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Entity's Home

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Read it first, it's pretty good but I'm saying that. Try this yourself, ill try to update more often.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The sound of rustling and crunching leaves overtook the silence as the teens ran from something behind them. Screams of anger were heard from behind them, but there was no rustling or crunching. They kept looking back, trying to find their chasers, but all they could see were black masses with killer red eyes around the trees.

"What are these things brother?" A small child with black hair and bright blue eyes croaked from the arms of an older teen.
"I don't know but I do know they want us dead, and soon." The older teen muttered as he shook his sweat-dipped black hair out of his dark green eyes.
"Oi, stop talkin', you're laggin behind." A tall teen with long white hair and bright red eyes growled at the two from ahead of them.
"Sorry, Albi" The other teen smiled and nodded.
They rushed forward, as they had slowed down when talking, and caught up with the white-haired teen. The white hair teen pulled up a pocket watch necklace and stared at it for a while before smiling.
"All our fear should be gone soon, just a little longer Kakil." Albi laughed as he looked forward with determination.
"Finally, we can have a good life, yes we will brother." Kakil laughed and seemed to put a skip in his run as he ran faster, with determination.
The screams of anger seemed to get louder as they ran farther. They no longer heard crunching and felt the dew stuck to their socks. Kakil and Albi began to cry as a bright light began to seep into their vision and blind them.
They had to close their eyes but when they opened them, they looked around and laughed as they took in the beauty of this new area, a new world to them.
The beautiful white moon glistened onto the trees and water glazed them beautifully. They had never seen colors like this before, it was breathtaking. The teens cried as they hugged each other, the little kid hugging the leg of Kakil, his brother.
"We made it brother, and it's so pretty." The little kid crookedly smiled and began to roll around in the wet grass.
The teens looked back towards the forest and watched as the black masses tried to cross but were burned as they tried. The teens sighed in relief before they heard a giant crash and roaring.
"What in the world..." The Albi muttered as he looked towards the forest again.
"Oh no, no, no...come on we just wanna be free." Kakil cried out as loud stepping was heard.
"Well, well, well" A dark growling tone was heard as a black entity with bright white eyes and a janitor suit walked out. "I guess you owe me a favor as I was right."
"W..w...well c..crap" A white entity, covered in blood stains, crawled from out of the forest.
The teens looked between the entities and began to cry, Kakil moved to cover his brother and growled. The dark entity took a step forward and seemed to smile, as he nodded the white entity rushed forward at Albi.
"Don't be gentle on them, they don't deserve it." The dark entity laughed as he stared at Kakil, then down at his brother. "Oh, Zekil, Bokeshe!"
The white entity stopped and looked at Janitor, growling a little, before seeing the tiny kid and stopping completely.
"Leh himzeko buokelldo kukesh" The white entity nodded and looked at the little kid.
Kakil's eyes widened as he realized that these things, wanted his brother now. He grit his teeth and held his brother closer as a tearing sound was heard through the area.
"W..what" The dark entity's eyes widened as fluffy white wings extended from the shoulders of Kakil. "GO NOW, HURRY!"
Kakil grabbed his brother and began to flap his wings, causing a giant wind toward the entities. Kakil grinned and began to fly higher and farther back. He cried as he watched Albi get torn apart but flew away.
"It ok Bubu, we can still find refuge." Kakil sighed as he hugged his brother tightly and landed on a broken-down building.
His brother smiled and sat down as he began to feel tired. Kakil sighed and began to search around. When he reached the bottom floor, a tall half black, and half-white entity with one horn up and the other facing down, was smiling at him.
"Hiiii" The entity smiled as he walked toward Kakil. "I'm DripStone and I was sent to get ya."
Kakil felt nervous and began to flap his wing but pain shot through him. He looked at his wings and saw them covered in a black substance. He began to step back to try and get away from DripStone.

"Oh leaving already?" DripStone's jaw unhinged as the same black substance started to spew from his mouth.

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