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An Off Book Guide to Building an Empire

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An Off Book Guide to Building an Empire The Gifting Series A girl wants to find a place where she belongs leaving the Silver City the place of her birth to go to the Outworld where humans live. She will try to find the purpose of her gift in an unkown world. If she can't find that place why not build one for herself. Note: I am not a writer. I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors or whatever cringe worthy errors you might encounter. Read at your own risk! I will try to post new chapters as much as I am able. Thank you.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The continent of Yrene, a continent untouched by man a land filled with trees and vegetation.

A land that beings known as the Fae'dans calls home. Fae'dans are tall beings with light silver hair, long pointy ears, and turquoise eyes that shines like the sea. Beautiful, warm, and inviting. They have extremely pale skin as white as the snow as if they have never been kissed by the sun. They value strength, courage, and loyalty.

The forest has it's fair shares of danger. Beast and Monsters like the Fae'dan call this blessed land their home.

Due to this the Fae'dan had adapted to their circumstances building their homes a top the highest trees to avoid the beasts and monsters roaming the land.

They use their art's bending and shaping the particles of mana from their surroundings controlling the elements and creating magical spells.

But even though they are masters of their own elemental arts it does not remove the dangers of the forest, since some monsters although rare acquired the ability to create a mana core giving them sentience and the power to use elemental art.

That is until the Ethereans came to their land. Ethereans are as beautiful as they are proud.

They deem themselves as the perfect children of the gods.

The Fae'dans believed they were sent by the gods to save them.

They have a face of an angel, pure and unsullied, purple eyes that shines like gemstones, onyx black hair as dark as the night sky, and golden olive skin that accentuates their majestic beauty its as if you're looking at an elegant sculptures made of pure gold. Perfect in every way.

To look at them is to love them, and to love them is to embrace insanity.

They came bearing gifts of knowledge and power. They gave the Fae'dans gifts that enhances their art letting them bend the elements to a whole new level.

Though Ethereans can't use elemental art they have the strength that can rival a master elemental art user and can even kill dangerous monsters on their own.

They shared their advance knowledge helping the Fae'dans create the floating island their new home and called it the Silver City of Empyrean.

The Fae'dan erected a barrier using their art that protects the city from the dangers of the outside. They called the forest that surrounds the floating island beneath them Forre Mirilis or The Forest of the Dead.

The Ethereans taught the Faedans different kind of skills such as farming, infrastructure, and their advance technology that improved the quality of their life.

Faedans are loyal to the core as their values includes strength and loyalty they swore their fealty to their savior and proclaimed them as their Lords.

As time goes by the Etherean conquered the whole continent of Yrene subjugating all the monsters of the land. they created their own territories and started their own Noble Houses.

Closing their city to the outside world. The Fae'dans started to use Forre Mirilis as their training ground and started a tradition were children of the Fae'dan are tested sending them to the forest when they turn 16. Testing their knowledge strength, and magical skills. For a month they have to survive in the dangerous forest filled with beasts and monsters. After the test Fae'dan who survived are considered adults and can choose a Noble House to ally themselves.

A house that can help them acquire even greater strength and power.

They co-exist in this blessed city they had created. the Ethereans give Fae'dans gifts of power and the Fae'dans serves the Ethereans as their Lords

Arjuna, a 13 year old Etherean girl from the Noble House of Atalaanta is marching to her father's office her shoes hitting the floor making a clacking sound, like hooves on marble.

She marched the halls of her family's mansion. Vases made of pure gold with bouquets of Purple, and Blue Fae'd flowers the color of their house decorated the halls, exquisite paintings are hanged on the walls.

Marching to her father's office with outmost determination on her face as if she is possessed by the gods she hasten her stride. Servants looked at her with questioning surprise plastered on their faces, they had been serving the family for generations and knows their young lady too well and have never seen this kind of unusual behavior from her. She's always elegant and composed.

Walking next to her with a hurried gait is Karrina her Feadan. Like all Faedans she has silver hair cut short, light-turquoise eyes, and long pointy ears.

She smiled and nod slightly at the servants as if to say sorry I don't know what got into the Lady's head. Well I do know but... She sighed

She understand that her charge is sometimes a bit compulsive and will do whatever she can do get anything that she desires usually it's to win her family's affection.

It stemmed from her always trying to gain her Mother's approval and her Father's praise. And everyone in the household is aware of how their Masters treated their daughter after her awakening. they very much favor her older brother than her.


Lord Raskias of House Atalaanta older brother to Lady Arjuna. Like all Ethereans awaken at the age of seven. Ethereans calls it The Gifting. He awaken his gifting Descendant of Champions which grants sentient beings with the ability to master any kinds of weapon be it sword, spear, or a bow. He dotes on his little sister spoiling her. Knowing the treatment their parents give her.

He knows how his little sister works hard just to make their parents proud.

At the age of 18 where all Ethereans stopped aging he started working with his Father serving the people of their territory.

It's difficult for Ethereans to have children. That's why he was ecstatic when he found out that he's having a baby sister and promised to give her everything and protects her.

When Arjuna was younger she was loved and cared for by everyone around their household. The days were filled with games and laughter.

Everyone was sure that Arjuna would awaken a powerful gift because of her bloodline. But It all changed when she awakened.

Her Father Lord Nazalim gave her a look of pity and her Mother Lady Marra a look of disappointment. They started to treat her differently.

Arjuna awakened her gifting Emergence.

Emergence grants sentient being with a mana core that grants them the power to freely use art be it elemental, mind, or celestial.

But since the Fae'dans their people doesn't need a mana core to use their art her gifting was deemed useless by everyone and Ethereans and Fae'dans from different Noble Houses looks at her with pity.

For years Arjuna worked hard focusing on enhancing her sword skills and ignoring the people's gazes of pity and mockery around her.

She trained in different types of sword styles, and tactics. She never forgets to treat people around her with respect that is why she is loved by the people of their household. She always act as a perfect, and respectable young lady so that she will never shame her family name any further.

"My Lady... My Lady." Karrina said catching her breath "Are you sure about this? Your Father. Well... I don't think he'll be happy. Maybe you can think about it a little bit longer and are you certain about the contents of the book? It was only a small paragraph about the outworlders."

Stopping Arjuna looked at her and said "Yes Karrina. I really want to do this. If I do not do this now I know I will lose my courage to ask this from Father. I have never ask anything for myself and just this once I will do something for me. And as my d'Quar, my Guardian you will be with me helping me every step of the way, Right?" Arjuna looked at her using her angelic face and cute smile, Puppy light purple eyes shining. The look she always give her when she wants something.

"My Lady you know that cute deceiving face of yours will never work on me. I have been your loyal, reliable, outstanding, gorgeous and stunning d'Quar every since you were born." Karrina said doing a weird pose with a wide grin on her face.

Arjuna just look at her incredulously. "Gorgeous?! Stunning?! Perhaps you need to get your head check. Might I ask Father to send for a doctor as well?"

Karrina places her left hand on her chest and the back of her right hand on her forehead and slowly and dramatically fall sideways on the floor. "Augh. My Heart it hurts... "

Arjuna just rolled her eyes."Come on Karrina hurry up." She said tugging on her sleeves.

Karrina stood up and hurriedly followed her charge. "You owe me some lemon tart for this. Your Father will kill me!" Karrina shudder.

They stopped in front of a large wooden door made from Fae'd Tree. Intricate designs of children with wings were carved on the door.

Karrina is mumbling Please I don't want to die over and over while trembling.

Arjuna looked at her gave her a smirked I'm going to do it! and before Karrina could stop her she pushed open the door without knocking and declared to her Father.

"Father, I am going to live with the Humans in the Outworld!"

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