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The warm cold summer season

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I never thought I could experience a warm summer turn cold in my heart . This is my story ...

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Chapter 1

It was the month of may. I had felt it getting summer because of the hot air heating my skin when I stepped outside. my name is John it's nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy my story for it will be a not happy story .

I was 12 years old when I decided to walk outside and I decided I wanted a girlfriend so I decided to start talking to girls . Hell I was scared at first but I decided to try and the first one I tried to talk to decided to say yes to my question of asking her out.

I couldn't believe it I was so happy and I felt like I really liked her but then the next day she vore her fangs at me and decided to make fun of me and told people watching they I was nothing like I was just a waste of space. I was heart broken I had such a pain in my chest like I got cut. It hurt so bad but I couldn't believe it. Why would she do that I thought what did I do . Am I to ugly was I not good enough to love . Was I nothing but a bother .

So after that day I tried to calm myself and heal my heart . So later on when I was 13 I decided to try again and I had the same thing happened to me again. But I noticed something started to grow inside of me something cold . It almost chilled me to the bone when I payed attention to it . So when I reached the age of 14 the cold feeling had grown into something with a thought and a voice.

It started to speak to me and started to numb my feelings to the point were I had nothing but rage in my heart . And I had tears in my eyes when I was going to high school . Had push everyone around me away and I felt nothing but destruction and rage I didn't even want to be alive . I wanted to end my life to find out would I be bothered the same way I have been in this world .

So I decided to hang in there so after high school. The monster inside grew and took control of me . I lost my innocence and all was left is myself as I am now. So at age 18 I casted my virginity into a cheating wife . And I decided to start doing drugs I wanted to die or escape my life .

My life was a joke and I would live this way until I was the age of 23 I met a girl I looked at her with disgust of my wicked twisted self . I hated her I wanted to humiliate her and cause her pain . So I grabbed her took her out in the open. She needed to feel my pain. It was a open field I layed her down and we had sex but not a normal sex . I wasn't gentle with her I decided to be rough and she was the same age as me so I wanted to get even darker.

So I tricked her I told her I wanted a relationship and she said maybe . A week later I saw her again and she wanted to have a relationship with me . I thought to myself you are a damn fool for I am a devil in sheep clothing. And I agreed and our relationship was good. But I decided to cheat on her to break her and I drove her mad and just when she couldn't take anymore and break it off with me the unexpected happened . She came into the bedroom and told me something I never thought I would hear . She was pregnant.

I was in shock . How did this happen so I decided to wait and 9 months later I saw her my daughter and it dropped me I couldn't believe how precious she was when I first saw her . And I was doing everything I could for her . And after she was 2 years old . The mother threw me out I couldn't believe it.

I ended up going to my parents and I was in my head for a year then I decided to start my old ways up . I was shacking up with every woman I can find and It different this time for I had no feelings in side of me just nothing I feel nothing even when I am telling you my story. And I one day I meet two people that took me into the light but I still am in the darkness they always make sure Im ok . I owe them a lot .

Time went on and I decided to ask someone to take a trip with me and she did and she said she loves me but she wanted multiple partners me not feeling anything went and is going along with it because you see this story is going to unfold for you readers .

I am making a book that unfolds with my life so I hope you enjoy it because if you don't I apologize but back to the story .

We got together but she had me move in to her friend's house which he is a nice person but the summer season that turned cold is all that's left I don't feel anything if she decides to go with a another dude to have fun with because I am just playing along with her Im honestly just curious about how she wants to live her life I want to see how she feels when I look at her with my cold eyes and tell her I don't give a damn about anything she does and her .

I wonder how she will cope when I show her I am hollow and I can't feel anything because she don't even exist to me I hope you all are ready for my dark twisted story I'll add more when I am not by her because she might find out . And I can't have my fun spoiled to soon

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