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I was bored and so was my friend. Enjoy Amazing Painter wrote this story with me.

Adventure / Horror
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Chapter 1

Bob was a banana he live a long green life. When he turned yellow he was plucked from his home. He was gently placed in a crate the shipped somewhere. Then he was placed on a glass shelf. One day he was taken from the shelf and placed in a bag. A grandma named betty returned to her nursing home she took me out then ripped me apart into little pieces and sat me in vanilla-flavored sauce and sprinkled cookie crumbs on me...wait a minute is that my best friend vanilla wafer and are we in.... banana pudding! I thought it was a myth but I thought wrong. are we gonna die I can't move cause now I have a flat surface she sat me and vanilla wafers leftovers in the fridge it was like the myth of a cold environment ANTARCTICA! an hour later I was frozen solid and my whole face was numb at that moment I didn't know if it was because she cut me into little pieces or that it was colder than being in an ice block! I noticed a ramp shape at the side made of banana pudding I took the vanilla wafer and hold it on the side of the bowl I was gonna reincarnate the vanilla wafer.

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