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T.R.F.I.A Treaty

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Two royal families neither willing to accept defeat. Fighting for what they want to be theirs. A land filled with mystical wonders taken advantage of and turned evil love lost and found in peculiar places. Forbidden, dangerous, wonderful, worth every dangerous step.

Adventure / Fantasy
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long ago the enchanted forest of Eravania was blooming, with grand and happy life. The forest was home to many creatures who over time mislead and hunted had grown vicious and ugly. The royals had thought they needed more for they were equal in land and power. The Viscounts and Sussex set out for the grandest hunters in all of Eravania. Bell Crockett was the first hired in by the Sussex family. She happens to be the best female shot and scientist. She works towards taking out all of the pixies. David Boone was a strange fellow he had two professions in hunting, two families, and both royal families. The Sussex hired him to hunt werewolf's, and the Viscounts hired him to slay dragons. Both professions he wanted it's sad to say the Boones on his behalf have not been able to make it through the forest. Fifteen years ago David was twelve a dragon had eaten his father, who ventured out to seek help for David's mother who had fallen deathly ill. The flu had swept in and took out over half of the kingdom because the rich could afford to be saved by the doctors and the poor could not. It is usually a three day trip there if you don't get hit by the ruffians on the outskirts both the centaurs conniving thieves, and the hippogriffs misleading guiders. Who will have you in the forest longer. You can make it to the riddle cavern, land of the dragons by passing the marked entrance cautiously through griffdoor, and through troll clearing, so you will get there but trolls are small and very dangerous. They will do anything to get what they want. Then there was Artemis Apollo he was the youngest hunter around. He happened to be the Viscounts strongest soldier and he hunted everything in the forest. He was an orphan so the Viscounts took him in at a young age, Beatrice and him grew up together. Last of all Frederick Temple shot a man of booes and anger. Clarisse the queen troll had taken out his whole family, because he took out hers on accident. He tried to save his long life friend who crossed the forest line and stepped right into Clarisse's nest and husband. They both made a vow that they would kill each other if it was the last thing they do.

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