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Bliss Zero

By Christopher Rothschild All Rights Reserved ©



The Never Ending Party is an anarchist/capitalist country located in the center of Old America. It's home to the young escaping the bleak reality of the post apocalypse after the Second Civil War. The denizens are kept pacified through a constant diet of drugs, sex, and hedonism. Towards the top of the hierarchy of the country are the Numerals, an organization consisting of the strongest hunters ranking Zero to Ten. While the country's ruler, Dr. Meth is away, Zero hatches a plot to sell the superhuman formula Bliss to live a life free from the Party. She sends Four and Seven off to steal the formula for her, and fights off the other Numerals who rally to defeat her.

Chapter 1

December 2101

The Numerals were an order of strong Hunters that Dr. Meth could trust to do his bidding. The strongest rank of Numeral being Zero, and the weakest in the order, Ten.

The top four Hunters, called Head Hunters, gave Christian/Seven the chills. He hated meeting any of them, and right now he and his best friend Brad/Four were about to meet Zero herself.

Seven had fair skin, short brown hair, green eyes, and was 5’ 11”. He was clean shaven, and wore a plain black hunter’s winter coat.

Four had tan skin, was slightly shorter than Seven, and had dark, almost black hair. He was handsome, and had stubble shadowing his face. Four’s dad was of Cuban descent, and it subtly showed in Four.

“You look pale.” Four said, looking at his friend.

“I really don’t want to meet her.” Seven said.

The elevator doors opened and they stepped into the box of glass that would carry them up to Zero’s penthouse. The lift had a wide view of the surrounding city, with lights and snow twinkling all around them.

“She’s a kind enough girl. I mean, you can tell she has a few screws loose and her mental state isn’t all… there, but she’s- she’s nice.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of, that she’ll kill me because of a loose screw.” Seven said.

They reached their desired floor and stepped out. On the top level, there was only the one penthouse door.

“Just be nice and she’ll be nice. Simple.” Four said, knocking on the white door.

“Come in.” They heard a feminine voice from behind the entrance.

Four reached for the door knob, but Seven stopped his arm. “Can we just go?”

“If we left, it would be much worse. Being rude is the worst thing you could do to her.” Four said. “It’ll be fine. Come on, smile.”

Seven forced a smile.

“There ya go, buddy.” Four said, patting Seven’s cheek. Four turned and opened the door.

Inside was a girl who looked of Mediterranean descent, standing ten feet inside, leaning on a wall. She had dark eyes, sexy curves, and was fit. Seven felt a stir of attraction rise inside him, but he suppressed it. Falling for her would be the most imbecilic act ever.

“Welcome my colleagues!” She said, with open arms.

Seven blinked, and suddenly Zero was right in front of him. Seven tried not to flinch.

“You smell like strawberries.” She said.

“Neat trick.” Four commented.

Seven didn’t think it was “neat”. He was frightened. If she could move as fast as she did in a single blink, imagine what fighting her would be like.

“One and I are the only successful attempts at fusing a human permanently with Bliss.” She explained Seven’s unasked question about her speed. “One is cute; he’s like the Doctor’s son.”

Adorable. Can we fucking leave now? Seven thought. Zero looked at Seven’s face and laughed, as if she could read his thoughts.

“You’re uncomfortable right now, aren’t you, Seven?” Zero asked. She ran her right index finger down Seven’s chest, testing him.

Seven didn’t move; he only tried to keep a glare on her face.

“You cooking something?” Four asked Zero, trying to break up the awkwardness.

“Yes, I made a delightful dinner for all of us! Come!” Zero said, clapping her hands and led the way into her dining room. A dinner table was set with three places. Small servings of food lay on the table. Due to the nutrition pills they were given, they didn’t necessarily have to eat anything. If they did, it had to be in small portions, as their stomachs had shrunk considerably.

There was meat, cheese, steaming vegetables, chowder, and other options in front of them. Seven’s mouth started to salivate; he hadn’t tasted food in a long time.

Four pulled Zero’s seat out, allowing her to sit first at the head of the table. “Thank you.” She said, smiling. Four and Seven took their coats off, draped them over the backs of the chairs, and sat next to each other.

“Help yourselves. I would say grace, but I doubt God is happy with me right now.” Zero chuckled at her personal inside joke.

“And why would that be?” Four asked, taking a tiny slice of ham to his own plate.

“I murdered the Pope last week.” Zero became serious all of the sudden. She stabbed her fork into a steaming potato.

“Uh…why?” Four asked, now looking a little uncomfortable himself.

“Italy was stepping out of line. The Doctor sends me on international assignments to send certain…messages.” Zero explained. She turned her gaze directly towards Seven, while daintily nibbling on a strawberry.

Seven couldn’t deny he felt attraction towards her. She was dangerous and exciting, but he also felt sick around her. She was a demon, a monster she could become at any time.

“Why are we not at war?” Seven asked out of curiosity. The murder of an important figure had to have repercussions.

“The little nuke sitting under the Vatican keeps them in line. If they try to move or disarm it-“ Zero mimicked an explosion noise along with pantomiming and throwing her napkin in the air.

“But, you can’t just kill the Pope, that’s incredibly sacrilegious!” Seven said. And evil.

“I was near the ‘Holy’ Father. He was nothing special.” Zero said.

Seven felt sick. He was sure this talk of murder was to blame.

“Why did you invite us over?” Seven tried to change the subject.

“Ah yes! Here, let me show you.” Zero stood up, and found a slim white remote. She pressed a button, turning on a screen. “To put things simply, we’re going to play a game!”

Four and Seven turned around to see the wall click on, and displayed one of their colleges.

Five was slumped in a chair, handcuffed to it, wearing a stained blue evening gown. He looked up towards the camera and monitor in his own dingy room. “Four? Seven? Oh thank God! You should rescue me! I’m a damsel who is in ssssso much distress!” Five said effeminately.

Five was Seven’s least favorite Numeral. He was loud, obnoxious, bisexual, and loved to cross dress.

“Let me explain the rules…” Zero started.

“I forfeit. Sorry Five, we did all we could, but she was just too crafty for us. Gosh darn it, we lost.” Seven said.

“You-you didn’t even try!” Five exclaimed.

“Seven, I really think she’ll kill him.” Four muttered to his friend.

“So? It’s just Five. I’m done; I don’t want to be here anymore.” Seven said.

“Should have picked a better hostage…” Zero pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes.

“Yeah ya should’ve. See ya.” Seven stood up, preparing to leave.

Four grabbed Seven’s arm warningly, pulling him back down. Zero glared at Seven. Seven gulped, he didn’t like the way she looked at him.

“Hear me out. This is your last warning.” Zero said.

“Don’t. Be. Rude.” Four whispered in staccato.

Seven caught Zero wearing a slight smile. She heard Four, and she knew Seven knew the precarious position he was in.

“Back to the game.” Zero announced, standing next to the monitor and camera imposed on the wall. Four, Five, and Seven leaned in to listen.

“Dr. Meth is gone for the week to an emergency U.N. meeting. Something about some important figurehead being murdered or something, I wasn’t really listening.” Zero started to explain.

“So…you’re in charge? We know this.” Seven said.

“Don’t interrupt!” Zero screamed and slammed her fists on the table. Seven shut his mouth, the fear of Zero reinstated.

“The good Doctor is gone, so you two have six days to find me Bliss.”

“Aren’t you already fused with Bliss?” Four asked, questioning her plan.

“I’m not having nasty hands inside my head. I need the formula itself.”

“Why don’t you just buy some? You’re wealthy enough, aren’t you?” Seven asked.

“Bliss has a short half life, too short to reverse engineer. When exposed to oxygen, it’ll decompose quickly.” Zero explained.

“What do you want us to do?” Four asked, a little confused.

“I need you to find a physical copy of the formula. He has to have one; I don’t think he trusts computers all too well.” Zero said.

“Um…where is it?” Four asked.

“I don’t know.” Zero answered.

“Isn’t this treason?” Seven asked.

“That’s why I have Five hostage. If I threaten to kill your friend, then you’ll find me what I want, got it?”

“I wouldn’t call him a friend-” Seven started.

“Why are you two still here?! Go! Go find it!” Zero yelled, shooing them away.

Four and Seven got up and walked to the exit. When they were outside, they turned. “Uh, thanks for dinner.” Four added.

“Aw, you’re welcome. You’re so sweet.” Zero said, switching to the charming hostess persona she wore earlier.

“Wait, if we fail, the only person who dies is Five, right?” Seven wanted clarification.

“No, I kill both of you too. Five is just insurance.” Zero explained.

“Ah. We’ll be off then.” Four said.

“Thank you, buh bye!” Zero said and closed the door.

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