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Save me from myself

By toby123 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure


Willow Lawrence has it all. beauty, brains, wealth, magic and a sweet sister. But, after years of bullying and her parents' constant fighting, can she still pretend to be happy? Whereas Kyle Rowe who also has the looks, brains, wealth, and a loving family is the gang leader at school. But why is he still so popular? Their circumstances aren't so different so why is the outcome so..?

Chapter 1

“Don’t pretend to be innocent! I saw you with my own eyes, you lying jerk!” The blond woman fiercely shoved the man’s shoulder.

“Just shut up already! You think I’m the only one at fault here!? I’m not blind either Emma! I see you, flirting with those men you call friends!”

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re gonna blame me!? You’re never around the damn house! If I took down all your pictures around here, even your kids won’t be able to recognise you!”

“I don’t see you working your ass off for this family! Do you think I want my kids to grow up not knowing me!?” The man took a vase from a nearby table and threw it onto the floor furiously, shocking the beautiful woman next to him.

“Stop it, Aiden! The kids will hear you!”

“You think they wouldn’t hear all our screaming...!? Ha!” Aiden stomped away.

“And where the hell do you think you’re going!?” She rushed after him to stop him, but to no avail.

“Like you’d care. I’m going to work, after all, anything is better than being with you. Shit-! Now my mood’s gone sour!” The front door of the large mansion slammed shut leaving behind an echo that shook the empty house.

“Damn it all!” Emma cursed, also slamming the door to the master bedroom.

A little girl no older than eleven could her her parents starting to argue just like they did every day, popped her head around a stunning white and golden framed door. Seeing that the coast was clear the blue haired beauty quickly dashed across the hall into her older sisters room.

“Willow?” she whispered like she was a petite mouse afraid of being heard. “Willow are you up?” The young girl spoke clearer this time trying to get the attention of her older sister. “Quietly Scarlett we don’t want them to know we are still up?” a golden-haired goddess muttered, a few years older than her the blond, Willow, had her back against her bedroom door, listing to her parent’s arguing.

Scarlett soon realising her mistake uttered a small apology under her breath. The apology was followed by a small but deep sighing sound.

“Are you sleepy, Scarlett? Let’s get you into bed.”

“... Okay.” Scarlett voiced back reluctantly.

After putting Scarlett to sleep, Willow left her little sister’s room only to hear the sound of a vase hit the ground, more screaming, and her father leaving. Her parent’s fights were violent, but not to the point of hitting one another, which was a relief to her.

‘Why do they have to fight here? I’d be fine with it if I were the only one home, but Scarlett’s here too.’ Willow thought to herself as she walked across the hallway into her own room. Her room was large, but nothing unordinary was inside. Her walls were covered with pictures and posters, her bookshelf was full of books, CD’s, and games, and her closet was filled to the brim with clothes and shoes.

“Summer ends today, and my new high school life begins tomorrow.” Willow sighed and lied down on her bed. “It’ll be alright, Willow. They must’ve forgotten about you by now, and even if they didn’t, Scarlett doesn’t come to the same school as you anymore so it’s okay,” she muttered to herself slowly drifting into a dreamless slumber trying to remember had she packed everything she needed.

Waking up the next morning was just like any other her mother, Emma, came barging into her room whistling a happy tune. Pulling the blankets of Willow to try and get her up in time, this normally didn’t work. Willow was a hard one to wake up when she fell asleep she was dead to the world the only way to really wake her up was for Emma to cast a spell. She was surprised when Willow woke up the first try but didn’t think anything of it. The rest of willows morning consisted of a normal routine for her anyway. She brushes her teeth while her servant Rigel would make her bed and run her bath for her.

No matter how many time Willow tried to protest Rigel wouldn’t listen she would always say ‘A proper lady shouldn’t have to do maids work’ in a stupid fake English accent to try and make Willow feel better.

Once Willow had done her routine she went downstairs to join her mother and sister for breakfast. she was ninety-nine percent sure her father still wouldn’t be home.

“Willow, are you sure you’ll be fine?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? Just worry about yourself, after all, it’s your last year as a middle schooler! Be happier~” Willow teased.

“But those people will-” She stopped talking when she saw her mother come into the kitchen.

“Morning girls. Won’t you guys be late if you don’t hurry up soon?” Emma asked with a smile.

“No, we’ll be on our way now anyways. Bye, mum.” The siblings took their stuff, kissed their mother goodbye, and left.

“I still find it weird...”


“The fact that both mum and dad act like nothing ever happens when they’re around us.” Scarlett frowned.

“Don’t mind them. They just don’t want either of us to be affected by their useless fights. Well, anyways, have fun today.” Willow saw her bus come so she hugged her sister and hopped on.

The bus was full of kids but it was unusually quiet. She just ignored that and asked people if she could sit beside them.

“Sorry, the seat’s taken.” The girl trembled for reasons unknown.

“TAKEN.” The boy glared.

“Why not sit back there~? There are plenty of empty seats.” The person smirked as he pointed to the back where it was weirdly empty. Unfortunately, Willow knew those people’s faces too well.


“Hey~ Hey~ If it isn’t little Willow~” A white-haired girl drew closer.

“C’mon Angel. You’ll scare her~!” The group of kids laughed.

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Willow tried to get Angel to let her go gently.

“And where the hell do you think you’re going? C’mon, we haven’t seen each other for a month. Be happier~”

Willow couldn’t say anything and just let them do what they wanted.

It’s just five minutes Willow. Five minutes of hell, then, I won’t have to see them the rest of the day. She assured herself.

As the bus slowly came to a stop outside the school Angel got distracted so Willow took it as a chance to escape. quickly pulling her wrist out of Angel’s grasp and scurrying along the bus bumping into people just to get off before Angel realised she wasn’t there. Willow managed to get out of the bus safely. Pulling out her phone to see how long she had before school started. the time stood out bold on her lock screen. 08:27 three minutes she thought I have three minutes to get into school pick up my schedule and get to class great. Willow hadn’t realised it but she had been daydreaming for those entire three minutes the thing to snap her out of her thought was the loud irritating shrill of the bell.

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