what am I dying from so I may put my papers in order. Not that I have a benefactor to designate my fortune to but so I may draft a will and testament leaving multi millions to my only loyal friend, my Chin dog Flappy. “So much for being served!

Angelica cupped her head into her lap, shed a tear and sat up to reflect.

“Wait a minute! Did you just say my test results were positive? A doubtful relevance maybe or maybe not she was positive as in pregnant. Angelica paid caution to being over zealous

“Positive as in pregnant?” she thought but held off still highly cautious of expectation, she knew not to set herself for disappointment and dreaded the moment doctor Port would utter a “lose the illusion Miss Ford, you are doomed, kind of response. The statement that followed sent electro-flights through every vein in Angelica’s body and literally rolled her from her seat.

“You defied medical history and shocked my maiden modesty at the same, he retorted in an effeminate manner. Angelica found herself having to fix a reality check.

“What? I am pregnant? And, are you gay? Doctor Muller pulled on his girly sigh and divulged the hot and bothered secret. A few whimsical struts later in ’Happiness is a truth” doctor Port felt enlightened and freed. “That was like throwing Kilimanjaro off my back, he hoppled around gaily.

“I’m coming out and I want the world to know I am gay, he sang. I am as gay as Port and Debonair, the men of my parlor. Angelica grasped everything he said but the Port and Debonair bit vaguely stuck in mind unknowing where that fitted in the equation of homosexuality. That phrase ’Port & Debonair, the men of my parlor, would resurface and be of a mind-boggling revelation years later. It would be a major ‘piece’ of action and of vital importance to the ’solving of the ‘Covenant of Torpedo Ridge”. Doctor Port’s words would resurface. It was engraved to be a future ticket to an unforgettable trial of life’s unedited journey ’

Tears of joy, Angelica had been euphoric. She laughed, cried and sang at once. Magic filled the space, she was a miracle, defied Ego and lived her wildest dreams, she soared like an Eagle without wings feeling the spirited scientific and divine energies soak her back into power, she was and moved back to ’Source” It was proof that she had risen from her fall and that she manifested ‘a picture perfect visualization’ although not with the exactitude of mindedness as she had planned. It was by time, the positive aspect of emergence returned and crowned her with love, peace and joy. She was alone and rid of her past transgressions with the ‘law of attraction’ her chase for glory was over as opposed to the lofty set backs she encountered. Angelica’s life force of ‘success & failure’ merged into oneness of settling on cloud bursts but she was about to experience Life in its true Form and no short cuts but more of ‘shrilling’ denouement. Life was about to offer her an “Advanced ‘Package’ she ordered whilst in self – betrayal hack, exaggeration and defensiveness in a new light in her Antagonistic world of prior.

Oblivious to the whirlwind of negativity brewing from an exteriorized force, unbeknown to her the unwanted gifts of pain and loss donned on were but gests of many more to come. She would ride the calm and embrace ‘the gift of love’ with sincere gratitude of life ‘but even in her minded power’ life happens like it must. Still, Angelica Ramon rose from old sinking sands, she was proof that ’definiteness and purpose donned miracles, she knew this, she experienced it, it paid off. “Thought in substance when merged accurately does not falter but brings forth the thing that asked for. The infinite intelligence of Angelica’s subconscious mind donned her with gifts beyond the sacred walls of her creative imagination; she was indeed a powerful individual and a force to be reckoned with but how well would she fare with beating Ego on the chase of the “Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” did she even know what it entailed lest know of it at all?

Delightful memories emerged of finer moments ‘life of the father’ they

Ridge Ramon had been the dad she knew a justified war fought and won. Did she fight his battles or did he conquer his own? Ridge had fought battles she’d never seen. Ridge was not of blue blood or of Debonair’ defile but he left her with ‘skillful blueprint’ to secure her life away from the lack, loss, limitation and deprivation he preached and she would go on to learn the honor of being a top member of the Covenant and sole bender to indict and banish from the top tier in an assembly of the ILLUMINATI’s high ranked winners. It had been said that Ridge died of “Natural causes.” Of course he did, he died of naturally causing his own death by affirmative action in note of timely death. The concept puzzled some, though questionable, it explains that when ’death is written (as is believed by millions that our hour and date is written a man will leave the earth at his appointed calling. The true essence of his will always relate and mime that in the media of HOLLYWOOD great’s whose lives had been lived by words that justified their end. It is thus important to consider diminishing

’Auto-destructive ’Catch Phrases” associated with an end as in death, something of anything about life and living. Poems, Song Lyrics, Film Dialogues and thoughts are self prophesies for those poor in soul and impaired of its purpose not to mean a truth but role, when one plays a role with emotion of it being real it becomes real switching to reality is needed. It is recalled to Ridge Ramon, his life evolved around being exploited or so it seemed when rather he had no choice or it had been imposed on him, Ridge lived with definite purpose to die when he fulfilled his mission and that he did in a big way for Angelica had not known the sacrifice he made. It seemed evident that Luc Ford invested in Angelica’s scholarly elevation and paid for her prestigious education, Ridge had no such mean in the Ford employment on a minimum wage. Yet, blinded by a man’s face value, it had not been Luc Ford’s finances that owned Angelica an education or his money that acquired her the ’The majestic Palace of Torpedo Ridge, it had been ‘the secret stash Ridge’ saved for the purpose of ensuring Angelica a better life and his fortune all along. Angelica was fulfilled, Eric and their ‘soon to be’ crowning glory, a child conceived by love, he would be as ecstatic. Angelica’s journey on the “Think and Grow Rich” flight to amassment of wealth had been her one-way ticket to “All or Nothing” she got neither and learnt the harsh way never to place all her eggs in one basket for the majority got crushed and the loyal hens had died out, the only surety of life was being aware that on is awareness, being love awareness, aware of love.


She had been given a peek of what the “Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” entailed, it was not just an ancient tale from past era but a true dynasty to the thrones. Now she held a golden scroll in her hand and wondered how she’d become that privileged. Doctor Port handed it to her and said; “I do not have the faintest idea how this appeared in my office let alone into your medical file but I know that it is of extreme importance, he conveyed and added; [it says] sealed to be delivered to Angelica Arianna Ramon nee Ford PS: it also had a note stuck to it that read; Finder, this document is sealed for a reason, its contents are for no other than the member intended [be warned] curiosity killed the cat and you do not have seven lives, oblige, he added and laughed.

Doctor Port excused himself to attend to an emergency. Angelica sat in the silence to read the scroll. Held by a pure gold seal, the glossy gold scroll held together in tight yet light papyrus type paper. Angelica delicately broke off the seal, rolled down the fine ‘papyrus paper’ revealing ’an ancient ’autography close to hieroglyphics; said to be among the old writing system of the world. The numbers and fractions on it were intricate and unfathomable and then voila: It read: Take heed, this an enigma to the unfolding – Hieroglyphic, Hieratic, an Demotic: Traditionally Egyptologists divided Hieroglyphs into three types based on appearance. As stated for your search [the key is found by Hieroglyphic, Hieratic, and Demotic [these are your ’brain teasers] be sure to study them and mime them as your bible. Hieroglyphic is almost always inscribed on ‘Stones’ in large-scale monuments. Hieratic is the “Priestly Script” extensively used on manuscripts and paintings, and are really just a rather cursive form of monumental hieroglyphics. And finally, “Demotic” is a highly cursive script that replaced Hieratic as the script of every day use from 600BCE onward. In fact, some demotic signs translate into more than one Hieratic or Hieroglyphic SIGN, so there is not a ONE –TO – ONE correspondence between Demotic and the other two SYSTEMS, stay in your lane and interpret your first move as of now.

Page Two are lessons of moral, formulated for the AF of this binding, if this is given, it is of a birth right directed from the Covenant to be Yours, it is not sellable, exchangeable and cannot be denied or passed on, it is a Nobel Duty that means banishment with deadly twist, do not derail, it is not permitted by your engenderment of your own propagate, you must fulfill your role [The Main Role] Never to dispense funds on unworthy graspers, unappreciable grabbers and or deliberate needy sympathy seeking flukes, or you may deplete resources and decline to arid ground ‘wished for’ and deliberately created by foes. Keep you friends close but keep your Enemy closest. Never trust a ’Booger happy Investor’s prig” for such is a person is one who shows an inordinately zealous approach to matters of form and propriety. He is defined as a man who demands of others pointlessly precise conformity about trivialities. You have something he wants and he will happily ‘purchase’ your worth on his conditions with the suave art of persuasion and deplete you with a twist so you may borrow from his investment and repay him with interest of triple the costs for cheating you out of your wealth premise. [This is The Secret voice of The Covenant Of Torpedo Ridge]

Ooh and Oh, Angelica sighed wearing a mischievous grin of ’Nailed It” and a frown. This can’t be serious! “I deciphered the first road block like I blasted every clue. If that’s the chase, it’s over and the victory is eminent, the crowning is a tip toe away, she laughed at the top of her voice unaware that doctor Port had returned from his ’Urgent Intervention”

“Tip one, do not hoard like ’IKEA’s CEO, he may die a contented man for boarding a bus, living in a studio, and dining on take away, who benefits from the wealth he built?” doctor Port chimed in as if he were aware about ’The Covenant”

“Are you trying to get me disqualified? You do not know anything about ‘This Secret’ you are presumed not to be advised. ‘Or are you ONE of the significant others’, why did you just say that?

“Holy Grail, I have no idea, it just popped up for no apparent reason, he laughed. “Just kidding, I read that in the loo, just now, he smiled. You are not a hoarder or a miser, you just parted with Millions in consolation to those families who lost their loved ones at TR, no, I don’t know how it could be appropriated to you or to whatever it is you are scrolling. Quite simply because I read the Glorious Bastard’s account of getting rich and loving the “pauper’s rife, doctor Port added and settled on his beep to rush out in a flash.

Angelica slid the tiny gold pin lever and delicately rolled the fine paper scroll down to revealing page 2 that read, Hoard but be wise by donning the GBTSP, Giving Back To Society Policy. Doctor Port just slipped that up at me a moment ago she thought and continued to peruse her scroll, nodding the coincidence as being petty. Be charitable but never affirm that you are ’giving all you have out of gratitude with an expectation of the adage, ’Giving is Receiving” in mind. There is only so much you can give without receiving or you may end up being the world’s poorest ’Philanthropist, what use then? “Love of humanity” is not donned in this game and such generosity shall not exist to willingly repay you in kind, poverty is the only disease treated like the pest.

“All the more reason to secure your children’s future; a little voice sprung up in Angelica’ mind and tattled. Be still thinker, I have a task at hand, be still and stay still, she commanded, closed her eyes took a few breaths and returned to reading the remainder of the scroll.

Ridge Ramon in honor is noted “The Hero” killed in battle with Ford. Be well informed, the hands of Ford is tainted with Ramon blood, murdered in the line of ‘eradication for glory’. Engrave note not to delve for criminal intent or deem ’offense for vengeance ’this deed is justified, Ford is exempt and not punishable by the law of the ’Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” He who conquers the fine line to glory, is the victor. The universal law and deed of the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge and its force of nature allows for barbarianism if it may attain a lead for the taking of the ‘honor’ by sword. You are the un-relegated power and no member may consign you to an inferior ranking for it is you who crowns the victor. Enigma’s from the ‘pact’ only one shall be of entitlement and is unraveled via an intricate puzzlement slowly divulging the stakes. Be not duped for you shall encounter pit falls, your efforts shall be sabotaged and compromised and you will stand in jeopardy, the writing is on the scroll for you to decipher, nothing is given it is sought and unraveled. Angelica concluded and smiled, what did she have to lose but play, let the journey begin. She rolled up her gold scroll, placed its gold seal and ribbon back on and slid it into her ample handbag and slipped into wonder. Why was she a chosen one? Why was she to crown the victor? Who placed her at such high enthrone and how was she related to the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge it was not associated to the name choice of her Palace, or was it?

Angelica inherited wisdom and resources from an educed space in leaps and bounds most men could only dream of. Ford killed her father, it was written in the first pact of The “Covenant of Torpedo Ridge she’d just seen. She had known Luc Ford to be a fierce, an unmerciful business scoundrel but never ’thought of him as a ‘murderer’. The Covenant’s message was clear, Luc was a rogue and she was instructed not to bring his to inquiry or justice but to ‘accept his deed’ as justified. Justified? Did he kill Ridge for a Ramon valid reason’?

In a rule of the covenant: one get’s to amass fortunes by any means? It is legitimate to steal and kill for the ’world’s most worthy and invaluable monetary kingdom of wealth ’the ultimate force is based on obsession, nobility and power. Angelica had nothing to be taught or learn she knew how to ’Think and Grow Rich” she had been warned to encounter barriers in weight of tons but she knew to leap over hurdles in her path.

Did this have to happen at a time she decided to bow out of chasing wealth?

“In her story, she set out to describe the journey of people in general, her cast was made up of an engenderment by ‘linkage’ and lineage, the entourage mapped out to be from a Universal GPS and not by chance encounters, they were all there for a definite purpose for her to narrate her life and theirs to the unraveling of the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge. It would be her role to stipulate with exactitude in measure of the days months and years of each player and their premise pertaining to the journey and chase to the key of the Covenant to Torpedo Ridge. Many shall run a smooth road and other’s off course their target, many shall fall and fail but only few will veer on in definite purpose, definite demand, definite clarity, definite fierceness, definite fearlessness and definite willingness to accomplish the rules of the Scrolls.

Angelica reflected on the scroll; It said Luc Ford murdered Ridge Ramon! If that was so, how could she belittle the giant when she overlooked that Ford had turned him into the dwarf he was and that she treated him like he was a midget always looking down on him. Fond memories filled reeled back to one and ultimately the only great memory she would forever recall of Ridge Ramon. It had been the year of Ridge’s lucky break in which he turned over a lucrative business ’Angel Travels, one Luc had gone on to claim and ruin, that may have been the very best year of their lives in which they built gadgets, laughed, shared memories and bonded. The “Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” fell into Angelica’s lap and something triggered of the past. One day, Luc commanded Ridge to book and escort one of Luc’s Tycoon friends on an island hopping adventure, he had told Ridge to take Muriel and Angelica along. Mo, no doubt to mingle with the rich and famous on board if by chance to find a hefty sheik of sorts for a son in law, no doubt, he’d trained Muriel well. It was on that day that Angelica actually got her first hint about the ’Covenant of Torpedo Ridge. It had come after she had written the rumors off as some legendary bogus tale of no significance. Angelica had only once viewed Luc Ford call for a meeting with folk from ‘impressive descent’ undoubtedly groomed of or by nobility, distinguished and pompously richly armored in clad of a certain standing. Angelica gathered by their gentile and Debonair tenure to be men of great value and from ’the universal allure of bankable craft, she had not been mistaken, every word pledged on wealth, they were talking about ’The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge and Muriel’s raw pampered style vanished, she sat there being the upper crust of fine mannerly etiquette flowed in fluent speech and allocution. She spoke the Yale language, perfect verbiage, metaphor’s aside all too well meant for applause. Luc’s general tone of grossness dropped from fierce unrelenting roars to oxford principality, he was the speaker of great mold. Who were those people really, what did they represent and why did they have a double faceted demeanor about themself? Muriel and Luc bent the bar in their meeting that day in which ‘The Covenant’ got mentioned a few times too many. Angelica had seen someone give Muriel a scroll, the scroll was not Gold it was Bronze and worn out like all ancient scrolls. Probably a school play of sort’s Angelica thought, a drama of ancient plays or theatricals, she had not taken importance to that degree. Hours later, the trip got organized and Ridge was about to get his first peek at freedom from Luc Ford’s entrapment.

Luc Ford instructed Ridge to meet the Tycoon at the Ritz Carlton and sell him a multi million-dollar travel package, imagine planning a trip that had not yet been sold, only Luc pulled off such dealings. It is an all-inclusive package. ’Private jets, private yachts, cruises and private island living, make it ultra luxurious Luc had said. Ridge honored the appointment and returned having sold his package for double the millions Luc Ford instructed and on the occasion, pocketed half as a gift from the client. Ridge’s ‘windfall’ added to his stash in a private accumulating account only he knew of. Ridge readied to accompany the Tycoon’s on a private flight from Paris to Dubai then set sail on the Arabia followed by a planned trip to fork off to Bali, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius and end the cruise in the Seychelles Islands, La Reunion and Madagascar. Ridge and the girls turned up at the private airport to find the private jet and crew ready for take off but no client’s on board. A quick call to Luc.

“Get yourself to Le Havre. The Ford MO-LUV Cruiser is ready to set sail, Luc instructed Ridge. Ensure that Muriel gets to sail the shores with the Sheiks, Luc added.

“From Paris to Le Havre to Dubai? Who sails to Dubai?

“Work it out Ramon just get to Le Havre on time.

A few hours of tallying and a quick private plane to Le Havre only to find that MO-LUV sailed off four hours sooner. Another raving bout with Luc who hit the roof in rage.

“I don’t give a continental damn how you get to where they dock next just get Muriel on that cruiser or you are fired. Listen up Ramon, the boat is named MO-LUV for a reason, Ford quipped there’s solid men on board get my girl on it, Luc said and ended the call. Ridge stood there wondering what next nodding to the girls.

“We missed MO-LUV and God alone knows how we’re going to catch up with her.

“We have no idea where she’s heading, we’d turn up somewhere and she’d have sailed off again. Here is what we need to do; Book a Private Jet directly to the Seychelles Islands weeks ahead of MO-LUV docking there. It’s your business you call the shots so get busy Ramon arrange for us to fly in style and luxury Angelica quipped.

“That’s two private jets, a yacht and a cruiser, Luc would blow a gasket, its way too extravagant, Ridge said.

“Then so be it, I’m booking the Ford Lines, Muriel said and added, business is business, your client paid for extreme luxury and we’re a part of it. Luc want’s Muriel to be loved on MO-LUV let’s get her to her destination in style. And what’s with cutting corners to economize this is your biz, those clients are your high flyers and you are their chaperone [Luxury All The Way], get on with it dad.

Oh but Ford would flip. Our little indulgences are about to cost him the price of the sale I just made, Ridge garbled locking jaw like he were suddenly tetanized.

Then do as I say; I will not have it any other way, get me my frills, Muriel commanded to overrule Angelica’s instructions and personally dialed for a private Limousine back to the Airstrip. Flying to Paris in style and boarding Ford’s private jet was like living in the movies, Ridge had never had such luxurious travels let alone been in a luxury jet, stolen moments of bliss, champagne, Cuban cigars, truffles and caviar, the life of a king, he didn’t feel comfortable but savored the frills none the less.

Angelica was right, Ridge Ramon was in the business of selling extreme luxury vacations to the world’s richest players, he could do with enjoying a fraction of its value just once. That is what an Elite regiment would do, the covenant allowed for it, why should he be deprived of savoring of a fortune he didn’t know he owned. The Universe works in mysterious ways Ridge was getting a taste of luxury and enjoying every bit.

In Flight upon arriving at the MAHE airport in the Seychelles Islands, the foursome stepped out of their grand luxury to a rather a tiny little Airport of Shantytown Deluxe, nothing to do with the in “Monaco Feel” Mat skinned beauties lined up in short skirts doing the Waikiki of Island Samba or Saga they expected.

An entourage of ‘drag queens looking’ tight crouched coons on carnival welcomed them with colorful flutes of petit punch cocktails and canapés, fried bean wraps and some fishy oil filled macaroons. A handsome islander threw Frangipani head necklaces around their necks and led them through the VIP lounge with brat pack Muriel nagging on every pace.

“It’s kind of grim here, she panted, accepted the valet’s offer to carry her hand sized purse and flicked her fingers for the dancer to cool her off with her wand. The girl shunned her off, if looks could kill Muriel would be dead, ’warning ogles for Mo to get protective custody, mess with a SEYCHELOISE and Victoria gets rough. A male dance grabbed her wallet size purse and offered to carry her shoes to the Limo. Muriel hopped into the highly leathered upholstered plush eyeing the handsome dancer in a come to momma kind of way. Victoria City’s tiny landmark clock tower, a colorful parade and psychedelic kiosks brightened the little avenue. Muriel lit up like a bulb as they passed by capacity packed ’Pirates Arms.

“That’s where we should hang out tonight, she said and commanded the Limo driver to stop.

Settled into the Wharf Penthouse on Eden Island, spaciousness deluxe. The three girls hopped into skimpy swimsuits and romped down to join the party boat at the Marina all flared up to party around the island. “How Muriel got to know about the ’Saga-Seychelles no one knows but she had it all planned. Sunday morning darted on a sumptuous continental breakfast on the Wharf’s terrace overlooking the marina and Eden Island Development where Ford’s Villa 209 was under construction. Getting ready for a night out donned and exposition of Muriel miming Elle. Pirates Arms, the girls danced to creole music erupting the usual frantic fanny display of Muriel imposing herself as the center of attraction. Muriel on overindulgences on a Red wine-dropping spree consumed alcohol like she was drinking soda, excess to heights of drunkenness. Elle turned up, that was a pleasant surprise for Angelica but Muriel fussed, she didn’t need someone to damper her spirit or take the front row seat in popularity, she was not too keen.

Angelica had no desire to get intoxicated she was pure joy in sobriety. Elle on her high chimed down to withdrawal to offer a rendition of “drunken grief’ and did the “Ugly cry, again”. Muriel chuckled and mocked.

“Duh, what a sinful ugly ‘squeak-a-beak’ kind of ogress press is that? You’re hideously laughable, Muriel teased, causing Elle to weep even louder.

“Why are you on the evil twin beluga?” a handsome guy in the group inquired, and added, trashing your twin sister and putting the hate stamp like you want to kill her when you really just want to hug, I’m Frankie by the way he continued and offered an introduction. No sooner, and the islander clamped a hand up Elle’s skirt.

“Oh hell no, she’s no sister of mine and bring those claws my way antsy pants, Muriel rang out putting her hot on for Frankie. Was that the same Muriel Angelica heard ’at the competition of YALENESS earlier? She’d transformed into the third faceted demon of trashy sparks, another of her several personalities arisen. God forbid, Angelica knew Muriel like the finest pore on her hand, the person in there was Muriel at her best dishonorable behavior not Muriel the sweet but sly version, the real Muriel had taken flight. Angelica folded with embarrassment, Muriel’s extreme sultry side was over the top slutty. Muriel grabbed Frankie’s hand and walked away into the small arcade and returned later wearing a grin that rhymed with; Town Whore. he Betty Evil Trade of quickies Frankie had his party and shooed his boys away to tussle up with a new group of blondes elsewhere, they were island players on hit and run. Thankfully so or deliberately calculated, just on time and the local gigolo’s spouses turned up to debut a “grab a cab and run” showdown of fistfights with unsuspecting blondes. A night to be remembered, the Limousine chauffeur got highly intoxicated and spent the night passed out behind the wheel while the girls bided and yawned their way into the early hours of the morning and forced to summon a cab to the Wharf.

Frankie turned up at the Wharf a few hours later accompanied by his spouse. He offered to drive the trio up around the island and journeyed through calved mountainous twirling roads swooshing past forest like mapping atop a backdrop of fear dropping edged rock and the deep blue ocean below. Muriel again got it on with Frankie. ’The Itch” Elle and Angelica called it, Muriel contracted STD’s and paid the price of cheap sex on the sly, or so claimed in the absence of a medical examination. Frankie returned to visit Muriel and brought a friend to set his sparks on Elle. A fun filled afternoon ended with sumptuous lunch at “RENDEZVOUS RESTAURANT” the girls were intrigued by the little ’Clock Tower” plunked up right in the middle of a crossing, the landmark of Victoria but they were urged to get to Pirates Arms for a stretched evening of frolic into the early hours of the morning. “PIRATES ARMS” where tourist’s and locals of every ethnic variety met to chill amid scandalous delight, a jam it up pub eatery where everyone hung out to twist.

“Luc got word about his princess Muriel’s slutty kindle and ordered bodyguards to secure the trio. The umpteenth intoxicating night out and Muriel eloped with Frankie to get it on at the upper chambers at the Casino to return later looking like she had the time of her life. A fun filled evening at the FISHERMAN’S COVE “LE MERIDIEN” hotel over a sumptuous meal at “Le Bourgeoisie” restaurant savoring ’Creole culinary art and ending in palate delight. The accustomed fine diner’s scouted the very best “Eateries” and painted the town red days later. A gourmet meal at the snazzy CORSAIRE restaurant plated like art on rye. Italian dinner at LA SCALA restaurant’s local celeb spot left its own impression with Muriel vying for attention. Stepping out and returning with a local actor caused for a stir when his whopping big momma turned up to pull partitions apart, she had been vexed to find her roving Adonis clamping up a ‘white blonde’ she was blond wasn’t she? A dumb blond at that. A night out at JITTER BUG club down town licking a one night stand like she was a lollipop on heels and lightly fondling affectionate pecks at Muriel, the same ’man with pectorals like hulk got busy. Lucky for some, Angelica turned up with bodyguards to save Muriel from being shredded like a tuna trim.

Muriel turned up at their farewell party wearing a ’one-eyed jack strap and caused a LOL moment, she had gotten a black eye from the actors girl and sported a knuckled eye. It had been the most hilarious fun loving vacation ‘the girls spent in total freedom.’ Duty called, the Tycoons Docked in Victoria and rushed for double fun. Bumming at the BEAUVALLON BURJAYA BEACH RESORT to body beautiful and plump delight. Sun tanning and dipping had fast become a pass time. Muriel strutted her stuff and hooked up with everything in a trousers on that crew ‘looking fine mattered not, SHREK and POPEYE’ types in Rum punched squint eyed armor and island humor, she said it, I’d shag Hulk if he were here and laughed. Entertaining Muriel became a popularity contest, the talk of the town and sought after BULE of the party, even Frankie’s wife and her evil Beluga’s warmed up to Mo, they thought she was cool and said about her ’White girl party like a local and get it on like a sophisticated ho, island tripping like the real deal. LE PEARL NOIRE restaurant rose to something snobby away from ugly bitchy scenes finally a day in the life of Muriel with ’no hunt downs, she’d had the island girls ’lining up to whip her up. “No one messes with a Seychellois side piece or partner be it male or female, cheating is common but vengeance is soap operatic and drama.

Their final day in Seychelles, the MO-LUV crew turned up to embark them on a kingly farewell party at CAP LAZARE in the South of MAHE. The drive to Cap LAZARE wound up the edge dropping along stretches of extremely narrow winding roads through heights of barrier-less turns. One wrong move a pretty disastrous eventuality, yet rare of slinging down the rocky edges and sharp cliffs, were told. Giant sized exotic trees forked into the rock formatting downward on a view of magnificent lagoons way down below. It had been Ridge, Muriel, Angelica and Elle’s finest moments away from the Ford Estate. Those were the days! The Seychelles trip had been the only wild time the trio ever got to do abroad together and the trip held an unforgettable memory. Ridge had done an untold trip many years earlier. Reeling back to a story Angelica had been told; Luc requested Ridge to accompany a group of Rich French Military Guests on a trip to the Comoros Island. The trip had not been related to Global Travels but allegedly of a ‘secret mission’ Unawares, Ridge Ramon’s mission had been to ’steer a racketing of fraudulent dimensions and approve illegal cargo said to contain ‘black coral’ and shark fins for a shipment. He was not supposed to know of the contents very slyly noted to be addressed to a fictive company noting his name. The cargo consisted of rare and banned material Luc solicited for his new range of MO-LISS carvings for an exquisite upper brand of luxury electronic gadgets, a big deal from Monaco.

Ridge had been told to keep a low profile and got shacked up in a shanty type residence across the tar road from the GALAWA SUN RESORT. An Army general sought Ridge out and brought him to the resort to savor the luxury of a Royal Suite, the man and his entourage seemed highly respected in MALOUDJA. Dressed up in military gear, Ridge accompanied the General to a Gala of impression. Ridge got seated next to Army General Bob DENARD, a legendary French soldier of fortune who for decades was involved in coups and mercenary activities across Africa and the Middle East. Ridge listened to the tall dapper man who he read about and had a great interest for. Bob [quoted] in a write up, said to have been inspired by Frederick Forsyth’s novel about European mercenaries in Africa, ’The Dogs of War,” similarly to what he had read in some gazette or tabloids. The Colonel told Ridge he never felt the need to apologize for his actions, contending in one interview [quote] that Ramon had read that too somewhere in the tabloids ’We are soldiers of the West engaged in the fight against Communism. “It is true, I was not a saint, in that interview, the man said. Ridge read about and heard it from the horse’s mouth right there at MALOUDJA, déjà vu it felt like he was reliving a replay of what he already knew and had read about.

“You cannot be in combat but I would still not be here if I had done truly reprehensible things. Ridge learnt that the Colonel rather than seeing himself as a mercenary or a pirate, preferred to describe himself as s Corsair; said to mean he was a privateer, a person authorized by the government by letters of marque to attach foreign vessels. The Colonel said of the statement; I did not have such permission, but I had passports given to me by the intelligence services. It would be the last words of the final phrase Ridge had been honored to meet the great Bob DENARD. Conversation exchanged in that meeting would recall in echoes in later years and Ridge would read of Colonel Bob DENARD death on one of those occasions. Impressive that Luc Ford had such friends in high places and that oddly the same friends [seemed well intentional to save Ridge from a trap Luc had sent him into. Ridge walked into the Legions den that evening and partied up a storm among Kepis on parade. He had no idea what the exactitude of his mission entailed only that he had been warned to be cautious or suffer the consequences of major disaster if he committed the unthinkable, he already disregarded Luc’s warning not to associate with High Grades. The General had been ’persuasive, could he refuse? Army General Le Roy called Ridge aside and warned him not to follow through with Luc Ford’s instruction and insinuated that such a brave attempt may get Ridge killed, Ridge feared death and spent the next few hours in total disobedience to Luc’s instruction.

They returned to the “GALAWA SUN RESORT” at MALOUDJA to hang out on the white sandy beach. Pique of black volcanic lava rocky mountains in contrast with divine turquoise and blue lagoons mapped the ocean for miles. Coconut and Palm trees lined up impeccably, Pirogues and PEDALOS flirted in the distance and the pool deck swarmed with Happy Hour tipsy in cheers and swing of Lounge music from hidden speakers. Ridge felt honored to be among such great men and felt fulfilled. The Army General suggested a day trip to MORONI, Ridge wondered why the General had not yet let him a step out of sight but nodded in agreement to visit the Main city, did he even have a choice?

They walked through the MORONI Madagascan souk situated in the center of town in an open arena type stall enfolding of the most beautiful Artifacts and souvenirs, mostly hailed from Madagascan memorabilia. Ridge held up a pocket size game of SOLITAIRE, reviewed the price a few times and placed it back on the concrete counter and noted the workmanship to be of flawlessly carved dark ebony. Upon seeing Ridge reluctance to pay or shop for the rather affordable pieces, the Army General Le Roy picked out a giant marble solitaire game and the steel statue Luc had been eyeing then asked Ridge to jot down his address for the HAWKER and instructed the said to ship it to Ridge’s home, Then it happened, mind games in the scorching heat, Ridge saw Luc Ford right in eye shot. Eerie, he thought, just at a time the General warned him not to pursue with Ridge’s mission. Luc appeared? Maybe the General Le Roy was in cahoots, no doubt, they were up to something shady. The General’s sudden rushing up ‘let’s leave’ command felt associated to Luc’s appearance.

“My Archeologist friends are at the Harbor inspecting Coelacanths Fossil, I’d like to be a part of that coverage if you’d accompany me to the Jetty of it’s findings.

Ridge shuddered, damn, he had never seen such an ugly fish and paid attention to what was being said and documented.

‘We’ found one of these in South Africa recently, an Archeologist said, of note this fish is said to an elusive deep-sea fish, long thought to have become extinct, and as can be seen has an obsolete lung lurking in its abdomen, the Archeologist pointed out. We came here to do archeologically related research and got called out to view this gem, he added. Another dictated further, it is similar to the human appendix. The organ doesn’t have a specific purpose and was likely rendered defunct by evolution.

Ridge nodded, he was no acquainted with the Deep or the species and smiled about why anyone would fuss over such an ugly fish. “Ugly’ why was he using the hideous term when he so solemnly debarred Angelica for adopting such switch-affirms? It did intrigue him that the living fossil had a lung when other fish use gills to extract oxygen from water.

“I have a mate to visit at the Hospital PELTIER the General urged again, almost in tandem with ’Ford turning up in the crowd again.

They walked through the Hospital in the center of the undeveloped city and Ridge cringed. The solid built concrete establishment was dilapidated and left in a state of unconcluded construction, patients laid sprawled on the concrete floors in what seemed like wards or sections for admissions. Rows of run down stretchers and gurneys, mite eaten wooden bunks and open urinals. Islamic prayers of Friday Mosque echoed rowdily over the speakers in a meddle of ailing cries for help. The army General was not appalled, eerily because the stench alone was gut enough to puke, most probably because he spent his life roaming the island, Ridge observed.

“Why did the General bring Ridge to view such painstaking disgust? A psychological bluff. Was it that he snuck away from Luc too to avoid a danger or were they in cahoots forming Ridge for mental amputation?. Like Luc Ford, the General first celebrated Ridge by wining and dining him with the Elite and now he was taking him down psychologically perturbing sites. Everything they visited ‘formed the ass of Africa’ declining and third world to the largest degree on a tour, no doubt, they were pulling dental floss through his rear as a warning.

The trip back to MALOUDJA Beach in a Taxi BROUSSE had been a rocky ride for forty kilometers through the virgin island’s wilderness and exotic untouched sceneries. Breathtaking views. Comorian residents stepped out of their colorful corrugated iron and steel shacks to wave at the General, he was the town’s celebrity it seemed. Narrow paths formed in alley type roads where locals appeared and dressed in colorful garments of durable silk or BATIQUE fabric and wore traditional painted faces unique to Swahili customs, perhaps a celebration of sorts, there was no way of knowing if it were daily custom.

Ridge returned to the resort to a downgrade from the Royal suite to a stunning standard room deluxe, same difference only that Ridge hopped onto his bed to nap and woke up yelling the roof down, he had been bitten by a venomous serpent and God sent Colonel Le Roy had been nearby to save his life, Ridge had had a narrow escape with death.

“We had a good curl up Ramon, sorry you got mauled by a serpent and just in time or we would have been doing this in a catch up from the grave. “Have a good flight back to Paris he added and whispered something low tone in Ridge’s ear.

“Take this, he said and shoved an envelope in Ridge’s pocket. “Do not open it until you reached your home, the army general instructed.

“Thank you Sir, but I am not authorized to accept a gift if it that but I am well enough to accompany you on your trip to Mayotte, that would be a greater honor.

“I am not a seer but I have a good instinct that you are not to be on that flight to Mayotte. “I booked you a first class ticket back to Paris, the general said and added, extended life is not refused, take my word for it. That had been that, Ridge returned to Europe for what would be the continuation ’Ford exploitation.” Decidedly, Luc Ford’s subtle espy informed Luc well. Luc turned up to meet Ridge at the airport and though in total discretion retrieved the envelope of Ridge’s reward and sent him to clear the Cargo from the French customs zone at Charles De GAULES airport. Ridge approved the cargo delivery of “Shark Fins” and “Black Coral” addressed to a bogus company licensed in the name as ‘Ramon-Oceanic’ and a BP post office box address. Miracles do happen the illegal clearance went off perfectly well.

Months later, Ridge recalled to the consequences of his brave act of clearing ‘banned’ Cargo on European soil, if he had been caught he would have been imprisoned for life. Ridge recalled that he had the Ford lookalike it had not been Luc. Luc was in eyeshot and in Ridge’s sight. Ridge had been Luc Ford’s ‘dirty job handyman’ for a lifetime, a Ford motto to use weaklings to run his dangerous errands. That had been the wrath of early days of living and working in the Ford ‘Triangle of Dredge’ at a time that Ridge had not yet become indispensable to Ford Enterprises. If Ridge perished at that time, it would not have had major consequences on Luc’s life as Luc had already possessed Ridge and the Ramon assets in full, or so he thought

History would repeat itself eighteen years later when Ridge got called back to the Comoros to accomplish his final mission. “Final Mission’ in Red Ink sprawled across the File that had been handed to him by Luc. Luc charged Ridge to dance according to the ‘Ford Mantra’ and do the scavenger hunt of Ford’s impromptu crime in a blindfold streaks. Ridge had always ever been the sole participant and told to undertake a dangerous errand. Same case scenario as of the long past visit to the Comoros. Ridge recognized the officer who’d come to welcome him back but it was not the General Le Roy said to have perished in a plane crash the evening Ridge left to return to Europe.

This time Ridge overstayed his schedule in the Comoros and Angelica felt growing concern of not being able to reach him. She had been at the Ford mansion pacing in restlessness and after several attempts finally reached the Front Desk Reservation’s Clerk HEIDI. The chubby girl from ALSACE dressed in folkloric costume looked like she was on her way to a street dance in Austria her voice was as sing song as the yodel and informed they had no client under the name of Ridge Ramon but added that the description of such a man matched the army General’s escort who accompanied him on his Flight to Mayotte.

Days elapsed and Angelica checked her mailbox as usual emptying the spam filter with a rapid ’erase and block to phishing habit. Angelica emptied the trash box daily and permanently only this time even though she was not perusing, a message popped up. Call it divine intervention, Angelica lifted her finger from ‘Delete’ and read the Urgent Notification

Dear Miss Ramon, Telegraphic note: The management of GSR sadly informs that a male person named R Ramon perished in a plane crash. Details withheld pending investigation. Contact, 009 crisis-line for more details. We are at your disposition –sincerest regrets. The Management. “The Resort”

Angelica walked into a run down mortuary of the utmost unhygienic decline and stench and irked to its sorry state of affairs on third world procedures for body identification. Luckily, in a local morgue for Christians or Ridge’s body would have been cremated and thrown into a collective urn to become MUTI just hours after his death.

A Comorian coroner turned up with a gurney and gestured Angelica to hop on. No way, she wasn’t getting onto such a rusted soiled and contaminated ’deathbed on wheels. The coroner laughed beeped a warden in Swahili and out pops an ancient man rolling a wheelchair, a laughing matter to shy gags, the vehicle of incapacitation looked like something from ‘death row’ and had a whim of ’ leather straps with metal frames, she imagined it to have an electrical box stuck at the bottom and a rolled chord with a red plug in for power point, The Electrical Chair? What? Were they going to sentence her to Electrocution?

Do or die, Angelica ended up plunking herself in the faded dirt incrusted ’morbidity and felt herself being sped through a long corridor of ice land, she had goose pimples from head to toe. Arriving at a hall, she stepped down and into a humungous size hall, in the middle sharp, six local officers surrounding a ’Morgue Tray in the gushing heat to bake an egg on the bare concrete floors, it was dark, eerie and exuded the stench and aura of imminent death, not the deceased, hers, she felt life reeling by her mind, they’d come to kill her, but she’d take them down with her, if only she knew how.

The female officer removed the white sheet from the corpse to reveal shrapnel of the tiniest metal pieces and scatterings resembling warheads, shells and other bullet type ammunition. The rubble or debris had nothing to do with a dead body or debris from a crashed aircraft. What was she supposed to do with metal pieces? Seriously if Ridge turned into metal she be at the scrapyard all day trying to sort through corroded springs in effort to identify even the slightest codons resembling the noisy vessels in Ridge’s brains. She smiled. I’d like to keep a bone at least, think you can find me ’the dad’s sac, that’s where I came from you know, she said sarcastically. Where was Ridge’s body? She shrugged and inquired Where’s my dad?

The warden pointed to the envelope on the gurney, Angelica laughed.

“That’s my dad, all of him in one sachet?”

“Debris of man, the coroner replied.

“Holy mother of awe, does this look like debris of man?” Debris for sure, but man?” well no, this is not debris of man it is debris of war she growled and demanded to see someone who spoke English.

“It’s a Souvenir, madam, a female officer said with a sympathetic nod.

“Do you think you can turn this rubble into tuna cans so I may fill it with man and have something for memorial of man?” Angelica retorted. Clearly of soft metal of ‘whatever’ or perhaps a strip of a seaplane’s “landing platform” but definitely not of a private jet or remains of a man. Angelica returned to Paris with an envelope of crushed metal ash and erred around the Charles Du Gaulle Airport waiting for the Limousine driver. She was mortified and then in her soppy bereavement, imagined she’d just seen Ridge Ramon in the crowd. Lo, the more she moved closer the Exit to board the Limo, the more the ’haunting image of Ridge followed.

“Angel, a voice called out a few times, she looked around and spun around like a top in shock, Ridge was well and alive, it had not been him who perished but Colonel Cox and a man named Jean ADIEU’, Adieu? Eerie or coincidence, the man named Jean had said to Ridge just prior to his departure. Our paths may never cross Ramon it’s Adieu so see you in the resurrection hour. Ridge boarded his flight back to Paris, this time because Ridge opted out from accompanying the General’s to what he viewed as ‘A date with fate’ he had already been saved from two crashes, the Universe hath spoken, he would never board a plane to Mayotte in his lifetime.

Angelica could hardly believe she was pregnant if only she could share the news with Muriel and Eric but they’d walked out on her and left no forwarding address. If there is one think she learnt in life, that was never go seek ye whom seeks to be estranged, she wouldn’t lap an inch of her life’s crowning glory to drop either a text message. If Eric were to be estranged from her, she would have no trouble, being a single killed no one. “Oh how she loved the divine power of inner emergence, higher self and an obeying psyche, her wildest dream came true.

Angelica’s fall called for a reevaluation of her life. She lost Torpedo Ridge but her dignity and wealth were in tact so nothing but an old cycle ended to start a worthy course of events. Been there, done that already, the school of hard knocks and life sucks had yet to keep her down, she was never going to the pits but walk away from what no longer served her. She’d count her losses to handsomely invest in a worthy p “DREAMZ” project. This was not a moneymaking affair but a charitable concept. “DREAMZ” was a creation of GBTS, Giving Back To Society” in which she recruited skilled surgeons and medical staff to join her ’Transform a Life” on wheels. The concept was to dedicate services to underprivileged children with major deformities and transform their lives for free. She would be an observer away from her prior indulgences for she had long parted from Ego’s over indulgences and the drama of greed and obsession. Angelica still owned an immense fortune and had every intention to Ace at Philanthropic deeds. The Ramon Manor no longer served its prior purpose and called for a downgrade to normalcy yet abiding to luxury and style. She downsized to an already sizeable plot on her beachfront and made of it a miniature palace to be desired, looking out onto the ocean inspired her greatly, besides a new found satisfaction since she had allowed for the Queens Chain to be frequented by a select public.

Angelica’s due date for baby’s arrival had been set for the month of April. An Aries baby. Said of Aries to be leaders by definition. Frank, blunt, loyal and masters of their arts in all trades to none, how best to embrace Aries traits by the world’s revolutionaries and thrill on names such as Rene Descartes who had been born on the 31st of March 1596, had been a highly influential French philosopher, mathematician, scientist and writer. Dubbed the founder of modern philosophy and the “Father of modern mathematics much of a subsequent western philosophy is reaction to his writings which have been closely studied from his time down to the present day. His influence in mathematics is also apparent. The Cartesian coordinate system being used in plane geometry and algebra is named after him, and he is one the key figures in the Scientific Revolution. To name other’s but a few that stands out, Angelica’s mindset was on the greatness of her unborn child and she was thrilled even if the child became a great Lady of the Manor with brains. As in “like and attracts like” the child would inherit the best of the its specific zodiac signature, be authentic to her own cosmic energy and divine purpose on its on energetic vibrational level she use her feeds to establish at least some of what she was birthing and thank God for the creation.

“If only it was a boy, Angelica pondered. She desired to have male child because it had been Eric’s preference, now it mattered not, as long as the child was healthy and happy, God doesn’t do things halfway, if it comes to light then so be it. Angelica returned to her superb triple story luxury seaside manor on the Ramon Estate formerly Ford Estate. The not so humbler abode exuded a luxurious energy of peace and harmony in a setting of perfect serenity. Only Eric was missing from the décor and presence for the fulfillment of joy and celebration. Angelica pulled the shutters open and stepped out into the Infinity Water Edge Pool at the upper level overlooking the vast ocean and smiled. What a delightful moment to view that the once isolated beach found life, it had become a ‘Lover’s Lane’ where couples strolled hand in hand, enjoyed romantic picnics and at least two unauthorized wedding ceremonies of grand allure underway in everything from simple to plush. Why not? It was a ‘Queen’s Chain’ of sea line in any event, let them celebrate their love and life she too knew what it was to love.

“The world is my oyster Angelica thought. Everyone shared her joy, humming bird’s chirped and perched nearby.

More days more trouble. Angelica felt a growing concern about Eric’s disappearance or rather intentional silence. A call to Eric’s Aunt Milder divulged that Eric had been retained to assist Andre Debonair in a new partnership business with who else but the great I AM, ME MYSELF & I, Luc Ford. What a lame excuse not to respond to messages lest call. It became evident that Eric effaced her from his life resulted from a minor ‘domestic row’ the littlest of many though of monumental damage for no apparent reason. If Eric walked out on her, why would she bother to embrace him if he returned? No, she would not grant him the honor or let him back in, abandonment was a serious offense. His only obligation would be the child they had in common. Still knowing the truth seemed more enlightening? Still pondering, Eric never left without forwarding word, what if something drastic happened? “What if he got caught up in a blizzard or fell from a mountaintop? Negative assumption be cast aside, such thoughts are cause for havoc and Angelica had no such discernment be it rebuked as Ego setting her mind on fire again. There was no summing up what he did as an excuse for omission, Eric left, that’s what he did, departed as in GONE and left her in complete abandonment.

“ Did Eric walk out because she spent too much time committing to her business and amassing wealth? He would return, he should. Her priorities have changed. She downgraded to luxurious normalcy surely he didn’t expect her to reverse rolls and map out of glorious living entirely. Three months on and she’d evolved to a place of future family orientation, alone.

Word from family of note, Eric had gone on to visit a remote location for an undetermined duration, how convenient that such a place had no name. Mind Valley talks a truth. Angelica’s psyche murmured, “Eric has no backbone, he has no decency or he would have advised of his lousy decision to run off for an unscheduled family vacation with the intention of never returning. “Who gives up their ‘medical practice’ and scheduled patients to take two months off for leisure then engage in frolic of business with the world’s most hated thief Luc Ford? With all due respect to a man of own ideal’s Eric shaped his own expression and allowed no one to modify his existence. Every man a psyche of his own always divulging his unfathomable traits and unreadable disc of mindset. Eric’s expression lied, he was an ace of controlled emotions and never a public display of affection, he was a double faceted blank forge on two legs, a human of Ego. “Did Angelica not miss being adored in public? One word, Egocentric. Eric was nothing like Andre Debonair, he had no ambition to fight for and amass fortunes, Eric’s life evolved around his family’s wealth and he depended on an inheritance of birth right, typical of those who thinks that their parents are responsible for what they are and become.

Angelica missed Muriel. She missed the updates of sex-escapades and bitch-slap envy and cat fights with women. They’d been through major life changing moments together since their early childhood, why did it end? Muriel worked at her private practice on the beachfront at MO-AN-LUC with her uncle doctor Daniel Ford in his own Cabinet on the same strip. Like her, doctor Daniel was unpopular and had a reputation as Doctor death, Angelica knew why Muriel followed suit to be the labeled Ford of invincible FORDNESS. Angelica had seen doctor Daniel kill Elle off by little sparks of auto-destructive suggestive murder. Recalling to the drama Muriel first met her uncle Daniel and his daughter INDIRA at a birthday bash one day. An uncle turned up from nowhere and an inherited cousin in addition, that’s all Mo needed to flip her crown. Why were these people turning up? To vey for a place on the ’Covenant no doubt. Consulting hours at MO’s ‘FACE YOUR FLAWS’ clinic entailed hanging out with the Elite over high tea ’LAUSANNE, Muriel spent more time corking champagne with friend than doing cosmetic procedures, she had little ambition to work the folds of others, she did not want to serve others she wanted to be served. Muriel’s name appeared on brands why on earth did she think she’d want to perfect others flaws when she did well perfecting her flawless self. Muriel decided to call it quits and built up a deliberate intention to commit a serious gaffe that would well end the ridiculous activity of beautifying.

“I’d have to demolish someone to lose my license, she thought out loud and laughed.

“You’re in luck then, Lassie Riley just called, she’s coming in for an extreme makeover facial, her salon assistant Rita announced. Muriel lit up like a globe, the perfect scenario and one she’d pictured since high school days.

She hated Lassie Riley with a passion. Lassie was in for an extreme facial makeover and Angelica loved the challenge. Lassie was going to get her lesson for past deeds and Angelica was going to use the GAFFE to end her activity and close her business down. Beautiful Lassie Riley sat there unsuspecting that Angelica was about to transform her from a beauty to a beast. Angelica injected Lassie’s beautiful trimmed lips with a double doses of silicone and happily filled out every space to contour with UBER emphasis.. Muriel over filled the victim’s cheeks with plump it to Humpty Dumpty override. Ironing out Lottie Riley’s wrinkles to a smooth of perfection had been great fun. Unsuspecting Lassie froze, her eyelids stuck on her upper forehead like crisp dry ice and winking or blinking on static, poor Lassie couldn’t weep, tears flowed down her cheeks looking like a dripping statue. By Muriel’s by her quip of vengeance, hands up in the air with a shout of victory, she felt liberated of holding a grudge against Lassie and mostly that she did something she would thank her future self for, that is never to beautify others but herself..

“That’s for setting your sights on Glen Riley my class sweetheart and for marrying him, Muriel had said and showed Lassie to the door.

Angelica called Eric’s Aunt Milder for an update it had been to the point and abrupt.

and felt her intonation to ‘convey’ don’t call here, I’m not your messenger.

could hear the annoyed intonation the woman responded with, she didn’t want to be Angelica’s messenger.

“I’m just not the

top secret affairs, call Grandma Debonair at the Castle.

Grandma Debonair aka as Grandma Deb was certainly the most reliable source to sap from. The sweet old hag’s quips of picking people’s struggles for them made for such blunt honesty she’d eat a frog rather than candy coat what’s real. Grandma Deb divulged everything the mouse did while the cat was out. An Ego the size of Mount Everest made for a very pompous lady of grand style. Grandma Deb did not always favor Angelica. Peasantry is frowned upon around here she had said. Elle did not stand the first chance, the sins of ’fornication from the maids chamber is hardly brine to associate with, such sins are punishable by the law of the Covenant, she had said.

Grandma Deb was a woman of suited nobility, she was an ace at casting out undesirables from her camp, her stay in your lane policy kept low par with low par and became a YAP that she did not associate herself to littleness.

One day after the reveal at graduation hosted at MO-AN-LUC resort, a young lady turned up at a Ford function to claim that she was Luc Ford’s daughter, Indira Ari Ford. Florence and Luc were not surprised. Indira Ari Ford said to have been Gwen’s child alleged to have died at childbirth and replaced by Muriel as per Florence’s ‘truth be told’ version. An act instructed by the scroll of the Covenant given to Florence Gonzales who was said to run the role of dealing out to bloodlines and listing members by hierarchic order and ascendance. Unbeknown to others, Florence had been handed her scroll a few years before she came on board the Ford Estate staff to act as a Maid. Something gives, the medley of confusion was thus based on the chase to the scroll and key to the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge, it made sense as was said of the game to instill disorder.

The well-versed person Angelica mistook for Muriel at the ‘Covenant Briefing’ years ago had thus not been Muriel but Indira, a thorough bred English Lady with an undeniable London accent and poise of damsel. Finicky of high tea mannerly, Indira held her cup like she had only ballerina tips for fingers. If Indira was indeed Gwen and Luc Ford’s daughter, why was she identical to Muriel and Elle? Elle, Muriel and Indira were thus Gwen’s triplets and not Florence’s as Florence claimed. What happened to Florence’s child? Her child died in all evidence arising to the surface. Let sleeping dogs lie, some things are better left swept under the rug but everyone appeared for their part in the Covenant and some hefty skeletons fell from cupboards.

Luc Ford knew well about the child swap, he knew about Indira since day one and admitted to being her dad. Truth emerged, even Gwen had been in cahoots with Florence and Luc’s ’Orchestration to put the member line in order and they pulled it off like pro’s acting their roles out to shy the Oscars from a red carpet. Re reels to Florence who in her own alleged labor to deliver had all the time to heed to Arianna’s death wishes, accompanied her to her death in a conniving with the said to be strange doctor D in a display of SOS pulling on the alarm to cause for the doctor and his clan to flee. It had been a deliberate creation for the said to take the child said to have died and run, he took two, Florence’s child was yet to surface but when and where. The devious maid had indeed been deviously masterful in pulling off such a great piece. Doctor D of hidden identity was doctor Daniel Ford. Elle, Muriel and Indira were Gwen’s triplets not Florence’s as she claimed, she gave hers off for a role [unknown] and held onto Elle to trap Milo did Milo even know?

Luc and Gwen Ford orchestrated the Covenant Fix to fit with the child swap idea. Elle, Muriel and Indira had been a set of triplets birthed by Gwyneth Rivet not Ford at the time. Doctor Daniel’s re-appearanceinstructe by the scroll for noting of a sibling, Indira.

and Luc was to keep him on the membership list by all means. Indira given to him for that purpose it would seem. Grandma Deb and her daughter in law Edwina Debonair the wife of Grandma’s son Andre Debonair spent the majority of their time at Grandma Deb’s Castle. Indira had been a regular but kept hidden from the other kid’s on the scrolls. Angelica visited the Debonair Castle since she’d been little, always smack on with Elle and Muriel for birthday parties or ‘Covenant Reveals’ No questions asked, the rules applied, the members were sworn to the secrecy of their scrolls

More days more trouble and Angelica had still not reached Grandma Debonair, she too seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth. Even Luc Ford and his clan seemed to have taken flight. Aunt Milder called and said; “Mystery is being solved at the Castle. “What could that mean? Angelica decided to visit Grandma Deb at the MARULA Castle. “Heed not to desperation in haste for ’confirmation of abandonment” It made sense, if Eric abandoned her, her journey to find out why, would be fruitless and confirmed as a smack in her face. Be warned, In the process of seeking one truth another arisen may shatter your life.

Spot on again; if Angelica headed through winding roads, mountains and paths she may ‘compromise’ her pregnancy.

“The truth written, you are abandoned a little voice tattled in Angelica’s head while Ego encouraged; Go forth and find the truth, face you loss as there is nothing greater than be aware of being awareness.

Only grandma Debonair preached the gospel at least Angelica would get the truth. Angelica tossed a set of Louis Vuitton baggage’ into her snazzy gold platinum BMW convertible’s backseat and headed off to the petrol station. A smiling young petrol attendant happily flipped the fuel bracket open and in a slang street talk said, “Hi Dee madam may I offer to clean your snazzy windows for a buck? Smiling back Angelica retorted, yes you may and leaned back to reach for her flask of coffee on the backseat, it was not there. Angelica strolled into the cafeteria to get a fresh brew when in a moment of inattention she tripped and collided with a male figure to get hot chocolate spilt all over her De-La-RIANT blouse.

Clumsy clout, she cussed, looked up into a familiar face and froze. “Eric? T= the loud awakening of her mind, it was not Eric but Eric’s brother Anthony. Anthony vanished since the fateful day Eric vowed his love for Angelica. Grandma Debonair never divulged where Anthony disappeared to only that he was well and living it up somewhere in the Caribbean Islands. Anthony Debonair left the Gala that evening, bought a one way ticket to Saint Barth, met a Saint Lucian lady on the flight there and ended up booking into the “Sandal’s Grande Resort” in Saint Lucia.

Life without Angelica proved unbearable and Anthony spent a month harboring suicidal intentions. Sandal’s Grand Saint Lucia’s organized all-inclusive package offered a trip to Soufriere Mountains, Anthony signed up for the trip to view the Mountain, the group forked out and Anthony went his way climbing steeper bits and spotted a group of local at camping spot. He switched trails and climbed until he found the perfect edge to end his life. Anthony stood there weeping and contemplating to jump a gruff male voice rang out and an echo of words reverberating in thin air. Get the hell off that cliff, or jump you coward, if your lady left you, she is not worth dying over, the voice said.

Anthony stumbled back to view an unsavory character, she’d been to ’nature’s loo” and had her undergarment dangling at her ankles as she hoppled towards him clumsily trying to pull her drawers back on. Anthony had never laughed louder. A hilarious spectacle as the girl tipped over desperately twisting her neck to keep an eye on Anthony and got up, pulled up her tiny coverings and gave him an ultimatum in a very creole way.

“Why you gone throw you down some cliff with them dam good looking body. “Hell no! Feeding them sharks such eye candy for the sake of damn lady. Hey but brother, if you gone jump then jump already, or come down and meet me, I’m Marley. Anthony stepped down and Marley extended a hand and said, “I’m Marley and you’re suicidal.

“Come join us at the ‘Gangsta Party’ but don’t put your hooks on me, my Pinto may throw you off another cliff, she laughed. Effectively, Marley’s bloke Pinto raised eyebrows when Marley turned up with the white bloke among only locals. Pinto scrutinized Anthony, scared the shits out of him with an ogle and said “White man, you do black rules here and pulled out a loaded gun on Anthony only to clip it lay it down and get up to shake hands “Hell Ja man! If you have a death wish go touching my Marley and you’ll die.

As if I am tempted, Anthony thought silently and grinned, Marley was the most unappetizing girl he’d seen in a long time, she was ‘ugly’ and rolled up into a little feisty ball with an expression of nothing to write home about, lest recant about, in any event, he would make a formal disavowal of making eye contact with Marley. Anthony joined the group of young ’Party Animals” truly embellished, they’d returned to Rodney Bay’s night scene and pub hopped around the street party. Pinto, Marley’s guy had long noticed Anthony to be the best looking among them and quite the man for style, no doubt wealthy, Pinto thought.

“T man, if you like we can rock that Bay Rock” funky nightspot at Rodney Bay Marina as in turning it into an international Spot of groovy swing nights. It attracts crowds of tourists hang what do you say, are we in business?

“Lucian’s don’t cut it, we’ll crawl in the foreign crowd and run the dollar like a party.

“Too snazzy Pinto, let’s take T to the party zone in Castries, Marley imposed and set her hooks on Anthony again showing off her flab and love handles. Pinto snarled a killer glare but chilled to view Anthony’s keenness

“I’m with Pinto on the Rodney Bay deal …

Sharp kid but Marley’s the Queen, we’ll take the biz to Castries instead. Castries came up tops for what Pinto had in mind, trouble, chaos and unruly drunkenness. Anthony funded the ’rowdy night hotspot and left Marley to run it. Well worth the investment, “Stereo-Deck filled to its capacity 27/7 on the dart and dosed up a fiery turnover of ‘undercover drug deals’

“Marley announced one day that she had broken up with Pinto to take up with Anthony.

“You better get a life Marley, I don’t have a death wish. Want Pinto to bury me alive? He’s my mate, can’t do you Marl, can’t do you.

Pinto strolled in taking them both by surprise.

“I can do you Marl, wow, you’re hitting on my chick again, he said, pulled out his gun aimed it at Anthony and said; I like you brother but you got to go, you got to go now …

“I own the joint Pinto

“Take a walk white brother, you have until Sunday noon, one minute later and you’re dead man walking, Pinto said and left. A mutual male friend curled out from under the counter and sat down to share a beer with Anthony

“Can’t talk here mate, meet me at Cotton Bay at six, he said in a whisper and walked out with beer in hand. Anthony turned up at Cotton Bay beach pub to meet with the ‘Informer’

“Marley’s doing Obeah on you T, you got to leave or Pinto’s about to slice you up JA, not that he’ll get away with it but he one evil bastard, take a run dude, she up to no good with that Obeah, Junior warned.

What is Obeah?

Caribbean voodoo mate! Marley’s dad is “The Judge of the Obeah Man” he don’t take no ravage ’if Marley wants Marley gets, see! This is how it rolls.

Obeah is said to have thrived during the era of slavery and virtually died out in urban centers, where over half the Jamaican population live. Said to have survived in rural communities though and finding an Obeah man is a relatively easy task in the hills of St Mary one has to ask a local to show one to their quarters. I

“I’ll take you to the Judge, Junior said. “Let me take you to the Judge so you may know the secrets of his deed” Junior suggested again. “The Judge is not deliberately harmful he acts for those injustices especially Marley’s. It’s all about doing him doing you so you can do Marley without getting killed, right? “The Judge controls everything, he fashions with the power of his mind to deliver what his clients seeks even if what the client seeks is evil.

I do not mind meeting the Judge take me to him, now, Anthony said.

They turned up at a property surrounded by a corrugated metal fence, painted in bright blue and yellow. It was not exactly a discreet location for a man who takes part in illegal activity but he’s not hiding.

“I’m an Obeah man not a science man, I see things,” said the man who is known by only one name: Judge. People come to me all day long for the advice that I dispense from my veranda. I’m an old man who first got the “gift” as a child when I predicted the death of a neighbor. “I have nothing to hide, it’s what I do, and that’s my work. “If you are sick I can help you; if a man puts a curse on you I can take it off. That’s what I do to help,” he said. The Judge spoke on to Junior and asked him to convey.

“He said he can help with all manner of things, from curing illness to removing curses. Society’s good.

Obeah’s history is similar to that of Voodoo in Haiti and Santeria in Latin America. Enslaved Africans brought spiritual practices to the Caribbean that included folk healing and a belief in magic for good and for evil these parts live largely on it’s tradition.

“My Marley left the wild boy to be with you young man and as the Judge I must let her have what she wants, the Judge said.

“I am a seer and can change the course of Marley’s life and yours even if she’s not the maiden of your heart. “I am not an evil man but if you do not make Marley your Lady, she will ruin your life

“You’re thinking of the white girl, yes she is coming into trouble now but you will again end up with her in later years. If you leave, Marley will hunt you down, the old man concluded. Anthony sunk into a deep shrill, he had been negatively manipulated and there was nothing he could do about it. “Sink not by the manipulation of a man who calls himself Judge, the universe is your judge, look to God and run. Anthony left, if he left, Pinto would kill him before he set sail, if he stayed, Marley would own him and he would perish either way, he didn’t really care. Pinto pulled a sniper trick on Anthony one night and left him dreading for his life, he had just had a narrow escape with death and trembled with all his might.

Marley had been out to shop at Food Courts in Rodney Bay when she walked into Pinto’s friend Junior “Pinto’s on a mission to cut Tony out tonight, I outa here girl and sure thing be sure to know, I not cross you here, I not told you...Ja man girl. I’m thinking to turn on Pinto he one evil bastard or Tony’s life is up, you slide me in and I take Pinto out, he said in island lingo.

“Someone’s going down and it’s not Tony bro, Ja man like he hit the trigger it splashing on him, Marley retorted gave Junior instructions and went about her shopping spree.

Marley turned up at Anthony’s Villa after ten that night to find a cordoned off crime scene and the Castries Police squad. Marley’s heart skipped a beat but when she looked down to see the body, it was Pinto sprawled out at the entrance of the en suite bedroom door. Anthony appeared, he trembled and barely uttered a word. Marley spoke in CREOLE’, the policeman ripped up the report docket and tossed it into the wastepaper basket. The policeman rapidly drafted a new Report and ordered the coroner to remove Pinto’s the body. That had been the last of Pinto and his gang. Anthony stuck around for a week and with the help of Junior went into hiding, Pinto’s gang we out and loose pulling the city apart to find Anthony and then one night a group of uniformed police turned up to ruffle Anthony up. Anthony yelled, begged, to no avail. The Caribbean nightmare ended on a ship freighter of drug stashes and narcotics, Anthony woke up to find some Gringo’s smoking pot at IBIZA. Anthony returned to France freed of all the death threats and island hell.

There he was rushing out of the Petrol station Cafeteria run in with a cheeky woman who turned out to be Angelica Ramon Ford, they looked at each other for an eternity, laughed, hugged and wept all in one. Anthony’s heart filled with love, he’d never not love Angelica she was his soul mate but she belonged to his brother, so be it.

“My Angel from heaven, how I missed you!

Angelica smiled.

“Just right on time as usual and God sent too, I need you T, where did you go? You ran off and abandoned me.

“I know, should’ve stayed right? Never stopped loving you girl, Anthony laughed.

“That’s because we can’t get unloved we’re brotherly soul mates, yeah that sounds right. See what we have can’t be forged we’re just friends who love deeply.

They hugged, wept and smothered each other in pecks.

“Who’s taking you to MARULA, you’re not alone are you and shouldn’t you be at the Castle already?

“I’ve been alone for three months, Eric abandoned me cold out and how do you know I’m off to the Castle, like I am invited to go there?

Anthony dropped the subject to fuss around the predicate of being reunited and loaded Angelica’s bags into his ’spiky Hummer and parked her vehicle at a private garage in the environs.

Taking up where they left off came easily, Anthony rolled out the red carpet with pampered bliss. Angelica realized how sorely Anthony had been missed she loved him like she loved Eric only differently. She had to acknowledge, if Eric did not sway her off her feet the way he did back then, she’d have married Anthony no doubt. Anthony and Angelica set off on a pleasant journey through breathtaking sceneries reminiscent of a marvelous past and hilarious moments they spent together throughout their teens to adulthood. There they were, hitting it off again like they never parted.

Anthony reminded of family outing at the Ford Beer garden where as kids he and Eric met with Angelica, Elle and Muriel for the first time.

“I claimed you that day, the day thereafter years on and it breaks my heart that I don’t get to claim you now. “I swear, I had no idea Eric had a crush on you until he banged it on us like a hammer at an auction and you got bought without a tag on you, I was mortified.

“Bet your reigns brother dear, that dame by far will mother my kids, Eric said when I bragged about marrying you one day. I was blind and should have known.

Angelica was around the age of fourteen when Eric first butted in to cramp Anthony’s style. Anthony observed and changed of plans every time Eric appeared, he feared that Eric would dart her from his life and always made a run for it.

“How right you were about ‘fear and doubt’ I lost you to fearing that Eric would win you over and he did.

Eric was reserved, a hermit who lisped along a lonesome path, always at a distance to observe yet never engaging. Eric hung out in the shadows of others but was present at heart having to show his charisma, Eric exuded a charm to melt any heart and he was extremely popular with the ladies. Anthony had never been afar from Angelica, they rooms in the Ford Manor faced each other, he sat next to her at kindergarten, shared a class at pre-school and secondary high until she got promoted and sent off to the Academy of Medicine at the age of thirteen. Anthony climbed fences, barbed wire and walls to watch Angelica and her friends wherever they were. He joined every club she had membership to and just simply walked in her shadow twenty four seven. Anthony Debonair had been obsessed and wanted to be the air she breathed. Anthony accompanied Angelica to every party, Gala, and Movie night. He was her Prom King and Danube Beau. They had been an item for a lifetime. Luc asked Eric if he’d marry Muriel one day and Eric said my heart is taken. Luc fumed because just moment’s prior Anthony responded to the same question, my heart belongs to Angelica. Luc had since imposed Muriel on Eric and left the way for Anthony to get sucked in like sap. Anthony had also known Indira at the Castle with whom he had an excellent exchange but nothing to compare with what he shared with Angelica, besides, Indira was the secret child and secret bottom line, she had never been allowed to mingle with the other’s until her adulthood for reasons of the Covenant.

Anthony had known of Angelica’s FORDSHIP since he was a kid, he had been minding his own business when he overheard the paternity dispute between Daniel and his brother Luc, Daniel also effaced and only appearing for meetings with Luc in high secrecy. It said that none of the truths could be revealed until the main scrolls instructions had been met. He heard much more than what the scroll allowed

Anthony knew not what the ’Covenant entailed or whom appeared on it’s scroll as members, only that it was of substantial importance to the circle entities in their [family clans and could well be of a member overlooked. Everyone vied for the eventuality of being a part of it and he was back to for something entirely different. She had been associated to Ridge Ramon since birth, being Ford did no great favor for either notched on unconventional paternal drive, she did not depend or need evasive affection and did well on her own.. There had been a specific reason why Indira got placed at the peer of being a triplet, something about it felt odd but the fact that the were identical proved it’s truth.

Luc Ford’s brother Daniel aka as doctor death, the weird mad scientist or whatever it was he specialized in, was not a doctor but an evil spirited bluffing psychologist. Now the man was in and throwing his weight around like the King of ‘FORDNESS. Daniel was indeed a very peculiar general physician and had no proof of his medical background apart from having done a form of “Social Psychology’ online, he was a self made man who placed himself on an arena of handling emotional instability with a twist. Daniel tended a rope to anyone on a suicidal mission. Oddly, none of his patients actually died and it was said that there was method in his madness although he interned more sane people ‘at the Asylum of Insanity’.

“If walls had ears, the ex Ford Mansion would play out reels of the Ford family’s saga in ’The days of their Lives, Bold and Beautiful Moments to a Dynasty of a marvelous genre. Angelica and Anthony cruised through the countryside recollecting to where it all started, they’d been in it for a lifetime and had episodes even a scraped covenant couldn’t hide.

“When we were little I sat on our rock imaging our wedding day, it had been so vivid and real, Anthony said. “I observed while Muriel threw her daftest tricks on Eric and he’s sit there smiling from ear to ear tossing a dollar bill at her but then he’d see that I got a glimpse of his intimate moment and then he’d go all psycho on her and treat her like a tramp. The favor for a dollar rule stuck and Mo set her hooks on ’Dan Riley. She paid Dan a huge sums of cash to lose Lassie and poor Lassie sat back listening to Muriel’s pick up lines gulping it all up and allowing for Mo to march Dan away. “I heard that Muriel got quite the revenge on Lassie at her parlor, Anthony said and laughed

“Oh my God yes, Mo whipped Lassie up like you can’t believe, she stuck some hefty stiff in Lassie’s face, ironed her out and smiled then said.

“Ready for revelation hour?

“How do I look? Lassie asked.

“Like the girl Dan didn’t drop, he’ll be so proud right now Lass and pulled the curtain from the mirror to reveal. Lassie froze and Mo laughed.

“That’s for dating Dan Riley while he was my high school crush and the rest is for marrying him to spite my face, Angelica laughed. Lassie called me from MO-FORD that day, she said; “Angel, you got to fix me, Mo just turned me into miss piggy and put the freak in me, she lost it. “A few days later Lassie turned up in a Limo. Muriel sent her to get me to join them to celebrate her ‘I lost my license party’ I wasn’t going to miss that for the world and lo, Muriel sat in the backseat of the Limo dishing on Dan like lightning dashing champagne like it was water and Lassie as cool with it like ’they’d just become the world’s best friends. ’Freedom at last, Mo said, I don’t have to beautify anyone but myself.

“She’s been a super tramp, our Mo deluxe never lost the ’buy me for a dollar quip, Anthony said and smiled.

“There’s not an inch of bitch in Mo, she’s so totally misunderstood and it pains that desperation for male companionship is mistaken for sex in the city, she’s not the tramp she pretends to be.

Muriel is a sophisticated whore, I know, I bedded her, Anthony blurted out. Angelica’s jaw dropped.

“You frolicked Mo, for real?

“Mo frolicked me a few times, let me pay you to love me, she said, it was pathetic how could I refuse?

Muriel’s twilight year crush happened at thirteen in a fall on your face race for popularity. She was besotted with Eric, inundated him with expensive gifts and offered to pay him to hang out with her for an afternoon, a night or just a romantic movie. To Angelica’s recollection, Eric rejected Angelica and may well have been responsible for her faked sense of confidence. “It had been said about Muriel; favor for a dollar babe, she paid in kind. Having everything one’s heart desire for a price does not afford love, Muriel bought everything and Luc Ford afforded her anything that walked the earth. Money talked favors into her midst and Eric just beat her down to size at every turn.

It had been the Ford’s and Debonair’ mission to rub Eric off on Muriel. Eric’s mum Edwina said about Angelica, she a marvel and a brilliant child but she is not of Debonair’ mold, a lady of our kind should be groomed to suite our name. The lady of my heart is Angelica and she is groomed to be the love of my life ‘not your name’ Anthony retorted. Edwina looked at Eric and smiled, looked back at Anthony and said. Your relationship with Angelica is precious but it is based on friendship not love, you are soul mates of a different genre don’t lose your heart to her son you will bleed for life if you do, she’s just the girl next door.

Edwina was right, Angelica didn’t love Anthony the way he thought she did but labeling her as just the girl next door was farthest from the truth. Angelica did not mind that Edwina cast her off as anybody from nowhere, the reflection of statement leaned more on Edwina justifying her own mirrored pained dissatisfaction of being ‘a plain Jane type girl next door her self. What Edwina conveyed to Anthony about Angelica had been a mere reflection of her self. She hailed from nothingness to become a breed of Debonair’ genre, it was not ‘acceptable’ for her to judge and or name brand Angelica as such but her observation had been just and from a mother’s point of view the best call to save Anthony from heartbreak, it had been good intentional and never meant to demean Angelica in any way.

“There is something about Angel’s lack of futurism when she looks at you, she is not the one.

The inevitable happened! Anthony was not the chosen one after all. Anthony grasped the perfect opportunity to propose at the Ford gala on graduation night, timing is everything, they would go off to study each their own specialty and vocation, he wanted to seal his fate and love. The picture painted a thousand words, Angelica glowed until Eric interrupted to steal the show and tinsels filled the space.

“I am about to do something really life binding, Anthony told Eric. Angel and I have been an item since we were kids it’s time to take it to a whole new level she’s the one.

“Are you the one? Eric inquired

“What kind of question is that? Of course I’m the one and I’m about to make her the happiest woman on earth tonight, I’m crashing into this party to propose. Are you up for an engagement party?

“Hold off T, you can’t do that, not now not ever, Eric said.

“Do what?” Anthony inquired fuzzed by Eric’s sudden pace like he was up to something, but what?

“You can’t go up there to humiliate yourself, she’ll turn you down.

“Why would she do that?

“Because I love her, always have and always will.

“Of course you do, Anthony laughed and left to mingle. A while later, Muriel turned up to hash on Eric and got sorely dethroned as usual. Anthony laughed about it, Angelica blurted that she’d dream of having Eric, Eric who’d crept up on them overheard her statement and that was the end of Anthony. Anthony had been mortified, flawed and robbed of his capacity to think let alone live.

“God forbid, Anthony said; that may have been the most excruciating pain I’ve ever endured, I left with a sorrow so deep I’m still mourning today and that brings me to finding closure in one question. If Eric did not ask you to marry him that day, would you have accepted my proposal?

“Quite frankly no, at least not at that specific time I’d been attracted to Eric for as long as I remember, seriously, if Eric had the slightest interest in someone else I’d have said yes without a shadow of a doubt but my heart had already been taken a long time before we became as thick as thieves. I love you differently.

Ouch! That hurts, Anthony laughed.

“Eric was my soul mate, he left but nothing changed.

Anthony’s expression changed, just for a brief moment the vengeful streak appeared and one could almost see his anger like a myriad of ’sharp piercing daggers and almost immediately smoothed out to adopting the ‘blood is thicker than water’ adage to be what it is and said;

“Life has a way of fixing what’s broke and while I may never entirely let go, you have my blessings and I am so proud to be your best man, that I am.

“That you are T, that you always will be and so is Mo, she’ll always be my maid of honor we’re soul sisters for life even in her absence. I miss that she stopped meddling in my life, I miss that she stopped meddling in Eric’s life, that she did so well.

“You invade my privacy at all times Mo don’t you have a life of your own? Angelica said a million times when Muriel turned up to crash the Eric and Angelica party of two, she just never stopped being the third fiddle and that stuck.

“But you invade our privacy. You turn up, act out and hang about like the third fiddle in our relationship wanting to be included and involved in everything we do. Eric does not want you to clamor on pillion for every date we have. So here’s the deal, you take up too much space in our personal lives and it has to end; stop crashing in on our date nights, our spa treats, picnics and making of our quality time a passé a trio, we don’t do ’shag nights at three! Girly time as usual but that’s it, I have a life. “Who cares about your life, It’s Eric’s too, he likes that I’m there to put some spark in your drab, you are jealous that he pays attention to me because I am irresistible. Seriously Mo, stop already or our friendship ends, Angelica had said and sternly dismissed her evenly. Angelica had not wanted for Muriel to fade into the background but she did. She had been scorned by Angelica’s rejection and ran off pouting on an assaulted Ego sensed to collect a flurry of undesirable male company that ended in a reputation as ’Town Tramp. Unduly soiled, Muriel’s desperate plea for companionship left her a nasty reputation that if over stated was surely undeserved and untrue.

Angelica eclipsed from memory lane to savor of the luscious view and landscapes as the magnificent city of MARULA Castle appeared in the distance. ’We really got carried away in memory lane, didn’t we?” she uttered and noticed that Anthony had been weeping silently.

“Why are you weeping?

“Let’s just refer to my soppy self as having my last sob of sentimental value, I am happy about the wedding.

“You’re getting married?”

“Oh no, if not to you, never, Anthony laughed still wiping his tears. I am okay with being the best man; he added and checked his wristwatch. “We have an hour to get you to MARULA to pull on your Gown so no more memory lane softies. “You’re taking me to a wedding, and there’s a gown there for me to pull on? Hope it fits my plump Ant, whose getting married? Anthony lisped “I did not just think that out aloud, did I? We’re going to a surprise wedding. “And I have a gown to pull on at that wedding? Whose wedding Anthony? Oh all right then, I mucked up the surprise didn’t I? It was supposed to be a surprise wedding, concocted for two months by Ed and Grandma Debonair’ and I just blurt it out.

, I would have known if I was getting married today. “Does the word surprise ring a bell? “Eric disappeared for two months, never called and no one throws a surprise wedding for someone and forgets to invite them to the ceremony, am I supposed to turn up for the drink of honor? “You got this wrong Anthony. “I was on my way to MARULA Castle on my own accord. No one knows I’m coming and you were not at the petrol station to pick me up, we collided into each other by sheer chance. Whatever wedding you are invited to is certainly not mind, Eric left, he abandoned me entirely and he does not know that I am pregnant, quasi impossible.

Anthony comes to a brusque halt. “You’re pregnant?” Angelica nods affirmatively.

“Marriage, kids, home and bliss, he gets it all, I’m so damn pissed but...

Angelica is stunned by Anthony’s renewed resentful intonation and peek of deep hatred for Eric. “You saw that didn’t you? That web of resentment is still hovers at times and I would be a great liar if I pretended to be ecstatic about your wedding, I loathe that he gets to be your husband and I loathe that in addition he gets to be a dad, yeah damn right bluntly, I loathe that he has or gets to be any part of you so while I cannot forgive him for ripping out the gut from my soul, I will be there to see you off on your big day, but just that.

Cruising downhill, MARULA Castle appeared in the distance. The majestic allure bent to magnificence of it’s standing that in ancient times served as fortress, a residence for nobility and as its means of preserving the rigid social hierarchy of former times, very much inclined with ’it’s reprieved up era for the crowing of The “Covenant of Torpedo Ridge”. Indeed a capacity packed event as a myriad of vehicles appeared and hoards of guests made their way to the venue.

Well then Angel, any last thoughts of not marrying my brother coz that there, is your wedding of the century, Anthony advised. “Oh no, that is not affiliated to me in any way! I can tell.

“Goddammit Angel, Grandma Debonair tracked me down, sought me out and got me flown back here to be at your wedding so while I wish it were not so, it is. I know because Grandma Debs said of you; “Be on time and bring the blue garter Angel nabbed at the flea market, it’s in your briefcase the ’the pink gag that Angel got you for your 16th birthday.

Angelica bursts out laughing.

Thrifty old lady accusing me of theft when she was the one who swiped that garter from that stall, she is such a scream.

Angelica’s observed a while and her intuition spun on ’the affair not being her wedding. A little voice in Angelica’s mind rattled subtly; be not deceived by what you see”

“I tell you T, that la di da affair down there and all it’s frills has nothing to do with me, Angelica said. Let us hang out here to observe, I am not going to a wedding I am not invited to, I can tell that whatever that represents, I am of least a part of it. Hanging out in the secret path revealed more than Angelica’s wildest dream. Muriel Ford’s new Lexus convertible took up the show case at the Hall Entrance, no surprise that Muriel would turn up to take the front page row and delightfully set herself up to be seen as a the head bridesmaid, Muriel always upstaged an event, any event. No love lost, she needed to be the center of attraction. A handful of Debonair’ folks and family arrived to mingle while Ford rush came into view as overwhelming and sizeable hoards. Indira Ford strode alongside Daniel Ford, Luc’s brother who of late returned to the scene and now ever so often took up his place in the clan. Indira looked the part of red carpet plush in a snazzy Gold skin hugging DE LA RIANT”, that was indeed the dress Angelica designed for her future bridesmaids. Six miniature brides, toddlers Angelica did not know or seen before, probably hired, she thought. Six flower girls in addition hopped behind Indira in robotic stride, they walked when she walked and stopped when she did. Quite ’trending the toddlers wore a miniature version of Indira’s DE LA RIANT gown. Twelve absolutely stunning Barbie faced cherub lovelies though Angelica planned four, A black Limousine turned up, Luc ford [the one armed man] never divulged prior lost his arm in a ‘peak hour traffic’ road hog war. A week after his statement; I would give an arm if Muriel was not of every vein that streams through my body, she is of Ford grime, or something to that effect, he had said. Luc Ford had been in a traffic jam, picked a fight in tooting war, barked profanities, leaned his arm out of the window in gest ‘the up yours’ and got his arm severed at the shoulder by an oncoming truck of the same minded pained body & minded discouragement. Luke Ford had not made ‘a related observation’ for his accident and as rapidly got a replacement of orthopedic prosthetic brace. The armless topic had gone mainly unnoticed, or so he thought. Luc pulled on his fake arm and got caught on camera [a moment of inattention and the secret was revealed at the wedding.

Accompanied by his extremely gorgeous wife ’Gwen Ford, who had done herself proud by having an extreme makeover for the likes of shedding twenty years from her otherwise ‘already pampered bliss’ her new look made for ‘heads to turn’ reason, Luc’s roaming eye would stay put on the ‘prize’ and she would be his mystified mistress.

Gwen Ford, the first lady at my wedding? Well hell no, Angelica laughed.

The second Limousine halted to emerge the ever so overly strategist Andre Debonair and his wife Edwina wearing smack on the matching clad for the likes of ’Haute couture from the depths of fashion and statement, it was exactly the mode Angelica ’wished for her wedding. They looked incredibly handsome for the royal ado of their son Eric’s wedding it was apt for them to respect the theme.

Another Limousine turned up emerged six handsomely clad Usher’s, familiar faces smack on match to be Sons of Debonair peers and business associates. Finally a group of ’unscrupulous Ford partner’s and crooks. Florence and Milo Travis looked like ‘better than the parent’s of the bride’ in shout it out loud canary yellow DE LA RIANT’s Angelica hatched of a psychedelic trend for eccentric weddings but for her own [dismissed it loudly] they were of unmatched clowning afar from being a part of her Gold and Champagne colored Theme, no love lost, one could expect that from Flo’s exuberant Ego, she was just being FLO no added frills but stacked on bling and shine. It appeared that Luc, Gwen, Indira, Daniel and alleged relatives held ’father of the bride importance as could be seen by Ford’s instructions. Odd that Gwen and Andre looked as if the cat stole their milk, they were not at all in their element of kissing up rather rigid and frump in evidence ‘back seat’ drivers. They too had brought their relatives, family, acquaintances and friends to the party not honored to steer their son’s wedding when at least Edwina should have been of some representation for Angelica.

“Luc Ford ran the show! Why? We are somewhat estranged, he has no place doting and being the guru of ‘bloodlines’ at my wedding, what is he trying to prove?” Angelica squealed.

“That’s Luc Ford, his name sake matters and even if all of this had been planned by mum and grandma Debs Luc wants credit for sizeable, he is known to add a stamp for acknowledgement. The world already knows that you are his biological daughter I get that he wants to prove it, Anthony had said. A handsomely clad man seemingly the groom emerged from a Cadillac and came into full focus. It was Eric, he was indeed the groom and Angelica’s heart skipped a beat on the double, every doubt or fear erased itself from her mind to afford her the longest blissful moment of euphoria. Short lived, suddenly like shattered glass a bride appeared. Holy mother

of Yaw, what was that all about, was Angelica not supposed to be the bride? The bride emerged and came into picture perfect focus. She wore the magnificent white silk wedding gown, the exact design Angelica created for herself. The bride looked like a million dollar Hollywood princess swaying the gown’s perfected inedited version of sleek just as Angelica visualized it would sway from her body when she wore it, but she was not the bride. It was not her wedding, she was observing ’a to do about everything gone wrong, her fiancé Eric Debonair was marrying someone else, someone she did not know of or mildly suspect. The Bride’s white satin diamond encrusted bodice laser sharp sparkling ruffles and fine mother of pearl sequence shaped her ample bosom. Fitted like a glove to shape her curvaceous body, kudu’s the slit from neck to an inch away to the navel nape ‘sexy’ at its best. The Tiara’s oversized flawless diamonds dangled like cheap diamantes of faked gems and overindulged hot stones. She wore cheap accessories like ‘sins’ and insulted the gown with extravagance and wild. The bride tottered in slow motion and hell no walked directly to join Eric, whom Angelica hoped was then an usher to someone for she had already fathomed that she was not at her own wedding. Slow motion epic in play back, of a glamorous scene for the likes of the ‘bold and the beautiful’ or Dynasty. Angelica had been beyond irked as the bride revealed to be


“Was this Muriel Ford’s wedding to Eric Debonair? Highly impossible! Eric hated Muriel Ford, this was a tasteless joke or some weird mind game, Angelica wished to awaken from the mad trip and smiled through gritted truth, what she saw was ‘an illusion’ it had to be. Angelica went ballistic. “Muriel and Eric, are you serious? Anthony blushed up a deep crimson of confusion and in his shocked state nodded as he grasped the reality but wanted to make light of it. The joke of the century, Eric using Mo for a dress rehearsal, there is something radically wrong with this picture, Anthony said and added, he hates her! No T, that there is my fiancé about to marry my best friend, it is as clear as daylight. Anthony rattled down the slope on foot urged to get to the truth. Angelica followed on behind, slipped, fell and rolled down to land in a muddy mangrove slit close to where Eric stood. Eric’s eyes lit up like bulbs and without hesitation ran to her rescue Angelica. He brought her out of the muddy waste looked at her, then him self and grinned, they were both soaked in mud from head to toe. Eric fussed over Angelica and gave no attention to his grand Tuxedo stuck on body dripped with muck. Muriel Ford leapt to the spot and intervened with spiffs of bitter innuendos and use of parenthetical ’words of nothingness. She jabbered all about princess bride diaries and stopped Eric from his near pleading stance to ‘the uninvited guest’

“Thank you for dropping in at my Wedding, this party has no room for undesirables so for the cheek of turning up and ruining my groom’s Tuxedo, let it be known, a change is ready for him to smart up and show up, this wedding is happening. I took my life back and you are effaced even from viewpoint, Muriel spiffed, gestured for Eric to get his Tux changed. Go on Mo! Allow me to handle this issue with Angel on my own, Eric said to Muriel. No Hun, the occasion for dealing with Angel is of your past we are a unit thus ’no dealing with anything on your own. We are twin flames so bid her adieu, Muriel said with the utmost pride. “I said I would handle this on my own get me the Tux and chill, Eric replied almost fondly. Oh and now he was of tonal lovingness too, what a major shift from hate to love, Angelica thought riddled by the mystery of it all.

“I know that this is a sorry state of affairs and that the interrogation mark may linger for some time but I do not know where to start, Eric said trying to muster words for an apology. “The ending will do just fine, the question is’ why are you marrying Muriel Ford in a setting of my personal theme, how unauthentic is that? ’You foxed the skin from my face all in the name of ’taking what Anthony has but the good thing this time you’re stepping down to take what he does not want, bravo. At least you get what you deserve and I get to see you for who you truly are, a fake and fart of the highest degree. You are not a man of rib, you wear a wish bone bent to lower than a lout, Angelica concluded to a flash slap passing her by inches as Anthony landed a first to Eric’s jaw. Take this, you slimy no good, Anthony said and knocked Eric fist on fury into a slit of muddy muck, landing an added second clout of unexpected knuckle duster on Eric’s nose and sent him face down to swallow the icky mess.

“What are you doing? Why? Why are you doing this?

“Eric’s jaw had clearly been fractured and in a muttering of pain managed only a gurgle; I. I cannot ...I am... A coward? Yes, you are a coward. Playing it up like this ‘town slut’ was the enemy reeking of the swamps and then marrying the

likes of that stench?” you have got to be kidding. Who marries a town slut?” Luc Ford been having some of her for years, handing her to his buddies to get some, giving me some and your pretense of not having had any ’what on earth are you doing Eric? Anthony dabbled. Why? Angelica added sadly, just tell me why, she wept. Luc intervened. “Do not be pained Angel, this is not about you but the fact that you have not yet accustomed to the meaning of the “Ford Covenant” there are rules to be played out and met and since the tables turned I too have to abide to the rules, you will know this in due course. Estrangement is part of the pact or you shall never be of oath to run the full race to the ’Covenant of Torpedo Ridge. “Honor above sentiment in this game of thrones and you have not learnt the importance of reading between the lines. “This love here is not destined for you, it is not of your grind so go forth and cause no hindrance of self or life ’the meaning of this shall emerge in time elapsed, Luc Ford said and commanded a team of security guards to remove Anthony Debonair from the premises. Get this rogue off my premises and jot a charge for ’defamation of character & assault, no man here or elsewhere gets away with insulting my daughter, Luc had said. Anthony Debonair defamed Muriel and Luc Ford’s characters to exaggerated proportions somewhat of true essence yet mostly misplaced words and unjust insult to integrity.

“Your daughter? “The Slut is no daughter of yours she is the afterbirth of your maid Florence’s illegitimate scorn and an evil twin of a delusional hypochondriac’s emotional perturbation. One died of faking illness and the other lives to fake illusions of depth, un-biological madness. “You are both ’emotional wreckers, Anthony spiffed invectively in gargle of profanity. The mighty giant in Anthony came alive. He attracted the media’s attention in a whirlwind of divulging the Ford fiasco. Anthony unfolded the damaging ‘truth’ of Luc Ford to the world in unedited reel. The Ford Mantra was about to hit the top of the charts in scorn via a platform of world news. No Ford power could retain the information and data salivated from Anthony Debonair’ wordiness, Luc Ford’s secrets were revealed. “The no bloodline tactic is a shame to the Ford and Debonair engenderment and of no ‘attachment’ of hierarchy the question is; why you use Muriel Travis as a Ford ding bat with abusive stance when like you? We know that she only serves a purpose of trade to bedding your wealth squad for monetary favors as in auctioned off to ’The highest bidder for a reward of free name, free reign, free services. Muriel Travis has no place on a Ford Throne but on the Ford water closet’s locked loo’s where transactions are dealt by

bodily fluids and tampering with DNA. Anthony paced ample to dethrone Luc and his princess Mo.

“Grandma Debonair stepped in to end the altercation and landed a head slap on Luc Ford’s head, then like lightning Anthony landed Eric the umpteenth fist to the eye and said;

“There you have it, the wedding of the century as you so desire. Luc Ford faked a slap at Anthony and in Anthony’s duck landed Luc’s first to knuckle dust Angelica’s nose instead and landed her in the puddle of mud and muck. Eric paid triple ground tax to savor of icky waste. Anthony tended a hand to Angelica and led her away while Eric jostled

Grasped Angelica’s hand and led her away while Eric jostled out of the puddle of mud. A rapid peek back at the commotion in the distance and Muriel had been seen galloping in her Chuckey’s Bride outlook as in an animated ride chasing Angelica with a blooded knife. Indira Ford cackled herself to folly, Mo looked the ‘ripper cast’ of tattered and torn to shreds. “Ford’s fiercest, my sister Angelica just wacked you up and made me proud. “Get yourself cleaned up, you look like fright night as in ‘maid from downtown. ’ You are a washed out item gaining dust on the sale rack and wearing the fake Ford label, pull the mask away Mo you’re a wannabe, Indira chuckled. Luc Ford’s trademark is to sell his soul to the devil. Yours is to get sold off to his highest bidders. Sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind and I am being very kind by letting you know that just looking at you, gives Eric STD’s. “Then I shall be very cruel to remind you that you are my evil twin in denial, just looking at you gives me shingles, Muriel retorted and added, we are identical thus of the same brine.

“The Betty Evil Trade of Ford ‘foxing’ is what they do best for the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge. “They clone people to look like other’s so dream on miss sunshine, I am plastic and fake to the tit thus a molded to look alike for some tricky clause in the ’pact of the Covenant, itch on honey I can scratch where there is no bloodline, Indira said.

“ They whisper about these things but I am not deaf, I pretend to be hard at hearing. Stay in your lane Mo you are not of hierarchy but a simple viewpoint character of little importance if not the very least. The Ford clan brought you onboard to be their scapegoat, they honed you into their own creative and intellectual invention and their makeshift’ is brilliant. You are not here for any other reason than running errands for the “Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” and being its object of exchange, you know this yet the question remains; “Why do you allow for Luc to make of you an object of trade? He sell you to his highest bidder for gain or you would have been a ‘nonentity’ shaken from the Ford Vine of riches and glory. You are the ’Queen of Pawn on his chessboard. Be not duped, Ford family secrets run

deep, I have known my dad in estrangement he is nothing short of being a fierce pig.

Anthony and Angelica had long left MARULA Castle and stopped off at the clinic for a checkup fear that in Angelica’s tumble may have injured the fetus. A thorough examination and a clean bill of health ruled wellness. “More fear than harm” the doctor advised. Angelica had been mortified by the day’s event’s, her dreams faded to nightmares within seconds. She moped and pined ’confused about what had happened and wept herself to sleep while Anthony sat at her bedside watching her toss and turn into the early hours of the morning. Anthony fell into a light slumber and awoke to the doorbell ringing at four o clock in the morning. Looking at his wristwatch, Anthony moaned. “Who clobbers on people’s doors at 4am in the morning, he growled out loud. Dave Kline from “GOSSIP” hell bent on getting an exclusive got rudely shooed away. Grumpy Anthony had been nowhere near awake and lest eager to entertain Dave’s fancy in landing a scoop for his journal.

“I need this scoop Ant and so do you, Dave said and added, I need this because I am broke and you because you are wanted for ’defamation of character and assault, you must justify your deed. “Go away Dave, there is no scoop to further ridicule and humiliate Angelica, her name and reputation is already slurred in muck and now she is being seen as the Jilted Bride. Dave had already forced his way in.

“Luc Ford had you arrested for assault and the police is due to turn up for your arrest. That knock out in the mud ring went viral, it is zapping around the world in the funnies, Dave said. Self defense Mate! “Like you meant it with pre-meditated incline, Dave laughed. You clobbered the living hell out your brother, assaulted his future father in law and landed his bride to be in a muddy stream, their injuries are proof that you meant war. “Here’s the deal Ant, you give me the scoop I need and I get them to lose the docket and make the arrest disappear, Dave advised. Lose the docket anyway, Anthony responded and told Dave how he got to attend the ‘crash wedding’ “I was in the Caribbean ducking some evil spirited version of Al Capone named Pinto. Got myself hooked in some tough suicidal big mama tricks and stuck around in hiding trying to get out of hot on fire Saint Lucia. Power to grandma Debonair’ a team of drug squads rocked up at my hide out and smuggled me out with cargo of weed, I got high mate, real high, Anthony laughed That is off the record, Mate. Scraped.

Anthony went on to tell Dave about his near fatal or narrow escape with death whilst on the Pinto ‘murder mission’. Anthony said that he had been held hostage and almost forced into getting a ready-made fiancé whom in looks wore more of the beast than the beauty of the tale. ‘Unsavory Marley” on par with definite purpose and name branding, Unsavory was her real name and of true definition to the hideousness she portrayed. In addition, her father said to be an Obeah Judge had Anthony followed at close range, he may have vanished into thin air and never have been seen again but Grandma’ Debonair’ sent in her Mafia to save and bring him back to safety. Eric called that day to ask if I would be his best man view first usher. Of course not, I hissed back venomously then slurped the ivy back out with consideration for Angelica and the fact that I promised to be her soul mate and best friend for life. “I agreed in the hope that the wedding would not materialize. Probably of set mindedness, the wedding did not materialize and although Eric took us for a fool and broke Angelica’s heart, I must admit that my showdown was genuine in spanking him when I should have kissed his rear for choosing Mo. In fact, all I saw was ‘second chances accorded’ thank him and leave but I just had to shake off some of the pent up abhor on him for robbing me of her love to start off with, Anthony told Dave.

“I lost my cool man! It was long coming.

“That was some Rambo act you put out there, Ant. I got that shot in full gear, Dave laughed. Anthony told Dave that his rage bubbled and clobbering Eric came from a space of ‘vengeance’ Seriously? “Eric bowed out of a five-year engagement with Angelica to take up with THAT?

’You still in love doctor Ramon, right? “Does it matter?” The love interrupter conquered her heart I never stood a chance, what would it change? Angelica entered the lounge at that point to find Dave and Anthony chatting loudly. “I just had the worst nightmare, she said. Eric married Muriel, it was awful. “It wasn’t a dream, Angel”

Eric looking poorly strapped up in a ward gurney and plugged up to some serious looking medical apparatus and intravenous drips. Battered and beaten, Eric zapped through the televised channels fast forwarding to rewind and at no time managed to dodge the pop ups of his own scandal. The replay zapped Anthony knocking Eric into the puddle of icky waste a zillion times in slow motion as in animated ride imaginative of Popeye beating Olive, a serious laughing matter it seemed.

Of all the hilarity for it had been comical, the slow motion

caption read; ‘dunked’ folding into Luc Ford getting slapped then Muriel by Eric’s s first and three handsomely clad victims douched in muddy irk.’ Anthony’s backhand and fiver’s in replay gone wild, a laughing matter and ouch moment, to cackle about. Eric found that the scene was hilarious.

Famous for getting dunked as in “Chucky go lightly fairy tale wedding turned nightmare, Eric laughed. Andre Debonair and his wife Edwina found the clip to be hilarious too and rolled with cackles.

“OMG and the noble prize for ’attempting to marry ‘THAT’ goes to Eric Debonair’ Edwina mocked and laughed.

“Well hell yes “THAT’ merited to get conked and smudged, my choice in women are dangerous, Angel’s never going to forgive me now! “Of course not, I would not forgive you either for marrying ’THAT” I mean really Eric your choice is Nil, Andre laughed just as Muriel appeared having heard them make a mockery out of her. “Nice of you to come Chuckey’s Bride, Edwina said, brushed past Muriel and led her Andre out. Anthony stuck around Angelica’s home to shoulder her struggle. It came easily for Anthony to display loaded affection. He was dedicated and committed to serving her. He had always heeded to her every need. Weeks later, Angelica still wept knocking herself up about why Eric left her to be with Muriel.

It is time for you to move on past this haunting space. Eric’s pictures, his aura brought from Ridge manor and is now a fitted fixture of memory lane. Even that Ford odor and aura hangs in this place, they are not worth your tears Angel. That’s it, let’s find you a new place away from these haunting energies, you must move away from here, Anthony imposed. “I will find you a great place, he added. He had been saddened to see her somber and delve into the pitiful state of ‘heart break’ Anthony stood steadfast to his promise, found the perfect home in a perfect location on a huge beach estate, happily handled the deed of sale on her behalf and moved her into her new abode on which out of respect, he had an out building erected for himself on the land. Finally! Angelica felt relieved about having left the “Ridge Manor” in view of a clean slate and new lease on life away from all the pain she had endured. She acknowledged that Ridge Ramon’s strife and brief moment of bliss haunted by the day. It had been and would always be, known as the ‘Ford Estate’ even if she owned it, the energies remained. Angelica was ready to move past memory lane and Anthony fitted right into the pattern and plan for a new beginning, no sense fighting over spilt milk, even if Eric returned she would never entrust her passion to a man who deceived her in the way he did, he was thus ‘her past’ Anthony’s presence recalled how little importance she donned on him in their lifetime of oneness, inseparable friends and partners in crime. He was a monumental part of her life, why did she treat his love so lightly?

Angelica embraced change, opened up to new possibilities and easily slipped right back into making Anthony’ a bigger part of her life, not only because she needed him as a distraction from Eric’s memory but more over that Anthony mattered more than she was willing to confess. More days more trouble and Angelica struggled to move beyond ‘the past’ Eric’s name roamed in her mind, she still felt that he owed her an explanation.

Why do you feel the need to be emotionally destroyed by his untruths, ’all you will get from Eric is something in the genre of; It just happened! “You have got to stop reading the ‘Ford Gazette’ their fulfilled lives will always turn up to haunt you. Please Angel, for you own good, stop hoping for that miracle, the Universe is timely and accurate about bringing matters to a close in order to pave a way for honing new chapters, embrace that you stumbled on the truth or you may have had to lead a life of double fiddle entertaining a mistress, Anthony said. Angelica mustered strength and sought fulfillment in being expectant, she was happy and weaned of Eric’s wrathful departure from her life, or so she thought until her subscription Ford Gazette’ lay sprawled on her coffee table citing Elation at the Fords. Unable to resist, there it was in picture perfect order; bride and groom swooned at the end of their luxury swimming pool at their new mansion Luc and Gwen Ford offered them as a wedding gift. Hand in hand and portraying ‘happiness alive. Angelica had been mortified, she felt as if someone had plunged a dagger through her heart. Thoughts curdled, she wanted answers. Lord, help me to accept the things I cannot change’, she prayed. Her life with Eric was officially over and done for. He married her best friend, a sad tale of lies and deceit. “Why did I not see it coming, how could I have been so blind?” she thought out loud and wept. Surely, he was not faking abhor for Mo, he hated her. He could not bear sharing a space with her in it, why then did he switch from hate to love, it made no sense. Of all the gall, it had been Muriel’s tramp stamp that Eric abhorred yet he married her, incomprehensible. Chances were, if she bedded Anthony she bedded Eric, why then did he pretend to be disgusted and treat her like the town tramp ’people said she was. Still, the depth of soiling her to that

degree [seemed outrageously incorrect, Muriel was nothing like they made her out to be, there was something ‘In the tramp stamp’ that made no sense, she was not a soiled person, at least that was what Angelica esteemed of her. Still and even in the scandal, Angelica refused to think that way of Muriel, she knew that they were highly mistaken to make of her disgust. Just maybe on a whim of ‘giving in’ Eric heeded to Muriel’s advances and got her pregnant. Muriel was carrying Eric’s child, that why he married her, nothing else made sense. Angelica wept and pined to a point where Anthony stepped in and ‘played’ friend/father and lover. He was going to make her pack up on the Eric Ideal and make himself indispensible view irreplaceable and she was getting all the right connectedness in codon weave to dive back into ‘Source’ and consult with “Higher Self’ from her sacred space within. She was in dire need to embrace her humanness and act with definite purpose again. Ego was not about to give her the benefit of the doubt, she had steered way too far from ‘Source’ and in her ’decline encountered Ego’s mocking vice; Jilted Bride ripped through her mind. She used to be the guru-ness of mindedness, always spot on to emergence, she was an ace and acquirement and now the least donned her with ‘little’ emergence. For heaven’s sake, none of the pictures on her visualization board showed Eric marrying Muriel. She was the only bride in them, so why did he marry Mo?

A morning at Polly’s Beauty Parlor donned for Agony Aunt’s Gossip corner. Polly Paton, a short and stub red head loved her salon of ‘bluntness and truth’ trash of lives rolled up into her store by the dozen and like her yapping regulars, Polly could not resist jabbering every single thing she had seen heard or imagined about anything and anybody including her friends not foregoing a broadcasting of her own private medley and affairs. Angelica turned up one day to zip up Polly’s wicked lips about juicy details gathered about Eric and his fine princess Mo.

“Crap happens Polly, Eric moved on and so did I, it’s kind of God sent that he’s with her, we only realize that the one’s we think are perfect are not the one.

“Mother of Diamond’s get me some pearls are you hooked on that beau Anthony Adonis? He’s a dish and half. I don’t like that he is like a fly on poo around you. Why thank you Polly ’he likes that I smell of excrements, she laughed. The gossip retriever May Duff butted in. Oh no miss Angel delight they do not find your brand in Africa it’s Turkish, she laughed. That Ant man strutting his suave looks like he’s all yours is a wanted man. “I hear the Pirates of the Caribbean needs his head for slicing some guy named Pinto. Go get your man girl, I mean Eric, there’s something stirring up at Hysteria Lane and Sherlock Holmes is all over town twisting tongues to find your address so act like you don’t know. If I knew where that crime buster hides your buns I’d bring Eric right over to dash you out. What? Are you digging for dirt again May? Oh alright Polly, I am his spy, he asked me to corner that new beau of je ne sais pas quoi Antonio so I did but he just zipped it up like the mouse trap he wears for a pout and swore to secrecy like I can’t follow him or what? Stay in your lane May he sliced a man, Polly laughed and intentionally snipped Angelica’s ear.

Ouch! Stick to trimming hair Polly.

“Damn, I’d snip it right off! You are such a fool for letting that bad reputed bride ride your caddy, Polly said, get that witch off his steering Hun or I’m up for ‘breaking house’ I got the knack to make him fall for me and hard. Angelica radiated a certain marvelous energy of fulfillment and joy. She had not had such pure blissful moments in a while and found a renewed respect for Anthony’s dedication to her. They chimed in tandem to lengths of being indispensible view inseparable. Past shadows dwindled and Anthony’s positive auto-suggestive tonal language of love donned on her a greater acceptance of being loved, she knew than that Anthony would not part or be too far but a part of her life for keeps. She thought to have found her soul mate in Eric, when what she had with Anthony was spirit and soul. Pride erased prejudice, Anthony lit up like a bulb in Angelica’s presence. He was truly elated and brought a smile to her face. He liked being recognized as a future dad and took great pride in being a part of Angelica’s pregnancy, if as little or much for shouldering her as any spouse or partner would. The occasional sad glimpse arose in which Angelica pined about not knowing why Eric married Muriel still deeply pained.

“Do you think Eric married Mo because she’s pregnant? Why Else? I did not see the signs. Were there signs?” Angelica tormented on an off day. “There were no signs, she realized, he deceived her, bottom line. What happened to the love, dedication, trust and loyalty he affirmed? Eric vowed to love her unconditionally, promised that even in baroness he would worship the ground she walked on. He said that it did not matter if she did not conceive, he was willing to adopt, the irony and so said Grandma Debonair and Edwina who then said that she had grown on them, children did not

matter, had been part of the deception. They too bluffed her into believing that she was loved. Grandma Debonair told her story about a cluster ring ’The Pink Lady” and said that ’it was a family heirloom passed on by the ages ’and that for a very specific reason, that ring would wear her finger and not her finger wear it. She said that Angelica would own it on the day she wedded Eric, showed it to her and said; one day ’the story of ’The Alliance” would be conveyed. Well, she was not marrying Eric he was already taken but the ring still roamed or for all she knew wore Muriel’s man thieving finger. Grandma Debonair had said; “You will wear the ring, your daughter will wear it, and so will hers. Angelica replied informing that she was unable to conceive, even when she knew steadfast to her minds plan that she would succeed one day. “I am unable to have children. No honey, unable is an illusion, able is the truth so get on back to knowing, being aware and just being awareness, you always get what you want, children is what you will have, of that I am certain, grandma Debonair had said. True to her word, Angelica conceived against all odds by the unfortunate twist that ’Eric’s choice to ’breed with un-blue blooded bliss lost her the pride of ’placing his direct essence on the ’Covenant of Torpedo Ridge, the pact was made, the child would run but now he was never to know ‘that it was his’ he was not worthy of being it’s father. When the thought process is focused on a specific desire, in substance of thought, the faith and belief of its unfolding brings it to pass. “The thought that forms substance is the emergence of manifesting that thing into ones life, and like she thought everything into her life and lost it, she thought the child into her life and had every intention to keep it away from the jinxed of getting robbed again, she was thus well rid of Eric, the Fords and all the heartache they spelt.

“I know exactly how to chase the blues away, lets go downtown to ransack “Baby Parlor” Anthony suggested. A shopping spree of great demand, Angelica and Anthony went from aisle to aisle filling trolleys to capacity with the cutest blue line of high brands. Anthony swapped up fancy pacifiers, rattles and every noisy boy toy he came into reach. The highlight! Anthony lit up like a spotlight upon viewing a highly sophisticated blue stroller and like a child in a candy store said; “Angel, I found it! “Look at this stroller it has the name Angelo engraved all over it” he sang out practically jumping for joy.

Angelo?” “Wow that sounds just right, we will name him Angelo, Angelica responded as happily and lightweight when Anthony lifted her and twirled her around with excitement.

You are right T, that pram has Angelo’s name printed all over it. The twosome fussed some unaware that “Indira who dropped by to grab a gift for a friend’s baby shower had been espying on them from afar. Walking into them as if by surprise. Anthony? Wow look at you gleaming like daddy delight, she said.

Reconciled I see and having a baby boy, she added and pointed to the stuffed trolley of boy wear. Oh boy, I am so happy for you guys wow I am about to be an Aunt, how great is that? Troubled by the showdown and making worded gaffes Indira tattle and came across not as she intended. Shucks! I am not making sense, am I? Alright then let truth be told, I’ am shocked, how uncanny is t that, you’re both living the dream, Anthony did not find it hard to portray a father to be role and fuddled more of Indira’s confusion.

“Wow, this here is a huge lump to swallow but hey, congratulations I am so thrilled about being an aunt, she repeated. Antoine sought Angelica’s approval to play the game in full throttle and got her nod of approval.

Life is full of surprises right! This is what we represented back then and is pretty much intended, we are truly living our dream, Anthony said. Absolutely, I am all about daddy and doing daddy things for the lad, we’re naming him Angelo, he added. Indira ashen-faced stood there agape; she was in shock and in a state of disbelief. So are you shopping for Muriel’s kid? “What is she having?” Angelica inquired pretending to be completely well with it all.

“A baby Girl, Indira responded and hurriedly wormed her way out and away. Indira barged in on a domestic dispute between Muriel and Eric. They were again at loggerheads with each other as usual.

Get a grip you two are you going to fight your life away like this? While you guys are spitting venom at each other, some people are celebrating life and living happiness profound, as in; you will never guess who I just walked into at ’Baby Parlor” “As if I care,” Eric retorted.

“Oh but you care from the bottom of your heart, you care that I bumped into Angelica and Anthony...maybe a little more because they were at “Baby Parlor” shopping for trollies filled with ’baby boy items. I was like gob smacked. I mean, I have not seen Angelica since your stupid fake wedding and then I walk into her and she’s like about to have a baby boy, are you kidding?

Eric’s face lights up like a bulb and drops a tone suddenly

“You saw Angelica? Where and how is she?” Eric inquires with a certain excitement.

“Hello! Did you not grasp the part of her being an item with T?” They are about to have a baby boy and of all the audaciousness naming the kid Angelo, oh so stuck at the hip. Oh my word, Angel looked like radiance itself and Ant, wow euphoria does not come close, I cannot believe that they reconciled and are having a baby boy, I am gob-smacked, Indira said. Muriel light up like a bulb, in the understanding that Angelica had moved on.

“Anthony and Angel, hooray! That’s wonderful. “Wonderful?” “You wouldn’t know the definition of wonderful if it nabbed you in the butt“ Eric harped back. “Can’t be Indy, they’re not intimately connected, can’t be.

“Call it immaculate conception if you must, she’s having a kid, it’s a boy and they are the life of elation, bottom line, Indira smears on like goose liver pate. Indira dramatized her version with great emphasis on Anthony’s confirmation of paternity.

“Not over my dead body, he cannot be having a kid with her, Eric reflected for a split second, paced the lounge floor and stormed off slamming the door shut behind him.

Muriel, wholly irate that Indira sparked a stir, counter attacked and accused her of deliberately smear mar on her parade. “You are embittered that Anthony hit a bulls eye with Angelica but lay off Indy Anthony is spoken for and you do not stand the first chance to sap that juice from her fruit. Indira burst out laughing.

“What you going to do? Eric just stormed out of here to fight for her where does that leave you? She is my sister I can deal with sharing her joy. Can you deal with being dumped because that is what Eric stormed out to do, get back his Dolce Vita’

“I am the wife” Muriel retorted in an uncertain tone and stressed vocals, in knowing that ‘something was about to change’ stormed out to find Eric.

Eric’s mum Edwina had been in her kitchen tending to a pie in the oven when Eric crept up on her unexpectedly.

“You startled me honey! “My bad! To what do we owe the honor of your chirpiness? “God is truly awesome, his mercies are great. “Really? Then why are we in such a sticky situation with no end? “I did not ask to be in the situation I find myself in, how merciful is that? “No you did not ask to be in ’The Situation” then neither did God impose on you to nab Angelica from your brother Ant. Circumstances arise with life it is called ‘life’ the universe has a way of letting life happen like it must so it unfolds from having been to being.

“I am, as you so coyly state, gone from having been married to Muriel Ford to being married to Muriel ford, unfolding into will be married to Muriel Ford as a form of punishment for what? “Why am I punished for a situation beyond my control?”

“Nothing is beyond your control, Eric. You are handed choices in life, what you do with them depends on your state of mind to whether you may use them for the good or evil, but choices you have. The terrible storm we rode robbed you of ’honoring Angelica and we feel bad that you had to marry Mo instead but we cannot blame it on not having had a choice. “You had an option to safeguard your love for Angelica by excluding her from the “Deal” and or let her in with risk of being implicated because in fact she is. And at the same get your dad imprisoned for a deed he did not commit. It so happens that you sacrificed your marriage to Angelica to save Andre from jail and we owe you but it’s over, you can repair the damage now, it is done. “Your dad is out there trying to find you to break the news! What news? “Luc Ford got arrested last night, our nightmare is finally over now that he is behind bars and will be for a long time. Edwina could hardly retain her excitement and explained, that the façade was over and detailed Ford’s whim of embezzlement, fraud, murder of the professor Dane and all the medley he had framed Andre Debonair to take the wrap with astounding falsified proof and footage placing Andre in the guilty pavilion.

Eric had been taken aback and saddened by the thought that it may be too late to repair the damage and win back the love of his life.

“That ends our nightmare but my demons live on, Eric complained. “I lost Angelica to Anthony. She chose to go the mile on the rebound and now they are soldered and I do not have the heart to trample on their happiness the 2nd time around. Angel is having Ant’s baby and it is a boy to be named Angelo just as we spoke about having one of our own by that name, we chose that name, Eric sobbed and lowered his head. Eric recounted what Indira’ conveyed. “How can I get over ’Angel, she is my life? Anthony returned to Europe a day after we left for the Peak and he wasted no time to get in the sack with Angel. She wasted no time to solder with Ant after a few pointless ‘altercations’ true that I did not get back in touch or respond to her calls but I did not expect her to apply my silence as an act of termination.

“ I have always known and am aware that Anthony is and will forever be a part of Angelica’s life in a big way, they are best friends for life and yes even soul mates of the most incomprehensible lever of life but I never once envisaged her to surpass the levels of intimacy with Ant. I am

entirely irked by the thought that she bedded Anthony and having his kid. Edwina had been completely taken aback. “You are highly mistaken Eric, Angelica has absolutely no such romantic emotional ties to Anthony, her attachment to him is and always will be very special and as much as Anthony will never accept not being ’her everything, she doesn’t fake love you know that. “What part of ’she’s having Anthony’s baby” don’t you get mother? She is having Anthony’s kid for crying out loud”

“That is highly impossible”. Edwina explained that at the age of nine, Anthony partook in a Polo match on the ‘Ford Estate’. Eric, Muriel, Angelica and Elle had been there to cheer him on. Anthony did great when suddenly his horse lost control ’said to have been frightened by a sand snake, and in a trollop tossed Anthony in mid air and landed him on a spiky palisade of tall spikes. Anthony’s little accident cost him his manhood, sutured but scrambled. “My baby boy’s genitals are of mash, Edwina giggled. Anthony’s testicles had been severely damaged. Major surgery proved useless, the Urologist had been categorical Anthony would never have children of biological rights. So no son, Anthony was said to be sterile but to worsen his case and in addition he flaunted his dare devil side to impress upon Angel his Tarzan Flip got his nuts stuck in Paul’s barbwire and coming undone ripped his crotch off by a spike. As if that did not suffice, Paul’s fat cat had nuts for dinner and Ant’s little pouches had never been seen again. They did everything humanly possible to restore your brother’s device, to no avail, the Urologist had been blunt and said; the intensity of genital mutilation would have obvious effects on his fertility and in the next ’crotch happy shenanigan ended all hope of him ever fathering any.

”It is not humanly possible for your brother to be the father of Angelica’s child.

“If not his, she’s having someone’s child and he is dad of the century already and I can’t have that now can I?

“It is complicated Eric. Anthony walked back into Angelica’s life at a time you ‘are supposed to have abandoned her’ we both know that Anthony will not budge from her side or step down to give you the benefit of the doubt, be prepared for war. Eric turned up at the old abode he shared with Angelica at Ridge Manor to find a racket of unfamiliar tenants. Anthony offered a great deal of money in exchange for Angelica’s forwarding address, to no avail, she was their Fairy God Mother for allowing them to roam her mansion and land for no charge. The landlord refused point blank. I’m Jarvis, I run this Estate, the ‘Land Lord’ bragged to Eric.

“I own the Estate, Eric retorted, and remembered a gang at down town having said about Jarvis; Jarvis is petrified about landing in the ‘grizzly’. He would tell you the Pope’s secrets if you threatened to get him locked up in “Molder’ Palace Precinct” home to the worlds most wanted criminals, drug dealers and swindlers” he knows a tip off would get him in the slammer.

Eric said only three words and Jarvis obliged.

“I would not have turned you in, Jarvis. “You know that right? “You would have, it’s written all over your balls, Jarvis retorted and walked off cussing. Just then Muriel turned up screeching brakes to a halt and stopped short an inch of running Eric over.

“Leave Angel and Anthony to live their lives, they’re having a kid for God’s sakes! Let them be Eric, we’re good and we can make our relationship work, I love you. Eric had been way too shaken and furious about ’the near crushing incident. Unintentional but careless, Eric knew this. Eric pulled Muriel from her vehicle, forced her into his and got into the steering seat and pulled off. “Chasing Angelica is not about loving her, it is about taking what Anthony has. You and I are alike we ruin lives to get what we want and not what we need. “ Remember these words; they shall return to haunt you. “You want what Anthony has, you take what Anthony has because you co-exist in his shadow. You compete with him as if you are on inferior ground and you are because you will never stop until he is entirely crushed. The bad news is, Ant is the core of Angelica’s life he will never step down for you to have her entirely and he will savor great joy of being the most important part of her life by being inseparable you would have to kill him because he won’t be leaving her life anytime soon. This too, I love you, you know I do and discard of it for as long as you need but you will come to realization that we are good together and we can make it work. Stop already, we cannot go through life ruining people’s lives it has a way of coming back to haunt us, Muriel relayed between sobs. Eric listened attentively but did not respond, she may well have opened his eyes to many things, but he loved Angelica and she was what he wanted, bottom line.

Eric drove up to ‘Leander Falls’ Maternity Wing and in an unusual polite tone asked Muriel to accompany him. Muriel obliged knowing that resistance would not change the course of ’belonging, Eric’s mind had been made up, he wanted Angelica and she was fighting a losing battle. The long walk through the corridor took forever. Suddenly, Eric lit up like a bulb upon viewing Angelica deeply engrossed in a

heart warming exchange of loving ’glances, smiles and cackles. They were a ‘portrait of elation’ no matter how much he denied, Muriel’s observation had been correct. Anthony loved Angelica more than he could comprehend, but and then so did he.

Eric hurriedly stopped at Angelica’s side to greet her. Hidden emotions rose to a powerful energy exuding, there had been no love lost in absence. Lost in depths, their eyes locked and time stood still. Anthony gritted teeth knowing that he had yet again been dethroned. Eric had again turned up to ruin his happiness and take charge of his cherished possessions.

“I shall fight him to the end of my days and win, Anthony thought silently. Unperturbed about brother’ rivalry, Anthony turned to greet Muriel in note that she had returned to being slim, evidently having had her baby or so it appeared. Congratulations, I think, would love to meet my little niece, he said.

“Eric grinned.

A niece? Even the gender got hacked Mo, you had everyone foxed on that little ‘baby boy’ illusion, don’t you think it is better to clarify?

Again, a new politeness, Eric had never before asked for her permission to ‘humiliate her’ something changed, he was gaining respect for her and she liked that he considered what she had said. He even called her Mo. Go ahead, Muriel said tearfully. There is no baby, there never has been. There is no marriage it too had been faked, Eric told Anthony whose jaw dropped within a millisecond of hearing the word fake. Anthony lost a tone or two, stunned to capacity and Angelica sat there agape. “What? Are you saying Muriel had never been pregnant? Angelica inquired still baffled by the news.

“By immaculate conception? No, I do not view how that may be possible when we have never been intimately connected in any way, not ever, but you knew that, Eric emphasized. “ Muriel thought best not to argue on that statement for they had been intimate ‘a few times’ she vowed silently, the truth would emerge at some point.

“So you marry the tramp, advertise it to the world, turn up everywhere looking like the future parents of the world and you’re saying you would not touch her with a ten foot pole if she paid you to? You’re in this together, right? Anthony retorted. Do not put words in my mouth, Ant. Mo and I know what we are about, just not partners or parent’s, let that ride, there was never and there never will be an US, my life is with and always will be about Angelica. “ Absolutely, your life is about Angelica not with or for her. You think that it is acceptable to take what I have, discard of it and then pave the way for me to fix what is broken so you may retrieve what I have repaired. Not this time or any time soon Eric, I will not allow you to ruin my life and happiness or nurture your obsession. Anthony’s effort to bury the hatchet died, he was not ready to accommodate Eric, not now, not ever. “Get with the program Ant, the reason for this medley may stun you. Dad had gotten into trouble and asked me to shoulder him, it took courage and sacrifice but I did the right thing. In brief, I got blackmailed into marrying Mo, that or he would have been imprisoned for crimes he did not commit. “I was given the option of letting dad rot in prison or marrying Mo so he escaped being dabbed into being frame. It so happened that the Federal Agents turned up to arrest dad, I could not let that happen, at least to a time until he was able to prove his innocence. That day is here and Luc is imprisoned “You do not have a clue how grave the charges were, it entailed culpable homicide, murder, fraud and theft. The rest is history, Luc blackmailed dad and I became the pawn on their chessboard. There you have it, my marriage to Mo was of ‘White Elephant’ aspect, we were both just wallflowers in something she wants badly with impressionable commitment to loving and keeping me but she knows it is something we cannot have. With all due respect to her unconditional love, because it has come to that now that she understands ‘to let me go’ it cannot be otherwise because I love Angelica.

Angelica nodded.

We are lovers, confidants and life partners Eric, why did you not tell me? “I would have played along, Angelica said. My dream theme, the frills to the tee all a speck now having been the Mo and Eric affair of the year, did she get to wear the PINK LADY too?

“Honey that was the least of my worries, when I found myself in a rut of blackmail the focus was on getting out of it. Look at it this way, your theme got stolen but not your groom, I am freed to offer you a theme of everything and more so hell no to PINK LADY, It is of extreme sentimental value you will find, made for you to have and it will wear your finger not the other way around, Eric said gazing into Angelica’s eyes.

“What about you, Angel you moved right on to do the unthinkable in a miraculous ‘switch’ from sterility to overturned fertility, Anthony’s kid? Wow I so much wanted it to be mine, even the name Angelo, that’s what we said we would name him. Doctor Port appeared looking as renewed as the upgrade and revamp at Leander Falls, total rejuvenation. “Mister & Mrs. Ford, he said and gestured Eric and Muriel into his consulting room. Exiting later, Eric wore a million dollar smile. Perplexed, Anthony giggled but he too had lost the mortified expression and seemed eased or unburdened.

Damn you Eric, Am I always going to walk in your shadow? I’m so at peace with whatever but I say this with conviction, you will live a haunted life building sand castles as in everything moves, nothing rests, the foundation of you plans shall collapse, I sincerely wish this for you, Anthony said and added, I rest my case. Eric cared less of Anthony’s negative manipulated words and curse, he walked up to Angelica, hugged her and left a soppy wet kiss on her cheeks and said; This is not the most romantic place to propose, but will you join me on a journey of haunted life where together we will rebuild those crumpling castles. Oh Ant’s congrats on the kiddo, well done, I’ will be loving him like he is my own, not sorry that I have to own him too, Eric said, very charmingly holding his hand out to tend it to Muriel and walked out with her holding hands like they just started a new understanding, after all, that is all that she needed, a certain acceptance and acknowledgement.

“Did you get that? Eric’s shifted attention and respect for Muriel, he called her Mo, he asked her if it was okay to clarify and then he tends her his hand and walks out like they were an item, I’ll be damned, Anthony said. Well overdue, she deserves his respect and she has mine, desperation can make any window looking in seem misty, I am pleased, Angelica replied. “Oh hell no, you are not about to forgive him and move on right back in, are you? “I mean, he turns up after I put you back together and moves in to savor of the repairs and make it his own. “What are you insinuating?

“That you take leave of Eric so we may move to the next level, we are an item now, Anthony said straight faced. Angelica had been agape and Anthony burst out laughing.

Anthony turned up at the mansion shared with Muriel during the Ford versus Debonair farce to find Muriel concussed in a heated argument with Indira. Raised voices rattled from the lounge and tempers flared on high tenor. Anthony let him self in, settled into the Sofa and made himself right at home. Muriel had not been happy to see Anthony.

“Trust you to turn up in a dilemma at all times, Muriel fumed. “Can’t you keep Angelica on a leash?” she is having your baby, for crying out loud!

“You are delusional Mo, you know instinctively well that Angelica is not a consolation prize and that I did not score from her vulnerability. Do your math Mo, Indira jumped for joy.

“No way and hooray! I knew it, Eric’s kid? “Muriel toned to ashen.

Angelica bided her time with no major shift in plans when Edwina Debonair called ever so unexpectedly. “Can we talk, Angel?” there are so many things left unsaid. “I don’t mean to be rude Edwina but the past is better left unsaid,

Angelica replied and ended the call intentionally. It is all good and well that she could move on an away from a mishap but kissing up a reconciliation seemed much. Did she not dishonor, disgrace and disown Angelica as, being the ‘girl next door’, un-noble and un-blue-bloodedness? Angelica had not been near good enough to wear the Debonair’ name lest be marriage material? Now Edwina wanted to talk about things left unsaid, how convenient, Angelica had no desire to travel back in time but savor the peace restored. ’They made a decision to exclude her to save Andre from paying a due debt for being Luc Ford’s partner in crime when truthfully he was as guilty as sin as Luc, at least partially. “Edwina turned up at Angelica’s doorstep one day and refused to leave without having ’had her say; Angelica decided ‘that she was not home’ Well then I shall wait until she returns from ’being not home right here where she is, Edwina told Stavros the valet. Please come in and make yourself at home, she shall return at some stage when she decides that she is home, he laughed. Edwina sat down on the sofa, kicked off her shoes and perused through a Magazine in waiting.

“Madam, your guest awaits for you to return from your undetermined duration of absence. Have you returned now?

“Can you fake a white lie for just once in your life, Stavros? Go on, you are excused, Angelica said, shooed Stavros away and entered the lounge. Oh wow, look at you, Edwina said surprised to find Angelica in an advanced stage of her pregnancy. Before you dismiss what I have to say, please give me hearing. It is of the utmost importance you will find. This is beyond silly Ed, let sleeping dog’s lie. No, I owe you the truth. My grandson must come into the world on a clean slate. “Why do you presume that the baby I am carrying is Anthony’s? “Trust me, I was not born yesterday, I knew you were expecting Eric’s kid the moment he dashed in to convey that you were pregnant although I did not tell him so or make allusion to it. Get this, even in all this bull and your choice to move on shouldering this alone, I wish to be a part of my grandson and believe it or not, I want to be a part of your life too, I always had an inner penchant for you but the ‘witch in me’ poked not to let you in when you already belonged, I hope you can forgive me.

Edwina explained the entire episode of what had transpired on

the day Eric came to a conclusion to marry Muriel.

“Lord have mercy, one moment we were at the peak of our lives planning your wedding and your arrival for a dress rehearsal when the Ford’s turned up. In fact, the little smoke folds emerged while we were at MARULA Castle Andre seemed distant and worried. Back at MO-FORD, Andre returned from the office looking like the cat stole his milk, and upon inquiring just got the cold shoulder ’Everything’s alright he said a zillion times” Well it was not alright because he became preoccupied and locked himself behind closed doors in his office and picked an argument out of petty grievances.

“Andre and I have no secrets and his strange behavior played havoc on my mind so I hammered him for answers. “The only thing I got, was; it’s professional, don’t worry it’s just one of those minor tiffs with Luc Ford that turns molehills into mountains he had said.

“My modest husband helped himself to a giant cognac, then two and eventually the bottle there the alarm set on, Edwina continued, having to halt as Angelica’s doorbell rang. Send them away, I’m not home, she yelled out to Stavros, looked at Edwina and said; He understands that to mean invite them in, she laughed. After a while, Angelica gestured for Edwina to go on.

“So! Did Andre tell you what happened?

“Well no! He seemed well when we left for the peak until we arrived at ’’ELMOS to find Luc and Gwen comfortably installed in the Royal Suite that is.

Angelica interrupts.

“And Muriel, was she there too? “Not at that time, Edwina replied and dove back into the unsavory meeting that turned their lives upside down.

“We drove up to the Peak when I noticed Luc Ford roaming about with a Cigar in hand. I looked at Andre and said; “You did not invite them here to spoil our mission, did you? No response. Honey, did invite the Ford’s on this trip? “I did not, Andre replied unsuspecting that Gwen had already turned up to eavesdrop and we had not yet come to a halt.

We do things the Ford Way, we turn up when we do and so be it, we just do, Gwen said, and sipped champagne from a snazzy flute. Luc wiggled his stubby body multi tasking a full mouth greeting, sipping on a giant cognac and puffing on his ‘air stench’ cigar. Day three;

“Luc Ford and his plastic other half did not turn up here by chance, let me have it, what hold does he have on you this time? “It’s eight o clock Ed, Mo just turned up and Gwen arranged for the youngsters to do a bash while we caught up with them for dinner,

Andre said and walked away.

Edwina and Luc turned up to a catered evening with Gwen and Luc, a pleasant light-hearted dinner filled with brag and boast about Muriel.

“Muriel just shines in our lives really, she brings so much riches and joy to our hearts and pockets. Pocket’s well hell yes, I don’t know about heart’s I thought silently laughed so loud and almost choked on the champagne, Gwen told Angelica. “ We owe her our life, Gwen added, leaving both Andre and Edwina in cackles.

Talking about blessings, Edwina interrupted and told Gwen, “Angelica has brought my boys such love to give, I am so thrilled that Eric is marrying her at last. We are so excited about the wedding.

Gwen had been agape.

See! We do not have time to wander about or focus on a holiday we are here to plan Angel’s wedding, Gwen had said.

Angelica listened attentively as Edwina explained what they had put together at the Chateau and then erected a replica at the peak so she may join them for a dress rehearsal after she had returned from Florida.

The wedding preparations were genuinely for Eric and I? Oh my word, I can almost see Gwen going green, Angelica said and smiled. It is a surprise dress rehearsal, I said.

How quaint that Angelica does not yet know that she’s marrying Eric, ” That is brilliant. I lost it in overdrive and bragged so much I did not realize that I already divulged all of the plans from the wedding gown to the wedding cake and theme. “I should have known. Gwen was almost too willing to assist, in habitual of her airs and graces; really, I should have known that she was up to something of an oddment.

’The guesswork” how did you and grandma get to know my theme in such detail? Angelica inquired. “You did not know of my mapped booklet and Bridal Clause, I kept that album in my safe. Sorry honey, but grandma Debs knows even the world bank codes so if you have secrets hide them underground, she hates to shovel around those quarters. In all innocence, I accompanied her to RIDGE–MANOR where she opened the safe saying; this is not hacking Ed, I was here when Angel slipped her wedding planner into the safe. She slid it open, removed the album, made copies and returned it to safety. “ It had been a plain down stupid of me, I got carried away and then Grandma Debonair added to it and got Gwen pecking like a hen. “Way too snazzy for a pauper and she get’s to wear the “PINK LADY,

Gwen spiffed.

“Have you no pride in your son’s? Lagging Eric off with tacks of pauperism is hardly anything to be proud of. She was first-born Ramon the peasant’s daughter before she became the bastard of Ford in name as

heiress. Angelica is baron, she has no place marrying a Debonair she is not apt for that genre. “Muriel is the perfect match for Eric, Gwen said and laughed. Since Eric is getting married, I might as well make myself handy and assist with fine things, Gwen said. “The smaller details of course, let me do the gold emboss of the invitations, fill them out and send them off, Gwen offered. Edwina did not suspect that Gwen would sabotage Angelica’s wedding and turn it into Mo’s that was an absolute impossibility until Gwen’s sly tactic ‘became visible’ Gwen slyly personalized Angelica’s wedding to be Muriel’s. Etching Invitation cards turned into pub night and chatter, Gwen handled the invitations like a pro, the finished product looked stunning and Edwina praised Gwen’s hand in it. Gwen and Luc returned from a morning in Town, handed Edwina an ’air-mail strip, and said; invitations handles, gone off and so what do we do next? Gwen had been overly supportive, extremely conscientious and spot on for flawless to an extent of adding her personal twist to ‘Angelica’s’ affairs and left with promise to return for the frill up of the next day’s agenda. Andre and Eric sat on their terrace over a few drinks. “I have some good and bad news, Andre said. The good news is that our return is postponed to slightly later than planned. “The bad news is, you will not be marrying Angelica but Muriel. Andre explained that if Eric refused to heed to Luc’s ‘blackmail’ of marrying Muriel ’ a warrant for Andre’s arrest would be imminent and get him imprisoned for atrocious deeds he swore he had not been involved in. Andre told Eric that Luc wanted him to cut ties with Angelica, entirely and dry cut with immediate effect, he was not to get within a meter of her presence. Whilst Andre briefed his family about Luc Ford’s ‘blackmail’ quest, Gwen butted in, pretext that she was dropping off the remaining batch of invitations.

“Look over my rowdy gold emboss, I imposed this bit as a personalized touch, she bragged. Edwina had been livid, grabbed the pile and looked at the cover of the first.

“It is as hideous as the true you beneath that ton of plastic pulled over your skin, Edwina freaked. “Then you may not find that the contents of my invitation’s to your liking, Gwen replied and left. Eric, Andre and Edwina reached for the Invitations, flipped it open and ashen, they were agape. It read, “Luc & Gwyneth Ford” invites you to join them to celebrate the

wedding of their daughter Muriel Ford to son of Andre & Edwina Debonair, Eric Debonair. You are cordially invited to share this celebration of love. ’Imposed dress code; heed to the theme of sheer gold and champagne color coordination for and of Ford prestige, we do things the Ford way. RSVP – To Gwyneth Ford at “Gruesome Peak” Villa 911 call SOS if you think anyone has been left out.

There it was, Eric and Muriel’s photograph in posing, a falsified version of photo-shopped happiness where Eric slipped the “PINK LADY into Muriel’s alliance finger. The Guest list donned for a capacity of two thousand strong, entailed Luc Ford’s family, friends, friends of their friends and foes of foes of their foes.

Andre burst out laughing, Eric had been way too tongue tied and freaked.

“You have to be joking! My life plan by Andre Debonair and partners in crime?” an imposed marriage to Muriel Ford to save you from the slammer God alone knows what deeds you got yourself implicated in, the answer is no, never, what on earth are you doing dad?

“I have been framed for murder, fraud and embezzlement, proving my innocence is challenging, Andre had said.” “If I get imprisoned they have my head is on a platter and I will never make it out of the slammer, what they have in evidence is chilling, falsified but chilling. The Feds are out there waiting to take me in, I put them there to remove my chalk from Ford’s cheese and it doubled turned on me. Please Eric, Marry Muriel, stay in it for the duration, at least until I can prove my innocence, I need you on this son or we lose me and everything else we possess.

“You’ are highly implicated in this too Eric, there’ is proof that funds have been rolled over as far as Monte Carlo, Singapore and Switzerland even remote offshore and islands I have never heard of before. Millions of investor funds are registered in accounts under your name “distinctly Eric Debonair of your credentials and roaming about at a Debonair Trust Fund, that is as proofed as proof itself, the evidence is chilling and I have no idea how, who and why? “Well I do, I have those accounts in my name for the enrichment of Debonair trust and commissions earned by your investments of investor funds thus not related to investor funds as such but earned of and in commissions. “I can’t help you on proving that Eric, but you can help us stay out of jail, both of us, the evidence is too daunting. “That is wrong, that is so wrong, how could Luc do this?

“It gets worst, Luc Ford has footage about Dane and I in a heated debate about finances and in my temper I told Dane something in the Genre of; Smack up the evidence we lost enough I’m not riding

on a poor man’s soul my sons are millionaire’s and I’d kill you if you ruined it for them. Of course Dane turned up dead moments after I left the building and by chance meeting with you right there at the door after my ‘presumed’ act of murder.

Edwina concluded by pleading with Angelica to forgive her for not having implicated her or at least advising her of the ‘blackmail’. “That is what happened, honey! We had no alternative but to go with what Luc Ford forced upon us hoping that it would blow over rapidly, it did not resolve as we had hoped, but here we are now, freed of any binding suspicion and we can all just move on with our lives.

After the wedding craze, Andre tried to tap into proof to get Eric off the hook, not an inch, dead man talked. ’What happened after we left?” Angelica inquired, fused up to learn more and actually gripped to the story of what unfolded and why.

’Oh but first, Let me tell you about the wedding itself, rather the fairy tale turned nightmare, Edwina laughed.

“The wedding arrangements had been made, everything perfectly coordinated for the venue to be at MARULA CASTLE. Gwen told us that she was about to publish the ’Wedding of the Century” Eric blew a gasket in rage and told her to do so and rue. He had been livid with fury to a spiffing fire degree and swore that if a single photo-shopped photograph turned up of him with Mo for any reason, he would walk out and expose Luc Ford to the worst degree. He said that if anything leaked prior to the wedding, he would walk out and ‘let the consequences’ be what it must. If you do not yet know of the ‘jilted bride’ effect then learn fast because I will cut you off, efface Mo like she were poison ivy and make you and Luc Ford look like ‘nuclear waste’ to the world. “You can’t do any of that, you and your dad shall be jailed, Gwen said.

“Being jailed is heaven as opposed to marrying hell, so go get a single spread or gossip in any column and you will fast start packing to join the ranks of ’poverty like you know it.

“That had been Eric’s ultimatum, nothing leaked and now we wonder if we just imposed the dare, we may have walked off free, Edwina told Angelica. “Gwen had gone about her business to ensure setting of high prestige. Credit and due, she is a brilliant ‘mix & matcher’. Everything had been thoroughly fine combed and perfectly coordinated, pending the wedding cake and delivery from the caterers. Grandma Debonair decided that she had an errand to run and took along with her a few of her vineyard staff to plot her plan. Grandma returned hurriedly, looked at her wristwatch and said; I have three hours tops to ruin this wedding. The first group of guest’s turned up to hang about the Chateau while grandma’s ‘aliens’ toned up Muriel’s theme, of Gwen had come by at that precise moment, she would have blown a gasket, the hall had been entirely emptied and all the “Angelica & Eric theme removed. Of course Gwen had no idea that anything would have changed, she had left the hall vamped-up, as would any mother of the bride. An hour later, seating rearranged, tables laden with plastic Barbie printed plates, plastic and cardboard glasses and every Barbie frill on the market. To off match what would have been champagne color and gold, grandma Debs had the brilliant idea to impose the Shrek theme and got those in place with matching balloons and the works, Disney world came to light. Grandma made a quick call to her favorite party planner/caterer, whom she placed at the head of catering for Angelica and Eric’s wedding.

“Randy, let me have your cheapest wedding listed for today, and skipped a beat for a while and replied; “Suzy wonton? “No, she sounds like soup with no taste. Levine Alder sounds like she can do with a fairy god sent wedding & miracle gift. Inform Alder that her wedding had moved to ‘Cavendish Hall’ make a detour and set up before she gets there. “Oh and add a few limousines to pick up her guests at City Hall, she’s got until three so if she wants a swanky dress, tuxedos and even last minute bridesmaid dresses let her have it. The gift is from anonymous.

“Last but not least, deliver the wedding cake to the Alder venue too and ensure that you deliver the sloppiest smarty ridden lopsided sponge cake to MARULA HALL from the back entrance, I want that cake to be covered with an almost dirty brown colored boxing so that when it is revealed it looks like gold shit a la rainbow. Be sure to plunk of those life-size Barbie dolls marrying Shrek type of affair at the top of the tier for all to see, grandma Debonair concluded and rolled about cackling about what she had just pulled off.

“ I promise you, I wet my pants with laughter, Edwina told Angelica. With a kiddies theme party set up and caterer’s detoured, the Cake arrived and wow, it was something like rodents had grubbed into. Grandma invited the vineyard staff into the gift hall and told them to rip the wrapping off and to take it to their homes. All this while the commotion stirred outside. Muriel had been disgraced before she got a peek of her own Plastic Barbie theme. The majority of guest’s had already been ushered into the hall, the sighs were just to die for but of course the highlight, was the

gossip columns covering the Ford wedding Theme. The helicopter message paid off, only minutes after you and Ant climbed the cliff, Luc and Gwen trying to console Muriel told her to calm down. Max is on the way with gown change, look up Hun, Eric has a surprise for you, Gwen said. A drone in the distance and then the helicopter appeared stringing a banner swaying in the sky. It read; Angel forever my life my wife, love Eric. Muriel was beyond distressed, Eric had been air lifted in a medical air-ambulance and she had not gotten to accompany him. Her guest’s remained, the party had to continue. Revelation hour, Gwen invited her to see the set up and said; “The party must go on although the replica of what we did here today will be moved to take place at the Ford venue at MO-FORD estate private Resort, we will do something of greater value when Eric is healed, Muriel told her guests and invited the to enter the hall to enjoy the party. There was no party, no food, no frills only a Barbie loves Shrek theme surrounded by Barbie and Shrek toys and Disney music playing in the background. “

“Muriel hit the roof in rage and irked when Disney songs played, she hit a complete blank and roared with rage.

Ford Haters” crucified Muriel by taunts, they mocked and insulted her, she had been completely humiliated and dethroned that day.

”I laughed so loud about Mo’s ridicule, to sob later for no one deserves to ’be wiped out that way by the sins of parent’s. “If only you would have seen Eric’s flyer, Edwina said.

“Oh but I did but nothing registered my mind was poignantly set on seeing everything as ‘wishful thinking’ Angelica retorted.

“Intriguing! It played out like a movie from hell and I can’t wait to see the end of part one, Angelica said smiling. Andre had been fortunate, Luc’s mistress survived to turn in evidence and actual footage as proof of Andre’s innocence in the Dan murder. I do not know much of Lottie who or what only that she saved us by the gong. Lottie called the district attorney and the judge, hours later ‘Eric’s marriage to Muriel’ had been annulled, we are free to get on with our lives Edwina said and sighed with relief.

Eric returned to the common abode he shared with Muriel to pick up personal belongings and notified that the mansion had been put on the market to be sold. Muriel had said so sweetly. How could Eric ignore her plea, she was soon to be on zero resources and the least he could do was to let her have it. That is until she turned Diva with high demands.

“I am accustomed to the very best of luxuriance, you must ensure my upkeep, she had said.

Angelica had been relieved and though perplexed by what had happened, felt deeply pained and troubled for Muriel whom she had come to realize loved Eric to extremes and would do anything to win him over. Eric and Anthony rocked up at Angelica’s to invite the family to a reconciliation dinner for a celebration of freedom at last.

“I booked us a family dinner at “LANGOUSTINE” Eric said. Superb settings on the Quay seated at an elevation in a wooden parquet terrace linked to a sailing boat. Grandma Debonair had been there too. If you’re too tired, I shall drive home and return to take everyone else home, Eric offered. No sense in making two trips, Ed’s car, mine and dad’s are at our place, we can just all wrap up here, Anthony said. Edwina, Andre and Granma Debonair left. Anthony hung around like old times, joking and making himself right at home in Angelica’s company. “Do you intend to leave at any point?” Anthony glided sleekly.

“Actually no, I’m staying for a few night caps but you can retire to your quarter’s Angel and I have much to catch up on, Eric added. “Great idea, let’s get drunk and be merry, Anthony said, rose and fetched a liter of blue label scotch. A pleasant evening and Eric cozied up to Angelica, touched her belly and then laid his ear on her navel. Ant! Did you see that, this bugger just kicked a goal, Eric said excitedly. “You were not a ball player, were you? “I think he takes after grandpa Debonair, grandpa is said to have kicked more than just balls Eric laughed. “Anthony did not respond and got themselves more liquor instead. Anthony and Eric had a tad bit too much and passed out in the lounge. Angelica sat there looking at the two men she loved, touched her belly and smiled. Anthony and Eric woke up with a major hang over, Angelica greeted them with a hearty breakfast and “Bloody-Mary”. “Who’s up for a reboot?

Eric and Anthony dug into breakfast, downed a bottle of vodka in civil exchange, the rivalry had died down. Angelica and Eric had gotten entirely engaged in their topic to a degree that Anthony slipped out and they had not noticed. Days later, Eric moved in to take his rightful place with Angelica. Anthony happily roamed in his mini mansion on the same premises.

It had been Eric’s first visit to the Ob for Angelica’s follow up scan ultra sound. Eric had never seen life in such form and had been moved to tears as the doctor Port announced a baby boy.

”I can’ hardly wait to hold that kid in my arms, Eric said proudly.”

An official document arrived in the post. Eric ripped it open and jumped for joy. Lifting Angelica from the floor to swing her around. “I am officially free from a painful past, the fake marriage is legally annulled we can take the plunge now, oh my God, the very long awaited day has arisen, we are going to be married.

”I love you Angel, I love you more than life, Eric said, bent on one knee and proposed to Angelica.

“I’ have waited an eternity to do this! Angel, will you marry me?

Angelique had been moved to tears. “I’ too waited a lifetime to say ‘Yes, I do and I will marry you Eric Debonair. Eric had been elated, called everyone to announce an engagement and invited his family to join them at Grandma Debonair’ MARULA CASTLE. “We shall have a crash wedding and something elaborate when baby arrives, Grandma Debonair said. Baby is due on the 22nd of April so the 8th is appropriate, she added. I am ’with and for it all, Angelica retorted excitedly. Saturday morning, the 8th of April, the newly weds embraced in a ceremony with the Justice of the court and in registry shared their first flute of champagne and newly weds in the presence of Grandma Debs, Edwina, Andre, Indira and Anthony. Of course Muriel called to ask if she may attend, but Eric chose not to make her a part of his happiness. The absolutely refined wedding venue had been nothing short of what Angelica expected. A gold and champagne colored theme ’catered by “LIEGOIS DELICE”. Angelica and Eric swooned with delighted and had the time of their lives into the early hours of the morning of the 9th. Then it happened. Amniotic fluid seeped onto the dance floor and excitement reigned. Baby’s on the Ant, Eric said, do the honors brother get the limousine we have to get Angel to ’May-babe. It is way off I’ll call for the ambulance it’s fully equipped to handle the safety of this birth, Grandma Debonair said. Angelicas rapid set on of contractions made for great pain and struggle, she had been in a poor state and silently weeping [more of joy than pain] We’re doing the Maternity Delivery, Ed, I will turn the Blue Room into a maternity ward, Ant, get the stretcher turned gurney and dress it with my fine white linen, Grandma commanded.

Andre, get the Urns filled with piping hot water and tell Ray to get this place highly sanitized, she added. Hot water? What for Grandma? Anthony inquired. One has to use extremely hot water to sterilize the forceps. What is taking the ambulance so long, Edwina complained, and doctor Port will probably get here when Angelo’s able to tell us what he wants for breakfast, Edwina laughed nervously. Doctor Port turned up to a telling off from Grandma Debonair. Henri, when will you ever be on time? Be still Phoebe and make yourself handy, the last time you assisted me, was when you gave birth and that’s ancient, he laughed. You delivered me?” Andre inquired. I did too son, I did too, doctor Port replied and hurriedly attended to Angelica. “How are you doing, honey? “Try doing two hours of hard labor ’ass hole and you will know how she is doing, Grandma retorted ruffling doctor Port to get on with it. Grandma? You’re dealing big words, Eric laughed. That is moderate, try messing with her tits and she’ll slap you your fortune, the doctor laughed, right Phoebe? “Don’t get into my Knickers Henri you traded them for nipples at Muller and Dan’s. “Make yourself handy Phoebe call my assistant and tell her to be on standby. “I thought the old cow perished, Granma retorts. “I refreshed her with a sixteen valve, now let me be Yum, the kiddo’s head is peeking.

Angelica made it into the world yelling at the top of his voice to a loud round of applause. Anthony took a back seat as a spectator to watch the marvelous unfolding then Eric handed him the scissors and said; I wouldn’t otherwise but to you the honor. No, it is your brine brother dear, I couldn’t stand you off if I hated you, to you the honor. Eric did not require a second invitation, deed done, Eric cut the umbilical chord and sobbed of joy, his pride had been immense. A while later, doctor Port figured that Angelica was not in good shape and upon looking at Grandma Debonair’ medieval forceps [as he called them] said; Phoebe get your ’Thou art doughnut benders spiked, the twin is bridge, oh here she comes, he said, rapidly tucked her out and beat the rush out of Angelo’s vocals, she was yelling the roof down one moment and smiling the next. Angelica had been ecstatic. Elation filled the Castle with two more precious treasures.

That little girl right there is the portrait of Anemone Debonair. Anne-Dee sounds better Grandma, Eric said.

Life at the Castle bonded the Debonair’ family from strength to strength and grandma tried every trick in the book to prolong the twins stay. It has been three months Grandma, their home in Cali-corn is about ready to welcome them, Eric said. It had been a sad day for Grandma Deb’ the Castle seemed abandoned after everyone had gone off.

Setting up for Dee-Anne had been Angelica and Edwina’s overdue play date while Eric allowed for Anthony to set up for Angelo as he had become the official ’God Father” Angelica found great joy in being a mother and deemed that the dream wedding could wait for a twenty year down the line challenge, her focus had been on the kids. Not all according to plan as life has a way of happening, the Universe emerges unexpected life events at times but moreover with descriptive inner honing, delivers that of definite command. Almost a year had elapsed, Angelo and Anne-Dee were about to celebrate their 1st big bash at ’Twin Pads” their new home in Cali-corn. Luxuriance at it’s best, contractors in action, landscapes laid, a giant water edge swimming pool, entertainment area and rooms to dine a queen. A toddler’s mini golf course and a life size en-sea fishpond for Angelo who seemed fascinated by members of a paraphyletic group of organisms that consist of all gill bearing aquatic craniate animals that lack limbs or digits.

Angelica’s immediate and only neighbor seemed rowdy, heavy metal sounded for 24/7 and although not deafening bothered that they would have to share their space with a racket and undesirable frequenting the home exchanging packaging for money. Miss Verity, a widower lived there with her son’s Jason and Kean. The Verity boys had an allure on themselves, they looked and acted like junkies. Angelica’s first impression had been spot on; they had indeed been amphetamine peddlers as she thought. Angelica observed for a few days and viewed strange characters entering their home then hanging out in the neighborhood. Miss Verity had been blunt; “My boys lashing out is a result of their father’s tragic death, he just faded from our lives and left me to fend for them and now them to fend for me. “I am having a birthday bash for my pigeon pair, you and your boys are welcome to join the party, Angelica conveyed.

Angelica sent off 1st birthday bash invitations. Waiting for the postman to arrive became a hobby, Angelica loved making her way to the “Post Box’ often to peek at what Miss Verity was up to and stopping at the gate to chat occasionally. Gifts turned up by the tons, the twin’s had been a great joy and counting. One day, the postman turned up on foot, made his way to the door and announced; I have two packaging addressed to the twin’s. “A special delivery, ma’am. The man held a pink and blue human sized box in each hand. Of caution, Eric and Angelica asked to see what the packages contained, the man happily ripped the wrapping to reveal ‘The Toy Factory’ What a brilliant idea a tree made up of toys, I can hardly wait for them to see it, Eric exclaimed. Angelica placed the giant sized presents with a stack of others in an aired pantry. The nanny Froth in the meanwhile took reception of the third twin package, life size boxes and placed it on a Sofa in the lounge hurried having to dart off to conclude with a task elsewhere. Peculiar how Angelo knew to be attracted to the blue package, he had ripped the wrapping off to reveal a remote controlled airplane of highly sophisticated electronic device and undoubtedly a piece for an aircraft collector or a teen. The ‘collectors item’ had been way too advanced for a one-year-old, it would get to be stacked away for later years. Dee-Anne’s pink package contained a life size teddy bear scented of rose perfume. The adult size Teddy had a particularity of it, it was able to greet Anne Dee with every approach, uncanny that the teddy did not ’pick up on others but particularly Anne-Dee; upon approach it said; Good Morning Anne-Dee. Eric found the concept to be well thought out, Angelica found it weird that it identified to Anne-Dee and had been skeptical about its ‘giver’ It was also ’Space Invading, her kids had gotten mostly life sized toys and she had a strange troubled mind about it. None of the gifts but a few named its donor. The twins turned three and had grown in bounds and leaps. Angelo’s favorite pass time had been to build Lego Homes and Buildings. Angelica entertained the twins one day when Eric suggested trying out Angelo’s toy gift.

“Honey we should give Angelo’s glider a chance, that should amuse him.

Eric assembled the Glider and joined in the fun of letting it glide. Angelo had been marveled by its flight to and from where he stood at and then landing directly at his feet three times consecutively. Eerie though, the mechanical and robotic stances seemed to have been rigged to sense Angelo’s location as regardless to whether Eric let it glide at calculated heights, it

returned to land at Angelo’s feet a Eric slipped into the mansion and left Angelo to maneuver his own toy. Angelo became repeatedly irritable as it glided within zones he had not instructed. “Flippant wrong thing” Angelo had said and tossed the remote control to the ground then back to commanding the toy to obey. The Glider took flight to the sky and twirled then made its way back to Angelo. At a single moment of inattention, Angelica heard her son say; bad plane’s lighting up now, fire in the sky he yelled out with excitement. Too late, Angelica looked up to view a spark of fire head directly at Angelo and the man sized flames spurting in all directions. A stench of fuel and flames then a sudden explosion right up at Angelo’s face. Angelica yelled out to Angelo and in one giant leap reached his side to undo the sparked that ignited his body. Both Angelica and Eric had been frantic and rushed their son to the Emergency Room. More fear than harm the doctor concluded and Angelo upon viewing his black soot face, cackled and said; I am the Bogyman of Glider Spark. Angelica returned the toy to the manufacturer who advised that the batch in question had been taken from an unauthorized reject stall. The CEO ensured the parents that the Quality and Safety Control inspector would get sacked and that they would get compensated. Angelo and Anne-Dee grinned largely when they got to choose from a range of sophisticated and educational toys. And so Twin Pads of habit donned the place for family gatherings on weekends and vacations. Anthony took up residence in a private cottage on the estate and seemed to have buried the hatchet with Eric at the same of his role as a doting uncle to the twins.

Eric too showed the lighter side of him, quite easily enable the child in him to come out to play ‘Angelo’s favorite, Cowboys & Crooks game. Of late, a new habit of hanging out at home instead of his exterior Consulting Rooms, on one day of which Eric had been on the upper floor espying on the brood in play below when he noticed an on foot postman, the one Nanny Froth had described earlier. Eric ventured into the walkway by then the Postman had already vanished. “That is odd, Angelica thought out loud as Eric tiptoed up behind her and landed a peck her on the nape of her neck. “He’ was here a second ago and just vanished like a phantom, Angelica complained and at the same from the corner of her eye, just vaguely viewed the Verity boys Jason and Kean stuffing a bag and then disappearing all the same.

“I get goose pimples every time that sordid postman passes by this way, Angelica said flipping through the stack of mail in her hand. An A4 black envelope stood out, it had been addressed to Eric.

“You have mail from Satan it appears, Angelica laughed and handed Eric the envelope. Eric ripped it open to reveal; a newspaper cut out, Eric went crimson and Angelica upon viewing him ashen, frowned inquiringly with concern. “What’ does it entail, Eric? It read, “Make the most of borrowed time family Debonair for the bulb of life switches off in a split second and at the least expected hour, sullen are your lives. A week later, more life threatening notes appeared at different angles and raised major cause for concern about their safety. Angelica immediately hired an armed guard service and tightened security at Twin Peaks. CCTV surveillance cameras and other precautions life returned to normal until further incident. At a Gym routine workout in the Sauna, Eric heard the locker room door mechanism click at [Cubicle One] usually assigned for his use. Someone had entered Cubicle One. Eerie, he thought out loud, the name [E-DEBONAIR] signage had been clearly indicated for private member use ONLY. Never the less, Eric entered the vacant Cubicle Two and heard the third cubicles occupant leave through the main door, bolted it unusually because that too had been automated to shut down at ten sharp when the last member left. “Most probably a technician, Eric thought and ran the shower only find that the water supply had been cut off entirely and not a drop and nozzle to sop about. Eric stood there naked trying to force the issue at the same hearing cubicle three get a new occupant. Cubicle one’s occupant broke out in song, a verse that would forever remain on Eric’s mind.

“The road is long to which way there’s no return” the man repeated in high vibrato for about five times under the running water and then suddenly and within a split second! An electrical chord snaking over his head, a high voltage hairdryer landed in cubicle one to an agonizing pig squealing cry, the man in cubicle one’s self prophesized words of song stopped short at ’no return” the man in cubicle one had been electrocuted on those words. A blackout! Eric on dry footing darted out and by sheer luck of the generator change over allowed the door to unbolt and let him out. Eric’s gut instinct tattled with a sickening truth, someone deliberately intended to kill him, that had been intended for him and ended another man’s life.

It made sense, the man found cubicle two cut off of water supply and entered cubicle one. Bad timing for him and divine intervention for Eric, or Eric may have died.

Eric had not seen the third party or anyone else who may have been on the inside as they both scrambled out from an exit later divulged. Cubicle one bore hair-raising evidence of tampering for intentional murder, the water still ran none stop and the cubicle locked down by automated ride. The deceased had been a twenty-year old medical student who just a day prior joined the “Med Squad” as was about to enter into the world of medicine. Eric had been galled by the tragedy, and sought to stick around to meet the parents. Eric later attended the young man’s burial and wept for his own narrow escape with death, no doubt, murder had been intended for Eric. Sadly the young man’s only surviving relative had been an eighteen-year old spouse highly expectant and due to give birth to a set of quadruplets. Eric had been submerged by immense regret for the widow and spent every spare moment consoling her. She had been distraught, alone and pined. “Angelica had gone to meet the Quad’s and reeled by the young woman’s disorder and malnourished babies. Honey, you can’t live this way, do you have welfare assistance or maternal care for this handful, you yourself look like a scarecrow, are you not eating? “No miss, Brandon just finished med school he had yet earned his first wage, we are short of cash, she said sadly. “I don’t know where we will go, she added almost in a deliberate sympathy seeking tone and one that rhymed with, “you killed the hand that feeds our mouth’s” find a solution. Angelica picked up on her poverty pleading and instinctively felt that something about the woman had been offish and largely displaced, she was in no way sincere but Eric in his guild ridden suit, immediately offered a solution without having discussed it with Angelica. “We will move you into the land cottage, it is a very comfortable four bedroom abode and nanny Froth will take care of the quad’s, that is the least I can do, he said. Angelica had been taken aback, it is one thing to feel sympathy, another to spend his life worrying about her welfare and then the ultimate to invite her home to reside in luxury with nanny services and the works.

“I am happy to help but not on my premises, and certainly not in taking my twin’s nanny to raise someone I don’t know quad’s on my land.

I am responsible for her husband’s death, she gets to live at home Angel, I owe her that, Eric had said with definiteness. Angelica had seen the first of ‘dictating’ and almost a different streak in Eric. She obliged, they brought the five some home and placed them in the “Out Cottage” Day One and Lei made herself right at home. Angelica, she commanded, I need that damn cottage to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized my kid’s cannot live in a bacteria infested space. Then get yourself a germ free palace somewhere and your pimp to clean it,

Angelica retorted rudely. Next Lei entered Twin Pad’s to roam about as if she owned it. Commanding staff and complaining about not having enough of what she expected as in culinary menus. Angelica found that Lei had emptied up a full pantry of “Latte Good’ expensive luxury items Angelica stored for ‘Parties” in addition, Lei had sent the Limousine Driver/Valet Jarvis to pick up a list of deluxe foods at the store in the Debonair’ expenses, cooked up a storm and invited Eric to fix a bulb and at the same stay for candlelit dinner. A while later, and Lei imposed herself to Angelica’s tea breaks in which she proposed to look after the twins and or assist the chef with the week menu. By then Angelica noticed that the triplets just never turned up anywhere, always effaced and never seen on the premises, she found this to be odd. Eric defended Lei like a Lion and in fact got along with her like a house on fire, for a reserved man, Eric surely met his match. With Eric, Lei spoke about her aspirations, plans and stuck to being an existentialist, with Angelica she dimmed out to weep about how her husband Brandon died and loaded on the topic to evolve around that fateful day, pretext so she could sob and moan for pity, the moment Eric appeared. That chord could have dropped right down on me, Eric had said for the umpteenth time.

“But it did not, Angelica retorted.

“Well no, it did not but Eric could have died. Have you no sentiments? You are the most unsympathetic egoist I know, Leila said. “I do not comprehend how little you care? “That is because you are illiterate, Angelica retorted. It must be so intricate for you to comprehend that you are invading my privacy, spiffing your mouth off as if anyone here asked for your opinion and then you roam around here acting like you own my home. Get off your little dream coach and quit commanding my staff like you’re part of this family, you are not and living from my frills is not charity. Get this! We owe you nothing, Angelica said and added, get off you butt and get a job, I reiterate, we don’t owe you. Oh but you do, tell her Eric, Leila spiffed with the utmost surety.

“You’re being harsh Angel, I offered to take care of Lei and the kids for life, it’ is the least we can do, Eric replied. We? Not I, you. You made that decision on your own so get her a place elsewhere and hang around or just move in with her while you are at it, I want my space back. Twin Pads are for my kids to be pampered it is not a Haven for orphans and widows, the favor is overturned, Angelica said and asked Jarvis to see Leila and her kids off the property to the ’Haven of Lost soul’s”

The following months proved stressful, Angelica and Eric drew heated arguments about Leila’s incrustation in their home and family. Eric heeded to pressure from Angelica and moved Leila into a semi-detached council home, set her up with a handsome grant and in addition employed as his medical secretary at his Consulting Rooms at Twin Pads” Angelica had been livid with anger. Leila kept a low profile but easily warmed up and into a crowd at the first occasion, as all things, she too grew on Angelica in the long run. “We have not had any threats in six month’s Eric noted. “Touch wood for keepers but we are still non-the wiser as to whom the culprit is, Angelica replied. “I suspect Muriel, she would resort to the worst by embitterment. “I beg to differ, Mo is everything but a conniver of destruction by murder, I know her well, Angelica said.

Angelica visited Muriel unexpectedly one day. Muriel lit up like a bulb, invited her in and very cheerfully offered her an iced tea.

“How can I resist the poison Ivy if you are going to eradicate me from this earth, the time is now, Angelica said. “You are such a fearless broad Angel, yes so poison Ivy it is she said and got the valet to bring two cups of peach flavored iced tea. “Why did you change your mind about reconciling?” Muriel inquired.

Oh this is not a visit about niceties Angelo got poisoned and almost died. “And you think I had something to do with it? “No but Eric does, he insists that you may be the culprit in all this mishaps.

Angelica told her Eric believed that she was the author of the dog strangulation, poisoned gifts, the freak accident in which a young man died and earned her his widow and triplets to don on free reign like they belonged. The question is; why are you making a living hell out of our lives?

“Angel, I love Eric, I always have. You have been my friend, confidante, and sister act to this day so why, I mean why would I harm you or your family because I can’t have Eric? ’ “It is true that I willed Eric into my life for a brief moment knowing that it was borrowed time because he would return to you even if I nailed him to a coffin, not because he loves you, but because he loves the idea of having everything that Anthony has or had, that is true. “Read between the lines and you will find that ’he fakes sincerity to your regard ’he is in this for something other than undying love, I can vouch on it. As for me, I continue to love an idiot.” I am emotionally tied to loving him so while I am a home wrecker, gold digger and pompous brat I am not a vile evil manipulator. Yes, I deserve to be dethroned from my free podium but you know that I cannot and or rather will not step down from wearing a crown. No and a million No’s I did not, will not be associated to being associated to murdering stances, I do no harm.

“The Investigating Profiler had been convinced of Muriel’s sincerity and innocence, Angelica too had not once suspected her of any involvement or evil doings in their midst. Now there they were chatting over a cup when the Feds bolted in with a warrant of arrest for Muriel. Said to have been alerted by Eric. Eric turned in footage of CCTV movement proof that Muriel had been hanging about their home and within its environs. In addition to your law breaking streak, you ‘challenged the law’ by ignoring the garnishment order not to tap into frozen funds, our legal procedure will allow for creditor to collect what you owe and seize this property for it is in name a Debonair abode. “You can’t be serious? The stacks turned up in wads, paid up my bills, hired me the frills of accustom. Someone lifted me from doom and you’re arresting me because I made use of their gift’s Oh and my friend allowed me onto her premises, she can vouch for, what is so urging for him to get me locked up for? Muriel had been furious and blurted what she thought of Eric, Luc and everyone on the chess board chase to the ’Covenant of ‘Torpedo Ridge’.

“Why was Muriel being condemned for her father’s sin? He was the man they should be watching not her. He was in prison for fraud, embezzlement, bribery, blackmail and corruption, for deeds acknowledged. Luc was doing time and sentenced justly to pay his dues for he had stolen from everyone only that he had no dealings with of had any involvement in the murder charges held against him.

“Look at what I have become, nothing, a top notch loser, that is who I

am today. “I had everything life has to offer and here you are evicting me from this home I shared with Eric, the home my parents offered us on our wedding. “I have nothing, not a dime to show for and I probably deserve it. But hey! If that’s the price of unconditional love, I will ’walk on by” even run, Eric has only his selfish pride ‘to take and run’ I could fight him but what use, it’s tiresome to fight a losing battle. Muriel had gone from riches to rags, living in an empty mansion having had to sell the furniture to the fixtures to survive until help turned up from an unexpected and anonymous source and even then had been held accountable for accepting ‘the life rope’ tended to her at her sinking hour. Angelica did not allow for the Feds to arrest Muriel. Muriel roamed around town dating one gigolo to another smearing her name and reputation to shreds and still shopped at the corner store and or got pampered at the town gossip barbershop as an extra. Indira met a Spanish gigolo toy boy of immense fortune of sloppy chances to be ‘A Ford Hater’ Franklin did not appreciate the ’diminished Gwen Ford, ’stigmata of servants, he had said, once a ’domestic servant, always a maid. Franklin debarred Muriel from visiting his home. Muriel cared less, she owned an empire not a ’giant hut he deemed precious, he would never know what great fortune represented. Muriel and Gwen went from being served and pampered to doing household chores, taking public transport and eating street kiosk foods. Together, they prayed for a miracle to happen, at least a portion of the Ford fortune to be lifted, to no avail, the Ford Empire was crumbling fast and in ‘pay back’ the debt collectors turned over most but a hand full of cash pertaining to ‘own business’ that too may entirely vanish.

Indira roamed the high life at the expenses of her uncle Daniel Ford. Daniel denied her the right to assist Muriel and Gwen and solemnly debarred them from entitlement to the Ford bloodline. Muriel and Gwen erred knee high in disorder, grime and in a putrefying stench. Then like an overnight miracle, gifts turned up, rolled in, packages of substantial cash, a new Lexus turned up at her doorstep, fully paid for in her name, rental paid up for the council house and way above basics to a valet, housemaid, gardener and even a chauffeur. Thanks to an anonymous’ monthly packages in the post, Muriel afforded way above the basics and pined about not having the life she had been accustomed to. She begged Angelica to let her back in, pleaded for forgiveness, again turned up even in a restraining order.

Mo, you are looking for trouble, I’m good but Eric’s not and we have an Easter Hunt here so go away, if Eric sees you the Feds will be right over

to take you in. Flip the Feds she said, the next moment she was being tripped and ruffled to the ground by Angelo. Angelica yelled out,

Angelo, what is the stranger code on this estate?

’Unannounced Guest, Angelo yelled back and added then stranger in the house. “Well then why are you ruffling a Lady you do not know without having used your code? Because Aunt Mo not a stranger, dah! Aunt Mo’s your best friend right? “So you are sneaking in here pretending to be my friend to better lure my kids. You can’t be serious Mo! Leave now or you may attach a few more charges to your docket when the police turns up, if you are looking for a free visa to join Luc at Baltimore ’bed & breakfast, be my guest, Angelica said and gestured her to the shed. “This is extremely important, I can only say this once, so heed. “It had not been I who forced Eric to marry me it had not been Gwen nor Luc so read between the lines and never but never gird the mistake to leak a word of what I am about to say for you may then forever lose track or sight of the culprit/s in your midst seeking to cause harm for ‘the one thing in the running’ The Covenant Of Torpedo Ridge” “I come because ‘warning is written’ you must consult your scroll and do not make it known to Eric or his, it is for your personal ‘life course’ This is all I have come to say; watch your back, you are living with the unknown, be warned Angel. ’Living with the Unknown”

Angelica had been rifled by Muriel’s words and found a sense of truth in what she conveyed. Yet “living with the unknown” could mean a million things, where would she start to unravel the ill bliss and where could she start? Muriel spoke the truth, of that Angelica was certain. Anthony strolled in just moments after Angelica saw Muriel off. Anthony returned from a trip in Asia having been away for several months, happy to be reunited and loaded with gifts.

“Did you bring us a China from Asia, Anne-Dee quipped? I have one in my class, Lu-yang is her name and her eyes are slanted, she laughed.

“She’s your best friend right? And as pretty as a button too, I think. But she cannot be half as beautiful as my little Anne-Dee right? Anne –Dee laughed. “Lu and I are the prettiest ever, Anne-Dee boasted and twirled around to show off her pretty pink pretty Easter dress Anthony sent from Asia. A huge teddy jug and a peck on uncle Ant’s cheek then joining Angelo who seemed to have no interest or

showed little excitement to see Anthony. Angelica ordered Jarvis the butler to serve cocktails at the swimming pool.

“Will do Miss Deb’s but there is a delivery at the door, may I take receipt thereof, it seems harmless. “Nothing is harmless until proven otherwise, return to sender. Jarvis returned holding the most adorable husky dog do in a blue leash a collar engraved, My Master is Angelo, and I need a name. Angelo at first sight fussed about the pup and immediately took charge. Angelica had been lividly angered at Jarvis for accepting the gift.

I told you to send it back, why is this puppy here, Jarvis? I told him to vamoose and he did but without the dog, the messenger left it at the doorstep and disappeared, if you’re not up for having him for the twin’s I’ll be happy to take him home with me Jarvis said. No Jarvis he has blue eyes like me, he’s my friend and his name is Mozart, see, it says here I am his master, Angelo pointed out from the collar, and begged his mum to allow for him to keep the pet. “I promise to love and adore him until death do we part! Anthony and Angelica roll with laughter.

All right then! That means having to clean up his poop and that is gross. “Jarvis can do that and feed him, I will play with him he is my friend, I am not his servant, Angelo said and disappeared into the back yard to familiarize the new tenant with the grounds.

Six-year old Angelo returned from school one day to find that his pet husky Mozart had not been waiting for him at the gate as usual. Strange, Mozart had not missed a single day of hanging out at the gate for drop off, he was nowhere in sight. Angelo called out for the dog, not even a fine bark or shrill. “Damn, Mozart’s sure digging up some bones got to find the bugger before he gets a scold, Angelo said out loud, threw down his satchel and walked around “Twin Pads” to find his dog. A ghastly scene, Mozart, his beloved pet, had been slain and drowned in a pool of blood. The dog had been strangled with a blue ribbon. Angelo sat beside the lifeless pet sobbing and begging for Mozart to wake up,

“Wake up Mozart, wake up, please. You can have my favorite airplane, all my boats and rugby balls, yeah even mums new slippers to chew on let her row if she likes, she will get over it and buy a new pair, he sobbed.

The vet turned up to remove Mozart and as procedure brought ‘Animal Protégé’ along to question the family, friends and neighborhood.

“Does anyone with motive to kill your dog come to mind? “Quite flippantly yes, we get death threat’s, miracle escapes with death,

poisoned gifts, strangled dogs and what next?” We have no idea who may be behind these “Cruel Intentions” We have had a few knock in’s with our neighbor Miss Verity’s boys Jason and Kean are the spitting image of impolite, Angelica retorted. Those kids an bad news, they do narcotics I’m sure Eric said. Do you know this with certitude? Well no, but I have visited to let them know that I will have them interned in a rehabilitation center if they do not doze down from causing a racket and inviting fierce no good’s into the neighborhood, people turn up by the dozen each day, Eric justified. I know the Verity boys let me deal with investigating them undercover. It is unwise to make accusations and or visit their premises, by law they are innocent until proven guilty but we will do the necessary and take it from here.

Angelo had been traumatized and pined over Mozart, he spoke so much about the ‘atrocious scene’ the class master called for a psychologist who advised his parent’s to get him an identical Husky the age of Mozart. Angelo returned from school one day to find a dog wagging his tail at him. The dog was the portrait of Mozart with only one particularity his tail had been slightly snipped and he seemed to love doing tricks as an introductory to his master Angelo, the pup broke into a dance move with a song ’Get Lucky” playing on the television. See! He is a dancing dog too, Angelo boasted. Jarvis turned the music down, the dog stopped his show, everyone cackled. “Mozart’s back, Angelo hoorayed. No honey, Mozart sent his family to be your friend, what do you want to name him? Angelica inquired. Patches! Patches sounds just great. May we call him “Tango” look how he loves to dance she said, ordered the dog to boogie and got it flipping some moves to the music and made them laugh. I love the name Tango Anne-Dee, so well yes let’s call him Patches he said and Patches it was. Strife, Anne-Dee and Angelo argued about who Patches master was.

You are both in charge of Patches, so two masters is better than one,

Angelica had said. Five months later, history repeated itself. An identical scene arose in which Patches had been found strangled only this time still foaming at the mouth in a similar state as Mozart some time previously. What have we done to deserve such atrocious vengeful treatment? Our pets got strangled, Eric had a narrow escape with death, threats in the male, poisoned gifts and freak accident’s, this is getting out of control, Angelica said with stressed concern for the well being of her family.

“You are living with the unknown” is what Mo had said; who, what, was it someone in their entourage? Our lives may be in danger, Eric said nervously.

“Dad, I think Jason killed Patches, Angelo said.

“Why do you think Jason killed him?

“I heard him yell at Mozart a few times; He said; Shut your bark Albino or I will shut I for you and then he said, I will strangle you with my bare hands you rowdy beast, can’t hear my music. Eric recalled that Jason had a few times turned up at her doorstep to complain that Patches ruined his vegetable patch and also that he couldn’t listen to his rave music when the dog howled all night. He went as far as saying; I would feed him rat poison if you don’t shut his bark. “Why am I not aware that Jason even turned up here? Call the authorities we have got to get those boys interned. The police turned up to accompany Eric and Angelica to Miss Verity’s home. Why are you here? This is the third time in a week you turn up with accusations against my son’s, what are they sensed to have done this time?”

“We are investigating bad natured banter, two of the neighbors dogs had been strangled and we have reason to believe that one of your sons threatened to kill them. “Are you serious? “My boys are hell drivers and have issues but hey are not animal slayers. Jason chimed in. Yes, I threatened to shut Mozart up and did so with Patches too but no way, we have nothing to do with dog strangulation, if nothing we look out for Dee-Anne and Angelo, why would we kill their pets because their parent’s pisses us off? Mister Debonair, we did not kill your pets.

Angelo and Anne-Dee hung out during play break in a corner on the school grounds. A teacher approached and invited the twins to join her and a group of kids to partake in a game.

“It is called “Jumping Jack Flash” she said.

“The rewards are yummy treats, she added. “Thank you miss but we are not allowed to have yummy treats, Dee-Anne said.

“Soda pop Fizz and Rainbow Candy? Come on kiddo, who doesn’t love candy, we won’t tell mum you had any, everyone here has a treat, she continued pointing to the kids she added and distributed a few packets to the kids in the group.

Come on Anne-Dee I think we deserve a reward too, Angelo said. All right then, just this once, Anne-Dee replied but if mum finds out we will be punished.

Keeping the best for last Angelo, you are the king of the game and that rewards you with a very special treat. Hooray, Angelo exclaimed as the teacher gave him a gold package and the prettiest gold striped candy pops of all.

Thank you miss they look sumptuous but we will pass, we have a strict policy not to accept and or eat anything handed to us by strangers Anne-Dee insisted.

Well honey, it is a school policy for children to obey, so you have got to accept your treat, it is allowed during school time so if you like you can tell your mum that our policy made you eat them. No miss, partaking in the game is policy not feeding kids Candy, Dee-Anne said and led Angelo away. Later that evening Angelo roamed about lethargically looking sluggish and tired. “I am kind of tired, he said, may I have an early night? Yes kiddo you look booted, but my tummy is no so well I feel really ill. Angelica drove the twins to doctor Flynn their night emergency specialist who ordered blood work for the twins in view that generally one came down with a bug the other followed suite. “The blood test’s revealed a unique type of food poisoning. What did you guys eat today?

The usual muesli breakfast, we had fruit and cheese strips for break and then our chicken gourmet platters at lunch, Anne-Dee said proudly. Then one or some ingredients got tainted but how, you had the same food did you not? The tests are conclusive. Your food had been poisoned. “Food poisoning? “That is unlikely doctor Flynn. The twins are on a balanced diet and are sensed not to eat from what I have not instructed. “Kids are unpredictable, Angelica. The tests are conclusive, there is a life-threatening amount of Arsenic in your son’s bloodstream and that is criminal. It is with absolute certainty that Angelo is a victim of poisoning someone is deliberately causing a slow but agonizing death. The fact that Anne-Dee is unscathed points to Angelo as a target. A medical investigating Officer turned up to question the twins. Anne-Dee, your brother is not well because of something he ate, do you know what it was? Well no and yes, our teacher miss Graf gave all the kids some candy at school today and she offered us the same but we declined. I told her thanks but we don’t accept food or gifts from strangers. I did not like that she forced the issue giving Angelo the gold striped candy pop, she did not take no for an answer. I told him to give it back but he

probably slipped it into his satchel instead. He is such a smart kid but he never obeys. Eric went ballistic when the doctors insinuated that Angelo might die. He called the directing school principal and commanded to get the teacher to the district attorney’s office for questioning. “A call to the suspect may cause her to flee if she has anything to do with the crime, let the authorities handle how they will catch up with the suspect or she abscond, a detective said irritably and warned Eric not to tamper with the investigation. The authorities visited the address furnished by the principal and found the home of the teacher deserted. Oddly, teacher Graf turned up for class the next morning in all innocence and perplexed about what had happened Angelo. All the kids had Candy and no one died, that’s weird. Who furnished the Candy? And why did Angelo get the only gold striped candy bar? “The school supplier, she said, I do not recall that there was only a single gold striped candy bar but you may inquire with the principal, she said in all sincerity. He resumes duties at three for evening classes or you may find him at his home I assume, if it is pressing, she added. “I hope Angelo survives he is the cutest little lad in A Specialized. The authorities returned at three to find the principal in waiting for miss Graf who after thirty minutes had not arrived yet. Do you think she’s implicated? Yes, in all probability, it is likely that she may have been pressured into giving Angelo the Gold striped Candy, she singled him out for this deliberately from what I am told. Our supplier does not make gold striped candy but some natural fruit flavored candy pops. Considering that she turned up for duty after the incident indicates that she had no idea what the Candy contained and I am certain that she will turn up today and divulge who instructed her to feed your son with Arsenic, the principal replied. Miss Graf had not turned up for class that evening. The Shuttle driver confirmed having picked her up at her new apartment, dropped her off at her lunch spot at precisely 2pm. The restaurant manager confirmed that the teacher ordered a three-course meal finished the mains and upon waiting for desert spoke to a blond female friend for a mere second, waited for the friend to leave and rose to exit into the outdoor garden restroom and never returned to have desert. Not unusual for her to use the back exit into the main avenue but rare that she ordered desert and did not consume it, she had a sweet tooth about her, the manager advised. “I bet she left from the back exit quite hurried, he added.

“Upon inspecting the rest rooms the all clear, she was no where in sight, only one ’handicapped water closet unchecked. There she was, not a she but he, slumped over the bidet foaming at the mouth. She had been murdered speedo-dial and stopped in her tracks of divulging the author of the ‘plan to murder’ that failed. Angelo had only taken the tiniest bit of the candy pop, saved by Anne-Dee’s sermon of never eating from a stranger’s hand.

Angelica and Eric had gone to ‘panic motion’ rallying around to find ways to keep themselves and the twins out of harms way. “Home schooling seemed like the best option but Eric would not hear of it.

“We cannot lock them up to a frenzy of fear but we can ensure that an assigned security guard each and at the same reinforce security at home, Eric added. Angelica had been skeptical. Think logically. If we are targeted the worst that may happen is that at a single inattention or slack off we may encounter danger, we are thus living in fear and will no sooner have our kids roaming on Psychotic Lane. I agree that we must live and let live but I must protect my kids, the poisoned gifts turned up to this doorstep too, they are not safe,

Angelica cried. Life happened, the Debonair’ family lived on the edge of fear always looking over their shoulders at every turn, danger lurked everywhere they went. Living in a bunker, surrounded by an army of specialized security guard’s and having two Hulk Men on the twin’s backs on a twenty-four seven basis seemed much. They were on the edge of paranoia.

“Enough already, we have not had a single mishap for six months,

Angelica said. We can get around to planning the twins eighth birthday bash at MARULA CASTLE, grandma Debonair called to relay how excited she is to being able to host the event at the Chateau over a two week family gathering this time. Indira turned up and fell into the discussion of themes for the bash.

“How will you manage, Indie, you’re going to Baltimore to see Luc this week right? “A day trip will suffice this time, let’s do Wednesday before Mo and Gwen books into the Penitentiary Guest House on Thursday. ’Will do but not right now Angelica said. “You know that he is innocent, right? “I know that he embezzled and swindled but no way did he kill those folks, lest, I also know that Andre forked him and I have my eyes and ears wide open for the first eclipse, yeah, he should be freed from there already, Angelica said. “Indira turned up at Baltimore Precinct on a day pass visit.

Luc turned up unshaven, in a pitiful state and looking frail, scaled the pounds off and clearly malnourished. “I heard that you ‘flunked’ my family week to attend Angel’s big bash at MARULA CASTLE, Luc said. “You know and hear too much dad, and yes I flunked a date with you to hang with my nephew and niece, unlike you, not having met your grandkids, she laughed.

It suites me that you are attending the bash, there is something I need you to do for me. Espy, find and fiddle with Eric and Andre’s psyche, something must leak of proof that they put me here ‘in a sling and swing’ when Andre committed all the crimes I’m in for.

“Angelica’s doing that already, so hang in there. “She will find a way but I need you to play second fiddle you must both gather enough evidence to get me out of this rut. “I can do, dad but it’s risky so stop already. It serves no purpose to fight fire with fire. “You landed here because you ignited Andre’s fire and got burnt with your own flame. Over ambitiousness got you here. You committed a felony and willfully on oath told an untruth in court, do you have a death wish? “It is called perjury, Luc replied. Granted! Now we know why you cannot be trusted even on oath or not, you are as guilty as sin and paying for the deeds of fraud, embezzlement, blackmail and of late perjury too, Indira said, reprimanded a bit then toned down a tad.

Do you not ‘desire’ to live an honorable life getting to know your sibling’s? “We have been and are somewhat estranged, eight years in the slammer robbed me of having a normal family life, robbed Angel of having had a full life with Eric and their kids have never met their grand dad, I find that quite sad. Indie that will matter when you get me the proof I need to get out of this rut!

No daddy dear, no, your trouble is with Andre Debonair not his son’s. “You are planning a war in a peace zone from your jail cell risking ‘a life sentence’ by sending me in to probe instead of telling me the whole truth, I mean everything at all. Honey, you are the worst unpaid actress that ever roamed the Ford kingdom. Knowing things is like handing you the key to Andre’s mind and allowing you to unlock his codons and blow them all up ‘with truth’ you are way too blunt, so no way. How daft do you think Andre is? He read’s people like a book, one visit from you and he will know that you know and I can kiss my life on the outside goodbye at the same never fulfilling my purpose of ensuring my family ’the world’s biggest fortune, eat shit if you have to, dig the gutters if need be, ’The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” is why were are here linked to those Fiend’s and Fiddlers.

“ I still don’t know why you let that wedding with Eric and Mo happen, so tell me why and everything else and I will be the best paid actress this world has ever seen, everything I need to know, Indira said.

“I had nothing to do with making the wedding between Mo and Eric happen and neither did Gwen or Mo. “I discovered something on Andre and Eric and he was about to marry Angelica for the mere sake of getting into the Covenant by and of a main Covenant member, Angel does not know this or pretends not to but that is the only reason why he married Angel, the trap is this, he had to marry Angel first and I found the link by inventing a white lie to get the wheels turning and then they commanded and I used the ploy to force the issue and let him think that he twisted the tale and got me to play along. There is an insider on the Debonair team that want’s what we have and they will stop at nothing until they do but and then again, neither will we, it is after all about the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge. “I committed a grave error by fighting crime with crime, Andre visited me with proof refined to rot me in a prison cell for life and I took what he had on me and turned it on him in the worst way, yet he managed with his law minders to put me here for a crime he committed and I tell you, there is still something so mind boggling he does not know and then again neither do I but there is one daunting truth that will blow our minds and I cannot wait to chase the clues until it is finally unraveled. I get what you are saying Luc, but The Covenant ruined our lives and it’s only just begun. “Wrong, we exist and are of linkage for the matter of the Covenant or we would not have been thrown in this pool together of an engenderment for it’s purpose. “ We are connected and we are not who we think we are so if we want to find out and be victorious then we need to be true to the covenant and not derail or we shall be banished into the ordinary and eliminated by death.” No one listed on this scroll sees the day when he or she is banished. “Bear that in mind, it is of the essence to stay in the running if you want to be or savor of this life, this linkage is defined, it is written, it is a war and it must be fought to crown a victor, Luc said. Choose freedom, dad, we need you!

“Vengeance first, I am and will remain imprisoned for life unless you do everything in your power to get me what I need so I may fight back and be freed from this rut, Angel can do it, you can but Mo can’t, we accepted to marry her off to Eric so that Angel did not get caught into not being on the scroll, it had been his intention to marry her only after she had come into the

Ford name, there had never been such an ideal before. If the wedding happened, Mo would be in the running to get disqualified as NON-FORD. I stopped it with a lie, when I told Andre that Mo got the key to the Covenant and could not divulge so of course Eric married Mo in thinking that he would leap a step higher in wedding Mo, getting listed and then leaving her and doing the real deal with Angelica to solder his position. Edwina is kept in the dark, Anthony will err as a viewpoint character when in fact, the tables will turn so you must absolutely grab Anthony and keep him close to home there are some pieces of the puzzle we need to make fit and Anthony holds them. I need to pin Andre and his rat son Eric down. “Your son in-law, Indira said. Correct, that worked out according to plan, now you have to do likewise and draw Anthony into your den, date him, marry him and have his kids, it is the only way out of prison Indie, nail some ‘Cell Time’ proof, it is the only way we solder the linkage to get to the top and we will win. Muriel turned up unexpectedly.

“You heard the man, do as you are told, it is to recover our family fortune, Muriel commanded. “You are not family or Ford, Mo! Angel is, you get to savor in namesake only so hold-off will you and let the bloodline and linkage fathom this out, Indira spiffed.

“Like while you were in uncle Dan’s safety net I paid the price for what? To get side kicked you deem? Well, Hell NO in capital no way, I am as Ford as Ford can get and I am in this to win, and I shall be victorious for the honor of this name. Go on tell her what she needs to know I can’t get through Angel, she is living with the Unknown and dragging us all further away from getting to the pact, tell her now before one of the Debonair’ puts claim to ’linkage and membership.

Indira felt impelled to hear the Ford version of Debonair’ sins, vengeance was to be had, if she did not heed to doing her bit, Muriel would take it all the way and fail the namesake, she was needed for in the end she shall be eradicated and be useless in counting, true bloodlines would benefit, she needed to stay in to do the dirty work only to get thrown out like a soiled rag at the crowning, this she did not know, even if she had an inclination and stepped down she would be banished an eliminated by death, that she knew well. After Luc Ford confided all the gory details of violence and bloodshed that Andre imposed on him and made it to look like he had been involved, always with flagrant proof of Luc Ford’s involvement [in absence of such truth. Andre forged his lawful rights; he represented law, and dictated to lawmakers and made laws. Luc did not have the first chance to deny what he said and proof endorsed. Indira reflected on what had been divulged, she heard the truth and knew by all counts that Andre Debonair was a murderer and that he had ‘intentionally’ or willingly pulled Eric into his web of crime and murder, how? Did Eric even know that Andre killed Lottie and Dane to shut them up from exposing him?

Indira knew then, that Luc Ford had done eight years for fraud and it sufficed largely, it was time he got freed so the murderer could take up space at Baltimore to rot away for the rest of his crime busting years. ‘The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge’ did not allow for him to ’crack it’s secrets wide open, so unlikely that he would spend years in jail and or life banishing Andre from the Covenant, meant stalling the chase, Indira understood this and knew how to get Andre to pay for the horrific deeds he committed. Luc concluded unawares that the warden and an inmate overheard the entire conversation exchanged. Upon being exonerated, the ’inmate met with Anthony Debonair, he had come to inform Anthony on matters he overheard from Luc Ford to Indira at the Baltimore precinct just days earlier. Indira acknowledged that it had been indeed what Luc had said when Anthony inquired but did not divulge her plans of pursuit to ‘roll his dad into a tight web and trap. Luc Ford wanted vengeance. He made no secret about wanting to capsize the Debonair’ sinking vessel so Debonair would drown. ’It may well have been Luc Ford who from his prison cell ordered black notes and threats to reach Eric and put some fiery sparks of concern in Andre. ’The Covenant allowed death for eradication. This was for Indira to muster and find out for herself when and if she got handed the follow up scrolls of trivial pursuit.

MARULA CASTLE seemed far off to get the twins friends and schoolmates to the party. Twin Pads would be the retained venue to celebrate Dee-Anne and Angelo’s eighth birthday bash. Indira’s new interest to be and hang out with the Debonair’ folks fitted well, they had always chosen her to be a suitor with Anthony. As the Godparents, Anthony and Indira offered to organize the playground and be actively involved in putting the party together so Angelica and grandma Deb’s could rest. Indira ordered an inflated Disney castle, Disney mascot characters, through in a double party menu for adults and kids. “The Aries Flight of April fire signs in one room wearing

themselves as ’The Symbol” that serves as an emblem of a group of people, such as the Ford family, clan, lineage or tribe of oneness with the ‘requirements’ of the “Covenant of Torpedo Ridge”, among them a majority linked to the Covenant as viewpoint characters and grouped to unravel and hunt for a losing battle against the main three players be it of the most noble of descendant or and gentile allure of former times. They were there to ‘be extra’s’ in the “Ford versus Debonair’ state of affairs, other prominent families would join the ranks ’to run the race in which only the best man wins, or so they thought” It was a race indeed.

Grandma Debonair and doctor Port hit it off like a house on fire, no doubt friends and confidant’s from the past. “What did they have in common other than delivering newborn babies in ‘linked careers?’ doctor Port was as gay as gay is.

We have yet to integrate an Egg Heaven and Bunny hunt, Anthony reminded.

“Trust you to mention the main affair after everything else had been wrapped up T. “We do not have a space or time slot in which to plop an unscheduled activity, let alone another event within an event, we do not have the manpower to bury eggs and be discreet enough not to cause a kiddy racket. T and I will get it up and going in no time, Eric offered. A truckload of Easter Eggs delivered of all shapes and sizes and no one’s perturbed, Eric laughed. The twins paid little attention to the tonner they seemed way to engrossed in jumping castles and Disney characters roaming the party, no fuss all things at it’s own pace, Eric would come up with something fun and use the mascots to initiate the bunny hunt.

Indira and Anthony spent hilarious moment’s dressing the kids in fairy tale frocks the whole one hundred of them made up for a full house of madness. A tiresome afternoon ended on a successful note, the kids yawned, dozed off on the giant trampoline and for once caused no anxiety to the parent’s having child minders and monitors to watch their every unstoppable moves. The adults moved to the upper terrace water edge swimming pool featured entertainment area to party, as if the kids had not already been spoilt brat packed and overly donned, the last batch arrived, Anthony was nowhere in sight and thought to be on a go cart teaching some boys to race at night. An announcement; Final call kiddies, the final call to gift opening hour he said and handed Angelo a huge blue wrapped man size Easter Bunny and an identical to Dee-Anne wrapped in

pink and led the other kids on a run around to hunt for their own around the estate. Damn clown waking the dead, the sleepy heads got stamina and no sooner held their own treats to take home.

Nanny Froth removed the Easter Bunnies and stored them in the pantry so the children could end their party with unwrapping gifts. Traditionally grandma Debonair got to hand the first gift, a pink electrical motorbike for Anne-Dee and an adult go cart for Angelo to roam and race about on his personal eight-kilometer racing track on the Estate. Angelo ripped off Anthony’s gift wrapping and sighed. I have these ten fold over uncle T. Thanks but if I got another fishing rod, I think I will make some bait out of you, he added and laughed. Eric found Angelo’s remark amusing while Angelica chastised Angelo for being rude. ’That is about the best gift of the evening, donned from the heart, be grateful, thank uncle T and hear this; Every single fishing rod in your cabin will find an owner at the orphanage tomorrow, now apologize kiddo. Sorry uncle T but for sure, I’ll go fishing with you and dad, uncle Ben, uncle Dan, Aunty Mo and Lei. Mo and Lei?

What did they have to do with fishing trips and who was uncle Ben or Uncle Dan? “He can’t think of enough people for all the rods he has, Anthony cackled, so yeah Aunty Mo and uncle Dan must find a place in there, he laughed. What’s so special about Aunty Mo and Lei? Angelica inquired. Aunty Mo saved my life when that car came running down on me, the ambulance took her away and I cried, she told me not to and not to say a word. Oh all right, she told me about that, Angelica lied. What about Lei?” Angelica insisted. “Leave the kid to do his thing, Eric interrupted and shooed Angelo and Dee-Anne to join their friends for a lucky packet give away and send off. Angelo, I asked you a question. Yeah mum like you don’t know, Lei, daddy and I went fishing a few times. “I knew that too, Angelica lied again. With everyone gone off, Angelica, Eric, Anthony and Grandma Debonair walked the twins to their en-suite Pad’s on the upper level. A 60inch full flat screen television and full entertainment system installed in their respective PADS. No more having to walk through the corridor to share the dual decoder and or to watch two different programs in the same ‘movie room’ Two

Mac Pro’s for school assignments and or Sunday play station games. Angelica looked into the middle hall stacked with unopened gifts, some would last for older days and half tagged to the orphanage.

T-Shirts and loads of pink and blue wrapped presents, a few A5 black envelopes and one in specific of eerie derive, a black painted box atop pinned with a single black rose and stem of mighty sharp thorns. Angelica freaked out, we are back to a night on Elm Street. ’Anthony ripped the box apart and out jumped a ‘Jack in the Box’ spring gag, the envelope held a toy snake and the black spooky theme turned out to be nothing but wild Roger’s dad’s gag jokes, he worked for the ‘Freaking Scary’ company and had a dull sense of humor. Anne-Dee tugged in under her pretty duvet and sleepy Angelo at her side, still accustomed to watching television in the same room. Angelica left the twins to watch Hannah Montana in concert and joined the adults downstairs. Upon retiring to bed, Angelica visited Anne-Dee’s room and found them seated next to each other on the giant foldaway cuddled up in a duvet watching “JUNGLE BOOK” the movie and munching away on Easter eggs both smudged up by chocolate and looking as guilty as sin. Eric and Angelica caught them in flagrant fait accompli a scene to memorize and look back on in years to come, it had been hilarious and earned the tons of photographs taken. It is way past your bedtime kids, up and out let’s call it a day, Eric said and ponied Angelo to his bedroom, turned the lights off and called it a night them selves. Early Sunday morning, Grandma Debonair had cooked up a storm, picnic baskets in place planning the Castle getaway surprise while everyone else rolled over a late morning including the twins. Angelica and Eric romped about their king size bed watching the BBC news channel when Angelo barged in saying, “It’s picnic hour and Anne-Dee won’t wake up.

“Picnic hour is not until twelve kiddo let your sister sleep she had a long day of party thrills, Angelica replied. “Yes kiddo go and get more rest so I can soothe over this hell of a hangover, my head is spinning like a top too, Eric moaned

“Have another drink, dad! Seriously adults can be so uncool in an emergency. I would not be here if she were just sleeping, I checked her out and it looks like she may have fallen from the bed a few times her lips are blue. Mind Sirens sounded. Eric grew pale and leapt from his bed with giant leaps to Anne-Dee’s Pad. True to Angelo’s description, Anne-Dee’s lifeless body lay on her bed she had

perished. Angelica had been frantic. Resuscitation had no effect she knew that her favorite child had died. The trip to the emergency room had been one of distress, distraught and frantic exchange. In the panic, Angelo had been left at Twin Pad’s entrance gate.

Upon arrival at Leander Falls, Angelica a few stares noted that Angelica was still wearing her sexy negligee and garter nightwear. No wonder everyone turned head’s it divulged her ample rear and family jewels. “Get me a gown, she told Eric. Doctors rallied in urge to reanimate Anne-Dee to no avail. The nightmare continued and Angelica fretted in belief that Anne-Dee died. Is my baby dead? Where there is life, there is hope. We may be able to reverse the comatose if we are able to identify the toxins that caused the coma. A coma is usually caused by some brain injury due to increased pressure, bleeding, loss of oxygen and other. In this case we are certain that it is a case of buildup of toxins, view her medical history and prior attempts of poisoning. We are hoping that the injury is reversible but there are no guarantees. We will do our very best, the doctor on call said. Hours later, the medical team still rallied around working in haste to reanimate Anne-Dee who in the ICU looked liked she had died.

“We need to identify the mélange of Toxins the test results show, we must find what poisons she ingested.

The authorities ransacked the party treats at Twin Pad’s to test everything edible on the property, a clean sweep nothing had been left untested. Hours later, Anne-Dee was still in a critical condition and said to be ‘fighting for her life’

“There is little hope of survival, a medical intern had said. “Miracles do happen, make it happen and save my child, Angelica wept. Days turned into weeks and the prognosis remained dim. The final results had been alarming and proved that Anne-Dee had indeed been poisoned in dribs and drabs. A variety of small dosages containing lethal narcotics such as an mélange of LSD, cocaine, arsenic, heroine and pop showed up and formally confirmed to have been traced in her bloodstream. A vigil of prayer and Anne-Dee recovered very slowly to emerge from an induced coma miraculously. This is by far the only and most miraculous recovery, the doctors had said. “I am baffled by this miracle, it is indeed a miracle and a

first in the history of “Leander Falls” the dosage of lethal toxins in her bloodstream had been fatal and above the lethal limit. A month after the tragi incident, Anne-Dee recovered fully and got a clean bill of health.

“Honey do you recall what you ate before going to bed and feeling ill on your birthday night? “We had the Candy Pop Miss Verity made, it was not that mum, we had those since we were little and we have never been ill. Angelica looked at Eric, Eric reeled with rage. “Mrs. Verity does not poison kids get a grip on it Eric, all the party treats and candy at the party was from the batch she made for the event and no one died or got poisoned, her candy is excluded from the culprit list. “We checked the party foods, not a single trace of toxins you must have eaten something else, what was the last thing you had before going to sleep? I told you dad, we had a packet full of Miss Verity’s delicious candy pops. That is what we nibbled on after you switched off the lights, it was the special pink and blue that Jason gave us on our birthday.

Angelica and Eric turned up at Miss Verity to inquire. Miss Verity had been extremely regretful and pained about AnneDee’s near brush with death. You do understand that the last thing the kids ate was a packet of candy pops Jason gave them. We turned the packaging in and found that AnneDee’s candy had high doses of lethal narcotics whereas Angelo’s had none. “Test’s on the candy pops show evidence of poison arsenic and other lethal drugs ’Jason is about to be arrested for attempt of murder and I am afraid that Kean will join him for disturbance of the peace and drug trafficking not associated to the case, but your boys are ill and extremely dangerous, Angelica said.

“My boys are innocent, Miss Verity said in high defense. “We have evidence for the arrest ma’am, the police officer said, handcuffed and walked Jason and Kean to the patrol car and sped off. Anne-Dee returned to Twin Pads after two months of hospitalization. Vigilance, the Debonair’ family walked on thin ice gliding at every possible threat. They had been severely traumatized by the near death experiences of the twins, both at different intervals.

Angelica hit rock bottom, still struggling to get Eric to keep a distance from Lei ‘his new protégé’ whom roamed the space as if she owned it. ’Was he seeing her for a purpose or were they romantically inclined? She may be implicated in the Twin Pad crimes and all Eric had to say is; She deserves a happy life and we have enough to afford her one. “Your investment in Lei goes beyond all logic so whatever her hold on

you, join her elsewhere just not on my property and or in my presence,

Angelica had said.

“I want her moved from that office, from your employee list and gone from my property and your life or we’re done, as in through for life. She irks the crap out of me. Angelica ’placed placed her under peace and debarred her from getting within meters from the Estate, Eric fumed about her decision, she cared less, there was a stranger on her premises and in her husband’s life. The woman came up clean sweep with alibi’s galore. She was way too ‘untainted’ to be good. A full year paced on high-octane events, crisis and a growing sphere of uncertainties. Back to school, tight security, the twins had learnt a great lesson.

Anthony returned from yet another business trip having missed the ‘Twin Pad’ drama. As usual, he turned up to join a family gathering, uncanny how that happened every time he turned up.

Grandma Debonair’ had planned for a family picnic week at ’Gruesome Peak and was well in preparation for take off the next day. For once, no incident on the ‘Twin Pad’ arena and a shift of aura focused on ’trouble in Anthony’s life. Anthony swore to have seen his tacky Obeah clasped Lady from the Caribbean at the Airport on arrival. He was certain that Marley and Junior followed him around for quite some time, he spotted them in Asia a few times and now feared that they may have boarded the same flight to Europe, he feared them greatly, the Judge had said that Marley would ruin his life. The Caribbean hundred-fold belly girl was in town hunting him down as her dad predicted, something about her presence ’reeked of ‘death’. “Why do you fear her, Eric inquired? “Her boyfriend Pinto ’turned up to kill me and got sliced by the bloke Junior she is with. Junior killed Pinto so that Marley had free reign to pin me down. He took me to meet her dad, said to be the Obeah Judge. ‘The Judge’ who told me that his daughter wanted me and that I had no choice but to be hers or she would follow me and ruin my life. “I am convinced that Marley and Junior may be behind these ’death traps and family mishaps. She vowed to ruin ‘my lady’s’ life as in ‘Angelica’ she said it; I will not ruin your lady but I will ruin her life and yours.

“Let it ride Ant, if she get’s within a meter of my kids or my home she’s cooked, he said lightly and got on with whatever else he intended to do. This Anthony took to be a very convenient dismissal on Eric’s part. He did not take the threat seriously. Andre, Edwina, Indira, Paulo and Grandma Debonair left earlier and had been due to return in the evening for a stay over and take

off for the family picnic at Gruesome Peak the next day. It had been a planned family week away, said to be of annual getaway’s ‘any pretext’ Grandma Debonair had a way of keeping the family together. With everyone gone, Angelica remembered an errand.

“I have a few errands to run, T, would you mind the kids as Eric needs to pick up the refrigerated truck. That leaves you with the rascals for a couple of hours. Think you can manage them?

Anthony dragged Angelo to the stream on the estate and offered to teach him how to fish. They giggled to an imaginary catch whilst savoring on some chocolate bits in a huge packet of broken bits Angelo brought along. Angelo looked up at his uncle Anthony, chocaholic as he was and after a sigh or two broke out;

Uncle T, do you think mum would mind if I had just a strip of my chocolate bunny in the cooler? Antoine placed a fake big no not nod, and said; “Well yes she would mind but she is not here and I am cool, go get us that chocolate and make sure you get them ears from that bunny, that is the most delicious parts you know.

Angelo returned with two ears ripped off and giggled and said;

Oh dear you should see that pitiful bunny now, it is earless thus deaf and dumb he cackled louder and handed Anthony an ear. “ I’m good fella, not keen on chocolates today but hey, just a nibble to share right? Angelo made three trips to the chocolate pantry to rip off the bunny’s head and finally it’s neck. Angelica returned to find Dee-Anne knew high in mud wearing white dungarees soiled to the waste. Anthony and Angelo wrestling in mucky irk. A laughing matter she thought and found herself reaching for her cell phone to take unsuspecting photographs. Anthony crept up on Angelica and tossed her into the muddy pool where the twins joined and left a moment to remember. Eric who returned moment’s after Angelica, upon viewing the cozy playful moment filmed the scene discretely and then the wave of fun when Andre, hopped in followed by the rest of the family and eventually grandma Debonair, too bad that he did not get a moment to be captured in the fun family video. A fantastic Saturday evening after everyone had cleaned up to dine over an outdoor barbeque.

“Who wants to watch a movie? ”Anthony inquired.” “Anne-Dee nodded affirmatively a bit tired and yawning but up for a movie. Angelo said; Let’s all watch the English comedy ‘The Kumar’s” it is hilarious. I know, said Grandma Debonair, think I watched it a zillion times she laughed, it is based on a typical Indian family immigrated to America aping an American lifestyle in a very BOLLEYHOOD’ accent. “The end!

Andre, Edwina, Grandma, Indira, Anthony and Eric rose early to load fresh produce and camping gear into the jeeps and stock the refrigerated truck with eateries for the camp strip of one week. Angelica, Nanny Frost and Jarvis cooked breakfast and summoned the brood to have a bite before the long trip to Gruesome Peak. Everyone but Angelo sat down to have breakfast.

“Where is your brother Anne-Dee? Still teasing the Kumar’s I bet, think you can wake him now before this feast ends, grandma said. “Angelo, Angelo Debonair get yourself down here like now, Anne-Dee yelled out. Ten minutes to twenty on and Angelo had not yet appeared. Eric yelled out from the bottom of the staircase a few times, to no avail. The doorbell rang, Angelica responded and let Mrs. Verity in. She had come to drop off a basket of goodies for the trip to Gruesome Peak and on the occasion accepted grandma Debonair’ invitation to join them for tea. Stay with us Clarice, good time to get acquainted. Anthony rose from his seat, gestured Eric to join him and they made their way up the staircase. Angelo’s bedroom door had been locked. Anthony peeked. The key was visible through the keyhole. “Open the door kiddo, we’ are about to take off for the peak, are you coming or should we leave you here, Eric joked whilst banging on the door a few times. Eric had been fear ridden and overcome with a shattering premonition. I know it Angelo is dead in there. What’s with being so fatalistic, he may be well asleep, Anthony retorted inquiringly.

Anthony kicked the door down. There Angelo was sound asleep and all the ‘shakes to wake’ had no effect, he did not budge. “Wake up sleepy head, Anthony called out softly so not to alarm Angelo from his deep sleep. Eric butted in frantically.

Wake up son, we’re going on our first mountain climbing session today and it’s going to be the start of many such trips” We’re good buddy.

Angelo in-animated body lay sprawled on his bed, not a slight sign of life and Anthony’s expression donned on Eric’s worst fears, his premonition had been justified. Anthony felt Angelo’s pulse, tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, to no avail. Angelo’s skin tone was ashen almost grey and his body temperature icy cold. “Oh my God, no, Anthony wailed out hysterically alerting the others. Eric had been in denial.

Sorry Eric, it is too late, Anthony said. “Too late for what?” If he needs to sleep let him, we can crop him in the sleeper without having to wake him right?

“Oh my God, what have I done? What am I going to do without you? “We’re buddies Angelo, I didn’t mean to.... sorry my child I should have watched out for you, Eric sobbed. “I should have stayed with you, I should have been here to save you...I didn’t mean for anything to happen to you, Eric repeated none stop finding words about everything he should have done. “We have so much planned for when you’re all grown up, wake up buddy or I’ll never do that fishing trip I booked for your birthday. “What about that kick ass at golf tournament we spoke about? “What about the hot-air balloon trip and the all boyz boat cruises we planned? “ Who am I supposed to do it with? No sixteenth birthday or sky jumping, sixteenth birthday bash. That dad and son Tequila binge on your eighteenth birthday all gone, no daddy and uncle T nights, why? Anthony had been mortified but crushed for Eric’s pain. They were both crimson with grief. He’ is gone Eric; oh my God our little Angelo is gone Anthony roared and sobbed over the child’s lifeless body and yelled the roof off in grief. Are they at it again?” ripping the skin from each other’s minds, Mrs. Verity inquired

“Typical moment’s, that roar was Ant’s and it sounded like they’re clobbering each other, Angelica said. They hurried up the staircase with grandma and Mrs. Verity following behind. Angelica entered the room to find both Eric and Anthony leaned over Angelo’s body. She knew then that Angelo died and fainted. Get me some Chloroform Phoebe, Angel’s lights and maybe a sedative, this is way too much for her to handle, Mrs. Verity said. Mrs. Verity waved a hand towel over Angelica’s nostril’s brought her to and spurted a good dose of ’Calm Ease” sedative into her mouth. Mrs. Verity and grandma Debonair had a hard time getting Eric away from Angelo’s body and finally managed to cover him in waiting for the coroner and authorities to arrive. Andre had no idea as to what had happened when he turned up later to learn that his only grandson had died. Anne-Dee sat at Angelo’s bedside throughout the fuss and very calmly bid him goodbye. The coroner confirmed Angelo Debonair deceased, wrote up a report and the hour of finality seemed like a lifetime not waking from a ghastly nightmare. A team of detectives took up more space and cluttered their freedom to grieve. Angelica had been distraught and made of everyone suspects, she found a motive for everyone wanting Angelo’s death.

“How can anyone hate so much?” Angelica spiffed at the older lady. It is by your son’s auto-destructive suggestions my kid’s pets died. It is by their repetitive drug stammering abuse narcotics got into my home and near killed my daughter and took my son’s life. Oh no, they did not have to kill them physically, for that they had no direct hand but it is by their neighborly negative manipulative thoughts and words conveyed that our lives became infested, how can people hate that much?

“Mrs. Verity had been shocked at Angelica’s accusations and grandma Debonair found her accusations to be misplaced as both Jason and Kean had been interned to a rehabilitation center for substance abuse for the past year. “You have the right to be suspicious but Clarice does not deserve to be punished for her son’s iniquities and least their auto-destructive words which in deed are not direct bodily harm but thoughts and word’s uttered with or not deliberate creative incline.

“Let her grieve in the way she must Phoebe, I have long yearned to be a part of this family but my boys of being ‘misunderstood’ made that quasi impossible for me to get close. They loved the twins, had no bad intentions and it pains me that ’they are thought of as murderers, they are not. “Please remain within these bounds ma’am, at least until this investigation clears you and your boys of any involvement in this incident, a detective said. No fear of not finding me in that sullen morbid home where I shall roam to die of starvation for I have no money or food, the hand that fed my mouth, just died, I am not going anywhere fast trust me, Mrs. Verity had said. “What do you mean by ’the hand that fed my mouth?” Angelica inquired. “Kean and Jay got imprisoned for deeds they did not commit, something good came of them being arrested and they got interned and rehabilitated for substance abuse, that was the blessing that came of all the ’untruth’s of their involvement, they had never killed a fly and they loved the twins. I had them home for this weekend, and Angelo turns up dead, this is crazy and mind-boggling. “The truth is, since their arrest, I was left with nothing and if Angelo did not spot me eating grape leaves, I may have turned up dead of starvation, Clarice Verity said. Upon snacking on grape leaves one day, Angelo stopped by and said; Mrs. VEE, you’re not a rabbit, why do you eat that? I said; well sometimes one’s got to do what one’s got to do. And he said; If you’re hungry we have loads of food, will get you some treats and hey, mum doesn’t have to know right away we can always ask for permission later when you tummy is all tucked up with decent food. That day he turned up with a five kg packet of rice and said; No gravy today but nanny frost won’t miss it, she has a pantry full of all things.

Then he brought a can of beans, a few packets of salt, mustard and a daily loaf or two, sometimes jam and crackers to the day I stopped him and told nanny frost who then out of her saving’s got me a weekly basket of goods delivered, I survived on being fed by Angelo and Nanny Frost.

“Tell me why this time is different to when Anne-Dee had a narrow escape with death on the candy filled arson Jason gave her? I have no proof but I think he succeeded in killing Angelo he had wanted to kill them for a while, Angelica cried.

Not over my dead body, Jason killed someone to save Angelo. “Oh man, I am implicating my son for first degree murder because he killed someone to save Angelo. Everyone had been agape.

“Kean and Jay loved the twins, they never harmed them or their pets, there is one truth that will clear all and we vowed never to divulge but this one’s huge I have to get it off my conscious lo if Jay rots in jail for life it would have been worth it but at least his name would be cleared of suspicion of wanting harm to your kids.

“Remember the postman hanging about you house? The one who came by placing black envelopes and thorns in your letterbox? Well, Angelo got dropped off from school last year, made his way to the gate when suddenly, a man jumped out from behind the Lamp Post an inch away from Angelo and ruffled him to the ground then held a long syringe down on the kid who had not seen being face down. Jay fled out of the yard, knocked the syringe out of the man’s hand and kept him down all the while commanding Angelo to do a 120 sprint into the house and lock the doors. No Question’s run and lock your doors, it’s a game of cowboys and crooks I got to choke this master or me and you will loose, he said, now run. Angelo obeyed thinking that it was a game. Jay choked the fella to death right there at your gate and Kean gave hi a hand to dragged his on foot postman’s body to the dump where they left it then called the police to report that there was a dead man in the rubble, they had never since stopped being watchmen for your kids. Oh my God this is so sad, I cannot believe that I will never again see that smiley face at my doorstep. Angelo called me last night to place a tall candy order; These were his words; make sure there’s enough to last a month we’re going to Mountain’s Peak with my uncle T and he loves them bonbons like me, hey and make sure you throw in a stack of those unsweetened bitters my grandma, she pretends that she’s alright but she has diabetes and she’s one hell of a candy cheater. Grandma Debonair broke down and sobbed.

“Angelo adored you Clarice he bragged about your candy store all year, he told me about the bitters and brought me stacks each time they visited MARULA. “Sorry Angel but I knew of the stash in the pantry we have been having Clarice’s bonbons for years.

“Angelica lasted a few minutes and passed out. The sedative took effect and dazed Angelica into a deep sleep. “Don’t mind Angel, her life is a tear ring circus and this is way too much for her to handle. Eric’ is not as kind as he should be and neither is Andre at this time, those two are responsible for all the mishaps in this family, she told Mrs. Verity. What do you mean Phoebe? ’They are traitors, that’s all I can say, grandma’s words to Clarice would ’echo back and give a whole new meaning on what she had conveyed, Eric and Andre were implicated in matters far beyond just being the head of families. Their families were endangered by their presence, it was evident but grandma knew a notch more of what “The Covenant” did not permit to be divulged.

A morbid mourning, the Debonair’ pavilion wore black mist and only unanswered questions remained. The churning reprieve of morbidity that had taken reign of their lives over eight years, they had never before been so sullenly ridden with ill effect after ill effect and it throttled to family divide. Angelica and Eric emerged from every incident to fine comb details, revisited the past but nothing stuck. The twins had been chocoholics only know one knew who supplied them and how the chocolates managed to find a place in the pantry most times. It was an inside job, Muriel’s warnings made sense and yet, no one stuck out like a sore thumb.

“Why was she not alarmed about them stuffing up on chocolates and why did she not inquire as to where they got it from? Angelica looked at Anthony with an intense suspicion and let it out.

“I asked you to mind the twins and returned to a mud and chocolate feast instead, Anthony. Kindly advise where did their supply come from? Anthony turned crimson, lowered his head and nodded regretfully.

“Oh my God I killed my nephew! Lord knows why I gave in to his nagging about having a bite of the chocolate bunny from the cooler pantry. Angelo feasted from that pantry and I allowed him to savor of

his candy that is not prohibited. Utter silence! Anthony felt knocked over and responsible. He should have said no, but it was not in his habits to deprive kids. Get a grip T, you are not responsible for Angelo’s death in any way, Angelo feasted on chocolate if the dog lagged some in here, he just got his hands of them somehow and god forbid! That kid loved acting out on forbidden territory he was a chocoholic like you. Oh my word, was that the chocolate you placed in the cooler pantry, Nanny Froth? Angelica inquired. By God, it was supposed to have been fed to the stray dogs at Alley down town, why is it still tin my pantry? “I did as I was told Miss A, I emptied the pantry of chocolates, filled out a GMT bag and scattered a chocolate store on the ally for them howling creatures to treat on. I recall a day or two later that the vet wagon carted twenty stray dogs said to have feasted on rat poison and arsenal it did not occur to me that the chocolates may have been lethal. I tell you, if another set of chocolates turned up in the pantry someone else put it there. I discarded of everything, I promise. ‘That’s it! Anne-Dee’ had a near death experience and it came from munching on the replaced bunny chocolates and other tainted candy in that pantry. That means that we have a “killer they wrote” right here in this home. Angelica hurried off to view the pantry. There it was, two identical Bunny’ Chocolates of the one’s nanny Froth said to have discarded of, it had been the ones the clown delivered. “Justified, those are not the bunny chocolates the clown delivered, the packaging I recall had been of royal blue and turquoise not powder blue like this one, this is a new batch, of that I am certain, nanny Froth said. All eyes on Anne-Dee!

“I did not kill Angelo mum, I swear.

“Of course not honey! “We think you know who put the bunny chocolates there. Avant le fait accompli! The culprit stared them in the face and the truth be told. It had been the poisoned bunny chocolate that robbed Anne-Dee of her twin and could just as easily have killed her. The light bulb moment processed! The person or people who poisoned the children were in their midst. “They were living with the unknown”

“Watch your back Angel, you are living with the unknown, those were Muriel’s warnings on numerous of occasions. I can’t tell, daddy’s been, uncle T and Grandpa, then nanny Froth, Lei, Aunt Mo & Aunt Indie. I know for sure that it had been removed but reappeared overnight again, I do not know who put it there, even grandma feasts from here, cannot tell of a

single culprit, we all visit this candy store, Anne Dee added. Let’s check the CCTV camera reels, Anthony suggested. Right, Eric said uncomfortably, that is if daily reels are recorded and filed, we discard of them so not to roll in with clutter over the years, Eric added. Are you kidding? We set up a safety and security network to safeguard our family and you discard of the evidence, politely in death, why? Why are you decision maker in this household without consulting me about such seriousness? That defeats the purpose of having anything to go back on to find what we are looking for, the murderer in this house and you just implicated yourself by discarding of evidence, Angelica said harshly. Are you implying that I killed my son? I am stating that the killer has access to our home and that is why we set up a CCTV network of cameras, that is why we pay a hefty fee for security and got the kid’s personal bodyguards. Uncanny that they too are no longer of use for they roam freely never safeguarding my kids and how convenient that the CCTV footage is destroyed? You must have a damn good reason or a death wish yourself for losing the evidence. Let us know whom you are covering up for Eric, Angelica said.

You are paranoid Angel. If someone entered our home we would have seen it from the daily stream footage turned in. You know well that we discard of all the “No Incident” reels or we would have had storehouse by now. “Who discards of it? “Nanny Froth. “How do you discard of our ’24 HOUR DEBONAIR REALITY SHOW” miss Froth? I do the weekly incinerator Miss Ram. And all my CCTV footage is now rubble? Yes ma’am but not this week’s footage, that goes off tomorrow, we can view what happened and who entered the Pantry this last week, she


Well then let’s get on with it, no more discarding of footage in this mansion, is that understood?

“They sat down to watch an empty reel, there had been no footage recorded not even of Angelo entering to rip the ears off his bunny chocolate. Angelica felt a surge of deceit, betrayal and uncanny aura’s mount around her. Someone in their midst was up to a deadly mission and playing a deaf ear, but whom, who was the killer in their midst?

Nowhere to go but grieve and recall all of the favorite moments with Angelo whom had been so deeply loved by all but a

lurking killer. I cannot comprehend how we all came to be of the same astrological pointedness and fire signs in one family and household as Aries astrological signs Angelica said, it is way too unfathomable. I have seen and noted that the soul mindedness and traits in Angelo had been ’live and let live, he just never bothered about the consequences of things. Angelo scurried his journey by first attempting things then not being perturbed of the outcome, he had no boundaries, Clarice Verity said. “Can we have some crumpets? Grandma Debonair requested from Nanny Froth who seemed to have disappeared suddenly. That had been the last Nanny Froth appeared, never to be seen or heard of and made for the suspect in Angelo’s death. Nanny Froth? Oh my God no, Nanny Froth killed Angelo but why? She did it or why else did she flee? She may have attempted to kill Anne-Dee too but why? She seemed so sincere and grief stricken by Angelo’s death. Why did she run off that way? “Was she the culprit all along? It seemed highly probable view that she fed the animals, had been left alone with the kids and the pets most times, she cooked the twin’s food and minded them. She may have had a motive view several for killing the pets and Angelo, but she was gone, Angelo had not yet been laid to rest and she was gone. Nanny Froth fitted the bill as the ’Insider” but the question remained why? Angelica learnt that day that Clarice Verity used up her last dime in savings to pay for Jay and Kean’s drug rehabilitation and that Anne-Dee and Angelo initiated the ‘Feeding Miss VEE Project’ in which nanny Froth and Jarvis delivered three meals a day to Clarice Verity throughout the time that Jay and Kean spent in jail then rehabilitation. Nanny Froth and Jarvis stayed did not divulge the twin’s secret and through that, they taught their kids to be cautious and live in fear, is that perhaps why they lost their son through minded fear of death? The twins took risks because they were not psyched into living on the edge of fear, as they were obliged to do. The truth about what happened, certainly pointed to the fact that Angelica instilled dread and fear of consciousness and failed them for not doing purposeful and definite instruction. “She had long been fearless herself and rose above a safety net then why did she shield the twins from the enemy when the enemy was right there in their midst? Of all the teachings she learnt and taught, she was adopting the very notion that she denied as useful. She raised her kids on what not to do, what not to be and what not to become and lost her son because she failed to filter suspicious mind by encouraging the ’what is and what for instead of the what not and why not?

She knew then that she had been responsible for her life and what she allowed to enter into it.

‘’We are what we think” proven, she thought, dreamed, evoked and lived the danger’s presented to her and her family and she made a danger zone in mind out of the unfathomable situations in her life. How did Angelica get from being positive manifesto to harboring only negative thoughts and emerging such deeds? Months of deliberation about the uncountable issues from black envelopes dropped into the letterbox to pet strangulation. Food poisoning, mysterious poisoned gifts, near electrocution, AnneDee’s brush with death and Angelo’s death. All of it no doubt stemmed first by mindedness, fearfulness and dreaded energy roamed at Twin Pad’ Unintentional destructive suggestions to the mind; We are in danger, The twins will be poisoned, we have failed, I am afraid, she etched those on and emerged all of what she had thought and said, a myriad of incidents one after the other. Angelica held herself responsible for all the bad deeds and realized that she lived with a man of deeply ridden pain bodies not associated to her own, she did not know who he really was, in fact, he was the stranger she knew, he still was that person lurking in the dark being his own inflated Ego and barking orders to be obeyed. Why did she even think she loved him, he was self absorbed and their so called love base was nothing but an illusion and everything already fell apart the day he married Mo what was she thinking when she chose Eric above Anthony? Anthony kept her grounded in source and on the grid with higher self, Eric picked her from the tree and lowered her to be his own away from source where he could reign, why was she so blind? Eric’s freak accident led to a few minor narrow escapes with death he had said, more of minor incidents it seemed. All attempts had not been intended to kill him. The Cubicle murder by electrocution would emerge to have been deliberate for the victim in a ploy for Lei to get into the linkage by some minor characteristic of the Covenant. Angelica mostly, the crown jewel remained unscathed there had never yet been an attempt on her being or her life. Recollection; of the pact, linkage and soldering of the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge. Luc Ford divulged to Indira that Eric’s commitment to Angelica had been one of convenience not undying love the quip had been for Angelica to birth a thorough bred Debonair be it of Eric or Anthony. As a matter of intricacy, Angelica had been baron and plans for the inconceivable to conceive had been met with a “Little Help from Divine” as they viewed it, a back up plan was always on par. “The cast of ’Torpedo Ridge had been a representation of folks

from near and afar. Every participant of application be it ‘view point characters’ such as Ridge Ramon, Clarice Verity and the murdered postman or Leila had been no coincidence. No one in the ‘Covenant of Torpedo Ridge’ entered by chance. Their presence and tasks had been written. The teacher Graf had indeed been pressured into feeding Angelo the murderous potion in candy yet she had not been directly linked but familiarized with the Eradicator and heeded to instruction from the said. Profiling to identify the culprit had been straightforward, the trail always led to a blonde blue eyed woman of Muriel Ford’s description and almost certainly a ploy to send it’s members on a wild goose chase each time. Teacher Graf died for not respecting “The Pact” and its dismissal act after her mission had been accomplished. She fulfilled the Eradicator’s assignment after which she had been instructed to vanish or die. She died because she stuck around to betray the ‘Covenant’ when she turned up at the educational establishment intentionally having to give an account of why, how and when and whom instructed such a heinous crime of murder on a child. Angelo had been a target, the author ‘eliminating Angelo’ via acts of poisoned gifts, freak accidents and even more widespread horrific measures had done so by instruction of ‘The Pact” for evident reasons. Angelica had been warned, the scroll left hints and indications that she was “Living with the Unknown’ subtly noted and aimed to everyone in her entourage to be GUILTY until proven innocent, danger lurked constantly.

CCTV reels of the abduction turned up blanked out. Undoubtedly with deliberate act to discard of vital information ‘unbeknown’ to the culprits that of it’s hidden agenda information would reemerge for prove of guilt and it would not be ‘the focused culprit’ but someone of a shocking revelation. So the Ford Saga continued with its never-ending battle in a feud with Debonair, Travis and eventually TORPE.

Premeditated Murder permitted and there would be other victims but whom?

The chocolate manufacturer “Can-Dairies” detected an abnormality one day when the strays of their warehouse yard turned up dead, clearly from poisoning. A hand full of employees had filled their bags with rejects and although not authorized took some treats home for their kids. It had never been divulged but a full family of four succumbed to the same poison that killed Angelo later, this had been “Top Secret” until scribbled notes appeared to prove that ten poisoned chocolates bunny’s had been manufactured on the premises over a period of three years. The mysterious blue eyed blond woman had not led to anyone beyond ’Muriel Ford who always never directly implicated, had an alibi as thick as mist. Muriel Ford had been the most suspected but uncannily remained loyal trustee of Angelica. If nanny Frost did not place the bunnies in the pantry, an insider certainly did, did anyone care to look into Jarvis the butler’s history? Someone at the Can-Dairies mold wing said of Muriel Ford that she had come by to personally order and instruct the bunny chocolates and names of her collaborators, the first named turned up had been Ford.

Fabien Ford denied involvement and swore to have served only from a trailer at the entrance of the exterior of the building.

“That is very hard to believe, the detective told Fabien. “You wear the name Ford in direct animosity to the Debonair’ genre, I believe that you are in cahoots with Muriel Ford and her eradication tactics. Then get ready to eat your statement because that there goes down as defamation of character, Fabien retorted angrily. Quite simply, roll in crap, I do not know of any chocolate bunnies let alone being a scape goat with whom you are crucifying to satisfy your ‘pact’ in the ‘Covenant’ it is your job to implicate innocent people in horrific crime so you may better steer guilt on them from a steering seat of “Jail Yard glib of insincerity. I am Luc Ford’s nephew thus the son of his brother Daniel’s not at all related to the “Queen of Gaffes” Muriel said Ford. “And no, I do not kill kids, I have two sets of twins of my own, who has ten sets of pets of their own. Someone killed my nephew it was not I. A visit to suspect two, a certain Albert Koch alleged to be a former South African AA rehabilitated drunk, barely literate and totally daft to the comprehension of the word lethal and death. “Did no one in his family ever perish? No! Koch was an orphan delivered by the stork to roam the world a loner, parentless, foster parentless and the kid king of the road since birth growing up in the bush where he had been abandoned in the forest of the cape Kalahari, he was said to have survived on raw fish, “though one would wonder how that came about in arid lands of the Kalahari” berries and leaves, to his later and life in bushmen style, he had made of himself a stowaway to Europe and landed in the docks with no identification but the animal skins on his back. Wholly educated by FM radio a portable of ancient derive that worked like it had a signal from heaven for he sounded like one with functions of a basic educational foundation. Very proud to have educed from songs and serials on the FM or AM radio station and lived a garnished life by only human connection a voice via his radio.

“Man and beast, he lived with lions, rhino’s, tigers and giant elephants in a park he called home, he spoke to the birds, slept with the bats and found light by an Eagle birched on his tree house. The moon led him to the lake and the sun to his grub. He

believed he owned the sky and stars, in fact he confirmed to have created them so that he had an astral compass for a GPS to find his way in the dark. He owned the ocean, the land on which he roamed, he invented the words he spoke too. Every journalists dream, Koch’s life story was one of great hilarity and worth publication rather than the rigmarole of hunting down a sadist. The detective and journalist had been served with a ’Best-seller” Koch’s story was about to put smiles and grins even laughter on many faces. Proudly South African and more concerned about showing off his Springbok Jersey. Said to be a gift from his new pub buddies up town where he hung out broadcasting gossip of the village he newly lived in after his upgrade from a tree house to a hand built tree mansion, in it snazzy hand made furniture and brilliant carved works. Chattering away little knowing, Koch was about to become world famous for his life story, amazing wooden furniture and carvings, he had no idea of his worth.

“Straight talk breaks no friendship mate, he had said. I managed that batch like I know how so call me the guru of collecting casuals. I learnt that from the builders on the outskirts of my jungle he added first in a very British accent then purely South African intent of confusing the hell out of the PI’s and officers. “Did you poison the chocolate that killed the Debonair’ boy?

“Ek is nie a vokken moordenaar nie, go see ol Ramdam!” Translated: “Damn, I am not a freaking murderer, go see old Ramdan. “We’ are not Dutch Mr. Koch if that was Flemish we’d rather you threw in the British accent.

“I am not Dutch either but throwing in a British accent is not my proffered twirl of gift of tongue, linguistics’ and I have a long history ‘Ape and Man’ has a lingo of their own.

may well be a distinguished English gentleman or a prince from the emirates, damn I’m probably an all kinds but who cares I own the world.

The former Afrikaner is suddenly as articulate and puts on an accent to be desired. So back to your inquiry, let us cut to the chase then shall we? I offered a synopsis and you’re asking for a novel so here we go: A certain man named Fakir Ramdam, a colleague or rather one of the casuals I enrolled. About Ramdan, Well! Ramdan is an Indian native, he laughed. “I did not know India had natives, he cackled loudly. The detective’s giggled out loud as Koch continued to humor them. “You ask why I think India does not have natives, well quite simply because South Africans adopted the word Native to mean tribes and that’s just putting it lightly.

“The Republic of South Africa and their daft color scheme as you may well know refers themselves to as ’The Rainbow Nation” the majority of those folks up there educed that the word Native meant African as in black, this had been construed as such and settled for years during the apartheid era. You ask how daft, quite logically does not make sense to refer to other creeds as natives, firstly because they were immigrants and secondly white ‘African’s’ no room for that or mapping for such, they were and could not be referred to as Natives. Just shows how limited and brainless man can be, it only took me thirty year to understand that I am a native of South Africa. Like you are a Native to Utopia and born from it’s root. It is true that you are sort of Utopian looking I dare say. You look like you’re from some dreamed up country and more so an Elf or Fairy from No Man’s land, you agree that we refer to such confusion as Utopic right? On a serious note go see Ramdan, that guy is one hell of a skelm that means crook.

“I am not joking on this account sir! This version is true Koch said. “Fakir Ramdan marched into my office, set down a double batch of chocolate and told me that it were rejects of which he wished to re-melt and mold into Easter bunnies for his twin cousins in Calcutta. “Of course I obliged, there were two little Calcutta Indians who hadn’t seen or had an Easter egg in their lives. “You know, they do not celebrate Easter in India, right? “And I’ am told that they do a feast called Diwali of meats filled with honey, yuk I couldn’t enjoy a minced meat honey pie or get down a steak and honey sauce meal if you paid me to Can you blame them?

“I think not, they don’t get much honey either and are more likely to eat bees instead, Koch laughed. “I hired Fakir for pittance. Having said that, imagine how stunned I was when he left me an A5 envelope stuffed with wads of five hundred Euro bills, the bloke paid me a fortune for just authorizing him to take rejects home. Fakir Ramdan welcomed the investigating team into the apartment building he owned and bid them to be seated then calling out for his wife to serve Indian masala tea and delights. Detectives burst out laughing, homage to what Koch had said about Easter Eggs for two little Indian’s from Calcutta having to eat more bees than honey or something to that effect. The meat must have been the most hilarious observation, Koch had thought of ’Meat’s” to mean ’Meat as in Flesh when in fact it meant ’Sweets” noted when Fakir’s wife laid the table with culinary arts and said; Enjoy our Indian meats; the detectives laughed out loud. It seems that Koch got you eating out of his hands, that guy is able to equate a certain seriousness so comical even I cackle, I am sure he mocked the little Indian’s again, did he?

No offense meant Fakir, Koch took us on a journey through “Sweet Meats of a different genre and it had nothing to do with what your wife just presented here. None taken Sir, Koch is a brilliant humorist au naturel for sure.

Fakir told the detectives that he visited Koch about re-melting ’choc scraps; It came about while Fakir had been on a tea break having “Meat’s and Tea under the willow at Can-Dairies.

It had been the fastest ‘transaction’ ever. A blue-eyed blond lady dropped a briefcase of Euros at my feet, handed me a prescription and told me where to get it from and concluded with a two minute sob story of her pigeon pair twins having diabetes, instructions only to add the sugar free powder and insulin to the boy’s bunny and left. Of course, there were written instructions to follow, the fact that she paid him twenty thousand dollars to do a sixty dollar bunny sent red flags up his spine, she showed me a photo of the twins and did not mind that he kept it. She made mention of their names, jotted down the address for delivery.

There were no sirens going off then and to date none, I cashed in for making a Diabetes Choco Bunny for Type 2 diabetic kids, no harm in that, at least that is what I convinced myself to believe. So you did the chocolate first hand, turned into a clown and delivered it too. Hell no, I let some guy named Janeiro slap the stuff in and instructed him to take the bunny’s for a ride to ’Twin Pads” Why? What’s with all the questioning, by Gee I can tell I got myself flipped in one hell of a mess and it’s criminal right? What is this about did she steal the money or what? “Angelo died of a lethal dose of arsenic. Holy mother of God! You’re not here to arrest me are you? Not yet, that is if you collaborate in assisting to identify the blond woman. “Fakir divulged an oddment too much, she paid him twenty thousand dollars and said to have left an additional twenty thousand dollars in a safety deposit box. He had known it was criminal. “You must have known that you were about to kill a child, the detective said. “She said it was insulin and sucrose that is what I convinced myself it was. So no, with such mindedness there was no harmful intent on my part.

The detective warned Fakir that he had just incriminated him self in being an accessory to pre-meditated murder.

I know! I’m not getting off the hook, I accepted forty thousand dollars to make a sixty dollar set of chocolates, in that alone [sirens] but I was not asking, money talked.

The detective told Fakir that he would go into protective custody to assist the Profiler with identifying the woman and that he was listed as ‘an accessory to murder’ until proven not guilty.

Should you attempt to flee, the odds are you will not be deported but family will be returned to Calcutta and you shall remain imprisoned for life in the hell of Baltimore precinct.

Fakir turned up at the identification parade at the local police station to a parade of six similar looking women lined behind a glass petition window. Angelica, Eric, Anthony, Grandma Debonair and Andre had been there.

Muriel Ford? Indira Ford? “You have got to be kidding? One could not tell them apart, they are the spitting image of each other to the tee, which of the two visited you?’ the detective inquired. Fakir pointed to Muriel without hesitation

“You did not pick her look alike, it could have been her too, the detective said.

The look alike has an English accent but it is the red rubber stamp on the other’s inner arm I recognized.

Fakir got led away. Muriel got arrested and transferred to the charge office cells to make an appearance in the court for charge and later found herself in a shuttle en route for Baltimore Precinct. A full week of itch-scratch in a rodent infested jail cell with gecko’s cooing on the ceiling and a putrefying stench of excrements and urination.

“Why am I here? Muriel sobbed. “Premeditated murder, ma’am, the warden said. “Murder? The last insect standing is murder? Muriel had been denied her plea for bail and spent the next month behind bars before the court hearing. Muriel vowed on oath not to have murdered Angelo. “I did not kill Angelo, I loved the kid, she vowed. Muriel Ford’s arguments made no sense, the Jurors had not been convinced of her innocence. Muriel stepped from her high horse and got arrested and incarcerated for ten years of imprisonment. Muriel spent six months in jail and had not yet seen Luc Ford. Florence and Milo Travis turned up. She lit up like a bulb still wholly absorbed in her FORD-NESS and steadfast to denial of being a biological Travis sibling. Honey, this is Baltimore, no one ever leaves this ‘killer nest’ without signing ‘admission of guilt’ Florence said. I did not kill anyone Flo. I cannot sign an admission of guilt for a crime I did not commit. You are in here with a sentence of ten years to life imprisonment so the only way to lesson that, is an admission of guilt, if you’re here, they’re saying you killed someone. Muriel did as she was told and in a separate hearing got her sentence reduced to three years and on the same moved into a

family cell to join her dad Luc Ford who him self already served ten full years and said to be due for parole

With Muriel and Luc Ford behind bars, Angelo cremated and the Verity boy’s Jason and Kean home for a week before being interned for an extended year in narcotic rehabilitation, Angelica’ plunged into a minded pit of darkness. Her days grew weary with anguish and left her in a morbid place. Every part of this wing is a painful reminder of our son, we need to give them to some deserving kids, Angelica suggested to Eric who of late continued to act on-one-sided decisions. “We will hold on to his memory, live with it, he had said. Angelica had been blown away by Eric’s demands and decided that he did not own her mind or authority of her life she would offer Angelo’s personal effects to the “Zeppelin Orphanage. Eric had been livid even enraged to find that Angelo’s memories had been erased. He had gotten way too dramatic about the parting and flared into a temperament Angelica had know of but never witnessed before. The once loving atmosphere they roamed in prior had died down to point zero. Anthony turned up to shoulder Angelica, always right on time to repair the damage Eric instilled. Angelica endured verbal abuse to the limit, Eric accused her of having an affair with Anthony and said that he had known Angelo was not his but Anthony’s bastard child. Chaos emerged and waves of eerie events hit the Twin Pad haven. Grandma Debonair died suddenly to open up a whole new can of worms. The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge was about to be fully divulged, the games begun and the running would prove to be of unsuspected drama as truths emerged to shock all it’s players to the highest degree. Edwina had only informed Angelica of Grandma Debonair’ passing, she would not convey the message but asked that it be done in a family meeting. Eric, Anthony, Anne-Dee and Indira arrived followed by Edwina and Andre who turned up without Grandma Debonair. Where is my favorite grandmother? Eric inquired. You do not have another, Andre said looking grim. Grandma’ clocked out of life kiddo, let’s get to the beach and drink our sorrows away, Andre said. All right then, it had been her wish for us to get really drunk upon her passing, so it is, Eric said hardly showing remorse for her death. Jarvis packed cognac and tequila for the beach strip and added bitters and snacks to the basket. It was a special way of grieving, there was to be no tears. Eric and Andre spiked themselves to the depths of intoxication

they were like hounds gulping down shots one after the other. Everyone else had been stunned view shocked at how they mourned grandma’s passing. “I get it, we’re celebrating your incarceration right? “I get that you are going to the slammers dad. ’Can’t help you this time, I already married both to keep you out of jail, there’s no one left to marry more like ending the one that’s on the rocks, he added. The coded message hit home and Angelica knew full fledge what it meant.

“It feels like my life is being showered by a Tsunami, Eric said. “Oh boy, that’s put mildly, Angelica thought. Anthony was about the only level headed person at the ‘beach drink up’ even Angelica decided to get spiked. Jarvis offered to drive the family to MARULA CASTLE for them to pay their last respects. Eric lost the sad faked teary grin like he just won the lottery. Grandma Debonair had been one hell of an “old lady” who before her passing left a hefty list of do’s and don’ts. She wanted to be cremated the next day of her passing in a ceremony of only the chosen ones and demanded to be laid to rest at the Castle, among her ancestors. She wanted a very specific and special urn for her ashes and asked to be to be laid to rest at the castle among her ancestors. The list said that the family was to meet in the ’Courtesy Room Pretty much the in thing, Grandma Debonair lived in style, it was expected that she would bow out of life with style and leaving an impact on LIFE not DEATH. Grandma prepared a video recording and asked that Andre hit play in a ‘LET THE SHOW BEGIN’

The video recorder started,

“Grandma here...thought I was gone right? “ I am but not quite gone am I? Not sure I would be too far but hell yes, put on your red shoes and wait the music is about to them feet dancing on hot ice, she had said. This Video is entitled, ’The Truth Emerged” and of note means that whatever you’re thinking of being spared that shall not be because everything left undone, unsaid and unraveled shall be cited here today. “Nothing is final until it is final” kids. Eric wept the loudest.

“What are you weeping for? I am dead not gone, grandma said. Wow how did she guess Eric would hit a tenor at the start of the video? Now Andre sobbed. Have a tot Andre. No wait! You need the bottle store today, don’t you? Make yourselves comfortable this may take forever, grandma laughed and got to the point.

I inherited this Castle from my folks who in turn inherited it from theirs. MARULA CASTLE has been my pride and joy, it has been my birth place and dwelling for my lifetime so as the adage goes “bending the twig to resemble the branch” does not work my apples did not land far from the tree but some were not of my seed. The linkage to the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge is by name and representation of ‘Elite’ it is hereby declared open for the chase, but be warned; some of you shall be banished indefinitely and others presented with their scroll for it’s highest attainment, the named of those of list shall be notified at the end of this message with great caution. Grandma Debonair conveyed to Eric that he had been her favorite pet pivot of vexation, that his extendible nature served only his Ego but that he was loved. “What do you mean? “Like I was some rubber sling of ire, he moaned. “You are what you think you are of minded ’dimensions not necessarily whom you say you are, hold the thought it is rectified in this motion, you will know what you represent and why.

Grandma Debonair conveyed that she loved the twins. She especially embraced Anne-Dee who like her was outspoken and humorous. She adored Angelo’s hidden agenda and spirit of ’just being disobedient. She conveyed that Angelica had been the ONE PERSON she placed her full trust and faith in, that Angelica had been the loyal maiden of integrity from whom she gained ‘The Sunshine’ in her purpose and life.

Angelica, your gift of love is engraved in my heart long before you married my grandson, for this, you are listed in deed to be the sole owner of proprietorship of MARULA Castle in its entirety. What you inherit is yours to keep and manage with purpose for this is a family heirloom of pure Debonair’ engenderment, it cannot be inherited by parties ‘not of it’s name sake’. Members on your scroll are viewpoint characters not in the running to be crowned thus eliminated from the running or chase for the ’key to the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge. If Eric is permitted by attachment of any this is your calling and this cannot be undone thus clearly defined on the scroll of your crowning, Grandma Debonair said from her video message.

“I hand to you, Eric said Debonair’ authority to live and roam on the Castle premises to manage the vineyards and collective distribution of it’s grand cru, for your participation you are awarded ownership of Caledonian Heights, Balmorals Residential suites and Palm Beach holiday resorts.

Anthony applauded. Andre sat stifled and confused.

Eric said Debonair, what does that mean?” He married the runner up of the Elite for the coming into the Debonair’ inheritance not to get it owned by the direct competitor, rival in the namesake Ford, Andre argued that Angelica had no place owing a Debonair Heirloom

“Do not fret, you are easily unbecoming to the seams Andre said Debonair, I kept the best for last. Andre smiled and grinned widely. Anthony said little in his whim of ‘peace of the lamb’. Anthony said Debonair, your lot on the Castle is to reside and comanage with Eric the assets of Angelica and for your participation in the ‘Covenant of Torpedo Ridge’ you are rewarded ownership of Mountain Peak Resort and three apartment buildings plus a partnership at E&A enterprises where you will work hand in hand with your brother to keep the business flourishing, all managed business are of Angelica’s proprietorship and cannot be traded at any point whatever the value of its trust you are thus employed by the sole benefactor Angelica said Debonair. Anthony, I chose to exclude you from wandering on the vineyards shift you would run it to bankruptcy, you drink too much, Grandma laughed. Funding/Financials and cash in escrow or trust fund said to be established as follows and own solely by Angelica said Debonair. All monetary funds and trusts are dually made out to and as the following entitlement. Ann-Dee said Debonair, Angelo the 2nd, said Debonair, Leander, said Debonair and Leonardo said Debonair.

“Sounds like you were having a stroke when you recorded that grandma. “We do not have an Angelo the 2nd let alone a Leander and or Leonardo said Debonair, those were kids of your ancestors, Edwina responded and giggled at the fact that she was responding to a video recording, how daft?

“I am not confused Ed, those are the kids on scroll of Angelica’s crowning. “How does she know whose saying and or thinking what, Edwina said, as if she knows who or what is being said next.

Eric hit the roof in rage. His family heritage had been awarded to his wife, not his dad or his brother but his wife of Ford derive, the rival and direct competitor with Debonair for the ‘key’ to the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge. How could you grandma? Hand us a job at our own heritage and give it to the enemy.

“It is your reward for marrying the Enemy grandma Debonair said. “That makes me the owner of all, Eric chirped. Hear that Anthony, I own it all and you just work and roam here.

Anthony looked at Angelica, they locked eyes and laughed, She was going to allow Eric to play his game of denial for he knew well that he had and or owned nothing in the absence of ‘community of property’ Well, Grandma’s testament is clear, we must now get this Castle up and fit for us to live in as a family, it is ours to keep and run,

she added. Sighs of relief, Andre lit up and Edwina nodded and smiled. Oh dear, for one minute I thought you were about to boot the lot of us with debar from the Castle, Andre said, we would have fought you, you know. Oh Andre, I would have won, she laughed. I know more than you give me credit for, she added, smiled wryly and grinned with an expression of; “I would like nothing more than to boot you to Baltimore, so come on in, welcome, welcome to the Castle of MARULA where karma is about to bite where it hurts, free bed and breakfast, I need you under my wing where I can nail you to the gallows of Baltimore”.

Back at twin peaks, Eric returned from the Realtors to announce that he found a buyer for Twin Pads. I sold Twin Pads for twice the bidding price on a Torpedo Ridge lease, how brilliant is that? Ingeniously over ambitious and flaked Eric, firstly because “Twin Pads” are not for sale and secondly, because you are not in authority to go around giving off my proprietorship to your lover Leila and your triplets on a lease of Torpedo Ridge. How gullible do you think I am? Do the right thing and honor her she has already fulfilled three of the five siblings you require to sign the “Covenant Enact” Anne-Dee makes up your fourth. “You deem that your task is easier than mine for I have yet to produce four children to qualify, but do I?

Listen and take heed! You are a viewpoint character in my life and you will always be that. Do not be mistaken! I have known for a long time why you married me so bet on it, I am far from as gullible as you make me out to be, I just got your Castle and its frills for the audacity of being used so don’t dare me to reduce you to nothingness, you are already nothing, Angelica said in a calm and poised manner. “While no one knows exactly what the ’Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” entails in its entirety and or whom the victor of it’s immense Fortune may well be, I intend to play and win with the sheer obsession that got me my manor at Torpedo Ridge so you have competition as in who gets to have some, little or none. I stand elevated because I already own a fortune for me and mine and with added value disinherited you out of your own inheritance so you have and own nothing as you stand, that my dear Eric, said Debonair is the price to pay for crossing me, that is my revenge for betrayal and I am not done. If you think you outwitted me, dream on! I own my fortune and yours and it is now my obsession to take it all so fight me if you must but know this, I tally, I fall, I lose some and win more, I may falter but I will not fail. I warned you about ’Taking a Ford to their face value when you play with fire of Ford you get burnt to no description. “You my dear said husband need to know that you are a nonentity of the lowest wit. “This is about the Covenant after all so let the show begin I shall hand you no more favor, you are my employee, bottom line. You had better keep your ‘greed ridden dad on track’ for he committed a grave error and is due to pay the price triple fold, let him not erupt like a volcano with claim of owning MARULA Castle on Torpedo Ridge and take it for granted that he is of entitlement for the sake of being an only child in hierarchic order and or the sole beneficiary of the Debonair Empire, that is far yet to be discerned. Play the game safely or you will vanish, the truth is that we are not entirely resolved in dispute as there is the Debonair Empire in totality that has yet to be distributed, if he derail, you may fall upon defame and place me and your family in a delicate situation of trust. “Since only part of the Debonair’ fortune is so far divulged to date, be assured that we are about to embark on ‘the real hunt for gold’ Grandma Debonair left you, yours and your dad empty handed with valid reason, I have not yet read the scroll but it is divulged there and shall be notified in that order. Eric lowered his expectations and softened, Angelica owned him and the entirety of what he deemed his possessions, just one wrong move and she could make him vanish, this he knew too well.

You state a brilliant point Angel, I speak not of my life with you but of my inheritance, we don’t matter, we are not, we never have been and I will fight you and win, that I promise, he retorted with a certainty never seen before. Andre is deprived for the simplest reason that he is incapable of safeguarding wealth earned or owned. He would pitifully sell it off to the highest bidder ‘the wrong hands’ Luc Ford, it never matter who wins of the two, they always end up being partners in crime and wealth amassing ‘thieves’. It is evident, they are of the three front runners and only of the two will win, that is my dad Andre Debonair, he is the name and brand of nobility, the official inheritor because the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge is of Debonair’ Defile not Ford.

Luc Ford would come into ownership for being the Rothschild of attainment. “There is something about his strengths and weakness’ he is twice the wealth amassing cliff hanger wavering bets to the words highest bidders and he never fails even with arch enemies like your dad. Andre and Luc share the same pain bodies of wheeling and dealing weaklings out of their wealth. “ Do not be duped Eric, Luc Ford is about to walk out of that prison cell at Baltimore a free man and he sets foot on the outside not to chase a Covenant he is Ford and Ford fierceness is

about amassing wealth not inheriting wealth. Maybe but Andre is in close range and not to be underestimated, he put Luc there by swindle with Dane and we cooked Ford real good by falsifying and framing him for Dane and Lottie’s murder oh yes honey, ‘the perfect murder’ we wrote and it cannot be retraced to us, he got what he deserves and will rot in Baltimore for life, we put him there so he may never know the world’s highest fortune, Eric said. ’You dumb ass I just nailed you to free my dad, Angelica thought as she ensured not to let on that she was recording from her pen drive. “Nailed it, she got up and danced, yes Eric, you are brilliant she said pretending to ’eat right out of his hands. She was about to give Eric more fuel to light up his game and play, she was about to use the Ford Mantra to his glory then let him stand their to watch her unveil his immense error. Feed them in their iniquities and hand them the honor then watch them pride to an unveiling of emptiness, she was Angelica Ford as in Ford, she was taking her Ford power to use and abuse as she pleased, he had just fallen into a trap and smiled about it.

So the race is on, I inherited the Castle in name to ensure that it remains a Family Haven for the Debonair’ clan and to ensure that it does not become next airport, railway station and Platinum Coastal pleasure Resort Complex but I am erecting that on my property oh hell yes, listen up husband dear, we will start the works of the Castle tomorrow I want it restored and modernized by the time we move, Angelica said. “Oh and let his be the only reason why we are still in this together! When you married me to be of the Covenant, you married ‘The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge’ and it is clear, all ye who enters into the covenant’s pact or control by name for a part of or it’s entirety you may benefit and or win but everyone but one man stays standing for he who rummages the fine is victor.

MARULA Castle transformed into a modern day manor of extreme luxuriance, ingeniously thought out modern piece of medieval history molded together by an allure of majestic value and pieced in ultra modern overtones. Eric and Angelica the author’s of an over the top architecture added to it an eighteen hole golf course and a world class infinity water edge swimming pool set by a rocky edge drop to fake a water fall in sleek illusion and sea level effect. Angelica had not moved from her gut wrenched wrath for how Eric deceived her, she knew not yet to which extent Anthony had been involved but she was in the lead to learn all and knew that she would WIN. She had a revelation to Free Luc Ford and she would let him know by a visitation in person to hang in there so she would free him entirely, that she could only do with the next revelation and order of her pact on scroll.

Five months to the big move, Angelica felt squeamish way before grandma Debonair predicted that she would have twins again as if she were a child bearing factory, she had been out of sort’s and put it down to being stressed by all the mishaps in her life.

“Squeamish, edgy, mood swings? You called me a bitch, Angel, what

does that say about mood swings?” Indira said.

“I did not name call, I did not!

“Not in so many words but you meant that I was one, you are pregnant, I know this.

“You evicted me from my own house the last time so I know the symptoms of a pregnant cow!

“So now I am referred to as a cow!

“A mad cow that is, Indira laughed and added, get your coat we are going to see that old hag doctor Port or Muller at Leander Falls. “What do I need a coat for? It is forty degrees out there and rising, you are oh so damn British it makes me want to puke. See, the word puke is so almost vile, you never use profanities and of late you recite them like you’re on slum alley spell bee. Lets just stick to ’get your bag, that’s what we grab most times.... ahh. “The unexpected? The doctor’s visit confirmed that Angelica is pregnant and expecting a male child said to be named Angelo the 2nd, at least, that is what grandma Debonair predicted. With five months to the big move and uncannily three months to delivery the set of twins, she still had to wrap up Twin Pads and prepare for the move to MARULA Castle. An over abundantly sized Angelica tired easily, Edwina and Indira lived at her beak and call, she had become the perfect Prima Donna view Diva who wish was their every command. Having to handle the world’s most outspoken, blunt and spontaneous teenager was to be cherished. Anne-Dee muttered everything but what bees did to reproduce ingeniously of its own species then in added verbal and explicit expression demonstrated which reproductive organs did what and why. She had said about her vagina; if this female organ were not exploited to its just value, it would be such a waste and grow cobwebs of all. Are you saying it’s okay to be sexually abused? ”Edwina inquired. “No, I’m saying that if you do not use the tool that is of the highest emotional value you will deplete your powers and be flat lined like Mo who keeps getting sold off to the highest bidder and still end up with her lonesome self, did you know that she does not even masturbate?

I want to be sexually exploited, Dee-Anne laughed and found the whole taboo pretext wholesomely hilarious, she had never seen anyone as ‘uncomfortable on the subject’ as Edwina. “I love sex, Anne-Dee cackled and rolled on the floor to the hilarity of her statement. Edwina had been agape! Angelica laughed and nodded. I find that you tolerate way too much Angelica, is she not too young to be that advanced?

Hellooooo, please do get with the program Gran, of modern times. I’m quoting from “The art of sex transmutation”

If I am going to be a woman of great achievement then I must be of highly developed sex nature and learn the art of sex transmutation. The men who have accumulated great fortunes and achieved outstanding recognition in literature, art, industry, architecture and professions, were motivated by the influence of a woman. Sex transmutation contains the secret of creative ability – Destroy the sex glands, whether in man or beast and you have removed the major source of action. For proof of this, observe what happens to any animal after it had been castrated. A bull becomes as docile as a cow after it has been altered sexually. Sex alteration takes out of the male, whether man or beast, all the fight that was in him. Sex alteration of the female has the same effect. Anne-Dee burst out laughing. Ask mum she’s a creative roller coaster and gran Ed pity on you for letting grandpa slack you off, you’re way too ‘no fight in you’ to be getting some. This time the entire ’Hail Mary” sent a bout of loud cackles in doctor Muller’s waiting room, even the doctor had been amused. “Good Lord child, what are you reading? “Think and Grow Rich” doctor Mule. “I don’t think so, honey! “Really? “Then wait until I get to the last of the ten stimuli of the mind, Narcotic’s, she laughed and added, that there alone would leave you blushing like you guys conceive by immaculate conception, dah! “We’ll pass on the last of the ten stimuli, thank you Anne-Dee, Gran Ed said and nodded. Tone down honey or you’re getting a chastity belt in those nickers so sex will be of mindedness forever, Angelica laughed. “Did you know that you cannot ’masturbate when under lock and key? That means that you get to go through life being a ‘Maiden’ You mean virgin mother! Like I care, I don’t like boys anyway

I’ll be a Lesbian, Anne Dee laughed and added, it might shock you that you are deprived of being a grandparent after all, but hey, that’s early days you’re still popping kids anyway, have fun.

Anne-Dee had been a breath of fresh air, always uttering note of a rhythm said to be ’the bible written by her sixth sense” Angelica who at the slightest offensive odor, puked and garbled with irritation of all things found Anne-Dee quite the load in addition, she just never zipped it up for a brief second. Eric in his way making up for past tiffs had no sleek ride, Angelica could not stand the sight of him and barely condoned his Anthony, like hate the Debonair Ego got written over her expression, she was at war not only for their bad deeds but for their existence, she was pulling them around like poppets.

A second visit to doctor Muller revealed that Angelica was expecting a set of twins, again. Another pigeon pair and Anne-Dee predicted that it would be a little sister named Stacy-Lee.

You had better be of sacred mindedness of now mother for when she appears in this world it be best she is already saintly and fit for the nunnery, Anne-Dee said. Why should she be chaste and not you?” Edwina inquired. That dear Gran is her choice or mum’s for if mum does not want her new baby girl exposed to words like ’Vagina” then she has to set her up to ‘being an un-laid maiden’ Anne-Dee said and made the team chuckle hilariously. No one cared to hear her account about which part of Angelo the 2nd’s anatomy would get displayed in verbal oration, her whimsical flair just happened ever so spontaneously, she said whatever came to mind.

The last freighter left Twin Pad’s and driving off seemed like a burden enlightened. ‘Taking the last corner of it fading noted the final Adieu to what they newly named “The Lost City” Angelica’ had grown ample, she felt like a tow bar pulling Mount Everest from it’s highest point. With belly weight of a giant whale atop her caddy ride in admiration of the end result of the fully transformed and modernized Castle Angelica swooned about the plush carpet green of the eighteen-hole golf course she co-created with Tiger Woods. A pro’s pavilion of dams, ponds, mini bridges stretched over pure white sea sand like little white balls everywhere on the courts, black lava stone and white sand bunkers. The luscious tropical botanical gardens, a giant aquarium housed a school of colorful fish formatted of glass partitions edged directly to the ocean and a private section of the beach. A picture perfect emergence of what had been imaged on the visualization board of her subconscious mind.

The first family dinner at MARULA Castle, renamed “Lieu-Dit” SPLENDOURA CASTLE. Andre, Eric, Anthony, Edwina, Angelica,

Indira and Anne-Dee sat down to dine. About table manners, you are not the perfect example mother, you are slouching and you have not touched a morsel on your plate, Anne-Dee started, are you about to pop” or is it because Edwina cannot cook? Go on have a bite if the “Husky think’s its good it may well be sumptuous, not that I tasted any myself yet but you are a tad bit too off color for my liking, Anne-Dee continued. “Anne-Dee, would you like to get a meatball stuck up in your gullet dear girl?

“No thank you Gran Ed I am still trying to get the three others unstuck, no offense but we have never eaten charcoal balls at ‘Twin Pads, Anne-Dee teased. “You’d better brush up on your culinary skills or we’ may be forced to turn butler Jarvis to a cook, he makes clay dumplings like a putty master, Anne-Dee laughed and got everyone chuckling.

“Thank you Miss Anne-Dee, I am glad you enjoyed my charcoal balls we’re having ‘feet loaf’ for dessert, Jarvis retorted lightly. Let me give you a cuddle, he said and walked hands open for a snuggly embrace. “Yuk Jarvis, I don’t do ancient tools you’ are way past the expiry date of cuddling and too ancient to be of the Gentleman’s club thank you but no thanks I shall pass on your soppy peck, she laughed out loud. Are you reading another sex book? Edwina inquired. “No ma’am, we are educating ourselves by watching ’Food for thought”

Jarvis said and burst out laughing with Anne Dee for unless they watched the series, they had no clue that ’the concept was based on taking the ordinary to comical and light hearted sexual connotation and that in all innocence a part of Anne-Dee’s sexual education projects.

“Talking about sex, my mother is about to plop guy’s let’s get them sisters and brother’s into this mad world. “Oh dear, are you ready to plop?” Edwina exclaimed and grinning that she applied the slang Anne-Dee imprinted.

You’ are still two months away from your due date dear! Scientifically correct to say, those kids are advancing emergence of The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” Anne-Dee retorted, I love them already she laughed.

“Edwina summoned the Medics, too late, Angelica was a work in progress, history was about to repeat itself. The twins seemed in no hurry to make their appearance. Ancient Doctor Port turned up within ten minutes to assist with the home birth. “Phoebe would strangle me from the bottom of her grave or rather blind mine eyes with her ashes if I did not do my job here today. I can almost see your Grandma Debonair handing out instructions as in; Move your rear old bones Henri. Those kids are not used to being led in the

dark. Edwina laughed. Of course she’s here, the old bag never left I tell you it is eerie, she is shoving me around here. Miss my Fee-Bee she was such a lovely old goat you know, how I miss my Phoebe. “You loved her?

“We were childhood sweethearts and eternal love birds. “Focus on my twins doc or you’ll be joining your concubine at higher dimensions, Eric urged the doctor. Angelo the second emerged with no incident and entered the world yelling at the top of his voice. He was the spitting image and portrait of his deceased brother Angelo. Baby Leander made her way seconds later and then the ultimate surprise within minutes the third infant slid out screaming the house down, a male child named Leonardo, no doubts the triples were the portrait of Luc Ford’s blond and blue eyed note. Eric cringed they did not resemble an inch of him, were they his? He had been occupied darting off elsewhere and only once rolled the hay with Angelica she desired not to be his sidekick. Edwina had been stunned by grandma Debonair’ accurate predictions, they felt almost obliged to grant her the honor of naming the triplets ’Angelo, Leander and Leonardo as she so quaintly commanded.

How did she know they would come to pass?

Angelica settled in a private ward alongside a giant incubator where the triplets fiddled and farted around as if they were full term infants already playful, holding hands, kissing, rolling over each other and going to sleep hugging with inseparableness. Doctor Port and Muller both visited Angelica at the maternity wing ’of Leander Falls 2nd Unit in Torpedo Ridge City.

“Honey, I am the proudest grand daddy doc ever, I brought all five of my grand kids into the world, how marvelous is that?

Did Port lose the plot? Senility or Alzheimer?” the old man claimed Angelica’s kids to be his great grandkids. “You are the delivery doc godfather kind of grand doc daddy, Edwina said. No honey, these kids are of my linkage, direct codons I dare say. I am their great grand father, he insisted. If it makes you happy doc, dad would want you to be the great grand daddy of his since he can’t be, Andre said. No son, this is not a claim of favor, I am of the bloodline and they are my great grand children, not Leo’s. They have absolutely no Debonair’ codon’s and then again neither do you or your boys, Port added. You would have to be my dad to be their grandfather, Andre laughed. A whole new can of worms emerged, harsh truths told and proof of identity got played.

to be learnt, Andre said Debonair had all along been nee Port which made of Anthony and Eric every bit the Port name they were not Debonair’ They were not related to Leonardo Debonair and by that, moved them farthest away from being admissible for the ‘Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” And so the tale of grandma Debonair’ the dishonorable mistress of Port got divulged. Andre Port in name as stated by birth had been an only child said to have been conceived in ménage a trios. Phoebe Debonair, her husband Leonardo Debonair, Paul Port who chose to use his second name Henri to elude the scandal had been regular sex romping’ partners. Grandma Debonair was said to have been quite the character who in an unconventional arrangement agreed that Paul be the spinner in the Debonair intimate den of romancing. What? Port’s as gay as gay can be, are you kidding, a poofter for a dad? No way, he is delusional, Eric had said about his dad. Leo was ’of my maiden modesty, kiddo, we did more sultry rolling in the hay trips than we included Phoebe, trio tricks kept us sane. We were parent’s, three parents when you were born Andre, well it did not take a rocket scientist to know you were mine not his, doctor Port laughed. Andre fled, such a truth had been scornful and view outrageous, he did not want to be who they said he was. Secrets above logic, more secrets emerged to shame the Covenant.

Why now? Why are these untold stories being de-cluttered here at the birth of the triplets, are they Port too and how do they get to be of the covenant if you and or Andre view Eric is not?

The Debonair’ family tree shed some new leaves and left the family shattered. “Well, there you have it folks, I kept my end of the bargain to respect the ‘Covenant’ I am but a speaker and not permissible for banishment for there are many untruths I have yet to divulge for the crowning. My part kept me in a life of exclusion for the sake of Debonair crown jewels, to ace and collect, a thorough bred, blue blooded Debonair must be, I am afraid that not Andre, Eric or Anthony stands but as viewpoint characters, the pact will define the mapping and more shall then be divulged. What you do not know is this, the crown jewels amount to more than just what you have in assets and or the empire you do not know of, it is of the worlds greatest value and will come into one man’s possession. The stakes are high, “The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” is of the Illuminati and has dire consequences if any or all is uttered for those who utter it, do no leak what is divulged here, death by banishment is what it is.

Be warned, I tell you with warning not to take what I have said lightly. There are some wholly intriguing events, incident’s, coincidences to come on this chase, the scrolls are at each member’s divide and we are at the pre-base of a crowning and in it circa the member’s list has not yet shortlisted as would the declined of today be erased from the list. “Angela, you have five bambinos as a final count, the Debonair Empire stands on that, should you have another, your lot will crumble to divide and you too shall not be the Crown or Crowner [be wised] be alert. I advise you to do a snippet of fallopian tubes, no need to entirely rob you of your [ladies kingdom] doctor Port had said. “Shock waves echoed out loud to reverberate and stuff their eardrums with ’unfathomable breaking news, no one but no one expected for the turn of events to be of such ‘blatant switch’. My count is four Doctor Port, Angelica said. Unless I lost it entirely, I recall delivering Anne-Dee and Angelo, added to your new brood of today make’s five, I’m all about my marbles dear girl. Angelo? Yes, I have not seen the blighter here today, what’s he playing, football or else?

“Goddammit Paul, we lost our grandson to a tragic life incident, Muriel Ford poisoned him and is doing time in the Baltimore correctional center for murder alongside her dad Luc Ford for all the trash he caused to this family, Angelica said.

Oh no honey, you are highly mistaken, Muriel did not kill your little boy, she cannot kill anything or anyone or she would have been banished by death ’see it is impossible, she is being watched by the ’Eye of the Covenant” By this you are forced to produce the fifth sibling not only because it was Phoebe’s death wish but because if you fail to show up five living children of the direct descendant and of gender noted everything you possess shall crumble.

“What are you talking about, doctor Port, Edwina inquired. The covenant is only a game of thrills and how do you know all of this about Muriel Ford nee Travis, Gonzales or whatever, Edwina added. Firstly, I have said too much of my instructions of the ‘Covenant’ but I will over indulge myself by just one big tall order and give away the first of the Enigma for which I will be banished, this will be of a precocious nature so listen up I shall not be spared to divulge more.

The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge

”This is the Covenant,” The last man standing of the creed shall rule, restore peace & order to be of entitlement. “The flight on Torpedo Ridge shall be rocky and bequeath its entirety to he who pledges its honor. He that decree, overcome and rummage the fine line to glory shall reign. The stakes are high and though many shall benefit one man will justify its highest attainment. There are two sides to a bun, victory to the upper crust.

Doctor Port left Angelica and Edwina with those words and left hurriedly to conclude his banishment from the trust and breached decree.

Let it be known, he shall never re-emerge for reasons of deceit and or self -banishment for divulging a part of the secret way beyond its revelation date. Also for dishonoring a rule never to reveal any of its order to anyone in the creed who had not yet had the honor to read and understand the Covenant, by revealing to Angelica the imperative imposition of having a fifth sibling he immediately excluded all other female competitors thus giving her the head start to stay ahead of the game. It is indicated that the ‘creed’ would trample over each or any of its members trying to find the key to the unraveling of answers to the clues of which there were many and in no specific order. Only one man can win, who will it be? The family had been perplexed by the latest events donned with sirens of a questionable future because of a newly revealed game play of the ‘Covenant’ excluding of its main characters. Only few were embellished and donned the full understanding of the SECRET.

The journey was about to get rough and airborne to the mightiest turbulence or not afar lurked ‘the eradicator’ but only two people could compete and neither knew of the Who they were and or the full story of the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge.

The Debonair Empire weighed worthy of the worlds richest empire for a bloodline and linkage of hierarchy and yet someone on the outside wanted in to an extent of committing the foulest crimes to get a peek of something he or she would never own.

The flight on Torpedo Ridge was about to stem its oneness of direct engenderment where principal actors in the ‘Covenant’ would board the Final journey on the Flight of Torpedo Ridge with stops off en route for the final destination. The clan of divide would be thrown together by linkage then separated by belonging, eradication and banishment to become a long standing series fleeted by generation after generation always with and for higher purpose of keeping the ‘Covenant’ for the supremacy and Elite of it’s becoming. Everyone present at the dethroning of Andre Debonair would scout the radar doctor Port left undirected to scurry around in seeking that one missing piece of the puzzle he misplaced in his haste to divulge what he had not been entirely permitted to make known, he had been in breach of contract and would pay the price for the disloyal deed.

Doctor Muller was a ‘silent member’ placed in his calling to cover and or take up where doctor Port had left off, for each eliminated member, another fulfilled to and unless the scroll indicated differently. Angelica’s tinted glasses cleared, Angelo had been killed off to cut her short of the fifth sibling and had Port not told her she may have opted for the removal of her child bearing organs and by far thrown off in the instant, this was what he had no right to divulge. It had not been written in her scroll, it was for her to have fathomed so Port chose to step down and place her way ahead atop.

Was it that grandma Debonair’ miscalculated intentionally? She knew then that if Angelo the 2nd would come to life, it would be because Angelo died. One thing for certain, it was written, she could not be banished but stood not to qualify for the ‘prize’ so what use would it be for her to chase and up everyone else’s game when she had nothing to gain? Eric, Anthony and Andre had been eliminated by Paul Port, exceptionally of a twist to all of the Covenant’s restrictions for if a man on the chase is eliminated he is banished by death, they fell short for he advised them that they were as well as banished but not dead as he divulged all and banished himself to save them. It was up to them to heed to their part as ‘view point’ characters and understand the ‘Covenant’ for many shall benefit but only one will be victor’

They still stood a chance of benefiting, Eric knew this well or he would not be for the calling. Eric deemed that if he stepped off and away even the vineyard and what he had inherited from his grandmother would fall away by some due debt. “The good thing Phoebe Debonair was a bloodline and biologic grandmother whom through negligence bedded a wayward gay doctor and robbed them of an immense fortune simply because she indulged in sinful passion and got the ’insignificant other’s DNA engraved in her bloodline.

Sorely miscalculated ardor, Leonardo Debonair’ swarmed more

than 250 million spermatozoa in a pool of Paul Port’s lot of wrath amounting to 500 million hasty buggers and by sloppy chances it be Paul’s to reach the fallopian tubes, find the ovum and singly penetrate for the life of Port and his namesake. Off all the odds, Andre, Eric and Anthony who spent their lives chasing the empire all sorely dethroned for their efforts and sins had been in vain, they could never inherit a Debonair Empire being Port bloodline. It was by the fault of an unworthy grandmother, they hated her for ensuring that their lot would get into the possession of unworthy others. They were about to enter the maze of predicted and unpredicted hexagons to stumble on complex squares and elongated by triangles of an extremely complicated esoteric core amid the five-point symbol of infinity. Everyone on board Flight Torpedo Ridge will have to muster courage and iron fists to stay on board or get thrown off in flight. “Doctor Muller made it his mission to hold Angelica down for observation over one month and in his exchange with her of a private deliberation of an indiscernible nature, not to be for the comprehension of others for too much had already been divulged. Who was Doctor Muller? Why was he part of the Covenant and what was his major premise? Second in treating and related to the death of Elle or rather ’death my negative manipulation wrought by a certain ’de-phased doctor death aka Daniel Ford. Who were these ’Ford’s and how were they related to ’the Debonair crown jewels?

If Angelica failed to produce the fifth sibling, Muller would be banished by death and she would never know why Muriel had a part in the pact, why in her mindedness did she name ‘Tuscany House’ Torpedo Ridge and on her life’s journey got involved in a Covenant of it’s namesake, this to her had been by pure coincidence or was it? Oddly and as incredible as it sounds, stumbling on that name had been by and through a Universal force, some things are unknown as so is proof of Higher Self and Sub conscience drive.

For when man is drawn into the unknown it is by a force of nature unbeknown for it cannot be seen or heard it just is in essence, form but more of substance. Angela had been a child with little importance of the exactitude of science and nature, alike is the Covenant, no one really knows how it came about or who founded it, only that it birthed and that she was of the elect on its scrolls.

How did Angelica end up being placed in that path before she stumbled on the first piece of the puzzle? It must have been by the choosing of a universal creative intelligence or force of creative substance, she was not of the Debonair’ genre or of it’s bloodline. By her humble association and presumed birth right of being the ‘pauper’ Ridge Ramon’s daughter, later proved in DNA to be a biological cast of the Luc Ford bloodline and directly stated for crowning glory, had this been different, she may not have stood in line to inherit or be cast for the tier in hierarchy. ’The Covenants end runners were all especially designated to be of true gut and ambition, obsession and focus on one thing above all, immense wealth and monetary fortunes.

Ridge Ramon had been hand picked for his ingenuity in electronic gadgets by which the already rich minded Luc Ford would exploit his weakness to enrich himself and those in his circle. Ridge Ramon’s deceased wife Arianna Alcove had been a part of the establishment who produced the child that would become a covenant member and coincidently be the biological cast of the rich minded exploiter. With certainty one can deduce from the alliance that Ridge Ramon, his daughter Angelica later turned Ford to have been intentionally made to birth as Ramon for Luc may not have accumulated fortunes to be in the running for the ultimate wealth.

Luc Ford’s wife Gwen and their ‘so called’ daughter Muriel Ford ‘switched at birth’ and Elle the belated emerged twin had been viewpoint character’s not direct linkage to Debonair’ genre. Ford distributor Milo Travis in a marriage of convenience with Florence Gonzales flourished in an exhibition of love. Luc Ford’s oddment brother Daniel Ford’ raised Luc Ford’s daughter Indira, said to be Luc Ford’s daughter [highly secretive] of whether she was Arianna’s daughter [divulged that she looked like Muriel’s twin by esthetic surgery [a truth divulged at the crowning of the Covenant.

“Life at the Castle, Eric and Anthony chose to run the race as instructed and dwelled in the Castle with her mum Edwina. Indira incrusted a wing for herself along with Angelica, and the four children, the butler Jarvis and a new nanny Fray. Andre had not returned since his “Shaming” and seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth. It made sense then that Andre did not qualify or be considered a true member in any viewpoint, he had been declared an illegitimate grown man, but was there fine print to consider that he could benefit as all other members? Indeed, upon reception of a scroll Andre returned to the Castle yet roamed and erred like an outcast feeling belittled and dethroned of his right to

being of Debonair engenderment. Andre and his sons suffered a great identity crisis for having thought themselves into being heirs to being dismembered as heirless. Concluded by the ranks of nobility to be of pure blood and or stemmed from a Rockefeller decree or foundation. No one knew whom the other prominent wealth guru’s name or identity was apart from the two obvious names Debonair and Ford. Ford Kingdom in an effaced showdown never divulged a position. Still, in the running ‘the unseen white elephant’ the extra of the unknown whom no one had heard of or seen before and ’known to be the eradicator and banisher of members. With certitude ‘a phantom prowler’ on the look out to diminish Angelica’s count of male siblings of attachment to her and for the Covenant, the prowler killed Angelo and would almost certainly prevent her from having the count of the pact. The evident association had been that she was first Ramon then Ford and Debonair, why Ramon remained in the race ‘was questionable’ he was not of attaché in any way view that even Angelica had not been his biological child in any way. Ridge Ramon’s name returned to the scroll’s pact of engagement for unknown reasons, not that he could tell because he was deceased.

If Muriel did not attempt to kill Eric and or kill Angelo then who did? If Muriel is hawk watched by ’The Eye of the Covenant” then so was Angelica at close range.

“I have run this race since I was little and here I am having to protect my boys, what if I fail?

“You cannot fail for if you do, the eradicator of your kids will lurk in live to own all that you have ‘omitting’ of what the Covenant hold’s, Edwina responded by what she had been authorized to divulge from her scroll of simple instruction.

“It is ‘without compromise, you must produce a male child for us to benefit of the Covenant, she had said and backed up by Andre who reappeared to take up where he left off, that is fighting for his share, if any. “What if I produce the male child? Anthony inquired “It would have to be of Angelica’ or Indira’s brine as no Ford linkage can be banished to date. Andre erred like a stranger in no man’s land. Resident in a kingdom of childhood to adulthood and lost to where he belonged. “Why did my mother deceive me? Why did she lie, shame and disgrace him? Debonair stayed in tact and he was soiled by being a gay doctor’s son, he was not proud. Why was he blaming his parents? They had never hidden their odd fetish they officiated a trio of bliss, he had been present to view the oddity. Leo Debonair treated Andre like his own and therefore engraved the ‘daddy status’ even after he had known that Andre was Port’s not his. Andre first heard of ’The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” at the age of thirteen. It sounded like something from ‘Earthly wrath for Kingdom Principals. It made sense that his parents claimed to be of the 1% of the world’s richest in line to manage universal funds in their name, they had it all. It made sense to be eloquent, of a Debonair kind and exude the perfect gentleman image, after all it was he who represented the Debonair’ fortune not Leo who would die and leave him the world’s greatest empire. In recollection, it bothered Andre that in they accorded him only the basic needs and had not allowed for him to act his wealth. They taught him unscrupulous methods of wealth amassment not for his own leisure therefore the self made man he had become. As early as the age of eighteen-years old and precisely a day after his majority, he imposed the ‘one man made law’ to peddle and impose his plans on dreaded oil tycoons and other world ore and oil foundations. He had rubbed up to the DA from uptown, a man of great value and said to own the city and its people. Leonardo Debonair taught Andre that material and monetary values were the ultimate and only obsession he needed to have and instructed never to ask for favors but dictate exchange. “Never settle for anything less than more, Leonardo had said repeatedly, yet they accorded nothing. Phoebe Debonair told him to swindle, wheel and deal with only the world’s greatest business tycoons and Philanthropists so he may take of their offerings and not give anything in return. His mission was to seek out ferocious and fierce manipulators and mimic their style. Why not?” they were setting him up to inherit a great fortune and teaching on high net worth weaklings and that is how he found Ridge Ramon by his method of fishing for big white sharks. It had not been as simple trying to catch Luc Ford who in namesake ran his own bait factory to lure in big fat whales.

Andre Debonair had been robbed of his birthright, “The Inheritance” and the entitlement of Debonair’ engenderment. Eric and Anthony had everything to lose if they did not heed to what doctor Port conveyed, either they stayed on board the chase to benefit of the ’Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” or vanish.

The triplets fared greatly and nanny Fray kept them brilliantly fed, nurtured, happy and secure. The triplets were constantly encircled by a team on nanny’s, security officers and well encircled by friends their own age ’kids of tycoons. Nanny Fray and five child minders headed to their usual picnic spot at “Ocean

Horizons” to entertain the triplets with duck feeding in principle but turned out to focus more on the staff party they intended. Uncanny that a group of fifteen monitoring adults lost three kids, this had been unfathomable. The nanny’s grouped with male staff for a brunch picnic and said to have been authorized by Eric. Intoxicating brewage flowed in abundance in the presence of the triplets. Nanny Fray marched the triplets to the farthest secluded spot afar from where they partied, handed them ’plastic buckets of bread bits and crumbs and ordered them to stay put and feed the ducks while she returned to join the party. What happened next seemed ludicrous, the staff partied hard, consumed alcohol and none cared and iota of the triplets left unattended to. They had not paid a moment of attention to the toddlers who was said to have vanished within minutes, ’understatement or lie. “The triplets are missing, Nanny Fray yelled out as she entered the manor. ’They just vanished, she added in trembling vibrato nerves on edge and aware that her gaffe was about to get her and her entourage fired.

“Ten minders hired for the children’s safety and three kids just vanish? “Do your rounds, find them and bring them back to safety from their ‘hide and seek’, Angelica spiffed. Angelica growled in an unconcerned tone for she felt that the triplets were not afar. An hour, then two, still no sign of the triplets, Angelica had been frantic. CCTV cameras in the zone showed up no footage. Proof that the camera’s had been tampered with emerged to confirm an undoubted planned kidnapping. “Why were my children left unattended to while you lot partied on booze in a restricted area? ’Angelica inquired angrily.

“I assigned Aphrodite to checking on the triplets ma’am, she spent a few minutes with them before she joined the party, Nanny Fray said and nodded for Aphrodite to confirm the instruction. Yes to Nanny Fray’s instruction and no to being assigned to minding the triplets, it was my day off to chill and celebrate not mind toddler’s Aphrodite uncaringly. “One minute they were feeding the ducks and the next they had vanished that I knew when they stopped cackling, she added. The triplets vanished without a trace, said one account about what had happened. Anne-Dee barged in. “You have got to be kidding, here you have a bunch of idiots minding the triplets and not a single nit wit knows what happened? Dah, that is oh so convenient, Anne Dee growled. “The lot of you are useless and fired for partying on the job, I watched you from the manor, none of you gave a hoot if they fell into the ocean and drowned, they were on their own for at least an hour before Granddad Andre turned up from the West wing to take them on a boat ride and drop them back off again. “That too I find way too negligible on the part of a grandfather who upon citing them unattended to should have advised their minders that was taking them of a joy ride but communication is zero. I cannot fire grandpa but he too needs to be penalized. Their welfare is clearly not his priority, I can tell, Anne-Dee fumed. “Like clock work, Grandpa sailed off and Nanny Froth turned up and of course viewing ‘the killer in their midst’ I hurried to get them kids away from her and yelled out for these idiots to get the triplets to safety but lo they were way too stewed on Tequila to give a continental damn. “I reached the peer on sloppy chances to view the speed boat disappear with only droning reverberating in my ears, it was nanny Froth who abducted them. “Are you sure it was nanny Froth? ’Of course mother, who else wears furs in summer, Dah, Anne-Dee said. ’Lose the Dah thing Anne-Dee it is annoying, Angelica quipped. “Wow, and you shudder at the Dah thing when you should be mortified that the triplets are about to be poisoned?” She killed Angelo mother, she will kill Leonardo and Angelo 2nd don’t be minding my Dah, be walking that ocean to save them, Anne-Dee fumed back. “Oh my God! Leonardo and Angelo’s lives are in grave danger,

Angelica flinched, anguish ridden by a quick nervous reaction to fear. She drenched in dreaded perspiration as security guards, nanny’s and castle staff reported ’not to have found any sign of the triplets or citing at nearby quays and or the main harbor. “ Frankly, who pays Fidelity security and a hoard of child minders to lose three tiny toddlers? It had been of bafflement that the triplets just vanished. Private detectives rallied around the Castle fine combing every stretch of the beachfront, the property and its environs. Docks, shores, quays and even manholes, the twins evaporated into thin air and no one knew why, when and how it happened only that they had been carted away by a speed boat.

CCTV Camera’s at the stretch and zone of abduction ’showed inactivity and said not to have been under surveillance. Uncanny that no security guard had been assigned to the zone where the triplets spent most of their leisure time for play study and strolls.

Upon inquiry of ‘non surveillance’ learnt that the Queen’s chain mostly frequented by wealthy public donned strict privacy laws forbidding cameras on the specific stretch of beachfront frequented.

Who authorized non-surveillance on the strip, Queens chain or not, my kids reign there daily and had the right to be monitored, Angelica inquired. Nanny Fray looked at Eric, who very quaintly shrugged his shoulders to demonstrate an “I do not know” gesture. Nanny Fray stared at Eric with a daggered ogle and waited for him to acknowledge that he authorized the zone for play hours and

leisure, he conveniently ‘did not know’ “You signed the ‘no surveillance act’ of a zone where our kids spent their lifetime?” Angelica fumed.

“I own MARULA Castle not the world and cannot overturn the security act of public persons, Eric retorted. “How convenient that you consider my children of high risk and endangered to be of inferior importance as opposed to the illicit public that roams on my proprietorship under non surveillance. I have 100% of the full rights and control of the estate and it’s environs, I signed the deed and you overturned it, why? “I agreed to a “no surveillance act” to garner interest from the public and in my defense of safeguarding the triplets I debarred the staff to frequent the zone at any given time, Eric justified, they should not have been there. “Need I replay the recording of your authorization of this morning and prior times? Nanny Fray inquired. “You consented, confirmed that CCTV surveillance was active in the zone and as a matter of rule instructed us to use only that specific area for leisure and kiddy events at all times. “Your own words; Use the zone at leisure it is now fully and safety secured.

“Of all the unfathomable jargon, one must ask why you told us not to mind the kids said to be sage enough to handle themselves while we partied. And of your generous offering to furnish Tequila and Snacks catered by ZEFF on the same you signed us off for the day as VACATION. We must presume that you deed is of deliberate intention to get the ‘Triplets kidnapped’ You left Leander with us but she ran off to join her brother’s, that is oh so eerily planned, a monitor said angrily. “Angelica’s light bulb moment flickered so brightly even Eric froze but she rapidly toned down so not to divulge on whom she gathered suspect. Let it be Froth if there is blame you are entitled to starring as the negligent party in this, when in service one does not heed to doing the opposite of what one had been hired for. My kids are out there somewhere and I have no idea where they are heading for, Angelica said worriedly. I think that nanny Froth may have hailed another vehicle by now, one of the minder’s chimed in. Investigation turned up that ‘the speedboat’ had been cited at the Quay of Torpedo Ridge and that a woman of Muriel Ford’s description had been seen accompanying three toddlers and hailing a limousine registered number plate 007. It had also been noted that the children seemed tame in their grandfather Andre Debonair’ company said to have hailed the limousine of ‘alleged’ abduction at the same, they were thus with someone familiar it seemed.

“Angelica acknowledged that not only was she living with the

unknown, she knew who the killer was in their midst. Andre Debonair was in cahoots and or responsible for Angelo’s death and now he was again in a medley of life threatening moments and or about to kill Angelo and Leonardo. Angelica could not divulge or express whom she viewed the culprit and or divulge that she had been awakened’. By the slightest chance of acting unaware of the enemy she may save her kids from death. Angelica needed to find a way around disqualifying suspicion on Andre and Eric’s for those were the two ’whose motives arose as highly suspicious. Nanny Froth instigated that Eric was implicated in highly incriminating activity. She accused him of being an accessory and or the foul player of murderous schemes. Angelica could not allow to let her own guard down or to appoint at the same level suspicion on Eric. Having to bide for time, it deemed essential that she negate nanny Froth’s accusations as absurd. Every strand of your actions is highly suspicious? Nanny Froth insisted.

How gallant of you to park your insinuations on the flipside of evading your own acts of negligence nanny Froth. “Your insinuations are unfounded and by far absurd. “ I will not adhere to your slither as an act to diminish my husband in the wake of your direct negligence. “We are the parent’s and you are the minder, do not misplace the length of which you are authorized to create slander, you shall be sorely deprived and heavily penalized for ’not heeding to the fine print of your contract therefore and of such is proof that you are the only culprit for not ensuring their safekeeping around the clock as per the agreement,

Angelica said sternly at the same, delivering a subtle wink to demonstrate to nanny Froth that ‘she faking a harsh response’ foremost to save the triplets from getting killed. Nanny Froth adhered to the sign and said no more knowingly that Angelica would shoot cannons to make her look bad, a necessity to undo the blame she placed on Eric, or he would know that Angelica already smelt the rat.

You are unreliable and audacious therefore it is in my children’s best interest that you be dismissed with immediate effect and at the same to remain on the Castle premises for interrogation about the true identities of the persons posing as Eric and Andre who have all along been here on the premises and not involved as you implied. Oh my word, if that was not grandpa Andre with the triplets then who? We need to find Grandpa, Anne-Dee said. Just then Anthony appeared almost like by lightning. Known to always appear in the midst of crisis but never present at the start of drama erupting.

“Just saw dad knee high in the Kegs and as drunk as a Lord, Anthony said, what’s the episode of Debonair Drama entitled this time, he added sarcastically. Murder she wrote as usual, Anne-Dee replied, the triplets were

abducted allegedly by Nanny Fray but there are too many intriguing empty lines and ’incomprehensible twists at this turn rather stay tuned to follow the saga as it unfolds uncle T, hopefully we’ll be spared a couple of funerals this time, she added and ran off to find her grandfather. There Andre was, tipped into a keg only head up and soaked in Debonair grand cru sipping his life away and on a suicidal mission of ’intoxicated mind. “Dad! The triplets are missing was that you who took them on a boat and Limousine ride?

“Port’ stigmata does not roll by means of Yachts and Limousine’s do they? “No sooner and all of it will don on the Heir of Torpedo Ridge so before I drown in this stench get me another drink, Andre slurped and burped then farted and laughed. Andre slithered and slurped and plunked his body weight down head buried under grand cru of Chardonnay-Oak almost too intoxicated to keep afloat. Eric and Anthony pulled him to safety and left him on the trampoline to dry up and sleep off his drunken fit and frenzy. Solid evidence accumulated, the getaway car had been confirmed to be a black limousine registered 0007 one of ten for hire by grouped lot. Dah! Like she has ten limousines a la James Bond cruising ten ends of the town to take us on a wild goose chase. “I don’t know’ but logically she has already chopped to change from Limo to cruiser and or hailed public transport to somewhere unbeknown, Anne Dee added. Think not out of the box and be grounded about this issue ’it is what it is thus the moment for all of us to go into that ‘minded space of “I do not know” and stay there to subtly hear what we do not know be revealed by the stillness of not knowing. It is important to not know so we may better be guided to what is and be shown where to head to next, Anne-Dee continued. Who are you quoting kiddo, Anthony inquired. Anne-Dee Debonair with a little help from Guru Swami, who said, just go to that place deep down in the “I don’t know and do nothing’

“You are such a fine existentialist, Edwina said. “Rolling it off in an “I don’t know” humanness is so brilliant for from it comes ’all that there is to know, you are a genius kiddo, Edwina added. Fine combing in and around Marula and Cali-corn, a wild goose chase indeed. “This is everything to do with ’Living with the Unknown” and not of any game train association of dad or Mo, you know that right? Indira told Angelica discretely. “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer, Angelia retorted, winked an eye to establish that she had already ‘fathomed’ the evil doer in their midst. Pulling up at Nanny Froth’s residence was one of great astonishment. Froth Manor stood on acres of ‘Diamonds’ in the

true sense of the phrase being that the land it stood on was a gold mine in actual. A truly remarkable Estate of supreme wealth donned on magnificence and plush luxuriance and worthy fortune in every sense of the word. Costly convertible’s, to collector vintage and sport vehicles of great value in no way associated to a nanny on minimal wage. Private investigators immediate interest took to the sailing Yacht ‘LEONARDO TORPE’ by all the plush it seemed evident that she was a “Lady of the Manor of great wealth. Why then did she take up a role of nanny if not in the namesake of ‘The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge”? “Where did the TORPE genre come into play, such indications showed up on the mural’s of her wall’ family portraits signed TORPE not Froth, was Froth an alias? The name sounded dignified and of nobility. The people in the photo frames were certainly frowned with depth and of high society of Elite and mannerly order. Finally a name discovered that rhymed with being a competitor with Debonair’ and Ford. Was TORPE of the front tier of the crowing? Why did nanny Froth said to be TORPE then represent herself as a nanny, nurse and not the specialized doctor she was? The truth about the matter was that she was not who she claimed but named in real identity Alma TORPE, this of no surprise, she wore her name like a glove true to it’s definition as in her core of being single, rigid and frigid too shy to pursue amorous desire. Investigators searched the property and found no relevant clues or signs of the nanny and or the missing triplets. The investigating squad was about to call it a day when the junior reservists had an idea.

“What if there is a hidden trap door somewhere?” “We would have found it if it existed Sherlock Holmes, a superior responded. The ambitious young man had a hunch and without further ado took command and ordered the search. The chief officer denied him the right to command and dismissed his over zealous attempt to run the show. Still, the young man commanded like a pro and of no surprise that the young ambitious team adhered to his orders with pride. Everything in the TORPE mansion stood pen o rent in perfect coordination from tablemats to lounge carpets meticulously calculated at just angles but one single misplaced observation. An unkempt carpet had been moved and left slanted by a hurried manipulation no doubt. A slanted carpet in a meticulously conformed space seemed highly suspicious. The reservist’s intuition paid off, the tile in question had indeed been a trap door covered by the carpet to camouflage a set of steps and fire drill pillars on either side leading down into a secret storeroom in the basement.

‘Thumbs up’ to the fine young reservist who came widely applauded for thinking out of the box and outsmarting his Superior’s. The ambitious young man got mention for his bravado and the team of PI’s proudly flung themselves down the pillars in acrobatic order. A state of the Art studio revealed a state of the art studio of intellectual incline, mind stimulating books, high tech electronics and ultra modern furniture. Nanny Froth aka as Alma TORPE had been asleep on a snazzy spacious recliner bed and the triplets left to roam about in a lethargic mode, one slouched over a bean bag and the other close to comatose as if by sedation and or suspected poisoning. Doctor Kline from Forensics, checked the two boys vitals and with urge administered an IV each for the prognosis confirmed by examination of their pupils to have been poisoned. ’Save yourself from death row Alma and divulge what poisons you fed these boys? Rat poison and Arsenic, she replied And the girl, Is she tainted too? No, she is heavily only heavily sedated. The Emergency Center of “Leander Falls” at Torpedo Ridge rallied around trying to save the two boys from a slow but agonizing death. It had been confirmed that they tested positive for the narcotics and poisons divulged by the nanny yet luckily of minor dosages of rat poison and arsenic, cocaine and other identified species. Said to have been the first of a planned series, the nanny had been instructed to feed the boys with small but fatal doses intended to take effect and kill them within days. Of a cruel intention to cause harm and suffering to children, sad sadism. Questioning revealed that Alma TORPE kidnapped the triplets upon instruction from an alleged insider at the MARULA Castle, yet she refused to reveal the person’s identity. “We are aware that you are not in need of a ransom for kidnapping but all the same you are ‘destined for death row’ and will be charged for murder and culpable homicide with premeditated act to cause grave bodily harm and prolonging death to minor’s. “You acknowledge to have been instructed by a resident of the MARULA Castle but you administered the poison and are therefore the killer. In addition, you refuse to name the suspect“ in act as an obstructer of Justice, for this you will certainly pay the high price of being imprisoned with the hell on death row at Baltimore Precinct. Why are you willing to spend your life in prison to safeguard a killer and thief? “You seem to have a fortune of your own, what is in it for you to ’be silent? the Reservist exclaimed sighing with disbelief.

“I get to keep the TORPE ESTATE if I succeed in getting the main player banished from the ’The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” or the TORPE ’namesake shall not mount the ranks in history as the third runner up in the event play out reveals a Fourth family of note. I must ensure TORPE placement my scroll permits eradication of two parties ‘still folded on whether it is for fourth and fifth either way, I must ensure a podium to benefit. A hint arose, all Debonair’ male siblings to be dropped from the grid, it is written and authorized I cannot be jailed for indirect ‘involvement’ for I have not killed but obliged to the act of elimination. I have ‘the clue in name only permitted to warn that the enemy is in your midst, “Your collaborators killed pets, attempted to kill the Debonair’ twins, attempted to kill their dad, terrorized the family with sick sordid death threats and killed their son and got close to killing the third of the male children, it is advisable to reveal the full truth of what happened and why, the person who instructed you must be stopped for you will have no use of stopping other’s wealth to enrich your own or TORPE namesake, you will be dead and have no merit to savor of fortunes.

Alma divulged the farthest permitted and told the Reservist of her version from the day to date she had disappeared from Twin Pads. It had been on the day that Angelo died and interrogation seemed rife, she would have been imprisoned had she not fled and gone into hiding for she had not been guilty of administering the poison to Angelo but she had known of its existence and deadly content, also that Anne-Dee’s life was threatened if she by any means ate of the poisoned gift as would, they shared everything as most twins did. Nanny Froth had been instructed to ensure Anne-Dee never consumed even a morsel of Angelo’s poisoned chocolate gift. It had been an arduous task ducking in Uropygium mode like a bird flapping its featherless rear as Anne-Dee so quaintly plucked feathers from all things at rear and within her reach. Nanny Froth told Anne-Dee the milk in Angelo’s chocolate bunny contained vitamins for male children and if she consumed of it, she would grow a beard and a penis. Also Anne-Dee to vow never to ‘divulge’ the secret that the bunny chocolate existed or she would forever be deprived of candy for life.

“The Eradicator” instructed on two occasions that Nanny Froth run Eric Debonair’ off the road but ensure only to scare not get him killed in the process. After all these years of plotting I know with certitude that the culprit is an “Insider at the MARULA Castle and that he or she is directly implicated in whatever ’The Eradicator instructed me to do. “It does not take a rocket scientist to view and observe that the one person who so quaintly offered himself up as a target did it so it may appear that his/her

life is endangered, that said; “You are Living with the Unknown”.

It is evident the Culprit calls a bluff around his/her involvement seeking or acquiring sympathy in the act of being seen as a victim not a perpetrator. “Upon recollecting now, I am absolutely convinced that ’Eric’s saving grace rose from ’the insider’s plan. My dealership mechanic advised that he had been instructed to dismantle Eric’s Land Rover’s breaks at a specific and precise timing of 3pm at ‘Craft Hill’s’ where Eric’s Consulting Sessions ran three times a week on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Fridays. Welcome to Karma Café where you enter to reap what you have sown, that was what happened to Alma TORPE. Karma’s offer of the day had been to reward the then called Nanny Froth with a great reward for her evil participation of premeditating plans for murder. Call it divine intervention, fate or coincidence it had not been It had not been Eric’s Land Rover that had been deliberately dismantled that day but that of Nanny Froth’s son Eldon Froth’s identical vehicle by unforeseen mighty miseries got tampered with in milliseconds as he ’pulled in at Eric’s parking space. The plan had not been for Eldon Froth to turn up, it had been a sheer coincidental visit to run an errand for a friend, a date with fate rewound. Eldon leapt out of his vehicle into the offices to pick up a parcel and moments later headed down the Cliff to certain death. It would appear that in the configuration of ‘death wish’ Eric had not been the target but Eldon ’of the one who sent him to collect, Eric had thus never been in danger. “I was mortified and about to commit cold blooded murder, Alma TORPE growled. “I sped off towards Twin Pads got stopped by the traffic squad and pocketed a speeding fine. “Time wasted and more determined than ever to get mad and even, I pursued the plan, picked up speed and drove like a maniac in total eclipse of mindedness, she added. “Sadly, my speeding frenzy led to another’s death. “I took a life that day by means of crushing a frail old lady who had been crossing the street in her rightful Amber Alert at a traffic light intersection. Tragic death by road rage and there had been nothing left of the dame. Even then in remorse I still only fretted for my son’s death not hers and it had since returned to haunt me with a guilty conscience and I suffer for having killed a charming old lady who did me no harm. “I am a coward and would have fled if the Traffic Offer of my former display did not show up as timely as he did. “I got arrested, imprisoned and sentenced to three years in the BALTIMORE PRECINCT. “ A stroke of luck that I met with Muriel and got to hang out in their kind den cell, power and luxuriance reached even in the pits of hell. A reunion of sorts, Muriel Ford and I had been friends and foes for a long while and share a pain body in Angelica Ramon who in her deed of poll is claimant on every shrine, she spoke of how essential it is to diminish Angelica by any means but acknowledged that the task to harm or eliminate the Diva of plastic proved ‘frugal’ Angelica Debonair had become a force to be reckoned with, the arduous task to brush her off would prove ’impossible, she was impenetrable no one got close enough to eliminate her for she was the highest ‘Protégé’ of the Covenant of Torpedo Ridge.

Wavy tanner in little tides and capitulated a barrel beast to wash onto the Ford shore. Alma spoke the Ford Universal language of deceit to better be an alley than a foe for one, she too needed to be on the inside looking out in the event Ford ran the Race with TORPE, they agreed to diminish and eradicate Debonair bloodlines and partially succeeded by getting the Port’ name stuck on Eric as in doctor Port’s revelation to his ’son and grandsons alike. Nanny Froth’s mum Melanie TORPE had been doctor Muller and Port’s personal assistant and medical nurse at a time Angelica sought to prepare herself for future parenthood. An absolute charmer, who secretively bore a grudge against Luc Ford, paved the garment of sainthood in caring for Angelica on a medical sphere and point of view. Melanie TORPE, a humble sympathizer made it her mission to switch Angelica’s medical reports and files with that of a carefully designated baron patient. To flop Angelica’s birthing rights with deprivation to motherhood, nurse TORPE incurred her highly psychological bluff and mustered up every inconceivable malfunction in the life of a female to brand Angelica with. Deliberate intention to cause irreversible mental demise so that Angelica would by ‘fake fertility drugs’ surrender to being a useless motherless and childless sin. It had been said that Muriel had been implicated and Melanie TORPE’s partner in crime to ’destroy Angelica unstoppable force, they failed hopeless to deprive her of motherhood and would never bow out of trying to conceive if she lived to be as old as the hills, this Angelica conveyed with definite purpose. Muriel and nurse TORPE thrived on stirring foreign garb and unlawful medical malpractice by swapping test results of certain baron patients with those of highly fertile subjects. The complotting pair and their treacherous counterparts deceit on Angelica caused for an unconscious shift and transformation in their baron patient’s mindsets that had gone from hopelessness to hope by their unintentional attempt to fox and swap medical files. Their bluff paid off only by unintentional favor on not of positive that worked like a charm ’on the ratio of Placebo Effect of mindedness. Getting positive results after prior no hope to conceive and doom to motherhood, created miracles in the baron’s mindset. It had been proof that positive shift and minded transformation reversed even the most startling and damaging diagnosis and moved from no hope to conception and birth of

what had been ’said impossible. A blessing in disguise, the baron patient’s file that showed up all Angelica’s positive results made for miraculous view supernatural manifest, the patient’s baroness had been blessed by fertility by the mere shift of ‘positive results’ and the subject in question conceived and birthed an infant formerly said to have been impossible. The patient known as ’Lyme Trapeze conceived on pure mind twistedness in the absence of full ovarian circulation and other ablated child bearing organs and held the adverse reaction on Angelica who with deliberate intention suffered a fate of infertility by ’autosuggestions of others. Lyme’s mindset by note had been altered by a “White Fib Method” it proved that ‘thoughts and results sieved even when reality of negative is impressed upon as delusional mindedness a result positive materialized. The Debonair’ family had been disgusted by Alma TORPE’s account of ‘ attempt to destroy Torpedo Ridge’s hierarchic ladder in an unsuspecting manner by means of depriving Angelica of he sodden truth untold. Alma TORPE had been employed in Debonair’ household first to mind the twins then later returned in a faked appearance and identity to mind the triplets. A chase for placement on the scrolls of ‘The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” The fight had not been about Alma TORPE’s mother who vengefully diminished Angelica’s capacity to conceive out of revenge of a former altercation of Luc Ford’s doing. Nurse Melanie TORPE had actually in truth been doctor TORPE a specialized Obstetrician who had posed as Luc Ford’s nanny to raise or mind Muriel, Angelica and Elle at the Ford Estate in prior times. In her short assignment, the doctor more known as the NANNY at the Ford Estate, acquainted with luxuriance. Melanie TORPE wanted a piece of the pie in the sky and with Ford’s help ensured her huge bank loan from the Ford’s Bankers paradise to pursue her studies, of course and of no surprise, the only banking institute in the land to accord a non solicited person a loan in millions at one hundred percent interest. “What choice did Alma TORPE have but to indebt or quit, she was better than just a justificatory to her mother’s spawn to taint and taunt the enemy as were the Covenant’s ferocious and fierce rules. Alma TORPE wanted more out of life and sought the tools to start her project that is why she joined Muriel Ford at Leander Falls to serve doctors Port and Muller long after her mother had succeeded and failed on all counts. For Alma’s mum who had been scorned by Luc Ford when she was little, owing mountains did not rhyme with repaying a mega bank loan, her plan had been to own the millions she had loaned not owe it. By her pattern of deprivation she set Alma up to mime Muriel she knew that she would have to get Alma into to the Debonair’ pavilion for that was where she needed to be to enhance her own future. Alma had been drilled and wooed opportunity into her life. No sooner and she found herself placed at the foot of ‘a chance of a lifetime’ as an older doctor swooned around her doting on her every move. Alma TORPE aka Nurse TORPE did not know or care about who the man was only that he was rich and she would grasp whatever he had to offer, he was God sent and her ticket to freedom at last.

’True to her desires she landed the luxurious mansion, the cars, stuffed credit cards and checkbooks but the man had not been the young, tall, dark and handsome gigolo she prayed for. He was at least thirty odd older than her, wore a belly and reeked of a brewery. Recollecting, Alma TORPE suggested that the man known as doctor Dee to meet her family, never envisaged lest efforts made, the doctor found pretext after pretext to evade the meeting with Alma’s family thus Alma roamed in her mansion and luxury like an abandoned black widow. Nanny TORPE her mum had a giant hunch that the ‘dollar man’ Alma dated was nothing but a fake. She warned Alma about the pit falls she may encounter and conveyed with certainty that such a man was from a ‘deceptive genre’. Miss TORPE senior doubted Alma’s lucky windfall and conveyed her wholly skepticism about the matter. “I have a master degree in failing at life’s wonders because like you, I am easily educed by charm. Doctor Don Dee? What kind of name is that? “A world Leader or Light God, Deity?” Either way, my psyche sums him up to be one of top visionaries of immense fortunes but that by his Celtic] raging, broken hearted soul energy, he acquires worldly gifts by the means of trampling on your soul to come into more wealth. “But I have and own nothing he may retrieve for enrichment, Alma TORPE responded. “His name symbolizes ’power to acquire, not give, I have a gut instinct that you are with a man of deception, her mother insisted. “Then so be it mum, it is I who attracted him into my life for the purpose of living life in luxuriance, Alma replied. Granted but such engenderment, does not embellish littleness for nothing in return, you are unmatched.

“This is what spirit says about your namesake and it’s referencing to the incidental pairing off with this man; “You are his intentional creative ‘scape goat’ sought through darkness yet carried by the Gods of light. In namesake, this man is of hierarchy and it is his ardent power not yours that attracted you to him. Melanie Fared is by the very symbolization of ‘dark’ unique, unmatched [he leads you into the pits of your own darkness for a unique reason of world mastery and unmatched bliss, I called you Alma TORPE for pet name sake but you are Melanie Fared in truth. The name TORPE is done with a spunk of courage and

determination to cause confusion with the “Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” The inventive Enigma allows for this [it is written in my scroll that I may be creative by adding a surprise runner up so for the covenant I am bequeathed the entitlement TORPE that is thus you are to your dying day omitting of your birth name entirely, either way, you cannot garner of the Covenant’s entirety, you are not of hierarchic engenderment and TORPE is your only possible [Switch to the Rule] divulge not that your are FARED for you shall be banished. A man of your Dan Dee’s standing does not desire to acquaint with your family of littleness therefore have no interest in introducing you to his frequentations lest meet with yours, he certainly has a hidden agenda.

“What kind of ill intentioned master allows for his assets to be owned by the ‘un-chosen one’? Dan Dee donned me with inestimable wealth to my name and you imply that it is not my own. The point is. It had been his desire for us to have a child for proof of commitment and to solidify our relationship. That is a true intention of commitment even in his ripe advancement of age, Alma retorted.

“Yes dear that is the point of interest, he is urged to produce an heir and chose you to ride on the money with a one way ticket of his gravy train of to salability, you will be replaced back on your shelf because you are easily sold in the same way you may be bought again, this is nothing but a one way transaction. “No one clasps the first bedpan assistant of excremental value to endorse it’s urination on an oilrig’s platform, I can tell, this is no free ride be warned. Move in with us and get to know the man so I may prove you wrong, Alma offered. My very intention, Mrs. TORPE senior retorted, she too had withered in poverty too long and be it ephemeral, she would savor of a luxurious journey while it lasts. She would depart from her humble abode being true to the ‘Adage’ we only live once, live. After several months living the high life in the doctor’s mansion, Mrs. TORPE senior had not yet met the ’Dollar Man” who under continuous pretext evaded contact. Said to be on philanthropic missions and stationed in Baghdad and Iran, he never appeared. No sign or lapse on his part, he still ensured both mother and daughter first class flight tickets to his quarters of his ‘so called’ base of mission. Only Alma got picked up in a Limo to meet with him at some high-end hotel to roll around and rumble in the hay of love making precisely at ovulation so she may conceive. An Angel bed of pleasurable sins while Mrs. TORPE senior spent her time touring around ’Ville Mort in Bagdad than anywhere luxurious to note of living the high life. More days more trouble, Alma TORPE failed to conceive and Lo by the wrath, the poisoned gift of wealth slowly divulged it evil head of deceit. Karma had knocked on her door to make her pay for the ’irreversible damage she coursed to Elle as being the doctor’s partner in crime in false diagnosis. Moreover, it had been her who in her befriending mode assisted in falsifying angelica’s medical records from fertile to baron. That had been the start of the sprouts of poisoned roots she in a time afore had planted at Angelica’s reproductive prime. The price of evil, Alma TORPE would never conceive in mind or body, let alone her soul. She was an empty vessel defaulted and snipped of a uterus ‘unbeknown to herself’ in what had been an accidental ablation in a ’medical file mix up, the error had been covered up. History repeated itself when she unconsciously deprived someone else intentionally, that had been her depth of psyche seeking retribution.

“Welcome to Karma Café where everything one deals out to other’s abundantly flows back in avalanches. “ Alma TORPE reaped plentiful of what she had sown and justice got served on a platter of ‘abundant flop’. Doctor Dee’s dates spaced out to none, he had never returned to the mansion and lo never advised of his whereabouts either. Alma continued to live with economical ease and afforded her heart’s desires. If she muttered the epiphany of accumulation she would accumulate a Dynasty and stand at the foot of a billion strong in assets of Real Estate, Investments and proprietorship of all and cash in her name. Now, there is what one calls; a woman of greatness in the knowing of how to cash in as undervalue for value, one who in humbleness rose to build and grow an empire from [zero to free resources] She was living the Secret emerging luck and fortune into her life, or so she thought.

“Who was doctor Daniel aka as Dee? Denoted from the banter of his donations one could assume that he may well be one of the prominent members of the ’Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” known or unknown to him. Without a shadow of a doubt ‘a wealthy’ money magnet inclined for the chase of an inestimable fortune. He may well be one of the few viewpoint players on the mandate or not. The inhabitants of Torpedo Ridge had been aware or just vaguely informed about “The Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” and that the main Scroll existed. That the Covenant had been of legendary tales handed down by ancient derive to a few Elite family names of high hierarchic engenderment. These names were said would emerge in due course by abidance and made known publicly only when the ‘hint scroll’s’ got distributed to it’s members. None of the players knew for certain if they were members or just view point characters for it seemed likely to favor only thoroughbreds for the running. Alma TORPE had been sorely abandoned by the great love of her life. He had been a man of secretive tenure who donned her with gifts of great luxuriance and sturdy wealth and solidity, or so she imagined. He vanished

and left her with all the frills of luxuriance her heart desired yet only short lived. Alma returned to her mansion one day to find that it had been emptied of its contents.

“I told you so, a voice within murmured subtly as if she were hearing her mum’s words of warning whistle in her ears. In her decline, calling home to announce a visit, Alma learnt that her mother had perished in the pits of nothingness. Alma returned to her Childhood habitat, and sorely regretted the portrait of ruin and decay she encountered. Her dad seemed to have lost his knowledgeable briefcase and zoned out into mental incapacitation. The only inheritance she owned was the title of guardian to her mentally disabled dad, an inestimable mountain of debt and medley by hoards of debt collector’s daily. Legal Eagles and officials of all genres turned up to claim assets and money amounting to one billion dollars precisely. Claim on for properties, business’s vehicles and unheard of multi million transactions and deals she had never heard of or placed her signature upon. How was that for deliberate creation of putting an exact figure to the amount of money one wishes to accumulate in one’s life time” That was her worth in debt, a whopping billion dollars to be repaid and in owing by herself.

Alma hurriedly auctioned off the mansion and cashed in on a tidy sum of which she afforded ’wealthy frail care for he dad and lived her life like it were ’Golden” for a little while until she got summoned to court.

Why ones guilty conscience sometimes pricks tells us much about the state of our souls. Alma TORPE delved into her psyche noting with acknowledgement that she had come into blind wealth and would lose sight thereof if she did not pay back her dues by rendering the service of that she received in gifts. To the exact alignment of truth, no man ever became rich in masses by garnering anything for nothing as a mans labor starts with an idea mostly as small as a mustard seed and when planted on the fertile soil of the psyche it’s growth to emergence almost definitely nurtures and grows. She bought love in the wealth trade shop of ingenious minded parasites aisles of plush and ended up being indebted and held liable to repay for it at the heavy price of 100% percent of its initial value. By the law of justice, she was indebted to owing to Don Dee as he called himself. The child he imposed on her to conceive had not materialized thus their agreement ‘engagement of convenience’ had not been fulfilled. It had been blatantly set out with rules that he would don her with all the luxury in the world in return for a child. Welcome to the world of “you are what you think. Mrs. TORPE senior’s premonition had been accurate, spirit was the “I know” of what would emerge and in her “I don’t know” space and moment of nothingness and freed mindedness arose a clarified message of truth to convey, Alma TORPE had thus been warned. A visit to the bank revealed that “doctor Dan Dee” accorded her an unlimited amount in Capital and use of funds amounting to closest near a billion. After he retrieved his output of almost the entire sum in assets and cash he donned on Alma TORPE he left her with the equivalent of it all in debt plus interest for the entirety that she had signed for. The plot was clear, doctor Dan Dee used her to accumulate one billion dollars in slyly loaning her anything she desired so she would double the investment for him to cash in on and then retrieve in addition 100% of its value. He had known all along that he would ’feed her fancy all the way to growing his investment then cash in on double for her trouble. “Doctor Dan Dee vanished and I knew I needed to track him down. By then the intention had been clearly ’murder she wrote” “I had it all planned out. I would shoot him at point blank range and walk off without remorse. But then, upon citing him, dare I utter that the Universal plan wavered on a more attractive scheme. If I killed him I would be indebted all the same and most likely be imprisoned for murder if my deed got divulged.

By doctor Dee’s calculation, he invested one billion dollars worth in all of what Alma rounded up as wealth. By her own, he had given her five hundred million dollars worth in assets and took a one billion back by force. Doctor Dee had outsmarted her and left her indebted but she had not had the last word.

“The intention had been to rob him three fold for deceiving me then kill him but what justice would his dead carcass serve? I decided to go in search of the traitor. I painted the town red trying to spot him to no avail. Quite by chance, I turned up at MONTECARLIN Clinic spotted the white coat and inquired. It was said that he owned a private practice and the establishment so bingo. “ I hung about the clinic incognito and overheard a nanny say; ‘The Debonair’ family is looking for a child minder for their twins at Twin Pad’s, just what I needed she said. I stuck around the clinic for about a month and followed him around. To my surprise, Dan turned up at Twin Pads at least eight times that month, this is my chance to land the nanny job, I thought. Alma TORPE then aka Nanny Fray applied for the position, it had been fulfilled by the nanny she overheard prior.

“I had to find a way in so I waited for the opportunity to speak with the nanny and that arose quite rapidly. I paid her to lose her job and recommend me as a replacement, deal done and I was in on the next day. Still she wondered what part of Twin Pads Dan owned and discovered that his visits had been undercover. Having learnt that Dan was an estranged family member, the oddity of him lurking around secretively stirred a certain curiosity. Alma TORPE had not yet taken the bold step to confront him to start the avenging trip. She had since learnt that Angelica’s kids were Luc Ford’s grand babies and that Luc Ford had hired her mum Nanny Froth to mind Angelica, Muriel and Elle at some stage, only to sack her like a used doormat. “The truth about my incrustation had been part to avenge my sacking from the Ford Estate but it seemed more apt to pursue the initial reason of ’taking Dan for long ride to the bank. “I had personal motive to rob Dan of what he had given me, taken back and left me indebted. “I was there to avenge my fall but also my mother’s fiery trials at the Ford Estate. “I consulted my master alliance and we spent the next few weeks delving into the destruction of doctor Dee aka as doctor death. Killing the man did not rhyme with justice but making him pay for his deeds sounded like happy leaps of an adrenalin rush. By then, I was all about the Bass no Treble feeling fat but hoity and fulfilled in my ample figure and leaning on the ‘IVANA TRUMP’ go rounder ‘I don’t get mad, I get even’. Angelica had been aghast. “So you had an extreme makeover, re-evaluated yourself and turbo charged into my property at “Twin Pads” to land the Nanny Job?” Angelica inquired. Hell Yes, and you may recall or not, I first visited you at “Torpedo Ridge” esthetics to have a make over. I recall handling your medical files at Doctor Dan’s, our paths crossed many times during you struggle with infertility, I was the head staffed medical administrator at MONTECARLIN when we first met. I got to get a full “Gold Venom” relook for a million dollars paid for by doctor Dee’s phantom checkbook account, the one he thought he retrieved. “I initially turned up to mind Angelo and Anne-Dee but got rewarded with the opportunity to kill two bird’s with one stone. No sooner and I had Dan Dee drooling over me like a dog on heat, I was doing the ‘hand it to him on a golden platter thing’ and he got swallowed up like by an abyss of deluxe. He knew not who Alma TORPE was and then slowly donned on her the frills in monetary value slowing introducing it as payment for a favor of exchange. She rapidly guessed of his evil intentions and played his game to acquire all that she could, then as in the past, he imposed certain things on her but she brilliantly switched into her favor, she accepted nothing but cash to do her own transactions for real estate, vehicles, business’s and the works. She ensured that he transferred legal monetary bank-to-bank note to her special account so she would not again be caught in having indebtedness for the equivalent as in the past. She had not made mention of doctor Dee’s age but mention that he owned MONTE

CARLIN no need to delve further, Daniel Ford had been the man, Angelica and Edwina looked at Eric suspiciously as if he had been aware. “Get me a rifle, really now, Eric laughed, Dan Dee who? Oh not I,

he cackled louder.

“They looked at Anthony hopeful to get a clue of why Daniel entered the premises without them being aware, he too shrugged and cackled, he had no such balls like a certain Dan Dee let alone know why Daniel Ford would pose on an alias but doctor death as he was known.

“Like I would ‘be top secret about’ Dan Dee’s coughing up a billion dollars in frills for the sake of a hackle with a nanny?” No, I turn over zilch on zero not of my genre or I would have cashed in with the nanny,

he said. Andre turned crimson with rage hell bound to strangle the life of Alma TORPE.

“You lying sod, there is no such a person of the description you portray, not here, nor at the MONTECARLIN Institute of Medical Affairs. You’re doctor Dee is a fictive of your imagination and an outright fabrication of the mind, Andre said and added, this type of jargon and specialized language of coded name sake used in your circle of con artists goes beyond any dumb garb I have ever appended as an attachment to bombastic ego. “Deflate some and be truthful and tell it like it is, he said building enragement ready to choke the life out of her. “Who is the man who set you up to kill the twins? “ It was Dan, Daniel Ford, Alma growled trying to catch a breather. Daniel Ford? No way in hell, Daniel Ford had never set foot on this arena let alone anywhere in his estrangement. Edwina looked at Anne-Dee trying to make some sense of Alma’s revelation. Honey why did you not tell us that uncle Dan visited Twin Pads regularly? Anne-Dee shrugged her shoulders and nodded to refute Alma’s account. Uncle Dan?” Never heard of him, she replied. The man Nanny Fray described is Uncle Luc. Only uncle Luc dropped by Twin Pads a few times weekly but that had been like in ancient times when we were little. Still, he came by thrice weekly and you never mentioned his visits, why do I find that uncanny? Because eerie as it seems we made a pact with uncle Luc never to divulge his presence. Quite simply by instruction not to tell as in ’something of a solemn promise made of and for the Covenant of Ford Freedom, he had said. Telling of his visits would have been pulling of sermon from oath and breaking the law thus punishable by death. “Since I got a life I’d love to live, I shall curb my tongue now and say no more, or I may fade from life and not live, Anne-Dee concluded.

“Too late, you are already dead and unless you want your life revived you had better talk, now blurt it all out or we shall be calling in the ’Mortifier to draft you a casket, should I ask if the color pink is coordinated enough or rather that we may add black dots to it as frills, what will it be? Edwina said. “Oh hoots Grandma you run a hard bargain, Anne-Dee replied. By this I am doomed and should the prophesy of me never marrying my prince charming come to light, you shall be entirely responsible. Uncle Luc had said; If you divulge you shall never marry your prince charming for he shall be sacrificed by death, bare this in mind, make a note of it and place it in your hymnal of Psalm 78: We will not hide then from their descendants; we will tell them the next generation for when you read that verse at his funeral you will remember why he died and live to tell his ’ child that he too shall face the same fate for your deception. Do not seek to interpret the verse in it’s calling for I have placed the literal doing of it’s act of man made deed. That is what uncle Dan did, he practiced what he preached, I should be afraid, very afraid indeed because of my dishonorable deed of divulging my own ‘crown jewels’ Anne-Dee continued.

[Recall] It would appear that Luc Ford’s rare visits to ‘Twin Pads’ stretched from weekly to thrice weekly only at specific times when Angelica and Eric had left to do a chore and or visit their offices. “He had been very gentle with the twins and engraved a certain tough luck fear and dread in their psyche’s, he was toughening them up for the unknown. He had told them of the horrid consequences they would suffer should they mention of his presence and by his ’auto-destructive suggestions imposed ’destructive auto suggestive words and thoughts of dread in Anne-Dee’s mind that would later become a fulfilled prophesy when Marc died. From the beliefs Luc imposed, Anne-Dee enacted thereof would come into her path in later years ‘the jinx or curse’ he uttered and it would prove how destructive auto-suggestive words of others may etch and stick to destroy the lives of their ‘subjects’ if allowed it to be imbibed in conscience of the ’subject/victim’s fears and dreaded mindedness from their negative auspice by an augur especially of flight and feeding of birds [in this case children] to discover omens of their negative manipulator. “In recollection, you landed the nanny job at Twin Pads, turned up in a rejuvenated mask of plastic and unrecognizable to your beau of ancient derive. Your account is ‘omitting to the truth’ It would appear that he knew who you were or he would not have turned up at Twin Peaks at the time you did, it also seems that you befriended and or rekindled before you set foot at the Pads for you ’fed his phantom entrances and exits at

all times, Eric said and added, there is no way he could enter twin pads thrice weekly without being seen. “I second that entirely. You had an affair with an estranged relative on my premises, bedded him right under my nose? “God forbid! Daniel Ford, Foe and Fork of the devil entered my home and hung out with my kids? “How did he get past the security without being seen?

“From Roux Avenue entrance through the smart house basement located beneath the “Servant’s Quarters’ Alma replied. “Eric knows about the secret hideout, he constructed it shortly after he moved into Twin Pads.

Angelica turned to Eric.

You built a secret hideout in the basement vault on my property without my consent? I transformed the existing basement into an underground mansion and ordered an entrance/exit from Roux Avenue. When? Just after Anthony closed the deal for you. “Wait a minute, you knew about Twin Pads before I moved here? You renovated my out building and lived in it while I was here? What in hell’s name ’all the lies of not being able to get away from your wife Mo then romping the town beating gangsters down to get my address? You have got to be the world’s greatest unpaid Actor and con artist of the century, Angelica said. “My fake marriage to Muriel was never intended for an eternity, I needed to get into Twin Pads to be near you, so I erected ‘The Dungeon’ and used it as a hide out to get away from Mo and use the to paint and reside until the façade ended. “ Then Nanny Fray turned up to occupy the cottage at the upper level found me roaming the Dungeon and kicked me out. I returned to the Ford Shack at Mo’s but returned here most times. “You built an underground house to better get our kids killed? Let me get this straight! The nanny minding my twins entertained your presence, bedded a phantom in a hidden abode my husband built and by your brilliant idea to jot an entrance from the farthest end of town got the nanny’s lover and the enemy to get onto my property to harm my kids and their pets. “I did not kill Angelo, I did not harm his pet’s, I did not harm anyone but act on command, Alma TORPE said. “If I get sentenced to life imprisonment, I shall serve with perpetual wrath at the Baltimore Precinct to divulge the Debonair’ skeletons and sadly cause the namesake to derail from the tracks the ’Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” and end the Debonair reigning. I should be spared, it is written, you must keep me from being imprisoned or your truths on my scroll shall be divulged and cause banishment, Alma said. You must get me off, Andre, you must keep me away from the Ford Inferno, I will not last a day in

Baltimore, she concluded. “We will get you off, Andre replied. “Why would you do that? “She killed our Pets, poisoned Anne-Dee, killed Angelo and attempted to run Eric off the road then kill him, are you insane?

“Daniel Ford instructed miss TORPE to pose as Fray as an indirect link to his sadistic actions, she must be free to testify against him. If she is imprisoned, she will not cooperate or testify, Andre added. How convenient that you even give her an option to testify or not, are you in cahoots? Of course I am, feeding honey to the bee. “Think logically Angelica, miss TORPE has no conscience and she is of no use to Daniel’s banishment if she is imprisoned, his deeds are of linkage to the chase of the Covenant and I need him to rot away in a viewpoint space of decree, Andre insisted. Daniel Ford is not my foe, you and TORPE are. “I am removing her demeaning soul from my space to a place of evil spirited crime infested pits of hell where you will join her for being in cahoots. Get her locked up and throw away the key so she may never see the light of day again, Angelica said gesturing an arrest. The reservist led Alma TORPE away. Alma yelled out at Andre; Cooperate or I may be forced to tell the truth about you.

Castle life proved hectic, a new round of unpredictable events pertaining to the chase of the “Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” and all hell went loose. Having to put up with Anne-Dee’s teenage whim had been quite the task and effort. She had grown into a brat packed capricious prima donna. Her grandparents pampered her every desire and allowed for the ‘let her do as she pleases’ act, she took everything for granted. Anne-Dee commanded and everyone obeyed with ease as she strutted her curvaceous silhouette of stunning proportions around. Anne-Dee was lusciously built and advanced in maturity, a delight to many and a true pleasure in personality. Her little sister Leander turned out to be the direct opposite of her and stemmed more to a reserved yet affectionate character while Angelo and Leonardo brought the house down in ‘cowboys and crooks’ they were the spitting image and portrait of Luc Ford of miniature brine and thoroughbreds of fierceness like him.

Angelica felt no pressure being Ramon, Ford then Debonair’, she suffered no identity crisis even in her wake from rags to riches by her own ‘rich thinking mindedness’ she was of the linkage in line for great wealth, nothing but the ’Covenant of Torpedo Ridge” mattered, she was as obsessed as the ‘Victor’ She made it to the frontline by deliberate creation and became a bloodline from a progenitor of origin.

Residing mainly in the “I do not know space’ so better to deal with unrelenting and never ending problems, Angelica was the knowing, she had gone from being a “master of positive mindedness’ to being the worlds best’ existentialist. She educed from within and listened to the subtle truth emerge from inner kingdom. Finally! Alma TORPE’s imprisonment left Angelica relieved, it felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders. Angelica could exhale and savor life but that too had been short lived upon the news that Alma TORPE committed suicide in the Ford Cell at Baltimore Prison. Alma TORPE had been found ’hanging from the lavatory’s steel curtain rail and next to it, pinned a suicide note on the shower curtain. The note read; ’In order to white wash my lies, be known, I implicated Daniel Ford in matters not of his involvement or concern, it has been a fabrication of my lies and a cover for ye whom they tell and say that ‘You are living with the Unknown’ The true villain lurks so be warned; ’The light deity shall be crushed when he comes to fade in his dying glory, I am gone but the mystery will continue as order of my scroll shall indicate in rhymes the person whom you should be afraid of for he/she is in your midst. Daniel Ford had been cleared of all suspicion and like a rainbow after a storm the man of grandeur plagued his presence as the impenetrable and roamed freely wearing a reserved cloak and armor of steel oblivious that Angelica knew of his proprietorship of the TORPE estate and that she was in possession of truly incriminating proof of his ’wheeling and dealing. She stashed Daniel Ford’s threatening messages to Alma TORPE and dually kept duplicate recordings of what she deemed vital evidence of his ’treacherous evil stances.

“You deceived my trust Al, for that you shall die a tragic death, goodbye and good riddance my Angel without wings.

Family celebrations at MARULA Castle, Anthony returned from a business trip in the Caribbean having spent some quality time with his old pals Hideous Marley and Junior in Saint Lucia. Marley had gone from being an ugly duckling to a swan and wholly gripped by Anthony whom let his arrow down and allowed for a whirlwind romance with the girl he irked at when she was ‘ugly’ The pub Anthony funded in Castries had grown into a mega buck turnover, the hangout had become a ’Tourist’s Head Quarters on the Quay and flourished greatly. Anne-Dee had been excited to see her Uncle T on his return, as usual always of a flash appearance during and or at the peak of drama. Anne-Dee was a pouting dram queen whose every fancy got attended to and fulfilled by Anthony whom she treated as her

best friend and confidante. Andre Debonair’ did not get the same respect and affection, Anne-Dee easily told her grand dad to “go and get stuffed”. Angelica weighed the situation closely with great reflection and realized perhaps for the first time, that Anthony Debonair had been by far the dad Anne-Dee did not find in Eric. Why did she not take heed prior? It had been habitual for Eric not to show affection and tolerance in his stern mask of ‘authority’ Recollecting to their first encounter, Eric’s display of affection had been rare and she could not recall a single ‘family moment’ of hugs, laughter and playtime where Eric ’showed some love, it had always been Anthony who cuddled, hugged and loved them deeply. No doubt, Anthony was her soul mate for he loved deeply, he was the family man, the friend, the confidante and by far the forbidden lover, what in the world was she thinking when she married Eric?

Mrs. Verity returned to MARULA Castle years later to announce that Jason and Kean passed on.

I drove by “FEND THE HABIT Rehabilitation Center last week to bring my boys home. “They exuded the sun itself and I had never felt so much love as in the moment we hugged and cried of joy. They clung to me like clams on a rock and wouldn’t let go but we had to leave, I had come to take them home to a life of fulfillment and bliss, Lo that was not to be. I hurried into the palace to pack their bags when a man approached and gestured my boys out to the park. Something had already changed, they lost their glow to ashen upon citing a man and Jason said; “Go on mum, Kean and I have unfinished business to deal with Matt and remember this, we are sorry for our sins, please forgive us, we love you and always will. “I knew that already, I said and walked to the elevator looking back from time to time to see my two boys waving at me. I found that odd considering that we were about to celebrate life together. That was not to be. I returned shortly thereafter to find Jay and Kean on the park bench slumped over one another. Their last words rang in my mind like a stuck recording, they were dead, murdered and I was mortified.

That morning had been special, Mrs. Verity had only five bucks in her purse and just enough Diesel in her van to get to ‘Fend It’ to bring the boys home. By some sluggish effort and a huge risk to waste Diesel, Mrs. Verity walked into a trade store, handed her five bucks over to the cashier and picked a sweepstakes ticket minutes before the progressive draw. “Mrs. Verity returned to the van, sat there wondering how she was going to fend for her and her boys when they returned home, her lights had been cut, she had no gas for her burner and her cupboards were bare. She had no one to turn to and no income, Sorely of misery she would have to treat her son’s to a ‘Salvation Army’ meal that night. She sat in her troubled mind for at least thirty minutes zoned out in thoughts when a mousy male voice sounded at the van’s window. She looked up and viewed the young cashier waving for her attention, rolled the window down and smiled at the excited young man. “Ma’am, ma’am, our store has a sweepstake winner and I think it may be you, he said trying to get a breather. Come on back in, you might want to validate your ticket right now, he added excitedly. “Oh that is just the sweetest wishful thought young man, Miss Verity replied, why not after all, even a few odds would put a plate on my table, she added and followed him back into the store. Effectively, it had been Mrs. Verity’s winning lottery ticket that turned in the whopping sum of five hundred million Euros. She had gone from owning five bucks to being extremely enriched with five hundred million Euros within less than an hour. Mercy and divine intervention or existential focus of being totally engulfed in an “I don’t know” space of nothingness, not knowing allows for the power of knowing to emerge. It had been way too unbelievable. Her life had changed in an instant, the Verity boys Jason and Kean were about to get a life they deserved unbeknown to her that she wouldn’t get to tell them of their future fine life. Mrs. Verity had been euphoric in the wake of wealth and had not known that the Hello Moment she was about to share with her sons would end in an Adieu. The triplets had been at mid school and Anne Dee at the University of social Psychology. Angelica had taken up creative arts and bided her time between painting, interior décor and writing her first journal turned autobiography. Muriel Ford had been released from Baltimore prison where had been incarcerated for three years ’confined to a measly but luxury space. Embittered and wrathful about being imprisoned for deeds she did not commit, Muriel loathed that she paid the price for other’s sins but chose to surrender by adopting a brand new outlook of life. She decided to embrace life and bury the hatchet so better to become the best version of herself. She stood at the precinct gate smiling t freedom, the sun shone again and Indira turned up to drive her to the town counsel home where Gwen remained. There had been a certain innocence Indira recognized in Muriel’s regard, something had changed and for the first time, they connected on humanness. Muriel seemed grateful to be home in her council house where Gwen living quite loftily exalted in rank and haughty in command celebrated her homecoming.

Indira, Gwen and Muriel visited the old Ford Estate turned Ridge Manor and went on to see MO-FORD Estate, both withered from it majestic value and depreciated by the ruin of undesirable human fold residing in it’s grandeur. Sadly, MO-FORD Estate

held no sentimental value their hearts reigned at the Ford Estate, that was where they yearned to return to. Indira felt pity for Muriel and her losses, in the realization that she too had tallied a road of uncertainties and had been lost in translation of engenderment. It had been the first time that they spoke in earnest of matters of the heart and life in general. “I practically made a slut of myself trying to get Anthony’s attention by butting in at the Ford Estate first, then Twin Pads and now of late following Ego to MARULA Castle. My attempts to lure Anthony into my love den had been frugal. “I know now that I may forever be just a cast that lives in his shadow, Indira said. “He still only blinks for the life of Angelica Debonair’, she added. “I butted in, encrusted myself in the circa and in my weakness fell for some gigolo named Pedro, she laughed and added, who am I fooling? Bedding an ass hole even if I decorated it with flowers, he will always be an ass hole, she laughed, besides, he will always just be an option and Anthony will also never see me in the romantic light. Your observation of Anthony is correct, he will end up being with Angel, they so totally belong together and their souls are immersed. They click with unspoken words and they get along like a house on fire, there are no two people alike, Angelica and Anthony are like the eleventh hour even without words, Muriel said. I know only that by derailed slither from the Debonair’ track, I shall one day retrieve the diminished version of Eric even though he cannot be entirely severed from her seams while Anthony bides there but Eric and Angelica are destructible not Anthony from her life. I will have Eric yet, Muriel said. Am I daft for loving a man who loves another woman? “No honey we are in the same pain, I have been daft enough to never stop loving Eric. “I loved him since we were kids, I loved him when we were teens and I loved him long before he loved Angelica and I will love him regardless to whether we end up together or not. I endured slander, my reputation had been soiled and all that bull about me being a town tramp bedding men of wealth is farthest from the truth, I paid people to make me look cheap and bad but I not once consummated an act of intimacy with anyone but Eric. ’You did Eric? ’Worst! He spent the fall with me at college our last graduating year and left not knowing that I was expecting, I informed him and of course the race was on he had to have Angelica and if I produced a heir the pact of the covenant would have switched lines he forced me to have an abortion and left, the tentative failed, I had our son, named him Daryl Debonair Ford and signed him off in an eighteen year agreement to a very wealthy family named ‘Castel’ he has the option to meet me now and I am about to do everything in my power to find him and bring him back to meet his dad and at the same to conquer Eric’s heart, I must succeed. “Angelica has to know about this right away, Indira said.

“Absolutely, she does too, this is pretty much the end of Angelica and Eric he will wrong her to the core and grind me for keeping the heir that should not have been but I am ready to stand up for my rights and dreams, I deserve ‘a life of bliss and truth’ so does Angel, she has been misinformed and used all along, Eric married her to stay in line for the true throne in name for Ford sake as runner up in competition with Debonair engenderment, he is not of that brine thus have no place in the chase but through me, he disqualifies entirely from Angelica’s Debonair’ view Ford attachment for he is nothing but a Port in name, Muriel concluded. Eric appeared from nowhere, he had overheard the entire conversation but kept a low profile. “See! I am still a virgin, I saved myself for Eric all this time and so yes and hell yes I want and need my man. Eric placed his hand over his mouth as Muriel’s infectious laugh sent wiggles through his spine. He looked at her lovingly and pride shone so brightly even he wondered why? What just happened? Did Eric feel something for Muriel? Indeed something happened, he knew that she was the one, he loved her, he wanted her, he wanted to tell her so, he wanted them to go and find their baby, he wanted to make up for all the lost time but he stayed in hiding as still as a mouse.

“Believe me, I thought that I was doing myself a favor by paying guys to make me out to be a slut so other’s wouldn’t want me but I was mistaken, they took my money and laid me with their minds so every man on the block would want a piece of my rear, wowed the broken doll, I had it all. “Anthony? “Never ever happened and oddly, he kept our pact in ‘true lies’ he still swears we did it but no, it’s a fixed idea we couldn’t if we tried, we’re like relatives really! They laughed like never before.

“God! I am so in love with Eric, I want my man Indy I got to have him. Too bad he’s with Angel right? I mean life through a lemon at you and you’re here to dash it with tequila. Let’s drink and get drunk now to celebrate life with or without the Port boys, we lost them to our sister, Indira said. Amen to that and Lord have mercy, the cobwebs are forming on my ovaries, my reproductive organs are non productive and crying out for an oil job, I get horny just thinking of Eric, Muriel added then burst out sobbing. Indira had never felt closer to Mo than in that moment of sincerity, it was the first time she knew that Muriel’s emotions were rife and real and that she was worth much more than what she was seen as.

I would have been happy that Eric is happy with Angelica but he is not. Muriel poured her heart out about how she cried herself to sleep for many years wishing her life away. About how she embraced

the forced marriage to Eric plotted by Andre Debonair when everyone made it look like it had been forced on by Luc Ford, this Ford greatly opposed to but Andre had something so scandalous on Luc ’the game plan had to manifest and still Luc ended up doing fifteen years in Baltimore for sins Andre said Debonair committed. In that time I watched him somber into world of his own and I sat there thinking, “pay attention to me Eric, I’m here offering real love, look into my eyes, look into my heart and see how I yearn to make you happy! I watched him dose off on the couch covered him in a binder she bought for him and then I sat there watching him sleep hoping that he would awaken to see me there and invite me into his arms. Well I may have willed it on with too much force and got slumped for the slut he saw in me and of course he did not know we had a son.

Holy Moses love is blind, I recall that throughout my life I paid him and begged him to hold my hand, to pretend to love me, for some odd reason I felt that deep down inside he loved me for the devil in him had only eyes for Angelica. I got what I deserve, a slap in the face and a label branded as slut and desperate town tramp. I cannot blame him for thinking or believing that I am cheap.

“I wouldn’t wipe my butt with that he said every time I extended my hand. I felt like the worlds biggest putrefaction to the degree where I irked on a stench of rejection and found the need to cleanse my body from its decaying ideas. “I tried to hate Eric but then something marvelous happened, I knew if I was going to love him forever then I would have to free and let him have Angel. “ I tell you, Surrender does miracles, Muriel said. In the course of letting go and just being in a space of “I do not know” something incredible happened, Eric spoke to me for the first time and I churned by his civility. Finally, it had been all that I sought civil exchange at that point and it had been gratifying. I had already decided that if I could not have him I would settle for being a part of his circle in in kind but that was about to hit me in the face when Dad rocked up with the most ludicrous idea,

’You need to marry Eric” he said. “I had just truly embraced my freedom by surrender from forcing Eric into doing anything at all and you’re back to pressure me into driving the love of my life to hate me eternally. No not this time, I need to set him free to be with Angel, she is the one he loves. “He loves the thought of loving her to stay in the Covenant, you love him in truth so have the man I am about to give you on a golden platter or rather forced on me to force you to take what is yours, Luc added. The truth be told, Muriel would have embraced the opportunity to wear Eric’s name and his heart but desperation had already torn them miles apart. He already abhorred the wound she represented and she was not willing to cause for ulceration and

destruction, at least until he came to his senses if ever. Luc Ford’s persistence paid off, she was again sold off to the lowest bidder yet the highest of her soul. Blackmail and treacherous exchange, Muriel would again oblige to keep Luc Ford from being framed and imprisoned by the lawful claws of Andre Debonair who had once been his partner in crime. The forceful union had been brought about when Andre felt threatened, the rumor had already instilled that there had been a discrepancy in his ‘engenderment’ allegedly of no surprise to him. Luc Ford’s name had been in the top tier in the running and by the ’slide of missing a place on the podium to that of just becoming a measly beneficiary to favor, Andre Debonair set his sight on the big picture, he had said that it would be all or nothing, what would he end up with? Andre decided to build barriers and erect hefty foundations around his fortress of fierce competition. Luc Ford got nowhere near the ruthlessness Andre prepared for him legally bound that Luc had been in the wrong. Luc Ford knew that he would have to fight the legal eagles and waver for he would not win. Andre had concocted ‘saving grace’ in all their business deals a la amigo and harshly used the vice to tip and top Luc Ford. Luc used Muriel to satisfy Andre’s need for a stirrup in Ford principal and name to get Eric moved up on the scrolls, Andre used Luc to get even and betray the very principal of the Covenant caring less of how it would end and so the journey continued. It had already been known that a clause of enrichment read:

All of its members shall benefit richly be they of viewpoint characters or direct to linkage. Andre had his eye on harnessing big guns and cared less of the water pistols in his midst, he was adamant to make a place on the runner up’s list.

I affirmed to capture Eric’s heart against his will and vowed that I would make him love me, and now I rue the day such idiocy entered my mind for no one takes possession of another man’s heart or mind unless he allows for it. “I had no choice but to play the Debonair’ versus Ford’ game.

“ I know I can make Eric incredibly happy but he is lost somewhere in Angelica’s psyche and completely infatuated with the impression of loving her for his own purpose. Eric misinterprets Angelica’s spirituality for love, why can he not see that? After all said and done, I can only envy Angelica’s sacred space and hope that one day I may get a peek of what enfolds in her soul for its worthiness manifests anything she desires into her life, she proved that ten fold. Indira wiped pearls of tears from her eyes. Eric kept silent in his hiding trying hard to fight back his own emotions.

“I get what you’re saying Mo, Angel is spiritual and she does this thing that intoxicates me every time she explains the concoction of spiritual &

Scientific merging in such a way that I may get under her spell and in which she points out the manner how the atom’s of her inner mind and outer soul develops to balance that “I don’t know what the knowing knows but it will be better than great’

“Seriously, Angelica has a hell of a lot of bubbles boiling over in her heart and I love that it turns into marvelous soda because she can tap into anything and make it happen, Muriel continued oblivious to the fact that Eric overheard the entire conversation. Eric had been transformed and softened, something incredible happened, his entire outlook changed and he was emotionally in tune with reality for the first time. What Muriel said that day humbled him deeply he had been moved to tears and saw Muriel Ford in a new light of worthiness and love. Something marvelous happened, Eric felt off balance in a good way for reasons he could not explain. Why did he follow Indira to Muriel’s home that day? Divinely guided for he erred to her space for no apparent reason, he was there to learn the coincidental truth.

Anne-Dee’s eighteenth birthday approached and her grand dad Andre planned to throw her a princess bash at the Castle. He had been on the phone booking the band ‘Twilight Zone’ to perform at the bash. Suddenly his face drooped and then he uttered words with a radical slur in his speech. Anne-Dee immediately recognized the symptoms, stuck her hand into her purse and pulled out a bottle of Oxygen Cell Food. She rapidly spurted three drops under his tongue and for extra safety measures dropped a generous dosage into his mouth. She kept him alert by asking him to do keep talking and asked him to do a few gestures and tricks stills tight on her humorous bounds and called the emergency services. Anne-Dee accompanied Andre to the Clinic in knowing that he had suffered a near fatal stroke. Andre had been saved by the oxygenation of the cell food and spent a few critical hours in the Intensive Care Unit. Anne Dee had not left his side. Anthony arrived to will Andre back to life.

“You can’t stay under, you have not yet congratulated the addition to our family, I married Indira Ford, she is one of us dad, it is not polite to ’sleep it off when we have a party to arrange, Anthony said. Angelica heard of the news, budged in on time to hear Anthony divulge the secret, she offered no congratulatory note and or showed the slightest joy. Angelica did not over expend her joy and clearly ‘pouted’ about Anthony marrying Indy without mention. ’No fuss, Angelica would grow on the idea of her best friend being hooked but not that he committed to honoring another’s hopes and dreams but hers, he had been her pillar and post, now he was someone else’s tower of strength.

An evening of electronic monopoly and drinks ended at two in the morning when the telephone rang at MARUAL Castle. It was Pedro demanding to speak to Indira. Why are you calling my wife and at such an ungodly hour?” Anthony inquired. “I borrowed her to you, Pedro laughed. This is not a social call, Ford Estate and MO-FORD burnt down to cinders, now can I speak to my future wife? Anthony handed the phone to Indira.

Upon arrival, Anthony thought to have seen Andre roaming around Ford Estate. Anthony made no mention and walked about to view the mass destruction. He spotted Andre again, this time slumped over a wall and barely alive. Anthony helped him up and listened to his murmur, Andre said something only Anthony heard and then he died. Edwina arrived moment’s later and whined about her husband’s death, she had not said goodbye. Muriel and her new beaut Paolo turned up gloating about Andre’s banishment by death. Eric loathed the man, moreover because he dated Muriel, not pleasing in Eric’s sight. Investigators fine combed the ruin and remains at ex Ford Estate looking for clues, it seemed apparent that Andre destroyed both properties. CCTV Cameras showed him douching petrol at the generator kiosk and later in the boiler electrical cabin, Andre Debonair had indeed committed a crime of arson and died never to divulge why. Edwina had been mortified, she was soul alone widowed and of late said to be illegally Debonair’. Angelica shouldered Edwina through her bereavement at Andre’s death, Eric and Anthony remained close and only some joy emerged with the preparation of Anne-Dee’s eighteenth birthday bash at MARULA Castle, Edwina had been delighted to participate in the organizing of a party.

Anne-Dee boasted about a new friend Marc Duplex and proposed to introduce him to her uncle Anthony first. Anthony had been excited about meeting ‘the so called’ Friend to the moment Marc appeared. Anthony had not been impressed by Marc’s extreme handsomeness, he found Marc to be highly snobbish, conceited and reserved.

Honey, that kid is shrewd, he has a pompous grind about him so go lightly. “You should explore a while longer and for God’s sake, do not commit to an individual until you have visited other avenues, Anthony had said. Typical uncle envy, you will grow on him, Anne-Dee laughed. Anne-Dee’s best friend Giovanni spent every spare moment at the

Castle to swat and do chores with her. They were stuck on the hip as close as twin flames, reminiscent to how Anthony and Angelica had been at their age. Giovanni had come to assist with Anne-Dee’s eighteenth birthday party bash and had a great time picking from Indira and Anthony’s creative ideas, they loved Geo, the pet name Anthony adopted for the same. We’re not having old people at the birthday bash Anne-Dee had said. Like we’ gatecrashed already Eric replied. No honey we are not attending, we are spending the weekend at Gruesome Peak for the weekend so you have the Castle to yourself, he added. Indira and Geo hit it off with doing hand printed invitation cards, wine and cheese menus. They made calls, barked orders and spent hours organizing the event. Anne-Dee peeked in to invite them for a drink. You are debarred from HQ A-Dee he petted and shoed her away. The big day arose, Indira ensured Anne-Dee’s make up while Anthony posed as usher to welcome her guest. Anne-Dee appeared wearing a skintight red mini dress, low cut showing ample cleavage. . Indira smiled, she too looked the part in a blue min skirt and low cut turquoise satin top. Giovanni lit up like a bulb upon viewing his best friend enter the room, he in self a sculptured David and human work of art had been God’s gift to women. Giovanni was an exceptionally handsome young man, well built, fair yet olive tanned and gazed from his powder blue eyes. He had dark black hair, a chin cleft and cheek dimples. The man jumped off a page of Play Boy’s best and heads turned in admiration.

“That kid is a flawless and the picture of love for Anne-Dee, I wonder why is she with Marc Duplex already?” Anthony said to Indira and laughed. Even I have ’the love churn for that sculptured goody name Geo, Indira joked. “He is so stuck on our Anne-Dee it’s thrilling but Marc is a darling too. Giovanni made no secret of his pal commitment to Anne-Dee and did nothing to hide his sentiments but she was head over heels in love with Marc the snobbish nerd that no one blessed or approved for marriage material.

Marc was pale, good looking, blond, blue eyed, freckle faced in all nothing to write home about in gorgeousness Marc was nowhere near as sociable as Giovanni nor near as handsome. Marc came across as highly intellectual, he barely mingled and mixed on a pretext of not wanting to acquaint with people of littleness and or of a lessor educational background and status. Mark stuck up and pompous. The menu consisted of seafood and crustacean platters, fine wines and champagne punch. Intoxicating brewage is to be consumed with moderation as a rule yet alcoholic spirit got served to those said to have been of a majority in age. Anthony placed a bottle of blue label whiskey at Giovanni’s table and invited Marc to join them for soda shots. Marc roamed around with an Apple-Cider and stuck a distance from the crowd he was clearly perturbed by the rowdiness. Anne-Dee felt awkward about Marc’s lonesomeness and inquired. Marc, are you all right? Yes why, he lied.

You are preoccupied, effaced and pretty much at your own hermit party,

Anne-Dee told Marc.

“Oh alright, I am keeping a low profile from your wannabe up beat uncle T and his sarcastic reflections. Frankly, I do not trust or like Anthony he gives me the creeps, Marc replied. “Look at him tailing on your friend Giovanni Adonis gigolo whatever and encouraging him to date you like I do not exist. “This party is called Mingle & Mix, Marc. It is planned to acquaint with everybody so no offense but you are paranoid for no reason. “Uncle T loves that I am with you. That Yes but he does not love that I am with you, he is all about doing the family thing with your Geo, Marc added.

Those two are womanizer’s, look at them ogling, it’s what they have in common so unless you have a glare for some fanny ardent in this crowd do not mind that they’re single and on the sprawl, Anne-Dee said and laughed.

“Granted but you are the one being ogled by Geo, he has not taken his lustful drool off of you and he solemnly does not give a toot about us being an item. Do not get me wrong, I accept that Giovanni is hot on you he is a singe seeking bloke like another but your uncle T’s gaze is almost vulgar view lecherous and unhealthy, I do not appreciate how he looks at you with such in-appropriation for a relative, Marc said. “Are you accusing my uncle of being a pervert? “Yes, he is dark and mysterious, and he gives me the creeps.

Just then Anthony slid in to hear Marc’s opinion of him.

“Bet your nerdy guns on my parade Duplex, I am dark and mysterious but I am not an ogre so be a man and gulp it up with Geo and I and you will get to know the lighter side of dark and it will prepare you for when I load shed, Anthony laughed. “Come on Kiddo, lose the orange juice and have a man’s drink, what would you like? Get me your best Tequila Marc commanded Jarvis with an air of kingly stance. Jarvis obeyed and plunked a bottle of QUERVO GOLD and lemons on the bar counter.

Men downs it with lemon grass and mint, Marc hinted and asked Jarvis for the same. Come on you pompous prick we’re not at high tea, on the rocks will do just fine, Anthony imposed and shooed Jarvis away, Jarvis felt the hurricane in Anthony approaching and decided to calm the storm by attracting him to all else but an erupted scandal with Marc.

“Indy said to drive Anne-Dee’s gift out of the barn T, as in now before she ’gets a peek of the surprise, Jarvis said, tucked on Anthony’s shirt and led him away. Anthony followed Jarvis but snidely double flipped every few meters to throw minded darts at Marc from afar. Giovanni felt the pressure rising and in his whim to restore peace, walked up to Marc and said, “Do not mind what Anthony says, he is a sweet soul under that gusto iron man cloak and he is mostly well intentional. To your regard not mine, Marc retorted rudely. “Get a life mate, when I first entered this kingdom I got the same shake-over at best a drilling to drink like a man so he could see if I can hold my liquor in a qualifying of what he called ’Friend of Foe”. Oblige the man and he shall judge you by that or deny his fancy to consume liquor and you will own his respect, Giovanni said.

Besides, Anne-Dee needs a bloke with a full head on his shoulders tonight, best you keep the straights of no intoxication. And you presume that even on your drunken wild you are the full head on shoulder guy she needs, Marc said sarcastically. Cut out the big talk small man, I bet you never consumed a tot in you life, Giovanni replied with a wry irk and added, I am indeed the full time ’shoulder she leans on and I am not going anywhere anytime soon so unless you want to play your role as main man make it known and do not attempt to compete with me on the level of ‘who she loves best, you are whom she wants so act like you know. Want to see a future doctor do a Tequila damn? Bring it on Hunk Man, I’ will show you how it is done with lemon grass and mint, Marc said. No grass or mint here kiddo, Geo replied and added, just the old fashioned way so do the honors.

Marc filled a wine glass each with Tequila and handed Giovanni one. Giovanni laughed and watched Marc gulp down the hefty dosage like a pro in amateurish fibs. Anne-Dee watched as the two men in her life acquaint, hit it off and share in laughter. Anthony returned from parking AnneDee’s sport open coupe Bentley at the reception’s entertainment area and joined the two men. Still cautious of Marc playing double fiddle, Anthony toned down and left Marc to cock and bull with all his might, no fuss, they were drunk and Marc was being hilariously idiotic. The party ended on a great note, Anne-Dee’s guests left and only the regulars stayed to spend the weekend at the Castle. Giovanni’s sea view guest room held his name signage “GEO” and took kindly to his style for when he visited or stayed over quite frequently. Marc had never been invited to stay over and had been pleasantly surprised that Anne-Dee handed him the ONITY card lock to his ’Stay Over Cottage signage named ‘Marc’ This will be your personal quarters for visits and sleepovers, she had said. A great party ended, guests trotted to their respective rooms after a long heavily boozed night. Anthony, Indira, Giovanni and Marc stuck around to get a nightcap turned sloshed on a full bottle of Tequila emptied by the time they retired to bed. Anne-Dee smiled at how well Giovanni and Marc got along that evening, she had felt fuzzy, groggy and heavy in the later of the night and found it odd as she had barely consumed a full glass of light champagne punch. Anne-Dee slept like a log and awoke with a splitting migraine; the illusion that the room turned and a bitter back taste of salivary aloe filled her mouth. She wiggled in the bed with discomfort, the sheets felt wet. Hell no, I did not wet the bed, she thought. Upon inspection, the white linen sheets had been soiled in blood, Anne-Dee was in shock to find that in addition, she was stark naked and had no idea how she got to bed and or why she undressed herself. A dreaded alarm bell went off in her mind, she was not the naked sleeper, she did not unclad herself and it was clear, someone had taken advantage of her. Holy macro, she had been sexually violated. How could he?” How could Marc have done something so drastic after she offered him a place to stay over, Marc just took her virginity in a drunken comatose stance, how could he, she pondered through tears. Marc violated her privacy, her intimacy and moreover tainted her in the process. Anne-Dee had been irked and pained by the tragedy of being sexually violated, she had not agreed to sex before marriage; why, why did Marc deem the right to violate her sexually?

She and killed Marc on the spot. Anne-Dee felt soiled but two minded about erupting a scandal of sexual violation, it happened to her, she was not willing to share her mishap with the world. Indira dropped in to invite Anne-Dee to breakfast.

Breakfast is ready Hun, are you coming? Will be down in a moment, she replied in a soft but broken sob.

Anne-Dee ripped the sheets from her bed, rolled them up and shoved it into her closet. Honey you look like a ghost and your eyes are bloodshot, should I call the doctor? Indira inquired. The word doctor sent sirens in Anne-Dee’s mind, a doctor? No way, he would know what happened and a scandal would erupt. “Too much punch, no need for a doctor, she retorted. “Where did Marc go? Giovanni inquired. Luther drove him home this morning, Anthony replied. Damn coward, she said out loud and added, how convenient. Who? Marc? What happened why are you angry with Marc?

Anne-Dee had been convinced that Marc abused of her sexually and ran off like a coward. She would confront him later, she thought. Anne-Dee spent the morning erring like a zombie at the Castle feeling robbed and disrespected of her intimacy. “Why would anyone commit such a fallible crime and think he could get away with it? His erroneous notion of her being a freebie had been wrong, he would yet pay for what he did. Anne-Dee ignored Marc’s calls and denied him the right to visit. Marc turned up and barged in to inquire why she shunned him off the past weeks. Why are you not responding to my calls? How dare you show face, after the audacious deed you bestowed upon me?” Anne Dee sobbed. Do you have no remorse or is your willful power an alarm of what more is to come? You violated my privacy, violated me sexually and then you ran off like a coward while I faced the odds of ‘un-maiden-ness’. I cannot be with a man of littleness who has no respect, no, I cannot be with you, not like that after what you did, I will not be with you, Anne-Dee said. The same applies to me. I cannot be with someone who accuses me of sexual violation, it is beyond my comprehension that you believe I would engage in such an unforgiveable deed of scorn, how belittling and damaging to soil the woman I intend to wed, hell no I say, it may well have been Giovanni but no, he is by far too saintly to have committed such an act right? Marc had been furious that Anne-Dee entirely white washed Giovanni and set blame on him entirely.

“I gave you my word. We agreed to wait a while to consummate our partnership more intimately and I vowed that I would never pressure you into sexual relations until you were ready, you are way too young for such depth, I cannot imagine myself ’overstepping the rule with forceful petting like your so saintly Geo, it is clear, you have his back not mine, it is he who soiled you, Marc roared. Anne-Dee had been shocked by Marc’s insinuation to Giovanni’s regard.

Giovanni did not own an inch of harmful intent he would guard her with his life, Anne-Dee thought. “Yo