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Blitz Survival

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"I never expected life to be easy but this, this is beyond me…." The words of Eddie a young boy battling not only with the daily perils of life but also with life itself. From struggling to keep a job to struggling to see the light of day, our confused adventurer tries to discover himself while also learning to fit into the new world that he finds himself getting dragged into. Can he survive the trials that await him on his journey of self discovery or will he break under pressure? Life never is what it seems in this world so keep your eyes peeled. Always!

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1- Intruder

"Why are you late again?", A voice asked as I snuck in from the air vent of the kitchen where I worked part-time.

That voice sounded familiar, I thought to myself. Turning around, I saw Lizzy. The owner of the Crispy shack and my boss.

"Hey Lizzy, you know that you're my favorite boss right", I responded with an awkward smile on my face.

"Shut the heck up and answer my question", she rudely replied.

"Okay so I overslept cos my alarm didn't ring", I answered.

"That's the third time this month, you're fired", she concluded as she walked away not even sparing me a glance.

"Bu…But I need this job", I pleaded but clearly she was unfazed by my plea. Finally I fell on my knees and begged bitterly but still she wasn't ready to listen.

"If you wanted to keep your job then you wouldn't have taken it for granted like you did", she said slamming the rickety kitchen door.

I walked out the door and headed home. This was the third time I got fired this month. Why was life so unfair to me?

The sound of kids jumping around and playing without a care for the world made me remember my childhood. My dad traveled but never came back. My mom was heartbroken and began drinking to drown the sorrow.

It wasn't long before she was diagnosed with a damaged liver and a weak heart. She was hospitalized for a month or so. The hospital bills were paid off with the insurance that my dad had left for us.

With the insurance completely used up and my mom unable to work, my mom began taking loans from banks, constantly giving up more and more property as collateral until we had nothing of our own remaining.

All this happened when I was only 13 years old. Like which normal 13 year old kid would stay sane after all that drama. Well not me, I lost the will to live.

Thinking about it only made me sad. I was so tired of life but what could I do. Everytime things started working out for me, suddenly one crazy thing or another would just come up and jeopardize it.

My mother grew cold towards me as well as the world itself. She said I was a burden to her and a pest slowly draining her life.

Everyday was a living hell once I turned 14 since I had to drop out of school due to the inability to pay my fees.

I began getting part-time jobs to feed myself and my mother. Life began getting better until one day, my mom died. That morning, I woke up to the scream of my mom piercing my eardrums.

Running to her room, I met her lifeless body laying there on her bed with a frightened look on her face.

I was broken both mentally and emotionally. The only link between myself and this world was broken. The only person giving me a purpose in life…gone as though she never existed. The shocking thing was I couldn't even shed a tear for her.

All I could do was sleep. Time passed by quickly and on my 17 birthday, the bank took possession of my dad's house rendering me homeless.

I wandered the streets for a while feeding off my measly wages from my part-time jobs up until I met Mr Angus an engineer and my current landlord.

Picking up the pace, I walked home tired and hungry. I took the alley way as it was the fastest route home and my growling stomach didn't mind the dangers involved in walking alone in a lonely alley all by myself.

As I approached the exit of the alley, I had this eerie feeling but I decided to ignore it as my growling stomach didn't give way for thought. I quickly dismissed the thought and rushed home.

I lived on the second storey of a rented one bedroom flat. Although I had been a diligent tenant, my landlord was always on my neck to pay the bills. He never gave me extra time and always threatened to evict me from my flat.

Though strict, he was a nice man with a very big heart. He even reduced my rent because of my age but acted as though that wasn't the reason, such a funny old man. I was almost certain he bothered me so much so that I would work harder.

I got home, rushed up the flight of stairs, unlocked my door and rushed to the refrigerator. I opened the refrigerator door to see a half bottle of milk and a shabby looking piece of bread which I hadn't eaten the previous day.

I was so happy that I forgot the event that had transpired earlier. While trying to open the milk, I knocked down the milk. Luckily, I caught it in time but I still spilt a bit of it on the floor. After munching down on the food, I headed to my room and laid down on my bed, the only thing that gave joy to my sad and lonely life.

I didn't even know when I dozed off or even how long I was out but I was abruptly awoken from my beautiful dream right when I was about to kiss my bride by a knock on my door.

It was loud and reoccurring. I didn't bother getting up to open as I thought to myself,"Whoever is there will probably go away soon". After about sometime, the knocking stopped, this time I heard the sound of my door opening.

Remembering I didn't lock the door, I jerked out of the bed and tip-toed to the door leading to the parlor in an attempt to see who was breaking into my home.

I met a young man, probably in his mid twenties sitting on my couch. Shocked, I exclaimed,"Who the heck are you?"

Picking up the mop stick that I had left by the door after cleaning up the milk, I took a defensive stance.He looked at me and smirked before dashing at me. I could barely see him coming as he closed the distance between both of us in a fraction of a second.

He then flung his fist at my stomach, I tried blocking it with the mop stick but it snapped like a twig. The impact was so much that it sent me flying back into my room. The mop helped reduces the damage but it still hurt like hell. As I laid defenseless on the ground, he spat on me.

"This is the target I was hired to capture, such a waste of my time",he said looking rather disgusted.

'Capture?', What the heck was he talking about? Me, a total nobody. There probably was a mistake somewhere.

I tried to speak up in hopes of clearing the misconception but before I could, he broke my left arm. I screamed in pain.

"Who told you to speak, boy?" He said as he smiled menacingly.

"Uruyange, handle him. He's not worthy to be touched by me", he said as he walked back to the parlor and sat back down on the sofa.

Before I could react, I was flung across my parlor crashing into my center table and proceeding to smash my only functioning radio set. My only means of entertainment since I had to sell my TV to buy food.

I couldn't even pick myself up before I was punched in the face, knee and chest simultaneously which made me cough out a lot of blood. I could literally hear the sound of my ribs cracking with each hit.

This was clearly the most one sided fight ever since I couldn't even see the attacks coming, all I could do was defend myself.

As I stumbled around trying to catch a glimpse of my attacker but instead got punched in the eye which sent me flying through the bathroom wall and rendering my right eye useless.

While trying to stand, I broke the shower head and fell into the bathtub breaking it in the process. As I sat in the bathroom expecting the worst, I noticed something.

My attacker didn't chase me into the bathroom. It was as though it wanted me to feel the pain before giving me a second course of pain. I gave a sigh of relief as I had some time to catch my breath.

After about 2 minutes of peace and quiet, I heard footsteps once again. Immediately, I felt a shiver down my spine. Something I hadn't felt in a long time.

I looked at my destroyed apartment in regret. I got so angry and for the first time in a long time, I wasn't angry at myself.

Instead, I was angry at whoever my attacker was. I murmured beneath my breath," I'm gonna make you pay for this", before getting up I picked up a piece of broken glass, with my only good arm, and proceeded through the door. Looking around, I saw footprints that were unusually shaped. They were huge and deeply embedded into the ground as though those of a sumo wrestler, this finally confirmed my theory.

My attacker wasn't a person, instead it was some kind of beast that I didn't know about. So many things flooded my mind at that moment and before I knew it I felt a cool breath on my neck.

Turning slowly, I locked eyes with the creature. It was roughly about 7 feet tall with four huge arms and two short fat legs. Its waist was about half the size of its enormous chest and its gray coloured fur simply glimmered in the sunlight. It was a stunning sight to behold. I couldn't get my eyes off its green menacing eyes. It gave off so much bloodlust I almost fainted.

It smiled at me, as though a lion playing with its prey before picking me up once more. I thought to myself,' what was the point of even fighting', as I clenched my teeth and braced myself for impact but to my surprise I wasn't thrown instead I was squeezed. This time it planned to wring the very life out of me.

"That's about enough, Uruyange", the strange man said. It tossed me like a piece of used tissue. I crashed into the ground a battered bloody mess. I could barely see or hear what was going on as I laid helpless on the floor.

"Sink into the depths of fear…. ", I heard a female voice say this time as the light slowly faded from my eyes. All I could do was think,"Why was I born?…What was my purpose?…Was I even alive?…How would this end?…Was this the end?".

I embraced death as it was the one thing I truly ever wanted at this point and sunk into the darkness.

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