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It's about the life of a teenage girl Artemis and how her life changed when Nathan, Nolan two teenage boys and the shadows enters her life. She has to go through shocks and twists of her life. This is the first detective case of Artemis let's see what happens. Is she going to crack it and get through it?

Adventure / Mystery
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Hi guys I’m Artemis I’m was just normal girl until this happened. I just finished my night shift and was on my back home until I heard weird noises coming from the corner of the street. I being a curious girl wanted to check it out then I saw something that gave me creeps .There were shadows that were trying to gulp two boys who were of my age. I was just waiting for the right chance to rescue them then I got an idea. I’ve recorded my voice on my phone and played it while the shadows were distracted I went in and rescued them it wasn’t soon until they’ve noticed me rescuing them we started running and the shadows kept chasing us We’ve ran as fast as we could and hid ourselves in a basement but it didn’t take a lot of time for them to find us because of my stupid sneeze, we ran and ran again until we found our selves on the highway we didn’t know what to do they were soon gonna catch up with us. Exactly at the same time a bus stopped right in front of us and we quickly jumped and the bus rode of fast, they weren’t able to catch up with us. When we reached my home I gave the boys water I gave them some space to relax themselves and to get over with what happened just now before asking them what had happened. After sometime I asked them who were they and what were they doing back there and why were those weird shadows following them. They introduced themselves as Nathan and Nolan and the said that they were just trying to get back their gold which was stolen by the shadows and because we wanted it back they tried to gulp us and lock in the city of shadows. I then understood that it made sense and they weren’t lying because there missing cases of gold these day and it would’ve been done by them. I then asked how did they know the city of shadows they said that their mother used to read them the stories of the city of shadows and how there was so much gold with them which was stolen from the humans and that they always believed it’s true and started looking clues for the way to shadow kingdom. I said I would help them to figure out way to return the lost gold. They’ve asked me my name which i forgot to tell them I’ve said them my name and that were glad to meet me. I’ve gave them a room to sleep. I wasn’t able to sleep that night so many thoughts were on my mind it was going to be my first detective mission ever. The next day when I went to knock on the door of the two boys but they were talking something and i decided to listen what they were talking even though i knew it was wrong but since I was curious I decided to listen to them and I heard the shock of my life. They were talking how to get rid of me and that how they were just using me as a shield and that they were the real thieves and wanted to have all the gold in the city of shadows to themselves. I then quickly went back to my room and pinched my self to see if I was dreaming but I wasn’t I didn’t know what to do and they the boys came to my room to ask me if I was ready I acted cool like nothing happened I told them that we are going tomorrow because I wasn’t feeling well but little did they know I was just buying my self time to figure something out.

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